Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1889
Page 4
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i he throe V;'-n rr":n of (.jotlinm \Vould not have been RO \visf\ Had they not sought -— for knowledge, - And used their ears and eyes In ecttincr infor- & • ** mation Of every sort and kind, Instead of going through the world Like men both deaf and blind. ' ""And you can be as wise as they, If you but choose to buy The Soap that's called the SANTA CLAUS— Its good effects to try. Because ''twill help you through your work At such a rapid rate, •> ' ' That you'll have time to master all you care to undertake. All Grocers sell SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Made by N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., CHICAGO. \v T {Y "tV IJ j I" i "V OX' POII f?^ "PT^I PT} i ; hin, B (-UTS mil give you iKm°n'A?n rc!i"f. r-r'ici 10 cfa., rio cte., and 91. For P'~»!O by Ferry, tho drug-gist, and J. M. Bickford, Rocfc Falls. Permanent KMl- tlonn (omranteed. Salary and ICxpenvc* JPald* Pocu- Hivr adru.ntaKC3 to hCRlnnors. Stoctt complete, with lost-selling Bpoclnltl OTTTFBT FRET- We varantce rohut we adrcrttw. Wrlta UltOV IIBOTIlEKn. Nnr.rrrmrn. Chicnico, III. (This honne IB reliable.) Robert Lincoln was never known to refer to any event in hia father's career. SHILOH'Si DOUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by ua on a guarantee. lc cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J.M.Bickford Bock Falls Sir Morell Mackenzie has been presented with the freedom of the city of San Rerao, The shades of gray now worn are absolutely lovely. f CBOUP,-WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For Bale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falb. — : All the new browns have more gold than red in' them. THKRKV. OKOr-II.- THA.YEH, Ol "Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. Vandyke and sandal are now ecru shades. • A modern Miracle. Mrs. J. W. Wentwortb, of Elkhart, Ind., was long subject to pain in the side, shortness of breath, weakness, •light cough, swelling of the ankles and other symptoms of serious heart disease. She was expected to die at any time. Doctors in New York, Toledo, , etc., failed to help her. But two hot ties of Dr. Miles New Care for the heart cured her three .years ago and she has remained well ever since Heart diaeaae can ba cured. Sold by A. B. Hendricks and J. M. Bickford. IIlbbnnt'D Ithcumatlr nml JLlvir IMHn These Pllla are aclontlUcally compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They axe adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. \Ve guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Gen. McistB estirrmtea that the forthcoming cenfius of the United States will show that there are 07,2-10,000 people, including himself. A I.Bt!ylH South Cnrollnn Write* My labor was shorter and loss painful than on two former occasional physicians astonished; I thank you for "Mother's Friend." It is worth its weight in gold. Address The Brndtiold Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. The Chilian minister and Senora Varas have learned the English language and will be much in sooiet/ in Washington this winter. BrenthlDK the fierm* of IHaeese. To inhale the germs of disease with their daily breath is the fate of denizens of malaria-scoureed localities everywhere. The endemic atmospheric poison may, however, be reft of its venom and rendered innoxious by & defensive use of Hostetter'a Ston-ach Bitters. This pre-eminently safe and effective remedy and safeguard not only eradicates the d-seaae when developed, but enables the system to safely brave its assaults. Every physicial function Is confirmed in or restored to regularity, the circulation quickened if sluggish, j and a bilious habit, which of itself begets a proneness to both Intermittent and remittent types of malaria disease, where extrinsic atmospheric causes exist, powerfully counteracted by this inimitable fortifying and defensive agent, which has, moreover, cone ot the disagreeable characteristics of a drastic cathartic or an alkaloid, Fever and ague, dumb ague and ague cake, and the calentura of the Isthmus, are conquered by it surely, pleasantly. Rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, kidney and bladder troubles, constipation and indigestion yield to it. tths Not Nc'ce.*Rory U» He a Crunk.' Jinny soem to bo possessed with the idea that a man cannot tako earn of his health without worrying about it and making himself constantly unhappy for fear that ho will do something ho ought not to do. Never was there a tnoro erroneous opinion. A person who takea rational care of his body does not necessarily become a crank pr BO notional that it makes every one uncomfortable to live with him, lmt just the reverse. He should bccomo morn'.lnteraiUngi morn Illtolll'KPnt :ind itisjiirrd by higher idt-tia, and bo a more delightful companion.— Herald of Health. ll,! \V.--.!.-.-|l .-I.!, i.). Tli !'\r nrqni-l! '>;*! I 7 ' '! fl Ir.'li.'i SI i- KF.W nrul ; at t<-r Pl f .>'.- ti in" !'l ;;' day m»n>u liiHiifj Hint, tl:i- iMitpir.-.I-.- tif t!'..) li'.i.liii.iR, l!i.-s-:r?. Hoi an .V Hial i.>ry,- 'v.-r- iiain; Isrlr-K mad« by nic'i «-!m i-inplny-l f"nr ii'm-inil'i'i I men. j !''it-'UMl to O^nth tn ji IS,u-n. CAIU.JSI,K. IV.., OcL 1.—Thn Itirp- baniot Mrs. Dr. U'illi,!;--, of IIju-risburK. iii'nr N»'.v Cunil»'rlnn I, \vii-? inirn -1 y's!"i''Uiy inni-niiii 1 ; with its -mill.-ills, nti-1 tlio charred oi an unknown man wns I'oiiml in tin; ruins. PRESERVE YOUR COMPLEXION. HpHE combination of the Oils and Alkali (Soda) must be com- J_ plete to form a perfect or true soap, such as will not burn, or redden and irritate the skin. The IVORY SOAP is go/rVff % P ure . which insures its being perfectly harmless, and will leave the skin clear, white and velvety. A WORD OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be " just as good as the ' Ivory' j " they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack tha peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for " Ivory " Soap and insist upon getting it. — r*.vr;..,.i,T>,t ^qoft >iv Prrvtnr f: Humble. EARLY ONE MORNING. Shogoesl nhegocal Antl no one hears, JU)4 no one knows. But she fears, flbo fears. Her father Bleeps; if ube only knew, HOT mother wucpa !cat a dream come true. And tha morning wears. She goes! ehe goes I Down the echoing stair. And the white light grown And (a everywhere. Boon the birds will chirp, and the ferny mill Hum, and the cows go up the hill And she not there I j. "Or rouge" is the name of a new red "gold color, with more red than yellow In it. r . A Hew IMscovery. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. B. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Pure white toilets, prepared for au-> tumn, are exquisite in their artistic simplicity. Ciood Advlee. If yea are subject to nervousness, headache, morphine, or opium habit, sleeplessness, neuralgia, backache monthly pains, sexual weakness, St. VI tus dance, or other similiar sickness do not fail to use Dr. Miles .Restorative Nervine, a valuable nerve food and the latest and most scientific of remedies. It is guaranteed to give relief; 89,000 is freely offered for a better Nerve Food and Medicine. It soothes and quiets the nerves while furnishing nourishment and strength. Ask for a free trial bottle at A. K. Ilendrick's and J. M. Bickford's Drug Stores. Several new and pretty shades of lilac and violet cashmere are shown for house dressea^_ j RitibsrsTd Strengthening and Ilhen- matle IMaatera ARE A REVELATION TO TDK WOULD AND ARE THE ONLY GENUINE RHEUMATIC PHBTEKS. Nine-tenths of all troubles which require the aid of Plasters are rheumatic iu their nature. A change of weather, or sudden draft causes a cold, which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet, there has never been such a thing as a distinctively rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died- suddenly where rheumatism baa at- taeted the heart, whose lives might have been saved had this plaster been applied in season. They are construct, edon purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared bf libeumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. tths Stuart frills of costly lace falling over the corsage are worn on macy bodices slightly open in the neck. Wonderful Cures. W. D. Hoyt & Co., Wholesale andEe- tail Druggists of Home Ga., say, We have beeu selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and Bucklen's Arnica Salve for four years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well, or give su<ih universal satisfaction There has been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery, taken in connection \v th Electric IJitters. We guarantee them always. Bold by D. B. Strickler. In autumn gowns there will be less use made of goods in combination than of handsome solid colors richly bordered. CATAEEH CTJEED, health... and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Eemedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, llock Falls. Full velvet sleeves are a featura of silfc and wool gowng prepared .for autumn trousseaux. Personal. , Mr. N. H. Frohliehsteiri. of Mobile Ala., writes: I take great pleasure in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, having used it for ft severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh. It gave me instant relief and entirely cured me and I have not been afflicted since. 1 also beg to state that I have tried other remedies with no good result. Have also used Electric Bitters and Dr. King's New Life Pills, both of which I can recommend. Dr. King's New Discovery for Censurap- lon. Coughs ami Cold»,.Is sold on a poa- Itive Koar&nteo. Trial bottles free at P. JB. BbrieMer'a Drug Store. Bia«k' velvet capes itr« lined with white ailk aud trimmed with while Light colored bat warm woolens will be worn alt through tha autumn Until the stormy days of early winter impose darker, tints. Forced to JLionve Home. Over'60 people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for afree trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fail to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grana remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 50 cents. 2 „ Very striking plaids are Imported, with a silk-surfaee-throwtr-up—abcrvo- floft wool goods, and many of these are iu Madras colors. Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Colds does is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it a sample bottle free that they may try it before purchasing. The large bottles are GOc and 81.00. We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. 2a Herr Liebnecht, the famous German Socialist, is having his son educated in England. JBradneld's Female Regulator Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write The Bradfleld Eeg. Co.. Atlanta, for particulars. Sold by all druggists. Millet'a flrst effort at drawing was when he was 18 years old, and the result was a caricature. Overheard In n Nrtr England Village. , Lavina—There can bo no mistake, then? Youaroquito sure Sylvia's young man. plays in thu band? Maria—Indeed I anil Didn't she herself tell mo he was a drummer from Boston?—Detroit Free Press. A well known citizen of Lancaster, Pa., Mr. L. B. Kelfer, writes: Having a sprained leg of almost thirty days standing, and alter trying half a dozen advertised preparations in the market without satisfactory results, I was advised to try Salvation OH; did so, and in less than three days my leg was all right again. It did the work. TCHITI of Sliumc. A weeping peach tree, is one of the curiosities of Denison, Tex., .and it is stated that "a numbor of superstitious persons believe that spirits operate upon it." It is easy to account for the tree's emotion without referring it to the spirits. It would not bo strange if a sensitive peach tree should be moved to tears as it reflected upon the abandoned way in which some fruit dealers basket peaches for the market—the big ripe ones on top, tho Jittlo hard ones below. The only wonder is that more peach trees do not weep.—New York Tribune. Italians aro not very strong in domestic ties. Of 43,000 Italians that landed in Castle Garden last year 84,000 were males. The emigration of females from Italy is, smaller than from any other country, averaginj.; but 18 per cent, of tho whole number who landed. From Germany the percentage is 40; from Ireland, 45.—Boston Budget. A large number of dudes collected at an exposed corner last Sabbath, where the wind was high,'and caught cold. Each little darling was speedily cured by Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. In a Tight Plao*. The following story concerning a brave woman's adventure with a mountain lion is told by Aunt Sally Tinkbarn, a pioneer THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams and John Hancock were educated In the Boston Latin school. TJte !*ruSa«s!, fores, *. t sjvt i «j? 11-4 H ca »ai vr. ta the woild for Cute, *Milt iihc,",P!, Msui Fr 'Str*. or ;rH-J to ij rt&d ftU SHILOH'S CUBE will immediately ralie?* Croup, Whoopiuff Cough ana Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Biekford, llocfc Fall? It is proposed to erect at Toronto, Canada, a public uaeasorjal of tbo iat* LahU&w, the great railroad A NOVEUJIVOKCE. (Xrious. Jewish Rite Performed at Louisville. She goes! she goeal On the window sill . Xhftwii!t6ftntrUm>wa," But Bits on null, . Blinking liar yellow oyes In the BUD; The houso dog knows, but bo 1 !) toll to none. Since 'tiaher will I Shogoea! Rhwpoc-HI The door'a unbarred. How tho cock crows In the neighbor's yard! She shrinks when she hears the rlpo pear fall On the dew Hodden earth by the garden wait All's heard I all's man-M! No, for she goes. With a Bocret smile, For she knows, she knows That all tho while Her lover stands where tho roads divide. With a song on his lips and his sword at his side And a foot on the Btlle. —Violet Hunt In Longman's Magazine. AN IRISH FAUST. --l.KKI'L '*AS NHH! _ ____ ________ ,"When Jim an' mo went up the Divide in 'C3 tbar wan't no settlers in that ken- try. I never was a handy woman with a gun, an' to this day to the theayter claps""my ban's over my ears and abets my. eyes when firm's goin' on; but Jim an" Ed Gay, who was along, says when they went huiitin': 'Now of anny animals comes let 'em alone an' they'll go 'long 'bout their business.' 'I allus cal'lates to,' says I; and arter they was gone I set an' knit an' knit. The choiupiii* of the mules feedin' was some compeny an' the setter pup tied to tho wagon wheel was suthin' alive, of he was a big skeercrow. The fust thin' I seed was tho mulea a-ca- vortin' by, draggin' the ropes they'd been picketed with, an' then tho pup give an awful howl. My hair riz right up, fur coniin* down tho inountin, jest beyond the ashes of our damp fire, waa a great yaller brute like he'd come out of a circus, an' a-lashin' his tail like our old Tom when a light was on. I never thought. I jest flung my Bimbunnet at him, saying 'Shoot* like he was a neighbor's cow. Ho looked sorter surprised with his great green eyes, and begun odvarnciu' towards the poor pup, that jest flattened out like he knowed his hour bed come. That roused my ugly fur. I set a store by thet pup, an' I run into the tent, vvhero tho evil one put Inter my mind to fetch out a tin can full of powder. I took tho lid off and slung the can right inter thut heap of hot ashe» of our cump fire, beyond tho wagon where the beast wad jwt lay in' ,for a spring. "Fur a mlu'it I thought it waa the day of jedguMiut. Thou I humped round, put tiio tire out on the tent with a pail of ft'titer I'd got for supper. Inevcrhcvred faowthin' Utut day, but the pup wun't burnt much uu' ti;o men didn't iscclii 'bout the wiigon top 1 * l»ein' burut O0, ikxun' 1 WUM so g.-unf, ihtjy &t'U. Thyy *k>»«.".l lhr-.ii/li tlw puo L<ut't wuthit, fur {HtKilff >».!•> i'll^l. " t^ i 1 Ul 'i'l 1 v.^l d 31 1 t lijf Wfe^A !i «•£ ^illi Uf <lt £t (Inrrey'i Dljcloiures of Ufa In Other • Worlds and Hli Prophecleft. Early in the last century there lived In Dublin a famous conjurer whose name vas Harvey, and by no other name was 10 ever known to man. Nor did man sver know when or where he was born or died, and none of these facts or other of a social nature touching his life has yet been found on parish register. But Harvey's personal appearance was known to many. He was tall and round shouldered, pale faced and lynx eyed, and, as became a man who was given up to the itudlesof , the black art, never laughed —except, oho may presume, when he thought how easily tho world was hum- buggod. Harvey know*-all about the planets and their inhabitants, and through his disclosures we know that Mars, Mercury and Venus aro peopled by courtiers,.soldiers and the polite'world, who have nothing to do and lots of time to do it in, as they live for several thousand years. Free from sorrows as well as from cares, they pass their days 'in feasting and vary tho monotony of their existence by trips In aerial chariots between tbo three planets. In Saturn knaves only abound, and very common sort of folk are described on the directory of the moon. We shall know more about these things when the big Lick telescope Is set at work. . • Harvey,, like all well regulated disciples of the black art, rejoiced when he heard of the birth of a monster and wept when informed that a, promising babe had come into the world.— He had a liigh respect for the sun, and uncovered at mention of the name of that valuable body. He was sound and solid in the classics, and liberally patronized tho circulating libraries by hiring from them all books that had the stamp of learning. He was pious, moreover, though he went not to church. In politics his ideas wer.e mixed, or rather, like the hero of John Phoenix's story, ho had no politics. When Harvey paced the streets he trudged slowly along, carrying a long black etick, and, bent nearly double, his eyes fastened to the ground, talking to himself In a low tones; went his way, heeding no one though heeded by all. And this was hia picturesque attire: A long, hanging coat of good stuff, buttoned its entire length;, a broad slouch hat, a wide neck band with tassels, broad toed shoes, the latch- eta tied with stout twine, no waistcoat, and no gloves. TTIa biographer has recorded some of tho prophecies, among which are the following: In A. D. 6000 the tallest man will bo but five feet high; in A. D. 7GOO (these dates should be carefully noted in order that the verifications may bo observed) he will be reduced another foot la height; tkrough tha remaining BOO years of the world's existence—for in A. D. 8000 Proapero's prediction will bo fulfilled—be will bo cut down to two feet six Inches. It la interesting to know, too, that tho day Is ccnuisg when Mahomet will be considered aa Tho Prophet by a good part of the world beside Arabia and tho eaot, and hia standard will wave from China to Peru, and even float over Now York city. The biographer of thia wonderful tuaji i>romi«tj» a second volume, to contain ae-eouiitH of the- public, uxhibitiouo Harvey £&¥* of hU skill in nijcro- , lltst Id3 y*sw8 have i'.etS since ^jrt^ii^s w&& njuuW ai*il tbd book KOA )»*,* aj>i»^itr8ii, -Mid, it twg'ww to look D1VOEOED FROM A DEAD HUSBAND Ami at Ilin Suiuii Tlmn Fi«od from Her lJrotlier-lti-I*iw'ii Clulm Upon HIT—The Moimlc I.nw fiin-li-il Out t» thn I.ettor by KxccutlilK mi K.nhiirnlo uiltl Unique — Opernlloii—l'li~ Wiiinun Faint* lit, tho .Cll»*» **T tlio Onli'ill. _," Uot. T,—A om-oinoiiy raioly witnessed In tha Uiilt.-il States oc.-urrc-.l nt the temple of tbo Bii'ti Jakob congregation Sunday. It was tlie divorcing of n woman from her dead liusbnnil anil Ills brother nt tlie same tlnio. Tliu ivn-inoiiy in according to tho Miisuiu In* nf Ibo He brows, and is only performed liy» tlio HUH!, orthodox of that sect This luw, which countdown from Abraham, is that if n woman is childless when loft a widow B!IU is nt tho disposal of her husband's oldest brother. The latter may compel the widow to marry him, or by a simple public ceremony froo her. But she can -novel* ' marry .another without being divorced from lhr> dwl husband and receiving tho relinqiiUhmciit of tho living brother ot thu same linu'. The 1'nrtldit totlie Cane. The woman who figure! iti this remarka- blo ceremony was Mrs. Emma Levin, whose UiirrM lit {Illic l.c<>. i, Oo:. 1.—Tim winning lior.-.t-i at yentordnv's rnc;»i tv.-ri-: Stuvo J roincs, >-,' T., % mi!" 1 , I;'i3; M'-Miii-ti-y, % nun 1 , l:Vfi; Roxlmry, ;',[' inii \ lil'r'.i Nnr^c Dojiriplly Appflur* n^ n I r roatc. NK\V YOHK, Oct. 1.—Nnrsr» Ponnollv ap- poarod ns a I'm.-ik in tho Bowery Dime nm Bourn yi'sti'i-day. Rh« hns with her the whisky I ottli- whirh tl_:iirt'd tn tho bloody engagenu'iU, nn.l hasten 1 f'-r thn dn^ger. Some Modern Ai<prrt« of tlcolncy, • Within recent yours tliorc; st'oins to li!ivo lii'cn infiisL'd into almost every domain of -physifiil sriPiiru n fi-pHb life. Through gradually acquired generalizations higher poinlR of view Imvo been trenched; old notions liavc- been discarded for newer nnd broader ones. Professor Lnngley toll* us of the "new astronomy;" tin 1 doctrine of the conservation of energy lias given us a new physics: evolution, n new biology; nnd the study of carbon compounds, a. new chemistry. So, too, the application of the microscope to the study of rocks has given us a new geology. _ The recent development in tho science of the earth consists of tlio return to tlie 'work begun by its earliest pioneers. The old petrograpliers were right. If we would know, tlio life history of our planet we must learn the origin, relations nnd composition oC our roolm. We'iiuiflt dlHCover.-.tha fi>rFea—clicmU'ui liriil physical--u-|iii:li work in and upon them, and we must see how the}' work. As I have.already naid, the early geolo- *gi8ts had full faith in tlie importance of their labors, but tliey were forced t«i abandon them by a lack of methods and appliances suitable to cope, with tlio ditli- culties presented. Today this importance is not diminished, l>ul rather increased, by what has been accomplished along other lines. If we 0:111 renew (lie attack upon tha old questions with improved weapons, the rewards of victory uro as promising as ever. It is believed that such weapons are now in our hands, and the hopo of r.uccesa .ia.uhuost.daily.nt- trading, .fresh and earnest workers'to tho ranks from every land.—Professor Georgo II. Williams in Popular Science Monthly. tho City o!' M-vi-i "IV ih.'y v,.,i i,, ??,? tii« u' fnir hr-M i-, :-:> rniri'-r thun niiv r,-i'.-t--i-n fi'v. Dr. rrrm'i T. Il.i.w., of tl lit'.of Tin- Wii .Inn ;l'i.i I'"--', hns rn"-, itlnd" aivl ivill ,.^-nln' rh'.i- .' 'i"x! Jnni'B !1. C'rtr=i"!i .-md Hi! i; ;s, tn»'l in vnifi (o [;•'!• .'in O>n;ymnn to mnrry th "n at N Monday. Thn rii.rcym--n r»fu-" (.'.irsr.ii \vn=; a di v;i-'-r,l tn.-ni. Llnnvilli' Comhn, :i I"'.;- of 12 ; conditionnllj- r.Mc.-is,-1 frmn t!i" pniiitonllary .Mmnlrtv. Tv.'o young misiT-a:it. il. sk'.ill of his b.iliy bro jK>niton!mry for lif.v ll ! f i of tbo Nution-il H'imnn • trinl ho U^lill-.l tliul. hi< vein, wns K-iitur-ky rs ng" tlio nisli" 1 the fi'nt to thn li-ai • is liu work scir-iVy. At his futhpr promi?.' 1 him n pair of "rod-top" boots to ilo tho but beieig nn infiint iii« t^stiinony c.mli b< used against :!i" father. not flurried- n Scomiilnel. GRA?;D KAPIDS, Jtich., Out. 1.— Hnrry C. K'iml«ll, who waa arrested heiv on n charge o' SL'lliiiK $^0'1 worth ot fnrnituro w?nt to hlni'by Almeda Peltier, of Wouiii. Cleim-nv, whom h.» had promipc 1 to nini'ry, gnve bond! yeRtcrd.ay, and Imtncdintely mnrried Miss IVllit'i-, HUH previvifir; li-i' from t-.-sti- fvinu; n'ininst him. Oiil-.-ers tried to huxtla Kimliall nvviiy diii'ing tti 1 ci'veninnr, but KiinlmU rrsislod, nnd ill-.' jmtir-i- pronounced tin-in husband and wif.' ilitrinj; thn strn»f;|o. Kimbiill ndmirs his motivo in niMi-ryin 1 .;- the girl, nnd says iio will ir-vrf li'.-u "'itli her. That I5"CIM ll'imillnii Huliy. MAY'S LAMIINO, O -t. 3.— Mrs. Slier ft Jobnson nn'ivi'.t hi'i-i'- nt 5 p. in. yMtfnlrty from riiiladi--lphia wi'li Hub? Ilo.-n rico Hamilton in her rhnr,;-'*. Q i-t 1 .*i c'l-O'.v.l had ns- sciinbled at tli'. 1 station, a i-l it, was with difli- 0 illy thnt 11 rs. Johnson inailn hoi- wny to tlis "sliorifTs oarrla-;". Lnwyor I'.-rry said list evening that nn ileflnito plans Imvo been arranged for thi disposal o; the child. It is C miight that Mrs. Hamilton and 1 10 child 11 remain for some t.itno at ShoriiT Johnson's. * ' __ _ Mftxinn. (Jcl. 1.— T 'iilnain "loi-co of the gtvnt suirin that, vlKitt"! the Bojio country wiihin the past, few days lias abated, although in its tiv.'-'ic d-'snl'iti->n is apparent on all siden. The s •i-n:ii| crop of corn, Which was very lurg % is n partial !os\ 'i'hts will entail great. sulTenn™ tri the Hliorlnij classes. Tho fields in the vicinity of L«o i are all under walor. I; i'lrstimnlo.! tlnit tho loss of crops in the llnjio. country will be over $5(lO,tiOO. ' . Shut tlieSli«rlfl lllnl KM'.upBll. WAV'ERLY, In., IX-t. 1 — Hher IT Hnxlo, of Waterloo, was shot in t.tio li-ail nt 7 o'clock last evening by one of thive In rsj thioves who were con lined in tho c:nint.v jail at that place awaiting tri-il. The slionfl had vjnst. entered tho jail to ^ivti thn prisoners their supper, when one Of them tirnd the shot that wounded tlio sheriff. All ol th-'iu then •scapod, and a largu pcs?) ai'o in pursuit. husbond was murdered several months ago. The brother-in-law is Israel Moses Lovin. Mrs'Levin desirod to marry again, being but 20 years old, but she could not do BO •without this ceremony. Two rabbis from Chicago performed the operation separating the living from the dond. Thu temple was filled with nif'inbers of tho congregation and a few outsiders. Tho two rubbis seated themselves at a small table, Israel Moses Loviu arid tho widow standing biiore them. The spectators lelt their seats and crowded about the man and woman. Israel'* Piirt In the Ceromony. The rabbis asknd Israel whether It was his intention to claim his brother's widow for a wife. Israel answered "No." Israel then crossed over to a front corner of tho ball, tho rabbis accompanying and tbo crowd surging b.'hind. Hero he removed one of bis shoes and tho sock, and rolled his pantaloon leg up'to tho knee. A member ol the flock produced a basin, and, kneeling down, noshed IsrucJ's loot. One of the rabbis then gavo him a sort of moccasin made of bear skin, which ho placed on his foot A sheepskin thong an inch wide and six feet long was-then Jaced through tho eyelets of tho moccasin and wrapped about Israel's leg to the kneo. < ; The Widow Takoi a Hiiml. Then the widow was pushed forward to where Israel was standing. Bho bowed her head to him, then knelt down and untied the knot in tho thong, unwrapping it with her left hand from the man's leg. With her right hand she removed thu foot covering, and, still kneelin. 1 , oust it liehind her. This wae symbolical of tin-owing off tho bonds which bound her lo Israel Mesas lx;vin, her brother-in-law, through her dead husband. Then she spat twice, n-c irding to instruc- tion3,~and bognn~to prair iirHowbrew.- A Faint un<l u Tunic. During all this ordeal th« woman trembled from head to foot. Before uhe finished tho prayer her face became ashen, she reeled, then foil to tho floor in A dead faint, There was a panic in tho temple, some of those present mulling for the door, whllo others began to shrirlc After nwu-ly half an hour had alapsi'd sho recovore-.I and wns taken to her home by her friend* BOTH SHOT TO DEATH. A Ultlo Difficulty lit Lnuinlium UenulU In a Dnublo Tnii-edy. NBW ORLEANS, Oct. 1.—Tho Tim?s-D»mo- crata special from Itobelieu, La., says thut Leo C. McAlpin, sheriff of Vernon parish, was nhot and killed last, Friday by A. C. Poole, editor of Tho Vernon News, In a fight with pls'ols. Poole also Jos^hii life. A newspaper - eon^. : j*vrny bolwoen tho tw> men lou vo McAlpin bouij; challenged by Poole to a duel. The sheriff paid no heed tn the challenge and it was related. Friday morning Poole entered the shoriff'j otllio and uttered a vorbul challenge. Both men drew pistols, Poole Hi in; first-,. Mc-Alpin emptied the contents of bispihtol into Poulo's head, killing him. McAlpin died in a few hours from n wound in tho abdomon. Oriental .lui.llcc:. Dr. Henry M. Hcudder relates a case of Oriental justice that coiild hardly be outdone for uliarp and subtle discriminations. Four men, pai'tiierx in business, bought some cotton bales. That tho rata might not destroy the cotton, they purchased a cat. They agreed that each of the four should own a particular leg of tho cat; and each adorned with beads aiuV other ornaments the leg thus apportioned to him. The cat, by an accident, injured one of its legs. Tlie owner of that member wound about it a rag soaked in oil. The cut, going too near tho fire, set thu rag on lire, and, being in great pain, rimhed in among tlio cotton bales where slie was accustomed to hunt rats. ' The cotton thereby took fire and was burned up. It wan u total loss. Tho three oilier partners brought an action to recover the value of the cotton against the fourth partner who owned the particular leg of tbu cut. Tlie judge ex- ctnined the case and di'cidi'il Ilium "Tlio leg that had tlie oil rag on it was hurt; the cat could not use that leg—in fact, it held up that leg and ran with the, older three legs. The three unhurt legs therefore carried tlio lire to tho cotton, and aro alone culpable.' Thu. injured leg ia not to bo blamed. Thu tlireo partners who owned tlie tlireo k-gfi with which tho cat ran to thu cotton will pay the whole value of the bales to th? partner who was tlie proprietor of the injured Jeg."—Onco a \Vcu-k. SWIFT'S SPECIFIC Is a simple vegetable compound prepared from roots froth from Uio forests. Tlio formula was obtained from the Trcclt Indians. It.lfas been used since 1829, and has been the Krcat- CEl blessing to mankind In curing diseases of tbo blood, in mnny Instances after nil oilier remedies hsd failed. If you h;ivo or liavo h;:d any IMIMX! trouble, do not full to si-nil for Treatise oil lileod and Skin Dliit'astj,-nmilcd free. Trra SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Drawer .1, Attain, Gi lltttt Bumimu i'rtiicesd. BAN FRANCISCO, Oct I.—Tho Samoan woman who accompanied the Bumoan warriors to the east, but recently abandoned the combination at Minneapolis, baa arrived hare. Cunningham, manager of tho show, spread the report that she had olopa 1. The truth, nhe says, is that Cunningham failed to pay her salary, and Cotuvil otl'orovl to take hsr back to Apia, aa ho waa gain-* there. Bhe is only a distant, rehuivo of King Mataafa, ant! not a princoxa a* tho dime mu- ft^um jxjuplo announced hev. rUcnH»Ni>, tl\tst\ ia tbo Kich day tar a recoiv V.-i., Oi'E. 1,—A pltltiull • I vhuiiiMry ruurt y,. t!i«> Uiiiijii New HHibollA. New ribbons aro, 1 -think, lovelier than ever bcfoiv. They are rich and beautiful in coloring nml tin; materials are superb. Velvet fac^l ribbons with satin backs, and fiutin ri!>!xm-i with velvet flowers in hi;.;li relief live the most costly. Ciro-j graiim \> r itli picot edges, satins with picot, gtiw grain with satin face aro also Keen, and miiiro. both plain and with satin edges, ia The arrnuro stylos are les:i often seen than last season, although they will still bo used, particularly for children's sashes. Tho Fair and Square ribbons are tha best ribbons made, without doubt, and they have tho advantage of being washable. They are of American manufacture, and tho best costs, therefore, no more ihan the poor foreign qualities. — Fashion Letter. - Masher—Gad! what a lovely young bather. Who is slu 1 ? Big Stranger (i|iiieily)—Mrs. • "Any incumbranccd?" "Yes, one." "Ah! how old?" (Courteously)—"Coming 23—don't look it, do 1?"—Kpoch._ An Ivy rinnfa Tory Sympathies. Ono who passes by tho Old South church those summer days will see a curious sight. Tho "Hnglish ivy which baa been -slowly creeping over tho front of thn clyirch through the last decade now holds in ils r,'"•"!> the old structuro where Benjamin l-'ranklln was baptized ami "tholeu party" wiHnrgunizoil. Inch by inch it.-i trminls h:ivo IVlt tlu'ir way along ildivalls. ulilii IIMW liie growth lias Dr. C, McLane's Cfelebrated LIVER PlliS WILL CURE A few doses taken af the right time will often save a severe epeli o! sickness. Prioq only 25 cents at any drug store. Bo sure and see that Dr. C. MeLANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., Is on the box. None other ia Genuine. Uso IVORY POLISH for tho Teeth, EUBATH, LD-BL'sH 0 ' LESSENS PAIN. DIMINISHES CHILD BRADFIEU) REGULATOR Cl ATLANTAg SOU! JitfML OKUSSlSrS. a JtJLiIJE DUNNING of the . goods anil pi THREE WAGONS, All goods promptly delivered to any iiart eclty. Specialty of removiiiK liDiiaelmlil is and pliiuoa. [iulil2yl) E. H. WILDA81N *>

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