Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1912
Page 4
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TgE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 19,1912. I^lliielola Daily Register I i TIM lola. Dally Record and th« tola Dally ; ; ' Index. f i tBX Kfmai:ER puBLisncfG c6. S • CHA& F. SCOTT. Pres. and Editor i I. K. W. BREIWSTER.. Manager t^tered at th« lola PostXTtce as Secondi. * ' . Class Matter. :'Advertlslnc Rates Made Known on ApptI-' ' • Ckitlon. *: ; ; :: 1 Offlolat Paper City of lola. Xmiclal Pap*r City of Bauett. Ofrielal Paper of Allen County. \ SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ~ ! By Carrier In lola, Gas City, Lanyon' vlltei CencretOj LaHarpe and Bauett: •One Week 10 ents fOa» Month 44 cents •OD» Yaar M.OO BY MAIL: .'One Tear, tnslde ounty: tZ.OO i One Tear, outside county .$3 .eo ; .. TELEPHONES: Business Office IS •« Society Reporter I« ; Job and Mndery Dept IJl ;HIRE FARM EXPERT ADVISOR UlU-TCjr Count}-, Kii.*^ rn>|t lin|>nivi>. iBPiit, ("hill F«rm«Ml. - ; Newton, Kas.. Oct. 18.—At a mass :n)e4>tinK of fariiuTs and bti!tlii«s» iiii'ii of. Harvey county .VfSiiTilay afHTiiooii ;the "Harvoy County Crop Inii'rovi-- ^luent Club" was formod, with L. K. 'Fife, a iiromincni . VOUHK farnn'r as j president, and J. C. .Mack, post inast<-r ' tat NftWton, socrcfary-trcaaurcr. J. H. Miller of the statu aKricultnral col: (.lege was present and oulliiiod tlio plan " of operation worked out by the cbl- ; lege. An expert farm advisor will bo ; engaged at a cost of t3,500 for two years, and an experiinmit will b»? car. ', Tied on for that i)eriod. ! Memberships of $.5 eacli will be sold ; in the club to eight farmers in each '• of the- townships, making a tola! of -120 memberships, the holders of which - ^wiU be entitled to first call on llie 1 services of the ativisor. .Tlie club will -Secure $1,000 from tlie Inited States : ;Crop Improvement comniittw! at Chi- •cago, and the remainder of the fund •will be provided by popular subscrtli- •tion. • _ Leavonwortlj is the only county in Kansas that has actually placed the I county farm advisor idea into active ' operation, though ten other counties are now working on a plan to lest the merits of the plan. Chronic Dj ^spepj ^in. i - —The following unsolicited testl- • monlal should certainly he sufficient .-to give hope and courage to persons afflicted with chronic dyspepsia: "I . have been a chronic dyspeptic for years, and of all the medicine 1 have taken. Chamberlain's . Tablet.s have . done me more good than anything else," says \V. O. Mattlson. o.N ; Sher man St.. HornellsvlIIe. N. Y. For sale :j)y all dealers. jT^ The high school has adopted a new •^system of grade cards which bids fair - to oxcol those of the past. The new , system Is «o arranged tliat each of the } Instructors will have a card, so that .Jf a pupil makes four 8iudleH,-he will, • ' on the appointed day. nx-eive four (trade cartls. each of wlilch must be 4 Btgnfid by the parent. The object of this new system is to make the In• Btructors independent of the prin<'l- I pal in thoir marking of cards. It al= BO makes the instructor alone respoii- . • Bible for the cards, and Ushtons tliu« i work of the principal. y^A card from Ixjonard Mundis, who is toiirlng Illinois on his motorcycle . states that he is having an excellent ^ outing and is at present 1,000 miles ' from home. POWDER AbsoIutelsrPure [From a series of elaborate chemical tests.] V Comparative digestibility of food made with diffisrent baking powders: An equal quantity of bread (biscuit) was made with each of three different kinds of baking powder—cream of tartar, phosphate, and alum—and submitted sepai-ately to the action of the digestive fluid, each for the saihe length of time. The percentage ^of the food digested is shown as follows: Bread made with Royal Cream of Tartar Powder: I 99 Per Cant. Digested Bread .made with phosphate powder: I 67H Per Cent. Pigest «.r| Bread made with alum powder: I 67 Per Cenfc Digested | Royal Baking powder raised food k shown to be of greatly superior ^estibility and healthfulnoss. TO TEACH THEM HONTO BOLT Bill IVIilte Offers Instmctlons to RrpnblicanH and Deniornit.<< of KantuiK. Old Bill AVhite favors the Register with a peck of Moose dope today. One envelope contains among other things a" financial statement indicating the poverty of the Moose^ treasury, while another offers to furnish the Register and the othpr 750 newspapers in i<ansas free plate matter showing the voters how to vote Republican or Democratic ballots and at the same time vote for Roosevelt and Johnson. The Register Inclines to the theory that no voter who Is not smart enough to know how to scratch his ballot should be relied upon to decide that he ought to scratch, and hereby declines the extravagant offqr of the impecunious treasurer of the Hull Moose party ilu Kansas. Below are' the opening paragraphs of the appeal: Dear Sir: 1 have prepared two .stereotype plates, ."i.vS, containing fnc- sinillo ballots. The first one shows how a Republican may vole for Roose velt and the rest of the Republican state and county ticket, and the second shows how a heiiiocnit may vote for Roosevelt Capper and sfubbs. and th» Republican CongreKsmnn, and the rest of the IVmocratlc state and county ticket. 1 can elthnr send-this to you or to the hotuse that your ready-print. Can you use this two weeks previous to the i-lecllon? If so. let me know by wire at my expense, and as quickly as possible. If you desire the plates shipped direct o you. say so; If you desire the article to appear in your ready-print j side, jilease wire me to that effect, stating what ready-print yon ii.'-e. and wire Instructions to your ready-print house as well. We have a most intricate lialUit this .vear. owing to the fact that the Roose velt electors are In the Independent column.. It w|ould be an excelli'Ut Idea If you could write a short i-dl- torlal, warning the voters that this will be a hard ballot to vote, and, telling them that, in case of doubt they should not hesitate to ask the judges how to vote. Truly. W. A. WIIITK. JPEBSONAI MENTJ ONT) W. M. Dressier, of Mont Rose, -Mo., .' who has been here visiting his p^r- 1 ents returned home this morning. MRS. WILKES' BLESSING Her Dearest Hopes Realized I —Health, Happiness and Baby. i Plattsburg, Miss. —"Lydia E. Pink; ham's Vegetable Compound has proved very ben< ficial to me, for now I am well ] and have a sweet, healthy baby, and our I I home is happy. *' I was an invalid from nervous pros: ' tration, indigestion and female troubles. THE ST.VK .VMJ CAl'PKK VluyeA l>el»}Pd (inuie (o llu<tt up the KcpuliilrtinH. r " I think I suffered every pain a woman eoold before I began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and I think'it saved this baby's life, as I lost my first one. "My health has been very good ever rince, and I praise your medicine to all my friends. "—Mrs. VsaNA WUJCES, R. F. D. No. 1, Plattsburg, Miss. The darkest days of husbant] and wife are when they ctnne to look forward to a diildless and lonely old age. Many s wife has found herself incapa- lile^of mbtherbood owing to some derangement of th^ feminine system, often enaUe 1^ the proper remedies. In many homes once childless there «re adwidiildren because of the fact tfaatLydiaELPinkham'sVegetableCpm- pomid makes, women normal, healthy - n-7 *a|«aat qwdal sirtee write to TiMU-leOerwiU MA siii SMweni hr * Mi U Strict waUeace. C. W. Smith, of northeast of the city was III town toilay. jCotller HunBleur, of .\eosho Falls, was In town this afternoon. (lus .lames, of Thayer, was a business visitor here this afternoon. .1. C. Mnvllle wi -iit to (larnett this iirt (>rnonn. M. .M. Adams and famil.v of KIncald drove to lola I ills aflernooii for a visit with friends. K. H. Hyrd. of Clierryvale, who Jiiis hee.n here on business went to Carlyle this afternoon. i Chauncey Sawyer, W. M. llurns, l.e- roy, were passengers on the noon Santa Fe for Carlyle. Mrs. Kate McHatten went to Kansas City this afternoon to visit with friends. Miss Florence Ralston, of Colony, who has been here visiting fri<'nds, returned libme this afternoon. Miss Effie Watkins went to Garneit this afternoon to spend Sunday with friends. Mrs. .\. D. Wallis of Cherr>vale; who, has been here visiting friends went to' Garnett this afternoon. Mrs. H. T. Pancoast went to Ottawa this afternoon for a visit with relatives. Mrs. E. H. Lehr of Chanute. arrive.1 here this afternoon for a visit with her sister Mrs. Carrie Roush. H. r>. Wood of Topeka, who has been hrre on business returned home this afternoon. \V,-«yne Oilliland, of Ottawa, a reporter has "accepted a clerkship" under Senator Bristow. and wlil also •act as press agent for Mr. Bristow." Who'll pay the salary, Joe or Sam? When a real estate liian of the city reiMjrts two sales per week, thre*' houses rented per day, and a number of trades per week, business in lola is pretty lair after all. The between tlie Sox and "Cubs, in Chicago emled in a farcial vict:;ry for the .American l..eagurer#. \vho defeated the Cubs imthe nlntU and final contest yesterday It! to Walsh pitched a shutout ; game, th"" Cubs getting two men as fhr as third The series brought in a total of Jl"*!.- •!4.S.2.'>, the players getting' Cti and •lO per cent of $3r.,000. —With every |2.".0 worth of cash Ickets we give youjn handsome clothes hrush. See them In our window. Morris & Howard. Doctor Porter is undoubtedly the cot on magnate of this village. He has juft visited his "patch" In^Mis.sisslppi and found goo<l reafon to believe he win have li'O'bales of cotton, which rutis his expectations up onto thc$o.- 00i> class. It must be g:rand to be a rjch farmer. Ed Stanfield. who has just returned from a trip of several days up in Wisconsin and Michigan, declares tlmt people up there are not talking politics very much. He ^ys business is good and they are attending to that. Enrbute home he watched the Sox aad the Cubs play a tie game in Chicago before 15,000 rabid ball fans. Jhe small son of. Perry Newton of Cprlyle. while playing with a ?K>y fr!end in the Carlyle store yesterday afternoon, fell to the floor and bit bis tongue almost in two. The injury was oxtreicply painful and may prove serious if the wound does not heal. Tb^ young nun is doing nicely today. rXITEII FOR .iVmiE ForsT. Early In the game: before the lines were drawn taut, the Kansas l^lt>' Star sent word to .\rthur Capper thai it woud not support him fur governor illv tlie way, while Ihls Is the actual fuel, the (Jazette got Its Information neither from the Star nor from .Mr. Capper.) Tile Star, uniler' the jiresent direction of Coone Nelson, wrote Mr. Capnei ".r.iRi; liliu niitUy> to this. HoweVer. when the light came on. the prospect 'I .ll.-iniiiiing I he Re.iuiblcnn parly was so bright that Nelson couldn't resist the temptation of flirting with Cujiper, and l<Utiiig it be understood ihiit he hail the Star's support. This farce was carried on until a •>« ij.iys aco, when the Star dropped Clapper, and generooisly told the Kan- tl.i, voters they might vole for Modgef if they saw fit. This was done be- .iuse Capper In a gentemanly and mild liiiiniierert voice declared the he is a Uepublican. i ''"I'e Star coud take poison, castor oil, and other things like that without a gag, but let It smell a tajnt of Re. .anLsin, and if goes off the reser- \oiion with a jump.—l,awrence Gazette. Wond.son C'onnly I{ep"l»H<'n'"< .*<«lltlly Snppiirling liini. The caiulldacy of .ludge Foust for re-election to the district court bench for Allen and Woodson counties has been very cordially received In the neighbor county and his numerous .Allen county friends will -he glad to learn that lie is to have the united support of his party over there as well as here. The following clippings from two leading Republican newspapers of Woodson county tell the story: ^Yates Center News: .ludge Oscar Foust was over from lola between trains Wednesday. The .ludge is a •andldate for n'-eleciion and wll! have no opposition in his party in W'ijudson county. Toronto Republican: .Indue •»f lola. was in Toronto yt-sterday fore tioon. He is a candidate for re-election in this district. He is a iiiiiKt righteous judge and deserves ri>-elec- 'l«n'. .\nd he doubtless will he. —With every $2..".0 wortti of cash tickets we give you a handsome clothes brush. See them in our wln<low. Morris X- Howard. ARE TEMPORARILY E.\40I>ED. Chicago, Oct. IS.—Judge McKinley. in the superior court today issued a temporary injunction, resti^aining the officers of the Modern Woodmen, of -America from submitting to a referen- (ium vote of the members of the society the question of the Increased rates in effect January 1, 1913. The proposed vote has to; be taken under the authority created by the statute amending the state insurance :'ct which was passed last May. —"Vwall of Men," Mrs. Hill .Mc- Carter'.t new boak. on sale today. Evans Bros. A\old Sedalivp Cough Medicines. If yon want to contribute directly to the occurrence of capillary bronchitis and pneumonia use cough medicines that contain codlne. morphine heroin and other sedatives when yon have a cough-or cold. An expectorant like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is what is needed. That cleans out the culture beds or; breeding places for the germs of pneumonia and othei term diseases. That; Is why pneumonia never results from a cold when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is used It ha.s A' world wide reputation for Its cures. It contains no morphine or other sedative. For sale by all dealers Butler Christy of northwest of the city went to Ft. Scott this morning. ItK. .SAFETY MEETIX; TOMtiHT. ItHilrntids Tnllp in Cnliivnle rantion in Eniplnyr<>s. Oil" of the first sefrty mefting."' of I niiinber of railway systems will h<- leld in Kansas City this evening. Tlie ••mptoyes and officers and their families of all roads entering Kansas ('ity lire expected to attend the meetinc. Music will be furnished by the shop bai.d of the Santa Fe r6ui.d houses at Top'-ka, also by a ijuartette from the 3.".me Institution. There will be talks bv oiTlc^alf nnd employes and talks illustrated by motion pictures. The meeting will be on,«> of the first of Its kind in the countrv ,ind althoush all he road<< enterlntr K:insas City have not vel adopted the i;:ifety system, •hey will do so in a short time. W. •C. Ralston and George Del.carno of this city will attend the meet (JETS NEWS WHEN THERE'S AXY, With the Acorn Air Blast Gas Burner This is a beautiful Round Coal Healing i'^tovc !l burn.-^ SLACK, SOFT €OAL, HARD COAL, WOOD 0? Lisnitc. But it decs nn.i'e than this—IT BURNS THE SMOKE and the GAS lliat Js prtxiuoeil by combustion of the coal. These gases which are thrown off bv Cdiiiivion soft coal are very heavy producing much heat which is cnliicly \\::.-lc'.I by llio oidiiK.iy coal .<love. The ACORN AIR BLAST STOVE produces perfect combustion of these !':;i.'cs and the hi.-it Iiy thi.-? .secondary combustion of ga.^yj; is twice that v ?volved by the first combustion in which the gases are formed. Thus you Save Half Your Coal BUI. Saving Jialf your fuel bill will buy the stove in one winter, and besides you will be warm and eliminate tlie .^niokc, :;oot antl chokinjv fumes which mo.'it coal stoves throw out into the room. I FKEI»KRICKS<»\ tJlVEN *i. ilonble Uiirrelled Snll Hmihed «..".IMI In Mone>. A .Marti'liins E <ic«|ic. -•-"My little boy had a iiiarveloiis esciipe." writes' 1'. .F l!a-fiams of I'riiici' .MIxTt. Capi! of , tloo.l Hope. •It ixcurr'il in the middle of tli<- An int..r.Mit;« .as- i, now .Irrmgin.; ;'"" |-'ot a very severe attack il'is-1<f:'U|'. .As luck woliid have it. I . had a large bottle or lnamberlain's «'iiii'.;!i Kemedy In the house. .After CaMIe and Hoir ICereipto Were Light '.t-^ allotteil rour.-e thr(>iit;li tl 'riti court with .very prospi-it <if iiaking a .M;iriiilii>n run It Is a doiible-barrell'il suit liftwi>.-u .lliii Frederickson and F. .1. Oyler in wliic-li FredericUson won a di'i-isliin in nvmd one. Frederickson. it seejiis, claim<''l $;um due him for s<-rvii-e-: n'nder''<!. iiid sued for that suiii. wln'reiii<on .\t- nrney Oyler filed a cross 'WHEAT StUMPS WTH CORN FOI:EI(;\ A.MI >«ijTinvEST \EWS PROVEI> IIEAKISH. following tiie directions for an hour and twenty minute.^ he was through all danger' Sold by all dealers. and the I'rires Werr Regular .Saturday W.i-akne.<ix. M-;r. • ni. tl-.e wireless inventor, was injured in an auto accident some time ..irii.v w>i,-i I..,-.. „ siiit tor acM and as a result surgeons renioveil .some JI.htKi. for legal services n-n-, "n« of Ms eyes the otlier day, the •lered Freii< rickson. The jury jiftei : si;;hi ^elng destroyo<I. hearing the i-vidence. g ive Frederick ! with it the losts. .iiiiouiir.iig already to j —Mr. .las. V. Churchill, fltt Wall St, son a venli<'t for i'2 which carries I .A II I MIIII '. .N. V.. has been bothered wit'i j .several hiindreil dollars .Mr. Oyler . serious kidney and bladder trouble I will appeal or seek a ne'.v trial, and ever since he left the army, and savs: ' the tug of war sliow.s no immediate "I decided to try Foley Kidney I'llh: prrspect of a final c<iiicliision. as they had cured so many people and I soon found they were just the thluA-- .My kidneys and bl.idder are again In II. H. Funk 'Doupht a l«i»-arre farm la he.Tlthy condiMon. 1 gladly rem-i- tPy the As.sociated Press) Chicago, Pet. 19.—Wheat Showed wejikness today because the cabled bids for exports were out of line. Big receipts in the .Northwest had a bear ish effect also. The market opened 'nc lower t" ashade up. December started at i'i^ic to ^.-i and declined !to lev. WllE.XT—Close Dec. 92>ic; May :H ;"«4 C. COR.N—<:iose: Oct. C4%c; Dec. .'.3%, .Mav .')23fe «a .',2»Ac. I OATS—Close: Dec. 32>4@32%c: .May rusic. down In Oklahoma n-c^ntly jind now threatens, just as soon as he enjoys voting, to go down there and wield ;:u axe this winter felling tnis and improving the place. mend them." Drug Store. For sale at Burrcll's Kansas VUj Urain. Drug Store. I Oct. Ut.—Cash WbeAt, [ i market unchanged to. '/jc lower. No. .Mrs. Frank Bonnell went to Top.ka hard. ST'.^c; So. .t. 86'^c: Xo. 2 red, this afternoon for a visit with friends. 1-"«H-; -N'o. 3, 9S<&1.0.-.>i. Close —With every %2.'>» "yworth of c»s!i tickets we give you a handsome clothes brush. See them In our window. Morris & Howard. October 29 is Kansas Fish Day when the water will be turned into the SO ponds at, tbe new flsb hatchery at Pratt with ceremonies participated in by Governor .Stubbs. The turning valve will start water from the .\ln- nescab riTerinto the po ^ds at the rate of 3..=>00,000 9ilons dally. Complete, it will be t be largest batcbery in the United States. i . Kepisier Dispatches on Basi »l »aII were A piireriated. The other papers which reiceive •elegraphic reports a-e bragging that They handled the werld series, and the Register rather *• tiers itse'' Miat Its efforts were ;ireclated. 'n extni amount of tel. graph tolls vas paid •ind the games received V innings, the results lH.>lhg made nr.ilc on a bulletin board and- over the tt-lephone to all parts of Allen county, in this connection. It is an inlen -ting fact •hat the local Western X' ilon office received the line* that the '".rst batter up had fanned at two minutes after 1 o'clock, in a game that started at Mosion at 2 o'clock. Seldom have so many i»eople been so Intensely Interested in the same thing and to cover the story promptly and fully was the ambition of every daily newspaper. KANSAS liAUS HEALERS ^npirnic I'onrt Snts rniriilloners Must he Licensed. The supreme court affirms the decision of Smith county In the ease brought against .1. W. Cotner. of Ueb- tnon. a suggestive therapeutist and magnetic healer, who was arrested un- on the complaint of Dr. H. A. nyke=. •i€v?retary of t;ie stat» board of m^dl- •ai reeUtration and examination' Seven counts were brought against Mr. Cotner charging him with violating the jtatc laws relating to medical examinr J-tlon pnd registration. He was convicted on the .eeven counts In the district court, and appealed to the su- prenle coui^^—^Topeka Capitol. rpnntjr AxseiiMir —Hereafter the i County Assessor's Office will be open Saturdav afternoons. And Wednesdays and Saturdays, after November Ist. W. F. YOUXQ. County Asaessor. nmWMt MfO»X3fltMtlQC3aE lola Dails Register. October 19. 1912. m WCQ. — Dec. X6'"<.; .May 91%. CORN—Market, unchanged to Ic lower. .\o. 2 mixed 6m62>4; Xo. 2, GOfiCL'c; So. 2 white. fi2ig63c: Xo.-3, i61fit;2c. Close—Oct. 49%c: Dec. 49^. .May 49%fi uc- OATS—.Market %c higher.' No. 2 white. :M'ft34»/«.c: Xo. 2 mixed 32%@ jSS'ic. ; Receipts of wheat, 180 cars. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Oct. 19.—CATTLE, re- ci'iiits ."lOti. Market steady. Xative sijeers $7.tK>fi M.9.".; cows and belfera .4iifiS.lo; stockers and feeders J4.M r.o; bulls la .SOTi .".:">(); calves |5.00 HOGS—Receipts 3.000. Market, B loc lower. Heavy $8.70(98.82%: p:lckers and butchers $8.50<i>8.75; 'ht JS.aofi 8.70. ' C B I oat tKa'kbo** ce»poo. with fir* aCtcn ef coaMcstlva dstas. ancl prwat iKcm at lU« offic* i»idi I I M axpaaM bodus ametnl l.«r«!a aet oppetita any (tyU •I Diettoo«ry tcUcted (which eo»ert tio itcDU of tKe co«t of pa<liinc. csptaM fcoB Ika faelairr, chackioc. cIrHc bira and elKar Bacawafy EXPENSE itams). ami ncoira your cboico of tbcaa tirta beekat The S4.00 (Like illustrati->ns in the annonn<-emcnts from day to day.) | W EBSTEHXAN 1912 prcafc DICnoNASYiul)" Ulnstrated rountjrd are maps color platen, numerous subiccts by r .motoncs, edacntionn' < harts and the laf.-t ori'ci! St tcs Censi!". Freicirt at this o.Tjce SIX Ccnseer'iva D-^lTonuy Coup3r.« and the iTbe $3.00 98c 1 l: is «cirit» l !ie sams I "i'lC aj- tl.e tl.'O U>cl-. cx -lr;.-,v» la fa pliin cloth .tind- « .-2. stamped in Bo !3 ^ ar.i b'sck: has same V pyper. same illostrY 5 I 'lMii. bat ill of the col- ' WEBSTEEIAN ^rpt in the tlySe ci| WtJ-JSlEClAN * t01"2 Lr^^inI-which is ia,'C )S«.» * with saoare fom-rs. SIX ' C-t a •" ' ^i-' *••"'" '.4 tS Aa7 Boo!: Ir tlaX 2Z: E«»ra tot raUmv ' Enaoaa Ba«<»of 48c I! Chlrajro LlrrKtock. Chicago. Oct. 19—CATTLE, receipts 1 iMMt. .Market dull; I steady. Beeves t.'.'.itTj 10.90; stockers and feeders l$4 2'.'!i7..".0; cows and heifers 12.90® ! lltWS—Receipts .'.SOO. Market weak shade lower. Light $8.3.'>@9.10; mixed $S.-.ii'a9.20; heavy JS.43@9.20: pigs \%\.''>'a'.ij^>. I Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Oct. 19—BUTTERI (dreamery. 29c: firsts. 27o; second i, 2.'.c: packing stock 2l\i'@22c. F.GGS—Extras. 26c; firsts. 24c; set onds. ISc. * HAY—Choice timothy $12 .50913.M, ; choice prairie $12.50@13.00. BROOM CORX—$25 to $100 per ton. Lead and Spelter. St. Ii)1ii8. Oct 19.-r-Lead. nmritet; $4.90; spelter market weak at |7.35^ 'aT .40. . V . .L Lecture—On* Christian ScfeoM^ tober 20 at 3 o'clock at tbe Qnuk&;^

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