The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 23, 1892 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1892
Page 7
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HTJTCHXNSOK DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 1893. 7. CRIP, CALL AND GABBLE. \ BOYS' CLOTHING Of stylish shapes cannot be found in every clothing store • We keep them—fine, medium and low priced. Excellent in finish, perfect fitting, and fashionable in form. Come in and see them. Attend our special sale oZ boys' suits. fVER 2000 TO BE CLOSED OUT By order of our New York house. Lowest prices ever made on children's suits. Mothers, consult the interests of your pocket books. Don't miss these great bargains, at The American Clothing House. Entire New Stock of Spring and Summer Clothing. Latest Novelties in Neckwear. New Stvles in Linen and water lilly collars fromE. & W". down to one cent each. Reversible Cuffs—try them. New Fashion HatS. Sole agents for the Dunlap hat, new stock from bottom to top. Specialties in white and negligee shirts. We carey the best fitting white shirts in the world. Also night robes. New Designs in summer underwear. Scriven's patent elastic drawers, We have no leaders—everthing is cheap. The American Win House. i Early RiBers, Early Risers, Early RiBers, the famous little pills for constipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and nervousness. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. Colonist Sleeper Leaflet, general passenger and Omaha, Neb. E. L. Loiimx, ticket agent, 5-31 A Sure Gnro for Filet*. Itching piles are known, by moisture like perspiration, causing intense itching when warm. This form as well as blind, bleeding or protruding, yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly on the parts affected, absorbs tumors, allays itching and effects a permanent cure. 50 cents.' Druggists or mail. Circulars free. Dr. Bosanko, 339 Arch street Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by C. B. Winslow, druggist. 3-11-92 - * '•Late to bed and to rise will shorten the road to your home in the skies." But early to bed and a '-Little Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. Beam's Midland Pharmacy; Chamberlain's Kye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Byes, Tetter, Salt Rhem, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples, and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by . it after all other treatment had failed. It is put up in 35 and 50 cent boxes. For sale by C. B. Winslow. For a lame back there is nothing better than to saturate a flannel cloth with Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and bind it on the affected parts. Try it, and you will be surprised at the prompt r elief it affords, The same treatment will cure rheumatism, For sale by C. . Winslow, druggist, 15 South JIain eet. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by A. & A, Drug Co. Some Foolish People 1 Allow a cold to run until it gets beyond the reach of medicine. They often say, "O, it will wear away," but in most cases it wears them away, Could they be induced to try the successful medicine called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold on a positive guarantee to cure, they would immediately see the excellent effect after taking the dose. Price 60 cents and 81. Trial size free. At all druggists. WILL YOU SUFFER with dyspepsia and liver complaint? Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co We truly believe DeWits's Little Eavley Risers to be the most natural, most effective, most prompt and economical pill for billiousness, indigestion and inactive liver. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. A beautiful head of hair is the pride of women. And person can obtain this by using Begg's Hair Renewer. Sold and warranted by A. J. Baniu- hardt. am rel Washington and the Northwest Partite Coast. Oregon The constant demand of the traveling publio to the far west for a com fortable and at the same time an economical mode of traveling, has led to the establishment of what is known as Pullman Colonist Sleepers. , These cars are built on the same gen- / eral plan as.the regular first class Pull' man Sleeper, the only difference being is that they are not upholstered. They are furnished' complete with good comfortable hair matrcsses,- warm (blankets, snow white linen curtaittB, «m,plenty of towels, combs, brushes, etc., 7 which secure to the occupant of a berth as much privacy as is to be had in first- class sleepers. There are also separate Miles' Nerve and liver ruls Act on a now principle—regulating the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billiousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequalled for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 50 doses 25 cents. Samples freeat A. & A. Drug Co. Is your hair falling out or turning gray, Try Bcgg's Hair Renewer. It acts lige magic. . Sold and warranted by A. J. Baumhardt. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh Cure. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. ' - A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man. Are yon billious, constipated troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of theeo symptoms your liver is out of order and your • blood is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly, Herbine will cure any disorder of the liver, 3tomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold, by all drtiggists. Mrs L. R. Potton, Rockford, 111., writes: "From personal experience I can recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. ' Hawkeye Condition Powders are the best for stock of all kinds. Sold and warrentcd by A. J. Baumhardt. One Thousand Dollars Reward.—To any one who will furnish us a receipt that will cure a cough, cold or any disease of the tbrdat or lungs sooner or niore effectually than<Bcggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. Sold and warranted by A- J- Baumhardt. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh 'B Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by A, Jfc A. Drug Co. Tun Homeliest Man In Hotehlitson AB well as the handsomest, and others^ are invited to call on any druggist and get, free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, a remedy that is selling entirely on its merits and toilet rooms for ladies and gentlemen; I guarantee to cure all chronic and acute and sm6king is absolutely prohibited; coughs, asthma, : bronchitis and eon For frU inioruiatiQn send. for. PuUm«»Uuu»ption. Lajrge bottles 30 cents and »1 The Uoys Have » Bnooessrul Time at the Ball-How They Dressed. The traveling nfon swarmed into the city yoBterday during the sunny hours, while as night approached the incoming trains were all aglow with dazzling shirt fronts of the men and the sweet faces of their sweethearts and wives. Each one was intent on attending the ball, and each one was "dresed in his best Buit of clothes. The following is a partial list of the traveling men's costumeB: Claude Duval appeared in the latest style suit. Coat cut high in the backt shirred in front with blue silk; sleeves puffed at the elbow and trimmed with lace; no vest; sash of turkey red; socks to match; pants made with box plaiting at the waist and ruffles at the botr torn; hair parted in the middle and tied up with pea-green ribbon. He wore a full set of imitation diamonds and a new plug hat. (Expense account will suffer.) Jack Miller wore a genuine hand- me-down suit, coal black, stylo of 1812 vest buttoned to the neck (because the laundry did not come home), standing collar, black ribbon tic. On account of the style he put on he was selected to lead the grand march. Tom Llewellln wore a factory-made Buit, puffed shirt front, pants turned up and hemmed with crazy stitched work, black sole on one foot and white on the other; hair a la Sullivan, Clias:- Templer wore a beautiful peacock-blue suit made a la Partridge, (thot is, he bought it at the Alliance store in Partridge.) It fitted him quick. He wore half elbow kids, 18 buttons (because his sleeves were short); vest cut low so as to display his manly form; hair held in place by Underwood's best grease, pants mode plain with blue ribbon attachments to his shoes; wore genuine glass jewelry. R. .T. Haus wore his everyday suit of black velvet coat, light pants, and green vest. It fitted him l'ke they were made for Sam Berry (the tender foot.) But that did not bar him from having a good time. He did not dance as he is a member of the Gardner's branch of the Salvation army. Wm. Decring, the Santa Fe conduc tor, wore a coat of many colors. That It was patched up with several shades of blue,pants fringed at thebot torn, as he has no brass in his make up he wore brass buttons on his coat and vest. He was u splendid wall flower. John Wesley Tedford, the Santa F< agent outshone all the traveling men His sostume was elegant. Swallow tail caat (that was borrowed from Uncle Abe), pants that were once nevSj but now faded, high cut vest, cow hide shoes. He wore a glass shirt stud about the size of a walnut, and he tried to make every one believe that it was a genuine diamond. He would have cut a swell at any country barn dance, Hair cut short. Hashful Tucker of the Santa. Fc hotel wore a last summer suit, linen coat and pants, black cloth vest, white necktie. His hair was dyed to the same shade as his face. He was ad mired by all the ladies. Conductor McKay (the Frenchman wore a beautiful suit of army clothes and tried to make every one believe he was a member of the G. A. R., but that did not work. He was admired yery much by Uncle Abe, Waddles and others, and during the grand march forget himself and cried out, "Tickets," and at the CIDSC of the dance tried to get the doorkeeper to cash his programme but failed in the attempt, Charles Mapes wore a crushed strawberry coat, a la train; shirred shirt front; no collar; wore a rouche of pink around his neck; hair cut short; mustache done up in pink ribbon; had on his usual No. 11 boots so we cannot tell the color of his hose; no flowers; jet jewelry. Chas. Russell wore a suit of latest design made by the Wood Manufacturing Co., of St. Joe, and sold by Uncle Abe. Nearest we can come to describing them is that most people call them overalls, blue tint; loose fitting so that ho could dance freely (which he did) imitation diamonds held up his hair: no flowers. H. F. Porter, cut-a-way coat, puffed sleeves, box pliats in the back; fur collar, high cut veBt, full bug trousers sky blue socks with lace on tops, Patent shirt front and cuffs, orange color necktie. Mustache waxed and hair crimped. Capt. Young was dressed in the hight of fashion. Standing collar and white tie. (Thats all.) Ben Kean being a disciple of Jerry Simpson wore no socks, but had bright red ribbon tied around his ankles pants short, (country style); one button vest, (the others were lost) choker collar; hair banged in front mustache curled. Natural flowers (a la cabbage leaf). Geo. Irvau. linen duster, cut short, fire scene on back; wool pants, green necktie, pink socks. Wore artificial flowers. tl Howard waddles, last spring suit; coat, cut-a-way; vest cut low in front short trousers, with ruffle on bottom and pink stripe up the side; hal crimped. Glass jewelry. • Joe Clark, prince albert suit, coat lined with bright calico, turn down collar; •hor/t pants, cro»s b»r hose BEMETT & BLAKE, THE BOTTLERS, Manufacturers of all carbonated drinks such as Birch llcer, Ginger Ale, Champagne and Orange Cider, and all kinds of Pop. HOP TEA and B. B. Also sole agents for A SPARKLING. DELICIOUS, REFRESHING- Summer or Winter DRINK. Mail orders solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Office and Works, 122 Avenue A West. Imitation alligator slippers and large Bunflower on his noble breast. Leu Leu, tan colored suit, latest design; open front shirt, with ruffle standing collar; yellow necktie, white hose. No jewelry (and why): M. C. Roy wore a youth size suit— knee pants, new Bible trimmed with lace, hair curled, and ho was a real nice boy all the evening. He enjoyed the ehiklrens' part of the dance very much. Harry Wood wore a pine colored suit trimmed with walnut oak, shade of pants cherry, colored socks and raw hide pumps. Ho danced like the genu inc lumberman that he is. C. 1J. Christopher— pumpkin-colored coat, trimmed with lace, puffed sleeves, shirred in front, plain plaits down tho back; pants of sky blue, cut full, vest four-button, artificial flowers. As one of the flower committee he wns a sue- H ERE YOU ARE! First-class Gas Range at the low price of $17 The Dangler No. 501 Gas Range ha» four burners on top, two ovens*—one for broiling and roasting, the other for baking—and will do the work that any coal range will do, and do it better. The average gas bills last summer for 22 gas ranges used in the houses of our best families was 1,414 feet per month, which at .$1.50 per thousand amounted to $2.12 per month. You can't run a coal range for twice the money! Call at the Water Works office and see them. Clitiuffoti Hands. Ely & Easley have sold the Diamond salt plant to Chas. E. Phelps of Chicago Tor 810,400. Mr. Phelps will Immediately eularge the plant and increase its producing capacity. He has demonstrated his faith in the salt industry of Hutchinson by 'planking down the above named sum-of money, which he did, in cash, and determining to spend a still larger sum iu enlarging and improving it. The salt industry of Hutchinson is yet in its infancy. C. G. Eusley will havo the superinlend- ency of the works, and improvements ill begin at once. Catch tlio Thlor unit bet S.-Hl.oO. Stolen, at Dodge City, Kan., April 18th, team, harness and carriage; one brown and one bay horse, G years old, weight 925 pounds, no brands, wire cut on right hind foot of bay horse. Midland top buggy, doubletree cracked anil bolted; goatskin robe, not lined. Thief 23 years old, 5% feet tall, weight 140 pounds, pale face, black mustache, striped pants, black coat and vest, laced shoes, one patched. Called himself Thompson. Arrest and wire C. M. BecBon, sheriff, Dodge City, Ford county, Kansas. It A Blather's Mistake. Mothers frequently make a mistake in neglecting the Cough of a child, A Fort Wayne, Ind., lady writes; My little daughter 0 years old had a severe cough but as it was nothing unusual I thought nothing of it, and allowed it to ruu on for four or five weeks, when it beuume so obstinate she beganlosing flesh. 1 culled in a physician who treated her three weeks without benefit. A neighbor insisted upon my try ing Ballard's Horehound Syrup; it relieved her from the first dose and she began gaining flesh rapidly, when we had used two bottles her cough had entirely disappeared. I would not be without it. It does not constipate my. children. Ballard's Horehound Syrup is free from Opiates. It!s tho best Throat and Lung, medicine in the world. Price, 50c. and $1.00. Sold by all druggists. . If dull, spiritless and stupid; if'your blood is thick and sluggish; if your appetite is capricious and uncertain, you need a Sarsaparilla. For best results take De Witt's. Beam's Midland Phar macy. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria Mallard's Miiow Untuieut. This liniment is different in composition from any other liniment on the market. It ia a scientific discovery which results in its being the most penetrating liniment ever known There are numerous white imitations, which may be recommended because they pay the seller a greater profit. Beware of these and demand Ballard 's Snow Liniment. It positively cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, Sciatic and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds, Sore Feet, Contracted Muscle, Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back, Barb Wire Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat and especially beneficial in Paralysis. Sold by all druggists. It is a truth in medicine that the smallest dose tnat performs the cure is the best. De Witt's Little Barly Itecrs are tho smallest pills, will perform the cure and are the best, -Beam 's Midland PhamuHiy. Itupnblleim Nutlouiil Convention. Minneapolis, Minn., June 7th, 18112. For the above named occasion the Missouri Pacific railway company will sell tickets to Minneapolis and return at one lowest first class fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold June 1st to 5th, inclusive, limited for return to and including June 25th. Further information cheerfully furnished. P. J. LBIMII.VCH, Agent. It is a fixed itnd immutable law that to have good, sound health, one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route thnn by a course of De Witt's Sarsaparilla. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. HERE IS A GOOD THIN6 FOR YOU A Man, or harrnacy. For lame back side or chest, us. Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents For sale by A. A. Drug Co. Admitted tho Facts. Newspaper editors have to lie very cureful in opening their columns for statements. But aware that tho Dr. Miles Medical company arc response ble, we make room for tho following testimonial from R., Auburn, Ind., who for two yeai's noticed stoppage or skipping of the pulse, his left side got so tender he could not lie on it, his heart fluttered, he was alarmed, went to different doctors, found no relief, but one bottle of Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure cured him. Tho elegant book, "New and Startling Facts," free at A. & A. Drug company's. It tells all about heart and nervous diseases and many wonderful cures. ,'lt Wonderful (lulus. Dr. Miles' Nervine not only cures all nervous diseases, headache, blues, nervous prostratiou, sleeplessness, neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, tits and hysteria, but also builds up the body. "I am pleased to say that after years of intense suffering with nervous disease, headache and prostration, I tried Dr. Mjles' Restorative Nervine, and in two weeks gained eight pounds in weight, I couldn'tlie down to sleep, but now sleep perfectly easy, and am still improving wonderfully. Cannot say enough for the Nervine—Mrs. L. II. Millard, Dunkirk, N. Y." "One customer used Ner­ vine and gained fifteen pounds in flesh. —Brown & Maybury, Cortland, N. Y:" Trial bottle and elegant book free at A. & A. Drug Co. Bright people are the quickest to recognize a good thing and buy it. We sell lots of bright people the Little Early Risers. If you are not bright these pills will make yon so. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. Winter Excursions. Salt Lake and Ogden—Round trip $51.50. Tickets good for ninety days. Las Vegas and Hot Springs and return—Round trip tickets, good for ninety days, 825. On sale every day in the year, Pacific Coast Points—$80 for round trip tickets good for six months, with choice of all routes. Helena, Butte and Melrose, Mont., round trip 860; tickets good ninety days. Rates to the following Texas points are now in effect. Tickets good returning until June 1, with transit limit of thirty days in each direction: Austin, Texas 924.85 El Paso. Texas 37.95 Deming, New Mexico 37.05 Houston, Texas ..! 28,40 Lampasas, Texas. 24.10 New Orleans, Louisiana. 44.80 J. W, TKDVOKD , Agent Anniversary Celebration I. O. O, t\ At Wichita, Kansas, April 26th, 1803. For the above named occasion the Missouri Pacific will sell tickets to Wichita and return atone and one-third fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold April 25th and 20th, good for return passage to uad including April 27th. P.J. LitlMisACU, Agent, . Piles! Pllesll I'ileal'.l , 1!rf Bcgy's famous Uerinao Halve. It relieves at once. Sold and warranted by A. J. Bmumhftrnt, of intelligence and quick-witted enough to know a "Good Thing 1 ' at sight, but who has lost the most precious possession on earth, viz. Good Health, will not require a second telling to be Induced to become u pur* chaser of Dr. Gregg's Electric Belts and Appliances. Do you know why? Because it Is plain to be Hcen that the truth once told IH enough. The surprifltug uromptnesa with which, all claaaenof people rcHpontl to our announcements, and the rapidly increasing demand for Dr. OrcggH goodn wherever Introduced, conclusively prove that true modesty Is al- waytt recognized and lire quality of merit taken care of itselt. Metaphorically our statement Is the Button —the Public Frew* It, and OB, GREGG'S ELECTRIC SPECIALTIES ••QB THE, REST,' The extent ot pressure on the button and the success of Dr. (.Iregg'x Klectrlc 1,'onds lu "Doing the Kent." IH most satisfactorily shown in the marvelous growth oi our business the past UO days. Itcpeated and Increasing demands for THE GRKIHJ liU-lCTHIO 'WW WARMER" are coming In from all parts of the country with profuse acknowledgements that so much comfort forSl.OO (the price) was like buying gold dollars for ten cents. The delicate, organism of woman subjects her to many peculiar ailments and unfortunate misery. The extreme sensitiveness of her nervous system very frequently re quires artificial stimulus. The dress; Electric Belt and other ;is nothing else can. The rugged constitution of man, when once broken, becomes pitiable In the extreme, from which there Is absolutely no en­ cage wlrtiout assistance. The Uregg Electric Belts and Appliances, In cases of this kind, have honestly won their title of King of Uemertlcs. Rheumatism is conquered, suffercra from Obesity are sqcedlly relieved, Dropsy quickly yields, Spinal difficulties and Paralysis disappear, and many other diseases of men and women arc'permancntiy cured, fully described in complete catalogue for 8c, or elaborate circular free. We guarantee to forfeit twice the price of any of Dr. Gregg's Goods found to oe not genuine. We make an elegant little *:U)u Klcctrtc Holt, which Is selling very rapidly and which we will take In exchange for any higher jtower belt (except go Uelt) and credit tit on the price of new order. " '— ' •'" " Warmers" dress . „ regg Klec- Appltauces supply this, Remember th« Electric "Foot are »l a pair, worth JIO. Ad- T HE G REGG E LECTRIC C URE Co., 501 Inter-Ocean Building, Chicago, IU,, and mention this paper. WHY IS THE W. L. DOUGLAS _S3 SHOE CEN ^PsMKN TOE BEST SHOE IH THE NOftLO FOB THE UUHat It U » aeamlMs shoe, with no ucks or w«r threat to hurt tho ruin nmilv ot Ui» bettt ana colt. itvlUh una tveaia* toe mmkt mm <Ao» a/(Ms fowejl shiMM casUpc from JSjUO to *sio. ' tmport»diho« w>iett cost f romtgjn totUJft wed WDIIHIICC. nam oalf. . ^_! t ?U*5rS oni 'i!?? J »6le ana durablw. Ttxtwsi £ ?5S"o »t thlsntlejj mmo inula w ea» *a M in is price t • costlnitromtelottta - fanners, Canters alt ««i Uurni AM ^ jtroad Mm vCsntehallWMi-'uwmt An *cal4 Uuid*, hurr tiro* SOIM. UU» K .mloM.«moom luida, _li d *i i*» P»'f will y—t • rei_. «0.»« (JIIII cSIfi uo tatter shoo ever offers* s* Eve «lven Ihem'a trl^m we^^'SSta"" u their merits, as the hwraUng »ilAi snow Ladies ^?CM «.»^"f * spurted shoes cost failles' 4.ia, „, Wee sr* toe b«9t fine C«s)Uoa<-8ea that V. . f tioe are stomped oa toe. bottuio ox eACh shoe* Yoxma bros. „ .At ..,AI JL .A k.»,,<•.,,.;,*.. irniola, vnryttytoMb: equals, itiirg from i t .uj to SSJW. M aa<l fl,73 etHW fat U DoUs-iag" fiama all...

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