Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1889
Page 3
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«» , i :- ^ OQ A. J. JORDAN'S FAMOUS JBL, . jak "II .£:%. J&SL -SI. BRAND CUTLERY. ALSO TDK Finest Lie of Batcter toes IN THE CITY. Yours Respectfully, LEWIS D. WYNN. Evening Gazette. TH» Evjarnftj OAIBTTH CM be n&d at all the new«8taiid». Priceywo OBHDI. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. —Boom the town. —Draw factories here. —Get the government building. —Move the county seat here. —florae market next Wednesday. —Mra. B. C. Cook is visiting friends in the east. '. —Let us have 15,000 population in three years. —A conservatory of music has been started at Clinton. • • . —Mrs. White, of Bellevue, Iowa, is visiting at 11, B. Coloord's. —John Weaver and bride have returned from their wedding trip. —Clarence E. Hoyt left today for the north for the Novelty Iron works. —Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Utley and son, froja Chicago, are visiting in this city." —Miss Lu Mitchell, a graduate of the Sterling Business College, has gone to Sioux City to accept a position. —llev. W. B. Gallagher, of Rockford, has accepted a call to the pastorate of of the Princeton Christian church, —A special council meeting will be held this evening to take action regarding the 1st avenue sidewalks. —Fishermen have found some nice Qeh in the river recently. It is thought the cold nights cause thn pike and bass to take the hook more readily. —Freight Conductor Percy F. Bricker, of tho Northwestern, waa billed under the wheels of his own train at Norway, Iowa, on Friday night. —It has been decided to place a slate roof on the new'O. & N. W. depot. Workmen have arrived from Chicago to do the job. —The Baptist church people will give a farewell reception to their former pastor, Uev. Oilman Parker, in the church building, next Wednesday evening. —On Friday, a trot at Freeport, between Mark Monroe, owned by Tfi. K. Wormly, of Mendota, and Charleston, owned by Biley Mead, of Paw Paw, was won by the latter. —A social gathering of members of First M. E. church took place:at the parsonage of llev. J. B, Hamilton on Friday night. There were over one hundred persons present. —The 2nd Ward Blues ball club claim the game which was to have been played with a Bock Falls club on Saturday, as the latter club did not appear. This makes three out of five games won by the 2nd warden. —Friends of deceased soldiers, whoee remains are buried in this vicinity, or who left this locality for the war, ate requested to send the names of such at once to Moses Dillon, of the Sterling Monument Association. —Messrs. Howland & Ellis, of Boa- ton, who are building the electric street railway here, ace also, we understand, to build one at Marlon, Ohio, where they are puttingf in a system of water works similar to the water system here. Marlon is a town of 7,000 people. —A'.meeting of the members of tho congregation of the Presbyterian church will be held this evening to voice their sentlmouts regarding a successor to Rev. N. H. G. Fife. There are a number ef candidates, also some others whom It la understood will accept a call. —Dixou Telegraph: M. B. Kelly, of Wbitealde county, Is here to- say 'naking arrangements for a school exhibition that will be entirely new; and, strange anomaly, as old as the "DeeutrieH. Skule," with its bad boy aud good little girl and stupid old schoolmaster. —Manager Cocbran informs UB that on October 1U» the Western Union Telegraph office In this city will be aiade what ia known aa a money order » that w, the it^npauy will "sand by tc-Jogtsph." It vtlti bt» to —HOY. an'l Mrs. J. T. Mown have returned !o Anibny. —Tbf. nt.rf'^t rp-iUvnv rni!ft ftn* bMlifT distributed nlnner Uio rout<\ —Mrs. i!. I'rpnoh and Mrs. W. C. Clemens have Ro;ie to Chicago. '-The raHrcmda are doing a very larjfo freight businpsa in tins city nt pri'p.fint. —Dennis .Shelly, an aged nnd long time resident of Albany, was burled at Fulton today. —Henry Jvurth, of Iowa City, Iowa, ia visiting old friends in this locality. In ISO;? ho received $700 in from Dr. Pennington and went west, where he acquired land. Helsnow wealthy. This being his first visit here in 20 years, he hardly know Sterling, or any of the people here. •Prof. S. D. Forbes, lately principal of tbe Altoona, Pa., Business College, who has been engaged to conduct the Commercial Department of the Sterling Business College, arrived today, ac- cjmpanied by the members of his family. The college rooms are now being decorated, but by next week the school will start up in full blast, with a number of new pupils., —The annual meeting of the Northern Illinois Dental Society ia to be held at Sterling, October 10th and 17th. W. II. Taggart, of Freeport, la president, and (}, W. Dannls, of LaSalle, chairman of its executive committee. Dr. T. Beck with, of this city ,is secretary. This meeting will be a prolitable oae as the programme contains topics of all kinds of interest to tlie craft. The meeting will be held In A. O. U. W. hall. —A (loeiRion that affects "several of the western Hues waa lendoied a few days ago in the court of common pleas atPlttsburg. L D. B. Reese was expelled from a train of the Pennsylvania railroad because he refused the lOcents extra for cash fare, the money to be refunded at any ofllce of the company, on presentation of receipt. The j udge held fiat the 10 cents extra was wrong and 8) instructed the jur^. Keese obtained a verdict for 8250. —J. V- Emmitt has a very curious machine at bis implement store. It is not labeled, therefore people who see it have difficulty in telling what it is. It looks like a cross between a dirt scrap er and a mower. It really is a corn cutter. It is driven through a corn ild and cuts all the stocks of a row, leaving them lie in bundles on the ground. The machine was tried on the farm of Mr. D. O. Uoe on Saturday and on Mr. J. Frank Utley's to-day, and works very successfully. No doubt an attachment will soon be made to bind the bundles before they are dropped on the ground. The machine was sent out by the McCormick company of Chicago for trial. We understand local manufacturers are perfecting one something like this. —Did you ever stop. to think what a tireless letter writer a good local paper is? Week after week, reaching into year after year, it goes on telling of the marriages, births, deaths and the coming and going of the people of our town, business success or failure, accidents, crops, Improvements, meetings, in fact, events of all kinds. All is a grist that comes to the hopper of a good local paper. Why, if you were to undertake to write a letter eveiy week to your absent friend, and tell half the news that your local paper gives, you would soon give up in despair.' The supposed pleasure becomes tiresome, and the letters grow shorter, farther apart and Unally quit. Why the difference'! 1 Because with a newspaper it Is business. People in a live town recognize this and take pleasure in giving the editor news items you would never learn.—Ex. - M'p.-n. John 1' Liwn», »,r'f!' fl'ioviy, Marry Ko .til i mit'i "i'l I ilin B.-nsiiiRT ycst.trilay i vl - to ( Union on t' 1,'Cydrr;. Tbr .' ! M M rri- BOM and supped at Clinton at Jim Hancock's A prood part of HIP trip rain was fuliinp vet good time waa made, —The, American Agriculturist has offered a prize of >?~>00, in gold for tlie best acrs of potatoes raised i n the United States. Mr. Ray (Jrr.on, of Lyndon, is one of the competitors, and Mr. It. M. Thompson, of the same pliicf, has been appointed to attend to harvesting the crop, and write a report of it for tho Agriculturalist, (Jo to Hope for boott. in-tf Splcpdiil stove polish. I'urniMniiK for ruckle, jSo. 1 inir.;!, si!, P:>-tf L. L. JOHNSON'S. A full lino of KPDUin--! Foster U N- DRESSED kil (flovcs. in black, brown, tatia mul shite',, at K. K.Sheet'/.'. Cull and examine. JUovily Fall Hljte* Mrs. Gennie W. Elliott has^ust returned from Chicago with a large stock of dear delights in millinery. Cull and see the One pattern hats, magnillcent ribbons in all shades, and other stylish novelties. . 80-W Pork tenderloins and our own make of pork sausage at Al's market. * The Red Cross and Peninsular base burners, and a full line of coal and wood beating stoves, at Davis & Wilkinson's. Call and examine. 02-10 Zero! Hero! Imperial Aladdin is the finest range in the market. It can be found at Crawford Bros. ; . 0010 Rolled beef roast that can't be beat at Al's market. * Mrs. F. C. Woortrufl invites the ladies to call and nee the latest in milllnary. She has a designer ana trimmer from Fift'i Arenr.r, ?Tcv; ifork City. No trouble to BUOW goods. 91 tO Hose m-.ikes all of his boots. 91-tf Gold Coin Stoves, Fall and winter suitings ftt McCallister's. S" 17 Mr. Ueo. Pfisterer, baker of Mr. C. Eiseie, has leased the building now occupied by O. Gaaaman on Urd street, where his wife, with his assistance, will run a first class restaurant. Mr. I'fis- ter remains with Mr. C. Eiseie, to satisfy all his friends in the line of baking. Take possession third of October. 88-18 • I will save you money on winter underwear and hosiery. E. E. Sheetz. "Tie" FraDiie Jooes Co" At the Academy of Music next Thursday, Friday and Saturday ever ings, witn Sat. matinee; one of the best Co's. on tho road—everybody wants this Co.—elegant scenery and costumes. We sell Amana flannels, yarns a:c blankets, and can savo you money. E. E. Sheetz. French Kip boots S4 a pair made to 01-tf . Soo the' now fir! nf N, Carpr>Ti»er S j Go. E. W. lilofisom h'i3 ts'kcn the ngTu-y nfthr. "2, C." S"" 1 " 1 !-'pr:!'*'"'>'>" J" 1 -' J I'.yc plfisBes. These ppcetnHea nre dif- i fprpi't from ordinary gl.wr?, in that ,H« lenses am ground from » Frr-n'-.h intfi! Cri/atal that shuts out the chemical and heatrajsoniKht.maldRgthfirn very soothing to the eyes. J'.esuro and try them, see that that trade mark "i. <:." is on every lens. 7i)-3&w Interstate Kxjtonition, 4:iilmgo. Ills. On September 12th, 14th, 21st and 20th, and October 3d, r,',h, isth, 17th and 19th the C. B. A Q. U. R. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at one »nd one-third fare for rouud trip, plus twenty-five cents for admission ticket, limited, going, to date of sale; returning to and including tho following Monday. PEOPLE'S COLUMN C»—V7e v ill Insert three linos In this col-^Sg aran one time lor 10 eents, or lor «0 cents s week. Each additional line will b« B cent* a single Insertion, or 18 cent» n week. WAISTEO. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading: W ANTUD— Housekeeper wanted. Cull at Goldsmith's store. Chil Vegetables at Al's market. *• The celebrated lied Gross-range; handsome and durable. The flpest stove ever seen In Sterling. For sale by Davis & Wilkinson. 02-10 Farm lor Kent. The Doyle farm situated in Section 13 in town of Hume is for rent. For information.apply to Wm. Doyle of said town or to J. E. McPhorran. 04w2dO* JAS. DOYLE. Septembf r 29, 1880. Oar Gents' Furnishing <joo<l< Department veas never BO full of desirable novelties as now. Your critical inspection is inviteil, J. B. BKLL & SON. - Notice. When you are looking for good shoes or boots do not forget to call and sen my stock. L have made prices lower than ever, and can. give you a good assortment to select from. 03 to . PHILIP NICE. For a soft coal or wood cook, look at the improved Golden Gem, a first class cook Btave at a low price. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 02 to Where Did You Wet It? Why I that beautiful hat came from Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 01 to Riverside Stoves, Arrasene and chenille, for embroidery, at B. A, Carter's. 02 13 Large black hats for children,"very stylish, can be found at Mrs. Gennle W. Elliott's. SOW The best line of children's under wear and hosiery cm be found at E. E. Sheelz'. Prices the lowest. Ladies, call and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all Frey & Davis'. J 89 tO Veal calf boots 83.50 at Hose's. Oltf W ANTKD— Competent clrl for general housework. Apply at Gazette offleo. m tf W ANTKD—A man to taice care of nogs and cows. Must bo first-class milker mid recommended. No boys need apply. O.J. Mills, Halt House. ' . M tf W AT!Tin>- Ye".!'!' plTiMr- ft nn, W. M. Dillon. iw-in W ANTED—A thorouRuly competnnt girl fur general housework. Good wanes Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street aud D av«me. Triennial Conclave KiilglitB Templar. October 3d to October 6tb, inclusive, the C. B. & Q. U. R. will sell round .trip tickets to Washington, D. C. for 820.79, good for return until October 31st. By the payment of §16:60 'additional at Washington, the return portion of the ticket may be exchanged for a ticket to New York and return, either via the same route, or via any other direct route to Chicago. Keep-Cool. A complete line of stoves both cook and heaters, is to be found at Crawford Bros. Step in and take a look at them. W ANTKD—Girl—Ona thoroughly competent for general housework. Apply at D. \V. llopklnsou'a shoe store. 80-tf W ANTED-Wild grapes, by Dr. Frank Anthony. Cullatolllce. Kl-tf:W-t3 W ANTKD—Wood houses to rent. F. W. W&l- zer, K',om 4, Academy of Music. 89-tO W ANTED-Imnicdlalely-kltchen girl. Apply at lloynton bouse. 87-tt Only TO cents for 3 lines under this Heading. SEAL PLUSH, AND C T fl r JLl \J JL in every style. NEW- MAR- Octote M The Dayton's Swiss Bell Ringers ; and Musical Novelty Co. at Wallace Opera House. A refined show and strictly nrst class. Prices 16, 25 and 35. Have you seen the brand new delivery wagon of Frey & Whitebread's ¥ It is certainly one of the most complete wagons for carrying pianos and organs, in Sterling, and their new store is fitted up equal, if not better, than any of the kind in our little city. 89-tO A full line of new millinery, at B. A. Carter's. " • 82-13 "TjlOH SALE—A new Kureka road cart, cheap. -T Al«o. a soft coni heating otove. Apply >-t Dttweiler & Mueller's. w.'i-tB . IjlOR SALE—A Plieaton bujr-'y, cheat), for JJ cash. J. I. IMerce, Kock Falls. WMG* F OR BALK—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, stock of goods. Business places for sale and exchange. Frank W. VValzer, Academy of Music, iioom-4 78 tf TTIOU SALE—A bargain In three flue resi- Jt? donees In 4th ward. Inquire of 1.1. Hush. ol-ti FOK SA1.K Oil TMADK. Only 10 cents for, j fines under this Heading. —Milton Curtis, the tramp"rhymster, who makes periodical visits to this locality, selling his productions, was here on Saturday^—HeJiaa .notJaeeruery. active since the last campaign, but says be hopes to bring out something new by the next State election. The title of his last piece of doggerel is "Who killed Cock llobln'r 1 — Grover Cleve.", People can judge of the man's curious state of mind by hearing him recite but one of his pieces. Milton once gathered together enough money to have a score or more of his rhymes printed aud sent them to various magazines for criticism. The New York Independent, the well known religious journal, gave Curtis a long and scathing notice. People who knew him were surprised that the Independent should fall Into' the error of even noticing doggerel from such a source. —"We are going to have an early fall and a long, cold "winter," remarked a farmer to a Fond dii Lao reporter. "Aud how do you figure that out?" was asked. "In the Qrst place," he replied, "just try the skin on any of your fruit; you will flnd the apple and grapea and fruit, for that matter, with a thicker and tougher skin than you have seen for years. This is one of the Indications. This is the way nature takes care of her products. Last year apples and other fruit were so thin-skinned and tender that it was hard work to gather them without bruising them. Corn Is another of nature's signboards. The ears this yea r are protected by thicker and stronger husks than I have aoen before in years. Wheat and rye straw are tougher and wirier aad the seed pod» at* better protected than usual. These are old farmers' Bigua," said he, "and they are good onea, be they don't come' from ftny isoon- supgrjtitlopa, but from artual s*r aftsf y**r, by a vt«**t ofay for tk Parade _ Of the Daytpn/s Musical Co. Wednesday about noonT'Eead by the youngest band leader in the world. Beautiful caps for children; also, other novelties for the little folks, at Mrs. Gennle W . Elliott's. 89-tO Black tips, In every style, at Frey & Davis'. 80-tG Vail Over font n Are what you are looking for now. The place to find these Is at Bell & Son's. We are noted for correct styles ana our prices are lowest for first class goods. At the Academy, Oct. 3rd. A great fire scene in which over forty lights of glass are broken and the vault explosion occurs in this play. TIpH. French heads in black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. 89-tO A Walking AdvertUement la the man wearing one of those nob- by derby hats purchased of Kier. Styles correct, prices ditto. Something Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CIIAMBELIN. ,88-tf ' Call at J. E. Philips & Go's and get one ofL those. Cold Coins. «•» ; Tips. Frsnch beads, in black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. 89 ' tc To Theatre Goer*. The season for Opera Glasses has arrived, and offer to the public a very large and desirable line of White and Oriental Pearl Glasses in all sizes and at extremely low prices, These goods are of the best French make and are genuine bargains. K W. BLOSSOM. F OU MALE OK TRADE—A flue second-hand can-Inge, single or double seat, or exchange tor n good road horse. Inquire of Dr. Gordon. KKNT. I Only JO cents for j lines under this Heading. U1 Jj 1OR KENT— Dwelling house. Apply to Mrs. Gronlce, 603 rike street. W-t3» OU KENT-4 hou««s to rent and a number of hoases for sale by Adam Smith. 83-118' lOU HUNT— A good barn, at 405 West Third street. 8i >-» 8 1 0 LEASE—Power and room for mannfactur Ing purposes, in the building formerly occu- !dby Church & Patterson. Address B. 0. iiroh. Duluth. Minn. Stl-tt FINANCIAL. F INANCIAL-Money to loan-81,000 at 0 per cent., on farm security. I. I. Bush. Hook Falls. mf The world renowned Stewart heaters for sale only by Davis & WUklnson. Economical in fuel and of great heating capacity. 02 - to It will do you good to take a look through-our mammoth stock. -Every department complete. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 04 to Call at E. W. liloBsom'8 and get aa eye tester free of charge. To-d&w Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. B. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th at. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. " 18 37tf D. H. MEYKUS, Auct. For cook stoves or heaters, go to Davis & Wilkinson, West End Hardware dealers. »2-tG ice to The Academy Orchestra"will bold au extra rehearsal at the Academy of Music Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock, to prepare for the "Frankie Jones" engagement. New music; please be prompt. ^ ' Crawford liroa. Have on their floors some of the best stoves In the market, both cooks and aeaters. They are open for Inspection. OOW •A GLMCE~ Throrgh onr stock of cloths will be a revelation to yon. Enough of the extremely fashionable in fancy plaids to meet the taste 01 those who care to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dress and old age, with a great variety of tho neat, .quiet things that most men choose. The attractiveness of our goods is mirrored in the radient smiles 01 our patrons, and shown in their tasteful apparel. JACOB EISELE Merchant Tailor KETS, Come in and see, We charge no fee. The largest and richest display we have j ever shown. Underwear in all styles at Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 01 to We have examined Mr. Oeorgo H. Richardson's atej> ladder and ironing board and pronounce tiistn the very IttJtt WB have ever a*«m aad thtsy ahonW IMJin t»v**| honww Mi-s, J, U. L»vmn Mt'«, B -i- U«a«?, Mrs, Laura E. Kiag Boys' blouse waists for boys from 4 to 15 yrs. old at Oettingor'a I>ouble Front Clothing House. ^ 0-t 10 Hlack tips, In every style, at Frey & Davis'. 8t) t( '' «:old Wruthrr. Crawford Bros, aw selling the Palace Aladdin hard coal stove. Call It. „ s, in black acd ail Frey j STATE OF ILLINOIS, I BB . WBITSSIDX COOMTT, ) ' In Circuit Court of Wbitesido County, to October Term, A. D., 1889. Albott Beecber ) vs. V In Chancery. Jennie Beeoher, ) Affidavit of tUa non-residence of Januie Beechor, defendant above named, having tioeu filed in the office of t!ie Clerk of Uie Circuit Court of Whites! Je County and Slate of Illinois, notice i« hoittby givtm to thiswud Jr.unio Beoehcr, that the abovo named complainant heretofoi-t{tlle<l isia hill of GOiuplMnt in said court, ou tita chancery side thereof, aud that a nauimons ttuirenpou iuuaeil on« of said coutrt aaaiimt ths ntavu named deJfe-Bul- aat, rwlttrttftWe o" Use fl-st day of the term ot the Cifisiit Cxvurt of «ai(l 'Joaaty, tti b* hsUl nt tiw OmiJt It^aise in Mowi-rf/u, ir said Whit«*)lil*Oo%iBtjr. oaths third Mutxtey »? OotolKW, ae-it, < I 1 **" «* t< I Jf i* w n.4aiioa, | P. S.--Our plush gar- meats are all warranted. They'll wear lilre oalr, These •vrell'-mBdtt cto&Ms. fcV r. ' i o " JJi ' ••¥ v- J -i-«fesr

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