Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1912
Page 3
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• i THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 21.1912. Ladies' and Misses* Goats-at $5, $7.50, $10, $12.50, $15, and up to $50.00. ' It Ladies', Misses' and Junior Suits, $10, $15, $17.50, $20 and up to $29.75. Suits Hijrh grade, man-tailored Suits for extra quality. A suit to suit every fancy—suits particular women wiU want to wear now. The best efforts of skilled, competent tailoi*s who are constantly trying to produce the best in Tailored Suits for our store. Every garment rightfully termed "hand made." Coats Splendid values in Uress (Joods at 25c; 50c, Toe, §1.00, .SI.50 and on up to $2..^0 per yard. The noNV Coals are charming. Dry Goods Popular Now Dre.'^s Goods at unusual prices. We are turning trade conditions to your advantage in the Dry Goods .section. See that y(»u get youi* .share of the .savinit-s. You will enjoy seeing the handsome faijrics now sh(nvn here. Millinery Distinctiveness Is the predominating feature that makes so many discriminating women prefer. Richard.son's Hat.s. There's a touch of the exquisite in every line of our production that is sure to win your favor. We urge you .to come and see our fine display now, even though you have no immediate intention (jf buying. NUB SQWESENDSrlEIlT UP ' Ben Tb«-iu>en(i went to Fredonia I this aftemdon on business. [I ' —Be *t .film made-Patbe 'ji Weekly— «nwd TMlrhL ^ VEXli THAT Bl'.SSIA OK U .<ITBIA r.eorge SaaUer* of Top«ki». who has I BE I.XTOLTEU. j been here on btulnest. went to Hum- ' boidt this. afternoon. i i ."^ . . . ;54JOOO Cattle C«D»e Prire* to Bre.ik! f.. G. Jacobs of Emporia, who has ' 1 m Cents- 43j000 Hucn I'pset tlif be»?n| here on businoas .returned home; Fork Prices, this afternoon. —l>on't niisa seeing the tneohanical j man and the Sophomore girl in heri brother s clothes in my show window j tonlpJit. r K. Perham. Uo.v Kngi! of this city, who beon worliins in Collinsville. Okla., for some months, is seriously il! with rheomatism. and will retiirn'home to- moriow afiernoun. F M Thomiison went to Barfl«»3vill»-, • >kla, this aftenoon on busines:;. Elegant Millinery —never so pretty and so reasonable: .$1.50, .S2, $150, .$5, .S7.50 up to -S:r>. 113 £. Madison RICHARDSON'S 113 £. Madison fBy the A!«<>ocIate<l Pr«>!i> Chicago. Oct. il.—HlghT insurance i! rates against Russia or Austria becom I ing entangled in the Balkan war ^ 1 caused wheat to rise. The opening I was Vfcc to '^cup. rjecemb«T startwi at 92>4c to % touched Si^c and ascended to 92>i«. W i I EAT—Cios.-: D«- '-M U c: May 9«\c. dOH.X—Close: Oct CS\'c: "•3Uc: May :.2»hC. i:>AT.S—rios«: l >«H-. 31'V.c: Mav 24 N PROGRAM T.HE PE>SIO.\E6.*». a w-stern tale of sacrifice and devotion to parenthood. THE .nVSTERIOrS AITO. a good comedy. ; PERCY THE BA.\DIT* a west-: ern. melodrama with good comedy. DIET— -By Ught of the- lungle Mo*>n." i'ha=. iiishop. Earl Sifers; 5c- ADXIH.SIOV -5^ M. S mn of Kincald. wail a bu.olness vM!.«r h.'re this morning. Mrs U I. Jackson of \Vic>ilia. who !,.D h «T.« visiting friends, went < uinute ihis afternoon. - u lirailUvld Went to lnde|H>ndence •i«rno«n n business. GRAND • ALL THIS WEKK Inited Aniust'iniiit J'o.'x * Company C IX TABLOID TONIGHT! HIS LAST ROUNDUP AM» 2 Reels Best Pictures Plays Change Nightly (PERSONAL MBwioin .•^ (• llciliiKS uf Yates (".•nttr was a - IKiiiis Cani'.y at Mundi.-s Store. I'liiis l:i:t.T will K k t>> Savonburir to­ la.:: r.uv to or.aanl-ri' an a-s.-enibly of :lK Kansas Fraternal Citlz.-ns. — Graduate Nurse: a[)!t.' I'hone 1363. terms roason- K .\ H.inter and Jaiis 'iter. Mij.s Marie Hunter of Chanute, who h.r..' S'.n vi.>iting .Mr and .Mrs. K<1 llunier ill r ,as i"i!y, retttrned home tills afternoon. - I>r. O. L. (ox; Ocuiliit \V!i'::;;i; KitM,::iI!er of Pratt. Kansas l'a.--'>! ! 1:1011;;;: li'-re tliis nwjn in !iis a.Uii > iir.uiii- to iiis old licme in .Mai- inanioii. —Don't miss tiie Ne-.v York Store. Suit Sale at the Farm LOIUIN , Lowest Rates Branch Offioe of The Merriam Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kans. Optional Payments. Any Time. I Will Let 50' r of Land A 'alue. BEST LOAN I .V ALLEN (OIXTY 101.A LAND CO. IRA B. FRANTZ TrtB •PTOMBTHItT Kxelmiv* Olajw Fitting MMtiuil iX Huina's Jew«lnr Btxjw Connty A»»e>spr —^Hereafter the County .Vssessof's Office wHl be oi>en Saturday afternoons. And Wednesdays and Satur- 'days. after Novenil»^r isi. •V.'. F. yOCNG. founty Asse.ssor. \U and .Mrs W. E Karr of Detroit, Fich.. airived'here this afternoon for . brief visit with Mr. and Mi^ A. W. lowland. Mrs Karr'was fornrerly llis.^ rtyn Howland of tbis city. ( .Mrs. G. W. Milles of Kansas City.; w'o has t<-pn here visiting friends.! went ro rherryva!.- this afternoon. ' —Fxtra low prices on now and used C;is aiil Coal Stoves. Ed Henninger. , West Madison. j .Mr? W H Watson of Lawrence. : wh") li.!.- \,' ow here and in I..aHarpe j visi'insj ., returned home this f aft-rni/on. . —»r. H. 1.. HendrirJis. Old Court i IIi >n>e. CsilK ansnered day ur niirht. ( Mrs. Warren .Mu.^h of Hartford Kin . arrived li^e this afternoon for a brit -r visit with Mr and Mrs A. .1. Hetsil. —$S $1210. $10.1*-.. $2f'W. J24 95 Prices for Suits at the New York Store. Mrs S J^Estus. who has been here !»fln 'l in Yates Center vi >ltinL' fritndf:, ri -"iirii"il lo lier botiie in Libi-rty ttils afternoon. — $> J12 iic .'j.-. %2" M:.. $24 ;<-». Prices for Siiits at liie New York Store. « — \\^ V. Carter w.-nt to Chanute this aUfrni««n on business. —Farm and City Loans. R. M. Cunningham. A O Thompson went to Erie this af- t'-rnoon on business. —$<i sr.. $12 '.<:.. $1C $20 .»r.. $24 93. Prices for Suits at tlic New York Store. M N Nelson of Cherryvale, who has been her visiting friend.-, returned hoiii" fhi.s afternoon. —l»rs. Hnll *1lnll. Onleopalbi. Telephonrs 1^0. Ml. .Mr." C 1. Waterman of Tulsa, Okla . vviio iia- i n«!ier on business, retiirn- • ll:.. !!:is afternoon - Ila\e you lri.Ml Belc'.is? .\lr^ .1. Silodard of l.onKton, who : :i> l )eeii lier \isitinj; her dau.Jtliter. Atir." Cudanl, returni'd liou.e this .•:!'t<l n<:o|i. - Dr. .MrMillen, Phones 32 and .Mrs W .1 .Xnderson. who h;is been i.ere \i>itinit .Mr and Mrs .\. A Oren- r.:in. i-nrniii to lier home in Alfa- tr.i.nt t;us afterno<m. I 'ai: ;.?o f(,r Kire Insurance; also I \'.'.':\u Loan-' .\ir.>:. .Nannie B. .\rm- .-•r-.fii.. '.' .'-2 W. .Madison. .!n:.:i ', fcriuerly thief of tlie I' i':.lin' depariinent. who has been tarti iai: tor t!ie past year, has deter- itiinei! •.-w ; saiarii'd position in town i.- i.est for itiiii and has returned to I(»la to live. He lias secured empluy- ii;«^nt in the loia I'ortlaml company's piaiit. .Mrs. .1. H. I)i.i;on of Globe. .\riz, who lias be- n !ier<> visitinic .Mrs. O. Santry, leMirnnI liotiK- tlii< afternoon. I-o.-t—.All trace of an.v '•Prosres- -'v.'" r,".'. sjiHper in Kansas w!iich is today i.ainbastin:^ th'- Rpt>ulilicans for not St 'tins? soiidly behind the congres- siona'. and state tickets, which repri- ir.ande.i William Allen White when he stated publicly jirior to the last pri- lEr.ry that if the .Moose elec 'ors were (lefea> a n'-•^• ?et would he put on t.*-" ijilli.ts liy •,;eiitioR. This was the ir.iliai bolt in tiie Kiinsns r3mj>algn and vriiite's alUe.- cannot talk away the iriemory of it I W S.'rvey .(f ()>cb<>b-tn, Okla .' . ',:i> l.een here visltluK MrH, A. ' .i«-:;i.n. tetuiued home this after n<'on -Re-taurant an<I I.unch Riwm • r.; :. t .'haci -K. rl«irs. canned -^oods :'• .''t . o |>|Misite .Majestic the II 1..-Valley. Pr«n.. M;.; W .1 Muck, who has been vis r.t t.iaiiv.'s in CoIIlnsville. Okla •••tuiiiel home this afternoon. .Miss Louisa Ja|M*son of Carlyle. who 'las l.een In re visiting friends, return ,..l ! (.me this afternoon. .Mr and Mrs. W. A. Childers of Car- lyb- were business visitors here thi afternoon .M I BulL'er of Carlyle was • n business this afterntxm. here Mrs II (L for l.awrerfc, 'ri. r!s llixon left this afternoon ' for a brief visit with .\r> J C I'alftoiin of Keo=a^^Ia. la w^o as tie,.n here visiting Mrs. W F \Ili-<;n. returned home this after n„oii. Fraz- of Carlyle was a n<-s visitor iiere this aftern(Min bus! A Whit.>il i:i-ini-s- this 1: I. Hyde : X- afternix/u. of CarlyJe aftern<M)n. was here on Went home to Geneva .1 .\ .Mlt.hell of Ottawa, who has be..n iiere visitin.e C. E. Birdseli and friem!.^. returned h.ome this afternoon I. .^1 Ivivis ffolony. who has been hete vlsitini; friends, returned houn !:is afternoon. DRAWllVG NEAR Better make that appointment today! Christmas draws nearer every hour GIBSON STUDIO IllitU Orade Porirahare, Fniffiini;, Etc. c Huriiss (if Carlyb'' was n !:(Me tills afternoon. vis- DO YOU LIKE MUSIC? DoYoulUteSoda? Monday Night October SI StringOrchestra AT Morris & Howard's West Side S<j. Free Delivery P. P. Murphy, left this afternoon for Bartle>viUe. Okia , for .'M extendt.-d visit with hij sons —Tiie Bea'ric- ( r.-uni .Separator is he best s>-;a::ii. r > n t:i>. aiarket. .1 i! Hiley has it I — .Mrs E. C GoWe of Humboldt, who has been viaitins her ilaugitters Mrs. Si:ii(kl"t and .Mrs Goes, of Gas City re:urne(l borne this afterntKin. .Mr^ A 1) Wallett of Topeka. who •las ti(.en here \lslfin;; friends, re turn-(I home this nfternrx>n K P .laler of Colony was a busi- n'-.-< \i-iti>r here this afternoon. 1! V, HI\on left tills afternoon for !'•• I'ew. 111., for an extended visit 1! F Clark of west of the river left thi.s :!:T(.riK >(yn for Kanstis City for a visit with friends. .M W Smith, who has been ' (•:••• visiting L L. Barber and family, rerurned home, to Welda this after- I ^ Mr- H. K Sanders went to Garnet' tiiis ;.rtemf<on for a visit with friends. M: s Edith Gilke-on of c.-ar Carlyle. wiio !ias been here visiting friends re- tu 'Kel home this afternoon. Mrs F S. rtennett left this afternoon for Griswell. (a . for a brief \isit .vitli her daushter. .Mrs C. .\ Wiiker. who has been iir li-itint' friends, returned to her home in fJttawa this afternoon. Mrs. F N. .Moore left this afternoon for Kansa- City to visit friends. Mrs Martin Pleasanton, who has been here visitinr .Miss.Grace Thompson, returned home tonight. Miss !:lan;;ie Thompson, returned to her work in C.ill{ns»ville. and Miss Ruby Ketlev i-tiirned to her hoine in Jnde- i.endtnce — If vou wan; a buy a .Maxwe!! R. the ajtent re.i! automobile. -M Cunningham. I 1: Pe.i -f-in whr-has been here from iliiti:! fldt today sa.v.s that a little band •if '.';.> faithful gathered in Humbol.df Satur'!:iy nicht and organized a Taft Republican club.. They expect to increase their membership. \ resofa^" tion was adopted condemning the shoot. 'UK cf Colonel Roosevelt and hoping ••-.r his (•arl.v^i-ecovery and the extreme lienal'v for Ills assailant. .Miss Hazel Bo( of fJas City went to Fall ISiier thi^ ufterncn for a vi.•^il i with Mr and .Mrs A E .North — 1 ht:ve a hiitii spee.l ii.ot 'ir was !i- in»f machin.^ that Is the best on the mark' t I >ruarantee full satisfaction fr -.tii this wasi;er ar.d the price Is very reasonable J. H Rilpy. .Mrs R. H. White of Caney. who ha5 I (»en vi-itins friends here, returned home this afternoon. - Br*t film niNdt ^Puthp's Weekly— tJniud Toui|;lit. W S. Ham went to Chanute this afternoon on biislne-s -M F Kesterson of Yates Center was ajbiisin.'sn visitor tiere this afternuun SOxHE MORE WANTS FOR SALE—CHOICE MHJv COWS Pi:-.n.- »;*•." kansa<< ('It; Ornla. Kansas City. tVt. 2L—Cash Wheat.) market unrhan^pd to »»c U»»er. No 2 hard, . NTIJ^JM >^c.; No U. S«a,j;»t)«-: .No. 2 re«l. II,«»;'•*! I. oB'i; .No S y,<3« 1 or .t. Close— iv«-. .M;»y.c; .May ;n\ <i»U,c. CORN—.No 2 mixed. .N.. riSftfilv; No 2 whltp. •IHiCI. ; No .'5.' t ;i «lt;2c. Close—IK-t 4S'S,1l ••',( . I'e< 4 ;tV.«j/»»c: .May 4 »^»r «^c. OATS—.No. 2 white. !'>.<; N. 2 mixed :{2*ifr:t3«i. RYE—;oc per bushef Rivelpts (if wheat. 2'".!* enr* K»ii<>a> rilj Livestock. City. Oct. 21—CATTI.K- Iteceipts 2S .IMX1 .Market steady to HT' 'ower. .Native .steers $i;.."i<i'i/lo.t;"-' rows and heifers $.".7.".'f/7 .".y; srntkers ; md feeders $4..'> I '1 T 7 bulls $2 7". 1 ; ••.2'>; calves $.'..i)(ifi .S..'.o. Hf)GS—Receipts S."ii<i. .Market VH\ ower. Heavy $S f.oTi s.7">; iiarkers and; liitchers fS S.7"; llgSit $.S.2-"'Jt S M'. i W, E. Newcomb (iOODTHINGS TO RATI 4 N.Wash. I'hone IQl 20 lbs. Graniilatetl Su-^ tjar for .$1 with every, $.5 order. Call on Us riiimiru Lhe>lork. ChieuKo 0< t 21 —<'ATTI.E. re j •eipts :;i;.«ii(0. .Market sli /w; generally j lnc lower. Beeves $."..4.".' JT 1" "»'>: stock | ors and fe(?ders $4.2'i'fr 7.4 (i; cows ai'<l ' heifers $2..SiK/7.i ;o. HOGS—Receipts 'khi Market wi -s ; dow; .".c lower. LiRlit $S .2-".'fiH.'i"; i •iilxed $s.4.'if/:•.!.": i.e;,\j $s 'fi'.i.i.',: i •i IRS $4.7:.f/ 7.t;(i. ' ; Kun<itto Clly Produce. City. Oct. 21—FSCTTEf:— '.'reamery 2Sc; first.s .2»;; seconds lacking stock 23 V^. EGG.S—Extras 2»;c; firsts 24; s.-c- mds ISc. H.AY—Market, strong. Choice lini- .ihy $12..">0*i i:{.((u; choice prairie ii2.7.-<rii:{2:,. BROOM roU.N— St.ady; $-,.; to $loii: lead and Speller. St Lo'iis Oct. 21—Lead market lull at $4.spelter, market It $7 1". Groceries and Meats' THE BEST qiALITY AT " THE BE.ST PRICES We Deliver to Any Part of City R.LHART A\f, >. TVaNblnvton Phone 49«i Loeiil .Varkets. . Product guotaiions furnished dally ly Co^hill Commission Company: BCTTER—21c per pound. Ef;<.;S—21c per dozen. POCLTRY—Hens. l"c: coeks. prings, loc; ducks. lOc; geese, urkevs. loc; guin«>as. 20c each • HORSE HIDE.S—$2.o(i lo ?2 7.'. BEEF HIDE.-—loc. 4c; STOVE.S foal, fJa.* and Wood Beaten T (.'ombinatlon Coal and Gas, Hot Blast and Air Tigbts ECOXOXY BAXOES BoruN Combination Coal and Gas • lUnge—the best made. Prices Bight! TbelJ.WisbardHdw. commodity on the Bit. selling mainly at $4 2.=> to $7 ")0. Veal calves sank back half a dolK-if. tops now at $8.50; Quarantliif cattle are largely of i6e cleanup kind, irnd look fully a quarter higher for the week, sle«:rs at •> i $4.10 to 'o.vs $3 50 to $5. Stock cat <•»• tie and feeders are going to every • • point of the compass this week, unus- Kunsas Ciiv Stock Y'ards, Oct. IS.— ual s;iii ments having b^n made to Cuttle received here this week 74 ,000. • Northwestern Nebraska. Wyoming and • *•>*•:••>•><•••>•><•* <•«•> « LIVESTOCK REVIEW. •> last week !>4.10 M , same week last year S5.2ftO. it became apparent this wfek hat the fall cattle run is not going o be shut off abruptly. The panhan- Jle country and Colorado are in 'he midst of their shipping season, con- itions that will cause supplies to subside gradually, cvtn though Kansas pastures and the quarantine country are fast becoming bare of cattle, 'oiii.try demand continue.=» unabated, nd killers wants were- large this k, circumstances that permitted a rise of 1". to 2') crnts in the general market. The week is closing without Colorado. Stockers sell at $5 to $". feed'.rs at $5.75 to $7.50. Hogs received here this'week 44.200. last week 41.200, same week last year *>2.:t0i'. Supplies are larger than here tofore, bat still show the usual percentage below those of a year ago Dealers do nc^ look for a normal ijusi ness in bogs this side of a year hence, and then only under'favorable crop conditions next year. Pric (r8 are lower since Wednesday, but no' great break is e.xpected at this time. Top (of"ay SS.DO. bulk of sales $8.40 to $8.80. Lights are losing prestige ipip- ny flourish and dealers will be sat- idly. Sheep received here this week Isfied witha steady marker n.^^xt week >:2.!«':0. iatt week 79,000, same we^k -^n a run as laree as the one this week last ye;:r 7'; 7(io. Prices are nearly a Nothing prime was received this week,- dollar higher than the first of the <ome short fed Kansas cattl' at $10 v eek. and look firmly grounded al- tanding at the to^. Hnd best West.ems tho'igh p shade iir.der Wedneada.v. Top t $S..W to $!*.20. bulk of the Westerns lamb* $7.4". midt'!" grades around $7, at It $C to $S. Cows and heifers took on ew life the last half of this week, and quit the weelc the most promising Iambs 15.7^ to $6.25, yearlings up to $5 .50. wether* $4.G0. ewes $4. J. A. RICKART, Correspond. Distinguished Visitor Has National Reputation LOST—TARPAFLI.N. WE.ST OF •own Call 1222 Reward Bi.y file stove which eliminates the (juestion mark—it's the -I GARLAND ALWAYS makes good, line today at and it .Ser the I^BsSlilliQN This city is favored with the pres ' 'he losse.s incident upon dilatoriness ence of a remarkable woman, whos« ind misapplied effort, isit and mission will intercut ever> she also positiveiv guarantees to man and woman in lola. The visitoi jeji yo,, and when you will marry, Louise Perin Kansas Ci'ys lote-' ,„ ^bout vour secret troubles, the fe reader who comes to fola a: -ause and reitiedv. Gives infalUble earnest solicitation of a large nu-n -r j ajvjj-e ,not guegses) on aO Affairs of local business :nen and prom; i >n-' ijf^ There is a way for every- citizens. _ body—learn the wav and live life as it This noted psychic Is a woman of, ghoup, i^.. ijved_ Be succe»sfuJ Be xcellent education, a fluent and inter happy. Find the right road Itoday. es'ing talker, and one whose knowl- consult this marv'eloua woman, iwhose •dge in her particular line is without wisdom and truth will inspire WltWn an equal. Her readings are acknowledged by the press and public to be of the highest order. One of the things u|>on which thr madam prides herself Is ih* hlghVlass of her clientlle. •• Those who consult her are the best people—not superstitious, fanatical or ignorant persons. 6nt men and women of ripe intelligence and Judgment. Her readings are guides to succe.^s, health, wealth and happiness, giving you warnings of trouble' ahead and foretelling the most favorable periods for your prospective enterprises. She reveals to you a knowledge of yonr true self, showing you .rour Individual you the germ of ambition that leads to success. _ • Mme. Perin is no stranger to the people of this serlion; many having consulted her while In Kansas City: others having l>ecdroe acquainted with her through her many articles appearing in the scientific periodicals of 'be world. She ^111 be In lola for a short time only and it behooves all interested tc call on her at once. Her parlor/ at 212 West Madison Stre«t. are so situated as to secure priracy and seclusion. While Madame Perin usually char$2 and $3. she haa placed the price adaptations. With the aid of the in-'of her full life. readings at the nom- formatlon gained from her you can \ inal price of SO cents for a few days. mara.hal ypur e\ery effort uj»on 'he She is Uking this method of introduc- cofrect object, thus doing away w>ibj log herself and work more extensively.

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