Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 7
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I. pomblnes Cleanliness ' and Durability Any one can brush,it on TMO one can-rub It off ' Tiflkiob 'ii 's .pnre, penoibent and poRMis «al} co ^i^ and d6ainot;ceap!tettakiag ofiLto xeoewas dbaB ftlinmiiwit. Itis sjdnr powdef, xeacty'for use, by 'adaatg cold ynter and can lie easily Drnshed on by any One. Made in white I and fourteen fashionable tintsl AITf-MUOIHIE CO. 6MND KAPIDS. MICH. ' fet fan partlcal^rt and •aiapfe card uk ; i EVANS ms. Expert lachioe^t Repairs Your Typewriter, Sewing riachined. Bicycles, Lawn flowers. Engines; Door Locks, Etc. at . _ : ...... ? X 'Httab6Ns >di^?itch tella^ the combine ckiibi^-^^tMeM^-^ A xax-e and remarkable cnxiosi^ ta. foondry is prealdeik; tei .joue^tlte the ahape of the ikrgest egg in tbe works are nbt liebQilt ;:Icai^s world isl now on exhibition in. Bird - - - - - -i —- i.—^-v hall of- the Am^riban mnaeom ;of K of Xatvra^ HIatorrk . mnseum natural history. 0^ egg belonged to a g^gantwextinbt bird, efOied the aepyoz ^^'lorp^^^ inhaJt^hilng'- the Sri!^ <k the 'lBland of Madagascar. This huge Bkofiber of the bird kihg<- ^o^.for some: nnknown reason, exterminated in comparatively reeest' time^ and nothing-but its fossil-^gs and fragmentary remains, of the skeleton can be fbnnd. From the length and size of the limbs and feet the birds are said by scientists to have been probably twice or three times the height of an ostrich, of which they are suxjposed to be a distinct group. They were powerful and ever dangerous creatures to human^ life. It is-related that they carried off cattle and sheep and the white inhabitants had to walk about with tame tigers to guard and pr*^ tect thietaselves from their attai'f The extraordinary size of the e^-. wijich -ifl nearly a foot long; by tea incibes in diameter, is rividly shown by comparison with a hen's egg, whifh seems nothing but-a mere speck m comparison. ' Nearly half a hundred hen Cfrgs could be packed Inside, says the New York Commercjal-Advertiser. \ Only a few perfect eggs have been found,They command a high price, owing ) to their scarcity, averaging from j $100 to ?J0O a piece. QUEER KIND OF THEFT. Slexlean Hotel-Kcepcr Tapped Elee> trio Light Company'a Cable to Save CoHt. NORTH s/ffe:>//tnfifMfi£_^' WJmtED! Wanted poiiais—Two or thr &e rooms for light housekf.'oping. Call or address SOT West Jackson. J. B. Bowles. I • Wanted—Men. Luccock Transfer Company. A middle ai ;od woman r,-anted ai the "Oiir-Way"' to operate dishwashing machine. Wsnted~Midille a|;cd woman for chamber maid, also dining room girl. AppiTT1trf£l Thomson. For .Sale—Two" horses, surrey, bis spring wagon, ham&ss and a lot. of Chickens. A; L. Harmon, • 704 East Lincoln. "^For Rent—^^\. well furnislicd room, bath room on the same floor, gentleman p/eferred. S. Cottonwood. For Sale—two-room house for removal, 209 South Chestnut. Strayed—Sorrel hon?e.' weight 1.200 pounds, white face, white bind fee". Leave Howard's livery barn and receive reward. For fony years Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Sirawberry has been curing summer complaict, dysenterj-. diar­ rhoea, »!oo«ly lh:.\-. pain in the stomach land it has mjver yet failed to do ever>thing claimed for it. For Rem—Seven T(KYSS< house furnished and ready 10 move into, bath room and all convcnietices. Will rent for summer—three months. Inquire of All. McCarley, Union Restaurant. S.\XT .A FE. Effective June-J. 1903, KAST. Passeojier N'o '101 2:10 p. m Passenger .N'o. 204 i-5:10 a. m. Passenger .N'o. 20^ ~M a. m Freight .N'o. 21'"., dx.:tj)l • Siind'ay, arrives 7:lo a. nj..^,departs .. 10:00 a. m. Passenger N"o. 201..[ 12:r.2 p. m . Pasi^enger .N'o. 20:5 2:00 p. m. Passenger No. 207 8:47 p. m. Daily E.'ccept Sunday. . Freight No. 220, eastbound 8:40 p. m. No. 215 freight lo a. m. leave 4 :00 p m Dal^y K.Kcept Monday. We have arran;jed passenger service with the lola Klectric Hailxay between Io>^a, Gas City and Laharpe and tht^ agents of rhe.dania Fe. Railway will be pleased ti call on you at at any time advising you as to rates and routes. Phone or write. Our office is open all the jtime. roquiries solicited and jiill bfe cheerfully answered. W. K. RlLSTOlf, lola, Kansas. Agent. ' A hotel keeper in the Citj- of Jfoxico, whose place was always brilliantly lighted by electric lamps, apparently without regard to cost, has recently been con\-icted by a local judge for stealing from the electric light company the cuxrtnt with which his hostelry was Ijghtetl. He was condemned to a yf?ar*s imprisonment and a fine of ?-13 .7 !i), and, as an additional penalty, was "disqualified for all kinds of public honors and employments," reptirts the Chicago Chronicle, The landlc/cd who attempted to evade the electric company's clharges wired his house and made a coniiection with the company's cable.<. wHh the intention, as he pK-.ided, of calHng at the otliee of the company and explaining the matter at a later day. He also declared that he had used the current for "unlj a month." Tlie company had its iusjiicions aroused and applied to the court for authority to ;niake an examination of the, hotel lighting system, which was granted, with the result of revealing the fraud. Tlte legal point of interest involved in the case hinged upon the definition of the word "robbery," which the di.^trict code thus elucidates: "lie commits;, robbery who po.'ssesses himself of a moviable thing belonging to another, •without right and withont the consent of the person entitled by law to dispose of it." EXCHANGE OF CHILDREN. Where Cltx Parents Trade Tlieir Off- •prloK -iritU People Crom. the Conntrj-. K curious arrangement, called -The Exchange of Children," was her a plea.sant visit, adopted by some charitable people of Berlin last summer, and will be re­ am! country children. Children of •vvorkijig people there begin to contribute to the support of the family sooner than in this country. The little ones all have their tasks. This is true in the country, as well a.<? in the citie-s, but the lalior performed by children in the towns is very different from that on the farm. Hence some charitable women of IJerlin organ i /ed a fresh-air scheme, by which the children of the poor may exchange places for. \i few months in the summer. Tpoxe from the'furms come inro the d^, Yhicli is a v .nluable etlucational e.xpet|ience for them, and tho .se m the cit^* hav^ an opportunity to enjoy a little country life, without depriving the parent.s of either of their assistance. FaniilieB who are willing to make such exchanges are invited to repbrt .at the he.-Vdquartrrs, where an exchange is arranged. should be doubIed.lT^;di^tch njb: The Pittsburs Fc^mdnr and Macfa^e Works *»as partljdiy > destroyed by 4re ;tl|ts evening between j&Jmd:7 0*010 ^1 :eDtaHing a loss betwee^ US.OOO and |20;000. The fire orikloated in the Jcnpola of the core room., a^nd soon 'spr^d over the entire, b'nildiiis., Hie mjftchine shops.' pattern end woodworking departments were saved, although badly damaged. The firemen made a valiaht fight, but a. low water pressure handicapped them so it was difficult to .get the fire under control. 'The concern was recently sold by the local company to the United Iron Works Company, a trust which hzCs had possession only about two weeks. The insurance will not cover the loss. DEER CREEK AND VICINITY. July S.—The musical at Mr. Bird Jones' was a treat to all who attended. . ^ ) Miss £klna Bird and Alien and Ivan Ensminger spent the Fourth at Earlton. Miss Bertie Ehismlnger visited in Pittsburg last week. Mrs. N. A. Delp Is home again after spending five weeks in Jefferson county. . Rev. and Mrs. Vezie visited in the neighborhood last week. Mr. Cole and family of Kansas City, visited Mr. Wilber's last week. Mr. Geo. Ruxlon and family and Mr. Ira Largent and fanaily Sundayed at Mr. Wilber's. Mr.-Geo. Grieves was calling In this vicinity Monday. Mr. Chas. Wilber spent the Fourth in Moran. John Sollars is building an addition to Mr. Howard's ham. GOLDEN VALLEY. Fixing fence was the order of the day with several Friday. \\'o heard of a lad trying the Chanute lad's plan. His father gave him a good chastizing, and locked him up in a room for several daj-s . on half rations, and when ho got out he thought papa was the real thing and is a better boy. Mr. and Mrs. CIa.ude Stewart, of Iola,| came out SaturJ::y and stayed till Sunday with relatives. Their barn took fire soon after Ihoy left and the roof was burned off. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk and daughter. Bertha, visited Mrs. Funk's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Brov.-a. Mrs. J. P. Kohler and children visited at Hover Kerr's since otir last. Mrs. Gullett, Edna Hazell,. Gladys and Cecil Walker^ml Hover Kerr called on Mrs. E. Walker and Grandma Walker Sunday evening. Mrs. S. Allen returned home after several days* visit among friends. She conK -mpIaier, a trip to Michigan soon, lor many frie;''ls in <h'; Va'Icy wish Mrs. M. L. Seymour, Mrs. Curfman Berlm last summer, ^"a w-.u oe re- ^. ^^j,^^^ ^^^^^^^^ quarterly vLved thts spring, says the New \ork n-u Tribune. The promoters arrange for mcetmg at Bronson. They were the the temporary interchange of city S "Psts of Mrs. Eva Ireland. Miss Minnie Kerr spent the Fourth in lofa. John Laury invested $9 in fireworks for the children at home. , George Seymour had qHite a display of fireworks the Fourth. At this writing Pearl Nash is very low. Wn are sorry for the little suffering child, for she has suffered for eighteen weeks. Mrs. A. Funk. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stewart were the ^tesis of 'Mrs. Leroy Ayers the Fourth. The Fourth was a big day in Moran, so they say. We were not there. It was most too muddy for us to celebrate. HIsheat Wntertall. While mi ling m Mexico. William P. The Finest Line in th^ City Dnnhnm. of Denver, visited what is considered the hig'he.'st waterfall in the world. It. bear* the Indian name of P.assaserichjc, and is; located about 190 miles west of the city of Chihuahua, near the summit of the Sierra >^adre raountainsl. The 'elevation of the monatain is C,500 feet &bove sea level. The cascade falls 973 feeC LarRe Artfflelal Lake. In a gorge of rock little more than 200 feet wide the United States government has decided to construct a (fam of solid masonry, the first und>r the Hansborough-Newlands act, at the Tontb BaJsin site, that will eremite . in the valleys of the upper Salt river iand Tonto creek ;the largest arti. ficiol lake in the world. It Will Irrigate 200,000 acres. St«elc m tke Skow. A man in Skowhegan; Me., recently sold! his beloved . pig to rai^e money to take hi* family, to the cir* cna. I The nesct. yrefift he asked ibm town for financial- aid, as he daiiMJ tbmt tbe hx^yynM Us dadOre dq ^tai ;f«f-|,-.;.___ ............ When a man Is done as he would do by he alwajys raises an iilconsistent how],-- Linen Will wear much longer If we launder it Besides doing thJe best work, wa pay a great deal of attention to the life of :the linen. Our soaps, our machinery, our methods are designed to do the very fines^ work with the least posaible wear to the garment. If yea are not a cue- tomer, call us up and let us call for a trial package. We'll surely please'/ou. • .^'fiiiiliit; 1omj)rrow being. Saturday, want to iriaKe'^t; ^ ; ODf» of tin; biggest days in: > the history of our store,; antj .so we ciit the prices; J deeper tlian ever. Men*s Suits In the very best makes, worth $U, ?!'>. $1*5 atid ••?17 Shovel 'Em Out $999 Yojun^ nen'5 Suits from IT lo b) vcari. all color.=., sold for 85 and " Si;, SLovel ••Ki:H?ut, ; •; ' J neti's Suits Finely tailored, in eassimeres. Tweeds and Fancy Worsteds, the real stylish gfoods. have been selling for $0.7.5 to«13. Shovel "Km out. ;$7.77 Hen's Suits A big bargain in Cassimeres, Tweeds and Chevifjt.a, dark medium and light colors, sold for i~.(>.) to 19.85,' Shovel 'em Out $5-55 Hen's Bklbfiggan Underweiar r.e^ular r,o];ent^lualUy, Shovel 'Em Out at 35c6nts Men's; ^xtra Fine Balbfiggan Uodemar In^oink, blue ajnd tiesh t-olor. worth' G5c, Shovel •'Kin Out; I - . . i45c; a garment • r Young Men's Suits lest p^tt< to 812, S $7.77 The newest and nobbiest piitterns ou». line all -.vool suits, sold for $10 to 812, Shovel Kfr: Out EmL nen*s ^alhriggan Underwear j rar<-y colors, reV '-'la'r 25 cent L ,'rade, Shovel 'E i 15 cents I I i 50 dozen H^n's Sweaters [•"fancy color?, reirular oOc l-rind, Shovel'Em Oilt <25 cents Notice to Bidders. I Sealed proposals will be received by the county conjmissioners of Allen county, Kansas,' at the office oJ! the county clerk, lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, 1903, for all the labor and material required in the erection of a court house located at lola, Kansas, in said coimty, in accordance with the plans, details and sii^ccifications furnished by J. C, Holland & Squires, architects, Topeka, Kansas, and now on file at the office of. said county clerk. Parties bidding upon the work will be required to furnish a certified check with their bid" In the sum of two per cent (2) of the amount of said bid j The fn'.lowin.^ is a complete dirpc-: tory of I 'jla 's bl'or unions, their 0^-; cers and rimcc and places of meeting: :j Carpenters' U.iidn N0 .4 123. C:*rpeiiters' ii .;t .n-:;ti'i'.ial I'r.ion. yo.: 123. jnect'^ fvivy Moi.d^i.v nicnt. in labor 1 hall: J. AbuiU, F..-.^ S'^c. Dric 'Klaysrs* Union Nio. 6. Br!rk;:!yi r<" I :;t -rr ..T.ti >)na.l !j•.^i^ln. Jvoj CI; moot5 cvjT.'.- Ti;-scJay ri/grht in labor fchll. ; Htnry Tnit-.f-r. lYo-s. xMj.n Bo'Jghtoa, 3ec I Plast-rers' Union No. 174. 1 j n .nstf -T-'T'.;' Int-rnational tTnlon Ne. 174, 1 meet.=; spfr.'ifi uiu! fou'rth Weiine-'^davj in . I.i!>or l:.i!>. O. A. Luck.v. Prc=j. Geo. ilM- i Machinist-.' Un?on.No. 551. >f:'.r-;i;r.istj;' Ir.l-rn .i .tronal Union N'o. E ;J 1 f nr^rt.^ Tim anil th!:ri ^'IVertrie^'Iny .niHfvta ' S. Grocerv. in labor hall. C. II. Molstcr, I>rcs. "W. Ilenip:.-. Sf-c. ^ ;• Mi.iers and Smelterrnsn, No. 123. and payable to j the county treasurer, Th^. \v.-.-;t-rn F.^f!.>ratton of Minei-s i to bo held as^a guarantee that the sue-' j^ryy^ cessful bidder will enter Into contract and lumlsh sailsfactory bond within ten days after tiward of contract Said check tL be forfeited' to the county it the erent of sale! contractor failing tc sign said contract and furnish satisfactory bond in accofdance with 8 ;ild bid. Bidders will be required to make out" their bids- on a uniform blapk, furnished by the county clerk. Same to be enclosed in envelope and addressed to coimty commissioners, lola, Kansas, and marked, proposal for court house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on file at county clerk's office, also at office of the architects. The county .commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. By order of , the , couniy commissioners, Allen county. Kansas. J. W-. KELSO. Comity Clei±. Cholera Infantum. , This has long beea regarded as one of the most 4angerous and fatal diseases to which infants are subject. It can be,cured, however, when properly treated. All that ia-necessary is to- give. Chamberlain's Colic, .Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as directed" with each bottle, and a eyre is certain. For sale by ail druggists. I 5 -f.s. No man or ^oman in the state will hesitate to,speak well,of Chamberlai I's Stomach and Llyer Tablets after on » tryins^ them. .They always, pro- dxxc^ a pleiuiant movement of the bjow- ( el^yfin^j^ye the BpifitBite and strengthen tbe dtgestiba. Fbr sale -by all I rdf ii>"ilay afternnun nt'l.iil>or Hall." T. C. i Painters and Paperhangcfs'Union Wo,f35« i I^llntcr^l' r^nd I'.iticrli;ui!;«'r.j' -Intorpa-; flonal CiiJon .Vo. .i.'i.'i. niv ><H f ,-.Tv 1*.') •lay nI.!Tht it: Iftl..>r h:iU. J. C. H".'i. I ft. E..\VU'lit,. !..-.'r.>t :;?y. ^ Centrjl Labor tTnlon. Tola Ccntn;) I.;i»>.^r tfnlou Tr.i<>t.< oflpry; Friday nlRht In'.r hn!I. It. E. Wliht,' Prt-s. FiM S.!I. Scf. ^ itoaertiasons' Union No. 4.' l!.t.Tnii.tlon.-i"I .Tr fr>n Rieots «vi»ry Snttinliiy riiBlit. hi I.ibor ' Goo. Tap'dns. iv.-s. E. A. Ericfetr. Barbers Union No. 3S6. mrf-t .i fi !.«t .ind thirdTu<^?dav.'j atlWJeh- bergr^r's .shop. Goor.ste; Heenn. president, Charles Sp.:»ar. .jiecr^t.-krj'. ' ' Horseshoers' Union No. 28t. Horscshoers* Intematlonal. Union 2S1, meets fin;t and third Monday in Sh.iT>*'rs shop. Hooker Shapel-, ^rea.: Jim Rowdcn. Sec. - . , Federal Unfon No. 10491. " Federal Union No. 10491. meets cfe-ery; .Mon(!.-vy nl^ht in court Johrt " ' King, president. Jihsse JohMcn. tary. Plumbers* and Gasfftters* Union No.. _ . Plumbers' and Giusfitters' International fTnlon Xo. Z'f' mp<'L5 ' 1'hursday ni.trHt In I front room' K. I?, hall Sam PcrfUns. j prf^ldert. Fre<l Ttplrii<i-n, .^socr^tary. ..The Steam Engineers' Union No: . , meets Weidnostlnv nitrhts pt places aareed? upon. Charlos Johnson, Prcsiilenit jFreds Freeman.: Secretary i ^ Teamdrlvers' Union No. 68. Teamdrivftm' lntematlon.-il Union JTo. SS. in<»et3 t»very Monday nisht In Mafonic Temple. John Stout. Pres. Cha^. Com. Sec. I • Sheet Metal Workers, No 297— ajCeet-i Monday evemlnBS in Judge Atchison's office J. A. Spongier, President jGeo. Furgeson. Secretary . ( ' Typograpnlcal I Np. 481. 1 > Typinsfaphical Union Tfo. 4S1 rjieets first i-YIday In each month at the Register office. Ma.vnard Bush, preslnenc A. C- Shaffer, secretary. ; n • •;, . Cheap money on. dty property. Loans made at once if title iarpeslfiect.; Smith & Traris. ^|oom 3, Nort^irup Kational. Bank bunding:' Tn« old relial)feJ Xdw- Telephone 159. | : ; THE LiEADERa H. ^y. STEYER. K . ,No.i jluht H. s* cre- 376. t The path <rf lif e wu">t be eelied a rosy dna wkba corn icnre . aignsj ^can be seen an along this ^ay. Buy your Groceries of>u« ^budng July- We"*iJl make ii^fpjj^fit^ble for- you. We constantly ehoeayor to give our customers the,ven- best service possible. - : A -,saki8fiea ««8^ fother is the besfc;kiod. an ad- veftisement.. . Knowing tbia we make your interests otnrs. j WE OFF^ Tb-bAY: 2 Rkgs Gerd-'FriUo -.i ^CE 2 ^gs.Egg-O- 5ee ; 20c • 2 j^gs Korn Krisp ..^b«| 7 liars D. G. Soap. 30 bz pkg Our Havy-Soda .:...^ifl3s 20:6z pkg Our Navy Soda.. i lb, \ lb, and 1 lb cans F. W*-" s Baking Powder......5,10 ana Ific

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