Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 9, 1903 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1903
Page 8
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*5 - * ^ I $c OD Hand for the^^e Oift^ Foftttne smiles on the ladies of lola, seldom, and pefbaps nevet again, will tbe citi^rens of lola have an oppottonity to huy goods at stich pHces ~ unity i is IT i THE DOORS OFTHIS STORE WILL CLOSE VlHEN LEJIST EXPECTED Never Again to be Opened by us. Black Wool Dress Goods | Colored Wool Dress Good^ 1 At less than net wholesale cost. r In all the latest Foreign and Domestic weaves 2joG regular, final sale price 17 ^0 Y 25 C regular,' final sale price 17ic: o> 1__ —1^ r ^o. Olio A QK„ fi«ol aala r,i-ina Summer Wash Goods At Sing Song Prices. • All New Qood5 35c regular, final sale price 2Uc ^: 35c regular, final sale price 210: 50c regular, final f sale price 35c t 50c regular, final sale prjce 35c 7]5c regular, final|sale price 47c Y 75c regular, final sale prf<&& .• :47p 85c regular, final sale price 579 x 85c r^ular, final pale pfice,. • 57c ^1.00 regular, final sale price , 69c i $1.00 regular, final sale price 69c 1.25 regular, final sale price 78c :|: 1.25 regular, final sale price 78c 1.50 regulkr, final sale price i:98c4 1.50 regular, final sale price-.- .98c 1.75 regular, final sale price . .$1.08 | 1.75 regular, final sale-price ; $1.08 2.00 regular, final sale price 1.30 2.00 regular, final sale price 1.30 ...... ~ I CURTAINS-Carrying a Very Large Stock i H0i5IERY-An Every P^y Necessity. 'i In an endless variety of new designs and weaves. We? MI....ei -ck.nd COITS 5c rejjular, final sale price..... .3c lie regular, final sale price ... .^c 8ic regular, final sale price .5c 10c regular, finial sale price .... 12ic regular, final-sale price 7 J 15c regular, final sale price 8J KiJifTegular, final sale price.....lie aOc regular, final sale price... .12ic .,25c regular, final sale price llic 30c regular, final sale price.....I9c 35cregular, final sale price ....22c 40c regular, final sale price ... .26c 50c regular, final sale price.. .31c (>0c regular, final sale price. 37 7 .")C regular, fi nal sale price. 43c S5c regular, final sale price.... .45e. $1 5or6gular, final sale price t)3c In qiioting these prices remember goods wont be here more than a few days ^disapointments are always the re&ults of delaying. No iitore in existence anywhere todayljwill sell you wash goods at such prices. Ladies Underwear In Mnslin and Knit The stock | is such that it ' might be disappointing to quote prices as (the sales in this department are Immense closing out quotations every day. I ™ES, I Cheviots I Ble^ed | are compelled to slaughter prices without considering cost. •,•750 a pair for .\ 42c i*85c> pair for 4<Jc $1.00 a pair for 58c .•1.25 a pair for 05c 1.50 a pair fo;r....8r)c 1.75 a pair f6r....89o 2.oaapair for....l.26i 2.50 a pair for....l.5n 3.00 a pair for ....1.86i 3.26 a pair for,i 3.50 a pair for.... 2.19 4.00 a pair for ....2.41i 5.00 a pair for;...3.22i 0.00 a pair f^r 3.H0 XlOc 7ic :i:i5c for.. 9ic - ,19c .2oc Laities' Btack. lOc for., Llic 15c for .L.Sic 25c for.; >19c 35c'for. '.2.5c Colors and Pancjrs |50c for.. i.....38c 65c for ; 57i Slfor.,.. 7.5c $1.50 fer...'.. 81.05 S2 for..:..........lfl .33 Can at tbcse Prices. 2 26 a pair for.. .. 1.30 ' a Pa»r iQr J.OU I XO a pair lor t.oii .i. SSfor::::.::::: ^ x wj-ao for.. ..8 i-so.. TolUedcNord .f. l«c for 10c wunfo^*"""" ^ WhiteQooda all:: — .j. , J2540 for RIJ iUat'm M» r-mtm-M JL ^" at net Atnoske«BOInKhanj«3.J"**V*" Y whole factory 8 l-Jc for e Mc ^» lOM of cost ^ Q I"2C lalsi*""^''''""^ i * V Raxilako 16c per yard for 5: . riens-Neckwcttr. 25c kind for.........17i 50c kind for 25c 75c kind for .35c fl kind for .63c All upfto-date. Mens Cuffs. The late shapes, best makes. '25c kind fer 17lc •5oc kind for 42c Mens Sox. lOc kind for 6lc 14c kind for 91c 25c kind for 17ic 35c kind for .........22c .50c kind for ........22c Cbiiese & Jap Mattiags 4; Listen f 'C 15c regular for los *•* Mens Collars: New Styles, 15c quality i go for 9ic Ladies Wrappers What there's left at prices whatever^ you think' is ri(rht. If your siz^ isj« here the price will be low enough. We^ must sell 'Em', and will sell 'em regard-, leas of what ti)^y,co9j^. All sizes, but only, a few of a aizeJ, The first come will get the bargains and best choice. 2oc regular for 13c 2.'>c regular for Ifiiic ^ 3.')c regular for 22o Y 49c regular for 27c ^ 5oc regular! for 35c T 6oc regular! for 42c i> 75c regular for 48c T. . . . . . . Warners Royal Worchester Puritan Corsets. 25c for 17ic 50c for .35c $1.00 for ,mc 1.50 for 87ic 1,75 for .....$1.07 2.00 for . . . 1.28 6 50 a pair for ... .4.124 %25c for. .. ^ 19 7.00 a pair for. 4.09 ^« 35c for -» , 8Mjffir!2r-''1i?5: Bay Whiltf TOB v« «i wws. ri.w«. ii.50 a pair for'.'.*... .s'.Ol . H~:"X-X"X-X"H--X~X--M~H'^*<"H^^^ -X-H-HL^dies's iTailor Made SuitSj We're overloaded, we've got to dispose of them. Come pick out ^ yoiir suit, \^e'will agree on a price to suit the buyer. X $10 a pair for 6,75 I|I 15 a pair for 7.8!) X ymbrellas The swell assortment of new Umbrellas inust go with the^rest. Forboth ladies and gentlemen. The prices inade on them will astonish everybody. Siin I^arasols All that's left will have prices made on thenrthat will;^move| them. Not many but what there is, is good. Bleached Damask Table Covering. At fabulously low prices. 5ocfor. 31i 75c for 49c II. oo for ' v ..<>7c 1.25 for.. ..78c 1..5o for Sfic 75 for ,. $l.o7 o6 for .1.48 Bleached Table Napkins. Sl.oo per set, for ;.. .67c 1.25 per set, for 78c 1.5o per set, for i •. 87fc 1,75 per set, for |l.o7 t Ndtions. 2 .00 per set, for 1.3o 2.5o per set. It is -simply impossible to - quote /••prices here the immense variety makes ijlit so, but it will pay every lady in ^Allen Ccainty to visit this department ''-" ••,5 *and get some of the choice things at > i ^or 1.57 Athe loweit prices ever offered for new A Bunch of '~ Fancy Colored Dress Shirts. That sold at »1, 1.25 andll.5o... ...43c' The Foiintain fancy shirts all sizes regular tl shirt 75c; •4-; iM 111 •4 •i"X^»-W'»»i~t'<~;>»^ Our Beautiful Waistings are the Choicest Bargains In the House 3.00 per set, for 1.94J 3 .5o per set, for 1.9<) 4 .00 per set, for 2.66 [;4.4..5.4»^^>H«:.4.4-M^4~X~X«*4-4^ ?:.cloan Notions worth loo cents on the ^t'dollar anywhere. ' ' - j •—'- Mmhsttan Shifts l,5o-quality for .'".$1.14 2 .00 quality fcir . .l.fio 2.5o quality for _ . 1.83 This iei a snap never to be rejieated. •x-4«4-4-4^~:"X~:~>-:"><-'X":-:"X"X~x«-:' French Plaiinel Walstings . » ; r. i 50c regular, final sale price 2U(: 75c regular, final sale price ; -ITc 85c regular,, final sale prijce .......... OTc THE ILLEIIJIIflNn Fim Prjesent Protpecte Point to the Best rAgrlcUltural Fair Ever Held In '. the County. Copy for the premium list of the Allen County Fair has jiist been handed t!o the Register office and a glance through it shows that the management has xiecided this year to make a radi- |cal change from the plans heretofore followed. This change consists chiefly in t^e fact that very largely increased premiums are offered for live stock ]and ^ agriouitural exhibits. The pre- jmiums ifor cattle, hogs, horses and Bheep ^^for example, are Just twice; what they were last year, being ten dollars for the first. Instead of five. And other premiums are advanced' in a similar 'way. A number of special premiums are offered also which will edd greatly to the interest of the fair, as well as to the proflUi of those who )rin*them. JAJaotfcer special feature of the fair will be the attendance of expert Judges in the various departments. Among those who have promised lo be here are Hon. J. W. Tapp, of Wichita, in the fruit department; Hon. J. W. Robison, perhaps the most sue ceasful all-round farmer and stock man In the state, for the cattle de partment; Col. C. E. Westbrpok, of Marion; 'who raised the famous Joe Patchen, and who has probably bred and sold more fine horses thin any Other man in the state, for th^ horse department; Prof S. F. Kelsey.iof the Big Four Poultry Association, for the poultry department, and probably two or three member's of the faculty of tht State Agricultural College at Man-^ battan.will attend as expert judges in other departments. As these men will doubtless give the reasons for the awards they make, their attendance here will be In the way of lectures on 'the best things, from which those w^b attend may learn a good many valuable lessons. , . The fair will be held September 22 to 26 inclusive, !and the rules bave lecn so modined as to admit free on the flnst day one person with each e.\- lllblt. It is hoped that this will help to bring a big display and to get it installed early. The premium lists will be ready for distribution about July 15 and may be had by addressing Mr. J. T. Tredway, LaHarpe, or by calling at ;the Register office. The Register will have more to say about the fair, as the time draws hear. But the main thing of which everybody is to take notice is that there is going tofbe a fair at lola this year, and that :t ought to be, and Is most likely to be the very biggest and best ever held In the county. • Kays: The sale which Mr. Moore con- MimmatVd at Boone Involved the leases on 240 acres known as the Alfred Nelson land, and situated about five miles southwest of Humboldt. Mr. , Moore said last night that the purchas- *° ^^""^ Veteran, as Ing parties Were Boone people, and that the price paid was $20^000. The| TO IINSTIITE OLD SOLDIEIfS Petition Out Asking City Administra- State Law Provides. purchasers will organize a company at once and begin the development of the land, which is In the proven trend and promises excellent results. $20,000 Oil Land Sale. J. E. Moore and P. J. Hurley, of lola who have held a lot of leased land in the south part of the county, are said by the Chanute Blade to have disposed of their holdings to great; advantage. They had,som* disposed of all but a they have sold some Messrs. L. L. Northrup and George Nicholson were obliged to make another trip to St. Louis the fore part of tho week to see the railroad, peo- pld about the switcl^ to the ney( cement pl^nt. There have been a^gra- vatinlr^lays and reassuring promises but the delays have cl)^t the local men a lot bf money and time. The last trip was successful In that positi misds of a prompt completion work'^^f^lf ^^madr' rFJ ^nist iii Baxter Mc In (r^m r. Tates .beater e proof the 1}Mn «tteadiiic CQort;-'who wanted 'tliem A petition is being circulated by tlje o/d soldiers of the city both amorig themselves and among the citizens ^f the town, asking the mayor and cii,y" council to live up to the state law which says that whenever" an old sc;! dier, capable and; desirous of filling any office in the gift of- any city administration, asks for the appointment, he shall bie given preference over all other applicants. In fact the law says he<|nj;st be given the office. What mov'^ the ojd soldiers to thjs. action was the ijemoval of W. Bit Knapp from the .ofBce of city clerk and the removal of Joihn Thomas as se;i: ton. Both are men advanced In years and both have their frtbnds who wa^- and 'their enemies titibn when inished will be offtTcd to the cofiucll for action. Similar action lias been taken several ti|hcs before iu this statt> and jt has generally resul|e^ in the- vetcr ans- bejng recognized. ""Just viihat will be done in the present Instahce will not be-knowu until the petUioji is,for mally presented which was not done last nifeht. ed them'kept In Dved. ;TIie pi^ Miss? Carrie White' went fo Fort .Scott for a few days on businjess. MisS; Fay Myera^..^tiit to IKansas City for a few days' vislt'wilh friends. M;r3. »B. L. Glenn left this morning for Salvory, Kansas, for a few days' visit, •^•^•-•«s »:^w¥^'' The citizens will have to g^tibusy if they want to'get some of the| goods nowj selling at the closing oiitl prices at Norihrups^, | E, Gc Green is the only authorized agent for lola for the jdeliveryrof the kaolsaal Cityj Joiirnal begiimin|/July I^you want your paper .denv^red ^ye him yo^^at4<|r,~J"^l#ii?'

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