Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1912
Page 4
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THE IOLA DAILY REGISTRU. MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 21,1912. The lola Daily Register Tlw lei« Daily Rteord and th« lola Dally r ln<l«x. . THE BEGISTBK PUBMSUIKCI CO. CHA8. F. SCOTT. l'r*s. anU Editor F. W. BRUVVSTBR ....Matuwer Entered at the lola- Pout ifflce as Becond- ' Clasii Mutter. Advertlsinc Rates Mxdc Knotvn on Application. Cant Fail "Wi Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Batsett. Official Paper of Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola, Cai City, Uanyon- vllle, Concreto, LaHarpt and Bacaett: One Week • lo ents One Month KK cents One Tear .'...'•.JS.OO BY MAIL: One Tear, Inside ountyr*... »2.00! One Tear, ouLside county ....)3.00| TELEPHONES: Business Office 18 Society Raporter •. 18 Job and Bindery X)ept 141 EDITOltl.lL (-ttRRESHWDENCE. irgo of formal Chicago. Oil. 19.—President Taft can and will be ric-clected. . This is j the positive asscrtiou made b.Vj Diroc-i tor Mulvauf, of th*- western bureau of \ \\\\s it«'|iublicaii. Xutional foii(imitti-<>, and Josopli H. Kealing. in cli tlx' organi»itioii work, in a BtatenK-nt issittd by fhon aftj-r can' vas.sluK tbt> polliiial sltualioni in all th«» Rtuies. If is llivir ilotibi-ratt' judj;- nunt that Tafl and SlKTinau will rc- oei\v UKO «>U'i-toraI votoa. Th«Jr stui«'ini'iit, issm-d ilils wiM-k from lht> lii>^|inlilii-an hi'iidiiuartcrs in tills oily, follows as a natural .oonsc- <iu«'«c«> to 111'' mass of ooiivinoiiiK <'V|- tlono*' wlilch lias b<><-n titi^idil.v pouring into .Mr. .MiilvaiioV otHof by niali «nd. jHTsonal inloiinatiou Uurinj; lia^l two w»>«'l<s. i'loof. that tlu;r<> has li«'c.n a inark<<J <liaiig.> of 8<ntiiii<nl IlirouBhont tli<" rounlry and that thi>.| Tafti-ansc is stv-adliy Kaininu has In^on' oviTwhi'lininK in its t-liai'ai'tor and CA LU M ET Baking Powder -—She has tried Calumet in every sort of baking test and s/ie kno:os. —This experience hask taught her that Calumet is pure—that its leavening' qualities arc perfect—that it never varies in uniformity. The economy of Calumet she has also proved—it costs ]es.s—goes further—prevents waste of materials. —This is the pleasing experience of cvcrj' woman who has used" Calumet. Have you tried it.' Grocer give* you money back if not satisfactory. ^ Eaav******* *********** **Zal I y::;:::;::::;::;;!:":;;.'. s;::::::":."JJ.".vJ""'.: 11 lliifeil RECEIVED HIGHEST AWARDS World's Pure Food Expoiition. Chicazo, III.. Pari* ExpoaiUon, France, Marcb, ISI2. iiiiHi!!'!'!*'^ m (PME BAKING! CHICAGO^ Home Health dob By Dr. Darld II. R««der, Laportr, Indlaniu '1*' ot tho fait tba; l-.-ior to tli.- i-on- I,,;, u,.,,, ,.vp,- b.ior.- in th.- his'ory has .rotut> from evory sin-tion of tlu> country. It lias not bwn soujjhi. On th«' contrary it lias Ixt-n voluntarily volition lii-was I!•.; l •:uio.-ci lUo IJt'K.-i- submitti'd. .\ Taft wavo has swopi ••volt l"oro«'s in .-iial.' li.ivoi across the country and as tsich Uepul' l>onm'n's doolaration tliat tho nomina- licsan, loader has observed it in hos ! tion wits not stolon for I'rosidont T;'.f( own loca:lity ho promptly rcpof'tt'd il and that ovon if all tlio soals r<ally olaitnod by I'olonol Hoosovoli 1>.,«I ion iiaxins spiH-ial Mi -.nilioam-.' Ij •-; all kiiids of pio^io—with v.aj;os lii':ili- i started on a nsont trip into iowa to headquarters. ^Yithin the past ton days Director MiJlvanos mail has quadrupled, a splendid evidence of th< lively interest on the part of Ropubli- caus in the campaign. They are now not only awakened to the vital ne<-es- sity. of electing I'residont Taft. luii they are confident that this will b< the outcome. • • • The sensation of the week in tho political world, of c,ourse, was the attempted assassination of Colonel Rous evjelt at Milwaukee on Monday night. Equally, of ctjurse, every right thinking American citizen deplored the act. rejoiced to know that it rosiilted in i' slight wound, and experienced a f'-f-l- ing of great relief hi the knowU-tigi tliat the man who committ<-d the iriin. was plainly doinenlod. It is tilts last fact wUich robs lb< deed of all political Bigniticanco. Wlion a man charges the gentle spirit ol \Vm. McKlnley with" having Incited him to murdor, nothing more ls"n<'<vl- «>d to show that the assault was th< deed of a disordered brnitl. The iit- jempf. fhi»refore, which was jiromptly made by Colonel Uoosevelfs manager, to capitalize tho crime for tlie bejiedi of ih<» Tliird Term party has fallen fiat and the nnivors;»l opinion is that ihe result of the approaching election will be in no way influenced by it. on- cept us .Uie withdrawal of Coloiii' Roosevelt from the Mump may wit or lobfc him vqtef. Colonel Bryaij put the case ver> cleverly when he said that' the issuot at stake in this campaign "must b- settled by the> rather than tin insane. A maniac, however eowar.ll> ••Hid dastardly ho may bo, is not the arbiter to wliom 10 submit a presidentia ; contest." TIk? campaign wiil |iroc''<-<.'• therefor, along the linos, alro.-id: marked out, for the issu.-s tiinain ili- same and tho ouicoino-is iiuiie \\v less important. • * • The Rtpubliean campaign lias bis;: given a now impetus by the entraiict into the field of tlire<' strong champions of the adiniiiistration, Sccrelarx of State Knox, Secretary of War Stun son aii^ S«cro-aiy of the interioi Fisher; The Si^retary of State, on Jijs return from the funeral of the Kmperot of -Japan, delivered several s;)e*xhes In Washington and Oregon and wil' speak at other points on his, way across the continent. There are few men in America who can make sc strong an argument as Secretarj Knox, and his meetings, even in what have|been regarded as strongholds ol the opposition, hare been chai;acter- Ized by their enthusiasm. Secretary Kisher has bobn In Hawaii on oSicial business, and also co.m- mands a large and Interested hearing while Secretary Stimson, speaking ir New York, has presented the issues, o) the campaign In a most Impresslvt way. . For Uie first time also Governor IX>ne<ti of Illinois, has this wtx-k f trouEl>:, cumi' out for j'uft, his ]>uki- be»n awardeii to him ht- would s;;:! have been in tho'minority. rossUn;! it; his promptly being annex'-d to ; '.• .An.-uiias Club by the CoIon>-l wim gave out a sizzling staioinont in wliicl- (he governor was not only dfiiobno- : as a Jiar but as a crook and a thi;:i- blc-rigger and various ot!ur ii'ii»ii>:!.<- ant things. TJi<' fioM'Tnw'A inlluen!- in this state Ms potent, however, and his support of President Taft will have much weight with those wlio b^- Ueve ho would not misrepresent \\\^-farts out of any ronsidonition <if iwr- ty regularity. * * * Hut it is the coininon .•<eii.-i.- and • I he oil inlry. iho nii'ii wliose chief c.-f.- . corn Ik tho f;ill iliiiiK-r pail are axk- j ing themselves "why a <han,so7"" With thoir books cr;»wdo,l wiih orders that; will ke-p evory wheel turning for months the manufni-turors are asking "wliy a change?" With th> <r ware /rooms lilled with buyers getting ready for the vinti'r trad<> tho wholosa'.ei-s and jobbers are asking, "why ; ihange?" Witii their stores packed with cnstoiners w::!i wvH tilled purs"s the retailers are asking "why ;t change?" .All aloin; tho line goes tho iiiquirj i:nd nobody'si-i-ms able to give a reasonable or satisfactory answer to ii f.vceiit a iU'^ativ«' one. Tho ps^'.-iio- lo.gical elTi o! of the endless reiietltio! M)f that qii'Siiun has bo.-n shown iti lirmly convinrtO ihat Wilson's ••b-c- (ion was Inevitable but returned in- ihiisiastie lor T.ift. ro|)orting that his ten dajs tliroiiah tho HaAvkeye State • had showti him that thi- seiitiaietit in favor of Tafl was hardly b-ss stron.;; among DeiiuxTatic than atnotig Ke- pnblioan btisiiioss men. " From St. I.ouis. to «ite.. .-mother illustration of Ihe rapidly cli.-sngiii.a sentiment, ilioro went into the treas- •.:ry of tlie Ntuional Kepublicaii cotn- inittee tlie other day flO.OnU snbscrih- I'd by toil Democrats who are satisti<-u with conditions as tiny are and do not want to take chances of a change. ClIAS. P. SCflTT. VO IMMIJKSTKIN. (S.IS 0J{ A sm K .ST».M.\(I1 rape'* Diapep^in" .S'ops FcriiipnlH- tnanv wavs hero in Chicag., at ! »'"> •\'.»'"-\'»""'- «»';,'' S«<"»>irli , ." , . ,' heel line in live .Minutes, tin- begninitii: of tli-- i-:<nipaig;t lli<- ; feeling was nniv.-r.sal that Ti;fl had no i u-un-Nr »;,i,r ..iL-et your slom;.c;.- ^oiind judgment of tin- pioplo. .ifi - r! show, .\early every .!ay imw nWw iire \xii|,ii y. rli.m of t'le foid did tlie datti- all, that is doing ninr.- lo brigh' .• ' i-oiniiii-, iiiio these headipiatie-.-.^ >cr .igofl—dn you? W<-ll. doirt bother. If the |{<'|»n!ilf<an sky thiiii .-iij.vihii;;; . .'iieraitiri' or tenilfring their ser\!ifs I'ls"-. "Why ;i ehati;;"?" \\\\ some other w.iy. who were wi-;iriiig That is tin- iiaestiiiti tliat nn'ii 'li j Wilson biitions two weeks .-igo. "\\\< \ ^ no l.-ss Itopublicans thou than selves and asking eaoh every walk of lif,-v are asking tlie;ii- were Dth.r. Wihji:o\v ItM.llny believed that 'I'lift eci'li! the "Want" pag<'s of the daily neu , not be i-leeii d and they now bi'li^\<- papers lir.fd with advertis.'iiirnt:; .,i "help Avalited"- all kind;! ';f work 1 h" oan b'-. .V notable instance of Ihat was a Cliic'igd biisinesii man \v !io It is not alone the convenience, or the freshness, or the crispness, or the unusual food-value, or the digestibility, or the cleanliness, or the pric«, that has made Uneeda Biscuit the National Soda Cracker. It is the remarkable combination of all of these things. If everyone, everywhere, loiew how good they are, everyone, everywhere, would eat therii—every day. Sold by grocers in every city and town. Bought by people of all classes. Always 5 cents in the moisture-proof package.^ NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY .ur .•:<!a;;:'.i i.^, in a levo,.: if Minr. , an! :i;.-o;. jind wl;ar .Mil jii.-t uti- lia.^^ fi>niicnt"i! irstn stiitili.)rn ''.•ii:ie ; ,1 iia.-.;!. ;.l i;:'-..' .iiil a-ins; •'. h u.(>e!i and a<-itl;i .•inil eruotnte ' ,1 luo;!j b!<:ii;i foul. t;;ngue laiol -jii-i take a little |iiapc)>.-in • n ills lue i:>lnii;.< >i.ii truly vlll v.eii.lcr wl.:i' l-e.;i:ii.' nf tile ln:|iges- :im and li!^tI••-> .\lilHons of men imil woaieii toda> tliat it U nei-lics.< to l-.ave bail 'ctiiHcli. .\ little liiapepsin (K-oasion .i!iy kocj.s t'.iiy ileii -ate organ regti- !.ite(! and tluy o;i: tl.oir fav )rito fiKitl-. -.' ithont foaf. If your stpmacli i|i>o-n't take r.tre your liberal limit wltlioiit rebellion; if niii- food i-i :; dua.aue in.-tead of a ' ieniei:;bor tlf (|«u-ko;-t, surest. l;,-ir;n-'' -• ri'.icf is I'ap'-s Diapo.i- iii wliioli c,>?:.< iiiiy fifty eenls for 1 lar^^o o;it:.' at tiriiu s-terc-. I;'s truly v(m':»rfu!—it digi'-i,< I\..m1 and s-et.- •iitncH straigitt. s • -^I'ntly and ea?ii: aal 'it is ie:i"y •'' nisliing Please .»r .ou'.ir s-t' !•. ildit't U.I <m and on wiri- . wfik. i'.;^;: del oil sti):i:a(!i; it's so •tfiii' -I s-a 1 y. SII.O S«V' ('it.iiiles i;.' : '. TIII.S ! VK.MEK k TliniMgli '.I Feed S' li;e- inter. W II M-ir.n -..^ ;' ! n< :i .--I.-o'li: • i: 1 a(!»<i .:te a: 1. iai arii may .• ; o •• a-: !.!• cdi'M (itily • : .Tc: e-- .if k::ffir -n: •• [• CrirnoU i^ <••• one yi .TJ '.• • •: 11 .-econi' •: a - rop ofi into his v\' I ot:' iliis .voar. and ;.e Twelvt; ac.-e f kafflr cojTi t,;ist >':ir. says tl-c ; f.irnf-it K"viciv. y,- I.r.iiuM a ?ilo anti |l-i(l It I lit' \\\^ on Lis r:uin. IfV a hur' j I'l'-i t n siio 1.:..-,' season. l;o 'nail t:" , '•'•!at'.-!i ;-j-i!iiniI lo.ctry !i\oIy for .stii:' ! 'it iiii; into t !;<• and then only i-iit HI' i;;'r:y-li\f tuns, ttiid and -Irnrs : I nrt .jf it tt->s <'.i's tliat Imdn't i!on« ; \.- V w.'l i;:!'' thirty-live head of i !'<i;k t" winrer. .imi he w-is aft aid le t .iiiln't havi- etc-.i.::'!! silage lo see ; l;eni liiriHiih 'il! :;rss< came again 1..- I'idn't stir.t hi- .-tiK-k—fnd their •all t;!oy neeiie.!—and he says w-hen he .: ::ot i|::wn to the i.ats. the cafle weto . f.-'ir!y < 'a-z.y for it. and he h'ld to fltrht : f-'oiti li;. k Inorder to get the food ' I'ore tl ey roiilil 2et at it. To make a lonu story short, t'lsl ; t'i'i-tv-Ovo tons of silage la.-fod tho thirty-live heii! of st,i-k ui) to .May i v.len tl!i> jiastiires were lino. '•The null Moose Ne«ds Hay." an- notmces the Kmnoria Can-tt". "If yon can't give a bale giv»- a wisp—!f \iin hav.- no alfalfa, give tip somt ; chop fe"d." A N*ow Party "Fonnder's ; Certlricate l.i offend for cash, and re, ealline Roosevelt's I'liH campaign of •'he tKiO.iino contribulioi<s. this Is added: "If the iMMjple don't linance their own politics, (he men who do flnuiire politics will control the government." The OnNof-door n 'o^aii. This is the month of October; are] you women of the country and country towns,—yes, and of the cities—enjoying It? AVhen yon got up this morning did j you notice how fresh and crisp the ' air was, and did you dress hurriedly and set ouit of doors and breathe it deeply once, twice, yos a dozen timesj of that fresh, criso, pure air? Uld you? Perhaps you slept in a closed bedroom, and got up feeling drow'^y. and'more tired than when you v.-«-nt j to l^ed. Did you? If you did yon dressed drowsily and shuffled out lo •the kitchen and got a breakfast of i dried meat, fried iiotatoes, fried eggs. [ and a bate): of nice greasy gravy, and i strong colfiec. and you sat down and j helped eat that breakfast b<'rore yon j had so mnoh as stuck your nose out of doors Did you do that? Why did you do il?| Have yo\i noticed and admired the beautiful cjolorings of the foliage this month? Hsve yon noticed how beautiful are till late autumn leaves; the | iioldi-n rod. ibe eolden glow and tb" j hollyhock^ Have von invited one or; three of your neIg:jbor wonu n ;iiid i made it a iiart.x of four ;<> go to tb^ ' woods with yon anil eiijo.v ih.- day to Its fullest? If you haveii'i do It. not only nine, Imt a.s ofieti as you can. Store up a little, surplus . ii. rgy ami snaio plensant recollection for tie-1 gloomy days that are coming. .Nature is doing lur utmost rit-.'nt now to make yon linppy. to show you thai life is worth living, and have you deliberately and repeatitlly tuni.d yo'ir back upon her, have scorned Iot adviinces,— yes, even insulted ber. I)i> not de<-elve yourself that yon Clin do this with Impntilty. .Nature i.^- ftenllo and Itlnd nnd even lavish wii'i iiiT favors, but sliels exaeiing; e\.ji as Sliylo<-k^ will sIk- demand her poUnd of tiesh. Kxousi>s and promise:; sli'> ilotests but she will Inirken lo tie- I gentle wooing of thos.^ who know anl love her. .Now Is the time to niako her aei|naintanct\ This will serve you as an introduction; m*-*-! her in lo-r magnitleent roeoptioii room, the out- of-doors. Health in contrast to Wealth, cannot 1k> inherited, it must be merited. What have yon doin> to earn It? Someone has said: "For the out-of- doors woman, October is thi> crowning month of the year. Not to the woman who must bo accompanied by a fish rod or a rifle, but to her who loves the out-of-door worlil aloiH' for its beauties. June Is wonderful with the ripeness of summer, but Octob'^r holds ihe full bloom glory of the year, the riot of briliunt coloring, t!ie bright sun and the cool breeze, the spicy aroma of maturt>d fruits and autumn flowers. Now haVe arrived these mystics, hazy days when barred windows cannot shut out the brightness of the (A-- lober world. Now the nature loving woman of all ages dons a short skirt and stout shoes and walks forth—not on the city pavements, but out in the country. Every woman knows the joyous freedom of the short skirt and the hat which will stay ()\\ without urging, and find her way among the yellow and red browns of the ()etob-r ooiintTV. llefore her return of course, tin re will be a campflre. around which the woman and hot-companion will roast .•I few cars of !;ffe Indian corn or po- tatw's; enjoying, not only the substitute for afternoon tea. but eraekllng blii7e .Tnd the odors of burning leavrs. Mind .von I did not s:iy to stejij corn or potatoes from neighboring fli'ld-i. but .von can hardl.r be exi)e<ied ic carry them as you would a bit of salt. But remember. If yi.ii are aii out-of- door woman and busy woman, that these joys, like Christmu-s. come but once :i year and the time for October. The Preacher says: " its pray." The nature-loving, out-of-door boily ssiys: "Let us smile." Club \«les. Dear Doctor: Maytiard I am writing yon to'ask if .von <-:in loll me the cause and give me the remedy foi- distressing itching. There is no eruption. It commenced Ion my back, but now has moved to oth<r j'arts of my body. I spend half the night rubbing and b;ithing, but e;iii get no relief. An-immediate reply wll be greatly appreciated ^Mrs. K S This severe itching in your c;i.s<- i.< ttndoubtedly cau.sed from a nervous disorder. It is known luid'-r lli. name of Priiitus. Persons frtriuently sufler from such itching of iJi- skin without apparent caiisi- and it often baflles every effort to overcome., it Somi-tim(?B it Is caus<'<l by tight cloth- ins, woolen or rough garments, harsh soai>r. poisonous. dyes, in garments skin diseases, intestinal and s.romach disorders; kidney and liver diseases. As a general rule itching can 1>'' •;r-a:!y relieved by washing in wurm wj:ter containln.g sniphurrate of I'o:- ash and borax in libi-ral <|iiantities ' spirits of camjdior in a previously heated mixture of borax ant- glycerine is exci'llent. Kiinal part* of roRowafer. distilled extract of wiij h-ht'zel wil! prove a fine preparation in many cases. Bathing in warn ivater should Iw fncpiem bat ban! rubbing should be avoided. In mahy nervous disorders I hav< found the internal use of asafoetida pills or powders of benefit. He snr' to ke<'p the bowels freely onen. It depends very much on the individ tial case what further measure* should he taken to gain pTmanent rejiof. The measurif?s mentioni'd car .ill bf trW to advalrtage. All readers of this publication arr at liberty at al' tlines to write for Information pertaining to the subject of health. Addresi? all communications lo the Home Health Club, t,t>%9 Cottage Grove ave.. Chicago, 111, with tame and address in full and nt least four cents in postage. The Krie Record notes that a marriage license has been Issued to .lohn W. Miller of Allen 'county and -Nora flrooioer of Neosho county, both of whom gave their age as 22 years. Above All Venn's Bread Thafs All I Wood Investment Company V;illia:n Trine. M-r. MGT0Ui;v(i .;r .s, UK vcuos AND AKL. SMAIJ, .^illiSK'AK INSTkH.VIlONTS Si.'i:;:!;;.-;.F .t ,)::::•.'; for S':im<'. 112 West Mad i.^on lola, Kansas J. I». .\U>KiT. Pnvldeut Jm: MrKIM.jiv, <'tishl«T J. F .M«ai. YJ .e-l're>lUenl. K. F. .Mcri .VIN. .\sM. CasU. FOI.OVKI. I,an yon, 'Jnd \ lr«-Pn>ident, State Saviiis;^ Kaiti^ lOLA, KANSAS \ We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings Accounts. Safety Deposit Boxes Free to our Customers. IOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. HOBTILLE, Pres. TV. S. KAUFMAN, «nd TIee Pr«. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECK, Ylce-Pres. F. O. BEKSOX, Asst C««Um S4FETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BENT. THOS. H. BOWLDS, PmiMfuI J. P. SCOTT, CmtUtr Alien County State Bank IOLA, KAjNSAS ESTABLISHED A gUABTEB OP A CE.NTUItT. Capitai $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 OfTEREST PAID OX TIME DEPOSITS i SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB ItEKT fola Daily Register, Octofier t\; 1812. y:^/^ ix^^.-.T.-. :six ^cpMeioiNSr<;<jF; Catoiit^*WeeaapaB.«nU >RT9at &ma( coatecntxredatao. >a<lvrcs«at llicm at tiii» eflie* wl!l> the ext»cBM homa axaotathm-a (etoppMft^ mny Uft» of Vietioumrr (elected (wkach cotcis t^a iUms cf tkv catt of padmr. exprm (mm tkd factsrr. chedkinc. detfc fcirs aed ot!wr fUcaaary C}^PEHSE iUswj. •ad nccwe your cboica of t &ew Uires boo!:s: New WEBSTCR<AN "S" 1912 Xhe S4.00 (I-'-e illustrations in the annotmirements from day to day.) Tliis dictionary is Kf r {«nblisl;ed oy^ the original jshcrs <f Web.jtc.-*s dictionary ^or by their successors. lti3tiieoxLVc.ntiri.-ly yew compilation by the world's!^ }Trca ;;-.t authorities fr..,t:i K-ading t.nivcrsi'ies; is tiound in;5 DICTIONARY- •• ' •-— • —• " •- — -- Uluslratcd rotiaded, _ , . are raaps and over 6co subitvrts t;;-autJriin>' ;ili:itr::t-.-d by thrce- > The $3.00 Ji is exic'.'.', ih-: cam-flllC t2£0- U ia cl ».=n eloth bini | 19 ll'i ;«.'*» .b<)<-l;. ^=-'Nciv *• rtampeil ta Ku!d ^ •- - - j^i js.l U.-, «an.« * fdees ..r-.i IQonu.ot ' »'5i>'r3 I B«.=««» ol II • r-rnris. SIX » O 4 ' '-n -'IV''- , ^P* ' AQwSI

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