Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 19, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1943
Page 2
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MOM ,ARKANSAS ope Star .. 119*; KM* J923 IJom/ery 18,1929. d jKNnW wWfc-^jtty dttAt ^ S»0f PubllJhfng Co. Inc. »1 Whiter ttrtd Atex. H. Washburn) i»St(tf buikfino. 212-2)4 South Walnui Sttiwt, Hop* Ark. C t. PALMER, Pt«slo.nt > M, WASMIUKN. Mlto* ami ips4gftt«r*d os second class matter at the QjPWwwi at Hope, Arkansas, under the " ! Aet <rf Moreh 3, 1897. ,>* , .,(AP)—Means Associated Press i(NeAi--Meons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. MfcKriptiMl t«M {Always Payable in twrnt*): By city carrier, per week 15c; B««p4t«ad, Nevada, Howard, Miller ano J'LokJyette counties, $3.50 per year; else- t''M W.SO. •L Member of Th« Associated Press: Tht p Associated Press is exclusively entitled to {, the use lor republication of all news dispatches credited to rt or not otherwise credited tn this paper and also the local news published herein. Ad«rt!*li»9 ReplwentoHve— , Arkansas Doilies, Inc.: Memphis, Tenn.. ff "-Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich", feofi Awnue; New York City, 292 Madison f« Av« Oetrort, Mich., 2842 \V. Grand Blvd.; &'. Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New / Orleans. 722 Union St. ,.>> Charges an Tributes, Etc.: Charges Will be -f- made for oil tributes, cards of thanks, reso- 5:, kittens, or memorials, concerning the de!l catted. Commercial newspapers hold to this V eofey in the news.columns to protect thetf * , readers from a deluge of space-taking me• mortals. The Star disclaims responsibility <T for the »afe.keeping or leturn or any f' ansolictted monscripts. Classified '•>•( •>, ;...: ; . "S, Ads must be In office day before ;~ ' ' publication. < f ','* ~~At1 Wont Ads cosh in advance. For Rent THREE HOUSES WITH VICTORY garden, also poultry place. See Warren Nesbit, Blevins. On S. P. G. road and bus line. 15-Gtp MRS. J. M. PHILLIPS' FURNISH- ed home at 816 South Elm street. Applv for key at 802 South Elm. 17-3tpd 2 OR 3 ROOM. UNFURNISHED apartment. Will be vacant March 24. Phone 168-J. 18-3tp 2 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Bath. Utilities paid. Prefer a couple. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, 712 E. Division St. 18-3tch SIDE GLANCES TWO OR THREE FURNISHED 1 , or unfurnished apartments. Just outside city limits with city lights and water, garden. Mrs. R. M. Bunkley. phone 38-F-12 19-Gtp Wanted to Rent THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh Oklahoma to Have Plenty of Baseball . O«« ' Not taken over the Phone. time— 2e word, minimum 30e , imes — Sc : word, minimum 7Se *<"•>,' t JThree times— r3Vie word, minimum SOe tiVj At, One month— 18e word, minmium 52.70 ^ •"* ^ Rates are for continuous insertions only fc * 'THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER *> - YOU SELL." For Sale i LHSPEDEZA AND grass hay. Also cottonseed, D P & L, Stonewall 2-B, Rowden .41-A and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder. See T. S. McDavitt. D. & P. L. COTTON SEED, FIRST * year from breeder. Also baled , ! ,hay. See A. C. Monts. 16-6tc 1937 FORD PICK-UP. GOOD ONE. Best cash offer takes it. Mr. Wilson. Victory Pool Room. 16-6tp .HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS IN- cluding a buffet, chiffonier, bookcase, folding bed, tables, 2 rugs. See Mrs. Cook at 908 West Ave. B. 17-3tp CABBAGE PLANTS, AT IoB Briant farm on Spring Hill road. See Dr. H. G. Heller. 18-3tp Oklahoma City, March 19 — (/P)— Baseball fans can cheer up. The Texas league and Western Association. Oklahoma's professional leagues, may have suspended, but they'll have a potent substitute — one that will show the j state some major leaguers in action, right at home. Lieut. Charles Gelbert, U.S.N., late shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals, is sponsoring a six - team service league, manned almost entirely by professionals, many of them .from the big leagues Gelbert will be trainer and play for his Naval Training base team at Norman, Okla. He's right happy | over his prospects, too. His start- | ing battery likely will consist of Al j Benton, Detroit pitcher, and Benny JOHNSON \Varren, Philadelphia catcher. Out in the field he has ex - Dodger Johnn Rizzo, and with some promising minor leaguers around, he isn't much worried about filling out the spots in between. When he takes on the Naval Air Station team, also from Norman, he'll meet pitcher Jim Winford. an old Cardinal teammate. Othor members of the league, which starts a 60 - game schedule May 15, are the Enid Army Flying School; Will Rogers Air Base, Oklahoma City; Naval Gunnery School, Purcell; and Tinker Field, Oklahoma City. ByGalbrami COPR. 19*3 BY MEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. EEC. U. S. PAT. Off, 'Happy birlhdny, Dad! I've been saving it for you—now may I use the car today?" FUNNY BUSINESS . . HOUSE, A GR<W-H/MEep LADV OV£ft Hero's End By toy l^r »^>ri<v^<^ v^^J^ *1*V ... W' . ... r ^;<i<^> -%<&£& ^W.^Ki*' £&s lilt dAU». , ' ^ U 0^^ H MH-Vv».M«r v ' 7 ^.S^1& LuUj.^*"-— 114-uS «.«•*• tur-u LJJSg^ O 0 r ! Popeye 'Second Childhood?" Thimble Theater ? -rc-3,rwrc-,c', I FWSSED THE WORD AROUND v THAT VOU'LL tW«IO.OOOTOTHE ONE WHOFlMOS /JAilflJ k Js*\L Jfc 1 A r-"""-"" " " ' "• • i • '—— -^ I rii—*i T\xu i,b. r~nT * r iwv»'w i*' « «!*-• vNt. uun**> i uv*. HEAttO AMVTHIM6 ? •-THE; tUHOLE U)&T6R TRONTJ] j gy iTt2n . • i. j *_ 'II 1 (IT U)A-5'< \ tJll^ HERS B'FORE UDAS'A LOMO TIMS C AHOV, U)IMPV, C^euiLDiN' A ^Sfti^i^^^^^^-'v Co,,, Ti^.Km, I,.,.,., S,n.km. In, Wn,l.l ,„!,>. ,,.,n,,l 9ff^-^ ^ Donald Duck Time Will Tell! By Walt Disney 30-tf LARGE S.I Z E, PRACTICALLY new bicycle, 815 West 6th St. Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — Western Kentucky State upset City college of New York in Invitational Basketball tourney at Garden, 49 . - 46; 18 ' 3t P Toledo defeated Rhode Island State 'VERY CHOICE HOI^TEINDAlrfY 82 ;"heifers $20 each. Non-related bull . Thl \ ee Years Ago - Don Padgett ^{ree.with five head. Best of "gncd contract with St. Louis Car- breeding. Homestead Farms, d!I L a . ls • -, Route Two, McGraw, N. Y. J^e Years Ago-Charles Fenske of Wisconsin ran mile in 4:08.9 in Armour tech relays. 18- MODERN UNFURNISHED! house, 509 South Walker. May! have possession in 10 days or two i weeks. See Mrs. John E. Mulloy,! , phone 1047-W. 18-3tp j 100 BUSHELS OF ROWDEN 41-A j Fights Last By The Associated Press At Highland Park, N. J. — Joe (Butch) Lynch, 1S8, Plainfield, N. cotton seed. One year from ! J-. and Pete Geno, 152, New York, breeder. Also 4 year old mule, Drew <&>. 950 Ibs. West Brothers, Hope, At Fall River, Mass. — Al Cos- Route 3. Old 67 highway. 19-6tp ta, 150, Woonsocket, R. I., outpoint : i ed Frankie Young, 150, New Haven, Conn. (10). Notice .WILL THE CAR OWNER WHO has the family laundry placed in his car by mistake please Call Hope Star immediately? 18-3tpd Hold Everything SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles -Reynerson. City Hall. 1-lmch ^ For Sole or Trade 15 HEAD OF YOUNG MULES AND 3* mares. 2 jersey milk cows. Saddles. Two and half miles south of Spring Hill on the King Place. See Raymond Martin. 4-15tp Wontedlo Buy 100 COUNTRY CURED HAMS. Highest price paid. Moore's City i Market. 2-tf | 40 TO 120 ACRE FARM IN HEMP- j stead County. See Jesse Prince at I E. W. Powell's, 12 miles south of Hope on Highway 29, before Sat urday, March 20. 15 fitp COPR. 1«3 BY HE* SERVICE. i»C. T. M. HEC. U. 6. PAT. OF OUT OUR WAY "Say, chum, lend me that book on hypnotism!" By J.R.Williams LOOKS LIKE VI PON'1 IP A 6UV LEAVES) KNOW IF HIS MACHINE ~ TO 6ET A >'' WAIT.' WAIT.' HE AIN'T OFF TODAY HE'S OVER HERE 1\GRINDIN' A TOOL/ WAIT, I'LL CALL HIM/WAIT, I'LL GO GIT HIM.' TO MAKE TH' WOMEN MASCULINE ORTH'MEN EFFEMINATE I THINK US MEN WILt LOSE THE HOME FRONT FOR OUR SOLDIERS: LIABLE TO COME PACK AM'FIND A GIRL ONI IT/ =£-> t$& 0^} JP & THE REINFORCEMENTS -.-.^iv.;////',/;;;:.. < '«/iv- .-. - , siivict. IMC. T. M. «tc. u. S.VAT'. dtfX/ "' •; \ "It's a medal for bravery—he kissed the bride at his ''• , sergeant's wedding!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson OF THE RUBBER TREE NOT ONLY /-OO/<S LIKE COW'S MILK, BUTXJCT^ SO MUCH LIKE IT THAT CHEMISTS LEARNED A GREAT DEAL ABOUT HANDLING IT BY STUDYING THE METHODS OF AND EVEN THE NAME ""LATEX " COMES FROM THE SPANISH WORD FOR MILK. /: £;£ T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. ITS ODD THAT WE HAVE TO FISHT FOR PEACE, "Says MISS PHYLLIS HARCUP, /Sros?/^, A/eus *?&/-&,, COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. '/A* TONGUE HAS S/Xr££M MUSGi AND IT TAKES ALL OF TH TO PRONOUNCE THE 3-19 NEXT: I)o you talk to your c»aary? OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Mojor Hoople WHILST SOU WAS ABSENT, „ . _ . WoTAH 3AKE, BAD NEWS Jf NO - NO/ > N\AWER BUM COW.E Kt^OCKlM' AT TVA' ,^^ THEV . jft HITLER DOOR..'-^AeO\IA^^A.\^iT ^ CA.N4'T ? \i THIS TO CALLIhJ' ALL C HE F DON 1 TO VOUP. LIME6TOCK AM 1 PAS SOU TH 1 CEIUNG PRICE OB 50 BUCKS, »**^**^F~» T T I ^,, A PEHCrXM- °^ » gg^» i PUKlCrA v(« V- 7^ & If au 1 I/8UV SO. BUT HAVIN' A LOOK AROUMD SON. NO CHICKENS 1 I 'AROUND i: Buried Treasure! By Chic Young HAVE BEEN SOME BURGLARIES IM THE WELL, ANYWAV, I'M CSOINS TOPUTMV SII_VEP?W^RE IN A SAFE PLACE PAGVJOOP WHAT HA\;E YOU (SOT UNPEff -TOUR PlLUOW.?, I'M GOING TO HIDE MV AIRPLANE MODELS OH, JUST A POUNP OF COFFEE Boors and Her Buddies On the Waterfront MOVWcR ?'c. T K) . ?>x ? I Vh» W wt, VOO By Edgar Martin . ^^•^••^^^^^^^O f^J Red Ryder That Stopped Him By V. T. Hamfln STOP/ YOU'RE JUASr^ ME.' ,-ASOOP, SHERIFF-' TriEtJ { YOU'LL LISTELN VvJHEhi \ i TELL You rn NOT 7n' =~ OUTLAW THAT YOU THINK. 1A!"V' --ft 1 WAS FRAMED— BROKE YOUR JA\L TO CAPTURE THE REAL ODIUMS ANJD RETURN ,-TriEfA TD YOU / /THtVLL BE HERE. / IN TErt MINUTES-' / NOW .READ THIS — ( TriElR. SIGNED ( A LETTER FROM TH' \j5UAr~ " TZ. ClTV WRSHAL, CLEARS' M " , YEAH.' WELL. You SEEK T>BE TRAVELISl' ALONE. — . VIHAR ARE THEY ? ' ^ A Alley Oop Out of the Frying Pan By Fred Harman t^\r\ — ^*>+£* f '\>VS* .'• ,/^.ii i*,HAf ^~ ' ' ti-r^t- -^ NU ^.t<'t---' NOW'WHAT /TELLIN6... PROBABLY ?9pX2cF /SOME NEW WAV OF »L)rrOi>t | ^ivyiM/c, nnoTc,v TW OOP IS SOIMG TO PO WITH THAT DOOTSV THE 3USINESS... LET'S SO SEE V\>X ^f^ ^-^ *s£/%<//•> / WE'D BETTER HURRY," 1 DOCTOR, OR WE MAY \^ --V.MISS THI9.,. '/THERE \OH.LOOK; GOES ^ POOTSY/; '-• -.- VICC. I»C. T M KCC 'g. K PAT OFF 3-1' and His Friends Playing No Favorites By Merrill ^t &NMTH KIP IS^oyeRWORKING HIS BADGE, CAPTAIN / ) HE STEPPEP ON YOUR. TbES AND YOU POI^T •\ LIKE IT, EH? I'M GLAD HE'S GOT THAT BADGE / HE'S VERY EFFICIENT— HERE, CHECK THIS . LICENSE NUMBER.' — SMITH FOUND TME CAR PARKED NEAR A FIRE" PLUG! FIND TH? OWMER'9 NAME ANO I'LL ONLY HAVE lb SENP IT ABOUT rr-v THREE FieT//

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