Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 10, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1903
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VOL YI NO 222. WBOLE KDUEI 1912. IdlLA, KANSAS, JULY JO, 1903—FRIDAY. EIGHT PAGES Pi^CE FIVE CENTS POPE IMPROVED IM.,.EDIATELY FOLLOWING AN OPERATION. SERUM QUArJxiTY WAS TAKEN FROM PLEURAL CAVITY THIS MORNING * POSSIBLY SLIGHT AMELIORATION RESULT OF THE OPERATION. hlle Case Is Hopeless, Pope May Live. Several Days, Perhaps a" Week, 9 except lluit is is Jjil-iiovcd tiial a Bllehluymptiiin of .niiiiclioraUori is no- jLiccablo as ilu; ollitv itt lljla inurning 's \ ':- iL-: Roino, t'lly : -Prolf MnzzOirt-iiKai" «)lkM-aUMl -.iiH)!! Ilio pope tills iijorning extracting' cmjslilonibKs scrnm from tlio pleural cavity. Jlc bore the opera tion very well and in conseiiuencc of it both his respiration and the power of his heart at once iiiiprov.ed. A morning bulletiu issued V)y the physicians says: "The august patient, passed the first part of the night fairly peacefully but afterward the difllculty of breathing became more marked, coupled with discomfort and an increase of tht feeling of oppression." Before the operatiou thi; iwiUifT questioned the doctors aboiii'tis, condition, saying: "Do not deceive me. doctors, nothing more can affect me." He asked if the regathcring .of serum in the pleural cavity meant that the disease was growing seriously and the doctors fenced, sayiiig it was one of the phases that generally reoccurs several times during an attack. "Then," sai<I the patient, "a new operation is necessary." "We will see." answered Lai)i )oui and Maz /.oni added: "Vour knows that an operation is not .dangerous in il .sclf." The authorities of thefVatican have made arrangements that show thai they expect a (luiet day and the gen oral Ifeeling is that wljile the case is •iK ^jeless tlio iKipe may live several ys or even a week longer. The pope spent half an hour in prayer after arising this morning and then after comi)Ieling his toilet anJ eating a light breakfast, received his private secretary. . The Matter was surprised at the patienfk remarkable show of strength and brightness. Pope's Final Resting Place. Rome, July Ki.—Thai the pope fully realizes^ that his end cannot long be deferred is shown by the attention he has given during the last few days to the (H;tiiils of his final resting place. It is well known that he has discussed his ttjsiamentary dispositions and e.v pressed his wishes as to the place and ' manner of his funeral. Shortly hc- fore he was taken 111 the pontiff repeated to Cardinal Satolli his desire io be buried in the church of St. John Laternan. The sjKJt he designated Is \m the left of tlie apse above the entrance to the sacdisty, corresponding to the opposite liichc in which is the monument erected by himself inr IS'Jl to Poiw Innocent III. It is said that a statute of Pope Leo, forming part of the monument has already been made. In other respects the tomb will resemble that of Innocent If., consisting of a sarcophagus with a has - relief, two niches, ,.1 wo statues and two medallions. | Cardinal Gibbons' Chances. • Rome. July 10.—The Tribuna, which since thc,grave condition of tho health ^^^m^ iwpe became generally k^own, h^^Jjetn publishing sketches of the rdfib ^^hp ar^ considered likely to i 'ocome m^d of the church, last night de;voteti aa.artlcle to Cardinal Gibbous wh/ch-CQd's as follows: "The ; partisans of Americanism have in the past often spoken of Car^ dlnalf Gi]|;>boxis as a possible suco^^sor Fl DHTHSJi m YOBK TEMPERATURE DID NOTLFA^.L BE LOW 81 DURING LAST NIGHT. Weather Man Holds Out No Hope— "Fair and Continued Warm," He Says Sententiously. New York. July 10.—The heal today was more than ycsterda.v. The temperature did not fall below SI degrees all night and began climbing lip again as the sun rose. Up to 10 a. m."there were five deaths and five prostrations in this city. New York, Jnly 10.—There were six deaths from heat yesterday in New York, si.\ in Brooklyn and fully two score prostrations. It was the hottest day since July 2, 1901, when It was 99 degrees. Today it ran to 94 degrees. Chicago, July 10.—Two deaths and ten prostrations resulted from the thunderstorm sent the temperature heat yesterday. Last night a heavy down from 90 to 72. During the storm Roine. S p. m.—Tlio conditions 'A, , , , „ .i , , i ^ . . ' * I • .vV aJ^JBimber of buildings were struck by lie Popearo p'-aclically micllang( IfK,-^; , , , . , *^ , ' ' ] , . I lightning and many basements in the llghtnii l.ualaepi many portion of the city werj to. Hooded by Uio heavy rainfall. For Tonight and Saturday. Chicago, July 10.—Mls.sourl^'artly cloudy t(Uiight and Saturda probably loci^l thunderstorms in jno' portion; continued warm; southerly winds prevailing. Kansas—Generally fair and con tinned warm tonight and Saturday; variable winds. [Lo yp« RACE FOR LIFE BETWEEN EXECUTIONERS AND LAWYERS. BEEN GIVEN ONE REPRIEVE GOVERNOR HAD IMPOSED HARD LABOR AS SUBSTITUTE FOR DEATH. ES E MEAN? SENATOR MORROW HINTS THAT MONEY WAS USED IN THE i LEGISLATURE OF 1901. . Lawyers Held Th»t^Tvi,o Impositions Nullified Sentence—Hanged Him Anyway. daring to become a reality; but'it would not have appeared altogether impossible: without the : Spanish- American war, which rendered Cardi nal Gibbons" position excessively deli cate with the Catholics and the re mainder of the world. He would not bo a pope of the two Amerisan conti nents, or even as Americanist but pope of the United Slates, against which would rise the Spanish cardinals with all the prestige of their indisputable loyally to the apostolic see and who would have on their side the greater part of'thc Latin cardinals. This does not mean that, in case a conclave is held. Cardinal Gibbons will bo without influence. On the contrary, he will have power which will be exercised byTiim with wisdom in favor of a can- di<lato who will agree with the slate of modern civilization." Akron, O., July 10.—At a session of the national convention of Universa- lists Young People's Union prayer was offered for the pope, and a tribute of President Ames to the pope was applauded. C. E.CONVENTIONIITDENVE YOUNG PEOPLE WERE ASTIR BRIGHT AND EARLY THIS MORNING. First General Session of the Day Held in a Ttent Which Seats 10,000 Persons, Denver. July 10.—The Christian Eii- deavorers were astir bright and early this morning, the first event on the program of the international convention being a memorfal service in honor of the la^ field secretary, Clarence E. Ebcrman, which was held at six o'clock. Following this at*8:30 cani'i meetings in the various churches to discuss missionary topics. The first general session of the day was "ricld in the tent of Endeavor at 10 o'clock, President Francis E. Clarke pre.s;din?r. The tent contains scats for, 10,000 persons arid all were occupied. The song seVvice was led by Percy S. Foster, of Washington, D. C. REBELS DEFEATED. V. Government Forces Win a Decisive Battle In Venezuela. . Rebel Loss Heavy. Lincoln, Neb., July 10.— The hanging of Wm. Rhea which was to have taken place at 12:30 today was postponed peniling a decision of the su preme court on an application for an injunction to prevent ^the hanging. The action before the court was brought in view of the rei)riaye granted Rhea previously by former Governor Savage. The reprieve imposed •hard labor" upon RJica as a punishment. The attorneys, for Rhea argued hat this imposition nullified the sea- ence for hanging in titat It serves two punishments for the s.-ime crime. Tlie suitreulo court denied the application for an Injunction bul exj )re .ssed Us willingness to go into consultatUm regarding the granting of a reprieve by the governor until a further hearing of the application could be made. The governor and Chief Justice Sulliyan of the supreme court went into consultation regarding such action. The conference soon ended. Governor Mickey refusing to grant a further reprieve an<l ordering the sheriff to proceed with the execution. -\ttorueys for Rhea in a last effort weiit before Judge Holmes of the district court in aTTTlTort to gei the lower court to prepare an injunction slopping the execution. In the meantime active preiiaralious were made to carry out the execution, and it became a race for life between the execution- ecrs and lawyers. Bulletin. Before the injunction proceoilings could' be'prepared Govurnur Mickey's order was carried out and Rhea was- hanged at 1:21. N TEXT BOIII(_LE£ISLIITIOH WAS NEVER APPROACHED HIMSELF, SENATOR HASTENS TO ADD. But He Thinks an Investigating Com-| mittee Could Find Out Something if Appointed. THE MIIRM TELICRIIPB • Kansas City. July 10.— Cfiltle— 2 ,0Q0. Native steers, $4@5.20; cows and hek- ers, $2@4.55; stockers and feeders, $2 @1.25; bulls, $2I @3 .C5; calves, $2@ 5 .25. • ' \ •'. Hogs— 7 ,000, five at ten lower. Heavy, $5.30 @5 .45; packers, $5.77 '/i0) 5.40; medium, ^5.30@5 .45;' light, ?5.22«^@5 .C0; yorkcrs, $5.50; pig?, $5 .40 @5.S0. ^ Sheep— 2,000, strong. , Muttons, %?> @5; lambs, $2@6.25.. Wheat—July, 70 ^/4; Sept.. GS-^J; cash. No. 2, hard, 71V6 (g)72; No. 3. m '/^€i70; No. 4, C2 %(g)G8; rejected, G2 (tta-lVi-, No. 2, red, 72@%; No. 3, 70@ r2. . , Corn—July ,l48^@%; Sept., 47%@ M; cash. No. 2, mixed, 49@%; No. 2, white, 51@%; No. 3, 50@%. Oats—No. 2, white, 3S@39; No. 2 Tcipeka, Kas., July 10.—W6en shown a dispatch in which it slated that mi.\ed, 23%. Daniel Kelley had bought the Kansas Rye—No. 2,^y 51, legi-slatUrp on one occasion, J. C. Mor- Hay-^ChoIce timothy, $11.50; choice r/)W, state Senator from Washington, prairie, $8.50@11. county, said: "I believe if it were 13utter—Creamery, 17@19; dairy. DC M THETRES ST, LOUIS SUBURBAN TRAIN, LOADED WITH WORKMEN, LEFT THE TRACK. sPRpome m THE GIIUSE GIRL WAS KILLED AND FOUR SERIOUStY HURT, ONE OF WHOM WILL Dll. One Coach Rolled Onto Tracks of C. .& A., Striking Baggage Coach of a Passing Train. posible to create an investigating committee and to clothe it with sunicieut power it would learn something of Ihtij bribery of members of the legislature J of 1901. I know of no specific Instan- fancy, HI. Eggs-Fresh, 12. Receipts of wheat, 80 cars. Chicago,. July 10.—Cattle—2,500. never approached?' KELLY HAS GONE TO EUROPE. 15(rt20: dairy, Baking Powder Trust . Lobbyist Has Left America at Behest of New York Persons. ces. but I bclloye money was used i:i Native 8t©or«," $;5.90fr5.§o: stockers connectl«)u ^liirH }u! pa«.sfign of the and feedt'i-.s, $l .n0 <lJ'4.25!; cows and exi bo()k^ibi??a,'t*tl,.it session. I was lioilers. $1 .50^» ('..00. I lo .t ;.s—21 .01 )0. to|), $5 .80; bulk, $5..50rfi5.li0. Butter-Creamery, Eggs—13 ?i) 14'/.:. Wheat—July. 79%; old. 79-yi; Sept., 79; old, 79%; Dec, 77%; old, 7SV8'; May, 79%. St. Lmiio, Mo., July 10.—Daniel J. Corn—;July, 51 V&; Sept., 51% ©''A; Kelley, the baking powder trust lobby- Dec, 51%'; May, 51. ist, has gone to*^Europe, ife wrote Oats—July, 40#7i; Sept., SSW F. H. Bacon several da.vs a.go that he Dec. 35i/i@%; May., Zl%mi. exjiecied lo Jcave Qubec July 5th, and Pork—July, $14.70; Sept., $14 .95. a telegram rfent yesterday brought the Lard—July, $7.07'^; Sept., $7.S5 <5i information that Kelley had gone if 7.S7Vi:; Oct., $7.72'/^; Dec. $7.30. is believgd -iCoHcy's departure was at, the reiiuest Oi.-certalE/ New York pcr-| . ^t. Louis, July 10.—Cattle—3,500. Beef steers, $3.75@5.15; stockers and feeders, $2.7004.25; cows and heifers^ $2.2504.00. Hogs^5 ,500. Pigs, light, $5,250 5.S0; packers, $5.5005 .80; butchers, ILLINOIS I $ii -«0 @ii :S0. sons. SHOT TWO GLOTHINE MEN DOUBLE MURDER IN AN ILLINOIS HANGING. Calvin Price and Jerry Graves Murdered a School Teacher Last February. Marion, 111., July 10.—Calvin Price and Jerry Graves, were hanged today for the heartless murder bust February of Mrs. Nelie Reichelderfer, a teacher. Both men died bravely and before the drop fell made confessions. HE OIEB IN JHLMS ROUSE GRADUATE OF HARVARD, WHO HAD LIVED ALONE FOR FORTY YEARS. Recently He Was Found Dying of Starvation and was Made a Public Charge. Leroy, N. Y., July 10.—Jas. C. Hall, graduate of Harvard, who for the past forty years lived absolutely alone on his farm near Alexander and who was known only as "The Alexander Hermit," is dead at the county alms house at Bethany. In March last Hall, who was 75 years old, was found in his house propped up in a chair, dying of hunger and greatly emaciated. The authorities removed him to the alms house against his vigorous protest. Hall; died .without revealing the secret of his strange life. TOWN FOR APPARENTLY NO REASON AT ALL. Men Entered the Store and Without a | Word of Warning Shot Two Partners in. Business. OEWEy PRISOieS TO CO FREE Topeka, Kas.. July 10.—Applicatiou lor bail made by. Chauncey Dewey, W. J. McBride and Clyde Wilson, charged with murdering the Berry family, was allowed by tho supreme court today, and the bond of the pris' tills morning Edward Barton, of oners fi.xed nt $15,000. The bond giv Sprin.^liel•l shot and fatally wounded ^'n will first have-to be approved, b.^^ 1 1 T,.,.i „.r i'„«onnoi(i 'J'e sheriff of Cheyenne county and Julius Frank-and Irving KoscntleUl, Bloouiingion, 111., July 10.—At^ Ma- .son City, .southwest of Blooinington, two of the leading clothing merchants then by the supreme court. Prison ers will be recpiired to appear before of that place The murder so far as is „,^. cheyenue county district court known was entirely uncalled for. Bar- in December' to answer a charge of ton formerly lived at Mason City.and murder. C. V. Dewey, owner of- the was a race track follower. He came ''auch, and father of Chauncey, has , . • w o „i making arrangements to get the to Mason City last night and this , . . , bond required and it is believed the morning entered the clothing store to „,i,„„^.,, ^^.j,, released tomorrow, make some purchases. Roseufleld c ,.auiicey Dewey did not appear great-' waited upon hi* but no words pass- ,y g^.j,,;,^,, ^.^cn told that his appli- ..d between .them. Suddenly Barton cation for bond had been allowed; Hi walked to the rear of the store where ^^.^^ Manhattan an^ NO GUARDIAN FOR MRS. MAPfTIN. Port of Spain, Trinidad. July 10.— Venezuelan gunboits which have arrived here confirm the news of the bombardment and' recapture of Gui- ijlf and: the entire Venezuelan coast ai^ng the Gulf of Paria by the govern-^ mat forces under Vice President Gp^ person of .taiiipjmd^^^ Supreme Court Reverses Action of Sedgwick County Court in Appointing One. Topeka. Kas., July 10.—The supreme court today reversed the action of the probate court' of Sedgwick county, which appointed a guardian for Mrs. A. C. Martin. I The court holds *hat the probate cojUt^t is without authority to appoint a Qmiirdian for the person and estate of { an adult unless it be shown that the person is an idiot, » Frank was occupied aud without warning shot him through the lungs. Ro- scnficid ran ,to the assistance of his partner when Barton shot him o'iice in the siife and once through tho arm. .•V clerk finally disarmed Uarton. Ho was taken in charge lr>-\the police and hurried to the county seat at Havana just in time to escape.a mob that was organized. visit his father for a few days but ha^ made no plans beyond that. HOBOKEN PIER EXPLODED. Caught Fire Subsequently and 150 Had to Take to the Water—No- bqdy was Hurt. LOeAN'S W UNO BBIBLE MYSTERIOUS SHIPMENT RECEIV^ AT KNOXVILLE FROM ' KANSAS CJTY. —r- • *• It May Indicate That Montana Traiij Robber is Somewhere In This £ Vicinity. New jYork. July 10.—The Thing- Knoxville Tehn., July, 10. —A pa«k age arrived here today from Kansa? City, Mo., addressed, to "Sheriff; Jim Fox, Knoxville, Tenn." It conrainet} N-alla line pier at Hoboken caught flrc|^j^^ saddle, and bridle which Harvey Logqji, tho Montana train robber carv caused before the flames were gotten I ^^^^ Knoxville county jail'^ under control at two o'clock. There ^^^^ \QSCS^^CL on tho' were three explosions and tho whole sheriff's horse June 27th. The" horse- front of the pier on which largo quantity of merchandise was stored, collapsed and fell into the river. There | was no loss of life. returned the day following, with Ihc saddle and bridle missing. This tx: press shipment may indicate thp.t Lo gan is in the west, i New York, Jilly 10.— The loss jsj estimated at hajf a million. A bund- . Kan^s City, July 10.— Chief Poi lice John Hayes anci the manager^ of red and fifty men were on the pier at the local detective ai^encies profess to the time and. many were! forced to know nothing .-of the shipment from St. Louis, July 10.—One person, a girl, was killed, four were seriously injured, at least one of whom will die. and a score slightly hurt in a wreck on tlie Terminal railroad, associations line |)c 'tween ,.Granltc City andMadfson lil., today. The dead girl, Arnaa J.^ Jerskaiup of St. Louis, and thW slightly Injured were left in Madison, while those more seriously 'hurt were brought to Si. Louis. • • The list injured: Ficij Winker, both legs severed below the knee, will die. Evorel Ha,sting, leg and ariii broken, head cut. ; ' Get). F'.ry, foot crushed and arm broken. JoO: Stein. leg broken and ankle crushed. Chas. Blankry, St. Louis, knee 'n- jurediT Ka^e Haynes, Madison, face bruised. Rose Jordan. St. Louis, back injured^ . i ^ : ' Liilie Overbery, North Venice, side bruised. Mable Ovei bery. North Venice, head bruised and arm and fey:,cut . Edifh KlurlpT ^fa^ifeqnr ,*amy 'bruifiefl.' Most of thi; men injured and other passenger on the^ train were employees of the Commonwealth Steel Company " at Granite City, 111. The women were employees the National Enameling and stamping Company. The. Terminal passenger train which Ifiit si. Louis at C:25 a. m. consisting 6{ nine coachds loaded with workmen for the factories of the Tri- Cities-jumped the track: on a small trestle's One coach rolled over onto tho tracks of the Chicago & Alton, striking a baggage, coach of the passenger^ train passing in the opposite direction. The derailed car was badly crushed. The i Alton train not wrecked Spreading of the rails on the trestle weakened by the flood, is believd to have caused tho accident. [ FOUR KILLED. Pennsylvania Railroad Train Struck a Wigon Near Columbus, Ohio, With This Result.* Cincinnati, July 10.— A Pennsylvania i-ailroad passenger train from Columbus struck a wagon containing nine people at a cro'ssing near Red- 6omb Junction, eight miles east of here, laJst night, killing four, fatally injuring three and! seriously injuring two of- the occupantB of the wrecked rig, Robert Copenhagen, one of his two childreti, the child of a neighbor, arid a man hamed William Poole were kill-; od.- MI-S . Copenhagen, William BooiU and another man, name unknown, were fatally hurt. The youngest Copenhagen child, aged 2 years, arid, Charlei Johnson were painfully hurt, but may recover. The mule drawiiig the wagon stopped when it heard the engine whistle and could not be moved. The animal was beyond the track and escaped unhurt, while the wagon vvas standing squarely on the track and w^ com pletely wrecked, all the occupants eit ^ier being killed or injured. and then, shot) ous. 7 , Oyster Bajf. iRoo^eVjIlt 1 G BREVITIES Vardije, Norway, July 10.—The Zeig- Icr polar exp.'dition has arrived here from Arch A ngel,. where dogs weee taken aboard. Kansas City. Mo., June IQ.—A negro named ;Stcclk shto and killed Annie Jacksoii, ainetrdss aged 22, here toda^. himself. He was jeal- July 10.—President t^e guest, John'^

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