Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1912
Page 6
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6 • .V THE iOLA PAIL? RECaSTEK. SATURDAY EVENINCJ. OCTOBER 19.i 1912. A PawerfKl Car at a . '^^^^^'^^^^^DHBWBBBMISMQ • ^••••••1 HHI^B Price T om Can Afford ^ • Up over tlie hills err down tlie smooth road m a t\\'inkling—and thiough the deep mud with a steady, silent power (hat is instantly equal to any test Thaf s the kind of service you get in the Here are specifications, which show that this great car offers you the topmost value for 1913. Fully Equipped— $1585 iSelf'Starter—Electric Mehts-Qniet Ranning Btotor Nlokrl nml Wnrk trlmmlnitii tliroijgliout iiU'Wart A CIHI k KimiOuiiHlrr (Vilarxlivlrli: IliilUa Silky mnliiilr tup Kiiirflt'lJ ruMier diixt li<vnl |{jtin vUlun vpnliluiintf wimi ihlpld Jul X 4 Xitt* Di'innuiitnlila rima j'UiN'tHo nlirnkt roiitniiil ii.lw rnlli Tiio) IKIX un>l li>ii)ii \. \\»yA <'i X t'ii Innif rtrndn motor I 'utUn n .>r»n IMwrr /icMt".!!!)* unit tmwor |il«nt llncliiMvl vnh-m all on one tide I 111 Inch wliiwl bwn Tlrn Irnnii nnii extra rini (^iibiillns unl> uauua • l )>H 'ii tii>li<'i<t<'rtiic. hanil^lmlTcil loBlhw InUnlliln roll with luck iixvtlell J.i'l'. |>utnt>»»l li'O lopolr kit I'xll rtniMtnit rcivr RXIJ WIIII Urgt N *W ' Ihiimrtiironnilllyittt iMnrlnim I.'iriniimwarfutUinibte Inurnul axpond* Inir lirnkM Tli> iTvl Irt'lilnil fmni nxia i'.Hiil«r riniiltiMllnlnp l,ni."ii lirmv inHumio with VIrk nwltch K<i>v rlillnit Vfinailluni alpol mirtnirii llHniluimu l»ly. tl<^l> liliia rolnr, bluk Hnlhtit trimmlnva. ID proc«H«« ot body nni.-h» The 1912 Great Wcnicrn was one of the most admired of all em's at the auto chows—the 1913' model is a sensation fot bejiuty, completeness, power, 8 |)eed and safely. Dmi't miss t:< einij the (Jreat Western. It is the one car you will war t to buy. Ask ua for catalog or demonstratipn. . DICKINSON & KELLEY Dojnoiislrnllon m Hp.|uest. HI MKOLUT, KANSAS IXEFFICIENCY REWARDED. Highest Cost Basis for Unkersnl SPU- ing Price. k-ast pfficiont plant engaged in a line of manufacturing. . A Lop on the Track —of the fast express means serious trouble ahead if net removed, so does loss of appetite. It means laek of vi- A plate house •wjth which the Ueg- . Ister deals writes tliat it not only has been forced by the courts to terminate :ality..Ioss of strength and nerve weak its rat© of 50 cents per page for plato ness. If appetite fails, take Electric matter, as Jijeing below cost and tend- : Bitters quickly to overcome the caust ing to ruin competition, but tliat its i.y toning up the stomach and curing new rate of 75 cents will l>e with- : the indigestion. Michael Hessheimer drawn. The concern is anxious to of Lincoln, N>b., had been sick over avoid contempt of court and says that , three years, but six: bottles of Elec- the 75 cent rat« has been represent- trie Bitters put him! right on his feet ^ to the government to be "less than again. They hav^ helped thousands, the cost of similar plates of some of jThey give pure blood, strong ner\'es our competitors and tbat a persistence : s;ood digestion. Only '50 cents at all • of our present prices might result in ; druggists. ^ a monopoly of the plate busii^ss." ^ = Which is an interesting manufactur-: ^rs. E. J. Wrisht went to Piqua Ing-development. Prices, it seems, j this morning for a visit with her par- are to be based on the cost of the I'ents. THIS PgRFJECTIO SMOKKUM WiU Heat Your Spare Room It means a lot to jrour guests to find a cosy, well-wann- • ed room awattiog them. A Perfectioa Smolseless OO Heater is the very tiling to drive away chUl and daO^ in a hony. No 8nx)ke or smell witb a Perfectibn. Jnst €lean,> growing warmth at a minodtei's notice. A Perfection Heater gives nine hoars' oom-V ibrt od a angle galtonofbiL Handsome, yet j ioexpeE^ve. 'Dealers (everywhere^ or write §x\ OatUaUr PBBS THISfliBQUT liEIIlT ao)i;«>'OR SATS riro LIKE TO ESCAPE RESPOXSIBILITT; Then He Excuse!) His SOeace by .te^ cniiing Henly «f Connltting a Crime In lola. When Governor.. Stubbs was informed of the jtopular indignation In lola over tlio seven year Imprisonment of John Healy for a crime which he never committed, he Is quoted as saying that he would be glad to be excused from deciding the question. But the statement of the Governor lacks much of b^ng convincing. In the first place w hen he says thfil "the stealing of the vallso In lola was the second offense." he erred, for Healy did not steal the suit case? To hold hini in the penitentiary, ostensibly for that "crime" but In reality for some other offense Is unlawful. In view of this badly tangled situation, the Governor might have relied on the Pardon Board's recommendations, but instead he gave no sign that be was aware that Healy existed, though ho now s.tys that he spent more time studying Healy's ca-^se than any other. . The K. C. Times, friendly to Stubbs, gives this explanation in a dispatch: Topeka, Oct. 17.—The proposed man dnmus proceLHllngs against Governor Stubbs to release John Healy from prison would be highly pleasing to thr Go\"ernor. "That would be line," he said. "I^t them bring the suit Nothing would suit me better.than to have the courts take the responsibility for this man. I ha^e studle<l the case a great deal and I have not released him yet. I don't know what will be done later, but nothing would please me more than to have hira or his friends bring some sort of a lawsuit to get him but." Governor Stubbs has spent more time stuflylng the Healy case than any other pardon matter he has had to deal with in the foiir years he has been governor. The governor does not grunt pardons but has been llb- nrul with paroles. Healy was paroled by Governor Hoch on the recommen- datlons of the pardon board, and while out of prison on parolo l'lealy~l>roke the restrictions and loft tlie stnto, and was brought back to servo the remainder of Ills term. Ho lind been In prJHon before hie KauHUM term, nnd the Ktoallng of .the vullMe In lola was the H «>cnnd olTeniir In KaniiaN nnd the serond time ho had been MontenoMi to pi-lKon In thin stale The parole board iit the prison recommends many names .of men each month ns eligible to parole. Kvnfy man who has compiled with the prison rules, has served his minimum sentence nnd has n good record Is iiul on the I 'llglble list and his parole recommended to the governor. flBlirD-COMPAKV CHi:>'CIE: DEFEATED HORXN 27 TO 10 loin Midgets Took Ylsllors Into ramji Here Yesterday In n Fine Foot . liall Match. ToBl^t tke Liut .Appeanaee of Prei- eat^ayen. Tonight wilt lie the last chance you will have to see the Unlieid Amusement Company's < (Cpmpany "E") In the two act Tabloid version; of the famous success a "Thief'a Daughter" The company is exceptionally well suited to the production of thif pretty Httle play of society life. rt;s great attraction Ilea In It'^ brightness. Its beauty and theair of gay^ty which permits It. notwithstanding the heart moving story which is its foundation. It Is a pay which can be seen again and again with reneweil Interest for there la-with all so much good clean, comedy Intermingled with t he pathos: Opening Monday night, the United Amusement Comiwny will present (Company "C") under the management of Mr. Ohas. Emery and.assures us this Is an elcceptlonally strong company of players and will change their bills nightly ins|ead of three times a week as has been the. policy. TRY PAPERS COLD COMPOCXD. JOHNSON «HHID PRIHILEM CHAXPIOX SUSPECTED OF WHPTE . SLAYEBY ISCLIXATIOX DCICH Ererybody and • Boasts Tbat . TYonien Ran After Him, Inclad- . Ing the Cameron GIri. Pnpe'.s Cold Coniponnd Cures Colds nnd Grippe In a Few Hours. The most severe cold will be broken and all grippe misery ended after taking a dose of Pape's Cold Compound every two hours until three consecutive doses are taken. You will distinctly feel all the disagreeable symptoms leaving after the very first The most uiisor.ible headache, dullness, head and nose stuffed up. fever- ishneRS sneezing, running of the nose, •ore throat, mucous catarrhal dis- tharges, soreness, stiffness, rheumatism pains and other distress vanishes Take this wonderful Compound as directed, with the knowledge that there is nothing else in thfi world which will cure your cold or end Grippe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad aftereffects as a "."i-cent package of Pape's Cold Compound, which any druggist ^•an supply. Cuutalns no quinine—belongs In every home—accept nb substitute. Tastes nice—acts gently. VACDEVILLK A 'rTKACTIOX 1\ PERHAM 'S WINDOW In the football game at the Fai Grounds yesterday afternpon between the Moran high school and Midget; footbe.Il learns, the local players wen victorious by a score of 37 to 10. The game went smoothly throughout, with but two stops to adjudge the fairness of the referee's decision. Leo Coft- man played an unusually good gahn in tackling behind the enemy's line and a number of times, stopped plays that would have meant a good gam( for Moran. Lenhart the fullback tor< i!p the line a number of times on ten yard gains. Dorsett, Doggett ant Badgoly played excellent games ai tackling. Badgely ihade a good field soal kick in the third quarter. Tht Sloran players were best on-their foi ward passes which they worked with great precision. Prctz "nnd Llndberf starred for the visitors. McAdams one of the Moran players made on< of the best drop-kicks ever made or. the field. 0;^ the first of November the Mid gets v.-ill ?o to Moran and there stag* a game with the players they defeat ed yesterday. The management of the .MidsLots states that the Southern Kan sas Academy of Eureka will be her< on Thanksgiving day and play n gam* at the Fair Grounds. / OITBOWLED YATES CE.XTER YNIting Team Defeated Lsist Mght bj 128 Pins. A team of lola bowlers Sast nigh captured the scalps of a t^am fron Yates Center defeating thetn by th' score of 2136 to 202S. Fry. 'of Yate: Center, made the best Indlvidiial score 497. while Root of lola lead the local! with 4 SO. The score was as follows lOLA. Ritchie 144 147 1.-.2 44: Poston .... 120 104 178 40 Asplnall 140 146 111 39' Kersey 122 154 158 43' Root 174 l«l 145 48( 700 712 YATES CENTER. 744 215( Fry 154 Gray 155 Ennis 148 Richard , 95 Weigapd . 177 > 175 122 118 99 121 168, 126 141 120 109 49' 4(i: 4o: 31' 40 729 635 .664 202F CTANDARp^OJ|,<% W. H. WebV. of Sallna, received s check frbm Uncle Sam the other day for $3.10. I>eliag the sum he ^^ttax 'short changed" when paid off as f soldier in August 2' 1862, when entitled to Day to August 16. This amount «d to |4,but the careful accountahtr discoTered that he'had been overpaid 90 cents at one time, and balanced, the account 60 ytaxfi late, irlthout In'ter- t • • - • Tbey Hflke.Tn Feel Good.' • Tli» ' pleamnt .^vpurgatite •:<. etfe .Veehanlcnl Figure AsHlsted by the Sophomore <<lrl to Appear .Vouday, Tueiidny and Wcdnesdny After, noon and Krcnlng. The "automaton or ineihnnlcal figure," assisted by the girl weuriiiK "her lirotlier'M elolheM," will appear In the winiliiw iif the IVrhaiu Clothing Store Monday, TiieHdiiy uiiil NVednexduy and will Altrn<-1 large crowds of viirlou* ind (Miiiiiiienlatlve perxiniH, " IH It real?" "Ilnw doen hn do It?" and "li" I a nmn or an ItiiiiKe?" ar<* HIMIII ! of ho qlieMtlnUH lliHl 4vlll lio liski'd. Well. "It" U Just HO "real" that Arhur Kose. the autoniulon" offerM IIUOII to the nuin who can make him laugh. Hose HO perfertly represents a liie- -.•hanlcnl doll that It Is absolutely im- possiblo to discern whether or not he Is human—that Is when you look nt hini from the outside of the window Off duty, he Is JiiHt as human us h<- ".o\i\A possibly be. and he bus rea! blood in his veins. The pretty young woluan who assists Mr. Ros« and who Is the girl In her brother's clothes." wears a ;SulI jf the Sophomore Perfect Httlnj jlothes, which the pair are advertising and which are sold by Mr. Per•lam. They may be seen in the win- low between the hours of 4:30 and " ind from 7:30 to S:30 p. m. on .Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. —Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 Stt St Water- rown. S. D., writes: "My four thlld- ren are subject to bard colds and I al *ays use Foley's Honey and Tar Com lound with splendid results. Some irae ago I had a severe attack of 1 ;rlppe and the doctor prescribed T"'o- ey's Honey and Tar Compound ant. t soon overcame the la grippe. I car Uways depend upon Foley's Hone", xnd Tar Compound and am sure •;ood results." For sale at Burrell'i Drug Store. 01 Topeka State Journal: Those Bull Moose editors who are Insisting that Schrank was aroused to. his terrible Jeed by the newspaper crltlsm of Col inei Roosevelt's prjBsent poitical pre- 'entlons, surely dci not charge that my newspapier 'has ever suggested that IJolonel Rotjsevelt was the real mur lerer of William McKinley because he .vlshed to succeed -him in the presi- lency. And this Is one of the chief easons that Schrank has given-for lis attempt on the colonel's life. —Mrs. Paul Wehling, 316 Smith SL Peoria. 111., had kidney ahd bladde: trouble, with terrible backache and lain across the hips. Just imagine \er condition. She further says: "1 vas also very nervotis. had headache: tnd dizzy spells, and was fast gettlnp irorse when I took Foley Kidney Pllli ind now all my troubles are curec T'oley Kidney PUIs have done so muc! for me. I shall always re<»mmenC hem." For .nale at Burrell's Drug 5tore.* Gas City Herald: Mr. L. T. Cannon awyer, has leased the outBt of th* lefuhct Humboldt Herald, and Monday Issued the first Issue of the paper. Mr. Cannon, while a practical stranger in Allen county, having opened offices In Humboldt but a year, yet he has formed many friends over the county who wish him well in the newspaper business. Cleve Tlbbits will be publisher and 'Mr. Cannon wilt devote part of his time to the editorial departmrat - , left me ^th a frii^itfal eongh and JMT^^MC. IhadspeDs whealedold banlhr brttthe OCSMUC to IQto » mlo^; My dte^ could notbdp me^batliras eompletely enrad by Chicago, Oct. 18.—Jack Johnson's troubles, growing put t>f his alleged relations with Lucilo Caiueron; a 19- year-old white girl, rapidly muItlpIieJ tt>day. A few hours after his arrest oa a warrant sworn to by Mrs. F. Cameron Falconnet, of Mlnneai>olIs, Minn., the mother of the girl, charging abduction. Assistant United State Attorney James H. Wlkerson, ordered a thorough Investiga'Uon, with the view of government prosecution under the Mann "white slave" act. prohibiting the Illegal transportation of women froni one state to another. In the afternoon Sliss Cameron was served with a subpoena, calling her before the federal grand jury to testify against Johnson. "Later Mrs. Cameron Falconnet appeared bi-fore Judge E. Owens In the county court and swore to a formal complaint that her daughter was; Insane. .After the papers had been drawn up and signed. Judge Owens issued a commitment order providing for the arrest and detention of vthe girl at the Detention htispltal, pending an Investigation and hearing as to her mental condition. ^ Mrs. Cameron Falconnet Informed .ludpe Owens that she believed'her daughter's mind was unbalanced as the result of her association with John son. Miss Cameron was held by federal authorities todight in bonds of $25,000 for use as a witness against Johnson. The government Is determined to go the limit In Investigating Johnson's alleged relatlShs with the Cameron girl and others. Information has come to the department of justice that the ne­ gro prize fighter has associated fr«- (juently of late with young white girls and tlie inquest of these charR.*.<< will be thorough. (ilrl Shields Xegrn. Uert J. Meyer, special agent of Ihti department of justice. Interviewed the girl at the South Clark strotil pollro nation annex today. Hh<( refuted to xny niuoh about her rase, nttHiuplIng o shield .lark Johnnon, It U Miild. In ovory answer to qunsllons put to her . "Wo ttrt> going to the limit In ihlx ease." Mold the dlnlrlcl attarney "There will b e no utones left nnturii "d In the pronefiitlon of the neuro,' 'letuldeil, "If we find thiit he lind anything to do with the Klrl's t ransportn- from another state to ('hicngo. Furthermore the government will delve deeply Into other caMog of the like that may he brought to our notice." .lohhson was indicted by ii f(>deral \(randjury a few montivs ago on chnrg ••s of smuggling n diamond nohklace valued at i .'i.OOO into America from l .,ondan, where he had been with his white wlf«', who recently killed herself. The trial on the criminal cbarg- r>s of smuggling Is t>xpected to lie h<?Id luring the winter session of the federal court. .Vother's Pleading in Ynln. .lohnson raged when arrested on war rant sworn out by Mrs. F. Cameron ^alconnet of Minneapolis, mother of the girl. Ills fury was Increased when '.he police refused to permit him to iee the girl, or to procure her re- 'ease on bonds. Meantime Mrs. Comeron Falconnet visited her r9-year-old daughter in her zcW and weeplnglf tried to Induce her to return to Minneapolis. Lucile Is ?^ld to have repulsed her mother at Srst, finally burst out with a declaration that she would rejoin Johnsron if she could. The pugallstis schedued to appear for preliminary 'hearing tomorrow morning; He gave his own cash bond, which was fixed at $800. Jack Johnson In a statement said: "I *an't help It if white women become infatuated with nie and follow me around. If Miss Cameron loves me, that is my business and hers, as she = old enough to know her own mind by this time. For the past month I have employed her as stenographer. "In about th ree weeks 1 expect to 'eave for Austrialia. where 1 am to Ight Sam I.angford and Sam McVea. I do not intend to take her witb me. but as she has money of her own, she may take the notion to follow me and* you surely can't bame me for what ;he does. 1 woud not. fake her unless r first married her. (Jf coarse, I may marry her, but not now. 1 can ch'oose whomever I wiph to marry; and no one can stop me." Leigh Bowlus. who has been attending school In Lawrence Is here for a Sunday visit. - • / UIXIITIirE FOR OLD PEOPLE-GilSCIUinS What Glasses Are to Weak Eyes Cast- carets Are to Weak Bowels—A 10c Box Will Truly Amaxe You. Most old people ihust give to the bowels some regular help, else they suffer from constipation. The condition Is perfectly naturaL It Is: Just as natural as It Is for old people to walk slowly. For age is never so active as youth. The muscles are less elastics And the bowels are muscles. . So all old people need- Cascareta. One might as well refuse to aid weak eyes with glasses'as to neglect this gentle aid to weak^wels. The bowels must be kept active. This Is-important at all ages, but never so much as at fifty. Age is-not a time for'harsh physics. Toutb may occasionally whip the bowels Into activity. But a lash can't be used every day. :Wbat the bowels of tke^old need Ifli;ai gantle and, nat- umliitmic.. Ona'iliat' caKJ><»ve«uistaot- m Is Piano This is the time of the year when you can get some good solid comfort out of your Piano. If you have not already purcbaseji a Piano come to our store and see our stock. Look over our beautiful line of Pianos. Hear what a good proposition we can offer you. ' . We have some good slightly used Pianos that are fine and will save you .some money. ORGANS. $.->, .$8, $10, $12, $1.') to $.30 J. V. Roberts Music Co. •r LECTURE on Christian Science by W D. McCr^cken^ M. A.' C. S. B. ofTVcw York aty^ Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston Grand Theatre^S O'clock, Sunday Afternoon NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 409^ North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Agent' No Deliveries Made on Le$s Than Barrel,Lots THE NORTHROP NATIONAL BANK — I0tA,.ILi5SAS OYER FORTY YEARS OF mxSERTATIYE BAXKIXG TS lOLA Depository for the United States, State of Kansas, aud Ailea Ceiaty OFFICERS: E. J. MHXER. President U L. NORTHRUP. Vlce-Prest MELVIN/ FRONK. Cashier F. A. NORTHRUP, ATlce-Prest R. J. COFFEY Asst. Cashier D. P. NORTHRUP. Vice-Prdst CAPITAL $50,000.00 SUBPLUS $20,0000)0 TOUB BUSIIVESS SOUCTTED Intei%st Paid on Tine DeposlU Safety Dcposlt'Bc-^ea for Beat ENGLAND AfDS ELEtmOX. Wflsi>n Managers Appeal to tbe Brit- Ish aaanfaetarers. (From the Daily Province, Vancouver BrIUsh Columbia. October 5, 1912.) j I.ondon. Oct 5.—The Woodrow Wilson campaign Is not confined to the United'stages. British manufacturers are being flooded with' appeals for assistance. A letter from the National Wilson and Maivhall League, of which Wni. C. McAdoo Is president, has been sent to all manufacturers in Great Britain, and in the letter Is a statement that a complete record will, be kept of those who help to make the great Democratic victory certain. The appeal for funds has been sent broadcast to big houses ia iadnstrial Bngland. conTcylng, dF coara&«^ im- tbat aiionJd Y(roodro# ^tradl0^:wpa^ " 'jtpri'-^ Tlie circular to British manufacturers has at the head'of it tbe names of William McAdoo. Charles R. Crane and Stewart S. Gibbons. Crane is the .Chi<»>go mIlIJona|re who subscribed $70,000 to ^liioa's pre-convention fund. Gibbons allied his name as secretary on the circnlar. A. Stoneham, one o fthe IdKrinen here, iff ptiissesslon of a WUSOB ' elfcu- lar, in discussing the appeals tO English manufacturers said: ' "England is not interested i In the Democratic party Or its free traide pro^ gramme. AVe are placing MMBeJIda oa free trade problems here. i«Later on we hi)pe to have the tariH; bpttetUnea of the United .States. Eagaad has lost milliona by free trade. ^'Tbw^vUi. be no money In Englatfd t«b(»1iad fdr BIr. Wilstm."

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