Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1943
Page 4
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FOUR MOPE STAR,. HOPE, ARK AH 3 A thursdoy, Maj^c Hope Star Nij»ijaw!«a?* i every week-day afternoon b» Star PtibRshlng Co. Inc. ' f>d Alex. H. Woshburn) „_.,-,. 10. 2)2-214 South Walnut Street, Hope Ark. THREE HOUSES 1 WITH VICTORY gnrden, also poultry place. See Warren Nesbit, Blcvins. On S. P. G. road and bus line. 15-6tp SiSi*a-f.c4.' - ' .<L i. PALMER, p«*ltt«i« •y^'>iPC. K. WASHBURN, tdltor and Pablbher 4" Entered o» second ctass matter at the i>3 *• PWtoitlca at Hope, Arkansas, under the %' Att o,f March 3, 1897, (AP^-Means Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. ' . Subscription Rof» (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hernpstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana , Lotoyette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Aisoetoted Press Is exclusively entitled to »h* use for republicatton of all news dispatch*! credited to rt or not otherwise paicnvs -creaireu iw •> «, ..*. -..,-....-- cJedrted in this paper and also the local news published herein. , Notional Advertising Repr«en»otlve— Afkonsos Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. Shriek BuiWng; 'Chicago, 400 North M ch- toan. Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison > !?v*; Detroit Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; < Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans, 722 Onion St.. - Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be mode for all tributes, cords of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the do- 1 Sirted: Commercial newspapers hold to this .policy in the news columns to protect their Readers from a deluge ot space-taking.me- morials. The Star disclaims responsibility ' fcr the safe-keeping or leturn ot any unsolicited manscripts. (-V £•' Classified Ads must be in office day before publication. AH Want Ads cash in advance. - Not taken over the Phono. On, time—2c woid, minimum 30c Ste times—5c word, minimum 75e Three times—31/jc word, minimum 50e One month—18c word, minmium 52.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Rent- MRS. J. M. PHILLIPS' FURNISH- ed home at 816 South Elm street. Apply for key at 802 South Elm. 17-3tpd GLANCES By Galbraith 2 OR 3 ROOM, UNFURNISHED apartment. Will be vacant March 24. Phone 168-J. 18-3tp 2 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Bath. Utilities paid. Prefer a couple. Mrs. Frank Hutchens, 712 E. Division St. 18-3tch ND caSonME Wanted to Buy 100 COUNTRY CURED HAMS. Highest price paid. Moore's City Market. 2 ' t£ 40 TO 120 ACRE FARM IN HEMP- stead County. See Jesse Prince nt E. W. Powell's, 12 miles south of Hope on Highway 29, before Saturday, March 20. 15 Wp V For Sale LESPEDEZA AND grass hay. Also cottonseed, ~D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden 41-A and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder. See T. S. McDavitt. 30-tf D. & P. L. COTTON SEED, FIRST year from breeder. Also baled hay. See A. C. Monts. 16-6tc FDR Names Clark | Assistant Attorney Washington. March 16— (IP)— Tom C. Clark of Dallas, Texas, saw nominated by President Roosevelt today to be an assistant attorney general, succeeding Thurman Arnold in charge of the Justice Departments anti-trust activities. Arnold recently was named a judge of the United States district court of appeals for the District of Columbia. Hugh B. Cox of Washington was nominated for a new position as assistant attorney general and will have charge of a division handling wartime actviities of the Justice Department, dealing with such problems as enemy aliens, and alien properties. Cox was born at Logan, Ala. i Clark, 43, practiced law in Dal- JOHNSON las for 15 years before joining the Justice Department Bureau of War risk litigation, in 1933. He moved to the anti-trust division in 1938, specializing in cases brought under the 1937 agricultural marketing agreement act and the wages and hours law. TOPR. 1»W BY NEA SERVieE.~lHe. T. M. RtO. U. 9. P*T. Off. 3-I& "Roses? Well, there might be room for sonic, but we're going all out this spring for mass production of beans, tomatoes, onions, radishes,.lettuce, cabbage and corn!" FUNNY BUSINESS 1937 FORD PICK-UP. GOOD ONE. Best cash offer takes it. Mr. Wilson, Victory Pool Room. 16-6tp HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS IN- cluding a buffet, chiffonier, book- - case, folding bed, tables, 2 rugs. '' See Mrs. Cook at 908 West Ave,. B. 17-3tp CABBAGE PLANTS, AT BOB Briant farm on Spring Hill road. See Dr. H. G. Heller. 18-3tp LARGE „ S I Z E, PRACTICALLY ' „ , new bicycle, '815 : . l8-3tp Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate In recess until Friday. , Military Affairs committee hears Undersecretary of War Patterson on war service bill. Agriculture subcommittee investigates corn price ceilings. Senate and House Foregin Relations committees meet with Anthony Eden and Lord Halifax. House Debates, ptnposat to investigate farm security adm'inis'tration. Rules committee begins hearing on draft deferment bill. Labor committee hears ship Isr Henry J. Kaiser on absen- All This Watchdog Is Watch VERY CHOICE HOLSTEIN DAIRY heifers $20 each. Non-related bull r free with five head. Best of breeding. Homestead Farms, | Route Two, McGraw, N. Y. | 18-6tp MODERN UNFURNISHED] house, 509 South Walker. May) have possession in 10 days or two i Kansas city _(/p)_The Ralph Mc- weeks. See Mrs. John E. Mulloy, : Brides left their home in the care phone 1047-W. 18 ' 3t P | o f Watchdog Oscar, whom they locked inside. When they returned Oscar was outside and barking lustily. He had been locked out by a thief who "It's no use playing against Fred—he found a horseshoe <, this morning!" -'• THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson Notice WILL THE CAR OWNER WHO has the family laundry placed in his car by mistake please Call Hope Star immediately? 18-3tpd SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Heynerson. City Hall. 1-lmch stole $75 worth of clothing. Hold Everything Lost BLACK AND GREY POLICE DOG. Answers to name "Rover". Return to M. S. Bates or call 924 • 'or 24. 16-3tch PAHKER LIFE-TIME GEN.TLE- flien's fountain pen. Finder -please phone 19-J. Reward. 16-3tp ' For Sale or Trade ^jlprEAD OF YOUNG MULES AND , mares. 2 jersey milk cows. "*• Saddles. Two and half miles ""'' gouth of Spring Hill on the King * '"Place. See Raymond Martin. „*,*. 4-15tp Wanted to Rent COPR. 10*3 BV HE* Sf ayiCE, IMC. T. M._a.EC. U. 3. PAT. Of _ , CONTRARY TO LEGEND, DO NOT RESENT OFFERINGS i OF rOJSACCO AND MANY , OF THEM AcrtsAtt-y _://ae /r, IN SMALL PORTIONS. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF SUNSPOTS ARE CYCLONES AND HURRI-' CANES OCCURRING ON THE SUN... AND THEY OFTEN COVER, &/4.JL/OA/S Of \ » ' "THREE OR 4-ROOM,FURNISHED **~ apartment, with 2 bedrooms, ^ good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh "What a glorious day! Bright sunshine, fleecy clouds, sparkling waves—makes one glad to be alive!" 3- IB CAN YOU NAME THREE U.$. STAT5 CAPITALS BEARING Q THE NAMES OF PRESIDENTS f COPR. 1M3 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams THERE'S THREE PROMTS, WES-- TH' WAR FCOMT, 18 TO 35 — TH' SHOP FROMT, 35 TO 75 -- AMD THIS \£> TH' FOOD FCOWT, 75 TO IO5 / MO COMMErOT I'M MOT HOMGRV RIGHT MOW.' ARE WADE" MOT Tough Sledding for Easy By Roy Grant FOR S«U W NORTH AFRICA NOW, WAIT, I'M NO CRIPPLE. IM WSARIW6 A STAPER . 6PUIMT. WW, 1 CAN WALK Al*E4DX,AMO THI6 16 ONE OF THOSE TWO-FISTEP AFFAIRS THAt P6MANDS A PERSOM BE IW TOP PHYSICAL WNPirWN, AFRAIP VOU'LL HAVE TO 0E r W6KSOB FOR AWHILE Popeye [\ VAM 60'NeR CALL VA 'Saving Face!" Thimble Theater 1 TIM6 HE -we ORPUL. PROUD OJASM'T AMV US6 U)H6N »OlON'1 KNOLU LOH066 T^AdE I (i)A<=.ur - I f.im iMO-'iiM r.ii»iei V"li«". Ii*. Wo'M ii«i Donald Duck Husk Money! By Walt Disney f DOGGONS IT, THAT NOISE ' SO OUTSIDE! Blondie You'll Never Get to Heaven That Way! By Chic Young S'FUNNV- NOBODV SEEMS TOBEMOME Boots and Her Buddies fcv V\X So! PAG\WOOP6OOUTINTHB O(Eh4 AMP SEE THE LOVELY CAKE I BAKEP FOR THE CMURCM CAKE SALE YEH. 1 {. 6OTHOME A LITTLE EAPJLV OH, HELLQ DEAR, ARE VDU HOME ,., ALREADY 4?&'- : •By Edgar Martin «» NO SERVICE. INC. T. M. BCC. U. ». '"• Red Ryder No Firearms, Please! * I I ^ ~*n —ii .11 m». ii i.n L «m.. ii j. i • L'i,', U ••!-! I'-. . ""i™*^^*^^ ' ANSWER: Lincoln, Nebraska; M^.ison, Wisconsin, and Jagk§on, Miss. NJBXT: What aoes mUU of tjie rubber tree look like? ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople •• — "' IN— AND ijriis TIME YUH'U. glAY IN.' Alley Oop Not His Line By Fred Harmon IS WE SOT A Covsl. ^" /**Mk.\ *"T"i.lc. DtPf^OC^DT^i' * L t^I^ I r\C \ (V.v'r^Cr^l » < pit> sou SW CONN ? vgmiT NOU 6PE.rXK\t , ABOUT, AM 6P|C|fX\_ BF SOU MEAK!t9> BLUE*) OR. STRIPED coxMS/ * V0£ All^'T GOT SOME, i. &oe=>s/ NO.SOO Hf-ME: NO 6REESI ST PATRICK'S DAS COVOS, EITHER- BUT TKER-'S A UPE-<=>l'Z& 3ER,eEM CPVi IM TrAt BrXCK WARD/-<^- MOTIFS THE OV>' '" ttt BE BACK IN A FEW TO CLMNA HEP- FOR.T)AE= SO^JER^O^A.'6^^' A\T THE:, CE.IL.INiG PR.ICE. OF ' p-v. WHAT'S THE MATTERi QQP? X NOPE... I WHAT'S HOLDING, VOU-ABENTJTHINK I -L VOU GOING TO HIT HIM? /KICK HIM INSTEAP/v ?Av J = 3£*1,.'l l^U \-il-W i% -• •? Co -'• v -i?/t^A. /„ S ^ 3L T_,v — -~3T^?—• -18 LEMME SEE MOW.:.A Y PERHAPS y ME? OH, NO/ \AW MOW,DOC 1 JUST WHAT SHALL;/ VOU'D BETTER /THIS \<=> ALLEVS )T HA 7^ 1 DO WITH THIS V GIVE ALLEY / PART Y.' LET HIM j VOU <t.~.. . — ^ ' -^.^i^^i^J^^^ RAT? 1*1 Freckles and His Friends Safety First PATROLMAN SHERMER. REMOVED AN . j APPLF FRCM FRUIT STAND WITHOUT OWNER'S CONSENT. CQ.ULD &F ARRESTED FOR PILFERIN©/* SERSEANT FURRIER ENTERED WASHINGTON THEATER WITHOUT BUYIMG A TICXET.'« •ttt. \2\ J * LIEUTENANT LYMAN USED POLICE CAR FOR PURPOSE- QF TAKING HIS wipe Tb A BEAUTY PARLOR /'' "WHAT HAVE^ You FOUND OUT ABOUT ME? ] f '«r«S 1st K **& M* «jd 1 By Merrill i loner] NOTHING, TTMEKI SEMD THOSE MEN. CAPTAIN / ) IN HERE SO 1 CAN <3W6 ' y THEN* A piece, OF w* 1 T. M. BEC

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