The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1968 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1968
Page 8
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ttgt •— Hyflwvlue (M.)' Courier Hews - Thursday, June 9, 1ft* Astrological Forecast FRIDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: You have' a big desire to produce results of your own choosing today and tonight so make a point to get mo the things you wish to do early and carry through with the decis- tes that you made during the past two days when you were to a highly cooperate sta e of inakuig decisions for the future with other persons, ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Keeping busy at handling payment and collection of bills, government matters, mortgages, etc is fine today. Then show great devotion to loved one. Arrive at that fine understanding that will last far into the w- - .TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Contact most vital allies and show that you are most cooperative at this time. Decide policy matters wisely. Think big end get big now should be your motto. Stop thinking along such small and petty lines. -GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) .You have some precise work to perform,' so get at it early instead of going: off on a frivolous tangent. Fellow workers will gladly help you in your finest aims. Show that you are appreciative. "'MOON CHILDREN (June 22 r io July 21) You can meet with I'ucces.s in just about any 'sphere in which you want to ex- .press yourself, so make your plans early and carry through. Evening can be equally success- Jiiliy on the social side. Bie dy- jiamic. " 1.EO (July n to Aug. 21) Study your home well and see ^hat needs to be done to im prove it, both within and with put. Make all more harmonious with kin, servants. Spend time planning more foundational security as well. ... VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) it you sit down early with associates and plan how to be more efficient in your joint operations, you can get aheac much faster in the days ahead. Get machinery checked over. Avoid any possible hazards. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You know you need to make more money, so why don't you think big if you want to get big? Contact that important business expert and get advice you need. Then you can impress that mate of yours in P.M. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Others should not expect so much from you and it would be "well if you thought more of helping yourself right now. It's vital you get your health improved, even if it only means resting more. Forget all this altruism business for the time being. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Simmer down and get busy with some private angling that will put all of your business affairs on an even keel. Add to success in the near future. Once your work is finished, find happiness with mate — .or get yourself one, if you are single. . ..CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Carrying through with what a. good pal has to suggest is best for your interests, since bis, or her, ideas are unshakeable anyway. Then off to the social, together. Add to your present icircle of friendly contacts. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) All you have to do is to be in civic-minded circles and you can contact the bigwig who can extend the big favor you want. Also, your contribution in that area can be very merilorious. Be sincere. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. Why don't you do something constructive about all those really good ideas buzzing around in your mind instead of bemoaning your fate? Listen to what others have to suggesl as well. Success comes more easily. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she will be one of those very dynamic youngsters who can just about magnetize everyone around and should early get into athletics, since the physique is excellent and there is much speed here, too. See to it early that there isn't some fixation that could spoil an otherwise fine chart Give right religious training, The nickname "wildcatter" for an oil driller was coined by pioneers of the American oil at light over food scraps left Industry. In remote areas of Pennsylvania, wild cats fought by dtyttm drilling enwt. AlT" 'V'T-u.aH *5V--<.S! '-• :-v""jj^Wv« Vn|1^; K>W«IW«8K5«SSS»WKSW«*1KWJ I»*UUL,, ~~™ - - ' "• ••'* I AIRBORNE, these vehicles skim along on a cushion of I air during Army tests near the Aberdeen Proving Ground, I Md. The amphibious vehicles are capable of 7(Kinile-an- yjpnr speeds and can clear five-foot obstacles. , FRIDAY, JUNE 7 2:00 BEYOND THE EARTH The Solar System. A non- technical survey of worlds beyond'bur own. 3:30 ALL'ABOARD A Bakery Trip And A Coconut Gift. 3:00 JOURNEY Hawaii, Crossroads of The Pacific. 3:30 THE AMERICAN BUSINESS SYSTEM The Role of the Market. How the market system functions in the United States. 4:00 WHATS NEW Matti, iPart III. Matti, an orphan boy, searches for his sister in Northern Finland; 4:30 THE DISSENTERS Joe Michael Cobb. A spokesman ,for America's younger extreme conservatives and editor --in - chief of the "New Individualist Review", discusses his beliefs with host Donald Fous«r. 5:00 ANTIQUES American Art Glass, H. Mr. Barret' and George Micheal discuss Lewis Tiffany, h.i s influence; production methods and examples of his glassware. 5:30 EASTERN WISDOM AND MODERN LIFE The Void. Eastern philosophy applied to modern life. 6:00 200 YEARS OF WOODWINDS The Beginnings. The development of the :woodwinds. 6:30 WHAT'S NEW Matti, Part III., Matti, an orphan boy, searches for his sister in Northern'Finland. 7:00 ALL ABOARD A Bakery Trip And A Coco- not Gift. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS Hawaii, Crossroads of the Pacific. 8:00 JAPAN: THE CHANGING YEARS' Village Life in the New : Japan; Japan's leap from the Middle Ages in the years from 1861 to 1961. 8:30 NET PLAYHOUSE The Changeling. The classic . tragedy by. Thomas Middle- 'ton, .Shakespeare's contemporary, in collaboration with William Rowley, which is a lusty, fast-moving and. still- powerful study of crime in 16th century London and its psychological effects. PADDLING OWN CANOE TO AFRICA CHICAGO (AP) — Francis Brenton, 40-year-old writer, explorer and adventurer, is paddling his own canoe outfit across the Atlantic to West Africa to purchase native artifact for,the Field Museum of Natural History. His shopping list from the museum's department of an- art, fishing, hunting and agricultural tools. The museum plans to display the items. Brenton plans to make ths 15,000-mile round trip without the use of a sextant or radio transmitter. He will, use his r own system of solar navigation developed during a 1961 voyage across the South Atlantic. His craft is two canoes lashed together. One is a 22-foot'canoe he obtained from Columbian na tives* The other is his 26-footer, "It's very solid and verj safe," he said. "It's like a catamaran submarine." JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH A8763 VAJ10865 452 '•• *8 :: WEST (D) EAST AK94 AQ • 96 4108743 #Q53 + A10942 SOUTH AAJ1052 ' VVoid 4AKQJ , + KJ87 East-West vulnerable West North East South Pass .Pass 'Pass 1A Pass 4 A Pass 6 A Pass" Pass • Pass 'Opening lead— If K In a recent expert team game both North - South pairs reached an impossible spade slam. At each table, the opening lead was the heart King and' each South player saw 'a chance to make his contract. He would discard a club on dummy's ace of hearts and start on .diamonds. Unfortunately for all South players, West was 'unkind enough to ruff the third diamond with the nine of trumps and the hand would collapse. The bidding in the box is that of the first table. South was rather critical ;of North's jump to four spades and pointed out that, if North just had five spades to the king and nothing else, 'the slam would be practically a laydown. We agree. North's hand might hold the, cards to produce game opposite some minimum opening bids but w'e play percentages and, in general, there wuld be' no game unless South could rebid over a single raise by North. At the other table, North made the bid that we consider correct and raised to two spades. South might well have simply bid game but he was looking:for a slam and bid three diamonds, North proceeded to jump to four spades, whereupon.. South bid six. The same lead and the same one down resulted, North and South had one of those .happy partnerships in which each partner tries to blame himself for any bad result. North said immediately, "I should have bid three hearts over your three diamonds. That surely would have warned you of duplication, and you would have cntented yo-urself by merely going to game." , , South replied, "Yea, I would have, arid three hearts would have' been a better call, but I did not have to go to the slam. I might well have bid only five spades. After all, you only raised to two as your fjrst bid." We' think both North.and South were: correct in th.eir analysis and even more correct in their partnership approach to discussing disaster hands.- They will improve with each session of play together. Stalk-Eye dFish Larva of; the stomiatoid fish has eyes sticking out on long stalks, which twist into loops as the fish grows. These eye stalks eventually become knot ted into; small capsules-in-front' of the eyes. U. & frttUeati According to a ruling of .the State Department, Lyndon B. Johnson is the 36th president. Grover Cleveland is counted twice, as the 22nd and 2th president, because his two term were, not consecutive. Only 35 individuals' have held the office. Mr. farmer: WE HAVE LEE & DAVIS SOYBEANS CALL OR SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY ELLIS GIN CO. WC. BARFIELD PH. PO 3-6614 MINIATURE NOW OPEN AT WALKER PARK Hours: Weekdays 7 to 11 Sat. 2 to 10 Sun. 2 to 6 ON FATHEmDAY JUNE 16 no. ironing I no scrubbing! no trouble! ~" v. VAN HEUSEISI VANOPRESS™ BATISTE SOIL RELEASE ReqenM-Blentt 65% Dacron* polyester 3 ' '35% cotton shirt Van Heusen has added the next best thing to Vanopress. New Soil Release discovery. Stubborn soil lines on collar and stubborn stains wash out without scrubbing. Vanopress whites come out whiter. Colors, brighter. Work is made lighter, because Vanopress shirts are permanently pressed the day they're made ... and never n«ed pressing again. "Contour-Crafted" for the neat, tailored look. Cliff collar. Colors or white. TAKE A GOOD LOOK: Imperials by.Florsheim are unusually good looking! Carefully made erf the finest leathers and materials. Imperials have the look, the feel, the fit. The Fforsfietm Imperial is absolutely right. Come see what we mean! Hat nxslam Of!** $1996 to *2396./M Open Thursday Til 8:00 P.M. FREE GIFT WRAPPING & MAIL WRAPPING ?9fMv^AMMjMWf fr^99tf 6M^W

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