The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 16, 1998 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1998
Page 44
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f'f •( > i e-'f'»-j ' I if t itt'l * > t , •JOURI Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for May 11-15 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate • ALL MY CHILDREN: Keith was upset that Belinda convinced the judge to throw out Brooke's confession that she killed Jim because she had not been marandized by the police. After realizing Mike really was in (rouble, Erica was able to rescue him from debris he was trapped under in a warehouse. Erica later resisted Mike's effort to get her Into bed. Mike got angry when Erica tried to question him about his nightmares. Erica and Mike kissed after discussing their past. The Pine Valley hospital board decided to press criminal charges against Allle after Stamford revoked her medical degree and license. Jack ordered tests run on the body found in Joy's grave. Mateo told Edmund that he keeps having a vision in which he finds Hayley lying dead on the floor. Camilla was angry that Jack quizzed her about the sabotaged elevator. Brooke Insisted' on having a bridal shower for Janet after Trevor told her of his plot to get Janet back. • ANOTHER WORLD: Upset at seeing "Vicky* walking along the road with Grant, Donna raced her car toward them and ran therrj down. Donna blacked out briefly after realizing what she had done. At the hospital, Donna was stunned to learn she struck down Mariey instead of Vicky. The police took Lila for questioning after Donna accused her of hitting Mariey and Grant, and a witness saw Lila's car at the scene. Cindy, who had lied to Grant that he wasn't Kirkland's father, learned Klrkland is the only one who can give blood for the transfusion Grant needs. There was an explosion at the hospital as Vicky confronted Donna about trying to cause a rift between Vicky and Mariey. Jake told Mariey that he loves Vicky. Carl was shot when he flung himself between Rachel and the bullet fired by a man who stole Cameron's gun. Amanda learned Carl was shot with Cameron's gun. While kissing Matt, Sofia realized it's over between her and Nick. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Hal told Eddie that Adam is his son, and that Margo and Tom were hesitant about taking Eddie in. Eddie agreed to move into Margo's home just as she was about to rescind the offer. Worried Eddie could be dangerous, Tom was upset to find Eddie in his home. Hal insisted on taking Carty to Chicago to see a heart specialist. Hal and Carty . ran into Jack, who was being released from the Chicago hospital. Jack covered how upset he was when Hal announced Carty Is pregnant. Lucinda blamed David when Holden rushed to Lily's rescue after someone locked her in the WOAK studio. Later, Lucinda hired a man to give David and Molly a terrifying ride in a runaway limo. Julia hid while Jack, who is really helping her, offered to "help* the prince find Julia. Andy and Nikki spent a platonic night together in Chicago even though both wanted more. Lisa was pleased to run into Ralph Mitchell, who made a pass at her. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke blamed herself when Bridget ran away from home after Ridge told the girt he was going to live with Taylor and Thomas. Bridget later huddled in the doorway of a store in a dangerous section of town. After seeing Ridge embrace a distraught Brooke, Stephanie fumed that Brooke is manipulating Ridge. Taylor was upset her first night with Ridge as a family was a bust because he went to comfort Brooke over Bridget. James was stunned his clinic partner, Caries, said the board wants James to resign because he married a patient - Sheila. Maggie wrote James that she was leaving town. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: In New Orleans, Hope tailed a man, Wayne, into the bayou after she realized he recognized her then denied knowing her. In the bayou, a young woman threw ' a rock at Hope and knocked her out. Hope was surprised to see Bo, and agreed he could help her check out her past. Wayne and a pal, Earl, vowed to protect the mystery swamp woman even if It means eliminating Hope and Bo. Roman took Billie to New Orleans when he was summoned to meet ISA bureau chief Crispin, who wants Roman to work on a black market case he and Billie had worked on in Paris. Tests showed Billie's baby is normal. Stefano is worried that Vivian will get into the townhouse basement, where Stefano has been living. Mariana told John that she wants to help him find out about his past. Franco was relieved Sami didn't hear him tell Roberto about his plot to avoid deportation by marrying Sami. Nicole was thrilled Sami gave her a Miami modeling job. • GENERAL HOSPITAL: The Quartermaine clan went to Tony demanding he return Michael after they discovered the baby was "missing." Tony kept Monica and the others from seeing his patient at the drug clinic was Alan, who had overdosed on pills. Alan later promised Tony he would get help. Emily brought Michael home after telling Monica that she took the baby because Alan had been acting strange around the child. Jax and Jerry rescued Brenda and Jason. Jason took Michael from the Quartermaines. To get Michael back, Edward told authorities that Carty, who is out of the hospital, might harm him. Sonny's sudden arrival put an end to Robin and Jason's planned romantic reunion. Luke and Alexis plotted to kill Helena during the costume engagement ball for Katharine and Stefan. Luke found the portrait Stefan had painted of Laura. Brenda is sure she can win Jax back. Mac and Felicia plan to call off their engagement. • GUIDING LIGHT: Reva was stunned to come face to face with the clone Reva. The clone Reva knocked Reva out and then locked her the lighthouse so Josh wouldn't see her. Reva thinks the clone Reva is in cahoots with Annie. While the clone told Reva that Josh is convinced she is dead, Josh was desperate to find out how Reva's wedding ring got in the house since Reva would have been wearing it when her plane crashed. Rick told Abby that she was free to leave prison, then was surprised that she wanted to stay inside until she and Selena can get the goods on the guard who harassed them. Hart got drunk and went to Dinah after Cassie lied that she doesn't love him. Hart passed out, but Dinah lied they had made love. Hoping to keep Hart by getting pregnant, Dinah made love with Rob, then told him to leave town. Beth and Ben got very close after she told him who really killed Cart. Hartey and Phillip think Beth saw Lillian's hired gun kill Cart. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Mel warned Dorian that David will not go for her plan to care for him because he won't want her pity. David begged Dorian not to tell Cassie about him, but Cassie and David later met, then shared an emotional reunion. After arguing about their relationship, Mel demanded that Dorian many him - right away. Sam was surprised when his ex-wife, Lindsay, showed up on his doorstep. After his arrest, Bo nixed letting Drew tell the police that he took the baseball bat used to kill Georgia from Bo's car. Nora supported Bo, who was denied bail. To help Bo, Joey and Kelly decided to check into Georgie's murder on their own. Kevin told Cassie that he is going to write a story about Bo, and Georgie's death, despite Viki's objections. Max was angry to leam Blair is working for Todd, who continued to run negative stories on Bo. Tea is jealous that Todd spends so much time with Blair. Drew has a thing for Kelly. • PORT CHARLES: Eve discovered Grace, who had been murdered In the same way as a character based on her was murdered in Kevin's book, 'General Homicide." Chris was a suspect since his stethoscope was the murder weapon. Matt tell guilty that he broke things off with Grace Just before she was killed. Kevin is worried that Victor Is behind the murders. At Grace's wake, her father blamed her death on Kevin's book. Lucy found the number of an escort service in Eve's address book, which she had Julie steal from Eve. Lark nixed getting chummy with Jake in order to get the regeneration drug for Frank. Matt and Ellen said their final good-bye. • SUNSET BEACH: On the cruise ship, Olivia was stunned to realize the mystery man who kept her from jumping overboard was Armando (AJ) Deschanel. Olivia told AJ that he has a son, Cole. Gabi is helping Cole check out the prior assault charges Gregory filed against AJ. AJ announced to a stunned Cole that they are father and son. After Annie nixed sleeping with Gregory, she had a chat with Del's "ghost," who warned she will be disinherited and penniless unless she snares Gregory romantically. Later, Olivia walked In just as Annie and Gregory were about to make love. Bette found Eddie's body in his darkroom. Ben (Derek) was angry that Meg said she couldn't make love because she was upset about Sara's problems. Sara found a photo of twins Derek and Ben that fell from Ben's wallet. Meg thought Ben (Derek) was acting strange because it was the anniversary of Maria's death. Vanessa is secretly staying with Tyus. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor told Nikki that Victoria is dating Nell. After Victoria and Neil admitted they're falling in love with each other, Victoria learned that she's pregnant. Paul was stunned when Chris told him that Michael was the donor who gave a kidney to Danny. Michael insisted he had wanted to remain anonymous when Phyllis brought Danny to his room, revealing Danny had received a kidney from Michael. Chris told Michael that she can't ask the bar to reinstate his law license, but because he helped Danny she wouldn't oppose his being reinstated. Miguel told Veronica (Sarah) that he loves her and would like to marry her. Victor apologized for nixing Miguel's suggestion that he hire Veronica (Sarah) to replace Sarah as housekeeper at the ranch. Sharon told Nick that if they have a future together, Cassie has to be a part of it. Phillip told a stunned Tricia that Ryan promised him he won't marry her. DAYTIME May 18-22 LATE NIGHT 1:30 _ (1:35) Mouse Factory (Mon) (1:40) Follow Us... To Walt Disney World (Tue) (1:45) Mouseterplece Theatre (Wed- Thu) (1:40) Mickey and the Beanstalk E> W Movie (Mon) *x "Secret Games 3" (1:20)183364(1:45) (Tue) *K "Night of the Living Dead" (1:29) 5323240(1:45) (Jhu) * 14 "Warhead" (1:37)50554532 QD (1:36) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (1:38) Viper (Fri) QD Donald WhHaker (Mon) Jubilee (Tue) Myles Munroe (Wed) Mario Murillo (Thu) Highway to Heaven (Fri) (5) (1:37) News (27) (1:35) News TCM Movie (Mon) ** "Volcano" (2:00) 9631613 2:00 O News § Gayle King 9539161 Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Q (2:06) Dating Game ID (2:11) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) IB (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Thu) (2:12) More Than a Game (Fri) ID (2:10) NBC News Nlghtslde IB (2:05) Movie (Fri) * *» "Wise Guys" (2:05)40156410 B (2:10) Movie (Tue) ** The Last DaysofFrankietheFly" (1:35)32371285 BO Movie (Thu) **x "Joe's So Mean to Josephine" (1:30)1824025 B (2:25) Dennis Miller (Wed) (2:05) Movie (Fri) * * 14 Tost Highway" (2:15) 51783859 B Crossfire 362703 B9 Movie (Mon) ** "Wheel of Fortune" (1:30) 999987 (Wed) **** "You Can't Take It With You" (2:10) 21501470 (Thu) *** The Paradine Case" (2:00)737629 BD Movie (Fri) * 14 "Cold Sweat" (2:00) 366472 S Happy Days After Hours (Mon-Thu) SDrew Carey: Human Cartoon (Wed) Christopher Closeup (Mon) Faces on Faith (Tue) Lifestyle Magazine (Wed) Scriptures Alive! (Thu) Our Family (Fri) §0 Up Close (Mon-Tue, Thu) Racehorse Digest (Wed) Inside the PGA Tour(Fri) B Motoworld (Mon) NBA 2Nlght (Tue- B Boris Karloff Presents Thriller (Thu) Scl-FI Entertainment (Fri) ED Gentle Ben Bl (2:25) Movie (Mon) **K Three Wishes for Jamie* (1:35) 91250109 (Tue) * * "Liar's Moon" (2:00) 799865 m FOX Sports World (Mon, Wed-Fri) Musclesport USA (Tue) B Law & Order 9 Jazz Scene (Mon) Jazz Central S e-Thu) Jazz Discovery (Fri) Sin Tl 962451 Movie (Mon) *** The Parent Trap" (2:04) 4048971 (Tue) ** "Duck- Tales the Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp" (1:13) 7453204 (Wed) *** The Gnome-Mobile" (1:30) 482841 (Thu) *** The Sword and the Rose" (1:33) 4627700 (Fri) ** The Shaggy Dog" (1:36)4694472 60 (2:25) Movie (Fri) * ** 14 "Leaving Las Vegas" (1:52)92436149 QD Praise the Lord (5) (2:07) Martha Stewart Living (Mon- Thu) (2:07) Walker, Texas Ranger (Fri) (10) America's Store (Mon, Wed-Fri) TCM Movie (Wed) * * * The Stratton Story" (2:00)6977315 TMC (2:10) Movie (Tue) *X "Modem Problems' (1:35) 68253556 (Wed) *** The Falcon and the Snowman" (2:15) 75905518 WGN Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Mon) Adventures of Slnbad (Tue) Movie (Wed) ** The Couch Trip" (2:00) 521179 (Thu) * * * "Island of the Burning Doomed" (2:00) 694218 (Fri) * * "Godzilla vs. Mothra" (1:30)380033 2:30 B (2:35) NBC News Nightslde (Mon- Thu) Geraldo Rivera (Fri) 1458385 § Sally 306426 (2:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Thu) 8 Port Charles 1555345 (2:42) Almost Live) (Fri) (2:45)Sllver Maiden (Mon) (2:45) Movie (Wed) **K The Osterman Weekend" (1:45) 18905179 (Thu) **K "Eyewitness" (1:45) 58411803 (2:45) (:45) (Fri) ** x The Amsterdam Kill" (1:30)91601830 IB Movie (Tue) ** The Gate" (2:00) 531204 CHIPS (Wed) IB (2:40) Movie (Mon) *** The Movte rattans **** Outstanding * * * K Excellent * * Not bad *** Very good *x Fair **ss Good * Poor Silent Partner" (1:43) 87883364(2:45) (Wed) *** "Michael Collins" (2:12) 33314228 IB (2:45) Movie (Mon) * * K "School Daze" (2:00) 93633258 (2:45) (:45) (Tue) "A Call to Remember (2:00) 93520730 (Wed) *** "From the Terrace" (2:25) 64933353 ED (2:55) Movie (Wed) * * * 'Get on the Bus" (2:00) 51821063 B Sports Tonight Bl Movie (Fri) ** The Brave One" (2:00) 764491 0) I Love Lucy 08 A-Ust(Wed) QD Stanley Cup Playoffs (Mon-Tue, Thu) Auto Racing (Wed) Up Close (Fri) IB Stanley Cup Playoffs (Mon-Thu) College Volleyball (Fri) QD Movie (Thu) * * "Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor (1:30)178975 BD KungFufTue) EB Inside Space (Fri) ED Sklppy 61 Movie (Fri) ** "Johnny Rocco" (1:30) 643168 B (2:40) Movie (Wed) *x "Showgirl Murders" (1:22)84658315 OS (2:38) In Concert (Fri) (5) Gayle King (Mon-Thu) 1128567 '(10) America's Store (Tue) TCM Movie (Thu) *** The Big House" (1:30)7042071 TMC (2:45) Movie (Mon) * "Lap Dancing" (1:25) 89094432 (Fri) ** "Forbidden World" (1:20)7701491 3:00 O Community Bulletin Board (Mon) 8 Headline News (3:06) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) O (3:12) Fishing the West (Fri) ID Movie (Mon) **K "Falling in Love" (2:00) 2694161 Suspect (Tue) § (3:10) Laveme ft Shirley (Thu) (3:10) Movie (Thu) *** The Lords of Discipline" (1:43)54141445 fl[) (3:15) Movie (Fri) **K "Nervous Ticks" (1:45)93870743 Bl (3:10) Movie (Tue) * * •Boomerang" (1:58)3724730(3:20) (Thu) ** "Blackwater Trail" (1:37) 23090396 B CNN International 8B Movte (Tue) ***K "Days of Wine and Roses" (2:00)946846 Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) Mary Tyler Moore Boxing (Fri) Tales of Tomorrow (Fri) Jeffs Collie (3:05)Bugs (Thu) a Aussie Rules Highlights (Tue) Movie (Mon) * * * * The Inspector General" (2:00) 135451 (Tue) ***x "Scott of the Antarctic" (2:00) 593778 (Wed) The Place of the Dead* (2:00) 841421 (Thu) ** * K "Mine Own Executioner (2:00) 539174 (Fri) **K "Child Bride of Short Creek" (2:00) 997491 a Success N Life (Mon-Thu) BD Esmeralda 128180 OB (3:25) Men Against the Arctic (Mon) (3:15) At Home With Donald Duck (Tue) 60 Movie (Mon) ** "Shakes the Clown" (1:23)687884(3:15) (Tue) ** "Downdraft" (1:41) 13157407(3:25) (Thu) "End of Summer (1:35)27774483 QH (3:06) Movte (Fri) ** Three on a Date" (1:54)27949410 (5) (3:07) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Thu) (3:07) F/X: The Series (Fri) TCM Movte (Tue) **u The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" (2:00) 4750933 (Fri) * * * "Rich, Young and Pretty" (2:00) 4698149 TMC Movte (Thu) * * The Coca-Cola Kid" (1:35) 1441385 WGN Xena: Warrior Princess (Mon) St Jude's Children's Hospital (Tue) 3:15 ID Movie (Tue) * * * "Cooley High" (2:00) 23214662 3:30 B (3:35) NBC News Nlghtside (Fri) B Jenny Jones 301971 B Headline News B (3:42) KwlkWItz (Fri) IB (3:40) Corner Pyte, USMC (Mon, Thu) Coach (Wed) B (3:50) Movie (Tue) The Big Fall" (1:28) 91951136(3:40) (Fri) "Savage" (1:40)97716149 IB Movie (Thu) **ss "Wizards" (1:23) 86878342 B (3:40) Movte (Mon) "Phoenix" (1:47) 26638277 B Newsroom (Mon-Thu) Diplomatic License (Fri) B Movie (Mon) *** The Strong Man" (1:30)274600 B Duckman (Thu) Taxi Man From U.N.C.LE. (Mon) Kung Fu (Tue) Gllllgan's Island (Thu-Fri) EB Lights Out (Fri) ED Timmy and Lassie B (3:40) James Brothers of Missouri (Wed) B Wild Geese Calling (Wed) (3:40) Mouseterplece Theatre (Thu) (3:40) Donald and the Wheel (Fri) TCM Movte (Mon) **» "Grand Slam" (1:30)2765703 TMC (3:45) Once In a Blue Moon (Tue) (3:50) Movie (Fri) ** "Sunset Park" (1:40)23085641 4:00 B Headline News (Mon-Thu) Movte (Fri) *** "Night of the Living Dead" (2:00) 993588 B (4:1 5) Abbott and Coatello (Fri) IB (4:15)Notes (Thu) (4:15) Movie (Fri) * * x "Falling in Love" (1:47) 55646588 IB (4:10)lntersthlal Fill (Mon, Thu) Corner Pyte, USMC (Wed) (4:10) Laveme & Shirley (Fri) B (4:25) Animation, Anlme and Spawn: Cartoons Just Grew Up (Fri) ffi CNN International B (4:10) Movte (Wed) **x "Magic Town" (1:45) 75874334 (Thu) ** "Rio Grande Patrol" (1:00)799957 SO Bloomberg Television (Mon-Thu) Street Sharks (Fri) B Newhart B Music Videos (Fri) B Gllllgan's Island (Wed-Fri) B Boris Karioff Presents Thriller (Fri) ED Lassie EB Asia Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) B Movte (Mon) **» "Falling in Love" (2:00) 180161 (Tue) **x "Sunset in the West" (1:07)7287074 On Time (Wed) Toys (Thu) For Angela B FOX Sports World (Tue) Goln' Deep (Wed) Q] Miracles Do Happen (Mon) Divine Plan (Wed) Abundant Life (Thu) B Primer Irapacto Extra S Ink & Paint Club Movte (Wed) * * * "And Now for Something Completely Different" (1:29) 957150 (4:20) Picture Windows (Fri) (5) (4:07) Due South (Fri) TCM Movte (Wed) * * "Hollywood Without Makeup" (1:00)5485792 Myma Loy: So Nice to Come Home To (Thu) TMC (4:10) Movte (Mon) "Soul Survivors" (2:00) 4980345 (4:15) (:15) (Wed) *** "Mr. Saturday Night" (2:00) 4843860 WGN Adventures of Slnbad (Fri) 4:10 B Movte (Thu) **K "Sleep, My Love" (1:40)75839261 4:15 B .Movte (Wed) * * * "Spy Smash- er Returns" (1:45)61893957 4:25 B Movte (Fri) **» "A Time to Live" (1:40) 80926633 4:30 B Vibe (Mon-Thu) 237277 Nick News (Fri) ~ First Business (Mon-Thu) (4:45) Pastor's Study (Fri) Movie (Wed) **» "Lifeguard" (1:45) 438441 12 (4:45) (:45) (Thu) ** The Last Word" (1:45)39932716 S Headline News (Mon-Thu) Movte (Mon) *** "Flashdanca" 0:35) 3372074 m Hollywood One on One (Mon-Tue) 36266838 B Sports Tonight B Sing a Song of Hollywood I (Fri) S Bloomberg Television (Fri) Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) Nick News (Tue-Wed) Launch Box (Thu) Dick Van Dyke (Fri) BD Scholastic Sports America (Wed) Racehorse Digest (Thu) B NHL 2Nlght (Mon-Thu) Pro Beach Volleyball (Fri) B Our Gang Shorts I Before the Bell (Mon-Thu) Creflo A. Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. Stakes, Sr. (Fri) m Nottalero Unlvisten Edlclon Noc- turna B Movie (Mon) **» "Bum, Witch, Buml" (1:30)721068 (5) AgDay (Mon-Thu) TMC (4:35) Movte (Thu) ** "Changing Habits" (1:35)39149648 4:40 IB Interstitial Fill (Fri) 4:45 B Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wlz- ardJMon) 4:55 IB Gllllgan's Island (Fri) We'll always be there for you. JeariCuiTy 27J7Belmont SMIter Insurance ceo.. Ham Office: •••••••••••• 823r5129 •

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