Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 11, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1903
Page 2
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Continues with unabated vigos*. Never feefofc txavc wc had such iatge^ ca^et hisying cirowds since the esistaoce of out store hete. Then join tne crowds while It is yet time. Qoo€ibi|e to all SUMMER MESSCMANDSSE Kegardlc&s of Cost orV |aliie store Will be open Until To-Nlght COME IN SHOE & CLOTHINO Cp. STORES AT [ola, Pittsburg Weir City. Largest Cloihiuz ^ Shoe Store For 100 Miles Arounld 10i ;,A DAILY REGISTER TBLEPIIONH NO 18. CHAS. F. SCOTT. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One week - . - - - Ten Cents One Month - - Forty-four Cenis One year Five Dollars and Twenty Cts sntered at lola, Ivansas. rostoflSce as Second Class Matter. 'Adverttnlns rates made known on appll cation. Member of the Associated Press. The Io|a Daily Register is a member of the Associated Press, and re cetvcs the day telegraph report of thai great news organization for exclusive afternoon pulslication in lola. BY AND WAY OF CORRECTION EXPLANATION. •r ! \A few days ago the Register cilpport from the Boone County uowa) Democrat and published >vith editorial comment the following telegrams: * "Chanute. Kans.. .June 27, 1003. "P. J. Hurley, Boone. la.. "A well was shot iat VS2 feet showing 44 feet of pay oil sand. The oi! ,: raised 400 feet in twenty minutes after I being shot. The oil is of fine quality. ^ive hundred people witnessed the I shot at midnight. It is the best weJ< In the field.. . . .t. E.Moore " "Chanute. Kans.. June 27, 1903. "Just s'hot a fine well and natives are crazy. Got forty feet pay oil sand. The well is among the very best in the field. Jones is proven O. K. "R. C. Brewsaugh.' i Commenting upon these telegrams the Register said tbat they contained what ^med to be obvious and pal-' p &ble misstatements, and could have been published for no other purpose than to fool somebody into making nn investment which they would not otherwise make, and that one result .-would be to dirow discredit on the Kansas oil fiei%. ,We are now in .rccei!)t of the follow. ing affidavits Which we are. very giad to publish: : Affidavit. : Humboldt, Kans., July 10. 1903. I This is to certify to the undeniable and pnjven fact that well No. 1, Iowa & Kansals Oil & Gas C9.'s first well on the land known as the Seivers| lease, Allen county, Ifansas, was drillr ' «d to a total depth of 082 feet, th^ last forty feet penetrated by the drill i i>^S oil sand. Before the "shot" oil rose sixty Tcet in the well and after the "shot" oil rose iOO feet in the hole in eighteen minutes. Tlie well was bailed and a quantity cf fine oil v.-as taken from the above named trepths. Signed: Jas. P. Sinclair, Drillor J. H. Hack, Driller. J. B. Sinclair, Driller, Konoid & Hawley, Contractors. Samuel McAferty, Farmer J. Seivcrs, Farmer, own? land. A. Neilspn, Farmer. J. W. Kelley. W. W. kelley, G. A. Simons, Shooter. J. E. MQore, Stockholder in Company. R. C. BrcwGaugh, Secre retary of Company. State of Kansa.s, County of Neo ."^ho. SS. Wo. J. E. Moore and R. C. Brew.5 augli, being sworn do hereby certify to the correctness of the ^bpve stare- mcnt and to, the gcnuincss qf the si:^ natures subccribed thereto. Signer J. E. Moors, R. 0. Brewsaugh. S-iiI )scrlbGd and sworn to before m-.' this lOth day of July, m?.. (SEAL) A. N. Allen, Notary PUIMIO. e :<pires Fob. 12, ISOrt. I hereby certify to the gonuniness of all of the signatures subscribed to the above statement. Signed: P. J. Hurley. . Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 10th day of July, 1903. (SEAL) A. N. Allen, Notary Public. Coin.- e.rpircs Feb. 12. i9(»G. We are glad to publish the forcgd ing, as already staiHj". for it has always been the ambition of this papei to treat everybody fairly. And wc arej th^ more willing to do this for the reajson that Messrs. Moore and Brewsaugh assure us that the coa;- pany they represent has not sold a^d Is not offering for sale a single dollar 's worth of stock. They freely a-.I- mit that up to the time the well in question was drilled In, there had not been to their knowledge any oil! found In Kansas in the salt water sand. T%ey say, however, that in Ohio such wells are common, antl'^heir idea Is that they have simply demonstrated ihat such conditions prevail in the field yhlch they are developing in Allen county. -If this should proTe ^;t |Q be the ing iiiit a most valuable addition to the knowledge about the Kansas Sebi The Iowa & Kansas Oil & Gas Ci>nf pany, wliioh .Mr. Ivloore and Mr. Brewb- augh represent, is prospecting a re field al)out five miles southwest of Hi'mbokU, and certainly nobody v. )il Ijo bstccrj pleased than the Register if tiioy stri'.ic it rich. A SATURDAY SERIVION. case it would be not only an interest- (Cntribuled by L. C. Ti.) "Wi'.at greater calamity can fall upon a nation than the loss of worship? Tnen all things decay. Genius leaves iho tc :npie, lo haunt tiic senate, or the market. Literature becomes frivolous. Science is cold. The eye of youth :s not lighted by the hope cf other world?, and age Is without honor. Society lives to trilles, and when men die, wo do not mention them." Thus spoke Emerson, the great American propiict, sixty-five years ago. To what extent has this condl tion boon actualizod in our country' perhaps no decided answer can be given to this question. : It is possible that the nuraber of worshipers has been It is iikely. loo. that there is an increasing number of people among v;hom v.orship is coming to bo more sincere and vital. But it scem.3 to be true, also, that the multitude who havo aluuist lost the spirit of worship has grown larger. Sensd- tlon (enjoyment that qoYncs through the senses) has to a lat-go degree superseded worship. The consequences of the loss of worship are also apparent. Out of her class of almost three hundred graduates. Harvard gives this year but si.x to tho ministry. While good literature is on the increase, the great mass of literature;is frivolous. Science, except among the most thoughtful men, is as cold as the steel of the scalpel on a winter's day. Tho majority of oiir youag men seem scarcely to take eternity into account. Ostencailon and frivolity characterir.e our social sets, and funeral proce.'>- sions .go gorgDo :;sly and rapidly to th -3 open graves. Men do not have time to worship; work and social duties havo crowded it out at both ends of the day as well as on Stinday. Men cannot afford to -worship; they keep their nerves tingling with various sensations which benumb th/e sou!. Men do not know how to worship; even many of the churches have provided unsatisfying substitutes. Yet worship Is the highest act and the greatest need of men. Bur what is worship? Worship Is the feeling of the soul that it is in the presence of God. and tiie reaching out of the soul after God. When the soul feels that it is in the presence of God, it seeks to e.^pro^s itself to God; it is constrained to act as becomes the presonco of God. Such expression, such action is worship. Tho Psalms of the Bible are nearly, ail v/ritten in tho language of worship. Prayers, if tiiey are the sincere expression of the soul, are tn;o v.or.5hip. The reverent singing of a gJ.^d hyrrin is one of the most e:<altod forms of worship. Meditation may he worshy). But tho greatest of all means of worship is the doing of good deeds In the spirit ri reverence, loyalty, and love toward God. Worship does not work itself out into life soon becomes mockery. But true worship has not ceased. On the contrary, it is taking new and dcoper root in society. Although ir- roveronce is plainly visible, and hypo- cri:-:y parades its formalities before men; yet sincere prayers are ascending from tiic closet, and rcA -ercnt worship is being renderecf from many Kanctuario-s. In their more thdug?!t- fi-.I and solemn moments, when, sensation fails to satisfy, even the men of the inuliitudcs are having theii^ visions of God. The power of Godless men in public life is waning, and God^ fearing men are in the ascendency. Only the other day, when the new de- p.irtnunt of the government, tho bureau of commerce and labor, was fully Ir.unched, thej newspapers announced tho si.^ynificant fact that the opening ceremony began wiiJisprayer arid enJ- e-1 with tho benediction. It is being recognized that oiir nation rests on reverent honesty, inspired by honest worship. The Lawrence AVorld is pro the only daily in the state v/hlch three to five patent medicine ad the fi^out page. The Garaett News announces in big lion in Rome is steadily becoming.; pkatic endorsement^ Mrs. F. A. Rowd worse." How about tho pope? C. J. Devlin, tho Topeka millioiiaire, has adopted a Leavenworth taby.j s'reet, says: That ought to have a litlio effeot toward healing tsp tiio breach between! the two tOv.ns. The Leavenworth papers do a good deal of kicking because their ,tca|m .=s Le-a- that Cen tailender in the Missouri Valley gue. They don't seem to realize some team has to be tailender. Mrs. Bessie J. Lamm of Rush ter, tho wife of a prominent ^tock man of Jleifo county, has ridden pore, than 0,000 miles in a buggy over tho plains of Kansas, with her liuspand 6. on.; A. Citizen of lola Pays a Well-Earned ; Tribite. tho following public statement of a head lines that the "People's cpn<li-! respected citizen aids one more em- 1" scores that have apbeared before. fn, of GOl N. Jef-; 'A dull aching in j ihc small of my baqk" annoyed, me for two or three weeks, it fn the incipient tieed Doan's: KIdnef Pills guaranteed Wishing to check ttages Avhen I no- Physicians are calling attention t )].the fact that influenza or grip has cone to stay. In the larger cities there has been a marked increase in diseases aflfe ling the organs of respiration, which inc ease, is attributed to the prevalence of ipflu-^ enza. Persons who; are recovering rom grip or infiuenza are in a weiak cbnd ition and peculiarly liable to pulmonary disease. Dr. Pierce's Goldejn Medical Discqvery, cures coughs, broncliitis, lung "troiiSble'* aud other diseases of the organs of res-' piration. It is the best tonic med cine for those -whose strength and vitility. have been exhausted by ah attack of pip.' "It purifies the blood, cleansing t of the poisonous accuniulations which t reed and feed disease. It gives increased activity to the blood-making glands, and so increases the supply of pure blcAxl, rich wiih. the red corpuscles of healtn. "•A word for yoar •G4Uen Medical Dfsco^ ety.'" writes Sirs. E. A. _ Coshocton Co., Ohio. -"We have been usttig it Bender, of Kicene, KANSAS NOTES. The mayor and one councilman of Great Den.l Jiave resigned owing, to 'heir inability to koap the joints from runnin.2:. • • Vndorithe he:i ling "Leavenworth is Growing," the Standard announces that t">vo ne.v .saloons^ are ' getting r<;ady to open there. The finding cf the body of a negro _ baby in the city water works lako at j leal Discovery.'' There is notliing ^jnst i Garnett has caused the mayor of that' S SPod." fm diseases of the stoi ' I oiood, an< town to issue an order, prohibiting 1 :TIie'd5 bathing in the lake. jtfte^^ as a family medicine forbore than fom- tearSb.:: As a cot^h remedy and blood-pdrifier th rre is' nothing better, andafteciliaving the gri i.Drv; Pierces Gcdden Medical Discovery is ita '. the right mediane for a complete Iwacing up." lAc^eptno sdbstitttte for "Golden : led- liing' just 'StoQ acb, lungs. - 'ish liver is made aicti* s tjr;i r. Piexce't Tl«isant V^i^f to euro pain ;in the codipiaint, I went & po.'s drug store treatment had not 1| back from kidney to C. _B. Spencer for a box. If the rought uhdoubted dealers, price 50 Co,, Buffalo, for the United name-4-DOAN'S— beiicflt .1 would be t le last- resident of lolk to publicly endofrse the medicine." ll'or sale by all ceiits. Foster-Milbi|rn N..:Y., Eole agents States. Remember the and take no other. on;his caUle buyinr expedltioi^s. In addition to this shq has t;rossed the ocian nine tim^s. fhe Wichita ptar boy stood for awh coijtemplation as he corittentedly chewing thf day in the pasture, and then he broke out with yot|thfnI Inquisitive- ne|s and inquired of milking: "Do you ha alllof them?" of nierlt to the says that a town le In -thoughtful Ivratche'd the cows their cuds after his host who wa« e to buy gum for Perfect Will Combines Ci ianllness and Dufsbillty Any tone can 1 rush It oii No ono can ub it off ; Pkstlco is.apnfi, permanent ^ and porous -wall ix>ating^ and } does not require laking oS to 1 renewasdoulkali omittH^ Itis •f a diy powder, tttnlyfof^.by f . adding cold wate: and can . I easUyDrushed on by any ope. i Made in white t nd fonjrteen I fasliionable tints; | AITI-MLSOMHiE €Jri «RANO MPIO^MICH.^

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