Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1889
Page 4
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BO.—Tho foHowlnit are the weather Indications for tho thlrty- Bix hours front 8 p. in, yesterday: For Indiana—Il'iln; southerly Winds, stationary temperature. For Lower Michigan— Itaiu; souther.y winds, slightly cooler. For Upper Michigan and Wisconsin—Hain: southerly winds; e.'.oler in cjiHtorn porrion, warmer in western..For Iowa—Rain; southerly winds; stationary temperature. For Illinois—Main; southerly winila; ttutionury temperature, Railway*Consolidation Kflportad. OMAHA, Neb., Sept; SO.—It is said that the Leaven worth, Topeka and Santa Fe, which includes tbe Kansas Central, baa t«en consolidate 1 with the St. Joseph and Grand. Island, and that tho official an-, oouncement of tho fact will hu mado known within a couple of days. 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BO that tho chances were .gainst the aliova resolution being fnllillud. even in this Nine- Dentil century, when civilization haa lim to seed and brides are scarcer than they used to be, and the votaries of science and art and literature more numerous. Sophy and draco were sisters, Enid was their friend. Grace was tho eldest, Enid, the youngest, of the three. The sisters were both tall, line girls, with dark eyes and hair and thick, white complexions, smooth and spotless nc marble. Grace was beautiful, Sophy handsome; Grace was the paler, her features more delicately cut, her eyes softer. Sophy was the more vivacious, her eves brighter, her stnilo more animated, her laugh merrier. Enid was not the least-like her friends; she was small and very fair, with blue eyes and a quantity of pale golden hair, most of which was coiled into a. crown on tho top of her head, and the remainder curled about her forehead. She dressed in the aesthetic style, and was one of the very few who can do so with impunity. Max 1-eslie, brother to Sophy and Grace, was hopelessly in l<ivi> with her, but ho was n lawyer, while Enid was the bridoof aft, and what havo limv mid art In common with each otlior? "Men are BO prosaic," said Enid. "And BO stupid," said Sophy. "And so wicked," said Grace. "We'll have none- of them," 11 said the trio. "Girls, I have a plan, listen," said Enid. "Wo. three will go away to a lonely isle—I don't menu a desert island —but to Alderney.oronoof the Orkneys or to tho Isle of Man" No, not to Man, wo will havo nothing to do with Man', let ua go to one of tho Channel isles, there are no men there, at least, only a few ollicers—about ono to twenty girls," interrupted Snpliy, "To the Channel isles be it then; wo will take u house for three months, and we will make a solemn vow not a man shall cross the threshold from the day we enter till the day we leave," continued Enid. "Carried, mem. con.," cried tho sisters, and a fortnight later saw them settled iti 11 largo house overlooking one of the loveliest of tho Joreey bays. There had been obstacles to overcome In the form of protesting fathers and scandalized mothers, but the proposed exclusion of the stronger sex pacified the fathers, and the fact thut Enid's old nurse, a veritable duenna, was to make one of the party allayed all maternal tears, and in the end tho young people got their own way, as young people mostly do nowadays. Tho first month passed away without anything more exciting than a thunder storm occurring. The three aspirants to celibacy led a very simple life. They breakfasted at 9, dined at 1, had tea when they felt Inclined and supped at 8. In the mornings the bride of art sketched from nature or painted in her studio, the bride of science shut herself up in the library with a skeleton and studied medicine, while the bride of literature lay in a hammock and evolved tho plot of a three volume novel which was to take the world by storm. On Sundays they drove into St. Holier to church, where they attracted so much attentiou that after the second Sunday people began to call upon them. They were prepared for this contingency, and Rachel, Enid's nurse, met all visitors with a very solemn face and the samo information, namely, "that tho ladies were at home, but they did not intend to receive visitors during their stay in the island." Tills reply did its intended work; in a little place like Jersey it soon reached the ears of everybody who was anybody, and, as lew people cared to bo snubbed In this style, the .besiegers retired and the besieged were left in peace. No doubt they were delighted to have gained this victory, though their shouts lady tioi)|$r in the I s!;ind. "I n*oe. "T/Jt me s»o, d'-ar, if you !. : iv-.. Enid ;iml I rrvn put it in splint* (ill wo p-t homo," sjiid Sophy, "'lin \v;is anxious (o put ponin of li'>r hmdifal Un . The !eg wr.s ex.iminod, broken nnd deftly set in temporary splints,' consist inc; of fmnslindi's, while fino cnnihrie handkorrliii for bfludnK"s. Sophy then went kick t<> tlio housso to fetch ncrvnnts ami a sofa on which to tarry tho sulTorer homo, rind Knid ro- mnincd to condoln with her. "It ought to foci easier now it is in splints; does it, dour?" she inquired tenderly. "No, it is very painful," said (Intco, with a little moan. "I hope you have sot it straight," she ridded. "It isn't set: it i.-i only in splints t<> prevent a compound fracturf: at pivsenl Sophy says it is only n, tiiiuplt* fruclure: but weshall Imvo to hare a rtnelor, tinu-e. Sophy isn't qualified yet, you -know. I wonder if 4hore is a island? 1 ' said Enid. "If there is I won't Jirive hen I am nol going to run the risk of huiii!; lame for life: I don't believe in bdy doctors," Kii.l Grace decidedly. "Nor do I, dear; you'aro quite right. and I only hope Sophy will n^rce with you," raid Enid. At first Sophy wan not at all inclined to do this. She Bup^eslcil sooimti'c the island for a lady doctor, sinci.- a doctor Grace would have; hut her sister'H pale face and gentle moan* soon decided her to send for a certain Dr. May. to whom they had nn introduction in case of illness. The letter of introduction was from their brother, and if Sophy could have read the contents it would certainly never have reached its destination. As it was sealed she could not do HO. mid it had the effect of l>riii^in h ' Dr. May very quickly to the patient. "It is a wimple fracture, of the tibin," said Sophy, as she ushered Dr. May to the patient's room. If it was (and Dix May did not contradict her diagnosis) his treatment was peculiar, He first of 'all spent about half an hour in bathing the swollen white foot in cold water, then he bandaged it, then ho ordered the bandages to I Ii • 'i i;! '• i-!i di elm, mornt! and Mr. !•'. they have in tho ai't«'fni>i two r.'<HUH at know? A drn;;<'it on won't. Why can't th over hore to Ii 1 I] tiling'. And you ar Rachel, not. to have thought hate- von. and I h:st in Ouml-.l lilii- to ot do it. and I k their brother Nrnty. F.-Hlsh upid old thing, f it; mid 1 trirl'f, and People with very pale nails are subject to much infirmity of ttes flesh, and by ntsighbojra Stwl friends. CATAKBH CUBED, health ami 8w«st teeatfc «wtt«sil, by sfetto S&tntdy. .Brto &ft ewufce, Masai free, Fo« «|8 l» f«tff t «s«l J, " Why Bunsot Cox Caine Home, But why should I dwell beside the Bosphorua when I did not know tho Bos- pliorus of tuy own country? What was Bagdad to me, when I had Bismarck (Dak.) to see? What was Jerusalem, when I had not visited Huron? What was tho falla of Switzerland, when I must help to harness tha falls of Spokane? So I made my salaam to the sultan. I wish you had seen »ny final bow to him. I bail not met all his family. Ha has 400 wives, but I fouud him a genial fellow, <md very kind to Americans. So I ouue homo, and here I am. —Prom a Itecent Speech. wlionovi-r they (fot ill'y, and then, ju'oiiiiHinft In icomo the (list tlihiR tho next morning, ho prepared to leuve. "Won't you set it today?" said Sophy. "Oh, dear, no; it ia much too swollen. I shan't be able to set it for somo days. How long are you staying here?" "Oh, we have another nix weeks to stay yet," said Sophy, despondently. "Well, I will (ende'ivor to cure your sister by then; but I fea^nho won't be able to walk for Rome weeks, though you need not tell her so," said Dr. May. No sooner was Dr. May j;ono than Enid, who had not Keen him, dashed into Grace's room, all curiosity. "What in belike, girls?" shodnmandod eagerly. '•He is young," said Sophy, "That is bad," said Enid. "And very bandsomo," twiid Grace. "That is woruo. I wonder if ho is married?" said Enid. "That can't matter to us," said Grace: "Not in tho very least," said Sophy. "Of course not, dears; only I wondered," said Enid. Now it is a strange thing, but lifo became much more interesting to these three young ladies after thin accident; and yet it ought to have east a gloom over them, for it must have been rather a bad case, since Grace, required Dr. May's attendance twice a day for the first week, and three times on the day ho set the tibia and put it into splints.. But before he did this he asked for u second opinion. He was a physician—tho case was surgical; he would not undertake to set the broken bono unless a surgeon were present. So a certain Jlr. Ford, an army surgeon, was called in, not without some scruples; but Dr. May represented it was a necessity, and necessity absolved them from keeping their vow. "Men are a necessary evil," eaid Enid. "They are certainly tisefal." said Sophy. "And undoubtedly nice," said Grace but BOtto voce. She dared not utter this eentiment aloud. Mr. Ford waa a littlo man, who looked to be about 40; fair, and ao fidl of fun that be was a welcome addition to the party. The first week he came twice; after that, though his visits were certainly not of a professional nature, be came every day, and, what was stranger, ho sometimes forgot to goto Grace's room at all, though she was tho ostensible cause of his visits. Grace bore her imprisonment with the patience of a saint. True, her room was a large, airy one, and commanded a lovely view of tho deep blue sea, with the romantic littlo bay at the foot of tho heather clad slope on which tho house stood. Still, one would havo thought she might havo found it dull. On the contrary, her beautiful face wore a hap- gladdened it; weekly Wh) Ht> Uitln't !><KJge. A young man in PimMitoquta county who livw in a region hauutc'd by thuee trials of newly inarriod eoujiWs known B8 serenadfi'ti, Bf.'t'tns to have got the bet* tef ot his tormentors tile <rtUcr lu&ht. In(>(. trying to dodge kha visit, he Pier smile than had ever her eye8 wero br 'S ut wlth ft U 8 ht tnat "We won't receive men, so we can't 4 had hitherto boon utranga to -them; -her receive women," was their flrut watch- reveries, always frequent, were moro frequent than ever now, and if tho others asked what she was dreaming of she only answered, "Nothing," and blushed crimson. "Nothing" is sometimes a fruitful subject. . • "We have only three more weeks to be here," said Enid ojio day. "How dreadfull" said Sophy. "It is too sad," said Grace. "I am truly thank/ul," said Enid. "I am sick of it." "Enid!" exclaimed Grace in amazement. "Enid!" echoed Sophy in horror. "So I afu. Slow ia no nuiuo for it, I word; at tha end of a fortnight this was changed to: "We can't receive men, BO we won't receive women;" at the end of a month U was: "We would receive both, but they won't give us a chance;" but this was not spoken; it was not eve.ii whispered, but deep down in the heart of each maiden il was the secret cry. Outwardly llio brido of art was aa true to her spouse as when they left London, the bride of science w:is apparently as devoted to fatudy, whilo tlio briuo of literature was more absorbed than ever in the imaginary world it: which sho lived, "Thiii t,s.-i;iun ratUi-r il long three months," said Grace cue day. "It seeuw Uko three yc-ars t.o me," saul 8ophy, yawning. "It seem» three centuries EO we," aaH "Let us g<>a>vJ climb to sho top of that wij notlc-ftl {lio.otiu-r tlsv wish I could break my leg, or get my soul into a surupo, or—or my IxKlyt-itlier. I shoukS not uaro which, i>o long <u> it requirtH] »owu OIH> to help use out; but I would not havo Dr. May or Sir. Ford, I can toll you, stupid liujigt*. 1 won't £t»p a£ homo tbis afternoon and pick djwjeti- bt>rrics, that { tvtm't; su tln-re! H ia » vh-a-ft-w-i', ami i .n!i,»ll go to Hii-a-a-ctu-;!," horrid May, ami nasty little Mr. Foni. And oh, d.'ai'l wlmt. a dreadfully bad temper I am in." And here Knid throw hom-lf nn to Ifcxchd's lap and soblx-d bitterly. But, though penitent, licr red eyes quite prechfded th'i.idoaof resuming her uncongenial work; so in her iiijai-iic..' Dr. May and Mr. Ford carried Grace and her eofa out on to liie'luwn, am) there the four spoilt their afternoon. Enid did not join her friends till the gentlemen wore gone. "I am so sorry you are not happy hero, Enid, darling," oaid Grace gently. "I am quite happy," said Knid. "I am afraid you an; not well, dear Enid. Would you like- to upoalc to Mr. May?" said Grace. "Or to Mr. Ford?" said Sophy. "I'll never speak to either of thorn ngain, if you don't mind, Sitphy, I am perfectly well," "Oh!" eaid the sisters. "I was only dreadfully crTO*, anil now I am dreadfully sorry, so please now don't talk any moru about, it." . "We won't; we havo soim-thing to toll you; havo had a letter from Max. mill ho wants to come over hero for a few days; ho says lie must have our signatures to some documents, so we want to know if you will consent to his coining; it will bo breaking our rule that no man is to cross the threshold, but, us ho is our brother, it won't matter to us." * "And, as a itile ban been broken every day for tho last three weeks, it won't matter to me," said Bnid. "So it bns," said Grace;- "I never thought of that, but then n physician is a necessity." "So is a surgeon," i;aid Sophy. "So is a lawyer souu-t lines," said Enid. And BO tho lawyer camo iiiul there was no more tmnpi-r. -'"' -' - - .:..-.--—.. ' Tho. evening.«-il Hi'. May nn.l Mr. Ford stayed to nuppcr. ^ - "Ma>% how long do you-inteud to .kc<!]>- tbis game up?" said tho lawyer as they smoked a pipe after the girls wero gone to bed. " "What game?" asked Mr. Ford. " , "Tho simple fracture of tho tibia, I be- lievo it U called," said the lawyer; going into peals of laughter, in which both hi.s companions joined. , "Poor old May, she'll never forgive you, uiy dear boy," said Mr. Ford, as soon as ho could speak. _. "And Sophy- will novor forgive you, Ford," s:ud May. The doctors looked' very cast down at this. "Need they evor know the truth?" asked Dr. May. "Not unless you like to tell them; at tho same time, if you could manage to take those splints oft Grace's log tomorrow, wo might have some picnics while I am here; I can only stay a wook. If you two can undertake to manage that I'll undertake not to reveal tho truth with regard to Grace's Kprainod ankle— I beg Sophy's pardon — fractured tibia." On this basis some excursions were inaugurated for the next .few days, the splints wero removed, and the patient, wit.h Dr. May's assistance, managed to get in and out of carriages, ami wander over sandy beaches nnd heather clad cliffs with wonderful craco and case-, The week mado itself wings, it flew so quickly. But art was neglected, sci- enco snubbed and literature forgotten, while the faithless brides caught shrimps and sand eels, scrambled over rocks and lunched, in cavus, drove through shady lanes and rested on inoea clad clilfs, ami were aa happy as mortals could be. At lost tha day of reckoning came. "Sophy," said Grace ono night, "truth ia stranger than fiction." "Yes, dear, I know that." "So I have given up fictidn, I mean literature." "They arenotnlways synonymous, but have you really done EO?" "I have, and, what i;i more, Dr, May has asked me vo marry him, and — and I didn't say no." "Oh, Grace bow dreadful! but it is strange, too, for Ml'. Find asked mo the same question, and I said yes." "Oh, Sophy, and you liavo forsaken science!" "Yea, my lovo lias turned to hatred; I hate science, and I love some one else. Let us go and break it to linid." Accordingly two white robed figures crossed tho l/indiiig to Enid's room. "Enid, we havo something dreadful to confess; we have given up literature and sciouce, wa have broken our vows, and we are engaged to bo ^..vrricd; isn't it terrible?-' ------------ . ......... --------------"Dreadful! { have tlone better than that; Max baa persuaded mo that law and art wero ruad<; for caoli other, that one is nothing without llio other; so. instead of wedding art myself, I am going to unite art to Mas." "And you will be .our sister niter all. Wo are BO glad." Then there was a great iloal t>f kissing. "Good-by to literature! I am happy, und happy women never write," said Grace. "UooJ-by to tcioinx-! I huvu found ti bettor bridegroom," said Sophy. "Au revoir, art! \Vo shall meet again dooii; but, all. tlu< sunn-, girls, we are fotvuvoni." riaiti F.iud. "ft ia Gracu's fault; if slio hudn't frao- uuvU her tibia all this would tiwver have proo oT uit'tiiiinity to get tlio fnir. N' sltoor nnythim; co R-i IK.S em i< qimi-™lm<.r n il a-itl: i!. 'I h-> fnir. nnd s<-ul- ilit-tl».nils iifU'-rwnnl, nnd piirsuinu Hint, pili'-y I 'Hi'- frnnli i-nnnKli t" sny I Iwiovo Cliie.-i-o will win." T;itmii;«ti.v I 1 1" "*" ^>V;iT. "Then you linvo ' Uitlu f:iit!i i,i tho Now Yorker*, t-Iil" "VVli.-n it mm •> to ccttinp up f«irs, no. If you will lUt.'n a iiinnio it I will toll you r.-hy Ni'w York will b;> l-lt mit, of tlio 'enn- prossionnl ralrulnlion. ..n the fir?*. p!«co New York Is n j.-rc:it big D.-mopriitlc city ruled by Tnuimr.ny Imil. 'Hi-r Di-mooratio suprciiuiey is n-isnivil fur nil tinio to coma There will bo $:!0,OiXVMO to luui'llo in connection witli tlitf woi hi'-irx-ioiition of 1892, nml doyou su.'|iis> n Il'i>u lic.i-i congrras ia (;oint; to nvrnii Mm :I:IMU it of inom'y to "bo hnnriled iii N-.-w York in n pivs'.l-ntinl yonr by Tanun.iny mvl Tiiinmitny inlliR'ncM? Not much. Ami for tlio v TV KIIIIO r.msons t,h9 ricli Rpjitii'licnifl <n N-iv "i .'r.i aid f-loiv to toko hold of Ilie I'li'.cn i'i«'. Too Much iVns* FHH! Ni» >Ioni'y. "Itoiii No. J—Liku fools tbo proniotar.-i ot t.hocxiiosition Kclii'inrj linvo Ri-t to quarreling nini-iiiR tliiMiiwIv-.-s ovi'|-n iit'( an.l otlior d-.'t:uh b.iforo tlicy linvo r.-iisil n il'ilhvr of, money or innd.' Mm lirst ndviiiici- townnl gatting tlio fnir. Tiiev ar.i qjur.-oMn ; ov.T who shall bo tlii^ nffl'-or nn.l who s Kill t« that, nnd by Biich fil.iiiosi npi <frii taring away tlipir Btron^t'i nn.t itimimni dny by day. Don't Wnnt IlV Anyliow. "Item No. 3—Kich New Yorlu-rs <lo not want the fnir. Tiint is, tlu'V earn notlilng nbout it. Yonr rich unit Wlo N •«• Yorlior is theitKStBon.h, unpatriotic, im-AnuM-ionn chop to bo found in seven st:ites. \Vhat dues ho care about llic i-Tp'«ltio:i| Of what interest Is it In hiinV Wherein can it IwneBt him? Ho n-nuld much prefer to go over to Paris and ww nn exposition. II.) ilm-s not believe anything creditable to the country con bo potten up in Aipcrlcn, anyhow, nnd Bo leliovin; hn hnan't n ilollnr to put, in it. That is tlii.' fe.-il-i'.; of nil rich mil fnshionablc New York, an.I we sod it revo.-ili'd In tliu nt- tor Bpulliy witli which thi! wealthy An^lci- hmriin'c :dl:-rn IIFIV.) l-pp;ril-.l'j(l llsii eXfiilslilnir idiHt fruui llin llraU .:..... . Hi« No ATnllnlilo l,n«i»tlon. . <?Iteni -No.-4.—New—York—ims" n.iithi*r"S suitablo nito nor tho proper menus of reaching one if he (mil if. Her pn-sr-nt iirrninur- al transportation f<ioliiUt-s are orow U-il now, . to .tho utmost. Two or throj tr,iii--p n-ta-'; tion' compiuu.'s control every inloi ft-om . abroad, and that wliolo n -«1t of \voohbo- tweun Spuytcn Dnyv.'l criiolf t\n-\ Custlo , | Garden is already so crowd--1 that no& a '' place available con!;l bn finiii I niiywliero. The present Idea Is to locatu I!D fnir in Con- tr«l purlr. If that Iden la ndliercd to It will burst the schsiivi wid'i opon. Tlio law prevent'! it, and a special net of the legislature nil bo tifcosNiiry to init it, tlunv. Aguin,. moro than half of Now York will liiit*?rly.ra- S'iit'ond O|-pos'i such u«otf ti'iitml jiark. No, the exposition, I run fnmU to say, will not bejiikcly to go to N-'W V r t)i k, ni'd nul*io<ly will griovo loss than the New Y'irk.:rs thuiu- selves if they don't Rot it," jj X^aloat for 1'eitttimi Coinuilxnlonor. { WASHINGTON CITY, Sj'pt SJ.—Tlio president's return to the cnpitnl luia a arted the stream of callers to th ; \\ r liiti! llonss again. Snturday tha most «giiifiiiuic calls wero made by Sccretdrv Nobl-.>, Jmlg.) GivtT, Ojn. Cftnipbeil lof .Kltuistib), a ul llepresontatlvo Aniiersmi, also of Kansas. Gmi, C'anipbsll iaihe man who now.k'lilB nil oUiat-s in tlio competition for pension commissioner—-In tho minds of tho knowing ones—-nnd it ia moro than probable Unit the iibovo cilln bail something t-tdo with tin; nialtor. i WIH ItFJolnn l)vi'r Con.vboura. * IiONDON,Be)it. tf).—(Jonyb;ar.', Homo Halo member of ]>arltainenr, who IH s-'i-ving out a term of imprisonment u t K-;' t u oi'i.Ties aofe,' and about whoau.. trenLM 'lit, t her a has been BO much complaint by bis pnritarnentm-y col- leaguos.will b.'lib-nita i I'll the 5th of next montli. A demons rut nn in his honor Is being organized to-uio*?' iii London. Moillfii'il to Avoid Sumliiv \Vorh, X WASUINOTON Crrv, S.-pt. SO—-IVstoiaa- ter Waiinmukur lies- to modified tli« jioatali laws and .regulations us to allow postmasters wheru t:v ( 'e-9rti'.y to defer tholr wtvkly returna of money orders fr^m 8rit in-day to Monday night, so na to nffoitl no necessity for'wuik on Bund'iy in the pivpu-ailon of tho returns. Illitllll I'llHtlll LONDON. Si<pU SO. two Inr^r • inooliM^s fonniilly iir-: they are r 'JeniJir* IK b tided M iin follo\v i ••'; .'llM-kl til Stl'iUo. Tin pwtu! i-lei-ka hotii ^s iii'r.» yest'-i'ilay, and •ii;.'tiu.'.'> t!u- ralo of -pny : 11:1 1 1 10 tr.'rt'iti -M of tiiolr H- r-tirv. 'I'll -y hivo do* n -i HI, a'il n s;rik-> will '• -ri VMIC^S in- • Mrlj-tst'.'d, through my iroik to^ayf I feel Kniserable, hciul- achy, lired, pain jla my hack, zny food von't dlgest f toy whole foody seem* out of order. Wo answer that it ia no woccler you arc in such a broken do^ru condition, aud you will keep getting vorso anlo^ loa csa curs your LIVER. This Important organ ifl out of order Rttd you innst euro it by prorcijUy uaiug tlioso never tai\in^aaMamxvama£imia^at!ii^ Dr.C. (Mane's Celebrated Liver Pills s tbey will restore you and glvo vigor and health to our whole syntfiin, wnklns you strong an uly 25 cents a boa, azid thoy m , ay aave your ijfe, yonr druggist for tho gcnuino X>I". O. A^oXa^aODCTjB'ISi CELEBRA TED LIVER PILLS —MADE US'— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. (9-Look out tax Curarejtiumta Hiuda la. &t Louis. U8E IV01llo!lSH PEEFtJMES THE BKBA.TBU , !uqH>t;ni.'J," ihiii !, inn! fisiiiistitk'tl a luugh, ;Sr>;i!ty mjvi.-r-iii'.w u!l she Slot **&& i* feiiiwsP«^~ a "? %

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