Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 16, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1908
Page 5
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ocaljEvcnts.l Gunthpr's sweets arc pure nnd sweet. Clapp sella 'em. Motorcycle for sale d'r cheap. See Kk-hter. It Miss Jcseio Kistler has returned r,, . . . ,,,.,. home from Stanford f«r the summer Chicken ptR supper at the M. K. Church May 19th, for 35 cents. vacation. i Come early and avoid the rush at Mrs. Burt of Han Dimas WHS the U|e ollic ken pie supper atthe M. E. Ruest cm Sunday last of Mrs. S. E. ; church Tuesday evening. King. j i Don't inisfi Mie chicken pie supper Mrs. C. r. Smith of Hollywoo-1 i at the M. E. Chuivh, Tuesday, May the RiieBt of her sister, Mrs. j 19th, •MillfiT'luafQiitirlnT* Sherwood celebrated Mrs. F. M. Smith and son, F. R. Kmith, are registered at Hotel Buudy, tea Elsinore. Something real in entertainment. Colonial Concert Minstrels. June 5th at the VVomaus Club House. Mrs. Helen Hummel of Chicago was the guest last week of Mrs. Merrill and Mr. and Mrs. Howland. Mrs, P. \V. her birthday with an nfternooii party on Thursday afternoon. Howard Douglas has returned home from the University of California for the summer vacation. Mrs. Dr. O. P. Shoemaker has been ill in bed for two weeks with a paralytic affection. Mrs. McCoy of Chicago has arrived to pay an extended visit at the home of her son and daughter, Mr. First class chicken bone. 100 Ibs • 2.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling n , J(1 Mrs R j Clizbe> Company. Wanted — Board and room for two in private family. Argua office.. It Leave address at Mrs. Plant and sister, Mrs. Smith, who is visiting her from the E)ast, | are spending the week cud at Catalina. i Mi 1 , and Mrs, Thome of Springville, Utah, were guests two days this week of their cousin, Mrs. C. P. Johnson. The Misses Beatrice Wilkius of Highland and Kathleen Johnson of Ocean Park are guests Mrs. A. R. Evans. of Mr. and Colonial Concert Minstrels. All San Gabriel valley talent. Local nonsense till you can't rest. VVo- mans Club House, Juno 5th. Mrs. i'ourig and baby and Miss Madge Young of Imperial Valley, who have been visiting relatives in Covina, have taken a cottage at Santa Monica for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Sieele and little daughter, who are staying some time at Terminal Island, are guests this week of the former's mother, Mrs. Merrill. Coulson's Baby Cbich Feed will make chicks grow and feather quick and never get sick or die. Why do you go to the Milling Company? Be cause we gat what we call for, you bet your 'bat. Messrs. Amend of the law firm of "Amend & Amend, Los Angeles, are week end guests at the home of Mrs. J. C. Thompson, Mrs. Thompson will entertain with a luncheon in their honor on Sunday. V, W. Miller, acompanied by his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Emery. left on Wednesday evening for his home in Kansas after. a visit of two weeks with his relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Emery will stay about six weeks in the East. Mrs. L. Villinger, of Lodi, who lived ut Covina fourteen years ago, was the guest several days this week and last of Mrs. S. E. Mines. Mrs. Geo. McLeod of Long Beach, with her childien, was tho guest over Sunday of her brother-in-law, W. H. McLeod. Mr. Carl Leebrick and sister, Miss Bessie, are spending the week end at the homo of Mrs. D. M. Full?., Long Beach. Mrs. I. I, Cook entertained a few intimate friends on Thursday evening to celebrate the birthday of ^Irs, H. M. Faulder. A number of Covina ladies attended a reception given by our 'Ormtr citizen, Mrs. F. M. Douglass of Hollywood. For Sale — McCormick mower and rako in good condition, very cheap. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 1201. It Free stone to be had at U. M. Hughes ranch, northeast, of W. M. Bowring's reservoir. Largo nnd email. Come arid get them, fi-23 The Episcopal church needs a new organ, \Ve are going to get it. So come to the Colonial Concert Minstrels, June 5th. Mrs. F. E. Wilson, wife of Dr. F, E. Wilson of Huutingtou Beach, is spending a fortnight visiting at the home of Mrs. E. M. Wallace on Dexter street. Clarence M. Mylrea of San Bernardino was. the guest of relatives hire > last Sunday and sang at the morning service at the Episcopal Church. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Reynolds, who have been visiting for some time at the home of Mrs. G. J. Reynolds, left last Sunday for their homo in Chicago. Mr. Reynolds is superintendent of a large publishing house. You will find in Miss Reckard's millinery store on North Citrus avenue, all the leading ntyles nad novelties in the way of trimmings. New stylo hiiokH and catalogues keep her posted as to the eastern styles. The ladies of the M. E. Church will give a chicken pie supper at the church on Tuesday, the Oth. Will I serve from 5 to 7 :I!0 o'colck. At 8 King, vmiriRor and Burt were guests 0 , li|ock an j,,torestiin! prnKram will at a party given by Judge and Mrs. Boutdirt of Aznsa on Monday. Mrs. MeKirahan and daughter, Mi-i.s Cora, left last night for their old home in Belle Center, Ohh;, where they will spend three mouthy visiting relatives and friends. Mi-,s Pearl .MeKirahan will keep house for her father dui'ing their absence. The.Misess Herron, Edwards ' arid Ilaucs attended the reciprocity meeting of the Pasadena Ladies' Club on Saturday iHf-t. Covina naturally made a great hit as Miss Hawes had been chosen as her repref-.entai i\ e to give her delightful talk on her German student life. Delegates who attended the annual diocesan convention of tho Episcopal Church in Los AiiuelcH this week were Mriifcs. Thome, Cook, Crook, Mofi'att, Flfttt. Evans, and the Misses' Herron, Dnndas, Fletcher and Mofi'att: M("-Hrs. Crook, Evans, Clii-hc, and the liev. A. Fletcher. Guests at. the limnes ol" Mrs. Con- Jey and Mis. I!. M. Douglass this week v.ere Miss Mary E. Gowan, Mrs. J. A. Waltgn and Dr. Gayle Moseley, ail of Ked lands. A picnic was enjoyed by all ii. Lit'le Dalton ciuiyon ami dinners at Mrs. Doughis*'* on Monday evening (illfi Mrs. (' nn Tue-d-iV. OUR Winer, Whitsei & (o. Brown & Boliri Pomona Sanitary Laundry For Rent, Exchange, Lost, round Miscellaneous. For immediate delivery of stable niaiiii'o see F. E. Thidderar. Motorcycle for sale dirt cheap. See Kichter. It Mr. and Mrs. Limn are spending a Rooms to rent- -See Mrs. Hibsch, Cottage Drivi-. W. C. Nitrate of soda in any quantity immediate delivery. A. M. Seeley few days with their daughter, Mrs. | Covina. tf Davenport of Tropico. Something to prepare for. Tho Colonial Concert Minstrels. June 5th at the VVomaus Club House. Clarence Allison is building a fine bungalow on Palm Place for J. N. Wilson. Mrs. IT. A. Clarke of Detroit, Mich., was the guest this week of her nephew, tho Rev. Paul Stevens. John Greshmun left last week on a trip to Washintgou to visit old friends. Miss Hcssa Graham, who has boon quite ill with diptheria, has taken a turn for tho better. Mr. Barney Finch of Hollywood oanio over on last Sunday to spend thn day with his mother, Mrs. America Finch. Mr. and Mrs. YY. F. Nichols of Santa Ana \Yere.guosts at the home of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. White, over last, Sunday. Mrs. Mary Chapman of Hilledale, Mich., has arrived to spend several weeks at the homo of her cousins, Mr. arid Mrs. B. Miller. Mr. and Mra. A. Devol of Los Alimitos were guests last week of the bitter's aunt, Mix. D. J. Ovor- bolt/.er and husband. The Misses Mnry nnd EmmaFranlx of Pomona were week end guests at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. G. Anderson. They will leave soon for their home at Cerro Gordo, 111. A large number from Covina attended the first annual Biblo class commencement held at Lordsburg College on last Tuesday evening. There were eighteen graduates. Rev. G. : F. Cbernberlen preached at the Pomona Brethren Church on last Sunday morning. He was accompanied by his wife and entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Keiser at Lordsburg. shave patroni/e the Ashcr barber shop. Baths in connection. tf WANTED- -Chickens and calves. ,1, C. Ualdridge. Covina, Cal. P.O. box -I'M. I'honn UOtiO. tf Kh>t, elans chicken bone, 100 HIM. Si!. 50. Sail Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Plain sewing at, my home. Mrs, Followell, Fiist and Kan l!oi imrdiiio Road. ti: Have your rubber tires not by Wilson's rubber tiro Hotter, tho only Mrs. ,). C. Go'.d.di ) saddened by I I.e i,e". s death of ii.-i father. II of Uayv Hie. M... IK- • a , Muit;, the Mlret t v, i' i, ),• ;n ( laiiui e t'l-fis.-d. Vvi.o ua- a [ i on: i cent i-t -Mid t',',i. a lifi-e p.. 1 ubl ic, •. v. 11-. in I. i.- 11 Jit-! I. ai.d his .lei,,i-i: el,;...- a-, a ;.••' ; - : • to hli n bit ;M•.- in. i n :•'.!• Ii avt.- a v. i i.,'.'. ui.d .-i.-. n I.een rrsnch the sodden Tread A a. 1 , Mliit;el! i.I. j 111 e I ' e :;i i i .n program be rendered with a social hour following. Price 115 cents. Miss Irene Taylor of Los Angeles, thn "gifl wonder," who undertake.!? t" read any piece of music at sight, has been enyaged by the members of the Hap! int. Church to give a piano recital in the Woimius Club House, Friday.. M:-.y '2'.i. The yoiimj people of thn Christian Endeavor of I he Presbyterian Church gave one of their ci.joyable i-ocials in the .soda! hall of the church <,n Thursday evening alter pr.iyer _ meeting. HeU'.ef-n fifty aiid si.vly v.ern picricnt. Gatiii'.s nnd nin-,ic filled tho prou'r:i:::. Liyhl ,'i i I e • h ini-nl'-i were nerved at a la'c hour. Mr. and Mr-.. < ioldt h'.v aite I et uriieil home on Thursday morning well and in good spirits. Their last stop wan at. I'hocni.v, Arixona, where Miss Yaw gave a concert. Slur nays that thin is the first tiir.e she IKIH felt really at home since leaving (,'ovina and i-lic hopf-H to btii.V a IOIIK time at !.'f< home of her biother-in law, lien I 1 '. Thorpe. Mr. and Mrs. I'/.hee were in Los Aiigde.H T'K-Mlay 1-r-t attending tho fiiiu-ral i.f Ji,dy(: Smith, who died at. Iheriinu Miidi'e sanil at ium, ''i.I Remove, " of absc'-ss of the inni/. His dealh tame as a gieat shock to his ;;:any friends as he had aKvay.-i been blessed with lolinibly »<,nd heallh. '!l,e luiiiial service v,ai held at the ml t he i 11 #################* * -* , tRancber * * * # * * * * * * •# * •* * I* * You arc couduclinp a bit^ business — more inoucv invested than many business houses—-do a fjood deal of correspondence, don't yon? Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to wrile? Do yon know that we can furnish you with tin; very best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly prin'i.-d with your name, or the IUHIK- of your ranch, plu.c • of rcsi- d"iioe and date line, cheaper than you c;m ni.-ciire t.i.t.l"ls and i.:i',v»:lopes in small quail' titje i? This will make your corres|iondi:iH:e. bnsiiiChnlir.'C anrl in(<!'<- con veil ient. Thoroughbred White Leghorn oggs for sotting, 83 per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Uak. Phone JIM! I. tf For Sale-•--Bupgy and harness in good condition. See .Marshall, the barber. tf Cement blocks, H.\l(l inches, for sale by D. E. Slites, tho cement, man. Pricjs tho lowest. FOR SALE Kwent, potato plants. M. E. r /ug, Irwindale. Phone 'illT. tf For Sale—Comfortable, five room •osidence in lino section of town. SI 800. J. H. Matthews. For a stylish hair cut an easy Covina THE; es Store ^^} ^PJ jj I'INCOKI'OKATKI)) OUTFITTERS TO TH£ WHOLE FAMILN \Vo havo f«>r tho celebrated Without doubt the best ranch shoe on. t ho market. Ask the man wears them -he knows, Illacli or Tan. IMnchcr Cut. Hollow Tout; nc. Kiomlyko Kyelots. '//C mo, one of its kind in (he valley. tf. For Sale or Rout Modern bungalow on West Center, 'furnished or unfurnished. See Mrs. G. I 1 '. Preston. Alfalfa, barley and R. E. MiHsildine, Hay for sale oat, delivered. Phono (il. tf For Sale- One hay prows at a bargain. Covina Harness and Saddlery Co. Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. t Wanted—Girl 13 years old wants ro\care 4or small children between school hours for homo in good family. Phono 95, Mrs. Swiuiscn. Itp Tho Covina Vnlley Savings Bank offers you a safe investment for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start an account today. Tulare land raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come up with UH on Friday and nee them. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phono HUGH. Coupon's Etig Food will innkn your honn lay morn oggH than any other known food. 8'2.00 per .sack. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. For Sale 'Eggs for hatching and day old chicks from incubator from the following standard bred fowls: Whito Koclis, While Minorcin-i and Whiii! Leghorns. Young pullets for sale, llensoii it Clements, E. liadillo tf There is no Soap NICER. WHAT A BIG CAKE It takes off the dirt. TRUE 3 big cakes for 25 cents. | POkF-ST QUEKN 5 ccntr, buys a fjenerotts cake. Junt the liopti for CoOina H'atur. •* # :hllT( t r miii mam SHOP MANUfACTURERS Of S GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work F* citterns lv>t i ma U's (''nrnihlii'd. KELLAR & THOMASON '^ ; Tulare Coii'il v Lands: ?• \J» ! • i : 8!lO per acrr: with uaier. (,,'iidevel - I jk I oped lanil in ailesian dii-tric.l 8- 1 ) to) .^ :,•'!(), any sixe you want, any kind -X. • of lerin;-. .1. II. Mull.ln.v,',, Covina, ' * , /'hone r»()',^'. i (e S. I'. l)i ('ovina, (<al. * * COVIXA AhM.i.'S, i-Ki;.•:- * * * t * # •'( K * X # 'f % j FOR SALE A : .#. and one i jiiai I > r in i •H Vnlcnc.iiis iihd hi!'\ei # well tert ili.-ed, I • east ol to 1 ,', n. i lie I I I i 1 j , /lil I I rlil'l mill , i inigati d and in * * PROVIDENT 1 ; MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS 5/o on I year Term Deposits 5/o on monthly balances (SECURITY- Tru->t l>i-i:i\n on Inijii--ivi:(l l-.'e; l\.-, alt: L. V.". Jiiirui, ','(:•-,. ','.' ,1 It i! 1,. J. < hri,t< Xi!, , !'-•;.„: ;.!. H. HeliiiKio .\'. i.-,i.:,.i , .-• i,f'. l .r i,o<,kl,-' .'•-',,. ,'i J. M. HUNTER, Manager H" S. ):i-o,,'!-.v:iv J.',, ,\,,;;e I'iiu-s condilion. I'rice and lerrnH i i ^ ' • \ v i,' —• (il'iililee, Kov. land avenue. If l''or UiMil or Mile \ Hood five ODIII liuiisc with one ai're lanil and water rii.'ht at cm ner ol i:;iri'iiiii'ii and ko'.vland Ave. jfj.ifj down, balmier; lil:e rent. Also SV'hite Leghorn 1'nllefs for Hull!, iiii". laying. Apjily to J. C. Clntti-i bud:. FOKSALE fi loom hoiihc m,d line lieu- ill land. .JiiHt. (jiit'-ido ci'y limit'... I'rice (J I i;,"iU. l'lfr,y IM in -. (iood ~> room lioil-e, l,;it!y, loilef, i J-',IH, cleetiic liehts, cl'.-ii 1 lil. ill good liicalily. f'rice #'^l : i'l. L;e,y t r-miH. (iood ikying nod i r o-,| eruiis bir,i nisi v.illi slock I'o.'u |,|i-i i'. Hatisfac lory jea-. .n for idling. Moiii-.', to I.e made ..n U i-, buy. / 1 MJO v, i 11 '-".', I'. !!(( acii--. u!!;iil,i i:iiidi uilli ni.iin dance ol v.ioi i. ."o.endid 'iland a! a bai ^ain 1 1 •• "-'-i "• ii'i -i ' o (/el oil'. 0:1 Jicc.,:uil ot I;'••• M '.. To I.,.<•!. ;!,.'•• '.,-. ,v,"", rai,"d hind foi nil' .;;..• j l .:•!', in I '.',', 11,-i. d i\ I • , !'l, '. I/I V CO , ' i ui: -. l--,,i/ii.-. » | Covina Pharmacy t f * t I:. U. SMITH, Prop. Always RELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 [;rmr#t'.ncy Call IKS8 BEN F. THORPE CHMIiNT CONTRACTOR CJiMHNI IRKUiATINO PIPE I, I ', .1, III, .11' • . i II III, I illi'l ' I General Cement Work of All Kinds l t V

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