Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
Page 2
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2 lOhk DAILY REGISTER T^E lOLAlDAILY BB^ISTEBai THI.8PHON1I NO M. CHA8. F. SCOTT. SUBSCRIPTION BATBB: OM WMk - - - - - Ten Cento One Month - • ^orty^four Cento . One year 'FJve Dollars and Twenty. CU The manjagers of the lola C^haits' Homo bavej been asked by a woman m this vicinity to take ^er four children. They will .'probably arrange to do It f on ^he theory that A mother who Is jwtning to give her children away is not likely to bring them up In such I a way as to make good citizens of them. : I aterea at iola, Kansaa. Fostofflea as Second 'Class ICatter. %arutUbtgfTaXM made known 0a ^pU- »;/ ,1. • ? 'catlont * There are only four companies of United States troops now remaining in Cuba. But for the practical purpose of a(Jvising Cuba to not get gay and of intimating;to Europe'that she would better keep hands bff, they are l .as effective as four regiments. Member of the Aasoclated Press. Thfe Iola Dally Register is a mem-, ber of the Associated PrefS and receives the day telegraph report of that yj,^^ Washington Post thinks the great neWsoi^Wza^tron fo^^ fact that Governor Bailey has been through a flood, an extra session of trie legislature and a wedding in single month, ought to , put him in the running it a strenuous candidate for vice-president is wanted afternoon publlcaUof In Iota. WHAT TO DRINK AND^ EAT. Dr. H. \y. Wiley, Government Chemist, hfts'been experimenUng for sev eral montbs past with a number of| During the four years pf the last Cleveland administration nearly two hundred railroads passed into the v><» X hands of receivers. Last year not young men to determine so far as pos- ^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^.^ misfortune. This Bible the comparative values of dif- difference. Terent foods and drinks, and particularly to detect those that are posi- KANSAS NOTES, tively harmful. His first series of Arkansas City is. to taVe a packing experiments has been concluded, and },ouse the following are some of the conclusions ho has deduced: The devil lurks in Uio soda water fountain, and iceJ tea is simply sui elide. In hot ^weather one should drink water at from CO to f>5 degrees and drink slowly. Bread should be at least a day old, If not older, when eaten. Meat is much more easily digested than starchy vegetables. Meat, good bread, potatoes and milk free fropa germs should bo the foundation of every meal. You get more than twice as much nourishment from a poiind of wheat as from a pound of meat. Edwin Warlield. president of the Fidelity Trust and Deposit Company, of Baltimore, is a candidate for the Democratic nomination: as Governor of Maryland on the very unique platform that if nominated he will not spend a dollar in the campaign '• except for legititaate expenses, and that ho will publish an itemized; statement wiili the name of every man to whom ho pays money and the purpose for whlsh It wais paid. Considering tiie character,—at least the reputation,— of Maryland Democrats ; there is mighty little chance for Mr.j Warfield to win the nomination. The very best thing that couid'happen Maryland,-however, would be to have i him win it and then to hkve the Republican candidate for Governor make the same pledge •touching the expenditure of money; It would be worth I all it wouldn.t cost to surprise that c^nce with an honest commonwealth election. The Chanutc triplets are all down with the whooping cough. How would you like to be Mrs. Steele right now 'this f.'-oni the St. Joseph News is passed along to Ed. Howe: "The brass band editor is the king bee these days." At a sale of lols in Coffcyvflle re ceiitly not a lot was sold. They were iots in the cemetery. Hobson was at the Emporia Chau tauqua this week and the Republican says all tlio women in town went to SCO him. Probably the paper exag gorated a few, however. The Arkansas City Traveler wants a boy to learn the printers' trade who don't smoke cigaroitcs. This should be significant to tiie Arkansas City youths who are victims The editor of the Olathc Tribimc is running a series of articles explain ing why he is a Democrat. Is he running it as news or is he just bolstering up confidence in him.solf? Joe Cook, editor and postmaster at Ellinwood. wont to Kansas City and secured seventy-five harvest hands for his neighbors. The fact that he is that kind of a man probably accounts for his being postmaster. One advantage of being great and not dying suddenly is that you have your obituary set up in type many hours before the angel calls. For instance, the pope's notice has been in type for three days in most newspaper offices. An Emporia man who was found with a barn full of beer claimed that he kept it for his help. A man who can keep a good supply of beer on tap just now will have no trouble securing all the help he ne^ds. This is a pointer to the wheat men who are having trouble getting men. Emporia Gazette: "Yesterday an Emporia business man and a seedy looking Individual in a blue crash suit fmSO^'S BALM}; .<r^^<9' A CUARAHTetD «C- rm»*»»»»i^——— -•'27i PRICCaSand 00^^^^ imoji MFfi:;ca,jopuN, MO» y, JULY,^10 1903 iCODtlN MOTH. TO FI .) ' —. Tltc DepBrtncat of Aacrlevltnre Wtll BzpertelfBtsWltlt Birde^ la "Tornlii. ;': crank Snd I am going this afternoon to hear the other cranR, Sam Jones, Who speaks^ this afternoon." rnia made the seedy individual look displeased and he blurted out, "I speak this afternoon." And he handed the business man his card which read, "Sam M. Jones, Mayor of Toledo." But tho Emporia man didn 't take back his statement about the craiik." From the Arabian Nights. . After killing the two lions which had guarded the entrance to the cave Mustapha pressed forward, eager to grasp the hidden treasure. But a terrible figure arose in his pathway. '1 am the Demon • of the Cave," it said in a sepulchral voice. 'Pooh!" replied Slustapha, "demons don't cut any Ice." I In fact the demon was made of (bin air and Mustapha went through him without diflculty. , Almost immediately, however,^ another .^onster confronted him. It appeared to be composed of wings ^nd a proboscis, and it buzzed like a bu^z saw. Mustapha felt instinctively that the jig was up... "Dost thOu. too, guard the treasure?" ho asked, trembling. "I do," replied .the monster. "I am a mosquito from the Yucon and I love the blood of the gold seeker." And tlio monster stung Mustaplia until he thought he was in New Jersey. "Enough," he said, turning back. "I shall soli my outfit and return to Hagdad. There 1 shall organize a stock company." He did HO. and tho publJ* came in on tho ground floor. All 's well that ends well.—William E. McKonna. Now It is the birds thai are to help In the destruction of the codlin tnoth —ihat lllUe Insect that Is doing so nach harm to the apple orchnrds of California,' Down .at Wntsonville, where the.blg'"'6rchardR,are, the or- falthologlcql department of the United States department of agriculture, under the; super\-isibn of Dr. E. L. Beele, is working In conjunction with Prof. C. W. Woodworth and Warren Smith, of the University of California, to exterminate the moth, and just now they are installing a lot of bird cages as part of tiie work, says a Berkeley report. : These cages, of which (here are to be 12, will be large enough to envelop a fruit tree. Into them it i.s purposed to put 30 varieties of California birds. Including canaries, bluejays and linnets, and then to wntchthemclo.selj'to discover upon what thej- fca.'^t most. At certain times Ihe l )ird.«? will be killed and their stomachs exhaustively scrutinized by the ornithologist^. In this way it can be determined accurately what the proportion of fruit the birds eat i.s to the insects they consume. And then from this it ivill be determined what birds are most dc- sttructive to the codlin moth and the other destroyer.s of plnn^ life.- If the experimenters are luck.v enough to find a birrf that makes the codlin moth its prey, that species will be prop .Tgated in large numbers and distributed over tho state. It is thought they can lie kept In-the orchards by attractive baits. UNITED STATES IN MINIATURE Vniqne Pentnrr of the St. T ,onli« Ex- poHltlon .SIinY-lniv ProdiietH of the Diirercnt Stntca. TYPEWRITING EXPERTS. Find Xcw FI<rl«I for Tlieir .4bilillc« in FurulMliiiitf Trxtlmony lu What has become' of the old fashioned anti-imperialist who used to predict that we would have to keep a standing army of forty thousand men in th^. Philippines for twenty years In order to "sul)jugale the people"? It is only a little over a year since the Islands wore declared pacified. There are less than! 15.000 troops in rode down to Shoeboxburg in tlic same the archipelago, and'Gen. Davis telo- carriage. On the way down the seedy graphs that- a considerable number of individual asked the Emporia business these may now be brought home, as man if he had been attending the a number of posts where it was Chautauqua entertainments regularly. 'No." said tho Emporia business man, I "I went to heir Debs, the Socialist thought necessary a 'year ago to maintain heavy gsLrrison's will lie turned over to the native constabulary. The anti-imperialism, "issue" is as dead as free silver. ^ A FITTING TRIBUTE. When the rain poured its floods down the Kaw valley the whole coun try was excited arid anxious because of the dreadful damhge being done to the crops, i The flood lasted ten days (and it is probably conservative to say that it cost Kansas a million dollars a . day. But how much, do you suppose A Citizen of lola Pays a Well-Earned Tribute. The following public statement of a respected citizen adds one more em phatic endorsement of merit to the scores that have appeared before. , 3Ir^. F. A. Rowdon, oi COl N. Jef- the sun thkt is shlnikg these days iJf ferson street,.says: "A dull aching in worth to the crops?; The fact that v(e small of my back annoyed me for take our good fortune for grante? two or three weeks. Wishing to check while we get wildly 'excited over a lit incipient stages when I no- tle run of hard luckj shows how mu.-h ^^^'^^ Doan's Kidney Pills guaranteed more accustomed wcj are to good luck P'^'^. ^^^'^ kidney than to bad. complaint, I went to C. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store for a box. If the These would be mighty good days treatment had not brought undoubted for a.street sprinkler. Is there no way benefit I woiild be the last resident of by which ^ the expenjse of such a scr- lola to publicly endorse the medicine." vice can be figured out? A joint For sale by all dealers, price 50 meeting of the city council and the cents. Foster-Miifaurn Co., Buffalo, Commercial Club o^ght to be able to sole agents for the United It; will come as u s\irprisc to many people to ivuow that ihi-re is a great deal of character in typewritiug, Were half a do /.tn operatorslto ustitl^e same machine, paper ajid actual uords, each printing otf a dozen sheets, and were all these to bo mixed up indiscriminately, a practiced eye could dis- tingui.'^h each <)j>erai.<jr'5 work iubtaut- ly, says the Chicago Tribune. In a recent law case, where a lengthy typewritten document ol many sheets was in question, it was alleged that one of the pages included had been syb.siituted for auothei sheet. Although to a casual eye all the sheets seemed to be the work oi one hand, experts showed "that the spacing was quite uitTcrent. e.spccially between the end of one sentence and the beginning of another, and on the substitute sheet the new paragraphs began in quite a dilTerent position on the lines, and the letters were shaky instead of upright and i^m. And tho puncl nation—the crucial icai —was wholly different. The.experts were unable to trace the person who had done the bogtis type­ writ iritg, but they agreed that it was a woman, young, andlonly n beginner at typewriting; that she was nervou.s, not strong, and that her education was cmly moderately good. The writer of Ihe other sheets comprising the document was defined frorn the evenness, eorreetness and firmness of the typewriting to: be an experienced "typist." At the M : K.^&TJl^pot Tola, Kaiis.^^tfiie iO, 1903. lo| tiie people of loWand ^Ilen <io4(^^ opened tip a yard mi nortli JefEetson avennej adjoining tfie Ml K. &:T. de^t, ^fhete yoif ^fl find a complete stock on fiand| at a I times. ask forj a share of yotff - trade and hope to merit the same by fair priees and fgood material ' Come and see iss and get prices before Yotfrs Resjpectftfuy, yotf btfy. ...sqe v$ FOR... 1 I Assistant .Secretary Brigham, of the do ))arfMient f)f ngrieulture, luis SCN cured the use of ,1 .'»unny slope t>i groun<l of about ten acres near the government l)uil(ling ai the St. Louis exp «)sitir >n. and tlii.s will l)e laid otT .lIfr as a miniature reprodnelion of the ITnilcd States, says Bradsfreefs. The several states and territories will be clearly defined.-the boundary lines of each being made up of pathway-^, so that visitors can ^Uil^ around each separate connnonwoalfh. The ])ri 'ducts of each section will be represented in the v.iri <ius states, and, if the skill of the department's experts can acconipli.sli the tlesired results, will be growing in the state to which they are native when the exposition is formally opened on May 1. 1004. For instance, miniature fields of rice will be growing in Louisiana, Texas and the Carolinas, with the other products of these sta,tes; ML-:- sissipi«, Florida, Alabama and Georgia, the Carolinas, and Texas will have fields of .snowy cotton, green wheat, and waving corn; Virginia and the golden tobacco belt of Xortli Carolina will slu»w the plant in all its varieties, while Maryland, Arkansas. Missouri and other states will afford a bird's-eye view of t'ne diversified crops grown within their borders. Rubber Tire Runaboutjs and Surreys, Fine 3urr^y ar^d Driving Harness, Whips, Fjy Nets. Dustersv Summei^ Goods and Lawn Swings. NE.XT Tb CITY GAS OFFICE No. West Madison Ave. | r. : -' • ^ ' '• -- tINVENTOR OF THE SCYTHE. Xi'au JoKcpIi .lenkM, of I.rnn, Mass., Who MvFiI Two and a Ilnlf ' •t'entiirl<rii Aigo devise some way out. If the weather gets reil hot and di4 the damage done by the dust will amount to twice the cost of sprinkling, j "Two men sold aX auction" is a bead line that is likely to send a shudder through the avcragc.humanltarian. But when he rcadH on and flnds out that BO many employers were seoking to hire these men that they saw their opportunilr and hired themselves to those who woiild bid the highest for theirjBenlcea, he finds tliere is no oc- cUMiaait^ ti^ the jretonLj of ,Bl47ery. States. Remember the and take rib lother. name—DOAN'S— When Ypu Want • Firat>ClMi Job of TIN OR CORNICE WORK ; See ^ JOB, The Tinner at In rummaging among old. papers a Lynn gi.'ntleinan lias discovered the complete pattern of the American scjthe, whieli was invented centuries ago hy Joseph Jencks, an ironworker of Saugus, Mass. . The invention of the scathe, sajs the 15oston IJecord. is referred to in Ia'wis*and Newhall's "Jli.^tory of I,ynn." "^-liis scythe took the place of the English "bushwhacker" scythe, made of a piece of thin steel about IS inches lonjj- and three inehes wide. Jencks mone than doubled the length of ih^ scythe, reduced its width to lU. inches and stifTened it by welding a square bar on the l>ack. . The patent was, by enactment of tho Ma.ssachusvtts general court, as follows: "May 23, 1CG5: Itt is ordered that Joseph .Tencks. senr., and hi.s assigns, only, shall haue liberte graunted to them to make that engine the said Jtncks ha'th propost-d to this Court for the more speedy cutting of grnsse, for seven yeares, and that no jnhab> Itant or other person within this jurisdiction during that time Vhall make or vpe any of that kind of engine without lIcenBe flr.«t obtained from the said Jpseph .Tencks, on the poenalty of five jjpunds for euery such engine so made or vxied, to bo reeoueredatjnny Court In this jvrlsdictlon by t^p wild Joseph Jencks, scnr., or his assignes." ODD GROUND FOR LAWSUIT. Irlnbmnn Hnd n Cnne Wlilcli He Couldn't Get n Lnivj-er to Tnke luto Court. Comfort Counts ^ In .traveUng. Getj the best-^use Katy Flyer", to' St Louto. Fast, Samuel Davis, court stenographer of the Second <'ireuit, relates the Kansas City .Journal, says that an Irishman who several years ago tried to engage the l«-gal services of his father had the (idtlest ground for a lawsuit he has ever heard of. The Irishman wanted to sue his landlady for $15. lie explained that he made a contract to pay her three dollars a week for board, but she was to deduct 25cents for every meal he missed. Having got the coniraet iluly signed. Pat began to board elsewhere and charged t he lady with whom be had eontracte<l 25 cents for every nieal h,e missed. He figured out that by managing this way he missed $5.25 worth of meals each week, for which his contract required him to pay only three dollars,'so that by slaying .-iway he made $2.20 cdear. The ladlaiiy refused to pay him his "profits." and he wanted Mr. Davis to liring fcuit- against her fc^r him. "Father laughed at him a bit," Jlr. Davis says, "and he got indignant. 'A conthractis a conlbract,' said I'at, 'and she ought to be made to live up to Tier'n just as well as me to mine.' There were several other lawyers in town, and some of them were pretty hard up for cases; but I don't know of anylwdy that took that one after father turned it down." NOW FOR COriF^ORt • ", ^ ^r. ^ i Dress Goods that are gdod and beaii? tiful, yet cool and breezy. That Is what you are^ locking for,-the kind we are showing. t*rices the lowest. Do Not Forget Our GROCERY DEPARTHENT. | No One Undersella Vs. . * Dry Goo^s: Siio^ Gtoceties, ^ Wiley Potter ' * „i„t,.>,i„i,.i,i .i.,i ,trii .i .iti|.ii|..t'r .M I i. Has moved from the stone jbarn on East Madi- J son avenue te ' • ' i A.. |The Star Barn I > I on West street, :wher4 lie will continue to buy J I your horsed and mules paying at all times the I highest market price, i An Amcricnn Tropical Laboratory. One of the characteristics of modern scientific progresses the estab- lisliment of laboratories and observatories of various kiijds at points 'where phenomena of great interest can best be studied, although such. points may be remote from eenter&j of human population and from ordinary lines of travel. Jus-t now an effort is making to establish a scich- tific statioy at the- Tortugus Islands near the coast of Florida. A considerable number of naturalists have e.xpressed interest in the^ scheme. Some think it would beiiyi excellent point from which to ob8er\'e the migration of birds; .others that u blo- logic'hl laboratory etitablishcd there would.give rich results. It is pointed opt that we'now know more of tho life of the Red Koa thnn we do of that of the Caribbean sen nnd tho gulf of Mexico*lying almost at our dpors. Alimka'a RIchM. I Alaska's commerce last, year, (ex- 'eltuive of gold productioD, rejic^ed iM ,«(k>.OdO, or nearly tWe ;tlxn'e» |ti« on the Saivta Fe Kansas City tq'Pueblb, Colorado Springs and Denv^' daily! beginning June 4. ^ Pullinan obse^atlon' and drawing-rocm sleepers— chair car— Library -smokldg car. • Leave Tola 2:10 p. m. , Arrive Colorado next forenoon. Quick—luxurious—cohvenient—popular. Another fast Colorado train now leaves Kansag City on the Santa Pe everf morning, LOW-RATE EXCURSIONS ALL SUMMER. I -Ask.for tree copy of "A Colorado Sumajer:" :l( telia ail,about vacation datlnes In Colorado W. E. EAIATOK . AKt. A. T. & S. P. Ry.." Iota, Kcnsaa. Ill t i in Mil u I 'u I 11 1 u 1 0i 11 i;i jmrtrirn inii^m*€ II CJ h. Tke raat |wa pay bay's WMir hMi^ thM ^ittie OM •n ' twitlnc. L <M |nf and Insurance^ Up stain In 'Corner BtilldlD|. lolf^ Kwuit

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