Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 3, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1889
Page 3
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\ n •• V,? t "\P '" f f ""'^f_ Boor to «»nlt I ]„., „-.H f, All!' ' «t,S i 1 ! <."* i flS, i''/;'7!)S, f'lf^li M S'UVVI' -.f'l^l' 1 , 'H'\ i I' 1 , 11 - •".> IB When you are around town looking for Plensecall Inattlio EAST 3rd STREET HMIDWARE STORE •And look at my BUTCHER KN1VEB They cut keen and hold their edge well. Prices Always Right. Yours ]?<?«r.ectfully, Right side up, LEWIS D. WYNN. to visit for a Cow days —Mrs. Charles Gray, of Chicago. \<\ visiting her mother, Mra. i> vk. —Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Jiuna have been in Chicago for a day or two. • h *A--8innpound gir! wan born tliis mornlnKtcjPSlr. and Mrs. E. .1. Mangan, of the Fj^st ward. —T!f}/. Scott, of the Cnristian church hns purchased the John Stevens; resi- dencfe on Sth street and has removed there. —O. A. Oliver left on the limited thi* morning for Ouray, Colorado, to enjoy the Rocky Mountain air for a few weeks. —John Chase, from Dakota and II. M. .Chase, of Milledgevllle, made a pleasant call on the GAZETTE folks to day. —Rev. T. B. Stanley was called to Erie yesterday to officiate at the marriage ofJHorace Neer and Gertrude Pratt. He called at the GAZETTE to day on hia way to Coleta. CD ri m **•* Evening Gazette. TH» Kvswnra GAEBTTB oan DO had at all the -•- PrlooTwo osnra. Wnllaco Opera 2:ive fair satia- OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY, Tonight. Court Sterling, I. O. F..TCO. 20.1, In A. O. U. W. hall, at 8 o'clock. —Mra. Wm.Crura is visiting In Chicago.] —Mf.E. Diller Davis has returned from Chicago. —G. T. Patton, of Ohio, is the guest of W. Scott Ward. —Mrs. Geo. Mohler is attending the Chicago exposition. ~— • • v~'~~.~:-. : —It. B. Colcord has gone to see the Chicago exposition. —Bruce Kisseirhaa gone wesson a tour of observation. —Mrs.W.H.Smith and Mrs. L. M. Allen are in Chicago. —Mr. and Mra. Charles H. Presbrey hare gone to Chicago. —Charles Patridge is home from Washington and Montana. —Two weddings are ejected to occur in the 2nd ward this week, —E. O. Cook left this, afternoon for Buffalo, N. Y , to visit his old home. —Mr. Cass Collins, of Aurora, is the guest of Mr. M. Charles Worthlngton. —Mrs. Jerome .Blgnall, of Clinton, Iowa, is the gueatof Mra. C. H. Hamm. —The "Deestrick Skule" will probably be given ra Dixon in the near future. —The brick work on the Wallace school building is reaching completion rapidly. —The Woman's Auxiliary will meet this week at the residence of Mrs. G. T.Elliott, —Mr. D;. B. Strickler leaves to-morrow for a two weeks viait wild friends in Pennsylvania. —Call at Mosea Dillon's elevator and see ala new South American cats. They are death to rats and mice. —Mr. W. A. Sanborn haa nearly recovered from his illneaa, and was able yesterday to ride up town. —Four tramps who were arrested for breaking into iin Illinois Central oar at Amboy, have been sentenced to one year at Joliet. ' ^ —Lincoln Canton of Patriarchs Militant will meet Friday evening, October 6th, in Odd Fellows hall, for the purpose of reorganizing. —The Rock River Association anniversary of. the UniverBalist church will be held at Morrison Friday and Saturday of this week. —Capt. A. B. Fitch, of Franklin Grove, has invented a steel railway tie, which appears to be faultless for the purpose for which it is intended. —Rev. D. A. Sanford, who has occupied the pulpit of Grace Episcopal church here for several Sundays, will preach next Sunday at Tlskiliwa, 111. —A resident of 6th avenue makea complaint that a pack of small boys throw pebbles and clods at the window *t her residence in the evening, and threatens to give the boys a dose of hot water if it occurs again. -The Rockford Business Men's Association have voted to get up a monster Industrial parade next year which shall advertise that city over the universe. It would have been gotten up this year if it were not for the lateness of the season. —Wni. J?. Ross received a message this morning stating that bis uncle, S. A. M. Ross, of Macomb, was found dead in bed this morning. He waa the li»st uncle W.P.had. The funeral will occur on Sunday. W.P. Ross will leave Friday ou the 4:20 to attend the funeral. —Charles Furley, .of Prairieville leaves on Saturday with his family anc Mrs. Gllber, a sister, for a trip and Visit with friends at Richmond, Vir glnia; Washington, Baltimore, th home of his bojthood in Maryland. —The First Ward hose house, which ia No. 5, is to be removed from its prea ent location on the corner of 14th ave nue and 4th street to the;corner of Lin coin Parkv'lflth avenue and 4th street —John Sanborn had one of the bone of his right hand broken last evenl by a kick from a colt' 7 he was drivin out of the grape vineyard at bis fath er's residence.' No amount of athleti training can protect one from the nimble foot of a fractious colt. —A "freak" was recently born to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Erb, of Freeporr. TheTlUtle One~hTiB~s half-lip aud IB wanting the roof of the mouth and the left eye. Where the roof of the mouth should be Is an opening that extends up into the head. The lid of the left eye Is closed, there being no optic. —A young man from a town north of here, who persisted in forcing his attentions upon Bomejladiea in the east end of town, and lingering around their residence .several days after be- lag ordered a\vsy, wn« rnnortfid to Officer Shnltz, who warned him only once. Tnat once was enough—he has not been seen near there since, —Nine carloads of pipe for the sew- era have arrived here, and Rife & C'Roaik will begin work in a few days at the work of putting them in the ground. When all the sewerage work con tempi j ted Is finished, Sterling will be the best drained city m the State and consequently the inoat healthy. —The remains of Mrs. Cordelia liar- wood were brought to Nelson yesterday for burial. She died at Neilavllle, Wisconsin, whither she and her daughter went from their Dakota home, for her health. Mrs. Harwood waa about sixty years of age and was a cousin of John McKinstry, of Nelson. Rev. D. Sauford conducted the funeral services, and a special choir from this city sang. —The remains of Mrs. Wells Briggs were brought here from Sycamore yesterday on the 4 !04 train. The lady died some four months ago, and was burled at Sycamore, but at the request of relatives, the remains were brought here, and reinterred in Riverside cemetery. The deceased was an|aunt ol the|wife of Driver Scoville, of the burial case factory. —The Christian Mensch farm in Jordan, was yesterday sold to Theodore Wilson, of Woosung. The farm contains 120 acres of some of the best and moat highly cultivated land in the State, and has commodious new build- Ings and other Improvements oa it. The price paid waa $8,700, or 872 50 per .acre, much less than what the farm !• 'worth. Mr. Wilson will be given possession of the farm on March 1 next —A number of the members of the Baptist congregation gathered in the church parlors laat evening to bid farewell to Kev. Oilman Parker and family. Remarks of regret were made by Rev. E. Brown of the Lutheran church and Rev. F. A. Gregory of the Baptist church and were responded to by Rev. Mr. Parker. Afterward there were personal farewells. Mr. Parker and family left on the early Q train this morning for Mollne where he has become the pastor of the Baptist church. ill housft at, the sa last night, but iction. — The Freemont, Neb., Daily Flail (VPS the f'ollowinn Hcconnt of the re,- nptlon given to Kev. and Mrs. N. II. .. Fife by the Presbyterian church eople. of which church he has recently iccoine pastor: "The Presbyterian society, by gener- .1 request, gave a reception to the Kev. Mr. and Mrs. Fifo at tho residence of tr. and Mrs. Manly Rogers, on Thursday night. There was a large attendance to welcome the new pastor to his uturo home, Fremont. The house was decorated in Mrs.Hogers' tasteful manner and the evening will be long remembered by all present, owin^ to the pleasant reception of the frienda. Gen- •ral conversation and music Dlled in ;he evening, and Mr. and Mra, Fife annot but feel that in their futura lome they will have many friends to help them in their good work among our people here. The reverend gentleman haa certainly made a very favorable impression here." _ Are on the tap shelf in the stove line, (.'all on them and see their large a --sort merit You can surely find soiuethiiijt to suit you. '.'7 tn Splendid stove polish. Burnishing for nickle, >'o. 1 mica, at n-'-tf L. L. JOHNSON'S, Gold Coin Otoves, Aulnmn Jlntn. in all the new shapes and colors. Positively the finest stock to select from in the city. Correct styles and lo\v prices. sir, to Mns. GENNIE W. BI.LTOTT. Riverside Stoves, Bonnets. New and elegant at Mrs. Gennie W W. Elliott's. 9.-) W The Alnddln ilard coal heater is having a large sale and it la not to be wondered at for aa a heater it ia hard to beat. 1 on can see It by calling on Crawford Bros. 07 10 th< nrw •"! of !s CirpfntT fr K. W. Blossom hM taken the B<?°noy of the "J. C." l>™ n(l Spectacles find Kye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary gln^ei, in that the lenses are ground from a Fnwh TinM Crystal thatnhuts out the chemical and heat raja of light, maklngthem very soothing to the eyes. Bo B«re and try them, see that that trade mark ''i. o." is on every lens. TO-d&w Call nt E. W. lilossom's and get p.n eye tester free of charge. 70-ditw For cook stoves or heaters, RO to Davis & Wilkinson, West End Hardware dealers. "2-1° October's goods Are like the woods, So -warm arid brig-tit In autumn light. PEOPLE'S COLUMN tgy-We will Insert throe lines In thin col-"«| umn one time for 10 cnnb!, or for M cents a week. Each additional line will be B cents a single insertion, or IB cents a week. TVANTKD. Salo ot Western Horned At the stock yards Friday and Saturday next. or, W wl * Read their ad. on opposite nage. Miss II. A. Carter has returned from Chicago with a full line of latest styles of millinery. 0° to Old government Java and Mocha r. pounds for $1.00 at J. A, Annas'. not-o Stamping done at H. A. Carter's. 90 10 Only 10 cents for j Iin es under this Heading. Wait for the Money refunded if Beach & Bowers' minatrela are not the best that have been in Sterling for two yeaaa. Auctioneer. The Dutch and "English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country Bales on short notice. Can leave ordera at A. R. Ilendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4tU at. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78-37tf D. H. MEYKIIS, Auct. UnMfl Triennial Conclave Knights Templar. October 3d to October 5t.h, inclusive, the C. B. & Q. U. R. will Bell round trip tickets to Washington, D. C. for §20.79, good for return until October 31st. By the payment of .§10.00 additioual at Washington, the return portion of the ticket may be exchanped for a ticket to New York and return, either via the same route, or via any other direct route to Chicago. Gail at J. E. Philips & Go's and get one of those Cold "Co ins. ~7~ swir Arrasene and chenille at R. A. Carter's. ' SO to To the ladies of Rock Falls and Sterling, please accept thanks for your liberal patronage in our millinery department Ccme again and buy, good friends. Dill & Co. 07 tf W ANTED—Girl for housework. Apply at 9(« W. 3rd street. »?-tt W ANTED—Everybody to know that the place to !>uy a sewlui; machine or organ 19 at Kreyfc Wlillebreiul'a. Several dray loads Just ecplvcd. I"-!"* Is the best and finest uniformed band with any show travelling today. Their show is entirely new, since their last visit here, and composed of the best people formerly with Johnson & Slavln. Reserved seats now on sule at G. L. Werntz's—only 50c. New crop teas at J. A. Annas'. oo to TANTED—Competent K\r\ lorReneral housework. Apply at Gazette onice. IM tf \XTANTKD—A thoroughly competent girl for VV Kemiral housework. Good WOKVB Mrs. Jlmer Crawford, corner 4th street and I: . ) avrnue. W ' ANTED— Immediately—kitchen girl. Apply at Boyuton house. 8M1 FOH MALR. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. OII HALE—Anew Eureka road cart, cheap. Al<o. a soft coni heating stove. Apply bt ii»ler.: M40 THOU HAI.K—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas JJ limit, stock of goods. Business i.laecs for sale anil exchange. Frank W. Wnlzer, Academy ot Music, Koom-4 """ F I OH SALE—A barealn In three fine rest deuces In 4lh ward. Inquire ut 1.1. Bush. fJl-tl Mtcp I/n<!(tern For house cleaning SI 00 at L, L, Johnaon's. _____ 90 tl | Underwear in all atyles at Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 04 to See "lo«noniilit_ At the Academy of Music, by the 'Frankie Jones Co." Beautiful scenery and a car load of it. ' You can save money by buying' coffees, teas, and apices from J. A. Annas, agent for Winslow, Rand & Watson. OO-tO&w The styles for misses are to be seen in a great variety, atthe special display at Frey & Davis'. 00-t4 The Red Cross and Peninsular base burnrrp, and a full lino of coal and wood heating stoves, at l')nvi«* Call nud examine. Beautiful little baby bonnets and caps, at Frey & Davis'. 05t4 Ilcudy Made Clothing. We have lately returned from the Eastern markets, where every advantage that long experience and ready cash will give were utilized in making purchases for Fall and Winter Stock. Our counters are being piled high with goods that we can recommend, both for quality and style. Our departments were never more complete and our long experience in the clothing trade haa taught ua the wants and tastes of the public. We cordially invite you to trade with us, believing we can serve you well. - . .. J.R. BKLL &SON Go to Dill & Co., Rock Falls, before purchasing your furniture. You can save money. W W Sirs. F. C. Wondruff Invltea the ladles to call and aee the latest in millinary. She baa a deaigner and trimmer from Fifth Avenue, New York City. Ncf trouble to show goods. 91 to KUIt HAI.K OK TKADR. ___—™—•—— ' Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. "TjlOIlHAI.K--Tfro ntiw brick re«l''<'iic:i»i:oll JJ iriillyloculuU Tor sale by J. J. Miller or B J. Wlckcns. • B ' >tl ' " FOB BKNT. Only 10 cents for 3. lines under this Heading. F°s KENT—House for rent, near Wallace school. L. K. lirooWleld. WHO F OU RUNT—1 houses to rent and a numher of houses for sale by Adam Smith. M-tU* rpo LEASE—Power and room formanufactur J- Inn purposes, In the bulMIng formerly occn- pled by Church & 1'attcrson. Address I!. O. Church. Dulutn, Minn. *"•" FINANCIAL. F INANCIAL-Moneytoloan-$l,SOO at 0 per cent., on farm security. 1. I. Bush, Ilook Falls. 3i " HTOJLKN. Plays tonight at 7:30. We have examined Mr. George R. Klchardson's step ladder and Ironing board and pronounce them the very best we have ever seen and they should be In every house. Mrs. J. II. Lawrence, Mra. E. J. Henry, Mrs. Laura K. King. 93-tO* Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. S TOLEN— If the party who took hand cart from my olllce dou't return It. promptly, he will orobably play checkers with his nose. J. 8t. J, tireeuougli. - B7 ' u JACOB EISELE, Cloaks and Sacques. The celebrated Red Cross, range; handsome and durable. The finest stove ever seen In Sterling. For sale by Davis & Wilkinson. -- 02-tO The Alnddln Cook stove ia used for wood or coal, and is acknowledged to be one of the best baker's the rnnrket affords. ...• 97-10 CllAWFOBD BllOS. Noli or. Special display of trimmed hats and bonnets for three days, commencing THE LEADING ferclM Thursday,Oct. 3. at Frey &,Davis'. —The Reunion Association of the 84th 111. Infantry has decided to hold a regimental reunion in Nebraska next year. E. C. Winters, F. F. Klosterman and J.A.Morgan are a committee to make arrangements. A committee on regimental history was also appointed as follows: Co. A,E. C. Winters, Sterling; Co. B, L. L. Johnson, Sterling; Co. C, wr J. Williams, Defiance, Iowa; Co. D, F- F. Klosterman, Prairieville; Co. E, D. H. Talbot, Roch elle; Co. F, John L. Frost, Aabton; Co., H, Milton Myers, Forreston; Co. I, Joseph Teeter,'Lincoln, Nob.; Co. K, C. B. Menchen, West Union, Iowa. The olu- cera of the association are: B. Dysart, Franklin Grove, President; John L. Froat, Ashton, vlco-Prosident; L. L. Johnson, Sterling, Secretary; Anson Thummel, Pralriovllle, Treasurer. The 84th has an honorable war record, and fought aa many battles and over as large a portion of the southern country, probably, aa any regiment in the aer- vica. By the Frankie Jones Co. [next Saturday p. m. Admission 15 and 25 cts. See the beautiful doll at the Cash Store. There will he a concert at 4th street M. E. church on Friday evening. Som'e of the best local talent will take part. For particulars see program. 00-12 A fine lot of Prairie chickens can be found at F.F. Reiger & Co's, at reasonable prices. _ _ * Auction. Th« city marshal will sell to the high- eat bidder for cash, the old city lockup building at Central Park, Saturday, 2 o'clock October 5th, 'so. Purchaser will be required to move building oil of the ground within 15 days from date of sale. Committee ou Public Improvements. ________ _ 95 " t4 Ranges I The "Bismarck" aud "Sure Luck" ranges are the best the market affords. Get one and see if this IB not a fact. 97.10 CRAWVOHD Buos. Boya' blouse waists for boya from 4 to 15 yrs. old at Oettinger'a Double Front Clothing House. 0-t to ii Alice. If you want to make money read my "IK!" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CIIAMUKUN. 88-tf wit* tor Kent. The Doyle farm situated in Section 13 in town of Hume .is for rent. For Information apply to Wm. Doyle of said town or to J. E. McPherran. 94-tOw40-t2* JAS. DOYLK. September 20, 1880. > T ottoe. When you are looking for good shoes or boots do not forget to call and se« my stock. I have made prices lower than ever, and can give you a good assortment to select from. 83 to PHILIP NICE. . For a soft coal or wood cook, look at the improved Golden Gem, a first class cook stova at a low price. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 02 to The world renowned Stewart heaters for sale only by Davla & Wilkinson. Economical in fuel aud of great heating capacity. 9240 It will do you good to take a look through our- mammoth stock. Every department complete Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 04 to S*«rhnpi» You Wear SuNpenders And collar buttoui), The finest stock of Rents' furnishing goods in the city aud everything at low prices, U to be found at Kiet'a. Is now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits aud overcoats-far fall and winter. Now in stock all kinds of cloths, cas- simere and overcoatings and the finest stock -of pants goods ever shown in this city. Leave your ordera to have them made up in the latest eastern styles and at bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having no rent to pay, his customers get the benefit. ' --------- : - Goods now rustle Clerks do hustle. as. STATE OF ILLINOIS, WH1TES1DK COUNTY, ; In Circuit Court of Whiteaide Conaty f to October Term, A. D., 1883. Albert Beecher ) vs. \ In Chancery. Jennie Beooher, ) Affidavit of the non-reaidenoe of Jennie Beocher, defendant above named, having been filed iu the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Whiteaide County and State of Illinoie, notice ia hereby given to the said Jennie Boocher, thnt the above named complainant heretoforejflled his bill of complaint in said court, on the chancery Bide thereof, arid thftt a summons thereupon issued out of said court against the above named defendant, returnable on the first day of the term of the Circuit Court of Raid County, to be held at the Court House iu Morrison, in said Whiteside County, on the third Monduy of October, next, (li*») as is by law required, and which «75 Carpets. Hugs. , Circuit Clerk. DR. A. W. BA.ER. OFFICE OVKK Oetiingtr's Closing Store. RMd I»lBe»*e» R 81-lu.l In drotaod and Sued* (nadroMcd) Kid in Blacks. Browns, Tans aud Slates at $1-00 u unlosa Foster, Paul A Oo.'a uam« ia stamped iu uadi pair, and «very pair warranted. None genuine

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