Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 24, 1968 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1968
Page 18
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLlNOlc '•VTSSDW. D'-tMiiVlBER 24, 19G8 : _^l!s*W_f_ •IHPW, FOR CLASSIFIED ADS To Gain Release Of Men s U. S. Repudiates Pueblo Documents Before Signing to be returned by Dec. 23.The was that the United States would not accept the facts contained in statements. PHONE 242-0117 By SPENCER DAVIS Associated Press Writer CLASSIFIED ADS MUST BE IN BY 9:00 A.M. TO GUARANTEE PUBLICATION SAME DAY WANTED 1 MALE and FEMALE JUST RECEIVED a sleigh load of refrigerators, stoves, dryers, chairs, couches, beds, mattresses and box springs, from the North Pole. Priced to make Santa very happy. Kelt Salvage, Kell, III. FOR SALE — Collie pups, i weeks old. Phone 755-4404. 12-24 FREE — 3 small kittens. Nice present for children. Will hold for Christmas. I '^"jj | Dial 242-3346. 12-24 I EXPERT CLEANERS on rugs, w/w ear- J pets, upholstered furniture, floors. Lat- 1 est modern equipment. Jack's Home Cleaning Service. 242-2241. tf The Doctor 1 p.m. to 9 p.m a.m. to 10 a.m or write Paul B Co. Box 31, Bryan, Ohio 43506. WASHINGTON (AP) - Rei U ase of the Pueblo crewmen jvas obtained under what Secre- i tsry of State Dean Rusk calls i me of the strangest diplomatic ; r rocedures in Cold War history isnd another high official calls ITC . _.,__..._ _ „„, „,,_ ,„„ „„„,„ just plain "kooky." Eyjah^ iS ^s.^^^^ ^ngthy Treatment ; The formula called tor the — 1 «'•*'-•» « i *°9 S - p none 244-0387. Lelan Carr Kennel.; JZih*. Stan The Tire' Ma^olaf 24" By Wa y" e G - Brandstadt, M.D. chief U.S. negotiator to sign a tfi Q. What are the symptoms j statement admitting U.S. guilt but only after the North Koreans agreed to let him publicly announce beforehand that the PHARMACEUTICAL REPRESENTATIVE PANELING — 4x7 and 4x8 sheets, odds tan you qualify? Established Illinois -itorv. Career opportunity with rapidly ' 534-6233. ,- FOR SALE OR TRADE - Two six — 21-B—AUTO PARTS & SERV Sufferer of Active TB , months. M | 6400. Q. What are the symptoms growing company. Complete training,! 534-6233. tf I 'ringe benefits, salary and commission on LOOK!! Draperies In "special lengths or ,...,,._,,__ „ _ _ ,_ , , ,.-,.„ ill sales. For interview phone Richard, wldtns . Ask at the G . c Murpny c „. ' MINIATUREISchnauzers, Wires, Oachs-, - o AQIO o, ry <FB\/irr ! of tuberculosis? Is it necessary Robinson at Centralia Motel at Centra-: V7 hunds. Poodles, Scotties, Australian i * 1 _C KAUIU * IV -SKVILL a—- _ :j _—. llB. Ill 618-532-7357, Thursday, Dec. 26, - , Terriers, Beagles, some grown dogs. or Friday Dec 27, 8:30 LIVE CHRISTMAS TREES. Come, pick Jeri-Ellen Kennels, 242-0880. tf 1 Elder i vours now, either cut or balled. Open ; yj-r UIIMTIMr nooe 12-27 ever V afternoon from 1 to 5. Mestel I o-A—nUlNTIN© DUG5 1 Nursery, northwest out Richvlew Road FULL OR PART TIME route distributing , } m n e t0 sign , then 1 mile north, V, mile CHRISTMAS present for man or bov > • i _ ii. t _. .>..Ui«i^ _ farm nrft/li ir-re I . > r . * Watklns household - farm products, i wes t, tf 1450.00 month ave. Plus bonus. See or —-•-————•— ----- — — .write Rita Dopp, «03 So. 25th, Mt. Ver- , UPHOLSTERING materials below furni- non, Illinois. Or write Watklns, 800 No. | ture factory costs. Large stock $2.00 31st St E. St. Louis, Illinois - 62205. ' Per Y^d "P! drapery fabric S1.00 yard 12-26 1 U P- also we represent 3 companies for I custom made draperies. Renshaw's, 310 DRIVERS NEEDED S. 17th. tf Semi Drivers, local and over the road. Good selection of Beagles, AKC regis, tered, trained and started; also 3 trained T.V. SERVICE - Conscienious, work guaranteed. One of the oldest in town. Burgins, 8th St. and Tolle Road. Dial ! 242-2323. tf 22 —LOST to be confined in a sanitarium | to be cured? A. Pulmonary tuberculosis us- statement was a lie. ually starts with an after- "Apparently the North Ko| noon fever of 101 to 103, night LOST — Black and tan^Beagie, white' sweats and easy fatigability, coon doos Evan Dale Phon» 728-324? ' Has brown co,lar and may be Later the victim has a chronic Macedon^; 111. 12-26 dr8fleln9 che,n - Reward ' Phone 2M ^- ! cough. Anyone with active tu-ibert H. Woodward publicly la" ' berculosis (tubercle bacilli in \ be:ed false before he signed it," leans believe there is propaganda value even in a worthless document which Maj. Gen. Gil- 19—REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BY OWNER — Four room Experience helpful but not necessary, we , LADiES - Christmas Shopping? Quilt- h0US(Jf fu||y furn , she «, W | fh utility room, j Red male p^chslTund. MIssinT^weeks. , he is no longer will train you. You can earn over $3.75 per hour, after short training period. For ing? Sewing? Need Gifts? We have "Everything". Call 775-4355. Eagle application write Nation Wide Safety i Stamps Books redeemed Free, Easy Director, % Motor Freight Terminal Parking. Mary's Vogue Shop, Odm, III. Bldg. 1905 South Belmont, Indianapolis, I onJWain Street. ^ 12-24 Indiana 46221 or call 317-632-1461. 12-10 i 0 LD PAPERS "iOc Bundle, Register-News BOOKKEEPER^STENOGRAPHER. Ex- j Business ott "^- « perience preferred. Apply in person to | FRESH EGGS delivered every Thursday Mr. Alexander, Hickory Grove Manor ] 522 N. 5th St. Phone 244-2281. tf Nursing Home No. 8 Doctors Park Road. —„— ••• —-———. . . " 12-24 i r0R SALE - Largest stock of carpet and rugs in Southern Illinois. Karpet with washer and dryer, carpeted living room, built-in kitchen, gas heat. See at 115 Casey. 12-28 'month! o !r e An1rs a %o She .he er nam°e!^ sputum) should be treated j Rusk said. "Skip", call 242-2961. 12-28 ' in a hospital or sanitarium until' The document signed by capable of j Woodward, the chief U.S. nego- Reward. Phone 244-2989. LOST Will Lankford Farm in Section 16 and Rd. and Turner Drive. 21 from 90 to 298 acres in Moose Prairie Twp. Priced at $300/acre. Bia« male German Shepherd. I He should remain under medi- tered North Korean waters and Answers to "Hobo", vicinity of Salem • cal supe rvision for at least a declared that the U.S. govern- year after that. 205 acres near West Frankfort: well fertilized and good improvements. AGENT AND DEALER wanted to sell construction products to counties end titles and soil conservation service markets in Southern Illinois. Representing :he leader in the industry. Excellent commissions. Reply to Box C-650 c/o Register-News. 12-27 WANTED — Woman to care for elderly lady. Apply 114 N. 6th or call 2421022. tf Korner. 12th and Jordan. BE SURE - Insure with the Golden Rule [Panmunjom to obtain its re- 1 lease. The Noi'th Koreans are believed to have long ago exhaust- !rl its value as far as secrets arc concerned and they could riot sail it on the high seas without risk of reprisals. State Department officials credited Undersecretary of j S'ate Nicholas Katzenbach and a small group of Korean experts including Ambassador Winthrop Brown, former U.S. envoy to Korea and Laos and Country Director James Leonard, with working out the formula North Korea finally accepted. They give this tentative explanation for its acceptance: North Korea will make as much use as it can of the U.S. "confession" that the Pueblo bad illegally intruded into Ko-; iean waters on an espionage mission when it was captured Jan. 23. The document may be believed in some Communist countries but will not be accepted in most other countries. U.S. negotiators also had „„„ rnaT . , ,, T . , prgued that it would be better nve, aoes mat ;0 . grave acts of espionage." It j f ,,„ M-,*.,, T< -,„- + _ , hac tiiharouin- TT o for N °rth Korea to deal now nas lUoercuio- vi\yp "firm assurance no US.,., . , . B uve iirm as^uiance no u.o. UJth the outgoing j onnsorl ad . ministration, rather than re-ne- 'Hello Friend' C =3ll* Phone Devotion 242-3224 Anytime A Different Message Everyday J *;M I spreading the disease to others. 1 tiator, said die Pueblo had en- ment "shoulders full responsl- LO R S o T ute~, C m?£ Q- mat is a tuberculin skin hiiity and solemnly apologizes News days. tf test? If it is positive, does that 27— CAR LICENSE mean a ^ rson ±' «-M .\ "-".ci^c _ sis? <what is tuberculous en- E«e,i: C nrfor e catt^ Pri " d 31 M °' aCre ' ^sSrt^ GEJ.™™ s.'"^ 6 sTw cephalitis? Is it c o nt a gious? 0 Motors, 1101 Salem Road; Wilson Shell What are its symptoms and 31 acres on Lynchburg Road with two Station, 300 S. 10th; Charlie Cook, 704 S. treatment? Hospital Plan. Louis Fitts, Box 544, home. Will subdivide in two parts. Ideal 22nd. Home application. Gale Knox 242- Mt. Vernon, 242-0668. tf for running horses and cattle PARTS for all electric shavers, v* hour ! service. Most models. Clark Jewelers, 110 North Ninth. tt 1 -A—SITUATION WANTED FOR SALE—No hunting, no tresoassing, > for rent, for sale, apartment for rent | signs. Register-News office. W 9-A—HEATING & PLUMBING i WANTED — 2 teen-age sisters desires baby sitting evenings and weekends. I Jackie and Robin Boldwyn 242-443f. 1 LOW COST Plumbing installed; also 12-24 1 heating. Licensed plumber. Call 242- 444 acres, highly improved, 200 acres, alfalfa, immediate possession, no buildings, 5Vi miles south of Belle Rive. 120 acres, god fence, ideal for cattle and reasonably priced. 80 acres near Divide; 30 acres tillable, SO acres timber, priced at $110/acre. 4985. Wanted Springfield rides on Tues- A. In the tuberculin test, a day. tf j small amount of an extract of LTcENSE ~ _ FA"sT "sERvicE _ "Li 'cense; tubercle bacilli is placed in the ordered Monday thru Saturday will . g^jn w ifa a needle Or Specially have on Tuesday. Variety Store, 1015 S. . . T - „ . „„ ioth. B. Brumbaugh jr. Notary Public., prepared tines, If & person has tf, liau previous contacL with tiie germ, a red reaction will develop at the site of inoculation. 30—SPECIAL NOTICE NOTICE — Closed until Jan,. 3, 1969. . . Open Friday only. Merrimans, Ina, III. I This positive test may mean ships will intrude again." Woodward, in his public repudiation in advance of signing the statement, said "the document vh : ch I am going to sign is at variance with die (U.S.) position but my signature "will not ai;d cannot alter the facts. "I will sign the document to n ee the crew and only to free the crew." gotiate the whole case with the Nixon administration. Negotiatoi's also made th; 1 point that release of the 82 crewmen around Christmas would be warmly received by the American public. High U.S. officials said the United States put two conditions NOTICE ROOF TROUBLE? No Job Too Small Or Too Large. MIDWEST RFG. CO. 244-1907 Catch NFL Football See all the action on CBS-TV Sunday! See me for a better deal on your car, home or life insurance any day! 5511. 9-B—APPLIANCES M. D. Burkeft will sell the following 1-7 with '4 down on terms: — (1) 42 acres at Divide (2) 66 acres at Rusk commented that in 19 , OT . a " offer made Dec. 17 to sign m ±v , a iaIse con f esS i 0n in order to ob- ANNUAL REDUCTIONS NOW IN PROGRESS Bluford (3) 80 acres in Dodd Twp. (4) 14 House ^Lions'Ltd., 1015V* Broadway, 3rd 2—-WANTED TO BUY W repal, D lar^e n^u^° U trailerr d and j SEE US forHoJiday blrjains on TapplS ' »=£ s Ground"'" ^ <S> " ""^ '^-^^ A " merchandise>j involvement Of the brain. Tuber. small or large acreage near Mt. Vernon. I Ranges and Speed Queen washers and Gale Knox. Dial 242-4985. tf 1 dryers. Great Plains Gas 242-3250. tf j reduced. n-26 ; that the reactor has active tu- y f lUS of P u ^ Ilc se ™ce he knew. tai th j , ft " , berculosis. ol ™> precedent for the contra- 1 reiease or me men> Tuberculous encephalitis is an dictor y statements. Another high official privately ii-24 i culous meningitis, an involve- Ascribed the final formula, one One was that all 82 men had WANTED TO BUY — Pool table, regulation size. Must be in good condition. Phone 242-2028 or 244-0133. 12-24 VACUUM CLEANERS — ELECTROLUX| — Newest carpet attachment with rotating brush. Rug washers, floor polishers, Sales and Service. Sterling Dodson, 242-6137. tf 9-E—TV and RADIO I FOR SALE — l.t. onrerine towe.'s, new various makes, models. Burgin's Radio tf i and T. V., 8th and Tolle Road Dial 242-2323. WANTED TO BUY — Healthy sound, AKC puppy litters, cash, year round market. 618-996-3232. 1-2 WANTED TO BUY — Gas space heaters, any size. Franks Furniture, 12th and Bell St. WANTED — Painting, decorating and carpenter work. Phone 244-1464. tt WANTED TO BUY - Dairy Heifers and I cnD ... _ _ , jrM feeder calves. Raymond Llpe, Nokomls, F ° R . " LZ a V » u,tar » W 5 - 00 - Cal1 tf I 242-5824 between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. tf BURKETT'S REALTY 106"2 N. 5th Street Office: 242-2860 C. N. Carpenter: 244-0188 L. L. Burkett: 242-4006 A -TTENTloN :^ustigTlhors,or-er707-s.iment of the membrane covering "o suggested Jr .the past ioth. store Hours: weekdays 8 a.m. to!the brain, is more common. montn °* wasningron, as 6 p.m. sundayj p.m. to 6 p.m. 12 : 301 These forms of tuberculosis are '*ooky. * WOLVERINE Logger Boots, work shoes' nQt fleetly contagious but are Tlle instructions for Wood- :^™,v,%^owJZA1^ usually associated with pulino- ward to sign the fake statement Retiring? selling Out?, —-——j- nai -y tuberculosis, which is. Tu- came from the State Depart- CARD Of WANK* berculous encephalitis would menf with the knowledge of i wish to express my sincere thanks, headache, nervous, irrita- President Johnson, officials to all my neighbors and friends who . FOR SALE Want to move to Florida? If Interested in beautiful, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, custom built home in Orlando, Florida, phone 242-3993 or write owner 4734 Azalea Way * j South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33705. < remembered me so kindly while I was, bility, fever, nausea, night "aid. President-elect Nivnn wnc " Woud eonsder trad* In Mt. Vmmrm «r M I »„ «,„ nr^t u«.„ii,i V . ' . » 11 1 . «eaiuemKIH,l XNlXOn Was 10-B—MUSIC III. Phone 217-563-2003. WANTED TO BUY from owner. SO to 100 acres of farm land. Phone 242-0042. •f FOR SALE — Univax, custom, 12 string quitar, Apollo drum set, Kalamazoo reverb amplifier. Phone 437-2833 Ina. tf WANTED—To buy used propane tank*. I 12-C—APPLES Phone 242-435*. Harper's Propane Ser vice, Salem Road. if 3—WANTED TO RENT WANTED f O. RENT — 3 room apartment on ground floor. Must have good heat. Would Hke.-tti by 1st of month. Call 2442961. 12-2& 4— WANTED MISCEL. WANTED —'Trash hauling. Dial 242-1667 after 5 p.m. - 12-28 WANTED — Good home for dog. 7 months old ; TerrIer type, female. Free. 141t S. 12th. 12-26 YE'OLE MARKET 1507 S. 10th St. Large selction of quality apples, oranges, nuts. Select Christmas trees and roping. 12-24 13—AUTOMOTIVES FOR SALE — Two 1960 Chevrolets; one 6 cylinder, standard shift, one V -8 standard shift, 2 dr." hardtop. Dial 242-3695 after 5 p.m. 12-28 EXPERIENCED Bookkeeper wishes several sets of books to do at home. No |ob too small. P. O. Box 206. 12-24 WANTED — Holiday specials. Chimney and foundation repairs. Also pest controls. Reasonable rates. All work guaranteed. Phone 242-5376. tf FOR RENT 5—APARTMENTS S ROOM Furnished apartment. Garage, close to town, heat and water furnished, $85.00 a montfh Lady or couple. 242-2856. 12-24 FOR RENT — DeLuxe Apartment., furnished. Call 242-1524 — 242-3178. tf EFFICIENCY APTS. Everything furnished, £30.00 per week and up. Phone 242-5373. tf FOR RENT — New 1 and 2 bedroom unfurnished apartments, all utilities paid, Hotel Emmerson. See Mrs. Ward between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. week days. tf 6—HOMES FOR RENT — 5 room, all modern home, gas heat, garage. Located in west part close to schools. Phone 244-3934.- tf FOR SALE — 1962 Rambler, good condition $300.00. Call Ron Yons, 244-2714. 12-28 1965 CHEVROLET Impala V-8 2~door, automatic trans., radio, heater. Must sell immediately. 242-3005. 12-30 Would consider trade In Mt. Vernon area, 12-27 FOR SALE — 4 unit brick apartment building, 3 units upstairs, 3 bedroom !rl7 ^r242 °-52 n 7V 8irS W " h N^es^f' BaVnes Hospital" fo7"S5r" help", j Praammo salicylic acid, as are The South Korean government : _ I wish each and everyone of you a most Other forms Of tUDerCU- £lso was keDt infnrmpH nf tha LOVELY HOME For Sale or Rent in Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ] oss , S lnro f me a °* the Ashley. Reduced rates for care. No and may God bless you all. T _ _, .. f .eveiopmentS and Showed TTZZ l^iTullVfr> we ^ ™* of weight.. This • ir formed but not consulted m st. Louis. Also wish to thank Dr. R. A. , very serious disease is treated advance about the arrange- Alexander, the Sisters and Nurses of; with Streptomycin, isoniazed and ment thpv arlrlpri Good Samaritan and the Doctors and ! praamino salicylic &cid< M are I ^ l™*.*™* 1 . Small wonder: can be seen at REGENCY MOTORS, Inc. Salem Rd. Phone 342-6200 WILBURN DAVIS 2600 Broadway Mt. Vernon, Illinois Office 242-3770 INSURANCE Home 244-1649 r-iisr STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPATJY: «, Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois • children. Write Box C-741 c/o Register- News. 12-27 _____ 120 acre farm, 80 acres tillable, 80 acres bottomland, $250.00 per acre. Well located duplex, zoned business, close in. 9 acre hog farmette, fenced and cross fenced, 4 room modern home, barn, garage, city water. North. A buy at $8,000.00. ' Modern 2 bedroom home, gas heat, 1 acre, Bluford School. Large 7 room modern home, Lincoln School. 2 baths, bullt-lns, fireplace, new auminum storm windows and gas furnace, paved street. $7,000.00. Sincere Good Wishes, GRACE G. LIPPS. IN MEMORIAM Q. 1 recently read of a new g0 od understanding of our prob- drug for patients whose tuber- i em s,- authorities said. culosis had become resistant to In memory of our darling mother and , i the standard drugs. What is the While Rusk said efforts will | MERRY CHRISTMAS | i HAPPY NEW YEAR | sice effects' i; ' gain the Puebl °' State ^P 3 * A. Several' new drugs for pa- ° ffic ! als SaM no more P ri ~ FOR SALE — 1966 Volkswagen, standard transmission, radio, heater, window washers, very good condition. To assume < payments call First National Bank & 1200 acres r,ch DOt,om land ' n0 Dui,d Trust Co. 242-6521 extension 231. 12-28 FOR SALE — Nice 1963 Chevrolet 4 door hardtop, small V-8, automatic trans., 47,000 miles. 1016 N. 13th. Phone 242:4771. 12-26 RAMSEY REALTY 704 Main St. Mt. Vernon, III. C. A. and Ora Ramsey 242-3212 1966 PLYMOUTH Fury III, 2 door hard-. _ __ Z ' Z ____ '_1 6 top, 8 cylinder, standard transmission, j j ACRES, 3 miles North Mt. Vernon. 5 radio, heater, black vinyl top, extra : room house W | m additional rooms for sharp. To assume payments call First I storage. Hot water heat, new carpets. National Bank t, Trust Co., 242-6521 ex- 1 fireplace, 200 pine trees, buildings for tension 233. 12-28 1 livestock, $15,000.00. 244-0355. 12-26 have to be pursued further to ! grandmother. Flora B. 'c a \*''KwK j name of it? Does it cause any who passed away 26 years ago Dec. 25. Not a day do we forget you , „. „ ovy iui- y_- vat „ --p-^-.-- wpr - „!__„_,!" - f t^XVXTLTo;, tients who are unable to take ^ meetogS Were P lanned at Everyday a silent tear the drugs mentioned in the pre- The flowers we placed upon your grave cec }j n g answer, Or whose tU- BuTa^tht^o B ve d w < fh a a / d for you ! berele bacilli axe resistant to win never fade away. these drugs, are available. The S?_'.J2lf ed H by r-°r! u ^ M Tr m>B most recen t « ethambutol (My- EUBANKS and Granddaughter, ' JUANITA STARNES and ALL WHO ambutol). Althou^i few side ef- LOVEO HER. ; fects are reported, anyone who In lovlrrg^Tnemory of our dear husband takes this drug Should have a and father who passed away 3 years! thorough examination by an eye ago today Dec. 24th. . , The FAMILY OF THE LATE specialist once a month. JESSE M. WOOD. Please send your questions and In loving" memory of our wife and comments to Wayne G. Brand- mother Mary E. Pipg on Shristmas Day. ' sia fa M.D., in Care of this pa- Surrounded by friends we are lonesome, \,rv,!i- r\- r_--„,^o»i«. „ OK, in the midst of our joys we are blue, I per. While Dr. Brandstadt can- 1968 DODGE 440, automatic transmission,) <Q « CADMC BAP CAIC radio, heater, very low mileage, under ; 1 r-M—WWW r\JK 3MLC , warranty. To assume payments call First ! National Bank 4. Trust Co., 242-6521 ex- '< DOCTOR or retired man special! 200 tension 234. 12-28 acre cattle farm for sale with new; fences complete. Land all limed and fert-' 1968 DODGE 2 dr. Hardtop, fully equip- ilized to soil test requirements. 120 acres , ped only 18,000 miles. Save $1,500. John-: "„!." ,„ •'„' 'I; J" "In iw„ r-^ a. . seeded to improved hay and pasture. < Motor Co " m and Harr,son . S . , J. ! Land all tillable except 30-40 acres in • I fescue. New sheds, feed racks, and ; son Dial 244-1044. With a smile on our faces we've a heartache. Longing dear Wife and Mother for you. Gone is your voice we loved so dear, Silent Is the voice we loved to hear. Too far away for sight or speech, But not too far for thoughts to reach. Happy and smiling always content, Loved and respected wherever you went. Always thoughtful, and so kind, What a beautiful memory you left behind. But God had plans for you in Heaven, You didn't have time to say goodbye. not answer individual letters, he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. QUICK QUIZ. FOR LEASE — An Executive heme. Phone 244-3836 for showing. 12-27 FOR RENT OR SALE — 2 bedroom modern house, gas heat. Will sell on contract. 2108 Logan. 242-3175. 12-24 7 —ROOMS ~" 1968 MERCURY 2 Dr. Hardtop, automatic I corrals around barn. Set of stock scales, trans., radio, heater, white wall tires. I pressure water system with automatic Johnson Motor Co., 9th and ' Harrison j floats, loading chute, two cattle feeders St's. Dial 244-1044. 12-24 1 and plenty of water. Call O. A. Holdren 1967 CHEVROLET Imp-Ta^-drTfactory ' «_ «M<W»». Mt. Vernon, III. 12-26 air condition, radio, V-8, power steering, heater, very clean. Johnson Motor Co., 9th and Harrison St's. Dial 244-1044. 12-24 _ Q—Who started the raisin industry in California? A—Priests, Jesuit friars and i Franciscan padres. The padres ! planted fruit trees and vines it seems a heavenly voice speaks to us, j around their missions to help i loved you, too, so please don't cry. supp iy Indian settlements with Just make plans to come and see me, j CL J And we'll be together forever more SERVICES Where flowers will bloom and no more sorrow, For we'll be on God's eternal shore. Sadly missed by H"ENRY PIGG and CHILDREN. We Will Be Closed Wednesday, Dec. 25 For Christmas. CROWNUIEW RESTAURANT JOHN and NORABELLE MACK, Owners No. 54 Crownview Phone 242-0508 1966 VOLKSWAGEN Square-Back Wagon, radio, low mileage, local car. Johnson Motor Co., 9th and Harrison St's. Dial 244-1044. .0—SERVICES MISCEL. ROTO-ROOTER SERVICE stopped up, runs slow, full of roots? 12-24 CaM 244-0475. 1-16 NICE CLEAN sleeping rooms TV in lobby, off street parking. 242-4018. 425 N. 9th. tf 8— RENT MISCELLANEOUS ,1963 PLYMOUTH 4 dr. standard trans., F0R FILTERED Drinking Water call I heat ?:' snow „ ,lres ; * x,ra , c ' e . an i ar ' Gary Sledge Water Service 244-0038, only 4,,000 miles Johnson Motor Co., former |y Bob Pasley. 1-15 9th and Harrison St's. Dial 244-1044. - _ 12-24 SEPTIC TANKS pumped and repaired, —JT--V • ~ - SEWER LINES electric rodded, SINK FOR A Better Deal on a Good Used Car Lines and 1loor drelns optned . New In loving remembrance of Wendell j Foster, who departed this life 17 years 'Sewer a 9° Dec - 23rd Christmas once again is here Oh, how we wish you were near Our smiles cover our aching heart Since the day we had to part. Parents: MR. and MRS. MURLAND FOSTER; Sister: MRS. CARL STUBER. TEACH CHILDREN See us for t..-mpt and courteous service in filling your prescriptions. BROWN'S In loving memory of Gary Dean (Butch) Karch Jr. who left us three WANTED — Nice young couple with ! . see Moore Motors ' 412 Broadway. tf Sep , ic systems Installed. BRAVARD's years ago Dec. 24,' 1965, good house trailer to rent new trailer : FOR SALE — '65 Ford wagon, 12,000 SEWER _ SEPTIC SERVICE. 242-6520.- space near Game Farm on oiled road. | miles, pewer steering, 289 motor. Capps '-3 $20.00 winter, $22.50 summer including and Warren Service Station, 10th and garden space, Trl-County lights, state i Forest. tf •ested well water. Prefer couple wlm ' r .Ar^, ;»;,Tr„, school age child. Also sleeping room to 1 O -A HOJSfc TPAILERS Fo 0, X .°^:r 0 s r o k n n9 Wr^ £Z C-^c/o • F0R SALE ~ *"•••'»»•' Register-News. Pets welcome. 1-2 TRENCHING and flack Hoe Srevice, footings, water lines, septic tank Jlelds, oil field lines. Fully Insured. T. N. Shorty" Campbell 242-2912 Mt. Vernon. 1 bedroom, partly furnished, good con . ____ _ dltlon, qualified person may assume FOR RENT — Mobile Home, 10x55, De- 1 loan. 244-2496. tf luxe 65 model, 2 bedrooms $100 per No. 520D. tf December once again is here To many the happiest of the year But to us it brings many a tear For the one we- still hold so dear. Sadly missed by MOTHER, DAD, SISTER, GRANDPARENTS and ALL WHO LOVED HIM. WASHER, Dryer and domestic refrigeration service. Delbert Reaney 244-0538. 1 12-31 ! ALTERATIONS 8nd tailoring for men and women. 242-4707. tf month. Phone 242-1232 or 242-0019. 12j26 I 13.B—TRUCKS Before renting office space 750-1000 sq. ' F OR SALE — 1960 Chevy winch truck ft. be sure to inspect office at 1010A | wl,n o\\ field winch bed; 1955 Chevy i TRASH and brush hauling. Ralph Isom Salem Road. Everything furnished. Phone ' Pickup truck; I960 Ford car. Phone 895- ; 244-2004 or 242-6037. Call after 4. tf 242-4893. tf 2523 Barnard Shell Service, Wayne City. 12-30 WORLDALMANAG FACTS THE PRESCRIPTI0MSHO FOR RENT — 1 Deoroom and 2 bedroom mobile homes, real nice. 244-3836 , F0 " SALE or 242-3178. RENTAL EQUIPMENT— Fl r polishers, small and large; Wallpaper steamer, 1968 Chevrolet pickup, 8 ' Floor sender. Rug Shampooers, free with tf FOR RENT OR~LEASE - Warehouse or storage space, downtown area. Will accomodate 5 or more carloads of merchandise. First floor; loading dock for 3 trucks. Call 2444750 or 242-2316. tf cylinder Deluxe cab, automatic trans- ! purchase of shampoo. Smith-Alsop Paint mission, radio, heater, good condition, i and Wallpaper Co., 910 Main St. Dial 244-. To assume payments call First National f 0-36. tf i Bank i. Trust Co., 242-6521 extension 238. • UGLY TREE TRUNKS IN YARD? Have 12-28 , them ground out b, machine. No mess. OFFICE SPACE - Heat and water furnished, earreted, private bath, 1120 Main. Phone 244 -3836 — 242-3178. tf FOR SALE 9—SALE MISCELLANEOUS FINAL CLEARANCE - Yarn prices "slashed 45%—books 50%—needle* 50%. The Knit 'Shop, 822 North 10th. Phone 242-5470. 12-26 12-26 Phone 244-2746. tf ! 1953 FORD pick up truck In good con- _ dltlon, $225.00. Phone 266-7760._ 12-24 I ROOFING, all types e'nd repairs, emer- FOR SALE — T949 Ford v? ton pickup. 1 flency service, free estimates, no obll- 242-5511 12-26 i gatlon. R. R. 4, Mt. Vernon. 244-1907. __J 1 Midwest Roofing. M l4t -A FARM SUPPLIES I LAWN MOWER grlndlngrmotors repair- ATTENTION FARMERS - Sale, Sale, ed. Hand tAWS filed, KEYS made. Sale. Come see the largest supply of locks repaired. A. S. Hodge, 811 South hog feeders end waterers In Southern | 18th Street. tt Illinois. Buy wholesale end lave. To | CONCRETE - SEPTic~TANK for tale 1n- mentlon a few? «*«•• h»«»« m »«ni»»H. PREMIUM 23 Channel Courier C.B., base iOr. mobile, - First $100 takes. 710 S. 7>*t. . * 12-24 FOR SALE — Model 1200 12 gauge Winchester purnp, gun with 2 barrels, 2 years old SM.0O. Call 242-1925 after 5 p.m. or *n weekend,, 12-26 •TONi^SAl,# — Maytag washer, wringer typo, square tub; gat water heater, 20 ga['.glass fjqedt 720 S, 19th. 12-24 Sci«so(j6/ / .'|ip(tsors, Scissors. Electric, re> steel bases, guaranteed 15 years, 45 bu., $65.90 ; 63 bu„ $85.48; 95 bu., $113.43. Cast bases, guaranteed 30 years, such as 45 bu., $98.73; 63 bu., $104.66; 95 bu., $133.18. Shellons Farm Supply Co., Sesser 625-2621. tf T 5—-LIVESTOCK ~~ FOR SALE OR TRADE - 135 ewes, any or all with and without lamb. Clarence Stroud, Tolle Rd. Dial 242-3908. 12-26 WANTED! MEN — WOMEN ase 18 and over. Prepare now out of five pass. for U.S. Civil Service .Job opening!) during the next 12 montlfs. Government positions pay high starting salaries. They provide much greater secur Lincoln Service has helped thousands prepare for theae tests every year since 1048. It is one of the largest and oldest privately owned . schools of its kind and Is JM and excellent opportunity J booklet on imTnr ™ Government jobs, includta* posWons require little or no ust of positions and salaries, 2_^! 3dw * t,0B or fill out^upon and mail,at experience. once—TODAY. But to get one of these jobs, y ou w m a i so ffe t full details you .nusl pass a test. The on how you can prepare Th competition Is keen yourself for these tests. ' ana in some rases only one bon't delay—ACT NOW! LINCOLN SERVICE, DEPT. — 7-3B Pekin, Illinois. I am very much Interested. Please send me sosoiutely FIUSE (1) A list of U.S. Government positions and salaries; (2) Information on how to qualify for a VS. Government Job. Name » _ Age Street — Phone City _ State (D8B) MERRY CHRSTMAS stalled. Backhoe work end trenching. Phone 244-2745. WANTED — Sows to farrow within 30 days. Phone 242-1392. 12-24 16—PETS and SUPPLIES CANE and Rush Chair Seats replaced. P. G. Webb, Aiihiey Road. 244 -1721. ft CONCRETE WORK — BasementsTfloora, paflos, driveways, v/alks, etc. Free estimate. Call John Yearwood 2444539 or Walter,Yearwood 244-1652. tf 21-A—RUG CLEANING AMERICAN ESKIMO Snow white pups for sale, now ready for Christmas dtfCed to *M» •pair. The Singer Co., present. See Lelan Carr to reserve yours. 726 Park' Plow If' Phone 244-0387. CARPET & FURHmme CLEANING .... by DURACLEAN, the safe, sure, on location, 'flower fre«h' method. Phone 242-1814, 1-2 TACK DOWN carpeting, upholstered fur- nlture, modern equipment. Nu-Wey Cleaners, Dial 244-O07S, 18th end Per- tf' kins. n| In the early 1900s, Indiana 's George Ade quipped: "Many men come from Indiana; the,better they are, the quicker they cdme." In 1905, The World Almanac notes, Gary was a sand dune, but by 1960 it< had a population of nearly 900,000 and formed with Hammond, East Chicago and Whiting the Calumet region, one of the world's greatest concentrations of heavy industry. r:opyrtehl© 1968, Xew -iiaper .Enterprise A XK". MERRY CHRISTMAS In homes spread far and wide across our land in farm and village, town and city, the story of the first Christma^ is unfolding. May you be guided to peace and contentment through the days ahead by the miracle of His birth. TED SHAFER REAL ESTATE from your MFA Insurance Companies and your MFA Insurance Agent LELAN CARR 1 KEN BELL 244-0387 242-4211

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