Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 23, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1908
Page 1
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F. H. RABRICK •—SELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils aMrf Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Luiicr Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at R/VBRICK'S HARDWARE ARGUS VOL 36 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. MAY 23, 1908. NO. PROFESSIONAL CARDS I^OBT. P. UPDYKE, D. M. D. DENTISTRY Over Argus Office Coviua, Cal. Phone 284- p. J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. DR. R. E. BATES Special -attention given to diseases of women and children. Office and residence 4 doors west of Episcopal Church on car line. Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Phone 288 Covina, Cal. IJR. WILLIAM CAPPS OFFICE PRACTITIONER Chronic Diseases Specialties — Cancer, stomach and intestines, g-e u i to-urinary, ear, nose and throat, diseases of the nervous system. Hours, 9 to 12 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. Office over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Phone 75 & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. RBBD 8-10 a m G. D. JENNINGS 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p in 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E- Badillo st. Phone . 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on ' '.Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. ' Phone S3. J_. ,</,.*., COVINA. CAI<, .PR. j.C.'GOODELL 1 OSTEOPATH ; Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg;. Covina, Cal. DRS. C. B. & M. Z. WALSWORTH OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS . AND SURGEONS Special attention to diseases of women Suite 306-7-8 Lankershim Bldg. Cor. Third aud Spring- Sts. LOS ANGELES, CAL. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF COVINA Oflfic'es 325-333-335 Wilcox Building-, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. B. BIDWELL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home uhone 3164. Glendora, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 103'> Reed Block Covina, Cal. DR. O. T. AMYRAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate Mc(7ill University, Montreal Office at Hotel Vtndome. p^ HONSINGER Hotel Voridome INSURANCE Fire, Life, Accident, Health, Surety a;,d Live Stock. Lowest lati-.i, !/ C' >ni]janii.'->. Notary P'.iWic. CO VINA Shoe Repairing (o. Citrus Avenue Haviny recently installed the latest and improved shoo machinery. I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoo repairing- at short notice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respcU. Men's ,-,e«-^il half T.'.V, ...... T-'c Ladies ac'.Vtjci half .•VJ:L-S . . . . M 1 Ladies' iiji'.-jd ........ ... v'o ur.uRi/K MMJ-loX' >!• i' BIGGEST DEAL IN MA1WYEARS 1470 Acres of Chapman Heights Ranch Exchanged. Although this is eenernlly considered the dull season of the year in the real eetuto market, it has been tuoro than uctivo in Coviua during the past week. The bcfuiest transfer in years has been made during the past few days, 1470 acres of the Chapman Heights Ranch, the property of Col. F. M. Chapman, hill land extending south aud east of town to the Spadra Valley, being traded to \V. H. Obear, an extensive real estate operator in Los Angeles. The transfer was in the nature of a trade for Los Angeles realty, situated ou Sixth and Central avenue, a manufacturing property, valued at 8130,000, with a 830,000 iucnmbrance. Col. Chapman still retain^ 140 acres ou the west of bis large hill rauch. Austin Warner, real estate agent, reports the sole of 1 4 acres, formerly owned by H. D. Blanchnrd, OB Grand aveuue, to P. C. Lambersou, of Pasadena. Consideration 88000. Tho place is planted to navels and Valencies. Pollard & Hutcbinson report the sale to H. R. Seats of a vacant residence lot on Center street, property of Miss Lizzie R. Christie, for 91000. ,B. Miller has purchased the H. B. Seats five acre orange grove near the Irwiudale Packing house. Consideration 85000 without the buildings. Mr. Seats will move the buildings onto the property he bos purchased on Center street, Covina. Clark & Douglas report the sale for A. W. Rhodes 25 }4 acres of the Ruddock ranch on PuMite street set; to young Vnleucias to F. VV. Gail of Stilwatcr, Minnesota. Price 820,000. The same firm has also sold to T. M. Miller of Oklahoma tho George Fensom ranch at Charter Oak, half lemons mid half oranges. Consideration 815,000. George Covert, with the California Homescekers' Investment Co., sold to II. I. Millard of Los Angeles, the \V. A. Layman ranch on Barranca aud Rowland avenues for 8750U, Tho much is half navels and balf Vulen- cias, nearly all in full bearing. Mr. Millard is an architect and contractor of Los Angeles aud will improve the place at once with u pretty, 5 room cottage. CAUGHT WHEN ABOUT TO FLIT. Han Arrested on Ranch Near Covina Who's Wanted in Alabama on flurder Charge. Wanted in Alabama on tho charge of murder, Davis Whitebead, alias Frank Smith, was arrested at John Flousor's rauch, Sau Bernard inu road, Monday afternoon, by deputy Sheriffs Mnttliowsou and Wright, taken to Los Angeles and placed in the county jail. Ho refused to make any statement about the caso but admitted that he bad bceu iu Alabama. Sheriff VV. C. Carroll of Troy, that state, wrote to Sheriff Hummel a few days ago, giving a description of Whitebead and asking Unit he be placed under arrest, as it, Imd been learned that be wns in the vicinity of Los Angeles. Whitehciul was located on Hunger's ranch, where be bad been visiting a fiicud, Dartell, whose acquaintance he made \\bile be was in the General Emergency Hospital, last fall, with a broken leg. The county authorities received word Sunday that their man was about to be given a tip to leave this section. Without delay the Sheriff's automobile was ordered out aud Whitfthead was taken. Nothing is known bore about tho oircumntanees of tho murder of which Whitebead is accused. The young mun has been iu California about a year aud a balf, working ou ranches. His leg was broken while working on a hay press and be was in the hospital for some months. A telegram has been sent to the Alabama Sheriff no^fyinq him ,(5f',tbe unreal;: • ' ' New Country Homes. No better evidence of the general prosperity of the orange growers can be secured than the building of the number of beautiful homes that are now in course of construction on the ranches around Covina. This week D. O. Funk is tearing down his old residence to make room for a $2500 bungalow, a contract for which he has let to Contractor (lofl of (ilendora. U. Miller has 'aid the foundation tit? H handsome residence DII the ranch be puicliasdd bust, week from H. R. Seats. The contract fur this residence has been let to Mr. Herdey, who built the Albert Shearer residence nit W. Iladillu street. Cuiiiraetur (ieo. Cuolman ia erect inu a bungalow on the ranch '<t C. H, UriMo'A, (joiner of Lark Kllcn and San Hernardino mad. .\i< hie Vincent tia>> IHMJ the fninie in i-oiiict; o r construction for a l.nnd- sume 7 ruoiii reeiilence uu hid ranch on Ibe San LJernanlinu road. Contractor Moxley han commeiired the erection of a story and a balf h,.u.,e for Mr. and .Mia. 11. F. Kd- wa'd-, on their grov^ toutb of ii.vui. It will contain seven rooms with every modern convenience. Jl wiil at.iinil directly iu front, ot the.ii j re-, Home From '.ViHi.j :i I>iM.>Ie, <-f < i.ik-.vel 1 rain h . returned thi--> week from T^inpic-j.Mt-x- ic -. whir re he haa been for the jjdst six ii!o:: f ri.i i Coking after hii extensive rcai estate interest* it that republic. Ranchers Enjoy Pleasant Afternoon. The Covina Valley Farmers' Club held its May meeting last Saturday in the spacious parlors of the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dem is, corner of Second and Badillo streets. It was made a social occasion, tho program consisting of a reading by Mrs. J. K. Heath, a vocal duet by tho Misses Muriel and Lore no Biunis and a piano solo by Miss Anna Reynolds. Mr. A. E. Loder, chief engineer of the Los Angeles County Highway Commission, gave an interesting talk on tho work of the commission and scini-officially unnoimcod that tho bond issue for threo million dollars, which will be necessary to complete the roads now outlined by the commission, will be submitted to tho voters of tho county iu about two mouths. Ho caused nornc little surprise iu stating that the proposed boulevard to Coviua would probably run along the south side of the present electric line. This is contrary to tho suggestion of the Covina committee that bad been conferring with tho commission, the committee hav- inu recommended a route along the Han Bernardino road, PIK! due went t(j San Gabriel and Alhumbra. AH far UN the Interests of Covina are concerned this route wns considered by Ihe committee to be I hi: nest, At tlii- close of Ihe program i''(; cream, cuke ami punch were served. Anani/UiiculH are being perfected for a union picnic of ihe members ot llie (.ovina and (<lemlor.i cjiibb to bo held on .June (i at Walnut Creek. The local committee baling this in charge ih composed of Messrs. Walts »iid iJiJiighihs. Invitation is given to all to come and bring basket lunch. The next regular meeting of the club will be held at the home of Mr. Jacob .Mae( ht ten. At this time i! in expected that I'rof. Smith of the 1'atholngicai Htalion at Wbitlier will l*e present and deliver an address. EDITORS VISIT THEJOSEMITE Viewed the Big Trees in Snow Storm. Valley is Sublime. The editor of tho Arfnia with his wife rotnrued Saturday from ntlond- ing, as usnttl, tho anuiiiil excursion of the Southern Cnlifornin Editorial Association, which this year was taken hi tho Yosomile, a spot, which is accorded by all travelers, who bavn soon the best of tho world, as the most snblinioly lieauliful in all the realms of inituro. Tin's ia not an extravagant atatoiiionl. for adjectives are not yet coined that, can adequately describe its peaceful valos and stupendous crn^s, placid ntreams and thundering torrents, its magnificent waterfalls, jag^nd cliffs and rounded domes, green mantled cnms mid bleak, bald precipices. The excursion was tho best ever enjoyed by the members of the association, and this week of weeks will loug linger in tho memory of those who went. Leaving Los Angeles on Friday evening, May 8, at 1 1 :,'10 o'clock, over the Southern Pacific, the party reached Merced about two o'clock ou this following afternoon, and after a'brief stay there of thirty minutes, boarded the handsome observation oars of tho Yosemite Valley ORATORIO OAI i.'.s '•HOLY CITY" Given by bewt musical talent of (.'ovina, under the leadi-rnhip of Mi.,.s He,,* Mathilda Welch WOMAN;-; Ti.i'B Ifr-r.sK FRIDAY, JCXK n i'f ti^c 1 f-p»»«)^<- • f '/ " ' /-'* Vi»,W What a blessing to mankind thai this most sublime rind beautiful spot in all the realms of nature IH at last brought within easy reach of oVery- one, thanks to the enterprise of railroad builders. The Yosomito Valley Railroad, connecting with tho main linos of tho Southern Pud do and Sanlii Fo nt Merced City, ITIIIH a diH- tfinee of Heveuty-eight rniloH, and to within foui'tonii milon of I lie YOHO- niite Valley. Th)H railroad journey of four honrH, thn greater part of which lieH in the flrinid (,'anyon <if 'ho Aloi'c,ed Hiver, IH itself a most delightful oxiierlcnce. (Jut of Merced wo whirled over a Honiiiarativel.v level country, large HoldH of grain nmuhing in ovury direction, wlihih thin year ou iio- count nf light, <rainfall, will harvcHt hut n third nf a normal (Tup. VVI-hin twenty-five ininntoa we were <!ourHing through this rich bottom IIIIH!H of tho Merced Hiver. Arnld thcHo pleaHnut HconeH of green valley and Hpioadlng uiiliH \Mib plunti'd one of the Ili'Ht agric'iilliinil Hettlenniiits nf the Arg(jiiautH, mid today are to he MOOII many o< their ImmeH, HPIIC!OIIH and of a distinctive Hnutheru style of inehltocturo. Ih^re, joo, were the familiar haunts of the fierce handilti .leaijuiu M inriotl i and liin kind; and within Might, aeiuii-ditig to ihe traditioiiH of thnHo timcH, there \H mill standing more than one Hlurdy tmc that lent a convenient arm to the administering ol the Hwifl, liai'/ih justice of Ihu'ic uirly rliiyH. Within an liniir after lenviuu Merced ^ve ar riled at Mcic('(i Kails, vnhor<j the railrnail euteiH the Mr-rccd (,'anyon through the comparuti vely low foul hillH of the Hierra Nuvadaw. Tim wallH of the canyon, at Hint, low I.'M! iilmoHt dcHtitiite nf timhiT ami Hliinl , rapidly incrcahi: in h(dghl. ami fnicsl iiijornnienl soon attainn lo such |,i<. poiliniiH iind In 'iiirh run^i'din >.-) mi'l lieauty as to rivet Ihe attention. A rapid i mi nl ii I(;.'• mili-ri IJ/HH/H IH t«i 1'leasiiiit Vallcv. HI-IC the hill* Ijrcomit HiOiuiliiinH. Near thii; j;oii,l. tin- ;;v«-i, clo' conlineil l,y mniiiii iiin vuillh (LI t hoiii-iind'i of yeais, li;.enl a i;i\iii<- Ihi'.ugh till' hind rr/ pi-ntini: mid 'slide |-(.ek deei.e/ liiiin it. ih wide. I'rm/i the an' windnvv the. river, lie.ugh l.nt a fi-'A yai di di-'itunt, ii yet iii/t. In he in ils di'Cp, jjiinnw he'l that thirty tent might H|iH!i. jJoillid lnliliy a e.\Hii\i CIIIV'; we whirl, al'Ait.yn ;i.i:(-iin« hnd.i/t hii>i/ new and ol pliiusing liiteienl ; inyi liel-i lit C'J/hie;-) in pili-i anil rii-.sfi n;i I hi; red f-.Hilh dehiii of ancient g(/M placi-r diggiu^-i; div(:rli!ig oann ovi-r which the li'.ei 1 lumhleb jii it hii,ad, Store will be Closed All Day Saturday, May 30th (Hemorial Day) Are Older to opftn a bank account with tlic Covina Valley Suvin^s Bank. Doit now. Can you imagine the disappointment of the man who has put oil saving until sickness or misfortune calls for ready cash? An account with this strong banking institution will be a reliable friend, ever ready in time of need. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of $1 and up received. Covind VDalley Savings ®ank Covina, California J What Gas Has Done For Womankind Words cannot adequate] y drsrrilji- wlmt ^as fuel has done lor womankind. It lias opi-ncd up for lu-r the ideal home with perfect service; the best living with ample leisure and opportunity for higher things. It has reduced drudgery in lier kitchen and (loinestic altairs and widened her life. Contract, ii von wiil, the overheated kitclieti with tlic modern (.;a-i kittln-n with its coii!p;ict and artistic, ranffe v. liere v/(;od boxei, coiil lio'l ., ;i i ,li p;iii: .ind >iil tile things that produce dust and dirt an- lacking, <iii-i \'<u ii.r.c but a "Jimpscol tin: advantage ol ^as. Think ajjaiii ol the saving in time :nul l.itior win-re iiirl i> al- wa y-> i'1'nily In H ,*• u/ !ln i f/u //'//'/ tii/ti' no iuriln-r alleiiiioii IKJ wait tin preparati(m. /•'or aiivtfun tin: under your Uiftualu VAI.I.L'Y (;AS co. Citrun

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