Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 4
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llELP IRIS jeiTH That Work en iht Minerii' «mdt»r Will B «a >n at LaHarpe oil tbe Twentieth.. In a poaiUon to know tiik Register this morning tliat ^ ^ jit from |lr. C. H. Hackney, thfe ''^pr^dent ot tbe new organization ais the Miners Smelter Com- tihat work on tlie plabt would not later than the 20th of this llie company is composed of Carthage, LaHarpe and local P»ny, ^. .'^capitalllsts and it is planned to erect ^^^rflvfrii lock jfcmeltef at LaHarpe. The i^:^;:dite Is nusti^ast of the town'and we^t 'fli! tliB newiBraun smelter..TWo ;blocks liaiia to pe ijuilt at once and the plant ^ lenhurged later until five blocks are I;u>;cpmpleted. '' : • • "iHere is an item for the exchanges: ; !Z%e, Miners' Smelter will make th^ ziBo smelter in Allen county. !' MM. m Chanute Gives a Franchise. '• |rhe Chanute council doesn't intend tO: give the lola street railway men a until' all the look-in at that town trayeling'franchise seekers shall have liad a brack at them. The McCaqn fr|inehlse;< given to beat the lola iden^ 'died^from old age. The lola xhenij ligajn wanted in. Last night the Chaij nititeni gave a franchise to Osborn«!|By^metrical shape, jW^lson, representing an eastern street icar man. It ia a 60-year franchise, How th«. Loaguo BaMbiill Is Mate ;. Only two factories' In the country make baseballs officially recognized by organlzedleagnes. One of these factories turas out about 400 balls a day, or 1,500,000 every year, and about one-fifth of these are regulation league balls; The remainder are the. cheaper Bor|;, which purchased for from 5 cents tip to a dollar, ' The jmaking of the league ball is a very careful and painstaking process. It begins as a small globe of India rubber about one Inch in diameter. A few layers of coarse yam arp wound around this, and then it goejs to the winding machines. ' The ball is then wound with!four- ply bl'iie yam about as thick-as ordinary coarse twine. At frequent Inter vals it Issoaked in a cement colutlon and put aside to dry. This preserves the shape ot the ball and the solution holds it more firmly together. In the course of winding the ball goes through many different hands, and each workman tests it for size and weight before passing It along. The. machines are necessary to make the winding even and tight, and there are Idlfferent machines, according to tbe size of tbe yam used and the size which the ball has attained. These machines Insure tight,' firm, regular winding and a perfect and Care la also taken that the ball be wound to Just the proper size. The ^rk to begin in sixty days, and I2,C001 process by these machines Is conduct- worth of work must be done by Oc-. tober 1. The city gets a 91,000 check «8 :<ividence of good faith. The road is t> cross Chanute from east to west Main street and then run south ""eonniect the toyi^ns In the gas Nothing is said of any plan lo by on andl belt' build north from Chanute, so perhaps, the company Intends to make 3s with the lola-Humboldt-Cba- nut»llhe. World's Fair Newt Neies. ?;'!Auat|-ia will participate officially In iiif world's fair, A representative will be appointed shortly. The Liberty Bell will rest In the <^ter of the rotunda of the Pennsyl vanla building at the world's fair. -The Vfest Virginia commission to the World's fair, St. Louis, will open h'^qiiarters in Parkersburg soon. Afeatur.e of Wyoming's exhibit, at the. World's fair will be a iarge col-' lection of colored photographs of Wy. pming scenes. ::The jlrlsh department of agriculture will make a special exhibit of Irish in d^strles at the World's fair. ^ . (The Iseventh eongress of tbe North ^ American Skat League will be held at the World's fair, St. Louis, next year. ** . ;A loconiotrve testing laboratory will I lib - a "feature In' ,the transportation biiildlnis at the World's fair, next year :• A'itog show will be a feature of the .live stock exhibit at tbe World's fair, jnjpzt'year^ ', /California day at the "World's fair, : St. Lpuis, will be September 9, tbe '^th anniversary of the admlsslpn of California to the Union. ; topdgraphlcal map of the state of 'Alabama will form a part of that state's exhibit at the World's; fair. .The contract for the Ohio state bjuilding at the World's fair has been let to the Smith & E^alstman Constmi^ tion Co. ' 'The cost is slightly under 132.000. Denmark has officially accepted thi! Invitaticm to partlclpafe In the World's fair and "Williani Ariip has been kp- pointed oommissioher. , OHie Smithsonian tkxldermlst, Ge4 B. Turner, Is preparing a l«-foot gf- raffe-for ettlblUbn in the Government : bnUding at the World's fair. .Every country in jSouth America i T WI parUclpate In the World's fair, iraiile, the last to accept, contemplates an ippn^priatlon of 225,000 pesos. ed< In secret In a locked room trusty workmen. After tiie ball has received its winding of blue and white yarn, Its treatment in the cement solution and its drying out, it is wound agai^, and this time with three-ply blue and two-ply white, and again It is dipped in cc ment. j The purpose is to lay a rough, strong foundation and then build up on It, flliing in^he uneven places and grad ually making the perfect bail ready for the market. The ball Is completed, so far as It; shape and form are concerned, when the winding Is finished. But next comes, the delicate work of putting on the cover. The best of horsehlde is usejl, and It comes to tbe factory as nearly perfect as it can be procured. Covers of everjr grade are ctit from a single hide, and the man that can cut the most high grade covers from tbe hld03 is considered the best man. They.are cut out by hand, one at a time, and all thrown Into a box together to be sorted afterwards. Before tbfey are cut the hide is stretched, and before the cover Is put on the ball !l is dampened and stretched again. This prevents the ball from losing its shape and the cover from becoming loose. The ball is then put in clamps and the cover is sewed on. Cotton thread is used, for Its frlc- tlonal strength is greater than silk or linen, and therefore it will stand the wear and tear better. Elach ball Is sewed by hand, and then It la put Into a machine which Irons down the rough edges. Then It Is taken to another machluj. Ironed again and polished, and after It is stamped and wrapped up in .tissue paper and tinfoil it is ready for the market. The ball when finished must welg^ just five ounces, be nine inches In circumference and three Inches in diameter. It Is weighed and measured five "''j I times in the process of construction The cheaper ball Is made much in the same way, but Inferior material is used and n«t nearly so much care is taken In the process.—St. Louis Re public. Mrs Phil. Carpenter wanted the pb lice last night to arrest her husbana for being drank and disturbing her peace but the officers decided they could do nothing. Today she swore out a complaint In Judge Potter'f court and will have her spouse landed where he cannot molest.her. The two lived at Gas City where they conducted a lunch counter up tb a few days ago. "We got along beau tlfully," ahe says, "except when he go.t drank." He started on a\ spree Monday and hasn't Je^ up since. She finally got too .weary to' continue and aftejl warning him thjat she would leayjl him she did so, as he paid no attend tion and stood about the house drunlc while she was packing up. Yesterday she came to lola with her two child ren and seyen-months-old baby aiid secured rooms at the corner of Wash Ington and Broadway. Carpenter t^h lowed her and the first she knew he also had a room rented at the same place. Then It was she asked the po-: lice to arrest him. "They got Carpen-; ter out of bed and made him walk a! crack which he did so well that tlfeyj'; decided he was sober. Aftei'wardsjj when she was away Carpenter got the, baby boy, for whom ho shows a greatjj fondness, and carrled-him away. The;;! police were appealed to and traced;. Carpenter to his brother's where he had left the nursing infant. Tbe babe was restored to Its mother. Such actions have moved Mrs. Carpenter to uneasy anger and this morning she persuaded the county attornoy to take steps to stop her festive husband from his frolicsome pranks. She says it isn't, safe for him to be carrying the baby about when he is drunk and that the baby needs her itender ministrations. II NEW EUSTJIDE BOILDINe Mr. M. Heinrichs, of Humboldt, Vyill Build on His Lot Next to the Beebe Building. Elsewbe're in this issue will be foubd the advertisement, of the archi tect for letting the contract for the foundation for a new brick block on the east side of the square. The building will be erected for Mr. Mar tin Heinrichs, of Humboldt, and the lot is number 12, in block 02. This Is right south of the Beebe building near the northeast corner of the square. The building will be a two story brick the full depth and width ot the lot. The lower floor will be a hand some store room whjle the upper floor will be cut up into offices. The build ing will be handsome and substantial It Is not now stated what business will occupy it. • - g store thit g NcYer g Disspptiots' I Yea. :l % Tie l\g Store g Witb ^ Little Prices. lola's Best and Greatest Store. Goods; Sold as ^ Adwtised 2r No Exaneratietis 3 No A1l5repratnta> tlono. . T3 jMore for your 3 money. tb«n yoa S3 can gel eljtwbere all tbe time. TSl I Thousands Attend Our Qi^at 3ale. i Sacrifice S^le I All Summer Goodie M ^u^t Oo =3 r3 =3 Telephone Caso Tomorrow. Judge Foust Is home from a short session of district court at Yates Cen ' ter and It has been decided to try the mandamus case ot P. "V. Cyoucb against the lola Telephone Company here tomorrow. Mr. Chouch seeks to compel the company to put a tele phone in his house, the company hav ing removed the telephone on the charge that Crouch had failed to pay a bill when presented. !It is a test case on a new iralnt, to determine whether or not a telephone company is one ot those public concerns that must serve tbe public on request.; How We Stand Tonight. HEllE tOSDST 111 Energy all gone? Headache? Stomach out of order? Simply a case of torpid liver. Burdock Blood Bitters will make a new man or woman of you. If lola won both games today the standing of the two teams Is as fol lows: lola 39 20 .601; Springfield n.« 21 .CG4, putting lola in first place. If Springfield wins both we stand: lola 37 22 .627: Springfield .678. If eacli wins one we stand lola .644; Springfield .601. Where will we be at? Ktty Will Run One in H^ra From Junction City, j«piin and .fi Navada. Crazy Town Growing Crazier, lola was always a crazy base ball town but the exhibitions given here lately Notice to Stone Masons. Architect P. M. Anderson will receive proposal for foundation for busi I ment up In the air. There Is no talk 'The Katy road has made arrange-1 i»ow of anything but first place and a meiitB to ran an excursion Into lola I fast race for the pennant. have sent even tbe coiliservative elei"®^^ building on lot 12. block 62, M. Henrick. owner, until 7 p. m., July 13 1903. 8Uba «y, AtwuBt 16lb. the occasion be inir ft ball game between lola and Fort Bcott The trains will arrive aboiit liopD and will leave at 8 o'clock, 'if the two cluba keep on playing the tail tfbey are now and are as close at dc'V thitt^ime ft» at pment the game will "PoP«'- Thunder!" p^'^di^tless 4 crowd of out ' 10^^^^ Tlie cxcnrsion la be An aged gentleman came down town this morning and saw another man glancing up and down the columns ofl a morning paper. How is the pope.", inquired the el m m 'S. exclaimed the{ other. "I am looking ifbr the base ball scores." 'Which is a -typical Instance. ^en, women and children, they are all alike. Last year it was a sorrowful biinch of fans, feeling keenly the JnjC-beftvUy advfertlked and the road r.ff^imcta to bring loi large crowds. i^^'i ''^ ' \'' ''. wus, leeimg Keenly the poor ^1^4oDtm« to be; pnifUiie/'said, the *owlng such a booster of a town as . . TiT7' f"""' , 2d^^ SlL^t lean's ^ ^" n-ring. And this year It is driyen in poles are liable to canse a to call » -ource of.muulnlterated ^y to wl- »taeman tomlsshia footing and ^^JZT ^.l^ lop Nevd^ Fort Bj^- '^Lf ^lS^^f^ fa^ Dr. B. E. Jones returned this afternoon with his wife from Indiana. Illi nols,and Kentucky, where they have been visiting friends. They expect«il to return sooner but Mrs. Jones has been sick and ndt able to travel. She is Improving rapidly, however, and will soon be In her usual health. The police have been .given strUi orders to enforce the ordinance against posting' bills or tacking ^Ignr on-city poles. The first reason foi thi^ order la that tacks, nails, etc, Come TombrroW I Come Every J now at it*^ be^to ^UilUUlUUliUiUUlUllUiUlUiUiUiUUilUUliUUiUUIiliiUttiduUlUUUiillUiUW THE EAeLES GLEHRED $780.9 ' • i" Lodge Has Figured Up the Bills and Finds That it Has That Much Net Profit. Tlie Eagles* lodge held a business session Wednesday night at which the finance commiltee of the carnival made a detailed report of tho receipts and expenditures. The figures show a net profit on tho week for the Eagle of I7G0.C4. About this sum was secured in sub sprlplions and donations before the carnival but the expenses were so heavy that the sum was without much trouble. The boys found that it cost money every, time they turned around and the exponso bill figured up high. The gross receipts of the week were about $2,000. Jones—That's the most parslmon Ipus hotel 1 ever struck. Smith—What was the matter with Jones—Why, they even had • signs tacked up in the rooms stating that those who contemplated suicide must leave their order for gas with the clerk at the desk.—Exchange. Slight Injuries often disable'a and cause several days' loss of time (ind when blood poison develops, sometimes result In the loss of a hand limb. Chnpberlain's Pain Balm is hn antiseptic liniment. When/aijplled o cuts, bruises and bums It causes them to heal quickly and without maturation, and prevents any danger of l)lood poison. For sale by ail druggists. Too bad Northraps' are qnltting business. You can itlways depend on what you bought at Nortbrupg.' Scald head is an eczema of tbe scalp —very severe sometimes, but It can be cured. Doan's Ointment, quick and permanent In Us results. At any drug •jtore, r »0 cents. Agency For the (HJVERTTPEVRITBI^ At Bank of OFFICERS:- BO. A., Prest MHS. W. U. UARTMAN. Vlce-l'rest ZA, H. OAMPBur.L, Attorney. THOS. n. Bpwi.n3 Oashl Transacts a General Banking Business. ' .• » • • • Exchange OD K »Dfras Ghy, Chicngo ard New York. Malces collections in all parts of the United States. Negotiates first mortgage loans On well improved farms. Correaponelence solicited. ' II (Tfl t ' ' • • on storage Tanks, Automatic and Plain Gas Separators, Sheet iron Work, Structural Work, Rotary Ore ftoasters. Smoke Stacks, Steel bump:Cars LowFrlcesv : M«ie to Ordsr. HlUns For Castiofs a Specialtyl EsliBafesFM-iiislied. Qaick B^paJr Work^ We self... Boilers, Engines,. Brass Castings, Drilling Tools, Gray Iron Castings, Belting, Packing, lola, Kansas. Maaaiacturers .of rujulnarr Mines, SMeltei^ and Brick P |aD& We dner.M • i- ;. Jf Qood Worlcniatlirii V, Prompt Uellveries^ WAl. LANVON. sr., Pres. J. B. CASE, Vfce-Pres. A. B. ROBERTS. Cash lola Statfe Bank, Capltal_Stock,j|$5o6oo . DII (BCrOR9: . Wm.Lanyon. sr., O .Hood, Cltt K. Nlohotoon.r ^ftii A. I/iW,' ji A. nobinsoa, n; U Ucmleraoii, W&nk Riddle. A. U. noM^rlK, • '' -^^— ST0CKH0L06RS: J B. Case . B Oa«e, Wm. Lanyon,sr.. Geo. K. Nicholson: J. A. Itoblnson. Frank Ulddle; A. L.Taylor W. 8. Hendricks, U. L. Henderson. ,L.. I.. PoniHer. ;H. KlauiDan, I J. W. roiiWDt. ' DavldKwart.l K.P. ScheU. A.J{erini.'to&. .r. S. SValljer. Calvin lldod, M. A. Low. H. A.Ewins, A. W. Upwland, J.W.Edwards. • Hi U. Bennett, Svans BrosC, A, B. Koberts. • - 5^ ' ana RijpilnbilgS Another Lot of IiftifortedWoofens qOJQD TH^ YEAR 'ROUtSf^ Site;

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