Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FBIEJAY. JPLY Ja 190B Within a few minutes' ri4e of liSia^ LaSarpe or Gas iGify, and about three blocks to new eminent Pladfr !Fresh air, heklthjiii: surrbunding3; rajpid ifransit and gas make it the moit desirable Idcatic^ for homes In Allen county. «er TERMS:—Prices are .from $70 to $100 per lot. Lots are 50x150. $5.00 down ahd^Js.oo a month. btifcation:—Electric line oh tlie soutli. lola public road on thehortli and just half way between Gas City and LaHarpe. Write jor call on Office at terminus Electric Line 6r 0^ By GEN. CHARI^BS KINO. ; CILJiPTKU XIX. ' The cohm^^is Webb, as said and liere \rere couiiU'd on U> all they wi-ie i CopTiisbl, uas, bj Tb. Boban CompsDj. i in Tjolcl nalKl to nMaJ. Stanley riinl, c -Dnuiiandiflii' Fort Fraym.-, juiil. prv- Rinnin;^ tin? major hinis«lf bad drojijifd il.^if turned it over to Ihc corpor;;! of bis ri-liof. and so it found its way Imvnrd rtveiilo inUi tin- bands of old MrCi'.nn. wborziiiy alKiiiJ. Iiis of Col. llt-nry and >r ;:j. "tbe fbitr," bad miitpd, t\v<j men wlio ooidd be (lush tbe iiursiiit "for v.rlb.V lHtb'-rt<K act- driven into-tlii'ir fajitni'sses aiisonu' the mountains .toward iSe distant shelter whither iln-ir ff-w woiiiidiHl liad been conveyed, and wlnre tii'.- old men, the women and eliildrcn were in bidiiijj. Xow it meant that, nnless the troops eunid be confronted and thrown back anotlier tran.sfer of teei)es and travois, ponii-s and doj !^s. wounded and aged Avuuhl ha\e to be be made. Lann^ Wolf had thought his people safe behind the walls lif the Big Horn, and the sl-.iflin^ senen of warriors along- the footlfdls, biU t!ie blue skirmish lines jivished steadily " ' i • ' ; • ' * j i»l w,. 11.1 V . Ing in the openj euiintry anil frei' from I „|- iniildiiig lires. and Miehael cncnmbranee, jthe huiians h.-id b< t a j ij,id it on tb.e major's »:iblc and hard to reach. .Now they were Ixint; j fhoiitrbt no nmre about it iinlil Iw" boms later wjien Ihe major rousi-d and read, anil then u row began tliat j oniled onlj- with tho other worries of his iiteulniieney at Prnyne. Seon'tly l-IInt was doingliis best 1o discover the bearer win-n cami.' the bold riders frf>:n the north with their thrilling news. Sccretl.v, he had been over at the gii.ird-honse interviewing hs best he could, by the aid of an tinv.iiling clerk who f^puke a little Sioux, a young Indian whom Cralib's convalc^-i-nt stjiiad. four in number, had most unexpectedly run , . . , down when sint scoutimr live miles on into the fruigii.g j.i.ies dru,mr t!u- i^^ought. .soream- feathered bravi.. from ridge to ri.:;re. j,,„ sc-itching ^i.d protesting, back and Lame W..If had .ense enough to to'Fraxne. Her jKjnv had been killed Bee that here K.ulers th:>t I .,^^,5 "meant bnc.nes.S and w..uM n-,t be ; ^^j^,,,^ ^^.j,,, ^„ ^ held Henry bad ten veteran tn.o;s j ,,„^ ^,.,,„„i.,d as war- at^.s wdc when he innlod w.| 1. | ^j.,^ „,.,^;, \\ebb. who led his own and I!-eeh- j ^j,^ prairie, l-aving . the girl I to the iiierey of tbe soldiers, j Flint believed her In be ei>nneet- • ed in t--o:ne way with the coming of the disturi)ing Jiole. which was why he compflied I;<r iletenlion at tho , gi:ard-ho;ii:e. Und.'r V."cbl>'s regime. , slie wtiuld li.Hve been ((Uestoned by ! llr:3". or some oni- of his household. Under Flint, no ( ne of llay"s family or rej.iincrs could be aliowed to see Iwr. He regarded it as' most sig- ' niliennt that, jier shrillest i-creajus and liercest resistanco shoi:ld have been ; reserved'until ji;st as; hcri guardians were bearing her past tile trader's liouse. She had tiic light little prison cr Sfjuadron, making 18 c<>ni])nni>.s, or troupsi, of hor ;e, with . thi :r jja- k mules, sll out ;it the front, ^vliile l!:o wagon train and ar.ibidaiiees were thoronglilj- guarded by a big batlalitji of'stnrdy infantry. Jiearlj- all of thwn good uiarksm.-n against .<i;ile- iui; Springtiehls the warrii^rs nKid" only one essay in force, and that was more than enough. The blneeuats emptictl many an saddle and iStrewed the prairie with ponies, r.iid sent WJiistling Kik and his people to the right about in sore dismay, and then it dawned ou Lame Wolf that lie must now either mislead the cavalry leader, throw him olf the track, as ic were, or move the villages, wi;und.-d. prisoners and all. across the J!ig Horn li'.rself all tliat v\intry morning, and tliare. disdainful of bunk or chair,' enveloped in l}er blanket, she river where hereditary foemen, >I >o-,. ^ .qu^^^ed I disconsolate, groetitig all shone and Absaraka would surely WTflcome them red-handed. It was at this stage of the game he had his fi\jal split with Stabljer. Stabber was .4hrewd, and saw unerringly that with other columns out, from Custer on the Little Horn r,ud Washakie on the Wind river-^wiih i reinforcement^ coming from north find south, the surrounding of the Sioux in: arms would be but a matter of time. He had d^e jaucli to get Lame Wolf into th<i scrape and now was urging hateful measures as, nn­ less they were prepared fur furliier and hea^^e^ losses, the one way out, and that was—surrender. 2io\v. this is almost the l .ist thing the Indian will do. l\ot from I'ear of conseijuenees at the bauds of his captors, for he well knows that physii quesiioner^ with d-rnint and fearless shruggir.gK aud inar'ietdaie protest. Xot a syl able of exjtlar.ation. not a shred of }n>'v >s could tlu-ir be^t endeavors wring from he r. Yet her glittering eyes v.-ere surely in search (.'f some one. for she looked up cagrr- 1 1y every time Ihe door w::s opened. [ i'nd Flint was just beginning to think i he would to mmu I fiir -Mrs. |ilay ; when the couriers came with tjheii : stirring n'-.\s and he had to t|l '""P : ikher aiTairs in order to forward this . imjirirtant m-:!ur to heaihiMarters. I i Once again, il ."^eeni-;. Trooper Ken- 1 iit"!y bad bei'ii inir;;.~jtt .-d with di .s; iilnguisiied diny. for it he who ; .raiiie trotting foiT ir.nst up tlie road, j waving his di^p.-jtHi on higli. .\ com; rade iroin Hlake's Iroup, f<dlov .-iiig , tbrongh the fort', isail turned to the ly, he IS infinitely better oft WUKIX ' , i i . ,- i , ,,,,,,,, , , : I'ft and led hjs lior.c ui» tbe steep to being coddled lo-Uncle.S.-im than when I,, , . „ „, . , ,i « . ^ t-^- • .1 ^"I- 11 1^ • - , .1 1 the ouarters nearest ibtr lia:,'.-ita;i. lightingm the held. It is simply the i • • " i , .J* ... .. - 1, , JUbis time- ihere vas no Uig-iieurted loss of nrefJtige among his fellow red r . , ^ , • , ^, r~~t • ^, , , . r, , rr.. t:ost commander to bid the irishman men that he hates and dreads. There-:- , ... ,. . - - t , : refresh hiiiiieit .-id hoititiu.. Hint was fore, nothing short of starvation i ' . i • ^t- , ^ , ,1 . nione at his oibee., at the moment, and or probable anmhilation prompts ! , . - . , . . , ^ • ,1 ,' , knev.- n<it this str-in-re trooper, ami him, as a rule, to yield hiinseli a^, , , , . .• i . , , • . ' ' J /^looked askr.:iee at lus heterodox garb prisoner. , I ;:nii giiise. .S.ich laxitT, And ihis was the situation when -.^ , <^ ,. ,. , . ::aid he 1o Iiiiiise f, was m^. permitted the gCTierars lirst dispateh.s we..- ; j,,. j,,,,, uuh.-rXn served, which sent in to the last n.-ws • ^^^^ ^^.^ oani;;ai;rn. Kento reach'the garrison from the <>-'s- • ,,::tc-hes, tant front for li^e long days, and men 1 ^^^^^^ ^ question, one morning, when th^ snow was sift- { ..tru--ling with an Irishman's ing softlj" down, there caine tiding;; that thrilled the little cummunity. heart arid soul—tidings that were heard with mingled "tearsj and praj'ers and rejoicings, and that led to man3' a visit of congratulation to iirs. Hay. who, poor woman, dare not say at the moment that she had knov. n it all as much US 24hburs earlier,dcsiiite the fact that Pete and Crapaud were banished from the roll of her auxiliaries. I Even as the new conriers came . speeding through the veil of falling flakes^riding jubilantly over the widc- rollibg prairie writh their news of victory and battle^ the post ci>mmander at Fort Frayne ^Yas pu/jcling over a mlBfih-e that had come to him. lie knew not how —^mj'steriously as the anfurcfaists* warnings are .said to find thedr^way to the Vicfjr: bedside of the r "--"--^I ^Simti^Kumber. « nthusi;;stie eagerness Jo Ul! the details of the heavy light. I'.iit Flint had !/Ut one method of getti^ig at facts— the oflieial rejjorts—and Kennedy stood unnoticed until, impatient at last, he queried: "Heg liardon. sir, but may we put up our horses?"' "Who's we?" asked the major, bluntly-. "And where are the others'/" "Trigg, sir—Capt. ; Blake 's troop. He went to the captain's q[uarters with a package." ^ ; . "He ehould have reported himself first to the post commmider," said the major, u-ho deemed it advisable to malce prompt iinjpression on these bavoge hunters of ^Isavag^ game; "T ^ini wB «n 't • his ordhers, butt," said Kennedy, wit^ zealous, 'bat ini»-. gtudad loyalty to lii^ regiment. his comr^es .and I Hie rcgtilai ions iiiul'^•iisroins or iiic I service," answered l|lic c-oitiinaiideri I with projier austerity.; ".Mr. \Viliciiis." he continued, a.^ the burly (|;:::r;rr- master caun- bii>lling in, "have Ihe ether trcrojier si-iil lo'rrporl at onee i t<j me and U-l t!:is man w.iit outside ! till 1 lun reaily to ;;ee liiiu." And so if. bapju aed that a dozen ! members of t!u- i^arrisoji gathered, from the ]ij)s of a partieipaiit, stirring partiedlars of h .spu-ited ehas'! anil fight that set soldiers to clux'r- ing and women and eiiildren to ex- lrav;!g:!nt scenes of rej<iieing before I the otiicial head of the garrison gavo out the news. Kenmdy had taken j satisfaciion for the commander's ! .'-lights by telling the tidings broad- I cast to the crowd that (nilckly gathered, anil, ill-three minutes, the word was flying from lip lo lip that the j Iroojjs had run down Lame W=<df's : main villag<' after an all-ilay. all-nigiit ! rush to iM 'ad them olT, atid that with ' very small loss fin'v had in en able to : card life many of the families and lo i scatter the warriors among the liiils j In brief, whih- Henry, with the main body. lia<I followi d th.e trail of the j lighting band, Webb been de- j taelieil, and, witli two sipiadrons, bad I ridden bard after a Shoshoui- guide, j who led them by a short cut through j the range and eualiied them to pounce j on the vilhige wlier<' were most ()f I Lame Wolf's non-combatants, gunvd- ; ed onlj- by a small imriy of »v.;rriors, I and. while Capts. Hillings and Kay, ; witl: tlu>ir tro.-ps, rem.niiied in charge i of these captives. \Vebl>, v.-jt-i iilake j and the <i:i:ers. liad ]);!sl:ed on in j jiiirsiiit i^f certain braves who had .'•canijiered into the thick m* tlie hills, carrying a i'fw of the wounded and ! prisoners with H umu. .\inong those ! captured, wire Mr. Hay and Cra)(:!iid. • Among those who had been spiri;,c;l ; away w:is XaiK'tJe I-"lower. This i seemed str:inge and iin.ic'ounTi'.ble. I And yet Jllake had found time to write to his winsome wife—to send I her an important missive and most important bit of nev..-. It was with, these she came ranning in to Mrs. ; llay before ti:e hitler hail time to I half read the li>;i;r U-tter receivid i from her soldier husband, aud we : take the facts in the order of their I revelai ion. ; "Thiak'of it, Madie." she cried, j " of iil (ieralds lirst words, i almost, are. "Take goi.d care of that pouch and •conieiil.^.' and now pouch and eont'.-nts are grne! Whoever dreamed tliat they w.idd be of such conseciueii'-e? He says llic newsijaper will e\[;!aill." And i>resently the two bonny heads were bent mer tiie big sheets of a dingy, grimy copy of a l'hilcdel|)hiu di'.iiy. and there, o\ an inner pag^», l.e:i-.ily iuark<'d, aj;pear;>d a strange item, and Ibis (biaker City journal had been jiiiked up in an Ogallala camp. The it^-.m read ur, a:< rxT.iLJii;!) siol'.v. ' The .luihoritiv.s ol tbe (•arlisle School an.t th',- po!ie_- of Ilarrisbui are hunt- 5ns higli and lov: for a young Indian knuwn to ilio r.-corus uf th.- .\cadenny as UaI;)Ii Mjp, ar,. but 1 .j; at- on the r>i»y rolls of Buflaio iiilTs NVIIU W<st a^grc- R:it!o.-i .'i .i Kai;;.- V.'ii;.;-^.! ynuUi who Is crtiiittd wi 'Ji .havintj ;rivi-ii iht- ivaowncd fcec>;:t-s!i..v>!n.-in n:ore tni-ulile than all hl.s br .tVfS. bruaihoa liP .d "butlor;;" tiw.eof tDmbJueU. lioins; of siii>"rb physitjue naU a d.rlny: horseman, .Munau had been forgiven ni-^i!y a peceadlllo. and had followed tlic- tortu.M3 of the whow two coii- srjcutlvc- suriim. rs uatil duly tin.iily had to get rid of him aa an Intolerable nui- t.iace. • It eocm9 that when a lail of 18, "E-it^l-? WlnK" liad bi-eii seat to Carlisle, where he ran tho Kainut i#f scrai>os of ev>rv cmceivabio kind, lie spoko KnjrUs.h picked up nliout the ag{-ncles; had l:;liu- entlal friends and. In eoiac clandestine T.ay, received occasional et;!i>!!cs of money that e.nablcd him to take Frenrh Lave •%vhen ho ft It Uka It. lie wss hack from Carlisle lo Dakot.i as Iriro- •!aima!)U-, ai:d aa<.r a yiar or two on his native heath, r. ai>i)"art-d amon? the hnunts of civillsatiim ds one of Buffalo IJills warriors. Iliil discliargcd him" .it Claeinnati and. at the Instance of the SB Has Put In a Stock of.» NEW CARPETS Prices tbe Lowest/ innian iniveati, nc •u.'ia ir;;.T .;u pmccn aL C;jrllsIo, only to repeat on .a larS'T ser.le his earlier exploits and si 'curi- jl Si 'coiid transfer to the iilaiiis Sviiere hji) ujipor- tunllies for di 'vllnn -nt wi-iv liinitod. 'V'.vn Gody was Indik -ed to take hlrn on nKaiii by profuso promises of KOod behavior, which w«To kei)t uiilil l-'eiin.--ylv;inlii soil Tfaehi-d two weeks a ;,-i>, wl: ho bro 'Ko loose af ^ain; was in clothes around Wt-st Phl !ad --!phi .T. for a few day .H, plentifully siippijed with money, and next '-lie turned up In ti'.o .'Streets' of Carlisle, when; he' aPnaullcd an Jittacho of the school, whose life wn.-i bari 'ly saved by the prompt effort.s of otliiT Indian students. Jioren.u escaped to }fnrrishurj ;h which h<? proceeded to Iiaint with his favorite color that very niKht, and wound up thi> entertainment by gallniiinj; away on the horso of a prominent olfielal, v.dio h.Td essayed to escort lilrh back to Carlisle. It bs be- lii ^ved that he is now In hidlnc: somewhere about tho suburbs of "West I'hila- dolphla, and that an iniu 'te propensity for dcviiinent will speedily betray him to fhn clutches of the- law. A few moments after reading this oddly interesting st^)ry the two friends wcye in consultation with Mis. Dadej who, in turn, called-in IJr. Wiilleri just returning from the hosjntal and a not too satisfactory visit to Xd I'ielil. There lu'.d been a slight change for the better in the condition of (rcn. Field lliat had cn- a'oleil Dr. Loi-ain, of I'ort IIii$sell, and a local iihysieian to arrange for his speedy transfer to Cheyenne. This had in a measure relieved the anxiety rf Waller's iialient, but never yet had the veteran practitioner permitted him to know t'lat^ho WIS practically a pri.^fuier as well as a patient. Waller feared the result on so high-strung ji temperaineut, and bad jaiido young Fielil believe that, when strong and well enough lo iittciujit the journey, he should be sent to ilock .Si.iings. Indeed, Hr, Waller bad no inti-ntion of submJt- jting to I\laj. i'linfs decision as linal. He hatl written jicrsonaliy to l!ie mcJie;'.l di:ector of the deiiartmeui, aciiuaintin^- 1dm with tlie lac 's, an I, meanwhile, hail withdrawn biinsi.df as far as jiossible, otlieially antl socially, from the Jiiuited circle in which moved his perturbed commanding ofiieer. He v .-as at a distant jxjint of the garrison, therefore, and listening to tile cxcitjJ anii vehement comments of the younger of the three women upon this strange uou'spaper story, and its possible connection with matters at Frtiyne, at the moment when a dramatic scene was being enacted over bc3-ond tho guard-bouse. Kennedy was still Iha eeuter of a little grv )up t)f eager li.;teners when Pink 5larbie, factotum of the trajder'a store, camo hurrying forth froui the ;idjiitanfri ofilee, .•jpeecily fidJowed by i !aj. i'linf. "Vou m:iy tell Mrs. Ha}- that v .'hile I cannot jjermit her to visit tbe i)risoncr ,"-be called after the clerk, "1 will send the girl over—under suitable guard." To liiis 2\ii: ^Marble merely shrugged his shoulders and went on. He fancied i-'lin| no more than did the relics of Ihe original garrison. .V little later Flint personaih- gave an order to the sergeant of the guard and then caiije commotion. First there were stiiled sounds of scufne from the interior of the guard-house; then shrill, wrathful screams; then a woman's voice uplifted in wild upbraidings in an unknown tongue, :it sound of v .hich.. Trooper ^Cennedy dro|);;ed bis rein and his jaNV, stood .staring one min- utt; then, with tin: exciania! ioii: ".Mother of Goii, but a kboW; tlia> .woman!" burst his way through thfc crowd and ran toward the oKl log blockhouse t '.tllu; guti:*—the tcniporji- ry jiost of the guard. Jtist jis bo turned tho corner <if . the- building, almost stumbling against the jmstt commander, . there vc.'iiii*! ' biirsliiig forth from the dark interior a yonnp woman <>f liic Sionx, daring, furiouis, raging, and, bre.-iking loose frojn the grnsj) of the tw<> luckless siijdiets who hafl her by the arms, away she ilarted down the road, still .seronirt- ing like some infuriated child, .'inti rushed straight for the ojien gateway of the. Hay 's. Of course (he guai^U hastened in pursuit, the mr»jor ji.hont- ing ".Slop her! Catch her!" and Hie men- stiiving jo ai)|)ear to obey, yht i-liirkincr the feat of "seizing the tien- • Tig v.nman.; Fa ;ie.". tlien, the amake. of the swiftly foliowing siL-^ctators wlien the trader's front door wjis ll'.rown wide open and ilrs. Hay liKT- FClf si-.r::ng forlb. .\notiicr insta4it .nnd the two women bad niet ;it t |ie gate. Anolher iiisinnt still,' aiiil, with one motherly arm twining nbo^it "the |qui\''ring, j)::iiling, pleadiiig girl and . stra .ining lief to the : niothcfcly heai;t, 3irs. H;;y's right hand 'Jijid arm! flew up i ,n the superb gestdFe known the wide frontier over as t^be Indian signal, "H.-lt!" And'balt tbry did, every motlmr's son ^ave Kennedy, who sprang to the side of the girl,and faced the men in blue! .-Vlid then another v.oman'.s voice, rii,'.h, deep, ringing, powerful, ftdl on the cars of the amazed, swift>'-atiierhjg throng, with the mtirvelo ".Stand \viiirc yon arel ^' touch a luiir of her l -.e -irll chief 's daughter. She 's my and I'll an.-.\ver for her to ttie general him.'^eU'. .\s for von," she adilvd. (To Be Continaedi) BUSH.& LEFFLER, ., Watchmakers and Opticians. Watches, Clock.s, Jewelry, Mti.'^ical r.nd Kodak Si!|>plie.i. S|i(;ctacles 25c lo $l.iii>. Waleh repairing a speeially. West Side. lola, K.insas. PHYSICIANS AND SlURGEONS. A. V. LODGE, • Physician and Surgeon. Chronic i[i.-;enses successfully treated. 0:l!< e over "Our Way" restaurant.. \ Phono 461. Jlis. 001 East SL Oflice Phone 147. D. Reid. Jas.T. ReifU_ REID & REID, ^ Physicians and Surgeons. Eyo. Kar, Nose :and Throat. Speciil aiieniiDn given to surgery and all chronic d:j;-:i.=:os; Otrico, room 14, Xorthnip. Piiilding. Phono lis oril«»r: Ion siian 't Siie'tt a ov.ti Kin. Very Remarkable Cure of! Diarroea. ".•\bont six yoar.s ago for the fir.-t time in my life I had a sjtdden ^nd severe attack of di -arrhoGa,"'says Mr?. Alice ?dillcr. of Morgan. 'Te.Ka'S. . "1 got temporary relief, but it pamo bftck again anil acraln, and for .=:ix ilong years I have fi-.:ficrefi more miseryiand sgdpy than I f:.".n toil, ft was vforse. tftnn death. My husband spent! hiindi-#ls of dollar.:; for phy.sician.s' prtrscriptiahs a ^d treatment without availl. Finally I we moved to Bosque conntv^ our pi:f'3- ent home, and one day I hdppened*to see an advcrLisemcnt of Chainberiatn'.s Ci'Iic, Cho'cfa and Diarrhofja Hemeily v ,-ith a te.--linion!al of a mail whp liid been cured by it. Tho case was iso simiiar to my own that I copclutled" lo try tl.3 remedy. Tlie result was wonderful. 1 coii?d hardly reajjize that I was well again, or believe if, eouldvbo 1 so after having .suffered sal luu^i, Tmt that one borile of ine lioiiVp, co-sting but a fev.- cents, x-ured me." by ail dri:ssi3ts. PR. B. E. JONES, Head Physician M. W. A. Female Diseases and Ohstretrics a ^Ipccialty. Ofllco over Barclay-Shields Clo. Co., PhoneGSO. Residence 502 S. Washinginn, phone 389. DR. A. N. MINEAR, I OSTEOPATH. j Chronic* and .Nervous a I .^.poeialty. Ofnco over "Our Way" rcs- i laurant. OiTiec phone 147; Residence j phone 454. I : : I F. M. ANDERSON, j' Practical Architect. Plans, Specifications und Estimates on all classes cf buildings. Special attention given to-modern improvements' and superintending. OtHce, room 17, ;;ocond floor Northrup Building. C. C. GLYNN, M. D. .. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office in New Yo'rk Store, Building. DR., McMILLEJM, Office Phone 32.- Spscial attention given to the treat-" ment of all CHRONIC OlSEASES and Diseases of Children. OfTice in ilrs. Turnec's Bldg. West Madison. Residence 219 So. Walnut. Residence Phone 2.32. - mmm LUNCH MOM Anything in the EaUng Line i " Ptcaks, Chops, Outlets, Saniclwitches, Chilli Etc. Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,- Cakes, Etc. QtVE US A CAU- For said See Our Baggies and Sijifreys Before Buying THE LUGOPCK Stcratce and Transfer tin*. V UnioQ line. Does Contract Wetk, Genera ' Transfer work, House. Safe and Piaoo M ot I us Tronhs andBae^ajje Hauled, HoosehoKl Oopda Packed, Siored and shipped. Office and Store lioom lU West MadiiiOQ Aveaue. Phcm SEj. 8 loia, Kaniuu. All Druggists Will Buy it Back. Yon assume no rigk when yon buy Chaniborl^jn's Colic, Cholera and Diar- rhoe;'. Remedy. All drusgbsts fill re- f'linl yonr money if yon are not sati.s- fied after using it. It is everywhere adriiitted to bo tho 'mopt siifces.sfnl renK'dy in ti-se for bowcil complaints aud tho only one that never fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliable. iS ;;ii!i' ft? 11! i In Pullman Totirist Sleeper daily on fa.'it train, wit \ plei.s,-ifat people. Save inoiiey and travel comfortJibly, Personajlly ^conducted excursions, in clmrgc of expciienced agent, tri-wcOkly. A To Los Angeles, Inquire o(/local agent Yott will like tbe'

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