Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1889
Page 3
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^•%%' F ^ *>/: A, J. JORDAN'S FAMOUS BRAND CUTLERY, ALBO THK Fiaest lie of imcte »es IN THE CITY. Yours Respectfully, LEWIS D. WYNN. •a o £<$ Evening Gazette. THB KVJSJmfO GAMUTS can be hsd ftt all the • - prioe TWO OBKTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonlnht. Sated Conclave, Sterling Command- 8ry,K.T.i7:30. ,§- —Henry Cramer ban gone to Belvl- dere on a visit.. —Mrs. Nora Modler is visiting her father at Oregon. —Mrs. Jacob Strickler has gone to Mt. Carrol), on a visit. u —Rev. S.F. Denning left today for Ottawa to attend. thoM^E,.conference, —The rec.ent front has had the desired effect on flies and the street corner loafer. —Judge Brown, of Bockford, because of 111 health starts this week on a trip to Colorado. —There will be regular services in the Lincoln Park every Sabbath at 3 o'clock p. m. s." George S. Tracy and son Frank left yesterday for a few weeks' visit at Worcester, Mass. e Masonic grand lodge of Illinois Is celebrating its semi-centennial at Chicago this week, at the Grand Pacific hotel. —Dr. Frank Anthony's little four- year-old girl fell on the floor at home yesterday afternoon, and broke her left arm below the elbow. —Montle Hernandez, the comedian of the Standard Theatre Co, was married In Dixon en Sunday to Miss Jennie Morris, of Freoport. —It la stated that the engineer In charge of the Hennepin Canal survey is very sanguine that the canal will be built and that It will be begun soon. •The Freeport people are becoming very doubtful about their new depot this fall which they expect the Northwestern and Illinois Central to build. —Mr. J. H. Marshall, son-in-law of Mr. W. P. Palmer, underwent a surgical operation at Mercy hospital in Chicago last Saturday and seems to be gaining in strength since. —A band of ten begging Spanish Mexicans from Sante Fe,-New Mexico, assed through here today. They had wo tame bears with them. They had avery'euno a appearance. —The editor down at Aurora, who eferrBd-^.tO-Alifl--JdtcumfltftnO) as "an, mportant transfer of real estate," when the city marshal changed socks or the winter, should be ostracized. —Borne party last evening either maliciously or in fun placed a wagon across the Q track near 1st avenue. The fact was reported to the officers, who removed it before any damage was done. —A .shooting match will be held at Grand Detour under the management of Dr. Pankhurst on Wednesday. Parties are expected from Freeport, Mor- rlson, Sterling, Amboy, Polo, Oregon, Franklin and all surrounding towns. —About one "hundred members of the Presbyterian congregation wer» present at tae meeting last night. The sense of. the meeting was that the congregation was not ready to select a minister, so no deBnite action was taken. —The people turned out quite gener- usly at the dance for the benefit of Martin Karl at Mannerohor hall last Ight. Tbe receipts were in the neigh- orkood of 8100, and as nearly every- ,hing was donated, there was no expense. Prof. Buck's orchestra turn- shed the rausio. —Charles E. Thompson, of this city, aud Evelina Smith, of -Tama, Iowa, were married in Justice Alexander's court room last night by that official. Thompson and the glri have both boon working at Franklin Grove recently. Ha went to Morrison to gtit the H- oeuae aud drove up here last evening, and had the nuptial bond tied at once. —Mrs. Ti. A. Tracy has gone to Chicago. —A. W.BaHtian. of the Fulton Journal, was in this city todiiy. —Mrs.'./. M. Golder and Mo, N. G. VunSant returned toduy from a visit at Conrad, Iowa. —Mr. D. O. Coo left today for a trip ot several weeks, visiting relatives in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York." ^ —Charles Mack and George Pratt were in Chicago yesterday and were lucky in not being hurt by an exploaion. They were walking past P. C. lianford & Co's. oil ofllce when gas exploaion oc- cared in the building and a section of the plate glass front fell upon the sidewalk a rod in front of the boys, with considerable force. Had they been neorer, the injuries would have been serious. —Mr. J. M. Fisher, proprietor of the Frankle Jones Co., was In the city today on business connected with the giving of the show here. On being asked how he was going to play at the Wallace Opera House and Academy of Music at the same time, he "said his company would play at the latter place, the Academy, »s that was the house the former manager, Rice, turned over a contract for, to him. —Geo. E. Hall, who received the contract for building tho 1st avenue asphalt sidewalks informed a reporter that he intended to begin work as soan aa the grade is made for him. He will give employment to about a doz^n men and expects to complete the job in four weeks. Mr. Hall has been engaged in work of this kind for many years and has done much ot this work In Elgin and other places. He has with him his brother, who has .been engaged In the sidewalk business in Aurora. —A city Normal class was organized last evening at the Congregational church. There were about a quarter of a hundred Sunday school teachers aud Bible students present from six different churches of Sterling and Rock Falls who joined the class. It is expected that about a dozen more will join. The Chautauqua Normal Union Course of study, which comprises the study of the Bible, and how to teach it, will be observed. Meetings will be held each Monday evening in the Congregational church. The officers are W. W. Davis, president; Miss Llllie M. Sprinkel, secretary and treasurer; and Geo. P. Perry, conductor. Mr. Perry successfully conducted two classes through the course, and this class starts out more auspiciously than the others, —At the special council meeting last night, only one bid was received for building the asphalt walk on 1st avenue, that of Geo. E Hall, who offers to do the work and furnish the material for twelve and one-half cents per square foot. The price was considered low.and the bid was accepted. The superintendent of streets was instruct: ed to dp the necessary grading for the sidewalk at once, so that the contractor can do the work this fall. Toe committee on public Improvements was instructed to sell the old lockup building dnd fence at once. The sub ject of permanent sidewalks in different parts of town was discussed, it is likely that the council at the next regular meeting will formulate some plan by which all walks henceforth constructed shall be permanent. —Moline Republican: A number of the coal miners of La Salle, 111., who went to Wyoming territory several days ago, passed through here on Saturday evening homeward bound. They say that a labor agent In that place assured them that by coming to Rock Springs, Wyoming, they could make from 84 to 8.5 per day. Nlnety-dve of the men came to the Springs, but when they arrived they discovered they had been fooled. They claim that the Rock Springs company wanted them to dig ^TosolpounQTf6r~a~ton"pT~coalr~ Of this amount one fourth of 779 pounds was deducted as slack and for which they received no pay. The company pays but 70 cents per ton for mining and Instead of the $5 per day. that lured them from their Illinois homes they could make only 81.50 or less, —After looking about for some months and weighing trie advantages and bonuses offered by 'a number of cities not far removed from Chicago, Rathbone, Sard & Co. have.decided tha* Aurora is the most desirable location for a western branch of their extensive stove works. The plant is now in Alh<Miy, N. Y., and according to statements maue it,- general Rathbon the head of the firm, the main reason for removing from Albany is to esc ipe the clutches of the trade union that in- fere with the pleasant conduct of their business. Another reason is their western trade is growing rapidly. An rora, it ia understood, offers a bonus of 800,000 cash and flfteeu acres of land aa a site. It is also understood that the C. B. & Q. railway company have made special arrangements with them in regard to freight rates. The bulk of their business is ovor the Burlington road. When negotiations first began they were carried forward on the supposition that the company would employ a thousand men, but it Is now understood that they wUi start but one furnace and probably about, 350 Uaads and, if a success, will rerno'va the entire' plant. The future will determine. COUNCIL Ci!AM!iF.i:,Sppt. :'.<>U.i. V-0. . Council mot. in ppPcial'sp.'Minn at the o'licB of J'.istict' Alexander, on cull of Misvor j-awrcncf, to consul'T bids for Hide walks on 4th avenue and any other business that might arise. Present—Aid." Alexander. Brewer, Guftisou, Miller, Niles, Platt, "Wilson— 'Absent—Aid. Conlon, McCuni, and ,^!>!pndii! stovp polish. Burnishing for nicklr, No. 1 mica, at <i2-tf L. I*- JOHNSON'S. Aid. Miller stated thai the committon had received but one bid for laying; the sidewalk, that of Ueo. E. Hill!, (V>\£ eta per square foot) which proposal he read, and moved that it be referred to the committee on Streets and Alleys. Carried. AU. Conlon entered. Aid. Miller read .a petition from Timothy Buckley and Chas. Vetter, asking the Council to reimburse them for a judgment procured in Justice Alexander's court against them for three corda of slone and rubble hauled upon the streets, and which belonged to one John Sellers. On motion the matter was referred to committee on Streets and Alleys. Aid. Werntz entered. Aid Gurtisei presented a petition asking for the transfer of the bottling house license now held by John L. Robinson to Thos. Robinson. The clerk was instructed to make the transfer upon the filing by Thos. Robinson of the proper bond, etc. Aid. Alexander moved that the committee oo. Public Improvements be instructed to dispose of the old city lockup, fence, etc., at either public or private sale as the committee may deem proper. Carried, Recess. , • Council reconvened by the Mayor. Various resolutions, substitutes and amendments were offered relating to sidewalk matters in the First ward, all of which were subsequently withdrawn. ,,.,,-, Aid. Alexander moved that the Com, on Streets and Alley a be instructed to acceot the proposal of Geo. E. Hal), for the construction of sidewalks ou Ist^Ave. Carried. Ayes 9. Aid Miller reported favorably upon the petition of Vetter and Buckley and moved that an order be drawn upon the Consolidated fund for the amount of judgment and coats. Carried. Ayes 8; nays 1; Aid. Wilson voting no. On motion of Aid. Alexander the council expressed Its willingness to accept L. R. Rutt and Geo. W. Chamber- lln on the bond of Geo. E. Hall for $0,000 to be given for the faithful performance of his contract. - OQmotlou ^ e ^TBiiuiETTr~ •- City Clerk. The Red Cross and Peninsular base burners, and a full line of coal and wood heating stoves, at.Davis & Wilkinson's. Call and examine. 82-tO Zero I Zero! Imperial Aladdin is the flnest range In the market. It can be found at Crawford Bros. . OOtO Mrs. F. C. Woodrnn Invites the ladles to call and see the latest in millinery. She has a designer ana trimmer from Fifth Avenue, New York City. No trouble to show goods. • . . 9116 The celebrated Red Cross™range; handsome and durable. The Dnest stove ever seen in Sterling. For sale by Davis & Wilkinson. ' •_ 02-10 Form lor Bent, The Doyle farm situated in Section 13 in town of Hume is for rent. For information apply to Wm. Doyle of said town or to J. E. McPherran. 94w2d6* JAS. DOYLK. Septembf r 29, 1880. Xotiee. When you are looking for good shoes or boots do not forget to call and see my stock. I have made prices lower than ever, and can give you a good assortment to select from. 03 to PHILIP NICE. For a soft coal or wood cook, look at the improved Golden Gem, a first class cook stove at a low price. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 92 to Veal calf boots $3.50 at Rose's, 91tf The world renowned Stewart heaters for sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. Economlcalin fuel and of-great heating capacity. 02 " to It will do you good to take a look^. through our mammoth stock. Every department complete. ^Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 9-t to Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70,-d&w'- i Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend taclty and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. R. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasoua- Beach & Bowers, Head the new :>.(!?•. of thn famous minstrels on opposite pngn and note t'-ie date. Hose makes ;ill of his boots. 01-tf Gold CoinJStoves, French Kip tmots SI a p«ir made to order at Hose's. m-tf Antninn Hatw. in all the new shapes and colors. Positively the finest stock to select from In the city. Correct styles and low priceB. 05 to MRS. GENNIE W. ELLIOTT. Riveraide Stoves, Ladles, call and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all colors.atFrey & Davis'. ' "9 t« • When Johnson & Slavin disbanded Beach & Bowers got the pick of their company and are coming next Moiday at the Wallace Opera House. The prices will only be 50e for reserved seats at G. L. Wernt7.\ Where Did Yon ««et It J Why I that beautiful hat came from Mrs. F.C. Woodruff's. 01 to (Ladies Itonneta. . New and elegant at Mrs. Gennie W W.Elliott's. 95 to Triennial Conclave K-ilftlit» Templar October 3d to October 5th, inclusive the C. U. & Q. It. It will sell round tri tickets to Washington, D. C. for 820.79 good for return until October Gist. U the payment of §10.00 additional a Washington, the return portion of tb F ticket may be exchanged for a ticke to New York and return, either via th aarae route, or via any other dliet route to OMcngo. ••- -. - Tale the Clita And let them see a floe show to-mo row evening at Wallace Opera Hous by the "Bell Ringers." Fine music b silver cornet band and challenge o chestra. Admission only 15, 25 and 351 J. cents. - Keep Cool. A complete line of stoves both cook and heaters, is to be found a$ Crawford Bros. Step in and take a look at them. •.:.:;. , W. . . iye plasses. Th"30 spt-o.taclps are dif- "rnnt, from ordinary jf1"..i:-fi'» I in tliat 10 lenses are ground from a /•';•< -w/i Y»te/ Cryt-trrl that shuts nut the chnm- ca! nud beat rnysof light, makinjr them cry soothing to the eyes. J'o sure anil ry them, nee that that trade mark "i. ." is on every lena. 70-'.l<ftw PEOPLE'S COLUMN nsert three line* In tills col--^J mn onn time (or 10 cents, or [or in ei-ntu awwfc. wh additional line will tie 6 cwuts a single ID- rtlon. or IB cents a w«.«k. WANTRIK Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. W ANTKD—Everybody to know thatthe place to buy ti sewliiK machine or organ Is at rey& Wmicbreiul'a. Several dray loads Just ccelvwl. &Vi«;| W ANfKD—Competent Rlri forccneral housework. Apply at Uazette ofllee. 91 if W ANTED—A man to taie care of hogs and cowa. Must be first-class milker and re- :omnipn<lra. No boys need apply, 'alt House. G. J. Mills, 111 If W ANT1JU—YomiK single man to work on firm. W. M.Dillon. 9W3 W ANTED—A tliorouijlily compel-nt girl fur general homework. Good wasi'9 Sirs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4!h street uud Duvrline. 02-11 drens'. SEA.LI W ANTKD—Girl- One thoroughly competent for general bonaewurk. API>lj at 1). W. [lopkinsou's shoe store. i)0-tf W ANTED— Immediately—kltclien girl. Apply at Boynlon bouse. 8T-tf FOR MAI>F_ Only jo cents for J fines under tliis Heading, AND TilOB SALE—Ant-w Kureka road cart, cheap. JD Al'o, a soft coat beating stove. Apply «t Detweller & Mueller'a. l« to L10R SAt.K—A I'heaton bUK--y. cbesp, for JD cusb. J. 1.1'lercB, Hock Fulls. UO-tO* £ V)K SALE—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, stock of gond.i. Business i-laces for sale and exchange. Frank W. Walzer, Academy of Music, Koom'l 7011 OH HALE— A barjmtn In thiro One rosl- dencea in -llli ward. Inquire oM. I. Ilusli. (il-t.i FOR 8AI>R OH THAUE. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. F OK BALE—-Two new brick residence trally lociitod far sale by J. J. Miller 's Seekwear. A complete line of all that is new, neat and desirable, just opened at "W. C. Kier's. Call and flee it. SomcthlngNlce. If you want to make money read my "ud" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CHAMBELIN. 88-tf To-morrow :es cen- .. nr B. 05-10* CLOTH in every style. NEW- MARKETS, F OR SALE OK TRADE—A fine second-hand can-luge, single or double seat, or exchange lor a good road horse, inquire of L)r. Gordon FOK 11KIUT. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. F OR KENT—Dwelling house. Apply to Mrs. Gronlca, 602 Wko street. 94 Ul« F OR RENT—4 houses to rent and a number of nouses ror sale by Adam Smith. B3-W F OR RENT—A good barn, at 405 West Third street. 80-18 T O LEASE—rower and room for manufactur Ins purposes. In the bull ilng formerly occupied by Church & 1'utterson. Address 1). C. Churcu, Dulutu.Mlnn. 8<i-tt FINANCIAL. The Dayton's & Musical Novelty Co at Wallace Opera House. Watch for the street parade about 12 o'clock. Call at J. E. Philips & Go's and get one of those Gold Coins. »^ 8 For cook stoves or heaters, go to Davis & Wilkinson, West End Hardware dealers. »2-».o Crawford Bros. Have on their floors some of the besl stoves In the market, both cooks aud heaters. They are open for" inspection OOtG F INANCIAL-Moneytoloan-$l,500at 8 per cent., on farm security. I. I. Bush. Rook Falls. Boys' blouse waists for boys from 4 to 15 yrt. old at Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 32-U JACOB E1SELE, THE LEADING Is now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits aud overcoats for fall and winter. Now i»_8tock .all kinds .of_ cloths,..jcas- 9-t to A'Total M] ble. Give me a call. • 78 aitf D. H. MKYEUS, Auct. Underwear in all styles at Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 84 to We have examined Mr. Caorge R Richardson's step ladder and inriiug board and pronounce them the very best'we have ever seen and they should bain every house. Mrs. J. H.Lawrencr Mra.E. J. Henry, Mrs. Laura E. King _ 03-16* Auction. The city marshal will sell to the high est bidder for caah, the old city lockup building at Central Tark, Saturday, 2 o'clock October Sth, '80. 1'urchaser will be required to move buildiug off of the ground within 15 daya from dat* of gale. Committee ou I'ublic Improvements. 9r>u simcro" and overcoatings and the finest stock of pants goods ever shown in this city. Leave your orders to have them made up in the latest eastern styles and at bottom prices. Doing his own __. . Next Thursday evening, but every- cntt ; n g an( j having no rent to body will be able to see Frankie Jones ° at the Academy of Music. Come ear- pay, his customers get the bene- Come in and see, We charge no fee. y and avoid the rush. Cold Weather. Crawford Bros, are selling the Palace fit. VJitiWlvm JLJIUO' t»i*J ou«»i."^ »i"w * -•.. — —-• i — nnTTvrv i Aladdin bard coal stove. Call and see TnT'ireuft \3ourt of'winteside County, to nnl ft I s\-t.-.\,^~ rr«i.m 1 Ti 1 &K*4. The largest and richest display we have ever shown. it. 9010 Statement ot Kcv. TUos. OF O3KALOO3A, IOWA. In the fall of 1S87 my attention wui Oatober Term, A. D., Albert Batcher i - V8. r. in Chancery. Joauia Bceoher, ) Affidnvit of the non-refiidenco of Jeimie defendant above named, having the oflioo of tho Clerk of the n d ^ oooo erc o called to the medical pamphlet publish- Circuit Court of Whittmide County.Hud State )i »KO TihQiimat-in SvraD Co of U>£ Illinois, notice is hereby givtai to tjeeaul ed by the Rheumatic byrup uo., oi ^^^ needier, tlmt th« above tmrneci oom- ; Hlbbard 8 lainant heretofore tai e a his bill of complaint ingredients m gaitl court, ou the chancery side thereof. Jackson, Mich., advertising Rheumatic Syrup. The ingredients in Mid court, ou tiie chancery swa wiereui. uneumuuc oyiui'. iu ° » d t L_ t tteumm0 n8 thereupon tanned out of composing the remedy and known to ^^artSnst the aboveI named detod- .... _a „..,. Mn rltnlTiul iviorit-. U>rl mft t.ft I «,if »f>+TiiTtaMA nn thfl fll'rtt dftV of the tOrUi be of great medic nal merit, led me to Bn t, returnable on the first day of the torin 00 J1 » , . T I n j «>,., niiumit nnnrtnf Raid County, to be believe the remedy a good one and UIIL. rutuiiinwiw V** vnv «*»u» ——* — of tho Circuit Court of said County, to be UBUCYO mo iciuvuj - u - | held at the Court lioaae in Morrison, m said bOUttht six bottles. I bad a soreness in Whiteside County, on the third Monday of my stomach and sides and a spinal af- October, ne*t (WKJ) a. U• b,'law re^uxrod, ectlon which threatened paralysis, wdwtach •-^•^rt^rrrus, Circuit Clerk. 1 applied two plasters extending from my stomach to my sides wh»ch I wore j for a rnooth. I never found any medl cine which gave uie so much relief, recommend Hlbbard's 'Rheumatic fc rup and Plasters as remedies of great j merit, aud, 1 think, the greatest, of the j age. DR, A. W. BAEK. OFHC'K OVEU P. S.—Our plush garments are -an warranted. Stars, They'U wear like Tliess f Filer's Kid in Black-, Browns, Tans and .t $1.<W .ud |i,50, * Oo '» nam» is rtHmi^l in «cb pair, aud every pair w(u«at«d. Now

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