Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1912
Page 8
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.'V I •1 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENIJia OCTOBER 21,1912. You will want to get into your new warm coat. . Whether it be a heavy cloth, a rlovelty/a Plush, a Velbui; or a Caracul be sure that it beab a "Chesterfield" label, and there will be no doubt whatever about the style, or the, fit. or the service GUARANTEED SEALETTE PLUSH-COATS with Caucasian Lamb collar and revers and jS-inch cuffs. Skinner satin lined. All sizes. Special price^ . ... CARACUL COATS with high grade mercerized satin lining, large shawl roll collar; in sizes for women and misses. Special price $25 $8.98 PLUSH COATS .with large shawl rOU collar, 5-inch cuffs, mercerized lining full length; all jsizes. ^ $ 12 SO Si^ecial price ........ ^ A V INFANT^' AND CHILDBteN'S COATS, ages 1 to H years; neat, nobby styles in Caraculs, Plush, Serges and Novelty Mix- oU nolnvM? cnmo i-yimnnafi nfViotH: nlain • larrro cnilnv nnllin'c* unmp hplts! Ol^'flO 00 QO llfl Olfl :ures, all colors, some trimmed, others plain; large sailor collars; some N ^'ith belts; in fact, anything to please the little ones. Prices , A Boon to Stout Women Special Coats in Sealette Plush, large shawl roll collar, deep cuffs, satin lined; size 46 to 54. Special Sale price, each — $20 SEAL PLUSH COATS • Guaranteed satin lining full length and wide sweep; large collar and revers; deep cuffs. Sizes 46 to 56 bust. Special ..,. $25 Big Bargains in Onr MOIin^ry Department lor Tiiis Week 100 CHILDREN'S HATS in all the new styles, all colors, all shapes and varieties; values up to $2.00. For this week, your choice, each — • • • $1.00 50 CHILDREN'S AND MISSES' HATS in navy, black and red; pretty new styles; small and medium shapes. flO Value up to $1.39. Your choice, each WuiUU 25 LADIES' HATS, nobbily trimmed,«in all the newest models; beautiful combinations and colors.. Your choice, each • • • • $3.50 DOYOUKNOW T,HAT THE WOMAN WHO WEARS A GOSSARD CORSET Is proud of her figure and enjoys real comfort? If you have worn a corset, one that is endorsed by physicians of authority—it is one of The Gossard Corsets "They Lace in Front" Our designers of GOSSARD CORSETS aro export in linnian anatomy—they know tlie exact science of ])lacinK tlie boning Vj> obtain pleasing comfort and continued style, even lo tlie last wearing service. THK GOSSARD frtnt laced corset gives added supiiort to the back. They are a real help in exercise and a joy in relaxation, as every style is subjected to the MOST RIGID and thorough test so that any possible defect is adjusted before the corset is offered for your consideration. For woiuen misses and girls—we have special models to fit large, niedlum and slender figures, made in a variety of fabrics. Priced ««.50 to $6..VI. Skilled oorsetieres trained In the fitting of Front I.aced ! will fit you. Surgical fittings receive special attention by our ; ate nurses. \ liberal trunrantoe of satisfaction (roes witli rTorjr rorsct. New Xo Special Price Porsots gradu- «.50 This model is a top liner.In our corset family since it meets the requirements of the woman who, as fashion dictates, desires slender hip llnvK The bust Is low and the skirt is extreme length. Prlre . . _ - i9M to $5.00 First Hoor Bargains for This Weeic! WARM BLANKETS Extra all wool, grey V/i Blankets; regular price $5. This week ..$3.98 All wool California Blankets, white only. Special $5 Beacon Blankets; we have, a full line of these blankets, ramging in price 50c to $5.00 $3.00 German plaid blankets; sp^ial $L98 Beacon Baby Crib blankets, pink and blue, each 39c New Ideas in Fancy Work. : See north window display. The most comprehensive display of art needlework ever shown in Tola and vicinity. Children's Gauntlet Gloves per pair 50c TEN BARS CASTILE SOAP FOR 25C Monster soap sale, commencing tomorrow and ending Saturday. Always sold at the drug store at 5c bar. Ouir price for this week 10 bars 25c Guaranteed strictly pure. SWEATERS For the School Giri; new fancy, patterns in all wool 'Red Sweaters, Prices $2.50 and $2.98 New patterns in Calicoe^s, best brands only, yard.. .5c Hea\'y Outing^ yard 10c Good quality Outing-;, a yard 6|4c BEAR BRAND YARN For sale by U.S. We are sole agents for these celebrated yarns. Books on crochet work, each .25c Ask to see the neu; Rocco- co Yarn. Exti-a Sizes Black Satteen '• Petticoats for Ftf)iit women only, • , ' Special price $1.25 and $1.50 i LADIES'HOSE. Black only. High grade, cotton hose, spliced heel and • toe; all sizes; regular 25c hose; on sale 8 pair for 50c New Colonial Draperies for fall 1912-1912. Prices, a yard .... 25c, 3^ up to 98c Ask for them. The Store That Sets the Pace No One Can Follow NEW YORK STORE Small Stores Can Not Buy at These Prices 11^ CLEIIER HOU THAT FU Sl'lIEME TO RELEASE LULU ARM•. 'STEAD FORM JAIL, FLIMSf. An EarlT.Kornin? Telepbone Message SMid that Prisonei's Hnsbitnd Had. Been Kflled. A clever hit of strategy designed to figure the release from jalLof Mrs. I.^lu Armstead. and originating at CtiaRiite, failed early Sunday morning •wTieAj^Uifdersheriff Uunfee recognize^ |. tli« voice cf^a "dead" man talking over tT »e telephone wire. Mrs. Armstead Is serving time for jail breaking, with a charea of highway robbery pend" in^. SnI has made a number of pathetic appeals from her prleon cell, bm none have reached the aathor(tl^ with'a genuine ring of honecty and aI»c<Bpty -ind the colored woman still, languishes In a cell and probably will wtftilVthc expiration of her ceTen months' sentence. jl^bout two o'clock In ti^e morning a Vlbag dlatanee call'for the county jall- rCtlvM received from ChaUute. TMb ea^lwas referred to UnderaberKt Dun- fe^ because of the fact that the Jailor •ii^ not wish to-.take any of the rei '^iQ&nBlbility for calls concerning pris^ 'oners. : ^T^ho's calling?? Undersherlft Dun; fee asl^. He held the wire VhUe tke -:^)pierator inquired. | :=:'^rblt is a party at Chanute," the fTTW CMBc. "I want to talk to-the jailor." "Tell him he can't talk to the jall- jor," UndM-she'riff Dunfee told the op- jcritor. "I'll give him what informa- ; tion ho wants." The party at the Chanute end of the i line beard the reply. | I "I -want to talk to the jailor," he in; sisted. "It's the Jailor's duty to bring ; prisoners to the telephone to answer I calls. I used to be jailor and I know. This Is important. Mrs. Armstead's husband has Just been killed here in Channte and I want to te'.l'her about it." The Chanute party talked too long for Ivis own good. The c.fflcer. who is well acquainted with Ajmstead recognized the latter's voioe. "That's the 'dead man' talking now/' the> officer said to the telephone girl. "Tell him he must talk to me or to no one." That was enough. The' Chanute party was suddenly relieved of his desire tt> talk to lola. Ihe line was sir lent .and Armstead, as UnderaheritT Dunfee sincerely lielfeves it was, dia- appe^ired. ' ' "It. was only a bluett that might have resulted seriously enough.** the officers -said this momfing. i "Armstead— for we are sure it was ihe prisoner's husband—Fimply ii-anted to get the wnman out of her celj! during the early momlng hoirrs when there was no one ^ve the Ja31or around the prls on. Then, if the 'opportunity seemed tavoraStle. an escape proliably*^oald hare b^en attempted.. I am not cif(- tjiin but that help was in waiting. The woman is of a degenerate nature aj}d she would not have hesitated at anything even to attacking the Jailor if she had had the .chance. Failing in, it Is likely that the plea that her husband had been killed and that she was needed at Chanute would have been set up in the hope that she would have been grfinted temporary release upon promise to return to lola and surrender. It was a fine scheme but entirely too flimsy." Recently Jailor Morrison has noticed colored persons loitering about the Jail and several times an attempt to converse with Mrs. Armstead at her cell window has beejj mader She made a mysterious escape several months ago and it is believed she had help from the outside on that occasion. She Is the woman whom E. F. Snell accuses of having attacked faim and robbed him of his money a short distance west of the iiostofflce about six months ago. FIRE DESTROYS ARSE.XAL. fire. Sixty thousand small arms and 12;0(K),000 rounds of ammunition were destroyed. ,'.. TWO BAD FARM FIRES SuTonlinrg and Leanna Men Sustain Bad LoiiMes. Erie, Kan.. Oct 20.—Two Ijad fires have occurred In t he rural district north of Erie within the last few days. The bam of Mr. A. L. Bargland, near Savonburg, together with five or six tons of broom com, ten tons of baled hay. eight tons In a stack by the bam, several plows, a new wagon, harness, and all of his other farming implements with the exception of a cultivator and a mowing niaclUne. were destroyed. The origin of the fire Is unknown. It is estimated that bis loss was 91.500. The house of Ben Wrestler of Leanna neighborhood, bdraed to the ground He lost evernhing In It The ladies of the Leanna church gathered at the church and did considerable sewing for the family. ! Republican national committee com- • opinion, cites the law governing the I pictures .showing the right way and plained that the Capper papers de-; matter and effectively settles the | the wr'sng way to act, as applied to clined to use the literature supplied '. doubt which ^rose when the question j the r:iiIroa<I n:^n. This part of the I by the committee and bought a space i of whose duty it was to order the con- i proirrain w as pspecially Instructive, air in which to state President Taft's case ' stmction of fire escapes was .first {thouph the .<:r (ecbei5 .showed much the broached. j pictures rould not. Chief Creason said this afternoon i . . ^ (hat he would serve notice on the j IlVl\f; ro«JT K tOWPR. board of county commissioners at ^ l-i>I>«. I U.ST IS LOWER, was j once, advising them that the county to the Kansas voters.—^Topeka State i Journal. Dora Becker SeTem.«. Miss Dora Elizabeth Becker : born August 14, 1888 near Pekln, 111., • building must be equipped with fire {and died October 17. 1912. at the age j protection as provide* by law. Thisi of 24 years, 2 months, and 3 days. j notice will be sufllcient and the com- . 1 Januar>' 18, 1910 she was married I missioners will, without doubt order to Arthur Severas, who remains to | the installation of fire escapes as soon mourn her departure, besides a small! as pos&ible. son, father, mother, four listers and i . ; ; . two brothers. ' / ' At the age of 17 she united with th6 Christian church and since has led an .,.„„, ^ „ . .» J earnest ChrisUan life, i^^- ^" _S«y? J«n«« Had We wish to thank the many kind | friend and neighbors for their assist- [ ance and sympathy in our recent be- Biff Crops Have Cut Down the Price of FoodstntTs. 18,000 AT SAFETY MEETING Beverly, Mass., Oct 19.—In a state- mt^nt is«uod here tonight based on a rt ^port from Secretary of Agriculture, , .lames Wilson. President Taft declares that the wave of high prices for food i throuKhout the world has begun to I subside in this country, j "The wave o fextremely high prices I throughout the civilized world." read HAVE TO nVY SPACE. eo.000 Small Arms and 12,00^00 . Bounds of AamanitloB Bira«iL Benccia. Cay., Oct-18.—The Benecia Btaenal. the government's principal storehouse for army supplies on the .?aclfic Coast, was destroyed by fire tonight The loss^is estimated at between I3.000.000 and $4,000,000. Spon- tsneons combostlon or crossed electric wCrea is asiigBed. as the orifln of tb* Capper PabllcaUoBs WHl >'tftAMeB. UoB Taft KlBdiy. ) Chas.F. Scott as publicity maniger of the western bureau of the Bep ibli-. can national committee, has purchesed advertising space in thc^pper >ub- .lications., Scott will thhi 8 >ace each day in explaining to Kansas Republicans why they-should support Prealdent Taft for re-election. {The reavement. ARTHUR 8EVER .SS. H. W-l BECKER £ family. riTT TO BOSS THE JOB. tola Ha8 JnrisdlctioB Over HoBse Ftre PratectloB. 4,000 There. W. K. Ralston, local Santa Fe agent, [the president's;statement, "has reach- who attended the Safely Aleeting. held led its height in the imted States and id Kansas City Saturday evening, re- ] is: subsiding. The American people ports that there were at least 13.000 1 have causae to bo thankful that be- railroad employees pre^ient. 4.000 of: cause of our Industrial prosperity It whom were Santa Fe employees. Con- , has not been attended 'heije with the ventlon Hall In which the assembly | great hardship which has prevailed In was held, was literally packed, all the I some of the couirttri'^s where high Court'first floor and gallery being full to: prices have combinetl with low wages ' I over-flowing. The Haiti was dirided' to reduce the working people to a Chief. Creason, of the fire.depari- ment, today received a letter from Topeka giTing a ruling on the qaestlon as to whether the citr^r county has Jurisdiction over the' court house, '80 far as the Jurisdiction relates to fire protection. : C(mimIasloB«r Gore, who givea the into sections, one for each of the roads > point bordering on Btarvation." represented. Although the Northwest- j H ' era does not enter Kansas City, It had t IF THE PAPER BOT FAILS TO a delegation present, and one of its' deliver your p»p<fr. call 18 and w» vUi qfficialstmade an address. . send you a paper by a special earrlwr. " This. was.the first safety meeting< the same evtmlojc. ^ ~ of several roads ever held in the Unit- | ——: —=—. ed States. One of the entertalnmentf j Cbas. Funk was' a business 'vlaftor of the erenlnswas a series of motloa | tn Ottawa this afternoon. >

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