Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1912
Page 3
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THEIIOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 19,1912. • \ Ladies' and Misses' CoaLs al S."), .ST.HO. $10, $12.ofl. $!.•;. and up lo r>o.oo. L.adies\ Misses' and Junior Suits. SlO. $15, $17.50, $20 and up to S29.75. Suits Hijih :xrd:\(\ m;ui-uiiloml Suits for f>ara quality. A suit li) suit c^eiT fancy—suits particular women will want to wear nnw. The best efforts of skilletl. rom^^elent tailors who arc cnnstanily iryin,<r to produce the best in Tailored Suits for Aur store. Kvery jfarment ri.vrhtfully termed "liand made." Coats Tb.e new Coals are charming. >plendi:i in Dress C .il 2oe. 'yih\ I'r. M / 'K .Si..')() ;u!(! o;: up to Dry Goods Popular Xt 'W Dress Goods at unusual ,ii -ices. Wt- are n:;'nir>u- trade L -ondiiions to your arlvanlage in the Dry Tijoods >fc".'on. See that you v:et your shaie of tiie saving.-^. ; Vou V. ill i-njoy .-;'i'in.!f tiie iunuNonie fai)ric> n;i\v shown here*. Vlillinery Distinctiveness Is \hr pr(.'(i(»ni!natin.u- l'e:ttinv that nuikt-s so many di.^crim- • inc v.oiiun. pi-elVr liicharil-on's Hats, 'i'here's a touch if li'.e cx'juisiio in.('\ory iini^ of uur productii^n liuit. is sure '••win \o'U- f:i\o!-. \W uiyo \i.nto t<.iiK- and .^ee.our fine '!ir-;>:-:y VJ>\\. cxcn though you ha\-e no immediate intention "'in-in-r. Klogant .Millinery —never so pretty and so reasonable: 81.50. .'«2. $.1. §:J.5n. S5, $7.50 up to $:^5. 113 E. Madison RICHARDSON'S WiX r Keoueth Foust. whu is amending K. j U. <s h^rf: fir*^nding Sunday wUh .hts 1^ mother. i Mr. A. C G<M)rg»?. of Kansas City, who ha^ b **n hfr*- visitJns; friends return«l home this morning. —Th»» B«'atrice er»»ara S«'paraTor is 'V.u- !ii»s: yt'tiaratiir on the market. .1 n Riley iNis it * Mrs. F. A. Dubbs. who has been here JTisitinp friends returned to her home ;iii Chanur*' this afternoon. >fr.<:. I.ydia Hunt, of Tnionville. la.; arrivt-d here this afternoon for a visit I with her dauuhter. .Mrs- Minnie Ht/- hins. Mr.-» P D. Galbraith. of th;iniite. who lias l)e»-n here visiting friends.>••- tiirii»d lionit- this afternoon. - — IT' voii want a real a-.itoii:o:.::e. buy a .Maxwell. R M Ciinnin>;.iaii., j the a^nnf. [ M. .J. Biils.T. of Carlyl^. wa? a busi- j n''':? V'sitoi h'.re this .•iteriioop. K. \V. Kngllsh. who ha.s b-en work- in CoIlin<:iill.- is li^-r- for a visit with his family. Floyd and (I 'l '-mi Samjisun •.v-ii! to l-iiie. Kas , this ;tfiernoon ilrs. WoodHarris.s of Oitaw;!. \\<,fi has be.»t; h »'re vis^fing fri^-nds r»'- turned home this afternoon. .Mrs T-. Jaekson and Mrs. .Mont Shirely of C'hanure. who havi- b»'en lierr- visitin;; fri'^nds rHriirn.-(l homt- this noo'n. . » Mrs. S .V Kllis and .Mrs. N. S. Cray and Crandson Kliis MoKinney wt-nt to Humlwldt this afternoon to six-ml Sunday visiting friends .Miss Floy I .yfl.>. of Hnmboldr who has been h>-r>' yisitins her fariier. W .-^ I .ytl.-. r.>furn.-d hotne this aftf-rnoon Miss .Mary Smiiii w-ni to (""lianiite this att'-rnoun for a visit with fri-iids — I'r.- :•!• Ov!;;.-r= in bulk The ;r«-n- iiiti'- S .Mlshjji: kind They are the b«-<t I >e ni» ii'.i'.vr McKinney'sMeat Mrlrket. ll.' Kast .Madiion Phune 2!>1 Tii.>. .Vational Federation of Retail Pralers has iMlltil a national riiiiv.'ii- ,tiun in St Umis -inlHT 1!'. :ind ! :;i at iri.- IMaiit 'Ts Hotel and a pro- I aram of unusual ini^-rest i.-i beint' I ir. pared S.4TISF .\rTIO> f.r.VR \|\TKFD OK HO >EY RKKOSDEl* At (he GRAND [PERSONAl MEWTION ) \V ::;;aiU:: • -r .t :.• ^ M^-n if::;:.'- '.ur a . i-i: w;i..*i a- o';i'. by i!;.> v ay. i.': ! ouiiiiaiiu ''''n- n.-W'^I ajuT^' w. r • .a - t:i k- • p Roo^-vvif .iii! .is ii '.it!'.:< •'rfi:- b- ii;:: l/four^i't 'o t,;'- ;"otii-'- of '.iit 'Ts .1? I'.e had !••1 .iiiM- i;>—l i" i or.sid-r^-d i; •I !;•- ;-.::i.r; , ' ' Ari^iU - lOc at 7:30 BjSfj and 9 A Few Cho c« Sharp >e3t5 ul - 2'tc TONIGHT Two Reels Bt•^t : -rt -s and lilt.- ri-iy "TheThiers Daughter' t i .rtuiu -.• :•<• • :.. d:>f:sur.. King's N- ^ Ii.-ailli :•• ' • .• at a!i (!• H -lolni.-.-ii:. oi. I_iwr<nfe. who ,> 1.-. :i • or H:^;nvs :i ^>-:;t ••> ' •^•:<.'T tiiir -Hot n-"rp - i'a'.'. !• .'"r K:r-;.•.•.<••; -.t'.'O '..Mn- Nanni- i! Arn.- — X ri;.-<i!.iv; wl^^-n John Moa'— '*r. v.. I.. lletidrirUs. Old Court L-C in.-rv. v.» n-wspap^r man of ' .a-f. (. all» au»wrr'd da» >>r ni-.:ht. -h. Juuctior. C^-y Inion. sot o:ir a:i — •.\ti\; iif :r.'- siioofin.t of Koo.;' 1 T I- ;. - ' l :r: !'-• it AUS :'.'ir"h issue of that • . • ri '.rj ^i:- k.."'!. !:•• h.iviiiz l>r.-viousiy' is.»il'-<l •'••:^ . :<•' ;m-.: ..• ' i-* • <'.al •^i!tio:l-; ut' Mi- variou> iiapni -s '••>• iiwti.d U>r ^''••-^id• n*. l>oncolt!, — r :-s:il.ia C..irri"M and Presid-nt Mo- K MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT: PROGRAM llfK 'illEKirrs KFWVKII 11"i Iii.--oni TIIK .MI>H Ti:\(HKI{ 1 Pdw I TIIK LK(;K >r> OK MONTH IK- TKK It ;-a ' ni KT—- Hi\ie.- Maul T.» fie IH VI».MISSIO> -5r •••• -w .n on r. lir. K nl. y.^ -Mrs }{. C, Hall.ii-. of St. Jo-, who The l.t)<">-pound Poland China hf a ownetl by Feih-rngil! and Knfi-ld. was :-i:;!>pe«l to Kri- this'afternoon, a farm rr near there h.iving pun hi.^fd rl-e animal. Th>- Hog is a "nionst-r' ar.d in the past two years has eai)tured four Stat*" Fair premium^^ —"l have a high speed motor washing nsaihine that is the on "lie market I guarantee full satisfacrion fT'. :n 'hi- wa:-;er and the price i- verv r.-asonabl^ J H Riley. Mr and Mrs C W. M-lburn and d .Tiiihtt -r w -ent to llumboidt ;h ;i af- t-rnoon for a visit with fri»-r.ds Mrs. Anna Abbott, wiio has i^en visiting .Mrs. F C. Nirholson. r»-turn- • d to her home in Pittsburg this afternoon. H. Wilson, of Krie was h-r^ or business this afternoon. Miss Susie P»-gg went to Chanutf 'his afternoon to spend Sunday visiting friends. Mrs. K Prummer. of south of r'.:" .-iiy went to Chanute this affrnoor. 'or a visit with friends. Mrs Mary McCoHum and daughter. Gertrude went to Humboldt this a- rertioon for a visit with friends. Mr and .Mrs. J. P. Love, of Fredonia who have been here visiting friends rj'turned home this afternooiL Mrs M. (' t»f-oker went to Humbol'li this afternoon for a visit with friends v • \ St'. 1 A-H;/.!;;. .V V..-- -.Mr? T'. N-.- Iblan. I1.'."I F.'itkeye I • ('[•V 'lind. •'V--?, inde'd I l<^-^i: h-re viaitini-, frit-iula returned • •:;n r*-'oini:.>-nd P'oUy's Hon-y and : iiotn- inoinins. : T .ir t'otiiro'ir.d. My little lioy bad a ; — i rase of v.hooping some, I':I!<T at'd I' 1. .Moon-v of 1 ::-.e- he was bi-:.- in the fare. I fristiiort- w.-r. \ i-iiiors in th'^ ritv to, 1- Foloy's lloc'v and Tar Cnmpoi;rd,,i.,y ' j _ j,.., Heating Stnvf? :i i ;t ha-d a rerrarkablo eff-ct i:id ij,,, ,„ .jj^t w.. can get onlv Charles Fri*z. who has been here visitinc his "mother, returned to hi.* work at Columbia rniv*-rsity this afternoon •I 'l ' i:red hiir. in i shor* time." Convi'its nr h.irajf^iU drug.". Iturr'Il's Uv .n Store. PI !.<•.< K: Mr a-. . S;>'iiiori, ^* Ing r :tv I..'an? n M Cur.-j — ri.'- Cl'iirf (i oi C!iri<t S4i .!i- o:' lol.i. Ka- . atirioiincis a fr>'>- !-<•- _j. ;ar.- on Cliri.-'iaii S<i»'nce anil rordial- \y ;n>it.- rii.. puhlic ;u aftt-nd. l>iMol).r .-•yi;.-h. =ood-:ookir..; 1 "o at :l oolo<k a: tii.- Grand theatre n Loss of Appetite o; .•••-1. a -r ? IT ;- >-c:s: T.vl.-r ih:.-; • M ^ . • n::i- S: liir.'.; I.,'-;... Wi'liarc Bi:rk. of -'-r $."• al'.-irins :hat !. ; '•• • '. a V* i ;"•'!! a^:"t»»':i>'nt la*' .• ^> •.. S.-v.-x!;.-- i:":h an ; 'a:i- :e.i. S-:t Mat !i t.. ,<].;.,jr and :--:s»':^ :o n:arry r.ii 'i;- i- :' •• -i-.r.i. i-irni'^r and j^he •'>- 'Ai-:i i'ir r.^ i,a_\ for h;> '.i*- j'»ke. lUbut half of wiiaf wp oriler. We hav I few new one-; iD now Oet one b." •,.r.' they are all gone .1. II Riley • N-\v York Stor- Hood 's Sarsr^p:- • rjec it icCny 1-. • GREAT REDUCTION 5 IX PRICE of El.-cirii i.fu; Mrotjc tlrii-..!; in .vo«ii V ;. t^- ; Mr ;,r.^ Mrs r -.':a V Tr- w:.; •• • • • . i:!. • - u;- •• M: Tre::.- • .\. -y^T •|>'- , J-' •••'.2':: :--;tri:. - I»r. MrHilbn. Phone* Si and i3i.\ --.r.-i Mr- <•.. t>r— W.-v .-f- y..-^-, :' •:• '!ir .:on. K:;t; . ^nr^. IluH & Hull. 0 «U-«|.alh«.: M- fc (• .',rn:>.'C ..' \VI. :;:a wl.ol . r.-arn- DO YOU LIKE MUSIC? Do YoH Like Soda? Monday Night October 21 ' StringOrchestra AT Vrai'i Mrr K V. J<,'.no-n and .Mrs ' T:-'):I TMiir >;s:er-.n-law. left ye--| •r.ia> >\'-ninz for Indiana lo iiiak*-- 'l.*-:! i ii .• 'Pie Johns-^n Ur< "hers , •>crf- ! :i,'T:y _in iiie . r*-aiii'-!y ini.^i-I tle--S ;U t/.i:^ ri'}-. ' Morris & Howard's W.-:-- Side S<i Fr.-e Delivery — K\-.ra .r.-.v pri.-e- on new and tised Ga? and t 'cal S:oj>^? Ed Hennineer AV-=: :.=on . J. D 'VaPhn. of .Arkansas City, was a !u.-ir.-.-s vifi-or ii-r- y»-sterday. C, J. p.-.T,r^on and Erir Erir.son. of .^a-.i.nhnre w..-.- vi-jtors in Clay C-n- t- r toia-. '—\ Chr'-tian S-i-^nrv-' '«-efur»-' will b( 2iv .-n at tli>- Crand tji<>atre n-x' Rundav af-rnoon .it .T o'elork by W ri MrCr -K k-n -M A . C S. M. of .Vew Tork f ity i Mrs Movii.v and 'hiblr'^n of "V':'-"? C- n:- r •%.-r.- vi-ifor:^ in ih- ci'y r.-)day —(^.it Flowers, chrysanthemum:. — ! .eilow. wl-.'te and lavender, at SI .'.i f I! At .hi.-on. v'lo has b .»-n In j I"*'' •lo^-*"" Phone M.".-." V'-V:a!!S,>-! ('i'v. ..n ! points in Ark .insa. ' kb-r's flreenhouse on Lusinesa, r< 'urn-i} boniv y..sft-rda> .\vrr -(r:n:r -o a French sjx -rialiitt. 'rawiin:^ on all fours is a cure for In- '.ie—-ion If t-hat doesn't work, onr •night so a step farther; whoever uar'' '<:f a nuake that hiHl IndlBes- 'onT •W.^.X'TKD—YOl'.S'G OR MIDDLE AO •d acly for c:.mpanion and-hou?eke «»T» Dest of references will be re- ('itr -d. .\ddress or call 31v Ea.'t St I.r.--—Ai! tr.-x-e of any' ••Progre-- •:ve' neAspa ;ier in KaiLsas waic -h' is oflay lambasting the Republicans fo: ;o- getting solidly behind the congres- -lona! and sta'e ticket.-, which repri- Tjianded Williain Allen White when he itated publicly prior to the last pri: ary ^hat if the MiHJse elpctors were '»-:'eate a n^w .-e; would be put on r;ie ballots by petition. This was the initial bolt in the Kansa.a 'campaigii rd White'-. al!i.?> cannot talk away ; iiie-nory of It. I 1 V." S P:ir''irk will co lo .Moran "> ' nlorroA f,i mak'- a talk oit 2rad >d !»•«- ?f.f(.i !ri til- Stin^''«V * hool . ; K <*. .\'i'!-,oi>.o:i iia.- r<-i iirned-from .i bri-f iiiisin-ss ^.s'f in Altoona I Mr= T. r of rh'^rrrv..'.-. who has ly-en h'er»- visit ins friends r— tura»d hom»- this a^f<-rnoon. —Tlie ann'ial I»^ture of the Chris: tian Science church will be deiverr'd jn^tx Sunday aff»-rnoon at ;! o'clock af ' th»- Grand Theatr"-. MT- C- y Corron. r,f Caney. who han hren here visiting friends reiurn*^! 'lom" thia morcilng Catarrh Cannot Be Cured «;Th tXH- VL AfPLK.ATtON.-». a» th^r mnam mrb rn- »-»t <rf u*- <l£«M-. CatfetTti M x u >»»i ur r.«»tt- liUitial ittiKuif. uid n orOrr Ut rurr- It lou mi-', lair nilrmai mnnljKA. luU* (ataati l-urr l» tAkf* m- T»-rT;.aUsr. Ui4 McU difrrUf upuci UffMi afld t&urj*.^ rw II ni pnacrlbnl bi aor at Uw Ikwt v &THCtaB- ia inu country far fnn sad u a Rfiiisr prr *e »ipii«« It n njmponl oi the tiM tuan launrc. coaMneS om (tv i>nt Moon imaaa*. uusr dMcS? tm UM .n.iMm mttam. The pcttMt cna>«aul |iia al «V •.vo> RxmUna M vtet ^udmn rack «flBdptful ne •u :t> a earkw munh. jgn* tat ummt I TT. F. J. CllESkY * CO_ Pra*^ T««to. O .-^lid bT nrna(ln«. prv* :sr. 1^ iuu » Faatly iit* Mr mitasMita. . ^ ;OLA.KAS. .l-.'i E.IST .M\DI.SOX OCTOBER 21, 22 AND 23 See the In Our Window Assisted by Wearing and Demonstrating Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4:30 to 5 P. M. 7:30 to 8:30 P. Bfc Don't Miss It! sterling Fire Proof POTTERY, A lieaiitifiil old ivory lint d-c-^ orat<'d in Ikdf' P.liie. .M»a:s" riiok-^d in thi.-i war-' are iiu- jri • I""',. ..\n interesting case In the Xeosho oun^y lourt in which a citizen of Erie .tied an acsion making scathing eharg- asrainht .ludge Fliitey and seye.'al tie'ni>»-r.^ of the bar because ifce had fa named in a d!v..rce caie, was; •n'ied the other d.ay when he ntade a ' .-.r.rren a;>o!o.i;y .\ r^-sulr (jf his .-tiir, ihi! .r.!!e:;at:ons was rlnat he (ie- ' •lare,; in cont»»m!>f of cour" and .ludce | .^inl-'v nam-^d Miiuh Farrelly to .-J. in . :he ras". . ! Saied hj His Wife. —?he 's a wise woriian who know.^ '!st what to do when her hJisband's if.- is In danger, but Mrs. R .1 Flint.; Taintr.—. V».. is of that kind • She • iisist.d in try usinit Dr. Kings .\ew >lsc (^ve 'ry.' writes Mr. F. "for a dread •:il co -TEh. when t was so weak niy riends al! thought I had only a short lU'." to live, and it conpletely c.lredi^^ :;e." ..\ quick ci;re for coughs and' o'.ds.'it's the most .safe and r-.diabte • !H !iedi<-ic«» fi>r many throa' and lung 'roubles—erip bronchitis. croup, ihooping cough, ijuinsy. tonsilitis leitiO!rh »ges. .\ trial will convince- you. .-.'> cts. and $1 Of' G-.aranteed ')y all druggists. A}\ the !>: Rover Boy Series. .All tie Putnam Hall Series. All thi» 4-"Dick Hamilton Series All the Railroad Series. .411 the Revolution Series. Ai! the cSloniai Series. Al! the Braden Boy Books. Mo.-t of the Ca.stlemon Books. Many of -he Odd Title Books. .Many oi >; e Young Peoifle Books Many Cel- brated Men Books. All the l". Tom Swi^t Series. Al! the .-. Otitdoor Series. All th" S Columbia High Series. 2'»> Boys' Books at 2Zc. S '.r^ .".OC and up Se" t::- Big Football Tackle In •*;ndow at the_ oookstore. Evans Bros. BOOKKTOSE. The Fall Books Arp inz in .>'«w. IRA B. FRANTZ ; THE oi>TOMrrmsT l^>^rg-^-.-\ck«-, a farmer near Junc•!on f'ty. bou.ffht two high priced au•(.mobiles the other riay and. gave one • :o his son and onr to his son-in-'aw. Fmtna At Huuin't —Dr. OiL.C «r. Orallst Housework Drudgery! HoiHcworlc is dmdjcrr <or the weak wonfiui. She bresiies, diKU and Mrttc, o* is on her'feet all day mttbading to the maor details of the household, her Iwck ad- io^^iier temples throM»tnj(, aerres qitiveria^ onder tiie stress of p«io, possiblir i^zzy feelia^s. Suiacrimes rest is 'oed is not fcfrcshiai, because the poor tired nerves do not .permit ot refresfaini sleep. The real need of wMc, oei^oos wom'ea b stiiini bjr Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pmcriptioii, aod as Mrs. Briefs and others test^ x ' It Makes Weak Women Strong and Sfck Wom^ Wait eacmurmie* thm mppttUe^ and iadmees nsttal sft*p. Dr. Pierce is perfectly wiOioiito let evenr* his *' Favonte Prescriptioa 'j' coataiat, a cpmplete list of ia- fredieaa On the bottle-wrspper: Do not let aoy dnug^ persuade roc that his uekaorrn compositioo is "jmat as IMd''.' in order that be may make a bii^ prpfit. . . v> MRS. BRAin.t. BBIGR.'I , of SS ^{.WastaiDgtoD St«,Pelpot% Ohio, writes: " Having taken jrfmr 'Favorite IVMcrlpitMt, for a bad ca$A of intestinal disease aad co&Ktpfttioa.'i^Itk wuDian '5 His. for which I was tOaiost mtable t»:4» thing, I think I am safe in .•^ayialrthat there iara no leaedlcs ill the wirt-!d :ike Dr. Pierce'* Tatrorite .Pwatxlptioo and, 'pur f-iiijr L«» Tahl-t.-.' i I am now enjoyloff tha bwHof ' bealtn'. uid ihuik Dr. P:eree for l»i*-'~^ which h ;v.; doitw me a worid of goodi'" Dr. Pierce* Heasaat Peileto refulate Brer and - 1 u.,

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