Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 23, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1908
Page 3
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HOW RAILROADS PAY. The Great Aid They Are In Putting Money Into Circulation and Keeping Up Business. Knnsas farmers needed 100,000 harvest, hands. Wbnt would those farmers have done if the railronds had not produced the 100,000 by moans of special rates? The railroads brought 1,000,000 visitors to Saratoga last summer, and 3,000,000 to Atlantic City during the year, and 4 "0000 to the Maine woods, and 200,000 to a O. A.R. encampment, and 50,000 to a Chantnuqna assembly. Those people put a heap dt money into circulation. That travel created jobs galore. We all beiiefitted, because the railroads hustled and got the people out. That's how the thing works positively. Now see how it works negatively. I was in the Northwest (opened, built up, developed, and populated by Hill's railroad) last fall when there was so much freight to be moved that shippers complained because they couldn't get cars. Unreasoning anti-railrond- itis hit the Northwest soon after that —and now up there are neary '100,000 empty, idle cars. There's nothing to move. I was in Florida this winter when the "anti" business compelled the Southern railroads to tnke off some of their crack trains and to shut up most of their big shops. Travel was only half what it was in other winters. .Result, only half the number of jobs open to you and to me. A year ago the railroads themselves employed 1,300,000 men. Three hundred thousand of those men have been thrown out of jobs by the "anti." How many other fellows' jobs have been affected by the laying off of railroad men? The Pullman people alone a year ago gave employment to 18,000 men, with 810,000,000 in wages. A couple of thousand men were dismissed. It was not only that the railroads "hold up" orders for Pullman cars, but also because the 14,000,000 passengers who traveled on 80(10 Pullmans did not represent enough business. "Anti" again. Railroad development itself gives jobs and circulates money to an extent not dreamed of until you get the facts. Ex-Senator Clark of Montana spent 820,000,000 oat of bis own pocket, building the newly completed Salt Lake Railroad. That employed 5000 men for three years. H. M. Falgler paid out nearly 810,000,000 in wages on bis new Florida railroad. The Pennsylvania and New York Central, together, are spending 8170,000,000 on their new terminals in New York. These and a score of other "developments" in the railway world have been checko.l by the "auti." Public hysteria on the subject of railroads has caused head railroaders to order their engineers to stop work wherever possible. "--Leslies Weekly. Forget Your Past. There is going to be a chance for the people of Covina to laugh with and at each other 'on the 1 evening of June 5th at the Womaus Club House. The managers of the Colonial Con- rert Minstrels, the concert and bhu*k- face entertainment to be given for the benefit of the organ fund of the Episcopal church, are gathering up local stuff about people around town and introducing it into sungs and jokes. Everyone will get a chance to laugh. Remember the wonis of the poet : "Laugh and the world laughs with .Von, Weep and wo nil repine ; A number nine shoo is the shoe tnr you If your fool. is a number nine." And iibing unh the riniirieii'-e ;md the 1'ilt uf the rag-time goes th<touch of pathos in the si-nt imenlal songs. Hi.w many tirr:es IIIIM the old 'Ji.iig of Stephen Foster's, "Old Black Ji:e,'' been' HI rig ID cpprf'ciit- tive and i rnei ;-'.'. 'lliis is ti. i.e nil (Se.rt'd bv a good baritone singer in costume, v.iih an aril iphom:! echo ({uart.etto singing in tin; distance. Thf) old classic, "]„'. eked In The Cradle (/I Tbe Deep, " is to le by one of the lo\'.est l,-t-M--i in vulley, with <i elj-iru-i of I .'.unt voices accompanying. Kentucky Home" i.nd Mm. illicit Old The '/ill cabin* of t and trie hull pan- l ring JOveniii^.' I y tl lieu rd fr i 'til th t;i! ion il.irli it 1 -with "Hake bat Chicken Pie." There will be l,!;i<'kfa<:e inoiiolouiH- wurk, niiile quartet ami mixed quartet belf-ctioiis, ladies' chorus v, ith iinionli^lit effect, topical .-i/nys, alto the new i.ittrintie song, ''(.'alifornia, " hy a uell knoisrj Miipi-iirio, and a tuneful ion^ with a inf.ral, written l.y atulerited n;ernl,ei of the K[ji-eopal ch'iir of' Cmii!H. T'A.I h' IU.T enter- tuiiiint-rit at j i iff--j le-;-i \\.-r-.:. voi;r car j fan- ti. l.'tt .\ liaele-j. j < iuntber'-s i:<.f-',i a; • eel. Clapp ;t i\-. V-iu. COVINA "A City Among the Orange Groves" above were the words which fell from the lips of Gcw. J. N. Uillett of California, wliett he visited recently this fair gem set in its semi-tropic surrounding's. No words more tittiug- could have been chosen in describing 1 Covina, the chief town of the far-fa-r.ecl San Gabriel Valley. Every boulevard ami driveway for miles in every directioit is flunked with peerless groves, and the very atmosphere in the early springtime is laden with the perfume of the orange blossotn and the trees laden with the golden ripe fruit. Along 1 these firm, oiled driveways, ornamental vegetation of the common and rarer sorts grows in profusion, and withal are the lovely homes set in spacious grounds, where roses thrive in such varied richness that they appear voluptuous even amidst indescribable Moral wealth. Sublimely eminent over the landscape that blesses the eye from Covina is the majestic peak of San Antonio and those of lesser altitude, but mine the less beautiful, of the Sierra Mail re range, with their snow crowns shining 1 and sparkling like jewels. Covina lias no rival in Los Angeles county for beauty of situation. Enhanced by the marking's of civilization, its scenic loveliness, viewed in broad perspective, is hardly surpassed anywhere. There is little danger of iticuriug 1 any tourist's resentment by advising- him to tarry at Covina for UK re than a casual glance about him. Many things he will treasure in me.norv arc to he seen in and about the pretty burg. BIRDSEYE VIEW OF COVINA To the homeseekcr Covina extends a standing 1 invitation, The right hand of hospitality is all ways Pxhiiulil to all worthy people to cast their lots with ours and enjoy the grandeur of mountain the perpetual gladness of vernal life, fruiting- and flowering- in perennial concert, an atmosphere blending- the azone of mountain tops wi.Ui the tincture of 'he s a. the conveniences of civilization, and an opportunity of securing hand.-iome returns for their labors in the cultivation of our groves. Covina was incorporated as a city in 1'JOl, anil at once look rank as one of the best governed cities of California, which position it holds steadfastly. Our population is estimated at 2500. Covina is located twenty-one miles east of Los Angeles in the upper San Gabriel Valley. It is connected with Los Angeles and other points by the Southern Pacific railroad and the new Hue of the Pacific Electric^ which furnishes hourly service, with a running tiine of 35 minutes, through many miles of the finest orange groves. The public schools of Covina are the pride of the people and the buildings arc constructed after the most approved modern plan. In all respects they are up-to-date. Our high-school certificates are accepted in the leading colleges and universities. East and West. Grammar school graduates accredited in the high schools of California and all other slates. The people of Covina are, emphatically, church-goers, and each of the six different churches are well attended. The Methodist and Baptist denominations are both building new edifices to accommodate their respective congregations, which had'outgrown their present church buildings. No saloons exist in the city, and those who desire to raise families amid good social and mora environments find here an ideal community. Covina boasts of a beautiful Carnegie library, built is 1005, which is largely patronized. An especial feature of the institution is the children's reading room. >:i\l>.) K.\.\i-ll IV,p:Hy ol .1 ||. A'l.l il 11! fe-.v i .,i;i111';s. : ' ii-•, iv n ii. :•> • .1; 1 in i ii < ',i 1:1 i 1:1.1. c,i n ! in 11- hi I' iii nil ,'i people n.ore II n i vei -.a ! ly i.;'. 'ill i -f! v, I'ii t '. • p. ;.r nl • 'I, i n ,ir,- I !i< • r; i i/i •:!.-, .,) ( ,,, ina. 'i IP- t <,vi na Mon.e Telephone ( om pa n > o< • o.i;ii ;-, i t-> o .vii , lii'lin .' ;i :i.-i i iii'iii vi •••> a c. .mplete .ui'i .'Hi': .nit h-M •• i' .-. ;-.ulii- rivr.i have tin- u-,c i.f over n M |j!j.,.i-.•-,, IN. H !i :i.j |'|-,-,. connect;.,n-, v, n h I in- t',•.-. in of A /.n a. (. !• n'loi ,i, S.i n I )i m.i *, ( h,i rl er i i i k. 11-wind ; i,- .i ml I'ti -ire. The ( ,,. j r, i ( ,,. -, i ",(,ni|;;i u •, , a.-', .i l',..,n : n -' r u ' i',h, (uri.jilii--, 1^,1-, |i,r h •.< n 1:: •:'{ :ind iilu MII ii..-I i <>;. '!.."• i.j n ( i ;i 'n -ic. 1.,,; n I ;ui<! l'i/v, i i i .'nii|j.'i u -, ! . r n i -,m • . ! i,.; n I f ><i (.c/vi iiri \inv.i\i- }. nu, * ,iiul ->li'-'l-.,,i.i) arc v. .-i i ii t • u ! ,••! hy a o'/ni JKI-I .• -, j h-in •.! i nr.a MCI li;;lit->. '1 l|f < .',v i na I. a in' iini! 'A'.tt • r ('. ni' i LI i.y , • 'ini! uy H. h. II imi j n^ t>,i,, I urn i.-.:...-. i ;p i.-.! y '.'. illi .1 |<nri! v. a ti-i nii|j|ii •/ K i,di-r i-XCi-lir ii' j;:-!-,-. I (•;. '.Vi- na vr In., u,r, i . na i and two .-, a vi n ;; •> ija :. ( ; •>. I lur .->' i ,{••*, uri: '/I hi^; Ii (<r'|iT and all le:idin^ iim-n •>! im^i m--.-. a t • r:-|yi'c-.en led. '1 hr \ r <-n(Ionic i» ;i n i ->i -.-. < on nl i y h</lfl. <Jur clul<-> art: of a -.ociai, litrrary and inusi':al naliirf. 'I'm: M>.unity ;i tt< rinon (Jni>, a ladie-.' literary, fc.lera i'.-.i or^.i :ii'/.n( imi, owning it hainlr.i'i;ie c! :i Ij-houtc mi llir i.'jiiier nf (,itj-|is avenue and Center street; the !• -/rt u r^h tly, a ;(<:nt ieuian'.-. literary club; the A in JHII'/IJ, a inusii:;il or^a niKUlioii; ;t n i the Covirm l^. iiuiry riiili, <.-ijiii|jjj.:(l Aiiiia .Mutable anil^ huiidnu;; 'I": San </abriel Valley Auto Ci ;'. with it , ,->i x t y-se veil auto-, make fr-'ijuent d"lii; lit tn 1 ruu.iovi-r the hue road way .•>; a mi the Covitii Valley I''ar[i,eri l hib. devoted to nort i<;ui t,-t ,,i and (ji> biii. jniere^in. (.ovina hii-> itlsrj it, lull quota of fr.tti.-rnai or._'.ini/;.i ti /n->. ( oviii.'i ra./k.-. i-, ; !;•• If I'll it,' ora n;.;.- di-.; rv -i of l,o -, A nt;e|c, r •-,>, n i y. 1'Jevcn i '.inj;|i-1el y i-(^\\\,\>i-i\ packing iiou.-j---, in'e I'-.j-jired lo jjrejjar-- tor nmiki-t tne t no.; -..i i.ii -, of i.arloiiili of 01,1 n|;e.-. which are. .shipped from tni-,p,,int a n nua i i y to t he ea -.tcrn market*. In annuiii .^hipn.en ti, (.071 na rank-, hr.->l in I ,o.-> Angcle.-> County .UK! third in th'.; world. The r.tiiiii^ of It -IIP n.-, i.-, iiU'/a leading indu.->tjy. ttenides our citru-, product-,, de<jiduou -> Iriu!.-, a: d berrie.-, <i\ evfiy kind ar»: j.<rov"n in ahui,dance. A^ri pru^ucta itud grain.-, gru-vn on idiujBsoutii went ol lm; city al-.o form a leading oomce of income. FOR SALE Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covina, also orange groves, .1, 5 and 10 acres, close, in, on electric road, suitable for subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina KERCKHOFB-CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. . I TO CATALINA Swift Service Via Southern Pacific Last Outward Landing; First Homeward Landing at San Pedro, INQUIRE OF AGENTS D, B, Schcnck, Agent Covina IMioiu; 1-H i. W. L. Griffiths A. Warner J. C. Thompson GRIFFITHS, WARNER & THOMPSON Orange Groves, Walnut Orchards, Alfalfa and Walnut Lands. Covina and Baldwin Park Lots Selling Agents E. J. (Lucky) Baldwin's Lands Home Phone 1089 Branch Office Baldwin Park COVINA, CAU Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 198 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and (!i:u lie llorst's, Careful Drivers Stylish Kitfs W. Mrulillo St.. on Ilie new electric line. COVINA, FOR SALE of choice orange, fruit and farming in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On iiiiini hue <;! railroad .iiid near !''i/ f <l tuv/ns I'icnlyol w;iier In- ulii a ninl. Tin. land ruin |)l IM- ••> SO 111 i- nl I hi- id--, I III I hi • a j |i • y a Iii I v. iii li'- 'III) divid'-d int(, ';i! i t|,n-i,)!, ,,i 11 pin i iia ,. i-, ai;<l -.oi' a t low jirii e--, iiii iM-.y ti-i in-,. Weekly I:\cursions to view Laiul J. H. MATTHEWS RI:AL liS I ATI- Sole District Agent Citrui A venue

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