Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 8
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I Forttme smiles on the ladies of lola, seldom, and pethaps nevet again, ^ill the citi^ite of lola have an opportanity to buy goods at such prices IT - ^. „^ ....... .^.^*£||P^Q-|-_ THEbblpRS OFtHiS STORE WILL CLOSE WHEN Never Again to bo Opened by a#. Black Wool Dress Goods I Colored Di^^ * —^i/^.i. At less tiian net wholesale Cbet. ^ i ± In aU the latelrForeign and Domestic weaves | At Siiig Song! Prices. 26c regular, final salS price - l^ic f 25cTegulai^, final sale price 17^c J g^rejcuiar. enai sale priw 3c1 - ^ ' ' 'ne: . .21iG i .35c ± 50c regular, final sale price "— —7 - — &c regular, 350 reiular, ^nal a^llprice.... , • •v^Uc | 35c regular, ln.lj.lejr.oe. . .21 o| p.^^...^. • •••••••••••••••••••••^ Til- —— final OOIA VkV>l#«Ck. li*- • V ....47c .57c o > r . X lOc regular^ final saleice ..,..6i 75c regular, final sale price - 4/ c.. i2ic regular, «nai sale price.....74; 85c r4ular, final sale price :57c | Ijc regular final Jjiepjice--.^.-^:; •1.00 regular, final sale price f^-'" * i-^i- 1.25 regular, final sale price. 50<i regular, final sal0 price .. 75c regular, final sale price . 85c refirular.'-final sale price .......^..^ ••• ^ *~D7—»—~—•—. en * regmar, un »i »i*iBijriuo...%.iiti. t1 00 reffular final sale price .69c J $1.00 regular, final sale price .bJc.. 20c regular, final sale pride....i3ic: f l.W regmar, nnai saie prioe r«^„lj,r! final sale nrice 78c J 25c regular, final sale price..\^^ 1 :50;^ S I :J:.^:1S^^ i:g6;;|SS; W^^e i ,^08ct30cregular.finaUaleprice....l0c, 1.75 regular, final sale price .|1.08 ± 1.75 regular, final sa^e price »1.08 ^ ^ ...^ 2.00 regular, final sale price 1.30 % 2.00 regular, final sale price I . ^' ""*J'??l^PAK*:v:-.^!*i^ Sumixier Wash Goods All New Oood5 60c regular, final sale price 37 75c regular, final sale price. 43c. 85c regular, final sale price 45c $1 Irregular, final sale price 63c In quoting these prices remember' goods wont be here more than a few days disapbintments are always the resultB of delaying. No store in existence anywhere today will sell you wash goods at such prloes. Ladies Underwear In Muslin and Knit !rhe stock | Is ii^b that it might be disappointing, to quote prices as Ithe sales in this department are immense closing out quotations every day. I ™IES :: Cheviots ^ ? CURTAINS-Carrylng a Very Large Stock t lo an i 5 *1fio a pair for 42o **8oo a pair for 41ic $1.00 a pair for....58c ,1.25 a pair for— 1.50 a pair for....8«Jc 1.75 a pair for....8})c 2.09ft pair for....l.3(U 2.25 I endless variety of new designH and weaves. WoJ ire compelled to slaughter prices with- .g out considering cost. *^ 2.50 ^ pair for....l.5!i 3.00 a pair for ....l.K«4 3.25 a pair for ....2.1(li 3.50 a pair for,... 2.1» 4.00 a pair for ....2.4li 5.00 a pair for... ..{.221 6.00 a pair for 3.(i0 H0S|ERY4Aii Every Day Necessity. Colors aud I'sney* 50«» for. 'Wc «5ofor,.- ' .574 %\ for........ ..75c •1.50 f»r.......... «l.ri5 ,«2 for... .....$1.33 IBcfor •••}^ aoclor.... 13C 3SofoT... »6« ToUle de Nord I2HC forVT.: iai -sc tor.... 8 1 -3C * ISctor IOC 8^ ^tMMi . »^«?!:^.':^6W $!«- of cwt t - 9 ^'^c Eastlake I6C per yard (or Bleached and DNBLGACHED Warners Royal Worchester Puritan Corsets. MIf HI lllack and C«l«rf lOo ...740 ^I5o for ...l>io i« 50 tt pair for ... .4.124 1'^'"^ 10c |7.()0 a pair for '\M 35o for 26t! 7.50 a pair for..... .4,86 % K.eo a pairfor. 5,fj.5.|. 8.50 a pair for 6.61 v ••K..H"^.:~K*W"H***W"X'**Xf*H^ ••H~:-H» SlOapairfor 6.76^ .'"'^ " 15 a pairfor 7.8i) ^l* Udlfi' niacki lOo fqr...^ i...7|o \rttiiiif.,.i f»4c 25ofcrt'..,; .-lOc 35c for. 25c Boy f iiiU Yda Can at These Prices., All KO at net whole factory ^. prICM while they T I riens Neckwear. 25c itind for 17i 50c kind for ,2oc ~ 75c kind for S-Sc $1 kind for 63c ^ All qprto-date. P *f! 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Not many but what there is, is good. Ladies Wrap^rs What there's left at prices whatever^ . you think is right; If your size isJ here the price will be low enough, Wej must sell^Em, 'and will sell.'em regard-j less of what they cost. J All sizes, but only a few of a size.^ '^e first come will get the bargains^ atid best choice. Bleachedl Damask Table Covering j At fabulotfsly low prices. 5ocfor ...1........ 314 75c for 49c Sl.oo for y 67c 1.25 for.... • 78c l.Sofor...: 80c 1.75 for I1.07 2.00 for 1.48 Bleached Table Napkins. Sl.oo per set, for -670 1.25 per set, for, ....78c lJ>o per-set, for: 87}c 1.75 per set, for! fl.o7 2.00 per set, for. ; .- 1.3o 2.5o per set, for 1 57 3.00 i»er set, for...... 1.94i 3..'Jo per set, for .1.99 4.00 per set, for. \ 2.66 Notions, i It is simply impossible to quote '{'Prices here the immense variety makes Xit'iso, but it will pay every; lady in ^.Ailen County to visit tfalis department valid get some of £fae choice, things at XtH© lowest price*: ever offered for new •{•clean Notions wtorth lod cents on the yddllar anywhere. A Bnncb of . Fancy Colored Dre^s Shirts. Th9,i sold at tl, 1.25 andll.5o 43c Ili8 Fountain faacy shirts all sizes regular tl shirt, i 7ovi Oiir Beautiful Waistings are the Clioicest Bargains In the House 4.^Ms^*<****j******H~H^*4~H^^ MHiDhflttflii Sliirts X»l-i5o quality for •. $1.14 . 2ioo quality for ...-1..5o . T 2i5o quality for *, 1.83 y. 'JThis is a snap never to be repeated. French jFlannel Waistings 50c regular, filial sale price ..... .29c' 75c regulait, final sale price^ ..... .47o 85c regular, fin^l sale price 57c IREUND VS. JERUSILEM Out^itched Kane and lola Won a MaBnificent Game by the ! Score of 1. to 0. i koBt of the tola fans were converted t6 the bjiUef that lola has the fastest team in the league, but the faint liearts were in evidence yesterday af- trnoon when it was known that Kane wpoljd pitch. "We may lose," Was the . nerrbus remark. 'But when the last out was made and it was realized that loin Jiad shut out the Midgets In a gaune with but one error and that not ocwUy lola quit doubting.: Yesterday Viwor^s; i t SpriAgfteht .r!ooO(),i()000<HO 6 p loin*.. .4.,. OOOOOOio*—1 10 1 : '^It>fell upon Mr. KUllIayto pitch for A lola. and the Irish lad may not be from iCofi, batijie pitched'a oor^g game. ;J^^»Jhej^t baU he threw; to the hie was eoytl and nerry. never keeper says he fanned nine men; the grandstand swears be struck out 13. He let the visitors rpn through seven Innings vrith but two hits and they never had a look at the home plate He had curves and speied "and perfect control, sticking the ball right where Armstrong called for it. It was the finest exhlbiUon of pitching ever given here. The whole team played with confidence and kept getting on bases anil fixing things for ;a couple of scores in case the last batter got a bit. But Mr. Kane was pitching some bail, too, and le kept tola's hits sc4t tered through the innings too Car apart to make runs. it was the seventh inning when "we goL ours." • Henley, in the game for the first time!in several weeks, was in right field. He^ hinged out a safe one to right field. The next two men t^ted. The^ first bunt Kane tried to catch near Jhe foul line, but missed and booted fouL Shaumyer • then bunted safely. Ka^e fallins to pidc the baU up altbquch k. was- aa ^ the bds(» full and nobody out: next man was an easy ouL Riseley hit to right field and llcnley scored oil the out. i And that wals the way tola won In the lucky seventh. | Sprlngileld had the best look In in the ninth when Schmidt got three bases on I a bad bounce in right field. But he died on third, Henley catching Smith's fly and eeding the game. The only error was a fumble by Milsap of a nasty bounce at first, and it did not! cost anything. As the Fort Scott papers have been Idcklng on the Kansas City Journal league standing that paper has changed to the same as the Star. Both of them now say: Springfield ... ..38 19 lola .....37 20 Fort Scott ..,.39 22 Joplin : .35.^''24 Sedalia . Pittsburg 30 22 • • • • » ' Topeka ..20 23 88 38 607 649 639 5»l 566 367 3^5 defeated Topeka today In -a poorly played game, by a score of 5 to .p. Only for errors it would have been a shutout, as Leavenworth got only one earned run, while Topeka's runs' were errors also. Score: 'Leavenworth .01011011 *r-8 ^5 (4 Topeka ... ..0 0 02.00100—3 4 Batteries—Jones and Redmond; Shanks and Foley. Sidalia 4, Pittsburg 0. Pittsburg, July 9.—The locals were defeated today by Sedalia, witbl a score of 4 to 0. The visitors won two scores on a decision from the umpire; A foul ball was batted over third and hit the ground outside the foul line, when he pronounced it a fair ball, which let In ilved too late for the real interestlng- l»art. The picnickers Hvere: Misses ijlqDbnald," McPhersou- ChauceUor, Jjharles, Richardson. Travis. Hanlcins, and ^tessrs. Travis, Bush, Eddy, Reid, tory with a score of 7 to €. J^pl played good ball, while the locals were slow. In the seventh inning Morton was hit for three singles and ^two doubles. In the fourth three hits^flll- aua messrs. Travis, uush, Eddy, 1 ed the' bases, and Morton worked'ouf Brewstet, McNary and;BushQeld. of the hole, giving the locals a shut- - — but. The score: i ' ^ Fort Scott ....0100 00 5 0 0—6 12 3 Joollnl^., ...100 0024 0 0-^7 ^ 1 eries—Steele and CorbIn; Morton and Stoner.' Leavenworth ... .......14 "46 . Lwivtnwtorth !^ Teptloi 3. the two 'extra scores. Botl^ teams played good ball, but upon the whole it was a featureless ganse.. Score: llSdaila OlOOOoiiOil—k 9 1 Pittsburg ....000000000—b 4 1 lotteries—Cales and Lee; * cTorrie and Mc^nald. rl feV. J . • jiH»"n 7,,Fert ««^^ liPort Smtt, ^Ifuly i».— Tbneei^ enorr^ln todaya^guQe 'g4T0 't^e> MlMM ., . 4'.<'>*<- luo iimii. Put Where the Breezes BlowJ'»if;< *|NOW the w# 'ho girls at Northriips! had another ITdon't like to The . picnic out at Miss Sadie Travis' yes terday evening. • The same boys who have ibeen' expected to "sayi some- thing't for months were along an4 a Register, reporter was taken tcl record the proceedings and keep thje 4>oys from iaddng out, in case' iany of tiiem did, «B^J ^V6rd. But the.chiggers.were too ndmerous^ the dinner tda.niunpta- ous the eveiiiing bre«i^~ toe agreeable • fipe any 'nere hea^trtnonble^ito Tvtfould Be Justifiabie Homicide. _ the Topeika State JoiirtiTreinark: This 1^ just td^||fe fair warning iTo all whom'^ftay concern ' lihat the limitJbjuLbcen reached, and iiff commenced to turn, kick up fusses, fAnd the rag I seldom ichew ^ Biit I'll fight the man wti'o asks me: "Is ; • • .4 ' "It • = I • "Enou|h , '1 , I , '. .... .V... "For J \ I ' ^ , . ;'you?'| I• v.. |re^ of sulferingi: •feht.. Itching pliea j p..

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