Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1912
Page 2
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THEIOLADAn<YBEGIS 'H)R, MONDAY EVENING, OCT OBEB 21.1912. FOR YOUft PARTY iDTltatlon Stiittonrnr ymij Cardii n«ce C»t^» Wim and&OO rmla Playlnir PJrdii und Otli«r Gftr4 G «mi>!« randlrsUclu randlM -iOid SliBd«*!i Pnpe^ KapkluH 4.ape Pn)ieit!|>oIllrs NoveltfPH for' Prlies Vnwj Vmiits Vlarorinir Kxlmcln n««l Fruit ralorlntn STOKE Song, for October. Ho! for the frosty mornings. Gold and white and brown! . Out leap from bed to And o /r wp dance to town. Each hoitrt. n merry labor. Sounds "eheer up' to its ne^ghber; And "Ood be thanked for the labor And' strength and will to strive." With heaven's sunshine o'^-r us, A fair day's work before us. Our spirits chant in chorus: "Oh. Joy to be ailve!" Ho! forihe frosty sunset.<;: Ruby, s.'>.pphire, chrome, (How warmly in the beacons God sets to light us home. And though' the colors siileiidid With shadow ijniy be blendeil Before pur jot^ruey's ended,: Our weary hearts revive; The nearer we are flarln;:. To homo-light, warmly tlaring. And Ihos? with whom we're sharing The joy to be alive. —T. A. Ualy. Mr. and Mrs. Lute I .,ewi8 and .Mr. adfi Mrs. Hugli Means, of UiwrencA motored to lola Saturday and will be hero several days, gue .8t8 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Spencer. Mrs. Spencer, sister of .Mrs. Lewis' and J Mrs. Means, returned with iheni, having been In iJiwrence for some time, called there by the illness and deatli of her father. Judge George J. Harker. •J- * + - Handsome Cuiaway Suits worth $;:.'..(10, on sale at the .New Yoik Store for no!».-.. ,^ Miss Ltie41a Varner, who has been siiending several weeks In points in | Slissnurl Is expected home soon. * • * The chiidrens' party at the Y. M. C. A. on Saturday afternoon was a de«;id ed success. A()out one hu"ndred and sevenfy-tive from tho grado schools were present, who played games under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. .Walker, Arthur M^tcalf and Floyd Xicholsqn. -J. •»• • —Wonderful hargain.* In I.,adies' and Misses Suits at the New York Store. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Kennedy of I^ne Elm. were guests of their sister, Mrs. J. E. Powell yesterday. <' <' <• Accordtng to tlie newspapers, Mrs. I.aura Gregg- Cannon, who is quite well known in this city, is having some experiences on her sufltrage speaking tour that sound more like fiction than fact. They show, however, just how determined the women of Kansas are'to have the amendment passed. I-ast week's Woman's Journal tefts of an unusual happening in Wilcox. Ariz., where Mrs. Cannon was to make aff address. A heavy storm delayed the train for twenty-four hours, but rather than miss the appointment Mrs. Cannon, assisted by men and women, bridged the river with planks and hung signal lights announcing that the meeting would not be jxjst- poned. The result was that a most enthusiastic league was organized. • V •:• —^Remarks made by every one: how can the Xew York Store sell ladies' and misses' Suits at prices les.< than half usually sold for. « « « Mrs. Philip Heigele and Mrs. Angle Pegg who went to. Lawrence last week tion of-the W. R. C. have returned home. They report a moat successful .•and delightful'time. Mrs. .Heigele N will go tp Colony on Wednesday to inspect tho Woman's Relief COrps there. IJ —Every one Is talklngr about the Bargain Suit Sale at the New York ! Store. I Mrs. Frank Travis and Miss Louise I Hyde will be htistessea to the mem- I bers of the Prlscllla club on Wedoes- doy afternoon at thai residence of Mrs. I Travis, 911 Not}|^'^M|inore street. —You will io8«[ loone}' if you don't ! buy your Suit from the New York Store. , ' •* + + 5tr« G. W. I^e/ller who has boen I upeudinir I.K - month In Lamar. Colorado with her daughter^ Mrs. W. H. Carl, returned home yesterday*. * + * Miss Helen Day returned this morn — 1 Ing to Coloiiv whore she is attending' I school after spending Sunday with 1 her parents here. • I .> • • i 1 —Suits at 112.9.*. worth $2B.OO. You {win admit .Miat the Sew York Store I has real bargains for ladies, misses j and Juniors. I <• • •:• j Mrs. .T. H. Dixon, accompanied by , her 'liece. Mias Lillian Morris,', left ! todi4y for her home In Globe, Arii. .Mrs. Dixon has been the guest of her sisters Mrs. Santry and Mrs. .Morris of this city. A inb o Tomorrow afternocn the members of Circle number seven of the Methodist!es' Aid socinty will serve ten at the residence of Mrs. S. 1... ^lolmes. 216 South Colbom. An invitation Is extended to all friends and members of the church and in order that the men and business women may attend the ladies will cotxtinue serving :unti! seven thirty. The regular meeting of the .Mothers' club wilUbe held at Little Biulders' Chapel on Wf>dnesday afternoon. Roll I (all will be responded to with "A Truth from Yostcrd.iy'a Sermon." Mrs. Ilecux will lead the Scripture lesson, and thn subjects for readings will ba "I'seful School Fads," and "The Christ Spirit in Play." There will be no questipn for discussion and the meeting \yill be closed with mtlsic by the club. , There will be an all day meeting on Friday of this week. • * * llest Ilim niilUe—falheV Weekly— Cnind Tonitrlil. • • On Friday ifternoon after school the young pt>ople of the Chapel an asked to me*>t in the Sunday school room to do some work both Inside and out of Builders' Chapel. Afii'r tin- work has btMMi tliiishod the girls will prepare supper and a general good time will be tiijoyed during Ihe evening. •!• iteES. IX)NaWORTH« DWOTIOKTO FATHER ^HOWKBmCE ATTEMPT 3X) XAEE BIB UFS Miss. ICstlur .May I'lunib. wlio eoiii" here tinder the auspices of tliu Musjf club. Is to give a recital at the First Methodist church tomorrow night. * + Tho flrst dance of the season will occur tomorrow night at the Clinker club rooms. Invitations have been issued according to custom and a good crowd is expected. The social committee of tho club has arranged a sche<l- uie of alternate dances and card parties which will be given frequently from now until the flrst of the year. * + * Tomorrow night the Philathea class of the Christian church will have a meeting at the parsonage to complete the*plans.for the bazaar which they expect to give soon, and on Thursday night the same class and the Loyal Sons will go to Mineral Woll i ar'.j for a bon fire picnic. —Don't miss seeing the Mechanical n:an and the Sophomore girl in her brother's clothes in my .show window tonight. C. E. Perham. e + * * The l-adles' Aid society of the Christian church will have the regular week ly moeting in the church. * •:• •> The {"iris from Ramsay's will form a line party at the Grand tomorrow evening. •:• • •:• —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, at $l.."iO tnd "$2.00 per dozen. Phone 99r)-."i Peckler's Greenhouse •I- * • Th" .-hoir of the Christian church un der the direction of .Mr. A. I~ Boatright will sing selections from oratorios at the church on Fridv evening to attend the Second district conven- of this week. They have been working ^ Long before dlnnioadraBd*«tlH >r invrioini ^emN-itere norn esteu* ' NiTely, Bracelets furoird a noitt popnlur means of adomnieuL ^ Today Bracelets are more In irotrne tlian eter, and it b no uneoro-N iBon jflgbt to M'P sorlfty leaders wearing ax many ati^ three Bracelets.' The range of designs in which we" «how Bracelets Includes not," only the patterns of modern, day craft, but also tbo!«e effects worn \ years ago, which are again most popaUr. . | f aai M. X. * V. jbupactMiL - •.v j' • \ • • Mn. MedlU MeCormtck and Mrs. Nicholas Long^irortlh Tho devotion of Mra, Mictaotas L «&SWortli to be.- tatfaer. Colonel Boaa *velt -.«u aarar mora dearly sttown than ainca tha attempt was laada upon fttf ^4 at MUWMikaa. AM aoon aa tba nawa of tlw ootonal's Injury raaohaa Lb.- aha took a train to caucago and raaohed tlMra ahortly after hla anlvaJ. Btaca than aba baa been .Almoat oonataiiUy vlth him at Meroy Hospital, wbera hi la laoovararinc iftom his woqad. In tha aoeompaaylnv picture are eean^llra. Iioacivortb and Urai. Va- BlU MeOormld^ yiUt of tba Illlnota PrograaalTa leader. leaving Marax iHospitaL i<n tile Miu.-ijc for some tliu.- and hopi' Simple nnd llccoiutng llresses for (he lor a good aiiindauce. Young lilrl. Ill the days long gone by. the ap- .'^eviral (if the Clliiker club iiieiii-. pnnich ulfold weatlnr Was eVer a r<-- lii'i'h will foiiu a line party at the niindi'r to llir mother of the family. CiMMil loiiKUn.u iilghl hefoiv going ih:,( scirk iil wunu cl<llhlll.^ was to lo the diitu'i, •:• • l««s( liini iiiadt— I'adie's Weeklv (Jrand Tonight. Ktiual Siifi'ruge llepnrtnionl. I This arilil.-- .-ippeared in the Suf- I'ragc issue of the I.awri'iice Gazett.- last week: (ine of the reasons why 1 am for Woman SulTrage is lifcause I have • never <Lrim able to I'liink of a reason ; why r-.'<?j. .should vote, thai did not also aiipiy to woiUeii. and 1 have lim-n just as unable to find- a reason why women should not vote that, did not, . also aiiply to men. We all understand i garments used to bf. of course, the princiiiles that to vote The high school girl simply revels In is a privilege, not a right, and that j ilie sang lil'lR garments that fashion the one <iuestion to bi- answered in ' determining who shall exorcise that privilege is the good of tlir .mj'te. I..ooking at it from this point of view it seems to m'- there can he but one answer. Women are as jiatriotic as men are. they ai-<'. at lenst as devoted as men are to ihf moral and material welfar.* of the connnuniiy in which they liv«'. and thi-y would be guided in tile I' i,f. the privilrj;:, by mo- i ti^<-.s at le:ist ii.s lofty as iliose which! lijciaie ll .i Vol, of the jtverag-^ mai!. j Th:n Fiime wonjen might fail to avail " '.III mselves of the privilege if it were ^niiutd.'is probably true. Some men | tail soiiietimjs to vote. That inanyc worii'-n Would vote thi- same way their • "!." iK) i'- also probably true, but ! lio not !=<'i' iiow a man can very well . urge i' as a reason why the ballot 1 should not 111' t'Xiended to women. Fnlte* BreUifren Charcb Yesterday : was the last Sunday of the) Confin'eixce' year. T^he .attendance at every service was good. The Daughters of Otterbein ranked lh >6t in Sunday school attendance, the Brothers of Otterbein taking second place. .Miss I^is Bennett' led the Endeavor iue4>ting In a very inu-resting and helpful way. The Juniors also has a very profitable meeting led by .Nfr." Bennett. The sermon in the morning was on "The Divine Will," from the text "Father, I will thai they also whom, thou last has given nie, be with me where I am; that they may behold j my glory: for thou lavedst me before ! ;!ie foundation of the. world." (Jno. ! !7:2-t.l After showing how God the Father has a volutary Interest In man physically, and spiritually, the minis ler lllustratwl how this will was made manifest in Jesus Christ and how the .•^ame manlfesfatlon appears in the life if the true Christian. Tile evening .'-ermon was from I ("nr. '.'.-.IS. "Iliif We all with open far l.»>iiolding as in a glass Ihe ghiry of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as bv the S\)irit of the I-ord " The sub ject was "Spiritual I'nvelling " The veil in the temple was u.ved to illus trate the veil which covers tho reading or the Old Testament ivithnit the light <;f the New. The progressive steps in attainments and achievements of in dividuals In the preparation for and activities of life were used to illustrate the spiritual progress of the soul fi-oiu the darkness of sin to the glory of the llnal state of the rii;»ie<m;j which is <inly possible to those who accept .lesus Christ n.s their personal Savior "by the spirit" At the ilost 'if ftK- service Mr. I'rathir in a few I'l'iiiarks reviewed the two years of I-is work as pastor of the char:-li. and cave some very interesting and tin i-ouraging facts and llgures. Flr-^l Chprrh of Chrlvl .S,I«ntlsL Subject: "Doctrine of Attimeuient. TUf subject of the lesson sernion jiead yesterday was "l).^ctrlne of .At I "oniuent " Gohlen Text: Uonians ; r. :n. Hlble reading, Hebrews :». I I'orrelattve passage.<> from Science !\ Health corrobntlng and exiilaining I the Ullilc Texts in their spiritual iiii I port were In part as follows: .Motiement i."* the exeinplilicalion/of jiian's unity with (Jod, where by man reriecfs divine Truth. Life and Lov< Josurt of .\'u«areth taught and deimm- sir:ited man's oneness with the I-'atlu-r :incl for this w« owe hiin ondlesv hom- His mission wax both Individual ami collective. He did life's work aright not only in Justice to him.'self. tut in mercy to mortals—to show I hem how to do tlieirs, hut not to do It for them nor to relievo .them of a single responsibility. Jesus acted boldly against the accredited evidence of the -enses, against Pharisacal, creeds and •Y;".^m:i>ow rifeciu to'understand i !'.';?^*'^r^J'"'|,|:^ "^^I'l^^^ opponents . ,-. <!.•.» iiiiw-iJiivs thouch theP*"" power. , 1, is, lliat nORadajs, tnoufen tn( j ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ thus: "We ackno»vIedge Jesus atonement 'if divine, efficacious I^ve. unfolding 'linn's unity with God through Chri.-!: lesus the W^y-shower; and we ac­ he golliii 111 r>>.'idlni'ss.,for tin- clilld- r-'li as well as for herself. 'I'liose I'lollies not only meant the w-arm un- (len-lolhes. as ln.«avy llannel jietticoais etc., no, it naturally meant inavy (•lo:h or woolen drosses and waists not to ijpeak of tlie .regular "heiivy- weighis" that the top coats and oilier \arlotii-s of street wear were then. It • - liow v.-inicr still brings snow and frost, we do not scfin to reiiuiiS' such heat supplying raiment. I-Ispecially is this trui- of til" .voiingi-r folks, who s(Jem lo i)e |)(.-rf''itly comfortable in compar- iilively Ituht weight clothes. It is however, by far more-healthy, ami certain ly nioi'! gr:u-ei;jl tliau the cuinbersdme T!i:ii i<- e-ts<- pf a political disagr<' !?ie:it bi'twiv;i husband and wife serious i.-iiiiily trouble would arise Is a r(flee;:()ir b<iih on the man and the woman, wiiidi boili of them should resiul. For this and many other reus- ons I shall vote for tin- constitution:!! ani'UcJiii'-nt and sineeri-ly hope it will be adcplell. -t'has. F. Scott. —Uesi tllni niadr 1>rand TouighL -I'aUie's Weeklj - 7808 7278. knowledge that man is .saved through '"hrist throufeh Truth. Life and Love as demonstrated by the Gallilean Pho- iihet in healing the sick and overcoming sin and death. City .Luirnal: .Medill .M,-- "oiiei.-k branded David .Mulvane a.x a ' ""^^ .'iiovules fur her. both for her dai- ••<-ad" for saying that the Procres.'ives jw-^ar and for evening or «erp trying, to make camimign cap- ' ''"">•<• attire. In the two splendid mod :tai out of ti-e int-iilent of a crank's '''''' ""usirated here, are shown very at attack on Roosevelt. And vet in .Mul- I 'rac tive examples. .N"o. 727J is made van'»'s state the high boss of the Progressive-. Governor S^tiibb.s. is charg- 'ng in bis speeches that the "Repub- icftn" of Roosevelt was resjion- slble for the tradgedy. and the leading state organ <»f the Progressives, the Topeka Cajiital. is making the sainn allegation in Its editorial columhs. wniy is a man "a cad" for telling the plain and indisputable truth? .Norman Hapgood has resigne<] as e.-Jitor of Collier's Weekly and Robert J. Collier, the owner, w|ll take charge and change It from a Wilson to a Roosevelt supporter. Collier expressed admiration for Hapgood, but the two differed on politics. r ^wrence Gazette: T. L. Fitzpatirick of Thoinpsonvllle. northwest of Perry, met death in a horrible form yesterday. He was gored by a bull while changing a herd of cattle from one liasture to another, and a neiglilKir who went to his assistance also "was pursued by thti'infuriated animal. with a di ep square yolk, and the invert* d box pie:it is also used front and h:ick of til" while thf skirt, which is attached, is Of thn favored sj.\-gcr.d tyjx' and has the inverted bpx 1 li-at oil «'acli side t,o correspond with the waist. The honn- s»-wer can work it out most etr-ctively, ot golden First Xelhodist Church. Holy communion was celebrated in the morning. The pastor conducted tho service with the assistance of local ministers. The whole ritual service w-as used the choir singing fh" Amen and chanting the Sanctu.s.. fh*- Lord's Prayer and- the Gloria in Rx- celsis. The pastor spoke on tlie eiic and purpo.s*' of the Sacrament just previous to the ritualistic part of the hour. The continuous table was observed and scarcely any remainetl from the chancel. It was a very im- i pressive hour. j . Dr. Chandler, tliei district siipierin- tendent of t^is district spoke in the ' evening on the meaning of .Methodism it was a very entertaining and Inspiring presentation, giving the origin, aim and purpose of the church atid Its I stamp on the religious thought of the ; age. It was an evening worth while. ! The Kpworih eague devotional meet- I in gwas led by Miss Ruth Price and a I very larc" number listened to the mes- ! sage. A collection was taken for the I support of a theological student in •the .Mcholson .school in India and I nearly $40 was contributed. The Kelley boys song a vejpy sweet duet and .Miss Dennis sang a solo. Th.- Sunday .school Is taking on an I aspect that is gratifying. The organization Is being iierfecled and ,the gradipg more curefiilly followed giving to each scholar the very advantage. The third quarterly conference wll' be heltl tonight at the church between 7 and .S o'clock. All are invited and urged to be- oh time. the thus Vnst This is the time of the year when you can get some ffood solid comfort out of youi- Piano. If you have not already purchased a F^iano come to our store 4 and see our .^lock. Look over our beautiful line of; Pianos. Hear what a oood pi'ojioi.ition wo dun qfferf you. We have some ^ood slightly u.sed Pianos that* are fine and will save vou some inonev. OR(i.\NS. $:">, .$S, .$10. $12, $15 to $30 tiinnd promised his presence. In this ' teieu class. : hurried age It is hard lor the <hris;ian . I'hi- i ro.vds were good at all serv- fo realize this proiiiis<v (iod help the ioos of ihi> day :ind the large chorus christian to *wali b.-fon- Cod long all with its splendid music' •iioiigh to re:<-ive dlviiu- liupresstons .'I'lie morning seniioii emphasized th« ' plii<-4. of th.' P.ibli- in the salvation of The evening sermon w:is -jiivfif to the discussion of the llnth- cctitiuy »'(/iiian. .\'e\t Sunday will he Itally May The decorations, music and sermon will <• in kei!iiiiig with tlie day ai.iii ii.u! the t Veiling lint- of thought hill! ill roiisideratioii the adaptation o filu' Word as a part of Ihe liftman iiiriHllliig force in tlie life. Incarnate pr.iK .Muiiy strangers and visitor. Ilriice Kennedy will speak at ; ors. also a lat'ge crowd of young peo- he morning hour.. The Sunday School pit- wen- pr-stiit. will have their rally program In thi- '• . evening LIBERTY. Special miisi.- will he furnished by /Afrc -p i.- T «hn<.«..i the Booster quartet. Church choir. Mr. j oct. Isi-Mr and Mrs "'11^'^ l^'^L.^.: Arthur and Eve;;;" T:;.^^ Joe Bess, and Thursday at 2:30 p. m. All ladies of j ^^""'^'^ °' the church are retLuested sr; LT.;.- \ir-'' v ^c r. . , ... new furnace will he installed this * T^.^ItL ! L? "Z.:^; . . . week. Haraca committees meet at Y. M. C. A. Tiiesd^iy perfect so- :ial plans. : ' . Christian Church. A vory inspirii:g feature of the Bible school work at the Christian church Sunday morning was the line showing of Loyal Sons class of fourteen strong voung men. The class has iiitereafing plans for its winter' work. The new organized class of the schoo' is the Loyal Dorcas which had ts first meeting yesterday as a char- First Baptist rhnrrfa. "Arise, and let us.go hence." form- eil the text for pastor Shepard's sermon at the morning hour. First: Jesus Christ was not pro- brown li"ari.t>:i, -loplin, cashmere or in his mission. . He could not serec. Brown velvet buttons will lend he localized: He was a world savior, a pretty tinislnng touch. Vou can hanlly localize a great man For the other d.ess. a soft fluffy ma t.Mlay. You can no more contain Jes- E'.STlfER ¥.IY PLnrB has a powerful contralto voice, with a range of over two octaves. Her enunciation is perfect and sl^e interprets most beautifully. terial as charmcuse. creije de chine, mcusseline de sole, of challis, silk cashmere, or any of the pretty wash silks «ith Insertion and lace will evolve a 'etching little party frock for t«c young girl. j of one blood he has made all nations." ! But are very careful to draw the color us's mission in Palestine than you can put Texas into Allen County. Second: Jesus was too big to be localized. The chri8tian '~world is ready to accept Paul's statement that I"out The Canadian police has sent word that they are holding under arrest at Calgary, Alberta, William M. Stagg. wanted for alleged defrauding of the Welda. Katisas, State Bank by obtaining a loan on a worthless chattel. He was located by a bank draft which he sent his wife in order to provide funds so bhe could visit him. line. Third: Jesus commands his jieci- ples "Arise antt gq." Some churches think they have fnlfliled their whole duty when they take care of home expense. That is well and good, but how can you coniine Jesus to' that? when his command is so plahi? . Fourth: Jesus has with the com- Tbe lola Music Clob PRESENTS LV Song Recital Tuesday, October 22nd AT THE FIRST E. CUCRCH Tickets at Burrell's There was a pie social at a school house south of Piqua Saturday night and the pies brought $21.3.=;. The big tiling of interest was a quilt which the ladies of the community paid 10 cents get their names worked on. About'250 names were secured. The quilt was ra ed to the- most popular young lady, votes selling at 5 cents ?ach. The quilt brought $25,85 and was won by Sylvia Townsend, a former Liberty girl. Several people from Liberty attended the social. The neighbors and old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Townsend gathered at their' home Monday night to g^ve them a farewell party. It was a complete surprise to Mr. and Mrs. Townsend and when the first guests arrived the host and hostess were in bed. Guests to the number of 82 were present and all had an enjoyable time. Each one expressed the wish that Ira and Dora would Anally return to their old home as they have resided in IJberty district the greater part of their lives. The Towhsends and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Slack left Thursday afternoon for Scotville. Mich. We wish them a happy Joum«y. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kramer visited Mr. and -Mrs. Stephen Townsend Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Atiiett of lola brought some friends out in their auto Sunday to gather nuts and persimmons.' They ' call'-d at P. Johnson's. Rev.< Irwin spent Sunday and Sunday night with Mr. Barnhart. He spoke at the Metbodistj church Sunday evening. ^ Dr. Siiid Mrs. Hendricks, of lola, took dinner sit Mr. Barnhart's Sunday. Mother Harris arrived home Satur- •Jny from au lextended visit at «Caney Chas. Harris is building a barn for Eb Baird. Otto Hilibrant brought his engine out to Mr. Dawson's Wednesday to saw the timbers for the framework of hi.s house. At the telephone meeting Saturday nignt, thre<' delegates were chosen to meet wi'h delegates from other rural lines-Itf try jto unite in a company to erept telephone poles e.locg 'he main road to lola^ as 'he Bell Telephone company dc«» not care to carry their wires any longer. Miss Emma Barnhart spent Monday with Mrs. Addleman of Piqua hefore. she moved to Humboldt, i Mrs. Joe Bess called on Mrs. Alderson Wednesday. Mrs. Alderson was taken quite aick after •he party at 3Ir. Townsend's Monday night and Dr. Garllnghoiise was called to attend her. She.was .ible to go home Tuesday evening and we now hear she is able to sit up ' some Miss Irene Cox Is working for Mrs., Alderson.. Mr P.anihart madt a business visit to Lou Wright's nejr Neosho Falls Friday. 1 '

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