Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 23, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1908
Page 2
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COVINAA City Among tlrie Orange Groves THE CO VINA VILLA TRACT Js absolutely the most beautiful suburban tract on the market today. J'yvery lot a bargain. Tiii-rcoviNA VILLA TRACT Is in the heart of Covina. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 minutes from Los Angx'les. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Will be supplied with the purest mountain water, piped to every lot. Klectric lights. Streets graded and oiled. Cement walks. TIIK COVINA VILLA TRACT Combines every essential city convenience and coveted country cotn- lort. High and Grammar Schools. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Prices rang-e from $200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the^tnarket today. They possess every element to insure profitable returns. ?3ie COVINA VILLA TRACT J. L. /WATTHEWS AS0?EL N T J. B. COULSTON CHAS.NIQ10LL Lots $2OO and up Every Modern Improvement California Prisas Asdbciution. V^"im«vj i •' i i/. 11 m ,->' i ! Tlio Virginia in conducted by Mr. D. Report of the committee on resolu- M- Liunitrd, and iti under the same tiotiH allowing thoao who extended management as the Hotel Maryland co.urteaies to the A sane hi thin during "^ A J asadena. Both are first olaHs the trip to Southern California on hotels in every HOIIHO of -the word. the twentieth annual excursion, from Wliilo at Long Bench tlio party wus April 2Uth to '20th, 1JIOH. ontorUiinod liy the Long Beach Chain- fJKNKRAL ITlNKKAItY. '"''' "f Commerce with an auto ride; April 21 Long Beach and Heel.. : many of thn t-ditorn went a hoard the April U2-- KivorHido. battleships, and in tho evening vvo April 2.'! San Bernardino, Arrow- wore the nuesls of the ladies of Iho head and Itedlmnl.H. ; Kboll Club. April 2-I Han Diego. i Our next, stop was at Riverside, April 25 Cnronado and Point, beautiful, restful, Kivorsido. We Loraa. i wore (tarried thithnr over tho Hun April 2d Los Angeles. '. Pedro., Los Angeles and Salt Lake, April 27 Uoac.hoH and Kedondo. railroad. It, was a most delightful April 28 - Pasadena. ride through a beautiful country. HOTKLS. At Kivorsido wo ttonped at. Hotel April 21 Virginia Hotel; April (Jlonwood, at, once comfortahlo and Ii2-2'l - (ilonwood Hotel; April 21 homelika, audwil.lial grand in tier- US Hotel del Coronado; April 21! vice and art istu! in appointments. It, -27- Hotel .Haywi'id. is conducted by Air. Frank A. Mil- Tho Twentieth Annual K.vcurNioii ler, one of the inuht. genial of hosts. of the California J'I'OHH Ainsociat.ion He in assisted by his sister, Alrri. JIIH). ended, WIIH one of Hut mnsl Alice Kic.hardson, who HO adniiraldy pleasant of the many onjo.yablo trips conducts the Tn\ ern at Lake Talma taken by the AHsnciation. It gave during the summer months. At IIM a 'glimpNit of the urandciir and liivernido wo were taken for an elci.i- bininty of our glorious slate, and trie ride of thirty inilcH Ihrnuuh has shown us thill iiian's energy, fragrant manno HI'UVOH, and the River- coinbined with nature's nifls, can nc side Chamber of Cnmmereo alno look cnnililish much. The beuulicH ;,f the party in aulnmnhilos to the top (d' tho southland have been pictured Kubidoiix Mountain where a view of many t imes, hut truly "Iho hall has the mirronnding enuntry was paun- never been told. '' ramie. We were received with open aims, From Riverside, Iho party wont. In nnd cordially iiml enl Ine-i i.-l ica 11 y San ltd nard inn whore the l!»aid n! welcomed with a Imspila I it y ibid was Tiaile of Ibal city n;el us iiiul we unli n nded. \\ e saw imi di and v. ero taken in special electric cms in I earn eil much id Sniil In i n t 'a I i t. if I he wondei'l n I A i i m\ head, while we nia Ihi.s sunny land n| the s\e-,t, had li.nehinn at the l.iaiititul Ari.nv Ibis eardeli :• 1 nl i.l I he ca! ; h. held lintel, mana-jed h\ .1. M. l.'e.'K. Fi.rtiie in.iM.V emu tesic-, rieii'.id l-'imn A ri i n\ In ad lint Springs iK-us ol. this Irip We i'Ue niir Ilianl;.- t.i the an abiind.ince nl \\ater at a len:|i 1:1 t ralihpni I at inn i Mil] .an ie 1 ,, I he \ a ri., us lure nl I '.' i! d-'H 11 i s v. h i eh i-. I • ur Chambers, nf ( 'oiiiir.erci . Iln In id d( t-.l'ces hmlei ! !i;.n the (aim u-. I.. I inan,-ij.-einenl s, the ne\\.-| ,i| er iratei .'-prints n| ( ail.-t.inl. liciin.iny. 'i lie llity in the eitiis ',\e \i-.iti-d, an,I In hotel i- Inhaled I'll the Ilinunlam 'ide Snuihern I'al i f- rn in hi'esiileiil.s in .|Us| under the Acrnwhead and cnin (.'ineial. niiiads a \ icw ul the ^loat \alley be The i \ciirsinii pariy htl Third and b-w. Townseinl Streets, San l-'i anei-.-n, nil -\t U'eilb-.nds \> i- were inei by the Apiil 21Mh, ai 3 n'clnck p in., and U'eillands linaid .-t'Tiaile, and taken went diiect In I.nut; liiach m >-r ihe in lallyho-i "\{f the lamnus .Mi-Kin i-cenic Cnasl Line nt the S:iitlnrn le\ dii\e, an, in: liiimitnl hollies, I'ai'ilic. This is a |ii;'lui esi|in- ride and in Sinilev 1 11 i ,j I is, , m nt' I he and i-vi-ry cninlnii is I1 iiveler. \\ il h us i he cilic ( 'nil.| an v si i ary, Mi. .Inhn S. i 11 (.' and c', 11 e e n i a Msl in >u i' uan til\n;i .1 (-luces Al Lnn,' lit • -h picturesque routes in the state. Here tbe election of officers took place,' resulting as follows: Friend W. Richardson, Gazette, Berkeley, president for the sixth time by acclamation; Paul \V. Moore, Facts, Kodlftnds, vice-president; Duncan McPhei'.'ion, Sentinel, Knuln Cruz, treasurer; Uran A. King, Herald, Ijonicift, secretary; executive committee officers e.N-olIiido and the following editors: (!. b, Daniels, En- ((uirer, Oakland; F. U. Mackinder, Htar, St. Helena; H. S. Olmstod, Journal, Han Kalael; D. J. Reese, Free Press, Ventura; 11. (.!. Tinuley, Review, Pomona; W. A. Shophard, Herald, Auburn; Wallace C. Brown, Review, Patiillo ((rove; L. P. Hathaway, Citizen, Palo At in; J. B. Stanford, Ui.spatch-lJemocrat, Ukiah; JO. V. Dewoy, Journal, Hanford. The San Diego Chamber of Commerce chartered a boat, and took the party for a ride around the bay. At noon a lunch WIIH served at Rosoville I Pavilion, and then wo wore taken in Itallyhosto Point Loma Homestead, | tho central homo of the l!ni\er.>,al Brut herhoodaiid Thnosnph leal Society, under t.h.- leadership of Mrs. Kulber ine Tinuley. The pupils of the Ixajn Yn;,'M Schoid hud prepared a two hour pro|;iam tor us and Mrs. Tin^ley was hersi II present, and at, tlio ro- ijuesl ol niir president made an in 'teu-stini: talk. The exhibition given i b.s the children was m.irv elnu.s i.nd 1 w e nt i he i-r(':ir< ocitainlv ucnl away i ' .', 11 h a hi'tti'l' u lnlei •,! n n; I Ili'J nt this rcii aihahle uiuiiair.s ^it-at work. ()ur in \t sli;|i \vas at. Lns AIIJ.M Ics, the toetlopolis (it the s.iiith, wheie mil hi ailijiial l_i i s n| |\sn day.- wen at t he I Intel ! la \ \\ai d, all lip tn ilate lire ] i nl hoi ill iln; i'. 11 h sph n.i ul ap | nll'.t men! -. I : -|'| i''i »r ah.I iiiK h, -i. U I ell jn\ id ii I j,|e enjoyed a grand Juncsheon at the Hotel Mnryland under the auspices of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, at which tbe Mayor and prominent odlcinhi greeted our association. Our ride troni Los Angeles to Pasadena and return was over the Pacific Electric — « great system well managed in everj detail. Tlio home trip from Los Anyeles to San Francisco was made over the Southern Pacific and we returned to our several homes ha\ inn enjoyed and profited by our trip. The Association also desires to return thanks to the American Type Founders Co., and to the Zel- lerhack Paper Co. for remembrances. The Committee if if. be permitted, wishes on behalf of the Association membership, to sincerely thank Mr, Friend W. Kiohardson, onr president, for the magnificent manner in which ho handled the details of the trip. As an executive officer nnd excursion manager ho has no equal; wo are willing to follow wherever he leads. lie.spcetf'dlly submitted, W. A. HHKPHAUD, Herald, Auburn ; J. P. BAUMCiARTNKR, .Register, Santa Ana ; J. \V. BRACK HIT, Search I it; lit, Redding; L. P. 11 ATI I A WAV, ( 'iti'/cn, Palo A Ito; .). SHKUDAN .MclHiWF.LL, Ar^us, . \lameda; I C. D. RAIX'LIFFK, Sun, Merced ; j WlNSLuW L. RIDKULT, , Hi (>, Lakepnrt. | Resolution ( 'omiiii lit e, ('ai It'ornia ' EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE •••••••••*•• Fine Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware .'•! i . i I. ( '. I'Y', n-a 'i is i e i- an acciinim. ile al Li'-- . \nudi s \\c . i\ el I he lailmus Ha I I be Hi' -I a I t I.-l ic P;i W( lid. T|-:. a --| i-cii! I i ml- s ,,u I Ii v t \\ ii MII..KI i I i . I h. rs, and ale --. a \ i i > i Id li.- nn >\ n w in 11 1 \ I i,.- - -ii i \ |\ i ni,' hi nth i r, en: i. !;.ai,. m a- V- K. Sinilev. i .1 .1! i nd.- nue.s much I o I lie Sllll ie\ bi , Ihel •• The n c M si- | • w a • - .1 the \\ i: I ' i '. i-linu i:ed II, let .lei ( ni. liadn al San ; t he | .n i \ m 11 (,• 11 inn Pi\ i i sjiie |i. Sllll DietZn n\i 1 l|,e S.llll.. l''e. 'I ii's i ead extends ! i u: i h-.s ;i|. 1,^tin .11 an and is i m it the n . .-t •• i - | I . I :. I II I'll il-'l! Ill III ll I I M w h(:i i- v. e had a c> n. niiind I n •_• a \n \> si, nl ll.i I alt li-sl.i j, tii i i, \\ it h ( 'alal ma e e\[ erl Hialia^e A n i » in^; .1! V. el e cntel tililn d i e d 11 u 11 D I 1 n I e I I V . . t 'hlili,! el' nf ( '.Till,i 1 Vi'. ' ' I all i \ellillL: I lCepl inli \I,L.I Ie-. ( 'hainhi r nf Cmn ,:. I i i in ll.' nl m \\ sp i| i i cii i .'en-, it Lns A n^e b •• '.:*• l.i I lie ir city. d.i\ ua-< delight full V > I nil i I I n 11 ,r u ay a si..(, \\ as i ci b hi at rd CavvM i.n I Is , ,'il '-. in h I '.isa.b n:i. \\ e ilsi l;..- ide Pasadena 1 \ t l.r t (.mii(i ce and ;.- IM-II a .iiitn i i.h the 1 . ai.t i - ! I',.' , :,l\ Pa-.i ; |i",:i. A t I'l. •I' w e l;\cur;iion K.ttes. ! Hummer eM-urviuii rales in I'acilic C'.ia.-t will be iiiiule Irom Kartell! lrrritnr\ (or cmninL; s-eas.nn. HUM is will bu ore tare rule iif sixty ilidlar-s t'riiin Mi.isi.nri River; sixty SCUMI from St. Li. iii?; seventy two Hity ti'iiiii ('hie'ago ,lnm> lirst to Sep tembiT thirtieth. Ti;'r:els ;it same ratei \\ill tie. hold tinin sunn- terri- tniy to Sao l''raiiciscn and Lns Anm les and San 1'ii-^o lor li-.ilt b-hip l-'ieet rclebialinii. Sale dates April' tniirtband lifth and .\iril twenty- litlli and t \s rut Y si >.t h. Same fares will iil.-n bi- adopted fer Usual rln>t • Lniuiil excuisinns fioia I'acilic d as,t. Tulai'e land iiii.~es ni.niL.'is. all k i -ids nt iriiils ,'-.nd \ r^eliibb s I i I i i fret i, n. * ' -me up w it b us . in Friday and .-re (Ian:. ,1. H. M;»l I iu-w», (. i \ ilia. I'h. lie .")UOl. DEPOSIT MONEY WITH A.OE1NT BRSNQ FRIENDS I : ROM THE EAST un';.:' M.ii.'h ,'ii.i', \pril. Se-,)iid iJl:-.-s tii.k-''s will be sold at very; li-.-rn l'uiili,rii i.i. i-'ni' instamt-, ; ti'mii l'!iic:i^n'.r.^s.nO; St. Louis .-f.i5.rU; •o; Minneapnli, and :->t. Paul .f.'Mi.T.S; .Oil. many other points at tfre.. ti .,m New Vi-ri; .">.-'.on K:III:-..S I'i d, tii:id-is will l)o fnrnishid ;u any point east or ".Till ni S.i'.! !..i!-:r I'ii v, in-the I'niu-.c! Stati--,, l'.in;i:l:t or Kuropc, if ii.mieY Inr .,aau- ho lu-^nsiti-ti with ;iny .iK 1 -'-'' "t thi- Salt Lake Route. Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina K.,r excellent -- - t'hii-a^v, St. !. ,ui- L.ikc i. if, ami .:.,. s- fvir,-, ln-a uti f ul sOi-iicrY. thn 'i^'h sU-«/|ii D <j, oars frnin ;. I'aul. K,u;-a.s ( 'ity. I'u. .:!!... an.l Denver via Sail iiurt Line lu i,...s A IIL' e!es y- < n' l ; ie..iU .si: .Hiki travel VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE ibe for tbe

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