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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 2, 1889
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T > TQLUME 8. STEELING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2 1889. NUMBER IPS. OUTWENT. the Now States Give a Day to Casting Ballots. 'IC.TC"kt-'>r;' on iho rnvt-r.^ hotmre I 1'nd'M-, nn 1 lwiu> 'I a:a a I),'nio.T-;I..''' This por.timi'iit tvat rcr FIRST OFFICERS ELECTED. v/ith wild f?n- T!i< , W. TIME TABLE, QOIKO BAHT. ..... 2:42 ». m . Hterllng PasB...8:li<s a. m. Limited t'aas. 8:52 a.m. Clinton 1:55 p. m ' QOJKO WZPT. FaclfJo Kx 2:228. m. Hterllng Fa8S.B:00 p. m. Limited Fa»». 4-M p. m. Com In (i In, but licure Who \Vlnl th« l>omocri»tlc As- TVYO IJjikoriw and -*o Kf]Hibllo!infl — Tho n Surco<« — Soidh l>n- Noxv Yoi-k Dcinocratn Cllntonl'iws Denver 1 :in p. in. 8:03 - FasiaiTT TRAINS THAT CASBTT aoma WEST. CHlCiGO BURLINGTON &PSCYB.B. OOIKO KABT. I OOIKQ r S-Pansenger 6:30 a.m. 36— Passenger 4:20 p.m. Va-Frelgbu.....«:W |i.m.|il— Freight ...... B:COa.m ABKIVB »BOM FAUT, 7« ~ra5!ionH«r,..»:(wp.m. 77—Freight.™.. BiWiuii. raannnner 10 a, W-FrolfiM li:SOp.m'. ua'assenger No. iW connects with trains etta tan* -west on Cliriton-Branch-, with0. B.I-ftWtrB; H fct Kock Intend east »nd west; with main line tor points west. Council BluHs, Omaha and beyond and for Kansas City aud points beyond. Rotarna Jliittior Slow Knongh Itm'pJved tit Ii —]>Iontnnu F.lrY.I« plrnnt'. While tli Washington Chuo AnKtralltin SyKtnm kotu Goes "J>ry NoraJnnto Thoir Stmidnril-llpwrfM-t*. HELENA, M. T., Oct. 2. —fhe election yesterday pnss.'d otr tjuiutly, only on? arrest bo- Ing made for intorfuranca at tha polls. Both barties unite in declaring tho Australian system a success. The law limits the voter to five minutes iu tha voting booths, but tho feature wss not obsorved, fully fifteen minutes being required in Home casw. In some precincts the average time of voting was sight nilnuttm, Tho general avorago in this city being five minutes. How tlin Election Went. The Democrats ciuim tho election of their htato nnd congressional ticket, but leave tho cglslataro iu doubt Republicans malic no. figures on tho legislature, but claim the election of Carter to congress by a small ma ^jority, nurl generally conced-3 tho election of i'oole, Domocratio .candidate for governor, • frith tho balance of tho state ticket in doubt. ', Ex -Governor Lralio, Democrat, say: "Wo have got thorn without a doubt. A dispatch from the west side indicates largo Democratic majorities and that tho entire ticket Is elected." •'......--• ' - " -'- Finn, -of Tlin Hm old, Uiipublloan, my* 1'oole is probably elm-lo'l, but beliovos that Carter wiUjjut jn by n small majority, and consorvativs Republicans feel that way Tint form r>n<l Ticket.. TMO pl'i'iU'nn a'loptoi! is on t.ho r-x.-ict lino of Urn lic-mfMi.'int t^nvornrir'H H[v>-'ch. Tim liquor plnnk is tho declaration in favor of n just nnil pqtittablo cxoUft li?*v find opposition to sumptuary liuvs. Tho il-?pnb- licans nro charged with dishonesty tm this qunstion. Tho phitfnrrn also favors electoral re-form by ^curing tho secrecy of tho ballot, and demands tho rigid enforcement of tho laws enacted for the bnncfH of tlio workingmen of tho state. Hill's administration is indorsed, anil BO are Parncll and Gladstone. • Hon. Frank Uieo, of Ontario, wns unnni- mongly nominnk-d f< r secretary of state. Eil ward "Womple, the present comptroller, wasro-nominntoJ. Hon. Elliot D.mforth, of Chenango, was nominated for stato treasurer by acclamation. Attorney General Charles F. Tabor was ro-nomlnntcd for tbat office, as was John Bogart, of Now York, the pr iTnt state engineer onJ surveyor. Denis O'Brien was nominated for judge ot the court of appeals by acclamation. The convention then adjourned sine die after authorizing tho state committee. In its discretion, to dispense with tbo state convention next year in view of the fact tbfit there will be but one vacancy on tho state ticket. SA1LEDFOR1IAYTL A "Nigger" in the U.. S. Naval Woodpile. John I!. H..-niii-rsr, N. rllMand Chnr HE SORELY VEXES THE 01TIOER3. Great Difficulty In Flntllnj; Trnn«]iorta- <lon for » Viiitcil Stains Mlnlnter llo- cnnno Ho I« Not 'milie—Monthly Statement of tho Nntlonnl Finances—I>ebt Keilaced 8>t3,085,OOO—Mlllnr Not Offered tho Supreme Court Position—The All-Amerlcnn IJolpjyatra, •WASHINGTON- CITY, Oct. 'A—Tho change .f Mis-:"un; Tl. Klint. "t X- iU'T, nf Ii!.li:u:n; of S<juth Oinilin.i liplo- siflors -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, antl holds Its shape the best of any whip in tue market. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Kun- ulng and Latest Improved Sweeper made. j IN THE TWO DAKOTAS. Roth offbeat !)("vi:, st»t» I.lfo in the Ko- pnbllcnn Column. I BlSMABOic, N. I)., Out, a— The official count fort hoc! y shows an average majority for the Republican tlc'.;et of 103. Private telegrams from twenty-five legislative districts show tho election of 07 members of tbo legislature favorable to Gilbert A. Pierce for tho United fetates senate. Four more are known to be for Pierce in safe (Republican counties, giving him 71 votes sure. Eleven county precincts and tho city of Bismarck give a mn jority of 4-10 against prohibition. Tho constitution carried almost solidly. [ HILI.SHOIIO, N. D., Oct. 2. —Trail county will go Republican strong, 1-ut prohibition is very doubtful. Full returns could not be had lost night Indications are u ligut vote baa been polled. "" , DEVIL'S LAKE, N. D., Oct. 2.— Ramsey county goes prohibition. The stat3 tkkot is badly split. GRAifrotJ, N. D.; Oct. 2.— -Walsh county will give 50J majority against "the constitution. Prohibition wins by a small majority. Vote light. • __ Fancy Patent, per sack, »1.H>. Two sacks $2.80 Hall Patent, " I-40. " " 2.0!) Some oftho oldest residents.of this city claimithis tob^ the best flour they ever used in the State ot Illinois.. • CJream of. I*txtent 9 Bun, r>aie»y and IWEinn. JRoiler in stock. Tin A Good Stock of Tomato Cans, Very Cheap. Alao a few dozen oil MWS'GLASS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TOMBffiPLEFTj ^ • • i'AT '. ' L.L.JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. ,*3 BUCCESSORSTO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVEB 7,000 MIIE8- Of sstaePtrack In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota - and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND N0BTHWEST. Tha Unrivaled Equipment of the line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars. New Wagner and Pullirtn Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAS? VESTIBULE® TBAINS Running direct betwoaa Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Buiffs . and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, 5}»n Franc no in ja'l P*citic Co^t Po ,it»OMIT LIME TO THE BUCK HIUS South Dakota Flgnvon. YANTON, 8. D., Oct. a.—Tho election yesterday resulted in a Republican victory throughout the stato of South Dakota on tho congressional, slate, judicial, and legislative tHteU. The constitution is almost Unanimously adopted. Minority represonta- tiou is defeated. The prohibition clause in tho constitution is probably adopted, but the margin la small. Tho capital location lies between Sioux Falls and Pierre. In Yankton county tho anti-Prohibition majority is 700. Pierre has a majority for.tho capital. Bon Uomme and Hutchinson counties also give majorities for Pierre and largo majorities against Prohibition. BIOTJX FALLS, 8. D., Oct. 2.—Reports show the heaviest vote over polled in this territory. This city gives a small majority for the Republican ticket, Riturns from the state are slow and meager, but tbo, Republicans have oarried tha day. The definite result on the state capital and Prohibition will not be known for several days. Prohibition has certainly boon carried, although the majority ia small. , ABERDEEN, S. D., Oct. a—Returns are coming in slowly. Prohibition swoops everything. CnAMDEHLAiN, S, D., Oct. a—Brulo county gives a majority for tho constitution and prohibition. Tho ljumooi-atic stato ticket is elected. ' From tin- Kxirvuie Occident, ' ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. i—At midnight the returns to The Blobe (Democrat) indicated that Washington has elected a Republican governor and congressmen by 7,000 and the legislature by fifteen majority. CHICAGO, OcU tX—A Hnrald dispatch from Seattle says that the Republican majority in Washington will ba less than anticipated. The Democrats, while admitting tho defeat of Bemplo for governor and Urilllths for congress, claim three of the supreme justices and a majority of Cyo in tlio legislature. The Prohibition aud woman suffrage planks of the constitution were snowed under. Only ninety women voted in Walla Walla, and the votes were deposited in sop- arato boxes. PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. S.—A heavy storm is prevailing iu Washington territory, and wires are down. Returns will bo very lute, NEW YORK DEMOCRACY. The'Stnto Convention Puts Up Itn Chosen I*etulcrn for Stnte OiUcos. SYIIACUSK, N. Y., Oct i!.—Tho Democratic state convention mot bore yesterday with a crowded convention hall and much enthusiasm. Lieutenant Governor" Jones called tha convention to order and upon permanent organization was mado permanent chairman. Mr. Jones made u vigorous speech, in which ho declared that the history of the government does nod tell of a eiuglo administration that commanded tho respect aud coiiflk'iice of the people to t'uo extent that Graver Cleveland's administration did. If .tbo campaign had been fought on lift administration tho Democracy would have won tha fight But the party was progressive, and so it advocated turiB rnforrn, thoifliy uniting ev.-ry interest antagonistic to tho }MO|ild mid giving their jjower to thy Koimbliciiin, Tho latter party 1)0 charged with wholMale purolu\so of vatoi and nil in political mutti- Maryland KopuMlciinB. WESMINSTER, Md., Oc-t. 2.— Goorgo L. Wellington, of Allegany county, was nominated for comptroller by tho state Republican convention yesterday. Tho platform calls for tho Australian system of voting, Iho maintenance of tho Chos.ipcake and Ohio canal and tho protection of tho oyster beds against pirate-*. THE KNIGHTS OF LABOR- MHr-lli.K i>! tlic Knumll-vn Honrtl III ft, i.nuli»—Towilorly Tiilks. ST. Louis, Oct. 2.—Tho general executive board of the Knights of Labor began a session at tho Lnclode hotel in thia city yesterday. Everlmico tlufimithwest striko in 183(1thore has been more or less trouble In this section, and it is believed that tho prosant meeting will result in a so.tlctnont ot many things in that connection that havo long b?on bones of contention within the order. Replying to criticisms upon bis action during that strike, Mr. Powdorly yesterday said: "My record in tho matter of the suuin'mestarn striko is open to inspection, and is understood ali'l ,s-.!o,-;;;>d by tho order. The strike was ordered without duo authority. Tho constitution of the order was violated. I have In my possession numerous letters from local assemblies, begging the executive board for God's sake to stop in and end tho struggle." Cmiiiot Down Fowdorly. Mr. Powdorly appeared at a mass-moetlng of tho knights last everting. In a speech ho boldly denounced his onomies in tho ordor, and read a number of letters as proof that his opposition to Furlong as chief of tho government socret sorvico was well founded. At tho close of his speech ho was indorsed by tho mooting in all ho had dona in opposition to Furlong, and tho promised discomfiture of Powdorly when ho reached St Louis baa already fallen through, One of Hoftly's SjieechcK Condemned. DUBLIN, Oct. 2,—Canon Grlilln, of Cork, has written a letter" "severely condemning tbo statements mado by Mr. Timothy Uealy at a recent meeting of .the Dublin branch of tho National league, that renunciation by Balfour of tbo Roman Catholic university scheme was a bitter blow to those seeking to consolidate tho power of England at the Vatican against the Irish Nationalists, and that the loading objoct of the mission of Monsignor Persico to Ire- laud was to muzzlo tho Irish ecclesiastics. Canon Griffin says that Hoaly's remarks •were grossly insulting, and that should such language reach the Vatican it must teach the pope what to expect if men like Healy ever get into power in Ireland.' Canon Griffin declares that it looks very much like a schism in tho church when Roman Catholics applaud sucb utterances as those of Healy. ' ' in the eomnttindors of tho Kearunrgn on tho svo ol her departure for Hoyti with Minister Douglass on board, coming so quickly on top of tho othor incidents in connection with the Douglass affair, caused some gossip nt tho navy dnp'artment yesterday morning. The first of these incidents was tho fact that Mr. Douglass, although a citizen of tho United States, native born, and an ofllcer of the government, could notihave traveled upon any of tho .American steamers sailing to Hayti on tho same footing as any other citizen. For this reason it was determined to send him by maa-of-war. But shortly nfter the Os- sipoa vyas selected, her eonmiaiulur v.-ns relieved. Then her boiler was^found to be in need of repairs; and so tho Keursnrge was Kdored to carry .the minister and his wife to Ilnytd. Denials worn duly mode that Mr. Douglas* had anything to do with thodilli- eultie?,, and Secret/iry Tracy has matin n denial rtf tho report Mint Commander Rhopnrd was rn!lavp(irn<in»- TCcnr:inl'h''t lim'niis-) h« refusi'il tu will In tun vmwol If Mr. went on her. This would render him liable to be court-martialod. Further than this the secretory would say nothing. Why Rhcpnnl Wiw Hollered. Tho Kenrsarge, with Commander Whiting -in chnrg<!r^nil<5fl~yost'orday"marning7- 'Tho immediate cause of the detachment °' Commander Shoparil was a. complaint bo made by letter to tho navy department on being deprived of tho u«> of his cabin without sufficient time to have accommodations prepared for himself in the ward -room with the other officers, and asking for information as to how ho could dispose of himself and his baggage. Secretary Tracy cnn- atruod tho letter to mean that tho commander »H2 mixlQustto got rM of his duty, and accordingly ix-mnred him peremptorily. Persons who know CouimanJor Stapurd are of the opinion thiit hi> moant no disrespect to Secretary Tracy or Mr. Douglass in writing the letter, but that ho was unfortunate in informing tho depurtmont of a matter that could have been settled at Now York. Ili-nry TivK-»tt, of South Cnrolin.-i: Aivlr.-w Cani'-pin, "f IVmnylvniiia; l!"nry (f. T>i\vi=, of Wfst Virginia; Morris M. 1C ••<••?, »f f'nli- foruin, mul Jnlm V. Htmxon, of (i-nrgia. What Mr. B'.nin" had In siy to tho d.ili-ijfttrs was F:\id In wvr'.'t. Thn doors of th" nmtio room wore closed and no ou wore permitted to In pre<.-nt Sent nn Invltn to Gov. mil. WASHINGTON Crrr, Oct.. 2.—By direction of Secretary r.laino Mr. William E Curtis, secretnrr intoniationnl Americm coni;rcs^, yrst:!r<lay invil,-d G,.V. Hill nnd Mayor Grant, of Now York ci't-y, to nwet tlin inter- nationnl congress at Wc.-t Point Thursday ami to return with tho party to Ntnv York. The ri-pitdont- Will Itovlow Them. »\AsniNnTO?f OITY, Ocr. —.—i r^siiiMib Harris m promise! a delegation of O M Fallows yesterday that ho. would review proL-es"io:i ot colored OJI Fellows in city on the 16th. the this The Cholera «t Ilncduit. WARIIINOTOK CITT, Oct. 2.— The secretary )f stato is inform:;.! that tho c-h-.ilera In an !]ii(Jcinio form hns nptHared at Bugciad Bud furious placi^ on tlic Euphrates. PENAUD'S LAST JUMP. :ii« During I'rxneliiuxii Kllli'd Ijy n I.EHP friim n Illtrli Tower. TREKTOX, N. J, O.-t. 2 —A t«rrlbio accl- 5-,-nt occurred yesler-lay nt the fair grounds lere wln-rj tho Iiitor-Stato fJVir is being held.. tt wns announced an one of tho attractions ilmt Bnptista R. Teniin I. th-) F.-on'-h jump- ir, wmi'dl(!np from n l.T'-fwt towm- into a iiit.lliiljbilnw. AltlHiii:.;li I hi; ilny wns wot i!),(HK) pei)|iln vlalliul tlio gl'iililid-). At 11(0 liuio fixed for iVimud's feat tho grand stind «-as pockeil with people. Ponaud, drcsseil in gaudy tights, ascended ihe tower. All uyes wore turned upon tbo -r'ron.nhmanv ~RoachhiB~tho' i tDp J ~1io77lDO jown on tho people twiow, and after an interval of n few suconJa leaped into tho air. He descended with lightning rapidity. On touching the net he gave a sudden turn and fell fl:it on hW back. The condition wa?i so gnmt that thu jumper u-iis almost Instantly killed. _ DESTITUTE IN THE WOODS. Family Found THE NATIONAL BALANCE SHEET. Treasury, TELGGHAM?. in-,, 1,1-:., -ahllo bcr- ,'in of nn'nrfl! f;ns --.'mnunii ¥ n!i''in of .M.iso'is wa-i n|y>n thf ^r.^nrl ed in Chi- Tiin cr-'imll »l-c n! Illinnk Mnaonn at Chi- Tiicyluy '..-I'Ttpil John M. Tcanson, of j Jodfrcy, pruti'l nin^t'T. | Two mnnrol'v-d thn j-^wclry store of \Vill- nm Hills, nt Kionx City, la., Tu«:day of 'orty-six diamond rings, The Amoricnn Institute of Slining tinpin- eors m?t nt Ottawa, Out, Tuesday nnd was wr'Icomel by Freniibr 51cDonnl(t E<timat«s made at the United States lej;n- -lon pines the nunibor of Americans vrho have vigiteiJ the Paris exposition at 50,000. Miss Carrie Cnss, of Kansas City, Kan., shot the man who had seduced har in tho nrm Tuesday, nnd nn hour lat«r mnrriod bim. Tho schooner Erie Wave capsized between Port Rowan, Out., and Clear creek Motidny night. Four of the crow and four landsmen •who were aboard her were drowned. Tbo Italian government has purchased from the Krupps six iron towers which ure to be erected on the Swiss and French Alpine frontiers as adjuncts to tho present system of defense, : J H. Phillips, son of Rov. J. W. PhilUps, of the Methodist church at Cairo, Ills.', is under arrest for forging checks on hisformor employers, the Kurz larfer Marble company, of Cairo. Owing to a shortage of over $4,033, Jacob Zintsrnaster, treasurer of. Bethlehem township, Stnrk county, Ohio, has disappeared, but hia relatives havo mot all his obligations. It is also alleged that ha is a forger. Cnpt. 3, AV, Tjiwlpr, who sailed across thn Atlantic ,ln bis llttlo boat Nevoralnk,' got lulu a laM»uit iiliuiit Mm ownei'iilit|> of tbo boat, and nt Plymouth, England, Tues Jay, while trying to forcibly gain possession, shot a sailor in tho leg. He languishes in a British hostile now. Tndlcntint Stndentit at Dartmouth. •HAKOVKR, N. II., Oct. 2.—About two weeks ago a student in the junior class at Dartmouth, charged with breaking down the door ot a freshman's room, was expelled by the faculty. His classmates united to efforts to reinstate him, and submitted evidence which thoy say was cufHciont to prove his innocence, but tho faculty thought differently, an4 declinod to allow him to return to the college. Yesterday over thirty membars of the class, which numbers fifty-three, applied to President Birtlott for honorable dismissal papers, expressing a determination to leave. TTurn*Kitt~l5lanil~iir-Pn>*lttjj-C!ttln]»i CHICAGO, Oe-. 2,—The first claim against the Chicago, Rock Island Pucifla Railway company for damages growing out of the Washington Heights accident was mado in tho probaio court yesterday by tho father of William A. Mulcaliey, who was killed in the crash. Tho claim was for $5,000, aud as Boon as it was mentioned tha railway company's attorney stopiwd forward and paid the claim in full. The railway company will pursue the sam? policy in tha otbur coses, as there is no defense to make. Chamberlain Tauqts the Homo Rulers. LONDON, O.-t. 2. —Chambai lain in a speech at New Castlo yesterday taunted tho Homo Rulers with avoiding a meeting with dissidents to urgue their claims. If thay wanted to win, he asserted that they must not content themselves with proclaiming tho dissidents traitors and renegades, but must show that the men who committed no fault oxcopfc their inability within twenty-four hours to porauada themselves to ouo man's bidding and repudiate-their -previous, principles ara wrong. - Irlgh Fiirm Laborers XmU£nau&. DUBLIN, O^t. 2.—The farm laborers of County Clare are indignant at tho furiuors, •who, they-claim, nro using the National league tor thuir own profit, while they op- poao in every way tho interests of the laborers. A mooting has boon held by tha laborers at which, it was resolved to form a laborer's league and to demand tho power to elect representatives to the local hoards. Debt Reduction, Cnili In Treasury, Be- oolptA and KxtwjnBOB. WAsniNOTON CITY, Oct. 2.—Tho public debt statement issued from tho treasury department yp&orday shows a decrease iu the public debt mmountiug to $13,085,0(14 during the month of September. The total debt loss cosh in the treasury is $l,070,05Ti,5;iO, and of this amount $802,9-18,503 in bonded indebtedness. Tbo jiet cash or thei treasury is $-10,5-14,428, or about »3,000,.000- more than a month ago. Nation bank depositories hold $47,7110,283 of government funds, or $600,000 lass tlyan ou Sept. 1. Tho gold fund balanciylurins: ^° T" 13 ' month 1ms increased nearly t»,000,000 and amounts to $lS9,10i),- 42;!, and the silver'fund balance, exclusive of $6,OUO,000 trade dojllar bullion, b»s decreased nearly $8,000,000, and now amounts to $11,507,12* Government Receipts. Government receipts during September aggregated 831,410,200, or about $400,000 less than in September, 1888. Customs receipts during the past month were $17,778,fl">7,and internal revenue<reeeipts $11,448,568. Receipts from all sources for-the first quarter of the curoent fiscal-year aggregate, in round numbers, $90,500,000*, or about $500,. 000 loss than during July, Auigust and September, 1888. Heavy Disbursements* Expenditures during tho first throe'months of tho current fiscal year "aggregated $04, 849,000, against $77,807,5fll> during July, August and September, 1888". Tho increased expenditures hi 18b9 over tho expenditures of the first quarter in 1883'is accounted for in the following items: Rivers find harbors. $3,200,000; in military establishment, $1 905,000; construction and miscellaneous, «SOO,W)0; for Indians, $330,000; deflci«ncy in postal rovoiues, $l,BUli,000; for pensions, *10,5U8,000; total, $18,055.000; deduct $1,075,000 interest, and promium paid, less iu 1889 than in 18^8, and it leaves a net increase Tunountingto-810,980,000; This 1 increase Li subjoct to further reduction when tho full repayments for tho quarter ending Sept. SO, 1889, shall have boon received ; yet Wio payments from the treasury are larger at.this time than m the saano period for 1888, becauso of tho smaller drafts upon the treasury for funds last year while awaiting tho passage of tho large appropriation bills. Dreadful Cumlltioti or by Ohio Hunter*. SFK'ISU-FIEI.U, O., Oc'. 2. — lyite Hon.lay niybt hunters in tho vicinity of Pitchen, this county, rnrii-! npo-i a family comprising husband,wife and seven children, all cnmp-'d in tho woo la. Tho night was a terrible one.'. Tho nine fiersins hud boon trnvelinj, but several weeks ago thi^ir money gavu out, nicknesa altn.'ked tbo father, and too promt tob'?gtlioy live 1 in tho woods. Sine f than they hnvo subslsto 1 on sour milk nnd pjt'i- t<ies. Their c'othrw have boeomi so rag^fsd as to barely c'iver their nnkoilnoss, anil all of them are more or less d;s?i».t«l. A 10-year- old daughter was found in nn nb.niilono. I pigpen. Bho h:id typholil fever, nn-.l a baby hiy in her nrms. Ycsiorilny the memb-jrs of." the family were brought hero i-> the county infirmary and they ato ravenously of the food placed before thorn. The Doap Ili»-bor Convention. TOPEKA, Kun., Oct a—The third interstate do-?p harbor convention met jn this city yesterday. About 1,500 delegates were present, nino states, nnd flvo territories bo- Ing represented. Ex-Governor Evans, of Colorado, president of the deep water committee, occupied tlio chair. Among those present were Governor Humphrey, of Kansas; ox-Governor Woo'Isun, of Missouri; Governor Tlmyor, of Nebraska; Governor Francis, of Missouri; United Slates Hotmtor Plumb; ex-Congressman Weaver, of Iowa, und several other members and ex-members of congress. Tho delegation from Chicago was admitted, notwithstanding states east of tho Mississippi were not entitled to representation. The business was all routine yos- torday. • The Ixmlnlnnn Hand Frauds. NEW OBLEANS, Oct. 3.—Tho grand jury was in session yesterday in the criminal district court Judge Mars addresse 1 tho jurors and called thoir attention to tho charges mode by the daily press with regard to the fraudulent romifrkotiug of bonds of the state which years ago hail been declared null and void, and which were ordered to bo destroyed. At the conclusion ot the judge's address the jury retired and after n four hours' eesssion found nine indictments. The names ot the indicted parties cannot yet be ascertained, but it is understood that ex- Troasurer E. A. Burko is one of them. He Wont North— to Cniinda., ST. LODIS, Mo., Oct. .a.—W. C. Smith, woll-knowli in local politics and a .prominent G. A. R man, several weeks ago asked-Col- loctor Ziogenhoim for leave ot absence, stating that ho desired to go north for recreation. As bis absence was prolonged, officers of Harry P. Harding post, G. A. R., began an investigation, which resulted in the discovery that Smith had departed with every dollar In the treasury. The post will bo reimbursed by Smith's -bondsmen. Tho amount of the shoi '"TO is stated at $1.200. CfireleHgneffg Cannes Death. MlNKlcAroi.!8, Minn,, Oct. 2.—A specia from Eun Cluii-e, AVia., says: While at work in u sower trench yesterday morning sov oral laborers were buried by r.cave-in,caused by failure to put in proper support Four rnen were dug out uninjured. ClK'Bt Schunning was taken out dead with hia chest crushed. Jacob S'jbunuiug, his brother s dying. Anton Utno nn<l Archie Tsylor wore injured internally. It is thought an tber man is yet bonea.h the debris. I. Ilnl". Th? o V. 3:1. Trnc--dnlr, icp prf.^i'lrrtt.; Ji •Msurcr. «ni-:- i'L-nt; J. NEW Yoni-r, Or-t. u 1 . — Sheriff Jf.^r-s A. Iflclt, Ij3w}-t?r J,i?a^[>!) iV, Mi>t j i;n f Wtil Fiac^, sd Cr.iorgn W. Hitrt, Sh<-r fTV'hick's brcrtbsr- -law, vi-ho wrrEr Ini1;c-t* ; il for coj^p'rsey, M-jnry, and KUi'<n-ti ? iiinn of |t*?rjtirjr, ^f-s'« n till) pi-nrTfil s-^-ilon-s rmirfe yiifcrffer: teit id not pl'-n 1, n?it.!ii"ic counsel t he inditvmtMita. .it tod to liiitl Tha dpfi-ndanta Trem sd- LEAVENING POWER Of the various Baking Powtei tratcd from actual testa ROYAL (P ftAHrS»(Alom)... HDHFOBD'S* (fresh)... rlj^rOED'S (v;hcn frc'h 1 " CHARM* (Alum Powder).. DAVIS 1 • »ad 0. K.« (Alum) OLEVEIAHD'S PJOHEER (San Francinco) CZAR..., DB. TRICE'S. .......'. ".".'. SNOW FLAKE (GroS~.) CONGRESS JfiCKER'S CILLETS KANFORD'S (None Such), when not li««h;'J PEARL (Andrew* & Co.) RDMFORD'S * (Photphatc), when not fnuli.. Eeport* of Govonrmeiit Cb88ri.?ts. " The Royal Baking Powder is cowpascd of pure and wholesome ingredients. It dots uc>t contain either alum or phosphates, or other iti jurioussubstances.-EDWAKDG. LOVE, Ph.D." " The Royal Baking Powder is aBdOBbtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public. " HENRY A. MOTT, M. D., Ph. 0." 1 ' The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and highest in strength of any baking powder of which I have knowledge. > " \\'M. McMuRTRlE, Ph. D. 1 ' *A!1 Alum baking powders, no matter how high their strength. are lo ^ avoided is dangerous. Pliosphate powders literate thdr ga» too freely, or under climatic changes suiter deterioration. ' \J are handling and selling more flour taan ever. Look at these brands, from $2.4O to $3.10 per hundred : MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, -: PEERLESS, _:..-.. BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM: PATENT* • KANSAS SUN, DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return save the people oftliia vicinity money, and We moan do it,'. t@ ikls: with ami tliuii violating^ ' oxtruv-t^fUit (.item. Ito denuded ths pvUHi'.ut (vtillrj' t and said III it I'o victim o? an lion ti,i> It n, i • s-i 1 ilu! hut. administration, ii^^ii'U^f Taiiiun- v^a^t this uUfmt» p , to rtfd-vul thu tu ti) inMiaiM. Ho elm-mi ./\ r I. n i I'm Hill, u 1 - ^l ( ,. e*£ i Ji-t' ^ttU* tfli,^ U. - "' »'«. v\ K U ,1-1, tv iU-t> v. <,r n'.-i l'i- ' 'lii t i Can lle.itl Offltato CuttiuK. CaiOAQo, Oct. 2.—Tlio iuter-atato coin- merce commission closed its sassioti in CJhi- capJ yeator-lay Bfternooti. JudgD Cooloy doliveuHl his opinion ou the right of the In- lei-Statu Commerce assooiation to anticipato rate milting olid lualcn rfiargecs,«3 it had douo > . against UIK Alton. Ills opinion was iu fa- ^ lmu vur of Iho ft^oi'iatioa. A further htiurinij; of Uie cass will tnka plnva at Wittbington. THE SUPREME COURT VACANCY. An Empimtlo Donlnt That Attorney General Miller Gets the I'iaoo. •WASHINGTON Crrr, Oct. 2.— The statement has boon put in circulation again recently that Attorney General Millor bos been assured the vacant position 0:1 the su- praine bench, and in support of this it is said that be uus recently arranged the sale of hia, houso in Indianapolis, and that his law partner, Mr. Elam, has said that he will go ou the bench. However true the abovo statements may ho, it can to ;sfaited Oil undoubted authority that Attorney-. Q.anet-al_ Mjjler_has not ._bewi. offered a portion on thuf supreme boncu; that it is not at'iiil lilcoly ho will bo ottered such a positiarii nnd that tha president has given little serious consideration to tUo matter, and will liot doDormine it for at least- two mouths. It is not cnstyu^u-y for judges of tho oupromo court " to tuko their snats until their uoiuimttious tavo boon confirmed by tha senate. *Tlio president, therefore, will not make tho appointment uuitil eongress la in aessioa. _ _ Oolne to Show Off Our Navy. WASHINO*ON CITY, Oct 3.— Secretary Tracy yiwtorday issued ot-ilurs asstguini; Commodoro Wallser, i-hiof of tlio bureau of of o C'Xiiiuiuiid tn* 'qtimron o n-ii.-aus»f theC'ht'ago, Bnatou,- i* i-jtl), Armv, UK Uv't 'A ,| U 1 (1 S 5 Ui-< I i n < t, m Army Clvl»f. Uuf of t«! h«] navigatiou, to evolution," tninsL->uiiv; Atlantu, aiU Yurkt^iwti Conirawivn* \Valker, N.iw York, will at oiu-e Iwgm tor takui); tUo «i|iiadr»u to Tlio ChU'iVf>> will Iw tho i2ufop*an waft-rs. ' CHICAOO, Oct. 2.—Edward Marshall, a la borer, was guiding tho fooUtt'ns of his in toxicateil friend, Charles Elton, down Djar- born street-yesterday morning, when three negro women attacked him, demanding that be lot them havo Klton, as he had moiioy. When Marshall attempted to pass, one ot tho women slashed him in the back with a razor, inflicting n severe but not faial wound. Marshall called for thn police and the women scattered and run oft, all escaping bofore tho officers arrived. Gen. lioulnnger tn X»eavo London. LONDON, Oct. 2.—It U reported that Gin. Boulanger will leave London a:id take up his residencs in the Isle of Janay. li is said that this change is duu to his doslro to j reduce his expi-nses, as thq persons who havo boon furnishing him wllh financial support huvo refuse.1 to continue to supply him with fmiils. -Ho hits had a quarrel with Henri Rochofort, and the latter will go to Egypt and pass tho winter thore unlevt bo is granted amnesty by tho French_gov- eruiBoiit. -^ Amerlotiti Ktitorprl^e In ItUH-tiii. LONDON, Oct. 9.-rForged Uussian brink bills to tha amount of hundred!) of thousands' of roubles are in circulation in Kuasin. They are BO exactly similar to the goimiuo bills that tho liimlc otllciiils aro C3m|wlivd toscru- tiuizo thuiii very t-losely to detect tho fraud, and in many cases they have l*en deceived into accepting thoin. It is supposed that they were mado in America. BcufUH ult Mlu l>tilt»onfl Field. CHICAGO, Oct ". —The Uisu ball playing by Ijoagu-j clubs yeiter.lny gava tho following scores: At Ck i vuJUi-.l~-C'li-velmd 5, Iivi9- tou S; ut Chii-figo—t'h'c:igu '•!. \V.-isliiii';t«m 7; at rittuburg— f'-tulnnv 7, New Yui-k 'J; at Ir.diini ij) ilit.—I i li!t!i:i:"'l!« -I, 1'ui.n li-lphia V. Ann-ru'.in ii!,.-i,-'i i-iti'-H : Al t'nila U-i(>hitt— Uiiltiitii-r-i i, .-V liii'-ic ;>, at St. L..uu---St. We are selling nothing but No. 1 Meats- No Seconds- Prices Low as the Lowest. - .. l«lB(l)«t»K»l««' \V 1'nr^ni u i, lt\, a i >u> i ta'^sii J ,>t A U. i • . < •J, h n tt.r th We are now prepared to do in, all the latest styles.Q ive i a Re- Reynolds Bros, f U Nn> if, i

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