Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 3
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(ML It is the bfest Oil Stock to buy. Thei-e is nothing on the market to equal it Let us tell you why? It is only capitalized at $200,000 while nfearly every company! in the field is capitah'zed 3t $1,000,000 therefore one share of the^McjKinley ORUDE STOCK is worth five| shares of the Million Dollar Oompaiiy*s Stock or two and on Q half shares of the half million Company's stock. Stock selling in a million dollar company at 10 cents per share would be equal to McKmley Crude at 50 cents per share/ Every $2000. will/pay a One Cent Dividend on the McKinley Crude. We have two splendid Oil Wells now, No. 3 drilling. ' ^ Standard. Oil Company pipe line goes right by our wells. V^e believe these two we'^ls will piimp 50 barrels p^r day or $1500 per month or ^18.000 per year, or 9 per cent on par value of the stock, or 30 per cent on the price of our stock today, if we can do this from two wells now in, what can we pay our shareholders wnen we get ten wells. ; - . For a few days only you can buy Treasury stock at 25 cents per seare, par value $100. This is only equal to 5 cents per share in a Miljion Dollar Company. Buy stock where there is oil where is now an established market waiting you. In order to buy a Pumping Plant 20,000 shares will be sold, then i)rices go up. Honest, careful and conservative management. We invite your inspection of our property. Subscriptions received by ' ] I F.S. BENNETT, P^cst, GEO. McKINLEY, Tte^t JOE McKINllEY, Scc^y lola, Kansas. Humboldt, Kansas. ] lola, Kansa^. OR THE ALLEr^ COUNTY INVESTMENT CO., lola, Kansas. Promoters of this Company Ground Flc^r Bartels Buildins^ THE PEOPLE'S STORE. < * \^^HAT y6n save on one purehHse ~ ' helps you to buy another." Did you ever think of that ? Vou know it is not the large savings that make people riuh—it is tlu? small savinjrs all the time. We'll •save you nifkles and dimes and the dollars will take care of themselves. \V))ere you cb.n save on all the little needfuls is a good place to trade (Hir prices arc money savers and the more you buy the more you save. Cet our prices and compare thera and you will see how true this is. Just now we can save you a goo d deal of money on Towels, Brushes and Toilet Supplies. Some Exceptional -Values in GLASSWARE, WATER SETS AND BERRY DISHES. We sill Postage Stamps, are down tbwn. Call and get a cool drink when you M^n'* Two Piece Wool Crash 5uit» Now We hav$ righ We sho\|f hair our \s the time yotf want to dress well and comfortable. a good All Wool Crash Suit, made and a gooil fitting garment. Price. $4.95 you a First Class Wool Crash Suit, made with cloth front, will hold its shape. This suit has been glO.jOO suit all season Spe< iali price Fine Do ible Breasted two-piece Suits, one of the ^ swellest suits shown this season. Special price.. $8.50 BARCLAY • SHIELDS Clottiiixg: Oo., One - Price - Cash - Clothiers. Dr. Porter. D J. E. Chasta LOCAL NEWS, icntist. n, Dentist. Dr. O. R. Biishfield, Dentist. Kodaks and |supplio3 at Miller's. .Tohn Gill worit to Chanuto to attend the races. A. L. .MorfhCKl went to Clianuie on business. Prof. Owcui went to Chanute on husiut'.-.s. Miss Clara KlaUmann returncl home today. is^orthrup's quit business. A dollar for'fifty cents. Good board and room by day or •week. .rilO ?^)rth street. • No. 11 East Madison, up-stairs. Hen• derson & Powcirs office. E.'ll. Pi-rkins left yesterday for Cherry vale on business. W. O. Fink returned to his home • 'In Frcdonia yesterday. F. Bixby wont to Oklahoma for a few days on business. . Vina Spance returned to her home in Pittsburg ycstenlay. Five ro(5m ^ouse for rent. Inquire of I?. E. Miller, 800 South Jefferson. Dr. Herschel Hendricks is home ready to at'tend old and pew patients. Mrs. Col; Lanyon left Thursday for Pittsburg for a few weeks' visit with friends. l^lkenny Castle is one of the oldest inhabited houses In the world, many , 6t the rooms being much as they were 800 ylears ago. Mrs. Kate McCortle, of Joplln, who iiasl been visiting Mrs. D. A. Thomp,son returned home jeaterday. , . .Mr. A. Hamilton went to Yates Center on business. .Miss Olio Snell returned to her home in Toronto this morning. Mrs. L. Ratliffe, of Gas City, went to Pittsburg for a few days' visit. Mr.s. A. E. Jacobs returned to her home in Heriniiion, Kansas, this nicirninK- F<ir Sale—A nice front corner loi in East lola. with small house. Some large fruit trees. Price, $275 if sold at once. L. Hobart. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hamilton, of Toronto, who have been vi.^iling Mr. A. Hamilton, of ?.\'> S. Walnut street, roturned home this; morning. The prices at Northrups' quit business sale are selling the goods iast. It's only a question of a few days, when it will all be over. The barber shop of Homer Ifender son at Chanutit wa.s entered Wednesday night and eighteen dollars belonging to thd two bootblacks taken. Mr. and Jfrs. C. H. McCarley and Miss Ella McCarley and Mrs. C. F. Robor.s left this morning for Denver . to spend the summer for their health. . Nfodesha Register: An lola company brought in an 80 barrel well, 7 miles southwest of Independence. This vicinity is supposed to be rich in gas and , the finding of oil occasioned rejoicing;- Yates Center Advocate: Mrs. J. W. Buchanan and Mrs. F. Hayse were In Tola Tuesday of this week taking in the sights, and sights they jnust have seen, is they were reportied on the lift next morning, so we ai» iaformed. "Miss Stella Collcy returned to her home in Humboldt. Mrs. G. W. Quiett went to Pittsburg for a few days' visit. Jud Mann went to Pittsburg for a few days on business. M. E. Critzer left for his home in Himiboldt this afternoon. Mrs. Minnie Seigert returned to her home in Pittsburg this afternoon. Mrs. J. W. Ma.son returned to her home in Pittsburg this afternoon. ' Minnie Hartley left this afternoon for Pittsburg for a few days' visit with her mother. Mrs. M. J. Crolhors left this afternoon for Liberal, Kansas, where she expects to make her home. The thermometer got a raise today and before noon the south side heat measurers showed from 94 to 90 de grees. Mr. Preston Plumb, of Emporia, who has been here for a short visit with his sister, Mrs. S. C.-Brewster, returned home this morning. Mrs. Irwin, of Seneca, 111., who has been hero visiting her sister, Mrs. S. H. Kessler, left yesterday evening accompanied by Mrs. Kessler, for Stark, where they will visit their mother a fkw weeks. In the years to come lola people will grow richer and will move away from the low'townsite out on the high ground on the street car lines. A fine breeze blows these days across the prairies and the temperature is many degrees cooler than in town. The bodies of a man, boy and horse were found on Chetopa creek north of Neodesha the othpr day, doubtless victims of the flood. Letters alone served to idcatlfy the badly decom posed remains. The man is believed to have been R. W. Wensel, of Witty.. Mo. The city clerk has a list of forty-two canines whom the police failed to get listed. The police, of course, had to take people's word for it whether or not they owned dogs. The officers found 259 dogs. It would be Interest ing to know just exactly how many dogs there are in town. Fort Scott Monitor: Judge C. E. Benton and his family will leave for Yellowstone park in a few days to make a tour of that famous pleasure ground. They expect to he away for some weeks and will extend their trip throughout the far northwest before returning to Fort Scott. i The Fort Scott papers have hard Inck. And they ought to. When their team wins no papers in the league grow so purple and insulting, .so cocky sure and so hoa.stful. Only yesterday the Tribune jumped on the Kansas City Journal scores and said "lola is not ahead of Fort Scott, and what is more never will he." And yet tonight's Tribune will show lola right up there ahead of the Scottites. 'Tis Iwtter not to too hard. Miss Guila Myers is down from Lawrence visiting old friends. Miss Evan::, who has been visiting Miss Lee for a short time, left for ,her <home in Oklahoma City. Uncle Tom's band gave a very excellent concert on the square at noon today. It is a tent show and exhibits here tonight on the east side of the square. lola now has won twelve straight ball games and is playing a doiible- header of postponed games today. We have to win both to take first place. But we get another crack', at the Midgets tomorrow. TWO OHTHSJf BEPflBTED Mrs. George Mock Dead After a Long Illness—Little Baby Passes Over the River. Mrs. George Mock, of 716 South Chestnut street, died this morning about 9 o'clock after a long illness from typhoid fever. She has been ill for nearly a year and for the past two months had been confined to her bed. Her husband, who is a house-mover by trade, and several children, among them a baby, survive her. The funeral will be held from the house Sunday at 10:30 o'clock. Died. Little Ora May Vancil died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Howard, her grandparents, July.8th, 1903, at 10 p. m., aged 1 year and 2 months and 4 days. Funeral services were held from the home July 9 th, at 3. p. m.. Rev. J. T. Malcom, conducting the service. HANNA AS A TRUST BUSTER. His Company is in the Field Against the Great Harvesting Machine Combine. Chicago, July 10.—Senator Marcus A. Hanna.has entered the field as an active competitor of the International Harvesteij Company, known as the world combine In harvqstlng machinery and farm implements. He Is the moneyed man in the new Aultman- Miller Buckeye company, of Akron, O.,: and information was received In Chi cago financial circles today that he purposes putting up the best possible fight for harvest business throughout the world in competition with the big combine which includes the McCor- mlcks, Deerings and all of the big companies that have made American farming machinery world-famous. The Hanna concern is now said to be reaching out for sales agents and other expert employes that have lost their positions with the old companies as a result of the merger, and, conpFed with enlargements of the present plants, rebuilding and extending! this will constitute the first step in the •fight. ' • The Aultman-Mlller plants, busi- I FOR SALE A Qood Chance Jlere ' I I I I 1 I Doe acre one-fourth mile west of Public square, Ida. No gas or oil lease, price $350. About 13 acres adjoining lola, ao gas or oil lease. Price 83500. Terms on this. 50 acres one mile east of city. Price 1865 per acre. Make us an offer on this. One acre on tfouth Kentucky St. Price 9200. Easy tenna. 40 acres one mile soafchwest ot Tola, nice bottom land, no gas or oil lease on this. Price iH,000. Also a 400 acre ranch 35 milets southwest of lola, 65 acres in cui- X tlvation, house, barn and orchard. ^> Price 14,000. Terms. ness, good will, etc., wore sold a f^w days ago at public auction. The coni- pany had failed' for approximately one and one-half million dollars and ck- Judgo William A.'vincent of Chicago was the successful bidder, after legal complications were swept away. The price paid was $C40,060, Yt.'.sterday and the day before the new company was organized In Cleveland and Akron. Judge Vincent wa.s made president, but this Is undoubtedly a temporary position, as his" business Is the law, not farm machinery making. The significant feathre of the reorganization, however, was the election of three business partners of Senator Hanna on the board of dlrec- I tors, these three controlling the corpb- ration. Senator Hanna personally was not named on the directory, but the partners represent him. ' ' SOLDIERS GOING HOME.. Part of the Militia Will be Taken Away From Evansville, as Situ- • ation is Clearing Up. Evansville, Ind., July 10.—The AC tion of Governor Durbln In refusing to allow the negro, Lee Brown, to be returned here for trial now, removes the necessity of holding; many soldiey* here, and General McKee willj recoil- mend this afternoon to the gbvernqr that the Indianapolis companies and battery be sent home. The othOr companies will be held until further orders. THEFT AND CONFESSION. XiOBii ot Money in a Bank XliscOTKrcd Throneli the Aid ot m, Prleat. f •• FARM LOANS. LOWEST RATES. ' CALL ON OR WRITE D. W. BOSTWICK, ^ lola, Kas, ill KM iiiiH'i' > ij-j.ii.ut 111111 iii^ii»<i*.ii»tf I i I iu4i --I •f ..*i ft In one of the downtown banks the other Idaj- the balance sheet showed $50 missing. That started troTible lor the vkhole institution.) Until neaxlj> midnight the whole force was kejvt busy searohinff for that half century, but to no avail, re-ports th» Pittsburg: Gazette. The s«arch jcontinTied tho next day and the nex^ but nowher? could be found a trace of the chor .t change. Pinally it was giveox up, but the m-atter was not allowed to rest there. ITie loss wasnariroweddown to three or four clerks, and their records were -thoroughly investigated. Not a trace [ot gambling or drinking wa« found, hut every man in the bank who could have gotten his hands on th^ money felt the finger of suspicion pointing his way. The situation was tense for nearly a week.' Then one morning a Catholit? clergyman called on'the ciishier. In' the confessional he had been told by a penitent that $50 too much money lad been paid him when cashing a chisck at the bank. This cleared the mystery; and it <li< more. The investigation pending the discovery had shown ithemanagemei.'i of, the bank that itjhad the most thor' oughly regular and c honorable set o\f employes it would;be possible to ac- cunvulate—and now eyery man of them expects a raise in salary. DRUG SappUed to tIieT««to Direct at the factory or from otir deliYCJnr wagons.' All delivery ir^gonM our name on them. ; £ ' ;idaIce&ColilSioi (^4i. PRANK RIDDLB, Blir. • . Br Air to Moat Bl«ae. A project is on ^ioot in Genera foi the establishmentof aerial exenrsiona to view the anmnut of Mont Blanc. A captiTO balloon, controlled and lowered by hydraulic power, is to be the means of conveyance. Fares £ 1 per head; Including £1,000 insurane't poUoy Bgralnst accidents. R. B. Stevenson has for rent rodms 5 and 6 in. the Stevenson building Just at the head of the stairs. ..Largest Line.. Refrjgerators |"4 Ice Crefm Freezers at 1 fx n. DAVIESH Llndertfaker ^ and LiceDMd i Embalmer I I i t Twenty years experiei^ in fte '-^ business. First class woric gTiaranteed. | Bast Side of i Squvt, Iol« } Phone 306. : i Wp Want to Fisare That PLUM BINQ JOB For You. SatlsfilctJon Quaranteedi We Are Hot the Watdj Plumbw ;; Bnt We Can Do Yo^ir :'" • OAS FITTING;j f": Or Put Up Any Stove to ;; I; Siiit the Wife ]* -

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