Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 16, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1908
Page 8
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ft**************--****! THE WORLD OF HOMER. <* * Social * I * i * i * i J» *' ****************** A farewell pnrty \va« uivnu on Tneflflay night in honor of Missj (inrnet Htone. wb« !ms been visiting friends in Covina and w)io left on ! Wednesday for her home in North- ; field, Minn, A lar^e number of tho j yoiinf? people of tho MnthodiHt. j <~'htiroh were present and music nnd | games were enjoyed. HefreshmentH of ice cream and cnke were served. A reception was aiven on Thnrmbi.y in the MethndtHt, Ohiirc.h to and new mrjmbnrs. A lur^ri number were in attendance and the tttfair was voted a delightful HIICOOSH mid resolutions made to have tunny more ouch Rood titties, A varied program of literary arid musical rintn- berH was enjoyed. Gocon and wiiferH were server! at, the close of the oveti- in«. Mrs. Axel AmlerHon celebrated tho, birthday of Imr son, Eric, on Haturdiiy evening with a party whie.h wns a cnrnplotn Hiirprhe and delimit, to that, yontiK rniin, Twenty-five of his Hundny-sfdmol «lr»HH and other young friends wero present, many of them gifts, afid a pleasant evening apeiit with games and music. The hoiiHO waH lavishly decorated wilb row. Ice creitm and cake were «ervod at a late hour. One of the jollies!, events o' the school year was tho junior class party given Saturday evening at, the liotno of Mr. Walter Aiichetibretniiir. Tho parlor was decorated in green and white, thi) class colors. Tim chihs ibaniini'H decorated tho walls and •white roses were in abundance. The <Jitiing room WHH decorated in rod nnd white carnations, the Hohool flower, while flchnol pennants were • over tho windows. .Several gncHsing gutnos wero played, tint prizes being won by the Misses Myra Uurpoo and Isold JuhtiHon. Hevurul rnuHical selections wero rendorod by memberfl of the clasH and all joined in singing school aongs. During tho •evening, light rofreslimenlH (jf candy, fruit punch and walerw nn.l ice crotim »ud cako were served. All departed) »t o lute hour, declaring Mr. AHchoti- breoner n royal entertniner. Those present wore Mine LummlB, tho class teacher, and Miss Lomunds, thn Eugiisb tencber of thn High School, and the members of the doss, thn MIsHOs AHL'hcubronnor, Burpee, Elliott, Gruco and Ktliol Fisher, Given, Mnrion and Josla JnhiiHon, HobortH, Wiiyo, VVatorhoiiHo and Atwood; Messrs. FitKih, Hopncr, Ward, iS'i^'K, Hood, and Kdvvardfl. Mr. and Mrs. Sum Aseheiibrennor were also pre.nent. Death of a Visitor. Laura Xug, wife of lien /.ng of Iliinfnrd, who has hoen staying ci^ht wonltH at Iho homo of her brnl her in ]aw, .). L. Mutter, in tho hope of iieiiolltting her, dii il on Kri- <Jny morning al'Uii an Illness of H year and a hall' of cancer <>!' the Lrcast. Deceased, who was only !I(I years of ago, leaves a widower anil t.wu itiiildron. Tho funeral will take plaeit at LordHhurg I'l'om i,ho Urolli- ron Church. Parlor Cnr To Del Honte. Kor t!iu convenience) nf passengers doNtinod llotid Del Munte the South' crn 1'acillo has atliichod In UH trains leaving Los An^ch's daily id H a.m. it I'nllnmii 1'urlor ('ai running t.hrough to Did Monte without change. ti III) Summer Millinery. Jimt arrived, a laix'c ami oarelully slock of summer millinory. i-s, do not fail to see thin dis- jday, for \\t\ can satisfy every tiiHto JJeiiut it'ul DicaliuiiH at prices which tuiiinot be duplicated elsi'U hrrc. Also a Hue line of niroet hats. Make .your selections for tho summer before i hoy un: picked over. Mrs. M. Loohrick. Schedule l : or lilectrlc Cars. J<eave lyii'M An^c-le.s Leave ( nvin.i S:Sn a. m. XMI ,i. m. 7:O.S d:SS H:ll) S:,iil 'J:.Ul '>:.'-(> li):.^l 11:111 12:10 p in p. m 1..V) L.-o •t..i^ :': (5 (i:S- h:t O 1 u i ii i Buggies repuintud and revm iu-,1 c. - . it.) up. .Surroys ttJ. UO up n * I 0. uo up li. \V. Marah. Ancient Idea of the Earth and lt» Mtr- gin of Water. Lot IIM fotisidiM' lor om 1 iiioinr-nl \vhnt the ldc:i of Ihc world \V;IH not. Indwi). nt tho cnrli(!st period of which we hn»-f! :iny know Ifil^' 1 , but ;it tin- dn\vn of written history or of written hlslor.v niuoiig Mini liKio-'iirriniiiiif (K'OpIc whose dciici'iirliinlH Inivf? o 1 .•(•I'sjircnd so Hinch of MIC <.'!irlh. The world nl' IIr>- IIH.T \v;ts :i sni!i!l. C.iit HiirfMcc. i:i vhlcfi ctvillxntlon \V:IH licinnicd in l.iy for'-igli rnccH, u h') ag.'iiu <.\crc snrrouii'Icd hy a gi-cnt ocean or river o\ci- u-hicli no innn luid ever parsed. The world of which Homer hud nii.v dclinlic notion WIIH Urcecp it ftriM'cc which oxte.i/ded UH f:ir ;js the M:ill<:ins north nnd which Krnrci-ly lin-lu Levniit nnd the Mnnds in I lie AetreHti HCil. No llollllt lie Ilild SOIIIC g"'l|i«|-:|| He (jiDilritnnce with M world be,'oiid tlie^c ntirrow limits, lie knew, nl MII.I rnte. some of the Icmlmif fejitnren of northern Afrlfii. lie liiid licurd, ;n< wiis only iiiilnriil. of Kgypt. whoso ch-|||/;i!loii hml Hindi? such mnrkcd 'ndvnnccs and wns exercising so milch influence. He lind S(,iine l;no\vled«(; of Hie ^I'l'ilt river on whose recnrrliiK floo'ls I-'K.vjit »!«•- pendfi for her prosperity. He hild ••veil heard of UK; pygmies nnd of the Lthlo- phuiH who dwiilt higher d|) Its Mtre.-ini, Some rc[)orlH lind renclied him of Kotiiliern Ilnly. I'.nt it Is hopclesH to nticmpt lo lit. the yeoKi'iiph.v of Iloni'jr to (he iictiinl fuels. Ff n innn Wf.-re to Hcnrcli todn.v for the •; spot f>n which Oiplnin I.eiiiurd fJnlllver WIIH wrecked In (lie first uf Ills famous voy- UKes he would lind Mint the Lllllpnt of Swift, wns In the heiirt of Aimtnilln. nnd much In the siimc wny. to (piole Mr. (Ilndslone's lnntjmi«o. "the koy to the Krcnt pontrnst hetwei.-n the outer KooKniph.v ml' IIonii>r) and I he fuels of tinlnre lies In the l>ollef of Homer Mint a tfrwtt KOJI occupied the sjince where we know (he heart; of the Kuropwiii confluent to lie." Ft Is iiiiiilher hidlcnllon of (he snnill- ncs.s of Homer's world Mini Hie len years' war. of which he has given us the concluding oplsodc. was not. as oven Herodoltm has described If. one of Ihc opening chapters of the grout slniK'^ie which has endured Ihroutrhout historic times between enst and west. hiif, n contest between men of common origin. II In not a mere poollf.'il license whlrh makes (Jrceks nnd Ho- mnns address one finolher In the sumo languMK('. Vet Iho world of (Fomer. small as It seems to us. seemed lar^e l.o him. Compared with the mighty or-onriH which men now tra \-erse the MedlterriiiK'i.ii Is but n little landlocked BO.I. Tho ModlliM-ranean of the "Iliad" was only tho Aegean, yet for IForner It had terrors which the AMiniMc IIMH tiot for UH.—Sir Spencer Walpole In Cou- tompornry Itnvlow. Jack'] Lucky Bag. Tlie nnnnnl |)ubllcntlon of tlip brl- of midshipmen at AnnnpollR goos hy the name of "The Lucky Hag," oven MS that of the corps of cadets at West Point bears the military appellation of "The Ilowll/.or." On board ship Is kept what Is called a lucky I nig. Into Mils are put (ill sorts of articles Mint- lire left around I ho docks or out of Miolr proper places by the men. At Iho end of each month the lucky bag Is opened, and (ho men who hnvo lost different nrllclos gal her around It hi the hope Mint they have been lucky enoiiLjIi to have had their possessions I'nd Iholr way Into (In. 1 lucky bug. At I he end of the month the bug generally Is lilted with a great variety of articles. In it are jnckknives. pnlrs of nhoi-s. FI'IUJS of chfu Ing tobacco, sowing kits, caps, photographs, writing matcrinls. and so on through practically the en- lire list of the sailor's possessions.— Now York Tribune. Deplorable Levity. "We students can stand a good many things," said the college girl, "but this IMS! missionary was too much for us. He preached op (he ^levies of tho missionary calling for women. He told us wo ought all of us to go ami help the heathen. That was all right. "Hilt then he worked up to n glow- lug finish. 'Now, I appeal lo yon, as collei;,' women, how much better than Micro 4c:irulrfg and mere books It Is to go forth Into the world nnd become Ushers of men!' "That was too nmeli. Of eolll'so we smiled, lu fact, some of us snlrkereil audibly. Then the missionary complained lo 'proxy' that he couldn't help mil Icing ii deplorable spirit of levity apparent among the students."- I'ldlil- delplilii Ledger. • America on Top. Some years MKII. while on a tour thruiiKh Knrope. Sir Henry Uoscoc pal 1 a visit to Vesuvius, which was at tin- lime lu eruption Hi 1 there met an American, wlm spoke in depreciatory terns of the magniiieont spectacle. "Well." remarked Sir Henry, "wlier all Is said ami dune, you have lioth!;ij< fil-c this in America." "No" replied the other, "but wo IIMVP u river th:i( won Id put the \vli;i|»> darned thing out In live udiuites " On Terra Firma. "What does become of all the pins?" cried Mrs. X. as she vainly snu;;!it f.»r one mi her dressing table. "I Know, mamma." cried her little •on. who hud just b.-gnn to study Latin. "They fall to the earth and become terrapins." Harper's Weekly. Stockholders' Meeting. To the stockholders of the Monday Afternoon ''In'): i Please t;ike notice that the annual ir-ptit.' moetiti^ of the stockholders of the! •* "''' Mi.nflay Afternoon C^lut) will beheld in the Woman's (.'bib House, in the city (•( Covina. Los Angeles County, (California, on Monrt.iy, the 23th day of M;iv, 10,8, at 3 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of electing- directors, and for the Transaction of Mich other business as may properlv come before the meeting-. CFxA RA H. KA'I FiKIN'. j .vlo Secretary. , Reo Automobiles IS CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners About Teeth Month germs and acids generated from food cause decay in teeth. The germs can be destroyed with antiseptic oils. The acids can be neutralized with milk of magnesia. Boradent Toothpaste is made with milk of magnesia as a base; antiseptic oils to destroy germs; aromatics for flavor; precipitated chalk as a polish. Use Boradent and add years to the life of your teeth. At >n 4r««fti<i, 25 Trey Pkuwul Cw»ur BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake nnd Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. James Corbett General BlaoRsmlthlng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufiicturu Ridpers, Orange Kaclts ind Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 6i Shop Wcsr Bndillo St, Cavina Financial Representative Wanted. A Los An^i'les Corporation pursue in^ ;IM exceedingly safe and profitanle business, desires u local representative of standing and anility tci act as its representative in securing suliscrip- ti.jiis for its capital stock, payatilt; at one time or in monthly payments. Nut only will liberal commissions be paid, but successful men will soon securr salaried positions. Address or call upon IIKNKY M. McDONAM), Pres. 100 Security Build iu^-,1 A>S Aiiffeles.l'al. IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOM1NING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before YOU let your job. As a Missile. ! "llo.rt you ha'.e to yrow the llrst t'Kx sadly. "Nn. 1 don't." ivturned the si , en«. v.llh a toss of the head. "When : l(f|i V DO (itfllb j 1 become old enough I am gulug ou i tiie uu<Ku."--CiiK-iuuuii Liiqulrer. | t'KOMl'T SKKYU'l-;. I'KK'KS KUiUr. PRICES Touring Car with top, S14.rO.00 Keo Koafistcr, 20 h. p., S1100.00 Kco Runabout, 5700.UO Also agents for \V;iync "30" 4-cvlindcr and Kisselcar. (ict a demonstration before buying. REO Garage Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blocksmithing sf all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave Q. W. MARSH Practical • CARRIAGE AND AUTO I Ipainlcr Shop opposite Postoffice COVINA Celebrated Kentucky Jack 99 at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of burses and rtock rrreived for oasture. Mm, Sdddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 THE NEW IRambler lictter than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \V'e can ''iihuw ion. 1 ' See local agent or W. B. COWAN 830 S. HroacUvay, I<os Angeles Agent for Southern California CASH For your property, real estate and business chances, anything salable. Someone, Munewhere wants it at ymir price. \Ve have the buyer or can <ltiicl<lv timl him. We also want to bear from inventors. We can help them market cheir valuuble, practical \\'rite us today. t.os AX<;KI,KS INVKNTION AND IN VIC ST.MIC NT CO. 451-2 Pacific Klectric HU!g., L)ept. C., A ngi'les All work j^iKiratiteod and prici^ n.-asotiabk'. Phone M. C. H. Kistler (OVINA HUTCHISON BROS.. Props. All kinds of hauling and K urn it'.ire Moving. 'i'iully prepared to move pianos E E WOLFARTH , , jeweler . , Lui't;e and o.niipU-te Atm'k of every- iu L; ill the lire. (ovifld, (ai. of all Kiiuls. Fine watch v. • irk u M'li-cialty. Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our leas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. Shopping in Los Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAPE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Campany Broadway, Between Second and Third, Los Angeles HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. J. W. KLEEF^ER Proprietor of the i! COVINA LIVERY STABLES Home Phone 30. Covina, Cal. < Covina French Hand Laundry I'Vrran >\: Co., Props. AI.I, Wolv'K I'oXK 1!Y HAND j I,.ice riirtai' s. tine >ilks. llar.iifls and ' lace goni;.i, .iiir specialty. | Ail work calU'il fur and delivered. | Satisfaction is guarantee'!. If vuu| give us a fair trial ymi will iu>t regret it. ' " There -fill he something cii>ing' every minute' 1 ' 1 San Bernardino Festival of the Arrowhead MAY 19th to 22nd, INCLUSIVE PROGRAM Tnessday evenino-, May 1'J—Coronation of Oueen; Coronation Hall. Wednesday, May 2i>, 11 a.m. Children's Floral Parade; 2 p.m. —-Firemen 1 * Tournament; '( p.m.—tlratul Bull. Thursday, May 21, 11 a.m.- lir:itu) Floral Parade, decorated vehiv'1 s; 2 p.m.- Hal>y Show. Friday, May 22. 11 a.m. U r -n- 1 \ n'l'iiiDi ; !" K- view (undecorated j; 2 p.m —-llrand Chariot K ..• ••-; 7:.".n p.m.- Kin^ Kex Parade; Carnival Hail Saturday. Ma\ 2.'i, 11 a.m. (ir.itid Industrial Parade; 2 p. m.— HloofK'd St. «.-!> I'ai.ide; Saturday ui"-ht- (irand J)isp ay of Fireworks. Excursion Rates on All Railroads KEP CKHOFFxCUZNER Home Citrus Avenue i.'ovina. Cal. Mill i>hones: H umber Co, COVINA, CAL.

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