Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 23, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1974
Page 3
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Friday, August 23, 1974 HOPE (ARK.) StAK Page three EHC safety training session held —Photo by Dolores McBridc with Star camera If you wake up in a smoke-filled room—what would you do? Hope Fire Chief Jim Cobb advises as Mrs. Joe Willett acts out the situation. Blindfolded, Mrs. Willett crawls on hands and knees as close as possible to the wall, following the wall around to the door. The Fire Chief said smoke, with its death- causing gases, is the greatest killer in fires— not the flames. He treats his folks like tramps By Abigail Van Buren • & 1*74 by Chicago Tribunt-N. Y. Newt Synii.. Inc. DEAR ABBY: Last year, our eldest son moved out of state and got married. Eventually he called and invited us to visit him in his new, three-bedroom, air-conditioned home. After traveling over 500 miles, we arrived hot and weary, and were shown to our "room" —a windowless garage, with a cast-off mattress on the floor! No pillows, no apologies and no explanations. His father and I felt like two vagrants who had come for a handout. We estimated that in over 20 years, we have provided more than 7,000 clean beds and 20,000 nutritious meals to this ingrate, not to mention the scores of friends he brought home, who always got the best welcome we could offer. After two mornings of eating breakfast out (while he and his wife slept late), and after buying everyone's lunch and dinner and providing baby-sitting services, we made an excuse to leave rather then to stay, or tell them how hurt we were. Are we too thin-skinned? Or is this part of the new, casual lifestyle of the young? J DISENCHANTED DEAR DIS: Please don't blame the new, casual lifestyle of the young for your son and his wife's laziness, rudeness and inconsiderate treatment. (P.S. Alas! Not all twigs grow the way they are bent, Mother.) DEAR ABBY: What do you do when your wife always corrects you in public? PUT DOWN DEAR PUT: Tell her (in private) that you'd appreciate it if she'd cut it out. And if she doesn't —then tell her in public. DEAR ABBY: I am a 15-year-old girl who is pre-engaged to an 18-year-old guy. He wants to get married and so do I, but my parents refuse to sign for me. We have even considered eloping because we are very much in love and can't wait. We can't get married for at least three years, but we are so much in love that we can't control our emotions, if you know what 1 mean. We only went all the way a few times, but I know it will keep on happening because our love is so strong. .- i i t My mother never told me anything, Everything 1 know, 1 picked up on the street, and I'm really not even sure of my facts. How can 1 be sure 1 know everything I should? Can you recommend a booklet? I can't sign my name, but I 11 be looking for your answer in the paper. Thank you. I IN 1 *\.J V EJ DEAR IN: I don't know what responsibilities go with being "pre-engaged"- but you are sure to wind up "post-pregnant" if you don't stop the intimacies and or learn the facts. The Planned Parenthood people have some excellent literature for mothers who can't talk to their daughters. Ask your mother to contact them, and good luck CONFIDENTIAL TO CONNIE: Being "Number 2" is no better than being "Number 99" as long as "Number One" is still in the picture. Problems? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teen-agers Want to Know," send SI to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lmsk.v Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. 90121. Getting out of a burning building was the concern of E.H. Safety Leaders last week in a training session at Mrs. Ernest Graham's. Leaders, Mrs. Mont Harris, Sweethome; Mrs. W.T. Keys, County Safety Leader; Mrs. Joe Willett, Victory; Mrs/Arch Wylie, State Safety Leader; Mrs. Eugene Jines, Melrose; Mrs. Lethia Lawson, Southeast; Mrs. B.j. Warnken and Mrs. W.T. Yarberry, Sweethome; Mrs. Porter Powers; Centerville and Mrs. Ernest Graham, County E.H. Council president. Panic and smoke are the main causes of death in fires aid the Fire Chief, Jim Cobb. He strongly advised family fire drills and learning precautionary measures, avoiding deadly traps of superheated air and gas. The Fire Chief discussed alternate escape routes and encouraged making the family familiar with using the escape plan. Elmo Anderson, Instructor Fire Service, SW Technology Institute of East Camden, showed some causes of fire and ways a homemaker can guard against the threat of fire. Your family is your most valuable possession- remember that it is too late to have a fire drill while your home is burning. The Cooperative Extension Service offers information on fire prevention and family fire drills to any family upon request. Women 9 s news Phone ~~1'~!i4-'tl .n>. unit 4 a.m. Monday thru fri^ov Calendar of even ts Tips If there are cholesterol- watchers in your family, remember that stuffings for poultry and meat may be made without adding egg; so can meat loaf. Although recipes for fried rice usually call for adding egg, it's not strictly necessary. Custard — the baked variety — may be made with egg whites instead of whole eggs or egg yolks. Cornstarch may be used instead of egg yolks for "binding" a sauce. Saturday, August 24 Hope Country Club members will have a hamburger and family bingo Saturday, August 24, beginning at 7 p.m. For reservations, which must be in by noon Saturday, please call 3778, 3550 or 9944. Sunday, August 25 Oak Grove United Methodist Church will observe homecoming Sunday, August 25. Services will begin at 11 a.m. with a sermon by the pastor, the Rev. Ray Bates. Dinner will be served at noon and singing will be the program for the afternoon. The annual Loe reunion will be held Sunday, Aug. 25 at the American Legion Hut in Prescott. Members and friends are invited to attend, to bring a covered dish, and to enjoy a day of visiting, good food and entertainment, Tuesday, August 27 Whitfield Lodge No. 239 will confer a fellow craft degree on Tuesday, August 27, at 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served. The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First United Methodist Church will have a potluck dinner Tuesday, August 27 at 7 p.m. at the church. The hostesses will be, Mrs. W. A. Mudgett, Mrs. James McLarty, Mrs. Elmer Murph, Mrs. Rob Jones, Mrs. John Lloyd and Mrs. Tom Middlebrooks. Henderson State College is offering Numbers System I and Methods and Materials in Physical Education for elementary teachers in Hope this fall. Both courses are requirements for an elementary education certification. Anyone who has signed up for these courses, or anyone wanting to take one or both of the courses, should meet Tuesday, August 27, at 5:30 p.m. at the Brookwood cafeteria. Wednesday, August 28 The Junior Auxiliary will meet Wednesday, August 28 at the Chamber of Commerce office. The board will meet at 9:30 a.m. followed by the regular meeting at 10 a.m. Thursday, August 29 Leslie Huddleston Post 12 of the American Legion and the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary will have a joint potluck dinner meeting on Thursday, August 29, at 7:30 p.m. in the Douglas Building. Cecil O'Steen and A.J. Rhodes will present a program on the American Legion Junior Baseball League Program. NOTICE: No wedding or engagement pictures will be returned unless accompanied by self addressed and stamped envelope. Pictures may be picked up at the Star office after they run in paper. Briggs—Lee engagement told Ann Johnston of Chicago sends along her favorite recipe for Blueberry cake. It makes a mighty good dessert and we're happy to pass it along. Blueberry Cake One package yellow cake mix 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 can (1 Ib. 5 oz.) Blueberry Pie Filling 2 eggs, beaten Using a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients until well-blended. Pour into a 9W x 13!4" greased cake pan and bake at 350° for 35 minutes or until cake is done when tested. Frosting? Your favorite white! BETTY LOUISE BRIGGS Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Howard of Hope announce the approaching marriage of their Coming and going Mr. and Mrs. Luther Reynerson of Mayfieid, Ky. visited in Hope Thursday on their way home from a trip to Arizona. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Baker will have as Friday guests Mrs. George Hutson of Waco, Tex., Miss Lisa Hutson of the Univ. of Tex. at Arlington, John Allison also of U of T, John Allison Sr. and Amy Allison of Waco. Mrs. Vernon Hinzman (Julia Broening) of Albuquerque, N.M. is visiting this week with Mrs. Mary Sue Evans and Roy Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Imon Folsom and Mrs. Lula Lamb all of Delight have been visiting Mrs. Martha Folsom at the Heritage Manor Nursing Home and the Joe Daugherty family. 3rd district arts & crafts club New officers elected daughter, Betty Louise Briggs, to Henry Lee, both of Texarkana. The wedding will be Saturday evening at seven August 24 at the home of the bride's parents in Hope. The wedding will be performed by Brother Johnny McGee. The bride's father will give her away, her brother Junior Johnson will be best man, and Helen J. Howard the bride's sister will be maid of honor. There will be no invitations sent, all friends and relatives are welcome. Following the wedding there will also be a reception at the parents' home. 400 recipes are given in "Cecily Brownstone's Associated Press Cookbook" available by sending $4.95 (check or money order made payable to "The Associated Press") to this newspaper in care of AP COOKBOOK, Box G4, Teaneck, N.J. 07666. Mouser*** Best families have reunion On display were genealogical studies of many of the families present, when the descendants of George and Phoebe Best Mouser held their annual Reunion at the Fair Park Coliseum, Sunday, August 18. There were ancestral charts, old pictures, documents, relics and a replica of the original log house, built in 1826 near Rocky Mound, a part of which still stands, on display. Miss Sharon Beauchamp of Weatherford, Tex. told a story of how a "House represents a Home—A Home represents a Family." Faye Hood Shuman gave informative date on Isaac and Margaret Best, parents of Phoebe, who migrated from Kentucky to Texas in 1824. Isaac Best and his family were among the "Old Three Hundred" to settle in (Stephen F.) Austin's Colony at San Felipe, Tex. Isaac Best left his mark of identify in naming a creek (on his property) Best's Creek. Planr are being made for September 1,1974, to dedicate a marker recently placed on the Best Creek in Waller County, Tex. by members of the Mouser-Best reunion. Family members taking part on the program were Miss Debbie Crow, Mrs. Faye Hood Shuman, Mrs. Mary Ann Spier, Reginald Toombs, Miss Sharon Beauchamp. Roy Mouser, Mrs. Theda Marciniak, Fred Mouser and Mrs. Roy Mouser. Gifts were presented to the oldest, youngest and the Family who traveled the greatest distance. Those attending from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mouser, Mission, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Kent Mouser and Kristy, Moresville, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mouser, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mrs. Altheria Hospital Notes BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Roscoe Williams, Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Larry Hunter and baby boy, Edward Wright, Hope; Mrs. Stella Wicker, Prescott. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Kathryn Jones, Sandy Watkins, Mrs. Sudie Huckabee, Mrs. Frances Fincher, all of Hope; Joe Green, Ozan, Mrs. Martha Franks, Fulton. DISMISSED: Homer Cobb, Joe Brown, Floyd Ponder, Patty House, Mrs. Bama Ross, Mrs. Myrtle Collins, Hazel Kern, W.C. Adney, all of Hope; Mrs. Jenia Anderson, McNab. Use a muffin tin to make individual salad and dessert gelatin molds. In half the tins, mix grated vegetables with the gelatin and in the other half add '-Jit and/ or nuts. Presto! — you have both salad and dessert ready. With this swell gel idea, you can even "personalize" each portion to individual taste. (Tip: If you coat each tin with mayonnaise beforehand, mold will slide out easier.) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jones entertained the Third District Arts and Crafts members at the Kountry Kitchen on August 20. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Coy Breeding. The group agreed that all members would donate a painting or craft item to be raffled off during the week of the Third District Fair. Jack Spates reported, that the theme of the arts and crafts show decoration will be "Old New Orleans". The following officers were elected for the coming year: president, Mrs. Keith Gibson; 1st vice-president, Hershell Cannon; 2nd vice-president, Byron Cunningham; secretary, Mrs. Bill Jones; and treasurer, Mrs. Byron Cunningham. Anyone needing information about the art show, which will be held September 23 through 28, please contact any art club member or Mrs. Coy Breeding. Information on craft booth rental may be obtained from Mrs. Bill Jones. Following the meeting Mrs. Jones served homemade fresh peach ice cream and cake, which was baked by Mrs. Coy Breeding. FALL CURTAIN GOING UP ON ACT111 IAD/ES SPEC/AITY SHOP Living Color Portrait from 99c CHARGE IT ON SgARS REVOLVING OHARQf 8x10 KATUWtt. CQtOS PORTRAITS No! Win old style tmisd of pami&s i Wntft piiptos. SELECTION Or PROOFS 4-6 Poses choose from. FOB AU A6ES teblt;. chiWten. . 6'guos pt)oiogr»pti«<J at in motional small ClWBB FS£E TO AU. SENIOR CITIZENS Ftet 6x!0 llvinj color portrait to Jil cus- Jorows over 60 vests V w. UWTED OFFER' One w susiect. tm« Oil family, id Sptciftl HeaJ anil YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS SPECIAL OFFER - Saturday, August 24th ars, Catalog Store Hope, Arkansas Beauchamp, Miss Sharon Beauchamp, Mrs. Theda Marciniak, Felix Lee and Grant Hughes, Weathersford, Tex.5 Mr. and Mrs. Delvin Mouser, Baton Rouge, La.; Mrs. Ruth Sides, Tyler, Tex.; Mr. Rufe Bates, Hobert Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bates and Hobert Paul, Grand Saline, Tex.; Mrs. Lola Richardson and Mr. Reginald Toombs, Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Lorene Mouser, Rector, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stone, Camden; Miss Sue Sledge and Mrs. Mattie Atkinson, Shreveport, La.; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Woodul, Mr. and Mrs. Benny Spier and Mark, Longview.Tex.; Mrs. Emogene Mashburn, James Atkins and Miss Cindy Atkins, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Osburn and Jerry Lynn, Marlin and Shelia Murphy, Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Campbell, Delight; Mr. and Mrs. Olen Johnson, Bills Town, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Langley, Murfreesboro; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fort, Mr. and Mrs. Benny Fort, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fort, Pine Bluff; Terry Fort, Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fort Jr. and Brian, Mike and Jeff Fort, El Dorado; Mrs. Jonie Hood, Mrs. Faye Shuman, Mr. and Mrs. Snow Williams, Mrs. Frances Corw, Arlene Williams, Amy Williams, Ballard, Becky Williams, Debbie Crow, Mr. and Mrs. Glendon Garner, Frances, Glenda Jo, Richard,. Donald Mouser, Texarkana; Miss Lisa Bruce, Atlanta, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis and Kathryn, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Kinat, Mrs. Doris McDowell, Houston; Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Null, McNeill, Ark.; Miss Bess Beauchamp, Memphis, Tenn.; Earnest Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mouser, Stamps; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chrestman, Lynn and Bubba, West Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. John Loe, Johnny, Todd and Craig, DeKalb, Tex.; Mrs. Ludie Hipp, and Mrs. Lida Sipes, Hooks, Tex.; Mr. Hollis Mullins, Cralsbad, New Mexico; Mr. and Mrs. Buford Poe, Ft. Smith; Also attending were Mrs. Reba Malone, Little Rock; Mrs. Sylvia Fowler and Larry, Magnolia; Miss Lisa Cross, Mrs. Laurice Montgomery and Danny, Mrs. Emma Craine, Mrs. Nora McKinnon, Mrs. Alene Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Sullivan, Jacque, Lynn, Carrie, Susan and Jimmy, Prescott; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cooper, Lesha, Sharyla, Jonathan, Mrs. Mae Beaty, Ruth Baker and Jimmy Baker, Emmet; Mrs. Sarah Wood, Wilton Wood and Mrs. Joyce Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Mouser, Mrs. Zula Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Parsons, Mark and Lori Anne, Mrs. Mable Mouser, Mrs. Sid Mouser, Blevins; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prescott, Emmet; Mr. and Mrs. James Prescott, Rosston; Mrs. Alia Garner, Bodcaw; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garner Jr., Toni and Pennie, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Edens, CuJlendale, Ark. Helpful Hints The redder canned salmon is, the higher it is priced. Use the reddest variety for salad, the paler varieties for a loaf or patties. Cooked lentils make a thrifty and filling salad. Save the liquid in which you have cooked the lentils and add it to a barley soup. Because the mixture may look drab, you may want to add lots of minced parsley or scallion. —Support your local merchants. DIXIE Drive-In Theatre TONITE 8:15 SATURDAY-SUNDAY ADM. 1.75 THE REAL BILLY THE KID-A DIRTY KID FROM A ROTTEN LITTLE TOWN— "DIRTY LITTLE BILLY" MICHAELjTPOLLARD PLUS "THE DON IS DEAD" Don Began An Innocent Affair With A Beautiful Woman—And Started The Bloodiest Carnival Of Murder In The History Of American Crime— Saenger THEATRE JOHN HUSTON'S TONITE 7:00 SATURDAY 1:00-7:00 ADM. 1.00-1.75 GEORGE C.SCOTT FAYEDUNAWAY JOHN MILLS ** JACK^PALANCE ^^^^ ^^^ (••MJf ITY Pw STANLEY KRAMER OKLAHOMA CRUDE i SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY horn COLUMBIA PICTURES and RAY STARK PRODUCTIONSfpQJ 'BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! ID GIVE ANflSCAR TO AL PACING FOR 'SERPICOT HIGHEST RATING!". ONE OF THE YEAR'S BEST" Aicnai Wmtlen. N « Poll — Sumdid Omw Gjnnull S<ndiCJlo — f'dncus Taylo/ Newhouiu No^ipjpe'i — Bob Sdlfnjggi WINS — Juffro, Lroni, WPK-TV — Luonaid Haioi HVCBS TV KdinJecn Cj'ioM N V OJ'I» Ncwi —.Re* Heed N * Oj.'r New:. Jonn Simon t >Uu.<<: Mjyjirru- _ Sloxd'l Klum KVNEW Iv "AL PACING- Best actor ot the year" ' ' ' '"

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