The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 22, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1892
Page 8
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HTTTCHiySQy DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, AFBII. 22, 1892. KONKV AND STOCKH NKW Yonic, April 2'i.—[Stock l,ettcr furnished by tlie KniMiu* drain iuid TAva Stock company.)—The order brolcore In the Block uxclinnpfc general ly said at closing yesterday that Hpccii lation surely had a forijjhtor look In many directions. The shrewdest and holdout hcnrH on the coal stock wcro sharp enough to cover their Heading-. A specialist in llock Island said some liberal buying orders bad bucn uncovered lately by the bearish raids, and n purchasing clement has] oped wblcli will absorb a batch of Rock Island If anybody wishes to sell It. Geo..!. Gould wan at Windsor last evening, and his talk was an Imllish as usual on the Oould pot stocks Atchison, Topoka anil Santa Fc. Missouri Pacltlc, no^. Rock Island, HOtf. St. Paul, 78«. Union Pacific, 4fix. "Western Union, D2«. SHTc-r. *a». Motives. ChtuHigo. CIUGASO , April —[Special advices received by tbe Kansas drain and Live Stock company,] — WMKAT — Taken all around the market lias been unuc eountably strong most of the session. Outside markets have shown little disposition to follow our ndyice and ca- Wefthayc contained no encouragement to holders, nevertheless offerings have been light and the market has been in the hands of bnlls. Reports lince been current of large shipping engagements but charters for only "l),()W bushels have been reported thus far. The elevator men have been fiiir buyers of May though that option lias been relatively weaker than July, not only here but lit outside markets. The markets seem to be sustniQed by an impression that groat quantities will shortly be Shipped orit but if so foreign markets could hardly absorb it iu their present temper. Prince is out with doleful accounts of seeding lu tho lied river valley, but reports from other sections of the northwest are almost nni- fortnerly unfavorable. CORN AND OATS —-At 42 cents the clique supported the market for May ami bought it up to 43 cents, but the price eased oft on indication of rising at latter figure. Tho buying machines have been set in motion and the manufacture of contract corn is going on fairly weli. Oats for May delivery have' been sold freely, but it is not known for whose account. Provisions inactive and very dull. It is expected that the stock of New York will increase 20,000 barrels this month. Tlie following is the range of price* for active futures: jOpcn'd Higtl't. WHKAT. May 1 si | si i; July HOH svii I »UC... COHN. .nine. •March July... May .. OATH. June.. March July... May... rum.. Muy... July.. l.A«D. May,.. July... nnis. May... _July... WHEAT-No. !t steady; cash SIOHJijc: July 8l@Sl!ic. UHIW-Flrincr: No. '.' cash HI •BOK IM0 II (II) 0 in (i ar. •la' 28S4 ii ;, Q n my, IS 174 f> iir, HO;; II 40 II uo II is ii M r, no r, nan Clos'g. HI!* 81 )4 !lll>i finest dairy, 20c; fine dairy, 18c: common Wo E3 EGGS—In demand, 10c. POTATOES*—Choice. anaOfiC. Al*Pt.BS-»l.oq!f«i.ari per bushel. - ONIONft-ln f.ilr demand. Bed, 7.»c per bushel; horae grown, Spanish, tl.BR per bushel. OAHIIAGE-Falr, 4c nernoiind. Tl! KNH'S-In demand, :>0c per bushel. HBKT8—Steady, .'10c per bushel. SWBKT rOTATOKS-Plcnty. $1.00 per ^"lAV—Haled. fft.0OffiA.B0: loose. JH.00@4.00 per ton. drain.* WHEAT- No. 2 soft 72c; hard Oflc: No soft 07c; hard «<>c. CORN-UHc. IIYK-No. 2 OSc", No. :> OOc. OATS-24C. ' ' Live Stork. CATTLE-Steady; Stockcrs »2.«S<a:i.S0; feeders J2.Z6@.'),2R; fat cowsftnd heifers in demand f 2.0002.00: rat steers fS.OOi&II.CO. HOUS—Steady. Wagons, tops f:i.7fi: car f'l.noQi.OO. SHEEP—In demand. J3,75@4.00. t'enltry an<l Wild Game* CHICKENS-OhU-.kcnii*2.75<&:i.r>0 per doz chickens 5J4c per pound; hens flc per pound roosters 4c per pound: turkeys 7c pci pound. OAME—Wild ducks In demand Sl.oO1a2.OO per doTi,; pigeons In demand J1.00 per HOT Ijeene ll.OOssi.fiOper doz. oo.ssir. The. weather in the northwest is clear and 4ft degrees above. Wheat receipts in the northwest: Minneapolis, 11)5 ears; Bulnth, 330 ears. Ohiengo reports grain out of store: Wheat, 300,000 bushels, Corn, 137,000! oats, 3.1,000. The Rock Island employes will today interview the management of that road on the subject of higher wages. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 2 out of 10; spring wheat, 34 out of 89; corn, 10 out of 201; oatfi, 39 out of 233; new corn. 242; No. 2, 50: No. 3, 14(1. The Alton directors will, May 2, decide whether to refund the 82,3S3,000 7 percent, bonds expiring Jan. I, into 4 per cent, bonds, or to take them up by a new issue of stock. TUK IMI.DKItMAN DIVOItCK. Curd From Mr*. Hul'torman Statin* a Tflw* Connected With It. TJKAVKSWIIIITII , Kan., April SB. —Tho entry on the clerk's blotter in the district court opposite the title of the divorce case is: "Decree on the technical ground of abandonment." Gen. ilulderman's statement that there was no money consideration and that ho had simply made claim to the llalder- man home and other property in Leavenworth or its equivalent in cosh is denied by Mrs. llublermnn over her own BignatuTc. An evening paper publishes the following communication from Mrs, Haldernian: "My attention was this morning culled to an iirtielo purporting to be an interview with Mr. Malderman. As •a matter of fact, 1 desire to state in tho fare of Mr. Ilulderman's denial that he received from inc. the sum of $7,000 as the price of my eagerly sought freedom, and as a balm for his wounded pride. [Signed] " ASSIK U. HAI.DKRMAN." Mrs. Ilaldermnn left last night for St. Iiouis to attend to some, matters of business before going abroad. UNION PACIFIC, Russell Sage Talks About the Presidency. FlllENDbY TO JAY UOULD. No Ona flas Dttnv an 'lurli K.-»r Ihn ttoatl •s Air. Oould 11111I 11 Wimltl Tslce Pretty Ilriive .Misn In Sin^ceo Hlni-Cnt't- Unr"» De­ clines tv> Sny , VM>'- . IlllilK. 3 »!i :is a«s I) 40 IIII2JS u tr> V 9fl r. no i )_02Ji H2 ^sc; May 40 K(T /J 4 Julj May ?ll.:ir>-, May May SD.lft; 85.BS; May April 42c-. May 4214c; June :t(>c; July :mnc OATS—No. Stirm; cash 2i )c; Slhu July 2HHc MESS POKK—Steady: cash JulyfO.oo. LA «n—Stenlr; cash $11.15; July s «.28. SHOUT RIBS-Flrm; cash Sfi.iV.: July $5.0.1 IIYE -No. a llrm, li:iHc. HAUIJBY-NO . a nominal. «0c. FLAX HKED-No. 1 steady, 117c. TIMOTHY SKHU-Ii'lrm; »l..'lfl. IlUTTKU-I.-'lrm. , KGOS-Steaily. ' Nt. IJIIUIS. ST. I.IICIH , April 22. WHEAT-Oash higher, 80 ,4c; May sr.c; June N2V5c: July TIMic; COJlN-IIlKher; cash 07«c; May ailsci July mtic. OATK-Ulehcr; Jnly;m«.- l'OKIC cash aosci May OOKc; -Quiet; lobbing. $10,0(1. r,Aftl>-Noimiially $11.00. Kunsas city. KANSAS CITY , April 22, WHKAT-Nothlng doing. OOKN-Morc active; No:'. cash :ir>>ic-, April OATS—Lower; Nu. jj casli 2l)5f c; May SBis. HAY-llBchauEed. ' ' FLAX HKKD—Unchanecd. BUTTEltr-steady; 2na24c. KC1I1S—h'Jrm; IdVsc. !2.—Spot wheat slow; Korelitu Cjralti Markots. 1-rveiti'oou April 22.—Spot and future, •wheat lid lower; dull: spot corn lid: futures lid lower: provisions steady. London cargoes HiStlM lower. MARK LASS , April 3d lower. Cora tfrm. LONDON , April 22. — Cargoes off coast steady. There is a continental demand of quotations In some cases 3d lower oa passage steady; red Od lower, Corn tinner. 1.1 VK BTOCK! St. LoulH, ST. LIXIIN, April 22. OATTLE—Receipts 200: ntrim K . HOOS-Heceliits l.r.00; stroni;; f;Ur to choice heavy$4.46<a4.uo-, mixed $Voo©; jorkcrs $, SHEKI>-Keceliits 100; steady. Chicago. CruoAiio, April 22. The Evening Journal reports OATl'LB-UecelptB 10,(100: - ~ ..^^^.,..„ <~,.,w, steady at the Advance already reported; toward the close the ceneral market was barely as strong as lor the past three davs. HOOS—llecclptH 20.000: islow and rsffllOc lower; rough andToinnmn $4.00Qi4.2.V,mixed and naekini! $4.ritK(-t4.rir); prime heavy and butcher weights $4.00<&4.u&-, light »4.r>04» SliEBP—Hectlpls 7.0U0; opened steady but dosed weak with a heavy sort almost unsaleable. K AIIMUH city. KANSAS CIXY. April 22. OATTLE - Receipts, 4,000. Shipments. <100. Steer* were active and Una: $:i .::o© •1,211; coivs firm, J1.7o0 :i .4O: siockcrs and feeders active, strong and quiet, tS-l>s& HOOH — Keceipts. O.ilOO; shipments 2,000: 6c lower: all grades S;I .05(&4.4 IJ : bulk I4., , 10.'Sti4.40. .SHKBP-Keccipls, 4.000; shipmeuts, 2,000; good sheep were steady; others dull. IIUTCHINNON iUAHKKT. Produoe. KLOUH-Higne»t patent, IS patent, $2.«0; extra floe $2,00. 'BurteB-m d4maa;4 ore* .401 eccond Dreamery! «Aci ••KIIIHIIMI) IN Till: (TAMES. By tUv ifurutoK of " Tfiucmeul in St. Po* t«.r.«liiirtf Ttv«;nt3'-f«ur Persons I.oso Their Lives. ST. I'KTKIISUUJIO , April 22.—Fire broke out yesterday in a three story tenement occupied by a large number of people and spread with great rapidity, and when the occupants of the upper floors, reached the stairway they found It a roaring mass of flames. Tho panic stricken people rushed back to their ivpnrtmcdtK and many of them jumped from the windows. Some of them were very severely injured. The building was destroyed and when search was made of the ruins it was found that nine of the occupants had been burned todeath. Their bodies were almost unrecognizable. Fifteen others are missing and it is thought that they are buried beneath the debris. The niimetinnlU Hall Completed. Mi.NNi-Ai', Minn., April 23.—The convention bull has been turned over to the. committee by Dclancoy &•• Cook, th» contractors, who have, completed their work. The executive committee decided lo close up the hall from now until the convention concert. Admission will be solely by passes, Ilcstruutlro ICnln hi Tennessee. MiijAir, Tenn., April 22.-—A terrible rainstorm has prevailed for the past twenty-four hours and fences, houses, bridges and other property have been swept away. Dr. Bryant and two negroes avo believed to have been drowned. ftookwtdl Ketalns his Soul. WASHINGTON , April 22.—In the Noyes- Boekwell contested election tho minority resolutions declaring that Noycs was not entitled to tho scat was carried, yeas 140; nays 96. ' PulilUi Meeting, The subscribers to the fund for constructing the auditorium at the park are requested to meet at the court house to-morrow night at 8 o'clock for the purpose of electing three trustees and closing contracts. H. WutTEBinB, Chairman. Ii. F. CA 1!», Secretary. Adding rosutt, Etc. Tho Anthony Republican gets off the following on the Anthony boys who got scooped at the foot race, which recently came off hero: U is claimed that tho Anthony crowd came back from the foot race nt Hutch- sou short from SI,000 to 81,500. 11 it is wrong to bet—and lose. Hoys, Itxtrn Attraction, Prof. Will Davis will render a number of selections on tho large pipe organ nt the l'resbyterlnn church at the Will Cnrcton entertainment. Tickets now on sale at the opera house book stoic. We'll Have It Done. The city assessor ought to scratch off those gold watches which our boys loft at Hutchinson.—Anthony Republican. Nsw YmiK, April 22.—Uusfidl Sage, who was seen by 11 reporter,' admitted that lie. had heard some, talk of offering tho presidency of the Union Pacific rood to ('apt. llnyes, but ho did not attach much importance to it n« ho regarded it as a most iusane proposition. "If any such move wen.' made," continued Mr. Sage, "I should regard H as a most unfortunate thing for the company. I know that aMv. Uossevivin has boon asking for proxies cm the stock, but I do not believe that. .1. Pierrepont Morgan has anything t" do with him or his apparent nttiir.pI to secure control of the company. • Mr. l'.n-Mw.iin probably represents n syndicate of i-toekholders in Amsterdam, if they were informed of the situation, however, I do not think they would desire to remove Mr. Gould. Anyone who would take Mr. Gould's place at this time and nssume the innmigrmcnt of the company Would have to be a pretty brave man. No man has done so much for the company as Mr, tlnulil. He bus advanced large sinus of money to the company at vnri ous times to relieve it oT its most press ing necessities, and sulisenbed largely to tho K .ytitlifiitu which raised $10,000,000 last year to pay oft' the company's floating debt. That syndicate issued three- year notes at 0 per cent lo pay off the thecompuny'silontrngdeht. Mr. Morgan managed the syndicate, and behaved most liberally about it, even refusing to make any charge except for necessary clerk hire, etc. I'or that reason, therefore, I do not believe Mr. Morgan is in any way eonno'ited with this movement to make a. change in the. directory by removing Mr. ''mild and myself and electing C'uyit. Haye* president in place of Mr. Dillon. More tliurt 810,000,000 of these three-year nulls have been issued by the syndicate. They have to be provided for by the r.e'ling from time to time of securities held by the syndicate as collateral for their payment." At the office of the New York Northern Kiiilwuy company it is said that Capt. llnyes declined to say anything with reference to the presidency of tho Union Pacific railroad or the reported change in the management of that company. Mr. Dillon was not at his oihee to-day. His friends say that lie is perfectly willing to retire when r. successor shall be found acceptable lo Mr.' tiould. Well-informed persons say that It was not intended to remove Mr. Dillon, but that Messrs. Oould and Sage were to go. WHAT TIIKY SAY Vt I10STON. A Boston special says: Fred I/. Ames admits nothing particular about Union Pacific affairs. An official of the company says that up to 1:80 p. tn. no conference had been hold. From tho tone of replies to questions it appears that some business is going on which the time has not come to make public. N'titlcfi, Woodmen. Owing to the fact that a great many of the members of the Woodmen of the World desire to attend the Traveling Men's ball to-night, there will be 110 meeting of that order until Tuesday night. April 20. To Old Soldier*. 1 shall open in a few days a real estate, locating engineer's and surveyor's office, at the new town which will bo located at Red Kock, on the Santa Fe, thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. I have ,1. O. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of that land in my employ. I will locate claims, re-establish corners, do the necessary improvement and filing for 525 apiece. Forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and 1 will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with filing papers. Send chock for 825 with power of attorney to me at Wlnficld. Kan., until the strip is opened. CAI'T. ,IAS, W. HAMILTON; A gentleman in Union County, Mo., who is too modest a man to have his name mentioned in the newspapers, was cured of rheumatism by Chamberlain's Pain lialm after trying other medicines and treatment for thirteen years. For sale by C. 11. Winslow, druggist, IS, South Main street. Fine rUylug Curds. Send (10) cents In stamps to John Sobastniu, general ticket and passenger agent, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for a pack of tho latest, smoothest, slickest .laying cards you ever saw. Just the thing for II Igh Five pa* ties. For a 50c express nfoney order or postt.} note will send you five packs. Trench Tansy Wafers. These wafers are for tho relief and cure of painful Irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe, every time. Manufactured by Kmerson Drug Co., 8an Jose, Cal., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 100 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. "OUR PLEASANT HILL ROUTE." The Missouri Pacific Railroad Com pany. Attention is again called to our Pleasant Hill route, the opening of which was announced in July 1800. The new line reaches some of the richest and most productive portions of the cast, and furnishes to the public facilities and advantages not obtainable elsewhere. An unusual number of the leading cities of Missouri and Kan sas are located on this, line and the counties through which it passes in Missouri, have a population of more than one-third the entire state. To those desiring to take a pleasant trip enst our Pleasant Hill route offers tin cquealed facilities. We bog to again call attention to the fact that we have the most direct lino to St. Louis, and all points cast. Our train service is excellent and avoiding all tvansf evs at Kansas City. Our rates arc always as low as the lowest, information cheerfully furnished. 5-5 P. .1. LEIMIIACII , Agent. Ur, Ounn's Onion Syrnp. This, remedy is a sure cure for all diseases of the Throat and Lungs, caused by taking cold. It will stop a cough in one night, no matter how severe. It is just what its name implies; an onion syrup, compound in such manner as to do away with the unpleasant tasto and odor of the vegetable. When in need of a cure for a cough or cold, try it. Price 50 cents. Sold by C. 11. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 SHIIiOII.S VITAtdZEU is what yon need for Constipation, I>ossof Appetite. Dizziness, and aU symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 50 and 75 cents a bottle. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. Sprlnv Medicine. Dr. Uunn's Improved Liver Pills, on account of their mild action arc especially adapted for correcting spring disorders, such as impure blood, tired brain and aching and worn out body. They act promptly on the liver and kidneys; drive out all impurities from the blood, and malaria from the system. Only one pill for a dose. Try them this spring. Sold »at 25 cents a box by C. 33. Winslow, drflggist. 5-31 Omaha, Nebraska, where the Methodist General Conference will meet in •May is iu the centre of the Great Rock Island System, and parties can go via this line from Chicago, St. Paul or Minneapolis, Peoria, Keokuk. Iowa; Watertown, S. D.; Denver, Pueblo. Liberal, Kansas, and • Minco, in the Indian Territory. No road entering Omaha has as wide a range of territory, and nil visiting this Conference can secure superb service over the Great Kock Island. .Toiw SKUASTIAN , G. T. & P. A., C. II. I. & P. R'y., Chicago, III. ltcpubllcuu Committee McL'tlng. The Republican county central committee is called to meet nt the court house in Hutchinson on Wednesday, May 4th, at U o'clock p. m. Every member of the committee is requested to be present. J. U. VINCENT , Chairman. J. F. STOUT , Secretary. d-w Keurttlgla Cured In 15 Minutes Mr. J. S. Sturtevant, editor of the Wuupaco (Wis.) Post, says: "Last night Chamberlain's Pain Halm cured my wife of neuralgia of the face and tooth in-fifteen minutes. We would not be without it." 50 cent bottles for sale by C. 11. Winslow, 15- South Main, POWDER Absolutely Pur*. A cream of tartar baking- powder highest of all In leavening strengt — Latest V. S. Government Food Report. I will sell mjfjstock of Shoes ON THE DOLLAR ^ _SS£_t___|_fi! I Mean just whatTAd\^ertise. Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. I am going t© do not want to We are going to give away a handsome dinner Come in and see them. set of dishes to someone., The Golden Eagle Clothing House.! A. MINCER* PROP. No. i South Main. M CAMMON THE BARBER. SALT BATHS, HOT OR COLD. No. 20 North Main St. Open ou Sunday 12 O'clock. CTJSON & WATSON. Grocery and Confectionery. 315 North Main Tlx© Universal HejaaedLy THE AILMENTS OF MAN BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF IT copes IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUT8 LUMBA00 NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND BALLS SWIKHEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, •which is a property not found in any other liniment. The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.,* It will save many doctors* bills.' For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1 .00 a bottler HIGH GRADE FURNITURE" AT LOW GRADE PRICES Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, , At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, * Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. Jf'J}^"™ 'l^"*!"™ <'""?* ,rTtt ' l w H W^ur«^r6_r<»-fdrmwti*;woeawrr NLATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Be% H.W.WILLITT. Corner Main and Avenue A.

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