Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 3, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1889
Page 4
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Would not have been so wise, rlad they not sought for knowledge, And used their ears and eyes In getting information Of every sort and kind, Instead of going through the world Like men both deaf and blind. 'And you can be as wise as they, If you but choose to buy The Soap that's called the SANTA CLAUS— Its good effects to try. Because 'twill help you through your work At such a rapid rate, That you'll have time to master all you care to undertake. All Grocers sell SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Made by N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., CHICAGO. pen Lc'ior on ing Troubles. Th'tl !<!: 5V-.,-kc with iw niu H.inl h"iifh nml •i-r his eyi-'s i r \vonl. after nnnth other. The j_rr?iy n f:irmhoti:>(- roof prow iar:,' (hi; old r;i]>iuiu u;is and ilozfil awav tin FROP03ITION3 '-»!:•; r<i!i''.\vril -^ on tho okl r Mini nt; rli'Miniatic i'iis in tin- r („ v,-,,rl; !.>r 7.1 tlio Mnttpr !" A i 'lii f !!-•• Iiivlnrlbl i? nn en niFir i\ii'.l A, 11, C; oklinnrd nnj Ihe tupid (c-oi;rnphy: li-auh'-r to no of them rar T "John" Is In nn Arittrn The* b"".t naive iu tho world for Cut-3, Bruises. Horea, Ulcers, tfalt Hheuui, Fir, or Sores, Tetter, Chapped Chilblains, Corns, and fill Skin Eruptions, and pnstivtMy cur<m .Pilea, or no pay required. It \a puarnntepd to give, perfect satisfaction, or money refund- 'i>(l. JTrlcfi ••!;"> conta por bo~. For sale by T>. 11. Strirldor. Tlift aHthorof ; "L,l.=itPu to the Mocking Bird," hai made §100,000 by that one effort. Mr. N. II. Frohlichstein, of Mobile Ala., writes: I take great pleasure in recommending Dr. King's JSew Discovery for Consumption, having used it for a severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh. It gave me instant relief and entirely cured me and 1 have not been afflicted since. 1 also beg to state that I have tried other remedies with no good result. 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BrailflcId'H Female* Kearulator Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder pe- collar to her sex, and at change of life is a powerful tornc; benelits all who use it. Write Tin HradGeld Repr. Co., Atlanta, for particulars. Sold by all druggists. San Francisco has a Chinese preacher. Un Poon chew is his name. l.'r Knn-sa.'? in Oniahn. Dr Jimmy's' bare Imnvn ft-t Ara ni:hinp to ;vu<!« in tli" strfiira, Whcrn tlin trout to hl.i lurlii;,- l">lt Sli.ill I'/^p, \vtth ii qnicU', hri^ht ^ief»-ni; A-3il lii.i trnclirr'H tilui; "yts »lrny To the MtHTi-ra on tlio di^'k Imnl l>r, TM1 her thoughts have folluwod her eyes With n hnif unconscious sl-h. HIT In-art outruns tlin clock, As shu smells their fiilnt mvpot sicont; But when have tiiuu and hrart Their ineasnro in union bent! For time, will hasto or lap, Llkn your shadow on the grass, That linRera fur behind, Or flies when you fain would pass. Huvo patience, restless Jim, The sin-inn and fish will wall; And piitienoo, tired blue eyes— 1'own tho wludliiK rond by the gatfi, Under tho willow Biindc, SUinils soiuo ono with freslior flowers; So turn to your bookn ayaln, And keep lovo for the after hours. AFTER MANY YEARS. TH/RD "~citour, wiiooriNG COUGH and Uronchitia immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Book Falls. The watch trust ia said to be breaking up. It is time. A great many other trusts, by the way, need watching. ' Hlbbnrd'a Kheumnttc nnil Llvi-r 1'IIln Tnese Pills are sclentllically compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the IIRH of f'lllij. Th«y nro ».!»^; ; t"^ tr bcth adults mid childrnn with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal iu the cure of aick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured hy Shiloli's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druirgist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls _^ Ihera_ia_a—postofflce—i n—Stmnnor county, Mo., called Not. Forced to lieave Homo. Over 60 people were forced to leave On the oxtit'iue point of the Headlands was a I'viiKt-'d bowlder, standing, as it were, at anchor, for tho salt waves beat in a circle "found its base; and on its sum- mit.-BwiiiKiin; out with a daring recklessness that would have boon appalling to timid, inland folk, u sturdy youth wcnrins the rudo garb of a fishuriiian— that was Harry Melvillu. Ho broko out into a sung—a rude, nautical thing; but the old time air was swuet, and tho voice that Hung it wondrous clear and resonant, ringing out lilce a trumpet peal above the dash of the waves, yet sweet and tender as tlio now of a wood thrush. Over and over again ho trilled the quaint ditty, until every echo caught up the strain, and tho whole place and the great sea itself seemed thrilling with melody. Just tTilm^TTe-TtooT-of—Ihe-old-^arui houso Bwung' open, letting out a broad flood of lamp light and a slender girl's figure; and an instant later this self their homes yesterday to call for A free Bamo figure, quaint and prim in its gown trial package of Lane'u Family Medicine. If your blood ia bad, your liver anr^kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fall to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this prana remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 50 cents. 2 "xpiuitniliit uuuut: Mr. YounRhtis- Imnd—I'll bet my wife thinks I'm an awful liar sometimes. Mr. Oletymour —Mine knows that I am. You should rend the CHICAGO DAILY NEWS because k's aw inde- . pendent ne-vspaf'rr. There arc two sides to every political question, and THKDAII.Y NEWS gives them both with equal fairness. A party organ magnifies one side and dwarfs the other. No sensible man wants to be trifled with in this fashion. 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Bickford's Drug Stores. • "IiiTO and let live" Is not the motto of the live electric wire. , • A Modcro Miracle. Mrs. J.. W. Wentworth, of Elkhart, Ind., was long subject to pain in the Bide, shortness of breath, weakness, •light cough, swelling of the ankles and other symptoms of serious-heart disease. She was expected to die at any time. Doctors in New York, Toledo, etc., failed to help her. But two bottles of Dr. Miles New Cure for the heart cured her three years ago and she baa remained well ever since Heart disease can be cured. Sold by A. R. Hendrlcks and J. M. Bickford. The more people become wrapped up in ^hemselvea the colder they grow. BHILOH'8 CUBE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the and J. M. Bickford, Rock dru F No New York sport should be allowed to shoot Niagara Falls out of sea> sou. Oue. \Va.y to Curry a Baby. A gentleman who w:ia walkiiig through East street yesterday morning saw a sight which amused him very much, and he related the incident as follows: "A man and his wife came down tho street, one carrying a bouncing baby and the other what looked like a ten-quart milk pail. The man had the child and had become tired of holding it. lie took the pail from his wife and put the child into Into it. Then tho took hold of one Bide of the pail and off they trudged with the weight of thy child divided between them."—New llaveii Palladium. • There are few society belles who have not a record of conquests made with the assistance of amokelesa pow der. There is nothing nsw under the sun. CATARBH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh'a Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. __________ A negro at Starke, Fla., went to a lawyer to borrow a dictionary to learn the meaning of a brand on a Texas pony. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure ia sold by us on a guarantee. It cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J.M. Bickford Rock Falls . Siegfried Knoepflmacher, of Chicago, has had his name changed by order of court to Siegfried Buttonmaker. THE REV.GEO. H. THAYER, ol Bourbon, Ind.. says: "Both my self and wife ewe our lives to SHILOII'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. Suburban Boston always eats Its doughnuts with cheese, and at rustic tea parties cheese always flanks the cake. ; ,.. A Lady In Month Carolina Writes My labor was shorter and less painful than on two former occasions; physicians astonished; I thank you for "Mother's Friend." It is worth its weight in gold. Address The Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. A patrified rabbit and numerous old coins were found twenty-four feet be low the surface at Portsmouth, O. A Mew I>l»covery. 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And yet, there has never been such a thing as a distinctively rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheumatism has at- tacrted the heart, whose lives might have been saved bad this plaster been applied in season. , They are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. tths • . —Can't— be -overlooked:-—.-' Her_great fault is her devotion to large theater hats." "Well, can't you overlook that?" "No. If I could 1 wouldn't mind it." of gray, stood just behind the singer. Ho Bang on, utterly unconscious. "Harry!" He waa near losing liia balance, and his song came to a sharp and sudden «n<i, leaving Ihu'cluKiiij,' night in silence. Tho girl broUo into a merry laugh. "Well, Syria?"'ho askciL. • ""NothiriR—oilly"supper in" wniihig'i and Aunt hiarah Is growing impatient," tme replied. "Oh, that's alll' 1 Tho eager light died ont of his eyes, leaving them gloomy and abstracted.' "I do not want any supper; I've made up my mind, Syria." She gave a quick, gasping breath, but face and voice were quiet. "Well, Harry?" . . "I'm going!" . "When?" "At daybreak," Her very lips paled, and her slender fingers' shook.mid trembled, but her eyes remained Into and steady. —ji\Vt-!l," aim -answered slowly, -^GOil bleas you, Harry 1" The boy stood silent, his eyes fixed on the far coast line, where tho red sunset fires were slowly burning out, his thoughts busy with the past. One night, especially, stood out clear and vivid—a- wild, stormy night,'when the sky was like ink, and the mad sea thundered un- -til-the-. The Siilllug Ship In Ui« Ui.rlJ. Messr*. Henderson, of Ulangowr, ha-ve cotitractt^J to build for Me.-isru. liurtU-ii & Son, Paris iuul Ikirilcaux, u live uuihtt-d Bailing tthip. It i.s to bn lliu largfat iu t!j« worlft, lUri-lay, Curli) & Co., of c, ii^vu !il.-s» contracwi with the. firni to buiiil a four rmvstix! strip i«t oi tarry lug 5.!>00 lon.H---l.-«-'ti4<>n A huge rattlesnake crawling along the sidewalk waa one of the uighta at Athens Ga, recently. i ara of Titanh*. If tha proprlotor of Kemp's should imbHsh a ciittl of thanks, containing i»s pr*i»imis of graUtutlt) which O'juso to hliu (Siiiiy from th(«a who USVB L*HC. «u?*ni of t&VfSv, throat and lung by tb* us** of ti s' Breathing the Uerina of Vlxeaae. To inhale the-germs of disease with their daily breath is the fate of denizens of malaria-scourged localities everywhere. The endemic atmospheric poison may, however, be reft of its venom and rendered innoxious by a defensive use of Hostetter'a Stoo ach Bittera. This pre-eminently safe and effective remedy and safeguard not only eradicates the disease when developed, but enables the system to safely brave its assaults. Every physicial function is confirmed in or restored to regularity, the circulation quickened if sluggish, and a bilious habit, which of itself begets a proneness to both Intermittent and remittent types of malaria disease, where extrinsic atmospheric causes exist, powerfully counteracted by thia inimitable fortifying and defensive agent, which has, moreover, none of the disagreeable characteristics of a drastic cathartic or an alkaloid. Fever and ague, dumb ague and ague cake, and the caleMura of the Isthmus, are conquered by it surely, pleasantly. Rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, kidney and bladder troubles, constipation and indigestion yield to it. tths BashliiE In Where tlio Aiigulu Stay Out. "I have a jokf," said tlio breezy young man, seating himself on tho table of the able editor, "on the pics at the railroad restaurant in your tuwii, und she's a corker, too; it's a thoroughbred, and good for a wad in tho city, but I'll leave it with you for nothing." -Rends—"A red headed pie. in the"— (Thia is tho same young man who went before tlio hanging by lightning commission in this state and declared that ho onco sustained, by the breaking of a wire above his head, a shock of 1,500 ohms and an alternating current of repeating volts that lasted all tho way down etairs on a high tension circuit; his mind, ho said, remained clear during tho cntiro shock or succession of shocks, and he remembered distinctly hearing the editor Bay,with what seemed to him a great deal of irrelevance under the'circumstances, "I'll teach you, young imm! I'll let you know that I own o half interest in that restaurant and married tho cook last •week!")—Robert. J. Burdette in Brooklyn Eagle. »Ue eonld walk aa well a* ever. I have used Salvation Oil for rheu matlam in tho feet and after several applications was entirely relieved of pain and could walk as well as ever, MKH ANN 11. WATKINS, ,'iO Cntnberland St., Baltimore, Md. A i'atal admission: Guasia (at the club)—What ure you doing, deah boy 'f ChoHy—TUiukiag. (He is immediately 1'ijM'Hffd for "conduct unworthy of a geutlffiaan.'-} Wait* - W by don't you Uxlnfc center. They were down on the strand, his father aud a half dozen fishermen— himself, a .sturdy lad, following like a young spaniel. Hard work lay before the men. A stately vessel lay out on tho bar, and the strong gale was driving her to pieces. Boat after boat started out as her booming guns begged for assistance, but each-one was swamped or driven back. It was mere desperation, an old sailor said; no boat could stand such a gale— they could do nothing. His father chuckled to himself, and bringing out n stjirdy craft of his own, placed himself at its helm, and went out into tho darkness, never to return again, the men averred; but Harry did not believe it. •He had ndver.known his father to. fail, and he sat down amid the' crash and roar to watch aud wait. And not vainly, for by and by tho sturdy boat beat its way back, bringing only one trophy, a little sea waif that the old man bad picked up—a tiny girl child with flaxen hair and blue eyes. The rough men bore her up to the old farm house, Harry trotting on behind; and before day dawn the booming guns were silent, for the stately vessel, after a brave light, had goiifc down' beneath the hungry waves. Capt. Melvtllo and his wife could do nothing more or less than to adopt the little storm gift and bring her up as their own child. So they called her Syria, after all; and as she merged into maidenhood the lads called her the "belle of tho ocean." She and Harry had been sister and brother for ten years, eating their frugal supper from tluTsame jwrringer, and sharing the sauio bed in chitf hood. "Yes, tho Black Dragon sails at daybreak and I'm going in her, Syria," he said, his eyea solemn and tender and his voice tremulous. Tho girl stood silent a moment; then putting the question with a forced laugh: "How far aro you going, Harry?" she said. "When do you expect to come back? 1 "Tho Black Dragon's bound around tho world, I believe," he responded, "und aa to coming back—well, it will bo yeara before 1 soa tho Headlands aguin, I guess." Then a sudden light blazed up in his eyes. "Shall you miss mo when I'm gone, do you think, Syria?"' he asked. A Bwift rose color bloomed in her fair cheeks, und her eyea overflowed with tOill'S. "Harry," shy said, lior voice sweet with unspoken U-udenuws, "X'ui super BtiliotiJ!, yuu know. 1 want you to taki thin with you," unclasping a slender gold chain {ruai ln-r ntvk. "I always had n t'i4tu;v. that Uib» !iHlo trinket ^o^aesHt'il twma liid-U-n chiuni I'ut it ow J'OUl tK-efe, }jiinuM, uttil tf yt'ii «vor are Iv-fi U* tic? ia«v.y of t»!) wi',,1 waffc*. U witlwivo ,'H !.i.;;«/KiS;5ij fvrfKuiB^ ¥,-M* JiijKJji, -A-vi i*rC*'-: X-i'i '&!:-.A£=s>,^s. «l~\ &.'£>0*:*l &C< ^-*! chimney corner, and Aunt Sarah w:is pomr-thing of lif-r old bur-limp; activity. Beautiful Syria! Tim pi-nnii--<o of lior pirlhiiod wna iK'tus develop.-d into glorious mnlurity. l!ut she iiiii<ht have 'oco.n a ]>cnrl. as they oalli-d her, in her Icy sc'.'iusiveness. for nil the liiitn."ii feeling she Peeiueil to pos'-ess. Even- day the Hlack nrn.^nn was looked for, ami every evening brought a disappointment. At hint, one. golden afternoon, when sunlight streamed in yellow bars over the sanded floor, and Syria had looped back the curtains with cluster-! of sr-nrlet be.r- ries nnd spraya of wintorgreen, and ranged the golden pippins in long rows on the mantle, in the very midst of their expectation the tMin;;* i-anie, brought from tho city by fi fisherman. Thu Black Dragon, homeward bound, took lire just under-till! line, mid every KOII! on board perished. Harry would never come home! ' • A silence more solemn than death fell oh the old farm house. Aunt Sarah sunk beneath the blow into feeble neet>nd childhood, nnd the old captain grew morose and.sullen. Syria alone bore tho blow bravely. Fair and white us a pearl, she moved" about willi st-v.led lips ami solemn eyes, talcing nil the- heavy household cares upon her Mender shoulders and working from dawn till twilight. Then. when the hush of nighl brooded over the great sea, she took her sole reerealion. Gliding down to the heacli, she would clumber to the topof'tlie rough bowlder and sit for an hour looking out to sea, with her poor O.VC-H full of piteous expectation. "No," she said, "1 won't forget; he'll come by and by; my liule eharm will bring him—I will wait." •At last there came an afternoon black with portentous omens, Headlands only onco afore, and then we had a gale that just shivered .things— and we are going to have it again." The old fisherman was correct; about sunset it came, with n thundering crack and crash, us if the very heavens were being rolled together. "The guns have, erased," he said, putting on his oilcloth coat. "Tho poor ship's gone. 1 am going down to the shore to pee what the.Jioys-are doing," _, " ."A baifrfSgtit, ca|)'ii,' v one of them r.aid us ho und Syria approached. "Poor luck, captain—poor luck! Wo tried putting out the boats, but it was no go—tho gale was too hard. We picked up only that chap, and he's done for." Syria's eyes followed his pointing finger, and beheld stretched upon the wet sand the figure of a man. ."He's not dead, father!" she cried. "There's warmth here—indeed there isl Let's take him up to tlie house and try to save him." "Do as she bids you," said the old man; and the men obeyed. " TIM ho—your son Harry 1 Don't you sec-?- -Will you waste your preeiotw time? Let us work and save him!" she .said. And they did. l/y and by u faint warmth diffused itself over his body; a dim red shone in his pale cheeks, nnd ho murmured, just above bis breath: , "Syria! Syria! 1 am coming!" Syria heard him. and without n word or a sigh dropped in a dead faint nt his ve.ry feet. In a few days he entTFeiy^recovered and related hia adventures, lie hud made his fortune and was coining home writlflii by \V. Ii. S olt, in gcntlninnn pnd'vivoroil to tion IIP hnfl na^uine-l reR-ir-linu tlu> mining sitimtion in IllinniH. Af'er u brief Btntcinent of the sittmli'Hi pivvlmis t-j tho publication of. tlin Scott's letter, Mr. ML- Briilo snys: "Eelrif; willing to ncr-pt pqiiitnb'.n roinli- tions nml prices, nml to ,-fleet n i linnornuln sotliniiit-itiof llio pr-n-.-nt strike, tha follow- IIIR ia ulTVtvtl; First, To work tl.e seomil. or thick conl vein nt SpriiiK Vnll-v for tlio pripa piiid nt Strontor, namely. "'•'•\{ coiiti p'--r ton; tin* too, in tlio fncr> of th i [:i>-t tli:m Hi" mim Is yet in Hio crop coal, i-i full of fnnln mi I up t/i tliis tinv! bus cost tlio coitriiuiy by tliolr own mlinis-i'i.iii, over fi l"'i' (on for nilnlns it "Sceonrl, r.-lioviii!! that Mi'. Hv.jtt will admit HIB fu'et thiit m-ire labor It ruifiir-! I tx) iniiio n ton of coal in tho third vein nt Spring Vnlloy thim in tbo thick oml in Htruntor, wo will ngrou to mine hia thin co-il for tho price pnitl tho thick coal minors nt Btrontor, tho company will tlo thu brushing aii<l Inii'dlug; or, Ihird, "We ivill n-^rec to nn nil justinont of prices ami conditions such ns inny bo detornilued by nrbilrnMon, or by an nsn-onrmt to jointly invi-stiKtito, an'] bo ROVDI-IIO I by' tlu facts ilovi-lopeii by sueh hivustigixtlon." Mr. McBrido'pri-sents nn i-xlmnstlvo nr«u- nient in niiKHcr to Mr. Keott, an I prra-nti facts nml figures which suein ImrJ toiliapulo. They eliow ilint while Mr. Scott, profi-ss-es n willingiiL-ss to pay us mueli lor inininK ns his competitors in iiorlhi-rn Illinois hn ignore"! othor nnd moro important fluids surrounding him, routining liiniM'k lo a c-nhpiirlsiM o: earning nullity of miners employed nt Spring Viillcy nnd Ilrni-lwo nl. They further wty they do not hnlluve Mr. Scott's nr- gumcnt i3 practical, nnd know that was nppliud in u general way "it would closo Mr. iTeMT-nlrtho-r 80011 ' 3 - 111 '"" 3 ^ ?lO_yi>'"^ °'n««. ._ w »uM P"r chnso from moro fnvorud.ll'hls. POWDERLV'S ENEMIES. they llolil H MpKtlni; at HI* Which IH Hardly 11 .Snrt-rj**. ST. Louis, Out. 3. —O-n. MasU-r Workman Powderly visited local assemblies of tho KnighlH of Labor last night airl addressed them bi;Wly on mutters pertn'iilng to the good of Iho order. Ilo wai accompanied by tho member* of tho goncral execution lionrd, Tho anti-i'oiviKHy d.-iiluiisiratidn last. Dleht-wnH ivlt.-n.h-d by h-s-i tlmu 1»0 p.^oply, Kditor JX-twller, of (.'h cnjo, ami W. H. Blako, M. D. Shaw, anil others, of this city, addressed tho meotlng and arraigned Pon- dcrly for his lukownnnness in tlio tolograpb- crs' strilce, for hostility to the southwest strike, for ordering off the Chicago pork- packers' strike, for expelling editors of labor papers who express opinions that do 'not barmonizj with Powderly's views, for maintaining luxurious olll-a.i in Plillnilelptiia, and for not proK-cuthig tlin iii^n who shot tha KnigliU ot labor in K'ist K;. Louis. Wl-tt>ll> « iml-;. THE MARKETS. On wi-r- B.Vlw- :d«ii bi -d :! nnd rl a ! vc. i-il !«(•, oli.F -ird '•'':'• Ontn - Mn-ep - I'm th-.- hnir I of trade to- : ->: in fulliiu-i: Wh-ilt :>'<>. d an.! cl"-ir.l Mirji-; DI-I-CI t-lo-P 1 H. : 't,cl Mi!V, opi-nnl Corn- No-1' Ho ulii-r, o I!ei-emhf-r, opi-lii-d. Jlny. cp'-in-rt :H"-; , i- o c-d iipcni) I :M'C. elo-i-J I'-'?iV: Miiy, <iL-rti»d j-" 7 ^- clcmi-il ::- : 'ic. I'ork- Ui lolii-r, oin-in-d J1U.-W. closed 51 l.'uil: Ncivt-mbi-r. o])r-m.-il S'.i.rn. closed :ll.4.'>: .lanuarv, tipi-n'ed imd , t-losnd ? '.-'"i. Lnrd-OctolK-r e pencil S'UO. closi-il S'.H'Ja. Llv.- Block— Following wcn> the Union Block ynnlH pric.--<: Hou-s -Mnrket op.'n-d slow, with prl .•'•» '»• !»i- lower; Inter now active, with heavy Annies :V;],llli (trnde',*.f,l.7.-.; r .null packi mixed lots, 11. ln.-avy nhlpplns; lot--, tl.niii t.'tn ( quii-t on common nt lower prici-: i;ood t rholiv" llriu; hccvt-H, S-'.U'.VM.J": ''>wi. Sj.lK- •"Kl- storh'-r^ nil'l f'-'-''-r<». Al. l .s''.'L .'.'" Htccrs, SJ.HWl.iO: cows. Sl.'>"" •'••'»• (iooil nun, ;-4.n.>;< t..'«i: coiniron dnl 1 . »:!.l«i6 M.T-'f; wr«t I'll-*, ^l.'- 11 '^'.™'1 lllTnli-, £1 ;' ''i"'.' y '. 'OiProduce: Hutti-r- Fancy Kluill creamery,"* (W'c per Ih: hi-st dairy, :.n./:.:;c; pacliim; utocU, TUfl.HV.r. KUKS—Strictly fresh, Il/liiUl" per do" :' ii"' hoiisi-, r^,\'>]v.. 1'oultry-Livo hens, Cc. IKT Ih; nioiter". »<". 1 nrkt-.ys. IU.': rtnc'-t D, H.n ^K' ; -'i iri'C-se,'! 1 '-VI p-r dn-/. Potat >cs-:J,v-fi !«K: pi r Ini on track sweet potatoes, SI-'-'i'"--"' IMT hi>l. Apples-Uood to fancy, JLtt^i^HW p-.-r lihl. C'rnnherrles-S-->.ll.''..l.H..')ll per hhl. Now Vork. NEW YOIIK, Oct. 2. \Vheat-Xo. 2 red cash, HTftKSc; do October, WHo; do Novcniht-r, Ni^c; do IJocembcr, B w c, (^orn~ No. " mixed cash, !HH{>'i(.40c; do Oct'ober. X",i,f, do Novi-mhcr, 40;.fr;; do Dpculli- bi-r. W>tr: Oals-Dnll; No. :; mixed cash, aij-s ffo.-lll.ic- do Oclobcr, ;Ml'v^j: <lo November, avl)ii-:do December, 'M'i,<: H>-i!-l)ull. Hnr- ley—Nominal. I'ork Quiet: nn-ss, S12..iV!i< 1 .75 for In pi-ch-d. I.rtrd--Dull; October. Jfl/iii; Miivembur, !5". : l '• Decombcr, S l.W. Livestock- Cuttle ii'oiid cattle firm; common nnd ordinary, dull nnd weak; native steers, JiriWil.MV, fair Colorado do. JH. 1 .'.™,:l.iVi. Sheup and lamtii-Siicii •, about steady, i-H':i> filjc V "i; iambi'An hlKhcr am! • ll'rm;. nS'ii?4o V Hi ll'is,"' • l.ivi- bnifH, S1."fHii,r>.U: liKbtplj! , to stay, und no ono wns mui-e huppv than* Syria. But three weeks ul'ter there was a grand wedding at tlje old farmhouse. Capt. Harry Melville received for his bride Syria, tho foundling, the beautiful "belle of tho ocean," und their cup was full. —Wavcrley Magazine., \Vlll I-'lulit tlio Uoycntt. NEW YOUK, Oct. a—The boycott, on tlio part of tlio tnul >s unions nguinst tli» firm of Tuck, Wurlmit C1.\, ilualurs In bull iins; inu- .terittls, wiis.i!is«u.sBC(l..nt.._Ti sU-vilny's meuling of tbo biiilillns'iiiiitiirinl i-xiMiiin^i'. After tho situiition liiiil b.'on i-xpliiin <1 by a mom ber of tli,) boyei)tteil llrrn, rosolutioim wer.i mloptcd ilciiouimiiif; t!w nulion of tho IrodeM unions as nii.l iliur^fora not to bo piicournKCil, nml iilu.lgiin .tli-ii. Mm inflil- cncoof the oXL'lmir^o will bi> . x - -IM 1 tvi do- fent tho boycott. I'ook, Mu-'li i it U i. Imvo been boyoottod'beenin) tlr-y i-.iii;ii iy tour non-union men ni ti-amnteri. TOO SENSITIVE TO LIVI. A Tonne 'Mini KIM* Jlini.i-ll IVciu Ills Tho Ti-xiis Law nn Prixo I r iBlitinp. Tho eporta of thu angular Saxons do not struaro with ti-.o rounded ways of tlio Castilians nnd their followers in Spanish America. The natives of thosu countries hiid-nuilhcr bulls nor chickens lo fight on the coming of Europeans, but they took to the bull ring and tho cockpit like ducks to water. These sports are patruniwd there by aH'classcs aud ranks of people. Uvun the Napoleon • of tho west, Santa Anna, to overcome who'mMn Texas wan the work of n man born to no common destiny, beguiled tho tediuni»«f hinoxilnby ki-i'pinu; a. cockpit in -Havana._ _The .I.M.'nigliled... penpl« of Mexico know nothing of ami care noth-. ing for the M.arquirtof Qtu-ensborry rules, and ollered no eri-uiinigement to tho scheme-when Kl Paso wanted' ti> get up an exhibition of tho imble art of battering tho human countenance into a jelly. Neither do tin: people of Texas affect it;. . but sonii" one whose name, should go sounding down tho iiges engineered a law througlrthe hist -legislature-to legal '• izo tho practice. \Vlio was it and who voted for it?—Dallas News. IIml l.iiHt Ills Grip. A middle uged man with a troubled look on his face stood on the corner near the Centrul depot and attrautrd tlio attention of a passerby who iniuiired: • "Can I do any thing for you, sir? 1 ' "Stranger," said the man, "I've lost my grip." "Oh, brace up," said the other in a cheery voice, "you'll get bold' ng:itti if you push in. It happens lo us all some time or other." "I'm afraid I'll never get it again." said tho other, sadly. "Nonsense, man. Don't give up now, when they've just discovered the elixir of life,".advised his friend. "Take hold again like a man." "What air you talking about?" asked tho other. "I lost my grip with four new shirts in it, a new waistcoat, a pair of suspenders and my wife's photygraft. Just give , me a chance, and you'll BOO whether I'll take hold of it or uot," and he walked off with a suspicious look at his late adviser.—Detroit Free Press. A Fortuniito Wom»n. "There," said tho new lady of tho castlo, "are the graves of tho former owner's ancestors. My ancestors," she added, proudly, "aro all living."—Hur- por'e Magazine. Abating a Nu!»uiir«. In the old coaching days of England, a sailor was riding to (own on tho top of tho Portsmouth mail. Sitting by his eido was the guard, who, according to custom, "tooted" loiidly on bis horn whenever thu vehicle passed through u town or village. On ono of thrno occasions tho coachman uiittKod tlio usual fanfare, and, turning around on bin box, bo saw wilh'dis- may that the guard's seat was vacant. ""Why, where is be?" 1»> a.sUed. "\VboV" *aid tho bailor. "\Vliy, tlu^ guui'd, to b<i Kiire.." "If you mi-ail that blowed Irumpt'tur," returned the sailor. "I knocked him ovei'lni.'trd."— Youth's Companion. I „„.-..._ ' ~ j hLt-t«-li nf a T«-\:i^» 'i'owii. • (Jrowin;; t'ne cotton, corn and fruit iii tin* state arc- our specialties, jiri-tty wouu-ii mid elijmb'i.uis nu-n i.-j a huppv sidn issiif wiih us, atn.1 putting up good hmtrrs, iit-<»-ti---iiiij Use tx>g-t au<l Ji>g>i usi'I psvp.ii'iii;$ f" ri-"-'iv'-- A !»'ii.vy BnooKLYN, Oc-t. :>.— AUJII.-; I)oLlndi>, a clerk aj;«l Ifl, of . an ol;i inul 'ivull-to-ilo family, shot hbn-olf ili.'inl. yr«'i-r Iny boealiso of tlio publication in Tne<il iy'< Ki,'M of tho fact that ho hml r«oi>iitly s cn-tly murrio 1 Miss Nnnnn \V1 linnn, n j-i 11:11; lady who took tho pri/..i ut n b .|inty i-iwii-st. in n churr-h fair luKt. spring;. Ymnis II Li : iulD Ml in lovo with Mi-ss Wlbi-Ains nt lim fair «nd in Aus;iiBt tl-.o weiliiiiiK took placa In ihu prosi-nco of llio bridu'j ivliitivu.s only, iho Van DeLindo C.nnily buini; out of town nl the time. Jli^s M 'illinm-i behiR a Roman Catholic, a sp c'ul ilispensution WHS granted by tho bishop. Upon iwoing tho foct-s in print Vim D.-Llndo s'liil to a friend thnt ibe persons who Inul "plt'en tho thing nwny" and otb.irs woul I i-ogrct it. A few niomunts Int-.-r, wlu-n nlonc, IIP s!;ot hiinsi'lf. A S iloonhm- jiur* 4 I>e.-ipnratlon. SANDU.SKV, O , Oct. :).— L' Hnrtnmn, a Baloo::kt-i)|ior of thij oity, upoiiuil a lottor to bis wlf« Tu -sHy, wliio'i guvo ovidencj of her liifMelity. ll-Jlli-n wont out and drunk boavily. List L-\-u:iinj; bo wont houiu and placing his arm aroniul hl3 wifo's neck drow her boad down on uU bivast and shot hoi- throiiRli tin- brain, cloaliis tbo' by soniling another bnllot. into bis own brain. Hia 9-your-old ^i'' 1 wn3 " witness to tho awful doud. _ _ Katin Hooil'.-* Muvileror. iNDIANAl', OcU S. — The police have got u cliu to th > nnn-ik-rors of Kitie Hood, whoso bo ly WIIB foinvl in thu cnnal at Connersville Tiu-siliiy. Tho iloc-oosod was here in coni|iauy with a man and woman several days buforo livr disiippcaraneo, nnil it is bo- llevod tho iiiuii had rciisona for putting ber out ot tbo way. Tho niau's_ whereabouta aro known. __ _ _ • Tilt) lliillnnliim Hlrlko Endoil. IlOTTKiiDAii, Oot, :V — Tho strike of dock employes is en led. Tha result is a compromise, by which tbo mail agree to necopt 5 pence |wi - hour on wojk days and 7^' i>or bour for Siiudny work. Th'.i iiiiniiiinui ot a day's work is lo be four hours. All t:ho men rusumcd work lu-iluy. A dock employe's union is twins forum 1. Illinois Mine leiftpetitora. . i'liiNGPiELD, Illiv, Out. 3. — Governor Fifor ycnti-1-diiy ivupjioiiiteJ- Iho following state miiu- iin-ji ctors: Firnt ilisti iot, Quintou 'Clark, of-Bi'iiidwood; wcviid il;«!ri<-l, Thuiu- a> Hu Ison, of (iiilvu; third ilislrk-t, James j Free:-, of P.-urin; fi-.urt'i .ILstiTO, \Viiltoii JRutlolH", <>' A ton; flltli ib^trict, Juiuu* Tuylur, of A-bli-y. United Twins. Dr. G. M. Collins, of Tipton, Ind., reports to The Medical Uecord a pair of female twins'unitednt the center or median lino of the trunk as ono body, which, however, develops perfect nelaof distinct members arid o.rgans for two. Each child has a separate circulation and organism. Ono will bleep while the other is awake.' The bowels and kidneys perform their functions independently. The spinal column is straight. Thu children are bright aiid lively, havo fhiii heads of hair and fine features, aro well formed and at this writing havo every appearance of living. At birth their weight was twelve and 'one-half pounds, .and they wen; twenty-two und one-half inches in length. ' SWIFT'S SPECIFIC la a thnplo vegetable com; G'.ir.J i-n-p-irnHrom roots frc^U from thu forcslM. Tho formnl.i v.z.\ obtiliitrd from the Crook Indians. t h;i3 bi!i:ii u.sod f!u«o lii^J, and lias bt-cn tise pw.t- 5 t hU-bsin^ to mnnkincl in curing tliei-asca of tlu: iocul, !u ii'.any Ii^taiu'rn nfiuV nil other "n'im-d'r", .:d billed. .If y-'Q Jiu\u or Ituvo lui-t nny 1 'o 1 ,*.;i'l,' -, do ii' t fiiil to rvivt for 'j'rcaiiso on LU?..*i.l ud hkiu l>i->casuj, nudltd free, THE KWI:-T jirrcirro Pa, Drawor .1, Allnnla. C-\. l'foh!Iiil MAC.-OMU, H tinlio -, burm-1 ;t ft

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