Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1889
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TAYLOR'S KEPOKT. •->iftw >n a ®^ HANDSOME; t : "- m^L ir f'ipp Ip-S^rMlISi & N, W. TIME TABLE, aonra BART. Atlantic Bx 2:12 ». m Ht^rllng Paas.-6:Sfi a. m l,imlt«d Pass. 8:Bi3 a. m. Ullnton Denver 1:55 p, m 3:40 a. m.' OOINOWKflT. Pacific. Ei 2:22a.m. HtcrlinK Pass.8:00 p. m. Limited Pass. 4:04 p. m. CllntonPEWs 1:18 p.m. Denver " 8:53 " FEEIOHT TBAINB THAT CABBT PASSBNOKBB. OOINOBABT. OOIKOWEflT. No. is ..-'....B.lB p. m.jNo. 85 .7:40 a. m. No. 4(i...~~ 6:50 a. m. No. 17.......... 10*2 a. m. CH1CPB1LIN6TON&PNCYB.R. OOINQ BAST. I OOIHO WEST. 18—Paasenger 6^0 a.ra. 3fl—Paa«enger 4:20 p.m. 76-Freight «:46 p.m.|41—Freight. 6:00a.m AHBIVB FHOM KA8T. 71) 77-FreIgat._... »:40a.m. AKHIVK FBOM WB8T. 116— PassengerlO^OB-in. 44-FrelBhL....a:80p.m. The National Railway Commissioner's Views. A BAD YEAR FOR STOCKHOLDERS. • Passenger No. 88 connects with trains east an* west on Clinton Branch: with O. R. I & F. R. B. at Hock Inland east and west; with main line lor points west, Council BluHB, Omaba and beyond and for Kaunas City and points beyond. -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the beat of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, Kiislcat Bun- nlngand Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, $1.60. Two sacks ?2.80 Half Patent, "• 1.40. " " 2.00 • Somoofthaolilcat resldents.of tbls city claim this to be tbe beat flour they ever used In tha Ktiiteo! Illinois.' Oresvcn of" I*atent 9 N (Sun, Daisy and. IVIiinn. JE? oiler in stock. A Good Stock of Tin Tomato Cans. Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ofj ' MiSl'S GI1SS F1ITJARSA1 JELL TIMERS LEFT, AT L. L. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. SUCCESSORS TO '. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. THE AND =0¥EE 7,000 Of steel track In Illinois, Iowa, .Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AN8 N9BTHWEST. Tha Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Care,..Now Wagner snd .Pullrr.«n Sleepars, Supeib dsy Coaches nnd Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and itl'mieapoHs, Council BfuHss and Omaha, .connecting for Poit'anH, Dsnvar, San Francisco and a'l Pacific Cawt Poinis. •OHIYUHETOTMEBUCKHIIIS Poor Crop^ nnd Unto %Vnr* Kr«pon*ll)lfi — Town Ilo«!r!ctiv»5 I^uw^ I>lnap- prov^tl — Thr J'nrific I.Inp« — CIc». Urown, of Ohio,«1injf Xtiw for I'pnntnn Cnm- — Tlio AH-Ainorlon Conjyrrwil— FrnlinMa Debt K«-<!nctlon — ( Mln!st«r Douglass Of? Tor Ills I'ost. WASHINQTON CITT, Oct. 1.— H. A. Tnj-lor, TOmmissionpr of rtillronclfl, in hl« annual Vf?port to Boerotnry Noble snya that tho past year ban not been n pi'O-tperoiiH ono for tho railroads, especially in tho wost, whom ho attributes tho depression ill rail way business to several sue 'osslvo years of partial crop failures. TtM cominiajionor says that rate wars nr» in moat canes dovold of palliation or C3CCU33 ami arc inaugurated without reasonable oauso. "I do not n^ree," he says, "with fcho clnim so pjraULently mado by railroad mnnaKorn, their organs and satellites, that the recent losses sustained iu railroad business nrj !iminly diu> to the reatrict- Ivo laws which have of late beeu enacted by nongronn nfirl (n Tivu'y of the wpfit^rn RtTt^i." Ho considei's that thero IH n surplud of rail-' road mileage in many sections, and especially In Kansas and Iowa, and that many of tho roads in those states will not yiel 1 remunerative dividends for Borna time to como. Mr. Walker further siiyn: "I:i BOinn states, [otably in Iowa, it is undoubtedly true that Urns have boon enforced which are unjust toward the railroads, and injurious to tho public Interests, nnd which ouyht to be speedily modified or repealed." Tho Pacific Rutlwnyf. Taking up the question of tho Pacific railways, Commissioner Taylor discusses tho best means of securing tbe government tho money the roads owe tt, and at tha samo time so fixing the rates and time ns not to cripple tlio railways. "Time Is of small Importance compared with security In the adjustment of theso matters," gays tho commissioner. "It is very clear to my judgment that there should bo an extension of time and a reduction in tho rato of interest. * * * It is my opinion that it would bo wise to pass an act giving a reasonable extension of time; reducing the rate of interest to 3 or 4 per ceut. ; requiring that the earnings from nil govnrnriwnC in'uuiportnllan by the Fulisidirod companies? or limin opttrntod by Oiein, whether aided or unaideil, should be applied to the _ psy montj>f any interest or principal due or to become due within 'the fiscal year in which the services might bo rendered ; prohibiting tho payment of any dividends by either of tbe subsldizsd companies, unless such company shall have paid all interest on its boniled debt — having a lien prior to tbut of the government — and all matured indebtedness and interest then due and payable on Its debt to the United States; and exacting the payment of such a percentage of the gross earnings of the subsidized lines as by careful estimates would realize sums sufllclcnt to pay accruing interest and raise a sinking fund that would moot the principal ot tho debts at their maturity." Tha All-America Congrea*. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 1.— -The delegates to the Three Americas' congress wore occupied yesterday chiefly in making each other's acquaintance. The visitors wore received yesterday morning at tho quarters provided for tho congress— the Wallach mansion — by Hon. John B. Henderson and Minister Romero. They spent some time In introductions end exchange of civilities. The South American delegates then held an Informal conference, at which Minister Romero presided. They discussed in a gen' eral way tho programme to bo followed, und then adjourned for tho day. All TOO conferences and proceedings of ths congress are to be kept secret , •.,•'" .Reception to Ben BntterwoVth* WASHINGTON CITT, O3t L — The reception tendered Representative Benjamin Butterrrortb last night by Ohio Republicans and others was a great success, and amounted to an ovation. Fully 8,000 people were present to welcome the Ohio congressman after hia safe return fro.n abroad. Second Assistant Tostmaster (Janeral Whitfield presided. Congressman Buttorworth confined bin speech mainly to his travels, and was frequently urged to go on by his admiring hourera. wbon bo intimated that his remarks were about to closa He Mulshed with a brief allinlon to Ohio politic*. The Flifht fur tha Peiuiou Ollloe. WASHINGTON CITT, O^t. 1.— Gin. C. E. Brown, of Ohio, . accompanied by Representative Butterworth, called on Bacretory Noble yesterday morning to discuss the vacancy at the bead of the pension bureau. Gen. Brown Is probably the strongest candidate now in the ffeld. Campbell, of Kansas, is actively pushing his claim and Deputy Commissioner Smith is making a strong effort in his own behalf. It is pretty wel determined that Mr. Smith will not receive the appointment; in fact Mr. Smith's transfer to some other government ofllce is now freely discussed. _ _ _ AXlninter Douglass Leaves for Ilaytl. WASHINGTON CITT, Oct. 1. —Minister and Mrs. Douglass left Washington for New York at l':40 o'clock yesterday morning on an express train of the Pennsylvania road. A number of colored people, friends of Mr Douglass, wero at the station. Tho miuiater und bis wife sailed for H»yti thia moruing ou the United States steamer Kearsarge, Redaction of the National Debt. JiWASIUNGTON ClTV, OcJL 1.— It is esti mated ut tho treasury daj«rtmor>t that th reduction in the public debt during ber will amount to $13,5<W,003. Murdor of » GirL , Ind., Oct. 1.— Yesterday nfternoon the body of Katie Wood, who ha« bean missing since Sept. 21, was fouud ii the oaaftl ucar here, and it bore u'lmiiHalc bto evidence that eho had beeu murdered Tbere was tt deep hole in her hua !, her body was much;- bruisad, and her clothing was torn to pit'Cv'S, Counersvilla is jjivatly a citsd over the ullnir. A iltfulytlc Cremated. HIU^DAIJ:, Mfoh., Oft. J.— Mii-kaol Er miii, a paralytk', who oocup^d rooms ove Kuiatar'tt dru& storo at Souursot 6S»ual««n miJvil from hero, WU3 burued t death tsar!.? Huudiy inornin^. A tausp ox ptodnd i» ttw tU-os ntorj ua-1 tbi- pluf't) wa v. U'y, T., (A-:. 1.- -Tho m<-;i\U5f YOUNG JIM BLAINE'S WIFE. ! m T'rdpnrca to Sno for I>5vorcn—fjor.'ilp Alionl Her Condition. Kr,w YORK, Oct. 1,—Mnndny morning's -tpers sf at-n thnt ni Rnon as Mrs. Jarne.3 G. Inin>\ Jr., rncor'Ts from hor pr.?s"nt ill- nsi, proL'vPilhit^ will bo bopun against her nsl'^ind for Oivorr^. It hns nat ynt been pcidcd ivhothor t.}i? suit will bo for absolute r limiUxl divorce, but the pupor* nro bning rnpared by Gen. McMnhon, her lifo-long riend. Mrs. Rlnlne'A H^nHh. Friends of Mrs. Blnine, Jr., say that lip to sst Monday, when tho country was ringing vit.b tho announcements of tho Blnino-Mc- 3ormlck wedding, she had beon steadily irn- roving. Then she had rond to her tho ewspaper accounts of the coming wedding, vhioh recorded tho comings anil goings of "amcs G. Blaine, Jr., nnd mental torture Bemod to bo ndded lo hnr bo<lily ailments. rVhen she wna comfortably flx.'d at home, ho first news nho hnard was that her hus- inud, necompnnii'd by his father and mother, md been at the Filth Avenue hotel, and had lot so much BH inquired about her. Tbis md a further depressing effect on her mind. Her nioina ot Support. Mrs. Blaine cannot make hjr appearance it the Lyceum theatre uoxt month, nccord- ng to the contract with Mr. Frohman. In hu meantime she will receive advances rom her salary. On these she will b« do- xindcnt for tho support ot herself and her bi!<t Her busbrsnd bns not Kent her a wnny elnca ho deserted her, more than a ear ago. It is said that her illness may oave her leg permanently stiff. NOT " TOOLS OP TRADE." Imported nccnrry 8ml Thoatrlml Proper- tie] Mint Vaf Kuty. EOHTOX, Oct. 1.—The treasury department ms decided on a now line of action m regard o theatrical property, nnd tho recent de- armination to collect duty on scenery im- >orted with a foreign company will attract wide attention among theatre managers. The Cunard steamer (Viphrdonia brought the irst installment of tho scenery, costumes, ita, belonging to the Wilson Barrett company. In spite of tho practice of thodepart- ment for tho past three years in considering all theatric-al effects ns "tools of trade," Col- ector Bnltoimtall wus yesterday morning instructed by telegraph from Washington City :o osseaS duties on all that was dutiable of Lhis Importation by the Barrett company. The American actors havo made many complaints of tho injustice of their having to jay so..nroc.h. ..niora jfor..costumes, <>tr,, -tlinn foreign uolurs who" come bore. ROUGH ON BILLINGS. A Judge Vflio Iicl1<-ve<l In Acquittal Senda Him Up for lAfe. DBS MOINES, la., Out. 1.—Tho Leader's Waterloo, la., special says: M. E. Billings, who was convicted of murder in tho second degree was yesterday sentenced to tho penitentiary for life. Judge Ney, in passing sentence, remarked that had he bean a juror lie would have voted for acquittal. He then pronounced upon him the full limit ot tho law. Billings was convicted of tho murder o£ County Attorney Kiugsley at Wavorly, la., In December. 1887. Billings took his sentence coolly, and addressed tho court briefly, assorting his inno oonce of tho crime, and also taking exception to a number of the rulings in the case. Ho gave notice of an appeal to tho supreme court, ponding which ball was fixed at 17,003. AN OPTION ON THE MILLS. thi Tlmt EngllHh Syndicate Captures Mlniicapolin Property. MINNEAPOLIS, Mina, Oct. 1.—There seems to be no longer any doubt that the Chicago dispatches relative to the big flnan cial deal regarding the mills and elevators here is foundol upon fact and that ere long the properly will bi) transferred to the pur chasers. Investigations show that tbe syn dicato holds options on all tbe Minneapoll property mentioned. C. M. Harrington, tb manager of tho Vaudusen and Star Elevator systems, said yesterday: "I havo signed un option contract, and the syndicate has pu up a cash forfeit. No, I would not like to say how much, nor can I toll you when tho deal will be consummated, but I will assure you that tho property has not yet beeu transf errad. '*• CAfTLE EPIDEMIC AT ERIE. Steers Afflicted with Texan Fever Break Loose nnd Cuu*e a Paulo. ERIE, Pa., Oct. 3.—The Texas fever boa broken out in tho southeast part of the cit; with fatal effect. That section of tho city was infected by a har4 of Texas steers shipped here by Armour & Co. The cattli broke away yestor.Uiy and attacked man an< children, creating a panic. Tho entira ter ritory covered by the cattle Is under theba of the dis'as-, and a score of milk cows hav died within forty-eight hours, and as man; more ar» danthly sick. The fact that o.doi ryman'a stock is stricken has created a pani among the patrons of his dairy. Tho Rutlwujr CommUston ut Chlonen. CHICAGO, Oct. 1.—Chairman .Walker, o tho In ter-State Railway Comrnorce assooia tion, and Attorney Brown, of the Chlcag Olid Alton road, devoUi.i un hour and n bal yesterday to arguments before the interstate railway com uissionera on thequestio of, tho right of the Conimarcj association t anticipate rate-cutting and to make charge oj tho same. Attorney Brown denied th right of the Commerce association to urin charges. Judge Cooloy took the eassP uude advisement. Sheriff f luck ot nl Indicted. Now YOBK, Oct L^rtndictmonts havi been returned by the grand jury aga'ns Sheriff Fluek and his co-consuirators in tl\ matter of obtaining a fraudulent divorc from hia wife. Bench warrants wero issuot yesterday for the sheriff and the others ii dieted with him aud all will appear in cour to-day except Civil Justice Monell, who i too ill to leavo his bed and who will furuis bail for hia subasquant appearance. Abbott In Chairman Again, CHICAGO, Oct. 1.—John N. Abbott, whoa removal from the chairmanship of tho Wea •m States FaBsongcir association was brougl about through the unfriendliness ot th ronds upon whom hu had found it i to Inllkt flnaa to jwosurve discipline, was yes terday ro-ulucUd to th« posdtiou to sarvo ni til his term o( ot!l» oxpiros nert Deoombw K. of X~ Kx»<:utr«> Board. ST. I.OUJB, Oct, I, —Threa members of U executive board ot tho Knights •>! Lubcr a: rivtx! li«ro yesterday. They are J. M. lluyes, of I'bttaJvUiUia; J. J. Holland, of Florida, aud A. W. Wright, till Toronto, Master Workman Powiiorly was eJEjsjetod yasUr- togxt in iu»t ni;£ht. ROVV AT A CHINESE FUNERAL. no' Hungry "Mrlie.iim" Hob Hi« C.'orp^c I NATALIE IN TEAKS. Welcome for the Servian Ex-Queen. ELOSAD£ IH HOLIDAY ATTIEE.' ho Government Dismayed liy tho Pro- plo's Enthu«lnsm—Milan's Ron, However, Shows tho IHood of Ills Futher— DUn^tor nn nn Itullnu Bnilwny Tunnel In Which Fifty I'oople Are Killed and TtTonndpd—Qlnclntono Ciitrho* ColtV nt Woodchopplnjf. LONDON, OcU 1.—-Tho enthusiastic wol- X)me given' to ox-qneon Natalie by the lOpulaco of Belgrade nstonishotl if, indeed, t did not dismay the government ofllcials, who nought to accentuate their dipploasuro t the persistence of the royal lady in dis- egarding their wishes respecting her visit o her son. Theextont of tho demonstration was so great as to render the lack of courtesy on the part of tho officials of bo government unooticeable, nni to movo he ex-queen to tears. The houses along tho trineJpal streets, as well as tbe rr^idenced of he nobility and inhabitants of tLo bettor ilnss, were profusely nnd beautifully dee- >ratad, and iu all respects the reception sur- >ns«nd anything of the kind that has ever »een seen at the Servian capital. MitdnmR Chrlntlch'a Bplcnn. The most notable exception to the rule of lecorotiou of private residences was that of rlame Christich, wife of the late Servian ninister to Germany, nnd mistress of ex- ting Milan. This omission can bo regarded >y Natalie, in no other light than ns compli- nentory, since it is a matter of .Servian court notoriety that tho ox-queen took occa- lon to so publicly evince her detestation of liadnme Christich and her appreciation of -he king's lack of dectfticy m bringing his mistress into the presence of his wife that both were overwhelmed with confusion. Jcnlotin of Ills Mother. It la stated in ofllclnl circles in Belgrade ihat tho young king, Alexander, has become excessively jealous of his mother's popularly, but the courtesy shown to her by the [luKsiim minister an 1 others not ovor friend- y to the present . governing power of Jorvia will undoubtedly iletor tho boy's advisors from counseling him to resent the demonstration or to treat his mother with any marked lack of filial attention. A nntJfiil Son. IndDoil. . It IK annouiicuil tlml Kin.; Alexander has rufuet'J to call upon his mother, ex-Queen Natalie, Until he receives permission to do SO from Ilia fnt.linr nV-Ifhip- MllUn The Riittvrdum Strike. ROTTEHDAM, Oct. 1.—A number of tho striking dock laborers manifested a disposition to return to work yesterday, but were prevented from so doing by the iiirguments and threats of their comrades. Two Dutch men-ofrwnr, throe gunboats and two nloopj of war are moored in tho river. Forces from these vessels will be landed In tho event of tho strikers creating any disorder. Charaotorlatlo ot Ah Sin. SHANGHAI, Oct 1.—Several persons have been arrested for complicity in tho burning of tho Temple of Heaven at Pekln. Tho lire was paft of a conspiracy against tho Introduction of railways into China, and intended to convoy tho idea that the destruction of the temple was an omen of war against the innovation. Terrible Railway Accident in Italy. ROME, Oct 1.—Two express trains, running in opposite direction between Naples and Foggia, came into collision while run niug at a bigh rate of speed through a tunnel yesterday. Twenty carriages wore smashed, and fifty people killed and injured. . : The Turk Should lie Wiped Oat. LONDON, Oct. t—Information is received hoie that Turkish troops in Crete are cruelly tormenting tho Christian Inhabitants without provocation. Two women were recently Inhumanly treated by soldiers, and one was thereafter killed. Gladstone Han a Cold. LONDON, Oct. 1.—Gladstone Is confined to his room with a slight cold contracte 1 while felling a tree at Ha warden on Saturday. Stepped on a Rattlesnake. JACKSONVILLE, Flo., Oct 1.—At Titus- Til lo, Fla., Saturday night, W. H. Adams, a postal clerk, stepped on a rattlesnake as be was walking on the public highway about midnight Tho snake burled his fangs in Adams' log. Ho twiatod a handkerchief about tbe wound and hurried to a physician who cupped tbe wound and admintstarec whisky freely. The treatment was of no avail and Adams, after intense suffering died last night. Were Taking Ota Then. INDIANAPOLIS, Oct X—Saturday Attorney General Miller was arguing a gas case before the. supreme court, and in the course of his remarks hu said: "You have all takaa gas and you under stand the necessity for those rules," ad dressing himself to tho supreme judges. "They are taking it now," suid Judg Claypool, tho opposing counsel. "Yes, and without a motor," answeroc Miller. ' Geo* 8hermau'» Narrow Kscupe. PITTSBUHO, Out 1.—Gen. Sherinnn had n narrow escape, from death in a wreck on th Panhandle railroud yesterday morning. Hi private car was attached to tho Cincinnat express Bunday night, and tho general wus whirled eastward without incident untl Bowerstown was • reached, where tho train which" was ruunlng forty miles an hour crashed into a freight with such forco as t destroy the passenger engine. Stringency ID the Money Altu-lcofc. NEW YCIBK, Oct. i. — Tuo etringeno in the money market was more market yesterday, and .at one time call loans wort, made at tho rate of 30 p3r cent, per annum. In fact all day tha ruling rata was 10 pe cont. and the demand grew more urgent in the last few minutes, when the highest rate was recorded. At tuo close the stringency continue*!, and the lowest otfor was at 1 per cent. ^__ - _^_ T.t-H lor Furto Unknown. EWE, PH., Oct. 1.—Charles Wugner, prominent mtircbaut of Watcvforil, has dia appear*! Two weeks ago be sold out his intero^ti in a uumufiu-'turiug pHut anci t taking th* roivipts, ai>aOiloai.Hi UUiiiioroubi in a Inrga ^tHK.-ra.'. m,'!vij!iJu!Utt •usitiVilj^hniaat and loft for purts u ikmi'.vn. Hu £iiiuUy leaf Cltat bo liai !>••.> i foully ibnH wi'.li. Mnuy Hihuvu Mill Un Mlo. Nr.'.v Tonic, O-t. 1.—Tito Monpt"linn ri^jxU of Ah Sirg trio ! to ^iv^ him a ?nd-oir Bundny wh"nthey buried him in the oni'M'Ty of En'rgr'.yn^, A quantity of food rns pliire;! hnsiiU tlw casket. It inchid.xl uo ii.-u'k.'i^cs of rie\ t tvo chi*-k!!ria, R>>voral inds of mils, whisky, ^rnp^H, ornnp*?, mid ithor kiii'ls of fruii, ns woll ns two packages One of (he KIVIVL- ii^gor*, nn Irishman, ;nz>il longingly nt. tho roosted chickens. Tho XMitptat.ioii WM« too KPMit for him, find ho licked them nil, while the Chinnmnii pres- 'iit looked on with h-jrror, but fought, fl^reo- y when tho other ^rnve-di^r^i'r.s wanted to amplo tho whisky. By this time a lar™o rowd had galli-red about to watch tin ceremonies. The crowd retnained pa/save until ho friends of Ah fiiiig beftnn pouring tho rult into tho grave, then thoy grew oicit:".! at seeing tile fruit go to wnsto. Scramhlod for the Prnvendor. One man jumped into the grave; then an- ithor nnd nmith'jr until the wholo crowd wero scrambling for the eatables. Tho China- men then s^t up un outcry and it looked for a few momentous if a rint would ensu \ Several ofllcL-rj attached to tho c.-'inatery ushod to the scene ond begged the ci-owd to lesist, and tried to calm tho Celestials. For- uimtoly the latter took tho matter in good nrt and made no attempt to rutaliato. A NEW MISSISSIPPI PLAN. Jtutonrnnn Witlker'it llnmuily for tho Too- FrGqiiciit lluco AVarn. COFKKYVIT.LK, Mi.«s., Got 1.—State S.-n- ntor Joel I'. Wnlkor, of lleridun,. Hiss, think;) flint ho has found a remedy by which all friction between the black* and whites can bo remove 1. Ho contends that all the strife and discord that arise between the races emanate entirely from polities and ;ho demand of the negroes to have the state offices divided, and the avowal of ths whites that no negro shall hold any place wherein tho whitiH are interested. He reasons that f you take away from the negro all hopes of .lower it will ilainoon his ardor and zeal to go to tho ballot-box, and by his remaining away the state remains peaceful. Tho Snnatm'ii Little Hill. Mr. Walker w ill therefore in all probability intrttJuce in the state senate in January nexi a bill prohibiting any negro or any mail with negro blood from holding poiiti- stats ollloo. Ho says, nnd other eminent lawyers nilirin his stak-nwnt., tlmt Much an not will not conflict, with tliii fmirtoouth ami fifteenth amendments to tho tfnit.od States constitution. 8j fur tho proposol plan has rage witli^popultir-fnvnr,- and^tho bill, if Introduced, "ill not lik«ly b?corn3 a law. ROBILLARD'S INVENTION. ABt. I'nnl Knglnnor Thinks Ho HIM For- pctllitl Mntlon Dead to Klghtn. ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct 1.—Richard Robillard, .night engineer at one of thi Pillsbury mills in Minneupolis, has a very precious machine locked up in his house, which he guards jenlomly. This piece of mechanism is, eo Robillurd says, a solution of tho prob' lem of perpetual motion. At 3 o'clock yes. terdny afternoon the machine had been running for seven weeks. It requires no fuel, and u little oil is all that is needed to keep it in nhnp3. ~ . ~ "The niucbmo I havo running now," said tho inventor, "has a flywheel ten inches in diumotur. It will run two sewing machines. I will have completed by tho end of October a machine with a twenty-four-iuch wheel which will elevate 800 pounds. The ma- c!n'no requires a governor to regulate the speed, and can, of courso, bo stopped nnd started nt will. Mr. Robillard is taking slops to havo his machine paton*,ed. He thinks ho has made the discovery of tho century. A FLOOR-WALKER COWHIDED. An Irate St. Louln Mother Avenges an In suit to Her Daughter. ST. Louis, Oct 1.—William C. Young, floor-walker for a Broadway dry-goods house, was publicly cowhided in the store by Mrs. Baron, wife of Abraham Baron, the telegraph editor of Tho Westlicbo Post, yes terday forenoon. Young's offense seemed to be in engaging himself to marry Miss Jennie, the daughter of the indignant lady, while he still hud a wife in England. Mrs. Baron plied the lash repeatedly, while a circle of under clerks gathered around to witness tho fun. Young finally dashed from tbe store and escaped. « Something New In Laying Stones. CHICAGO, Oct 1.—A unlquo ceremony will bo performed here to-morrow, and there are already a large number ot prominent Masons in tho city who came to attend tho grand lodge, aud will take part therein among them Grand Muster J. C. .Smith am: Grand Secretary L. L. Munn. Tho core mony is the laying of tho coprs stone on top of tho Auditorium tower. Tbo ceremony will lie original outsido o* tin Masonic fruteinity, as nothing like it WHS ever performed except on a building^devotod exclusively to the uses of tho Masonic order. Tbe "o |>'.' uloii..-" will bj A hund.somely engraved bronz-J tablet Tho «!;«*« Hull Players. CHICAGO, Out 1.—Following ora the Nu- tional league scores made yesterday: At Chicago—Chicago 9, Washington. 5; at Cleveland—Cleveland3, Boston B—seven innings; nt Pitteburs—Fittsb;ir^ 3, Now York 3—bix inniitg.-t, darkne?s American association: At KansHS City—Kansas City 8, Cincinnati 9; at St Louis—St L-JUIS 6, LouifcviUti S. Wc-storn league: At Sioux City—Sioux City !iO, I)/s Moliies 0; at •Minneapolis—Miu- nttapolU 14, iS'. Joe 1U—six innings. Amen &tirn Up a Horuet'n Kani. MiNNKAi'Oi.13, O^t. 1.—Irish oitisMin of all political taitha aro in A stiito of ludi^imtioa over ox-Mnyor Ames'remarks regarding tho condition of Ireland, in which hi suid tho country was not ready for home ruio And was priest riddon. Bishop McGobrlck and other equally prominent Roman Catholics havo written coiiununicitiona to tho • preaa denouncing in vigorous iangua^'j ttu utter* iini-es of Mr. AHUM. ritiin-. I'nr l,mvi-r MI.-liii.Mii l.ijbt" raln.'ful- linvi-d by i-li-arini; wn-ithi-r; wi^l>-rly wind-;; .;lHT i!'!ii['crn1 un 1 . l : 'or l.nvji -K;iir wr.tth^r; rtli^eslorly win.i^; lov.-rr t.'tiii>fr:tttir •. THE MARKETi. Jnototlnn^ on th« bonrd of t.rtt-lo to wore nfl fo'lovv-^: Wheat—N",». ^ Sopt^rn opened Nl<% clo^frl W%'l; Deccinbor, opi K:'Vtr, clo-od K'! 1 -^-; Mnj-, opened k">fjc, cl ic. (.'orn—No. - Svpteniher, opened i closo.l 31c; Octnher. opnned 'A\%'.\ c!'»«cd eti.Vie: Miiy, opened JC^n, clo^nd 3;.l^;je. OatH—No. S September, opened nnd cloxod IS'f^c; Ootxv l>or. oiwnod li'kic, rlosfd I9mc: Mny, ononpd ,nd closed Jll.t'i: October, opened $11.a3, closed Sll.W; January, oyeneil $!i.?J!^, closed $l».-;"i. Lard—yept.ember. opened gIVIO, closeil Sfl.a"). Ijive stock—Tho Union Stock Y'ftnU report* Uto followini? ranRoof prh;es: }lng* —Market opened fairly active, with light und common lots r,c lower; other grades unrhanpcd; light grades, $4.10ft«.W: roiicth packing, ipl.8:)®:i.85; niiied lots, S4.UOi|;1.50: heavy pack Ing. and shipping lots. $M.«05M.3.). Cattlo-tiood to cho'co natives firm, S4.-V(il.TO; Inferlorto fair dull and lower. jn.'m.^li.Sf). cows in very heavy supply, very dull, 61,UX&2.U!i; otockere and feeders, ;a.uU33.(l(); Texan Rtoera, Ji'.005Ji2.;5. bheep—Good to choicj natives steady; $4.-5£t 4.0J; westerns, ?3.5(*34.ia; Texans, (J. JO;J4.tO; lamhs, ?4.3iiair).7.». Produce: Hatter—Fancy Elgin creamery, £4 "<^-'a3 per Ib; fine dairy, 2G@2ic; pnr.klni? stock, %4We. KKes-Strlctly fresh, l«&l()i.$o per doz. Poultry—Lire hens, 7K>7&i per Ib: roosters, Be; turkeys, BJSlOe; duck.i 80., Potatoes— ~ Sl.UU Wcper hbL Apples—$1.0031.00 pjr bt>l New York. NEW YORK. Sept. 30. Wheat—No. 2 red cosh, B7Ji:; do October, &|c: do November, BU^c; do December, 67c. Corn—No. - mixed caslu, 4CHu: do October, iW96" do November, 40Hc. ' Oats— Dull; No. a mixed cash, a:<?i OVjjc; <lo October, SK'-dc; do November, 20^; do December, >ie. liye-Dull. Harloy—Nominal. I'ork •—l>iUl: mess, $12.2j(Ul«.7"j for . inspected. Laril—Oetolwr. £0.49: Novtsmher, JU.U3; De- cemb'T. 5'J.'-' 1 '. Livestock: Cattle—Feeling firmer out Bales itlow; common to prime native steers, $&.'*.&(& 4.(15 $ Ml' lb»; ordinary to fair Co orado do, $:>.ma.1.H>;nativehulls and dry nowa.>1.50®2.7.-. Sheep and Lambs —Prioea declined about, He B) on both Hlievp and lambs; marktit closed lieavy: common to prime sheep, ?.'J.70(^5.0U ^ IW l^s; tommun to best Jambs, 54.75®U.5!t. «*— Market tt, trifle llruier; live hogft, 54:00 I'mal Duel In Mexlou, CITY OF MEXICO, Oct 1.—A newsboy and a butcher fought a duel in the San Lazaro •ward iu this city Sunday morning with knives. Tho butcher was disemboweled and la:t on the field dead. Must Bury- IU Wire*. BUFFALO, Oct L—Judge Lewis, of the supremo, court, yesterday granted the man- damns asked by the city attorney requiring tho Western Union Telegraph company to bury its wires. TQ!» powder never rariss, A murrel at parly strength and wbo!«ftomene«*. More econotniraJ tlkaa toe ortllnatrj kinds, and oaa not ^> *oM la corpiretltlon with tha ranltitade ol Sow test, fibort weight, aiiiinn >ir (.ncapbiite pow<!er». Bold o ily in cans. ROYAL FowORS Co., «06 Wall «t..i>^ fornn IncimiWnoaBaof Catarrh 4* !f In thn Head by the proprietors o£ M. -SAGE'S CATAPH Sj'niptom* ot Catarrh. — Headache, ahHtruuiion of noso, ilisclmi-jres fall!n|f liilo r.Iimitt, pomotlini'S pi-ofus*), watery, and IW.TK|, it othrrs, thick, tenacious, mucous, puruletit, bloody and putrid ; m-es wcnk, ttniftng In ess-a, ImfnesB. dllllcnlt.y or cionriiipr thrciat, cspBtlo- ration of olT.'nnivo mnttor; bn^itb o^eiielve: Jmell nnd ti'.Rte linpnlrod, and pcnornl debility. Onlya fc.'w of Ihcflo Bvnijitomg liiu'ly to boprc*- ;nt at once. *'hoi!Bninls of coura result in «oa- mmptfon, and end in the grave. Uy its mild, soothing, and bcolln(5propprtl»>fl, Dr. Sage's Uf-nuxly cures tlio v/orst caaCT. K3c. Uneqiialcd as a I-lver Pill, Bmal!f«t,<iheap- est, caRlfSt to tiike. One PeHct a Confclipatloil, Uilionn Attitckn,und all UernrifcuiBents ol tbe stomach and bowtla. «5 eta. by drug-gists, FIRST 'POINT You should readTiiR CHICAGO I>Ali.y N«\vrt bficause '£'«"•' j'jl«,'^ /,{ r.rflftlft've,' "V Oil Jt/fJjff read sfutit- pw^HTv — I'rubalily you'v* always had a weekly— you can novr aOord m daily. TKS CHICAGO DAILY Nuws costs but one cent per copy—• it'»so-cit«ap you can't afford lo lose time waiting for a weekly. You ought to know about things when they happen—not a week later. You iiv* in the nineteenth w-DSury, tn the greatest section of the greatest country on the earth, and you can't af- ^ ford to be left behind. teittfar— Its circulation is =K>,oba adsy— orcr a million a week—and it co»t» by mail 35 cis., a month, four nionihu^i.oQ,— <tntctmtaday. ^We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred; MAGNOLIA, QOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE-RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT* .KANSAS .WINTER, SUN, DAISY. AH guaranteed to prove np as represented or return. We mesa to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it Coulti timtliy Havo l>nn« lletter. CJIAUI.KSTO.V, \V. V:u, O.-t 1. — A boy uiiil E^.-ui sli'i: nnd instniitly kiliid Junopb l<Yiduy iltght. iiou* wu.s iuu'xicatet, ttud, Cfttehjug a buy iuuat'tl Ashby, ha h -Kl hia baek a^'Ji'-s- a l»a st-ivu. K ;nn lri.r.1 to I'eli-ftjyii A^^t'V, i ut fu:iiiisi ii > runt t>ot of UH.- 'lh>- t ffiiilii Jury Hunt, l'iJie.,u;.\ O i, I —Ino jnvsi,,>e; of g-itting ?:>ur m T ' j a\> v -• ti ill * Cry un CMSO w.^a REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, We are selling nothing but No, 1 Meats- Jfo Seconds. Prices Low as the Lowest. , EMI We are now prepared to do in all the latest styles.O ail, aid if do' we will attend to Reynolds

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