Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 11, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1903
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY RgGISTER. SATDRDAY; JULY 11 1908^ blocks to new Cement AN UNEQUALED HOlil SITE Within a few minutes' ride of IdlirLaHarpe or Gas City, and about PiSnt Fresh air, liealthful'starred transit and Idjlaiike it the mcjst jdesirable loibation for hofeies in Allen county. »*" TERWSf^Prices are from $70 to $100 per lot. - Lots are~5oxi50. $5.00 down andg$5.ob a month. . , i Location:—Electricllne on the south. lola public road on the north and just half way between Qas City and LaHarpe. Office at Terminus Electric Line R. R. Writb or call on BUSH^A LEFFLER, Watchmakers and Opticians. Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Musical and Kodak Supplies. Spectacles 25c to 11.00. Watch repairing a specially. West Side, lola, Kansas. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. A. V. LODGE, Physician and Surgeon. Chronic diseases successfully treated. OiKco over "Our Way" restaurant. Phone 461.; ' Ros. i901 Bast St. Offlpo Phono IH. D. W. R«ld. Jas.T. Rcld. REIO & REID, Physicians and Surgeons. Eyio, Ear, Nose and Throat. Sjioci il attention Riven to surgery and all chroijilc di.scascB. Ofllcc. room II. Northrup Building. Phone r.r ,7. A Daughter sL&s Xy GEN, CHARLES, KING. Oppyrifbl. im. br Tb« BoUrt Oompanr. DR. B. E. JONES, ' { Head Physician M. W. A. Female Diseases and Obstretrics a Specialty. Ofllce over Barclay-Shields Clo. Co., Phone390. Residence 502 S. Wasljington, phone 3S9. DR. A. N. MINEAR,. ; j OSTEOPATH. Chronic and Nervoug a specialty. Ofllce over "Our Way" restaurant. Office phone 147. Residence phone 454. F. M. ANDERSON,. Practical. Architect. I^lans, Specifications and Estimates on all classes of buildings. Special at- tenLion given to modem Improvements and superintencflng. Office, room 17, second floor Northrup Building. C. 6. GLYNN, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office In New York Store Building. DR. McMILLEN, Office Phone 32. Special attention given to the treatment of all CHRONIC DISEASES and Diseases of Children. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg. West Madison. Residence 219 So. Walnut. Residence Phone 232. rn.wTKi; xx. In the liuidi (if Iho wintry nlcr ^it, uiitlor II I 'lKJi 'n m U v, wltli Hno \vtltil(c» fiillliijr lliiok mill flint and niiiiitliiiK llic hills ill llti'i-y white, \Vrbl)'s col- iiinn liiiil liiiltod iiiiion^ the Kturdy pin«'s. tliii iiu-n oxrliiin ^rinpr nuiltt ^rod, l«iw -tnin >(i <|iHTy jind coinment, the horses sLiniliii-j with bowed lieiuls, nci -asi <ii];i !Iy iiawiiii; the soft covor- Hplt'o the Htt'udlly fallln;^ f^now, tho trnoon of hmitH iind. for u time, of trnvoln polcn coijld bo rciidily nccn and followed In tho dim K '''".v Il),'lit of the blank<;tc<i nklcs, .Simu'wIuTv jiJoft, ii I kivc the film of fl <Mi (l, the h11- Vory moon was .shiiiiiii!-, and that was illiiininiitjon moro tlinn i-nonirli ft>r men of their years on the trail, i For over au hour, lllake followed the windinijs of a ravine that fjrew otand sni.inf,. curiously at this Im-^ - burnnved ly barnor to the buneh grass tl ej .^^^ j,5„. Old pamc trails are a:, sought in va.n. 'J hey had feasted turnpikes in the eyes of the together, the..e comrade _ troopers , . ,\ ^.^^ the ravine and cbars -iTs ere the,sun went down —the men on abundant- rations of pic began to split into brdnehcs that the supplies from the paek train-the rough edge. on big '-Vlaukets" of oats set ^""^ Avcre merely rounded over by before them by sympathetic friends l*;" "^""T" V't ami masters. Th.'-n when the skies and ruts and depressions ltd on from were fairly d.irk. Webb had ordered f fP another, and by Tittle lircs"iighted alt along the bank | nudnlght Blako felt sure tlie quarry ai the stream, leaving tho men of j "'"^'i ^'^ J"** few- miles ahead and Kay's and RiJlings'-troops to keep ^^''^ barely fire hours march thJm bla.dng through the long night "r?;,"' f^'^'''''^^'''^ '^'^"''^ " ° "Haiti \yent rearward down the long, dark, sinuous column of twosj, and every man slipped out of 6nddli|, somo of them stamping, so numl) were their feet. With every mile the watches to ereate the Impression j among the lurking Sioux that the whole foree was still there, gimrd- Ing the big village it had Icaptured in the tnirlv afternoon, and then, in TREMONT LUNCH ROOM Anything in the Eating Line Steaks, Ohops, Oufiets. PanUwitches. Chilli Etc. Cigars, Tob:ieco, Fruit. Cakes, tto. QlVe VS A CALX. THE LUCCOCK storage and Trai^fer Line. Union line. Docs Contract Work. Genera Transfer work. House. Safe and Piano Movinc Tmak« and Baffratce Hauled. Housebold Goods Packed, Stored and shipped. Office and Store Boom 114 Wfcst Madison Aveoue. Phon » t lola, KaiMas. the tnirly attcrnoon an.i ^t .en, .u ^^^^^ j^^^^^^.^ ^^^^j ^.^j^j^.^. Bllenee, the troopers had ^saddled and i ^^^^ ^^.^^ glad when the next word Jogged away into the heart of the : ^^.^^ ..j^^.^j ^,1,,.. instead of hills, close on tho hecils of their guides. ' There had been little time to look over the captures. The main interest of both ollicers and men, of course, 1 whispered was, "Jfount." By this time they wero far up among the pine-frlngod heights, \vltli the broad valley of tho Jlig Horn of both olhecM-s and men, 01 course outspread to the west, invisible centered m Mr. Hay, who was found 5 ^ P In one of the tepP,|s. prostrate from ^^^^ illness and half fontic from fever ; "Dgmg »"oi- MUal* excitement. Ho j tho leaders known the faintest Honest, now, isn't it? We 'knew you would like it arid now we Fr I want you to keep a Hi • bottle in the house I . and when you go away put on'e in your; grip. Every time you get bilious or constipated and whenever you have a sick headache or a touch of indigestion — take a teas|poon£ulof Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Try it on the baby too — it will cry for more. Haa. Tho*. F. Tipton, Kloomlnsrton. HI, write*: When in MoaticeUo last Bprinstrrinc a law suit, Mr. Hott. a friend bt mine, told ma of S ttup Pepsin and Advised mo to trr It. I did CO and used a bottle and Itave used sereral bottles tlaoe. It1i^KirentnetrreatreUet,and I weald^notbe iritlibuc a botUe at band, as I think it: a Terr Yaioable preparation for tbo stonlach. »nd bare no objections to your osids my name as an endoisement of this, wbatlre- treat remedy for st(»nacb troubla I , bad.4tied many doctors and about every rem- ; edy.tbat^ mtm prescribed by friends, and must i •ay that Qr. Caldwell's Symp Pepsin has doM < Bte more good than aU I bave ever tried." * Year •may Baelc If H O m^ mtmtmtaa ^n^LSYi w CO., ii «ii>i «tDo, n amiiJs in his own household. One significant question he asked: Did P"r-'="^TS when once the rooks had any of them know thi.'» new M.ij. 1 them-when the wound- KHnt? Xo? Well, God help Flint, ^^"^'^^ P t'"' fa^^tnesses and If ever he. Hay got hold of him. pur.siiers far fr<,m si -j,p..rts. But "lie's delirious." whispered Webb, ^h*" ^""^ a Pt .ep ascent, the two and rode aAyav in that conviction, 1 ^^a'''"^' .seout.«—rival sergeauts of leaving him to Kay and Billing.... I '^'^al troops, but d.-voted friends for Three miles out, on the tortuous !'^^'^''^J' twcpty years-wer.; s.-en by trail of the pursued, the column J next in column, a single corporal halted and di.smonnt<-d among the followed them at thirty yards dis- pines. Then there was a brief confer- '"'''^ '""'' l>"»<'"?r at ence, and the word ".Alount" was ^"^'^ w:iyside. whispered along the Eeccher sni .ad- ! P"«'»-'' ''-'=''"• '"^ '^^-'"^ ron, while Blake's men stood fast. I P'i'°3% ""''^r « q^iarter inel, cr.vcrlet With a parting clasp of the hand sno^Vwas what met the eyes of Webb and "Legs" had returned to i silently trudging command as it the head of their respective com-1 followed. The hig'n-j^eak.-d wooden raands, "Legs" and his fellows to ^^"^ s*'" "einehed" to the follow st^-adily the Indian trail j '^^'^^''o'"" J''""''" through the twisting ravines of the ' '^'^"f P"-^'"^"*' /"V foothills; Webb to make, an all-isaddlery I'resently night forced march, in wide detour *^''»"^'^ \ \ l"" and determined effort, to head offthe i between the escaping w.arriors before they could ^^""^^ and ;i httle advance guard, reach the rocky fastnesses back of' ^^"'^ ^b^!"''' growled the sergeant Bt^r ClifT. WebVs chief scout "Bat," i <^ommandmg to h^s boy trumi.eter. choaen by Gen. Crook himself, had "?'\« •>'V"'' --^"'^J^'^,^ been a captive among the Sioux ''"'''^•''.''^ youngster stumbled iU^.„ u \ /^u- 1 1 , ra'ong up the winding trail; got his tlirough long years of his boyhood, , .1 • * '[message and waited, "tdve this to the captain," was the word sent back by Sehreiber. and "this" was a mitten of Indian tanned buckskin, soft and warm, if unsightlj% a initteri too , small for a warri <ir's hand, ff ever 1 warricr deigned to wear one—a mitten the captain examined curiously, as he ploughed ahead of his main bodj', and then turned to his subaltern with a grin on Iiis face: "Beauty draws us with a single hair," .said he, "and can't .shake us even when she gives us the mitten. Ross," he added, after a moment's thought, "remember this. With this gang there are two or three sub chiefs that we should get. alive or dead, but the chief end of man, so far as "K" Troop's concerned, is to captiire that girl, unharmed." And Just at dawn, so gray and wan and pallid it could hardly be told from the imlo moonlight of the earlier hours, I the dark, snake-like column was halted again, nine miles further in among the wooded heights. With Bear ClifT still put'of range and sight, something had^ stopped the scouts, and Blake was needed at the front. lie found Schreiber crouching at the foot of a tree, gazing warily ilprwBrd .aloo^ a._ southward-sloping^ •race or tne mounrain tnai;^ ^ was sparsely covered with tall, straight pines,' and that faded into mist a few hundred yards away. The trail—the main, trail, that is—seemed to go straight away eastward, and, for a short distance, downward through a hollow or depression; while, up ^the mountain side to the left, the nortli, following the spur or shoulder^ there were signs of hoof tracks, half; sheeted by the new -fallen hiiow, and through Ihl.s frcMli, tleecy , mantlet ])louglied the trouper boots in rude, JuHlnteut jdti'Hiiit, Till) Hi*r;ieant'H ItursxH were held by a tlrf^«l Moldler a taw yiirilH back behind tho Hpiir, for WluHor wan "Mldo Bcoutlng" up tho heights, ; , , HAY FEVER ABOLISHED. .Relief fcr This Malady Discovered by Medical Science—Breathe Hyomei. Among the Important addition.^? made lo nu-dical science in recent years, none is more notable than tho positive announcement of a cure for hay f&vcr. While this disease is not; regarded as fatal, it is certainly a most distressing malady, and if anything can bo devised to cure it, a great boon will be conferred upon the human race. Exhaustive experiments with Hy- pmel prove that this treatment will prevent all attacks of hay fever if used two or throe weeks befor? the annual appearance of the disease and that It may be relied upon if used faithfully after the disease has begun, to relieve at once and afford a speedy cure. ' .Chas. B. Spencer & Co. have sold hundreds of Hyomei. outfits for the troatmi?nt of diseases of tho respira- torj- organs under the agreement to refund the mone3» If Hyomei did not afford relief. In selling Hyomei for the cure of hay fever they will continue this equitable plan, and want all who are subject lo this distressing malady to begin its use at once, with the understanding that if it doo-s not give satisfaction, the purchase'price is , to be refunded. Stomach dosing cannot cure hay fovcr. A change of climate is the only treatment that has heretofore aborted an attack, and Hyomei, which is breathed through a neat pocket mi halcr coming with every outfit, acts upon this principle, giving in your own home a climate like that of the White Mountains or other icalth resorts. At tile IH, K. & T. j lola, Kans., Jtmo JO, J903. To the people of I<^Ia and||Men Cotfiity: the undetmgmd Lomber [Clompany has opened 0p a yiafci OH: north Jeffctson aveniSCt adjoining the M. JK. 1& T. depot, when j yoa; will Und a| complete stobfc on hand>t all times. We ask yodt trade and hpp^ to merit the for a share of same by fair jpriccs and good ma and see iss andj gel priceshefore yott YotfrsjRespectftflly, terial. btfy. Come i ...$EB US FOR .L. Swell Tiirflbttts M Bim and knew the I5ig Horn Range as Webb did tho banks, of the Wabash. "They can stand oil a thousand soldiers," said the guide, "if onco they get into the rocks. They'd have gone there first off only there was no water. Xow there's jilenty snow." So Blake's instructions were to follow them without pushing, to let them feel- they were being pursued, yet by no means to hasten them, and, if the general's favorite scout proved* to be: all he promised as guide and pathfinder, Webb might reasonably hope by dint of hard night riding, to. Ije first'at the tryst at break of day. Then they would haveltho retreating! Sioux, hampered by Vieir few wounded and ce/taln prisoners whom they prized, hemmed between rocky heights on every side, and sturdy; horsemen frOnt and rear. It was eight by the watch at the parting of the ways. It was 8:30 when Bl^ke retook, the trail, with Sergeants Schreiber and Winsor, the latt^'r borrowed frpm Ray, far in the van. Even had the! ground been hard and stony these keen-eyed soldier scouts could have followed the signs almost as unerring ly as the Indians, for each had had long years of ex- Your Linen Will Wear much longer if we launder It Be­ sides doing the best work, we pay a great deal of attention to the life of the linen. Our soaps,-our machinery, our methods are designed to do the very finest work with the least possible wear to the garment. If you are not a customer, call us up and let us call fcr a trial package. We'll surely please you. lola Steam Laaodry, i Hail Put lita Stock of... NEl |r CARPETS Prices the Lovest. Chejap Charley, Nsw Brick, North St. and V . Rubbet) Tire Runabouts reys. Fine Surrey and Harness, Whips, Fiy Nets; Summer Goods and Law^i Slwings Sur- Iriviiig Dusters, WISWAIiL, KENNEDY & CO. NEXT TO CITY QASOFHiCE No. 117, West! Madison Ave. l ~^:-X"H •<-^•x -:•«•^~:-^x••:••^•Krx••:-^•x••^^^ I . 1 _j L f :~X"Xr:-x«^":-x -5 -x- S Wesjefl..., Boiler*, Engine*, I Brass Oastlngs, \ Drilling Tools, :,dray Iron Castings, Belting, Packing, IoIai:Kansas. inanaUcturers of nschlnerr j ...For... Hines, Smelters' and ridk Plants. IVe Ofler... QQod Workmanship, Fr^omitt Deliveries, Low Prices. |^PatterB8 Foij Castings a >pecfelt|. Estimates Fcnilslieii. Qaick gepair Woft| I NOW FOR con FORT I I Stcirage Tanksr ~ A itomiitic and Plain Gis Separators, ^ S leet iron Work, structural Work, Fotary Ore Roaster*, 8mok^ Stack*, Steel Dump Car* Macts to Order. Dress Goods that are good and beau- tlfuJ, yet cQol:and breezy. Th ^t Is what yob are Hooking for, the kind we are sKowlng. Prices the lowest. Do Not Forget Dry e. L. Wlllf AKER, Our GROCERY DEPARTHENT. NoOni^ Undercens Us. % Or OSS <&a©^loj? 'doois Siioes, Gfocedes. .^/i..;..i..];:ji.i»i »4 ^H'»»»»H '»4 -si I'l I HI I'll* Tk* rent -yM vr will buy • better liouje tiutn the one jroa art rcatliiE. : mr* Local Secrel^^j .1-. : feeal Estate^ . tiOans and Insurance. t;p 5$alri In Tamer BuOdbis. \ Ipla, Kansas ^ fiw SlHBPAtla* B. and L. AsMK 3 £W .^1 •

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