Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1912
Page 7
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FOOtMiX CAPTAIN W^^ BE LAME FOR LIFEfSAY| FELIX TO FINK; • • * DB. C. 3L ROSS • •> DeaUst • • * Extraction wifliout pain by tb» • <• use I of Nitrous .Oxide Ua» •> Bwiat No. I Northrnp BMf. • « Pbunea—Office 553; ilea. 852 • * • WANTS-ALL KINDS WLVXTED—POSITION BY COMPE- tent stenographer of seven years' experience. Address E. N., G14 S. Walnut St., lola. Kan. WANTS—ALL KINDS , WANTED—MAX AND WOMAN FOK general work at Pennsylvania Hotel. FOR SM.E-FOR SALE FOR SALE-FOR SALE i FOR KENT-|^^ FORM LOANS WANTED—I AM prepared to take care of Farm Loans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywliere. Privilege to pay any amount at any interest paying time. See me and get terms and rate, before placing your loan. K. L. Thompson. Over Kvan.s Drug Store. - 1 •WANTED—YOUNG OK MIDDLE AO ed lady for companion and housekeeper. Best of references will be required. Address or call .'JIO East St. WANTED—MAN TO WORK ON MY , farm. Dr. W. S. Hendricks. I FOR SALE-HOUSE FURNISH-; „„„ SAI F-^1\TER APPLES 2r,c FOR "K>>T-fNlCELY FURNISHED ings. rugs, linoleums, trunks. BUH Tobias; room for gentleman. 402 h. Mad.son .cases and combination heaters^ """"Kramer. :? miles north. 2 west Sloran , .,. „^,,«^I nell. 9 N. Jefferson: Phone 1230. ' WANTED — CHAMBERMAID AND dining room girl. Pennsylvania Hotel. . FOR SALE—HOUSE ANl) LOT IN ' I^Harpe. 3 room house, ••atii front, i two i»oarcheS, cistern, etc. Plione 'J9S- i 22, loia. i WANTED .\T lOLA—PIPE LINE teams. S4.tH) to $.n.00 a day. C. C. Luc- cook. Phone 194. WANTED—GOOD LATHERS. IN- <iuire Frank M. Kelly, 410 W. Jackson. Phone S5lj. STOVE WOOD FOR SALE $2 2:. a cord delivered. Phone ;»!»7-22. J. H. KrlKcheumever or R D. IJorvillo. Phone 474-J. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the finest fruit and farming section in Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia, Florida. P. O. Box 20. WA.NTI-:D-ME\ TO LEARN BAR- her trade No limit to term; Tools • given. Woges while learning. You can join u.« with u.^isurance you. will succeed. We haxe rctelved \u-aise from thousandi) for our lie««>(lclal course. Investigate now. Molar Barber College, KansaH (^ity. Mo. WANTKD-I..AnORKI«S FOR TOU-V dry work; wages $I,Tr> to $3,00 a dny; steady wuployment. V. S Radiator forporntton, Paola, Kna. RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE—JN renewing your insurance, place some of it with me. 1 will see that your in- 1 terefets are safely guarded, by wrlt- IKI) -tJiKI. KC'lt IIOUSK : '"^ * """St class company. |{e- .Mrs. G. V. Glynn 219 .\" Col-i need .the business and will appreciate your patronage. R. L. Thompison. Phone 142, Over Evans Drug Store. WANTFID-GIRL FOR work, bom. FOR SALE—TEAM. WAGON AND harness. Frank Boyer. 4 luiles south of Lallarpe, Kas. FOR SALE—GOOl) SOUND Assorted, hand picked winter apples at tlie orcliard. Harry B«>cken, Moran, I..:iirnrp<i Plione 7C4. • I FOR SALE—200 HOMKR AND CAR- FOR SALE-UNREDKEMliD SUIT j ueaux plKwous. l-'ine tluiroughbieds case.-!. You cant tell theut fijom new. lluarters crowded. BarKains If taken at once Miss tlrace Acers, I'lueonry. 24 Acers Park. lola I-'roiu $1 00 up. All kinds of I audbuK.-J :i!id trunks. BIKUS I'awn Shop,In frtill : I s .vi .lC-MY llOMK bM'KNl- FOR SALE AT ONCE—TWtl HOI'S- 1 ture, yiuiug cow and while Wyiittdotic OS In loin elth«M> with or without lots, chickens Will sacrltlie for nulck sale Phone 901-2. (N>ra II tUitxiior, 'M''^ So WushlUKl"U - SKCOND HAND IMMfSEHOLIt gocids for i-ale cheap at ."lOl S. Walnut. l-'tfR SALE—ONK ••l)LD.S' GAS EN- KiUf. DHo HUUf. I()la. FOR SALE CIIKAl* ALL KINDS of sliotguns, ri'volver.'! .•iiitl rifle.*--, trunks, handbags and wat<-lies. Above, urticb'u liu\e l*i;eii jiawin-d aiul are un- redeeured, therefore 1 can sell them cheap. Bigus Pawn Shop, in fruit Ftoro. Phono 293. FOR RKNT—F01:R ROOM HOUSE, furnished or, unfurnished. Inquire 12:; K. Che.-tniit Phouc 009. ' FOR RENT—FOUR ROOM MOD- ern house: paved street. See M. L : Decker. 211 \. .Sycamore. |.'(»R ItK.NT KUKNISIIED RES- taiiraiit aud room-; 215 South street I'lioiie l-SHK FOR RENT (lit SAi>E—FURNISII- ed restaurant and rooms; 218 South Street. Phone 1220. KOU SALE OK fai'iu. Phone fil'i.i. TH.-\I>E—GOOD FOli Rr .NT— FrKNISllEI» ROOMS i;'>t .N. Jeffersim. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-GOLD BAR IMN to Register office " ' ?'0R RISNT-12 ROO.M HOUSE Ulose In. suitable for rooming, or ''I boarding. Whltaker.& Donnell. HILLIOXS FOR THE ORIENt. En^Ii.«h Capital will Tomplete the Wfsteni Knad. MONEY TO LOANI 4 Will lend ton boiuebold loodl, 4 pianos, organ*, Bewiitg ma- if rblnes, dianondsjBnd Jewelry. ^ J. W. CO>'F£T • Office^ Ko; 110 >S«rth Stiwt • Kansas Citr. Mo.. Oct. 20—Money to complete the Kansas City. Mi-xicn .t Orient railway will be furnished b> an English syndicate headed by Foster & Braithwnile, London's largest brokerage Arm, wbo have built rail-, ways in all parts of the Globe Tli- ' sum furnished will be JlS.uoo.uuu or luoro if nwossary. It is e.Tpected that the railway will be out of tlie hands of receivers and under the control of' tho stockholders before Cljiristmas. When it is recognized. A. E. Stillwell.' of Kansas City, the promoter aud first president of tlie company, will not be its president. All this was announc ;fd ; liy Cecil Braitbwaite yesterday. :• I FHiixiP HEIGELS « • • > HABNESS A?iD SADDLEBX « > Genera] Uepairing « • • •> 110^ South SUeet—lolm. SMB. • • '• > F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. • •> SpecialUes: • > biseaseB of the Cbest • > Diseases of Children • •> Pboaes—Office 147; Bes. 147 • '> tola Stata Bank Bldg: • • - •. RETURN. not act on prejudice. LOST GOLD BAND KING wliei-e in the uiirtSi part of town, near llu. key.- street Ketum to Register ' I'OK ofti. e. Keward R. Walls. ; FOR KENT-KOOMS FOR IIOCSE Keepinir. Also sleeping n >om8 for St)ME , iiau-ieuls 212 W. -Madi.-^on^ i;^NTTv^X~mK ^l'Tl«)l 'KKN f'^"^ SU2 East St Plu >Ue ;!i;9. T.O.CANATSEY Expert Fianb Toning and Rei^airingr. With Roberts Uualc Ca FH05S 4fi Tiie opening article in the .niKient issue of the Saturday Evencing pest i;^ by W. H. Taft aiid entitled "The Su-; .^..^ .^..^ .j. « ^ ^ « • preme Issue.' It is well worth reading ,^ * ' * liv every person who desires to bear an intelligent part in government and , ^ !•> I 4 .Re>t illni made -i'ullie'.x Weelilj- collage LOST LAST WEDNESDAY: GOLD pin, lleurdells pailern, between Calh- olii- and I'vesbyterlan churches lle- waid. MIS II K lloUouih. 221 .lenersoU .\ve ^ ^ A HcKlster Wuul Ad. Will t!et II, I 'ura of TluinitH. Mr and Mrs. A, C. Cutler desire to iluiiik the filejuls and neighbors lor ihtir many expres. Ions of sympatliy during the lUni 'Ks anil demh of their nephew, I'aul lliiichl»Min. t First Published Ocl< M. 1912 ) UE(aSTK.n'IU> NOTICE. Office of the City Clerk October Mth, 1912 Notice If) hereby given that heBlit- nlnx October If.ih, 1912. this'office I will he kept tipeli durInK the noon I hour and until lo irelock at night for ! the reglstiatlon of voter*; unti at 10 LJUIMPE NEWS FOR TODHY AH HKKX>A\ KXPKCTKO HOME TOMGIIT KIIOM THE EAST Nntiian KrIrlinm III til ilarlies^ille— llumbnldt Won Foot ilnli Hume 4U to 0. • We do all kinds of Watch and Clock Itepulf Work. We also have a couiplete Hue of Wutrlies and CliM'k<t to select from. Coiue lu atui let us show yt)U. <. l^Harpe. Oct. 21—Ad Brcnnan of I Philadelphia arrived In Kansas City ' yesterday for a short visit and will • come on to his home here this even- ' ing. His mother, who is also visiting there will accompany him. Ad, who is a member of the pitching staff on the Philadelphia National League team will come home this year with a better record than ever before, even though he was deprived of active work during the latter part of the i(eason on account of a s-evere attack of diphtheria. Ad's home coming this year is watched with unusual interest, as it is probably, that a game will be arranged between lola aiid Humboldt in which he and Walter Johnson of the Washington club will be the o|)po!asg pitchers. >Catb Ketchum. formerly of here is lying at the point of death in a hospital in Bartlesville. Mr. Ketchum recently underwent an operation and has beeji gradually growing worse. Mrs. S. E. McGinning. sister-in-law of Mr. Ketchum went down Saturday. —Just received a shipiiient of Mun- sing Union Suits for men. women adn children. Cciue while the sizes are complete. C. W. Friedley. The LaHarpe high school foot ball boys were "sorely" defeated Friday at the hands of the Humboldt boys by a score of 43 to 0. Those who attended state that our boys fought to the last minute but the weight of their op|>on- ents was too much for them. Five of LaHarpe's men were badly hurt but WATERS & DANKOHTII ItrugM und Jewelry • • • • « • • • •> • • • • • •:• <• • • • •> •:• •:• •> <• • •:• •:• • •:• * •:• FELT JfATTRESSES The I.ayer Felt Mattress is the best sold any.where. We have them for $6.7.'. cash. Heavy coil bed springs guaranteed for twenty-five years at $2.7.x LAHARPE FCK-MTIRE STORE H. R. .Vnrtin, Prop. Ille-* Saturday and Sunday .1 ,1 Bishop of Cobuty aiid MUv N"'!lie Moiling of Geneva wer guestx al the Jo'in lta<-ou home Saturday. THE DAY'S DOINGS AT GAS Gin (II** .M>:lll IWIt'UU lUHIIi* rMIMIMHI^*. *^ .1 W lltdt left SHturday ulKhl with j ,^^.,,,,Hj,„„y ^^,Y:»l>l >ti OF 1^-% his household goods for his raneb I'M TKIM vi TO FRIFMIS. * llodouion county. The family will I lhKl.>l I" i-Kir-.^i.. I 1 ino regisiraiuin oi voiei*; «H>i u\ 1" I il. * .!• * * »:* *:» «• •I^ 'l* * 'S' * * i '•'eb.ek Frblny iilKhl. October SMh. 1,.'^ * ilie i-nuliilratbm booUit Will he A4T C T I O >• E E R ! A. D. Collins General Farm Sale.s; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guar- nnteed. Address, Curlyle, Kaa. • • • • • • • •» * • • • • • • * • AI'NT .IK.MIMVS PANCAKE FI.OIK iSelt RislMK) IVr I'kg- H» »n<l '-'•«• . ,the reulntrallon, booUit will he climed * for Uie general election to be held .Sovcmher r.lh. 1912. T. F. 7.1 EGLER. City Clerk. K. Taylor at Paso Holites. ('iiilf„t-> und Keelhig Retter.—Curiyle is * mplujiiiM: »M at Plant. * CVIIL i lil'NTEK Gas. KanR. lollow with In a few weeks Miss Edna Uln-hnotigh of vis- i Ited liere Saturday. i i;. Tlie property aud housctiold goo<ls i belonging to the late .Mrs. l^owe were I appral.'ed Saturday. I Mrs .Mary Beams left Saturdav to j -r Join her husband in St. 1A.U1S and! titTV nrT -i T it Kneuu * make thetr home CITY, OCT. 21—J B. Kuepp. • Mr. and Mr" Sam Hardesty have|« prosperous farmer north ^ —^ gone to Eureka for a two weeks' visit. I'""1 Maude Berry, 'huighler of , ^..^ij „„r „j.r,.„,s in St » •It! •S! ; Fort.Si-oit Trlbuite: Tho Sonthweti- tern i'aint and Wall Paper Coniimny, a corporation of Coffeyvllle, wn» forced Into Involnntnry bankniptey lii Iho. federal court here yenterday evenlnit hy rredltor*. A number of enidltora Joined In niinir null a«rulnst the tym­ pany, and at their application Judgo (?. K. Cory nnmetl Dnllaa W. Knnpp, aw attorney of Coffoyvtlle, UH tetuporary receiver. — - , . 1.- -Mr. aud Mrs. B. F. ISerry were nuiteii Mrs. W A. Hicks has gone to rf-ij^ ,n-,rricKe the first of the tnouth. donit to visit her daughter. ' Ed Wert is up from Parsons for a r, - ^, , '"jir and Mrs. C. E. Russell, of lola. This department bus b«'en unable to , j;uests of .Mr. and Mrs. I-. O. • inis ueparimeui fias in-^zn ui>.>u.< eiiests or .Mr. aiiu Ed Wert is up fV'"« ••'.rf f'"- "Ileum the exact date as the l-rties short visit wit.i his famil>^ leouccrncd absolutely refuse to tell, j. , ^ H„,„er and daughter. Mrs. William Newman aud Mrs. W II- , , j^^,^^.,^. ,„.,rri,id couple have a liost '' , . (^...V,,..,, cirv are visilii.-; Mr. liaa. Sellma. returned Satut-day after ; .^i,,. vicinity. ... y ; .„• ., •. .k an enJo>able visit with their "'"'"''r ^^bo wish tiieni unbounded success;'-;. ,.. , •:.-,• .:,y il;:- ai X'-nia. i and iiappines;;. They will make tb'.ir; ^ f, , ,„ .s- > •'••.I'.ni'. ME.SSAGE TO WORiH^nviLHEX. ' who wisli tiieni unbouiided success •and iiappines;!. They will make tb'ir ihouie on Mr. Knepp's farm one aail iOiovi '.alf miles north of lovyn. —; . , i Mr. and Mrs. W. A Vaughn and -Mr. All women work; some in homes : .^^^^ ^, Arbuckle relumed last some in church, the whirl <>f: „i„ht from a few days' business viiiii !soiietv. and in .stores, offices and ; .... Ml stores, oiiices ami • •:• •> • • • • • • <• • • •> • • • •> shop.=. tens of thousands are on the | at (ollmsville. 'never ce-asing treadmill, eariiinc their' -^''"s ( I-»U<1P "ughes of Pi- ilailv bread ." ' j <iua, are visitjnjr relatives h.-re. Mr. " ' , 1- ^ . •; Hughes has "resigned liis posiiiuii as •All women, how-ever. are subject to 1 „j j,.,„^^ .station and as .ve, tiie ^.nme ph>sical laws, and suffer i jg „„j^ia,,,j ^s\o what he will do. alike from the same physical disturb- K. T:.yIor, often called the Fath- i.ncps and weaknesses, peculiar to - th.^ir sex. Every w-omau. no matter what lier station in life, should rc- ; meiuher that Lydia E. Pinkham's Veir- etable Comi>ound Is Hie great remeily to I^Harpe Friday. Mrs. Tessie Pettit of the San Luis Valley accompanied them home for an extended visit. Mr. and .Mrs. T. E. Harbisen, after an extended visit al Drexel, stopped olT here Saturday and visited Mr. and Mrs. S. .M. Martin, enroute to their home in Leanna. loJ;v'^""?'lif,.!lt''r'^-!''^ r «:aoP "fe .uaTe'iTlZ ""ln"which she should ))acket today preparatory to leaving ,,,,,„„ ],.. lor Mena. Arkansas. The family will t "erjtrust^ The week"" ^''^""^ ' ^^^^^ -MONTHS What A Fine Ulik Cow is AVortli to Her Owner. Manhattan, Kas., Oct. 19—This is a er of Gas City, who has been in poor health for a numbor of yars is now in Paso Rabies Hot Springs, Calif. In a le'ter last week he siat<d that he was well satisfied and feeling better than for some time. A. W. Edwa/ds of LaHarpe. was in town Saturday on Township imslu.'ss Cbarlie Adams came down from Car lyie Saturaa.* night for a short v!s.i Willi his family and states that th.' cement pl,->tit at Carlyle now employs about 200 'men. M'- G. W. I'avton was reported not all returned to the gam Harrell. who received on the head as a result bf being kicked. Humboldt will be return game Xovember —Ask for Mnrr's Pu W. S. Ford's. except Oltis bad wound her« for the Sth. irity Bread at A number, from here attended tlie party given by Miss Roue Dajton south of town Saturday niglit. Mr. and Mr.'. S. A. Pettit, after spend Ibg the summer in Colorado returned —For (JIasse.s. see, I. H. Frantz. the at .Atteherrys Restaurant Tuesday, October lath. Clyde Taylor of Sheldon, Mo., came in Saturday to assist in the Wilson & Shaul barber shop during Mr. Wilson's illne.'.'!. Sam Oard of lola was a busiiiess visitor In our toivn Saturday. Dettlow Peterson is now in Bart- tesvllle attending high school. Tliis ; ,„„nuis. ,,<•. .„ „ is his senior year. , 17.r.i;t; piuuds of milk, irr S,-:.:!2.quarts. . (...ya H«..rsii.'idrCa"l.. but is spend- Sam < ane„ w-l:o attends school atWhii-.'i .sold in .Manhattan for eight (jnc •» month visl'ing in this part of Huml>oldt spent Saturday and Sunday ' r.vms a ounrt. It would have made j i^^n^,,, with friends and relatives here. j -»<; pounds of biiCer. The ladles of the .Methodist cliurch , This cow was not fejl anything thai short storv of a cow. .Maid Henry Is ! go "well yesterday, k thirteen-vear-old Holsteln owned by j. M. \villiam^. who a number ot the Kansas' Agricultural College. And. rears ago couduc?-.-(i a viocry store lu TO jump richt into the interesting fig- ihe building now occuimd by the ures slie hn.s maiie a net proli or.| .shunt'on h.irdware eanie ov.r from I. i -. V'l. • ! Ft to eii.i.>y a .-'sr 'ri:< : f i.::.. ; V,"' i '•:<• :• prv.-'if" meeliuj; will Ue called in the hose house. .Messrs Will and Irvin 1-ong. of lola ami their families visited yesterday wiib Mr. and Mrs. S. I^ng of Travis Addition. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. ILirbison who visited Jin UiHarpt- last wetk weni through; here Saturday eisroute to Leanna. J. L. KaufTman. wlio has bPen ill for some time was able to be out riding Saturday. Miss Svlvia Abbott of loia. spent ; Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. B. Abbott. Mrs. P. S. McKelvey shows slight improvement. | Ijiwreuor Gazette: The Kan.--as City , Star maki's a covert threat to "do" Arthur Caliper if he doesn't dance to its music. That, however. Is not-'ring new. TJut usually when a inan'i rqfuses to dance when the Star plays) • it kills him off without warning. '--^ NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 409 North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots jriC .'.G for h <M' owners in the last ten months. Her outinit in that time was Bronson Saturday Hud visited with old i friends. Mr. Williams is now in busi- 3? Jiist arrived, our new stock * CASWES of 3? a- the Kansas cow- could not have. Mr. aud Mr.-<. Joim Abbott, of T.iv- lor. Neb., !ind Mr. and Mrs. A.-C. Ab- She ! bott and son of Adams, Neb., si».!nt the week end with .Mr. and Mrs. B. Abbott of West First street. They left In bulk and In boxes Kire t»eni a trial F. A. COOKSET Presrri;,>tlon Dmg^t. 33- 3- 3 T 3; 5 give a chicken pie snpp.-r next Friday , , evening at some building on Main j ate this every day: Com chop, bran. .street. loll men), a few ground OBti>, alfalfa Mrs. Moules went to LaHarpe. yes- hay, and com and cane silaee. The (last night for/Manhattan for a' visit terday, to visit her daughter. Mrs. H. average coot of her feed was about before returning home. P- Doty- |'?rty cents a day. That makes $120 j 'jirs. L. E. Lannigan and daughter . Misses Josie and Laura McConnack i for 'the ten months. The total value returned to lola Saturdav after a two and brother, E. X. McCormack. went; of her milk, at eight cents a quart, was | to the Maxon home near I.aHarpe.; StJSjr .C. A student, who buys her milk Tues<lay evening to attend a wedding > from the college, is making his way reception in honor of Mr. and rMs.; through college selling it and other Ralph Mason who are Just married.- ,nilt to cn.stoniera tn Manhattan. c. c. MCCARTY &SON Phone S16 SOI Sonth St. ea«a *$?.'TS3-®3-3?«*S3-3- Moran Herald. Miss Marie Kennedy gave the children of her room an outing to Gardner's Grove Saturday. Efra Green of near Yates Center visited tiie Limes and Stanbury fam- Another student who Is operating a two-cow diary In connection with a bodrding. honse .Is earning his way and making a lltttle money beside The boarding house keens him and his cows and pays him JL23 a week. CHICHESTER S PILLS rtlhta Bed —d V »U. iiaUicWj tmul. Mkd wttk tUma KlUiuk \/ Tabs M Mhtw. HMX »f T—.' DlXBONn i:».\M>.l'ILL)i,<^» , yM<sLu>B>tI»3t.Sliai.A>4a>lKclI>LI* SOLSEYDStlOGISTSB 'mwer Carriage and Automobile Painting. Put on Rubber Tires and do all kinds of repair work. LECTURE on Christian Science by , W. D. McCracken, M. A.! C. S. B. of New York City Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother. Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bostciri ' Grand Theatre, 3 O'clock, Sunday Afternpon , THE ^ORTHRUP lOLA, KA5^ . OVEB FORTY TEABS OF CO >'SEKTAm£ BANKINe IS VtLL Depositorr for'the United States, State of-Kansas, and Allea C«aatr' 7 OKFICEBS: E. J. MILLER, President L. L. NORTHKDP, VIce-PresL MELVIN FRONK. Cashier P. A. NORTHRUP. Yice -Prest. R. J. COFE^Y Asst. Cashier D. P. NORTHRUP. Vice -Prest. CAPITAL $5ff ,000.00 ' SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOUR BUSINESS SOUaTED IntercM Paid on Time I>epAsIto : Siifetr Deptelt Boxes for Beirf .!,^! V...-:

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