Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 24, 1968 · Page 22
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 22

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1968
Page 22
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2-C THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1968 CHRISTMAS IN MT.VERNON 80 YEARS AGO -X- -X- -X-. -X- By Lloyd R. DeWitt j defease, men must don the cor- Sidelights on Christmas in Ml.; se1 and bustle ' Vemon 80 years ago and the i Saved by a Bustle customs and happenings of the • Speaking of bustles, there was time may be found in the De- the story of the woman who cember issues of the old Mt.' was gathering eggs in a barn Vernon Register for 1888. The loft when she stepped through great Mt. Vernon Cyclone oe- an opening between two planks, curred in February of that year, I She might have got a bad fall, '• and though much of the town I but her bustle caught and left was destroyed, its recovery was her dangling there above terra : amazingly rapid. firma. A neighbor man. hearing By Christmas time business ner cri <?s. came to her rescue, firms were flourishing again, • Out of modesty she would not homes had been rebuilt and life '•• let him come through the lower went on as usual. There was; P ar t of the barn; so he put plenty of Christmas merchan- < U P a ladder on the outside and dise for sale bu; not so many ' ' li ^ h ^ ™ tr. climbed into the loft to save her. Men's trouser legs today are One^f the "biggest advertisers : skin- tight, but 80 years ago big display ads to lure the shoppers as there are today. was Howard Bros, and Co.. N. E. Comer of the square. They featured fancy china, tea sets. they were becoming so wide that one critic said it was a question whether the man or NORTH SIDE OF THE SQUARE after the 1888 cyclone. Old Grand Hotel, behind IOOF building, was the scene of a meeting (luring the storm. It survived undamaged, but another hotel and other buildings on the west side of the square were destroyed. Half block at right, including building with tower, stood during the cyclone but was demolished this month to clear the site. • -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- ris Emmerson's Mt. Vernon Register for 1888 relates many more interesting happenings of 80 years ago, but space does • not permit the use of all of them. The writer might have told about the Shiloh panther mat wa s said to have torn off the clothing and almost torn off the leg of Buck Bryant of Drivers. Though the Shiloh pan- hter was mentioned in several of the Shiloh and Drivers items, it was never made clear whether it was a real panther or just the mythical creation of some rural jokester. -x- mush and milk sets, mugs, fin- the lady should take the lead ger bowls, spittoons, and nume- m ascending stairs, rous other gift items. They sold Cigarettes On the Sly groceries too, including Chase One writer told of a Chicago and Sandborn Coffee. woman who secretly indulged SANTA ARRIVES ! in t" e smoking of cigarettes. In large type the shopper was He contrasted her with a San told, "Santa Claus has arrived Francisco woman who took a and opened out his stock at sponge bath every day and a Porter and Bond's Drug Store." ; four - mile walk after lunch. At Dolls, fine plush toilet cases, j 30 she was mother of two chil- hooks, and toys were Christmas dre n but looked like an 18-year- old, while the Chicago woman was a beautiful idiot. He went J. B. Baugh, W. S Fly, S. H. Watson, J. T. Waters, and J. H. Williams, stewards. .G G. Smith , Sunday school superintendent, and W. F. Dan' iels, assistant. Frank M. Bari bour, Harry Johnson, John T. jwaltes, E. J. Young, Fred P. • Watson, and Robert F. Pace, ushers. Anna Pace, organist. The December issues of Mor- DRIVE CAREFULLY suggestions. Some columns contained news items interspersed with suggestions for Christmas giving. One on to say that the San Francisco woman was most admi- read "Those fur and seal caps I red but the Chicago woman are beauties at G.F.M. Ward's- I most imitated. We also have neckwear in a "Is Kissing a Sin?" was a box" Another, "Ladies, do not, question discussed in two or fail to see the new line of cor-! three issues. Letters on the subsets at Mrs. Rice's; all the pop- 1 Ject were written by both gen- ular manufacturers." Fred Wat- j tlemen and ladies. One writer son suggested an organ, piano, i said kissing was all right if or a sewing machine. Emmerson Crackel & Co., said, "Buy the wife a nice suit for Christmas. Hitchcock, the photographer, said, "Give a photograph." Prices Lower The Christmas shopper got off cheaper in those days. For that Christmas exchange you might buy at R. E. Ryans in the Evans and Allen Block, S. W. Corner of the square, a fine cambric hemstitched handkershief for five cents. Or if Junior or his papa needed a new overcoat, you could get one at D. H. Wise and Bros., for $2 or if you wanted to spurge, a worsted one for $10. The only drawback was that salaries were lower back in *88. In that year the state average for school teachers was $52 per month for males and $43 for females. The lowest was $12.50 for males and $10 for females. .Those were the "good old days" yet there fas some sin and silliness even then. It became a fad for ladies to wear mens hats, collars, and waistcoats. They even wore suspenders, 'though how they wore them r was a secret unknown to the men. One male columnist said that in a couple had gone together for a long time, but that he considered it as having about the same status as an engagement. Another echoed this opinion when he said that if anything disgusts a man, it is a woman who allows herself to be kissed when she has been acquainted but a short time. Whiskers Add Thrill Another authority, not so high minded as the others, thought his red whiskers gave an extra thrill to the girl who was kissed and could hardly be resisted by the fair sex. The series ended with a whole column of learned dissertation on the history of kissing and the different types who indulged in it. One could not say that the old Mt. Vernon Register was not educational. Most of the churches had Christmas programs, and there were a number of social events during the holiday season. Typical of the parties was a very gay soap bubble party given by Mrs. Van Wilbanks at her home on Union Street. The guests competed with each other in blowing soap bubbles, and the lady and gentleman blowing the largest ones got a prize. SIX-STORY JOHN B. ROGERS building now occupies this site which looked like this in 1888. This party was attended by many of the social eleite of Mt. Vernon. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Casey, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Peavler, Mrs. A. C. Tanner, Mrs. Sarah Tanner, Misses Gussie Pace, Mattie Ham, Anna Goodrich, Kate Harmon, Jessie Pace, Blanche Tanner, Neal Tanner, Julia Burto, Ada Herdman, Inez Herdman, Cora Green, May Hill, Birdie Hudspeth, Millie Taylor. Messrs. Frank Way, Stanley Crawford, Dr. Earl Green, Lou Pavey, Gene Pavey, Will McDowell, Dr. B. B. Tatman, George Howard, Fred Watson, Harry Watson, and All heeler. Judge Albert Robbed Mt. Vernon was not entirely without crime. During the Christmas season some burglar, perhaps lacking funds to buy gifts for his wife and little ones, This list of officers of the church included many prominent men of Mt. Vernon. It is as follows: William Wallis, presiding elder; J. B. Thompson, pastor : J. Borland, superannuate; Lewis Johnson, S. T. t. Strattan, John Ellis, and Wm. A. Browder, local elders; W. F. Daniel and Sameul Laird, local preachers. James E. Ferguson, and J. B. Croivder, exhorters; Silas Downer and W. F. Ferguson, class leaders; S. T. Strattan, J. E. Ferguson, .C W. Pavey, A. F. Tpjylor, C. D. Ham, R. L. Strat'/jn, R. W. Lyon, Jeremiah Taylor and J. H. Williams, trustees. S. H. Watson , J. B. Baugh, R. L. Strattan , Graham G. Smith. A. F. Taylor, building committee; R. W. Lyon, A. F. Taylor, G. G. Smith, J. —L. Cro , der, R. L. Strattan, Silas Dow- entered the home of Judge Al- i ner c D Ham c w _ p avev To everyone, we with a very joyous Holiday that wilt long be treasured for its many happy memories. JACK MCDONALD SALES AND SERVICE Benton Rd. Ph. 242-6250 To all our friends Blessed Christmas... HAZEL'S COIN LAUNDROMAT AND 33rd and West Broadway DRY CLEANING Phone 342-9787 — AND — i Uptown Laundromat f 224 North 11th Street Phone 242-3380 bert Watson, Esq., in the wee hours of the morning and carried his clothing into the yard whee he pilfered them taking a fine watch and other valuables. Judge Albert offered a $50 reward for the return of his watch and $50 for the capture of the thief. The economy of the county had not recovered from the effects of the cyclone, and the supervisors got up a petition to the state asking for assistance in rebuilding the courthouse which, had been destroyed. It stated that the county was $100,000 in debt. The courthouse had been built in 1872 at a cost of $40,000. Those getting up the petition were J. V. Bruce, William R. Piper, and F. P. Chmap. One of the news items in a December Issue related that the Mt. Vernon Bar Association honored Uncle Johnny Bogan and presented him with a cane. He ; had retired as circuit clerk of i the county after a service of i 34 years. Before he became circuit clerk, he had edited and published "The Jeffersonian" the first newspaper in the county. His son John Frank later was city editor of the Register- and the Register - News. Methodist Church Dedicated Another important event which took place, December 23, 1888 was the dedication of the new building of the First Methodist Church, which replaced the old building destroyed by tl.e cyclone. About 900 people were present for the dedication which began at 8 a.m. with a genuine old| fashioned love feast led by the Reverends J. B. Thompson, J. Borland ,and J. W. Baugh. This lasted until 9:30 a.m. when Bishop Bowman, "senior Methodist bishop of the world," .preached the dedicatory sermon, WORLD ALMANAC FACTS Quick Quiz Q—What was the real name o fMata Hari, the famous spy of World War I? A—Gertrude Margarete Zelle. The Dutch-born spy, an agent for the German government, adopted the name of "Mata Hari," meaning "Eye of the Morning," in Java some years before the war. Q—Does a tree benefit in any special way by its fall colors? A—No. Fall colors are considered to be an incidental chemical reaction of no importance in the life of a tree. Q—How much weight is rep­ resented by the English term "stone"? A—The only legal English stone is 14 pounds. . Q—What is the origin of the stone worshiped by Mohamme­ dans at Mecca? A—The sacred black stone is claimed to have fallen from heaven and is almost certainly a meteorite. RING FINGER A wedding ring is generally worn on the third finger of the left hand because of an old belief. People supposed that a vein runs directly from this finger to the heart, thus heart and hand are offered together. Although the belief is not. true, the custom continues. Our jolly good wishes go out to all our friends and neighbors for this season of 5 geed will and cheer! \\ i \ SINGER \ SEWING CENTER $ 126 North 9th Mt. Vernon, Illinois Thomas Jefferson's achievements and interests, seemingly unlimited, have long been objects of marvel, The World Almanac notes. President John F. Kennedy wittily expressed admiration for the virtuosity and versatility of the third president when he remarked at a White House gathering of artists and authors that this was the greatest concentration of talent'at the White House since Jefferson dined alone. Copyright © 1968, Netfepapor KnterpriHc Assn, A Greeting Seems Much Warmer ... A Wish More Sincere— Good Friends Still Dearer When The Joyous Yule Is Here—So To All A MERRY CHRISTMAS! THE EMPLOYEES AND MANAGEMENT — Of — Mammoth

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