Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA PAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING. OCTOBJBR 19,1912. A BRUSH For Your Hair • Of course, you'll w*qt one with good wearing qualifies. We pick ali our bruslieis for their durahilliy—at least that , is first cunsidt^ration— and finish comes next. . When you need a hair • brush, be sure and Ree our stock. It includes brushes at all- prices— BDRREIL'S • The Bexall Store . the lola Music Club PRKSE.\TS IN Song Recital Tuesday, October 22nd yv THK FIKSr M. E. nUKCH Tickets at Uurrell's mm if ESTHER MAY PLUrfB lias Bung.wlth several of the foremost (^rchestras. was soloist on an eight weeks tflur of the .Miiineapolis Syiri- Hhony Orchestra, and has often been compared to Sfiiie. Srhuniann-Helnk. A norel. rece^ition was given ai th First Methodist church yt >sterdny ;if- K-riioon wh^ii he memberE of the Kp- worth lipaeues of Trinity uiui the "Firs^M. v.. churches enti^rtained the old people. The giiests. hi nuinber, were carried to and from the church in autos beloneing to .1. B. Ki."k, Dr. O l.,; Uiirlinghouse and Mr. 0. O. Bollinger. An hour of social con versation' was enjoved b°fore a spw- lal service at which Rev. A. L. Sampson preached and the communion was adniinistered. Many of the guests also sijolie. Music was furnished by Miss Prances McClure who . sang. "Place to l?ace" and by Mrs. W. P. Harriss who i)lnyed a nuinber of pipe or- eaiv solos, -it five o'clock dinner was served In the jirimary room, and tno happy faces of thoseVho sat about the bOHVd and the expressions of pleasure more than repaid th© members of the committee which had the reception in -'harge. The tables and church had bern decorated with cosmos and other autumn "flowers and loaves. The reception an-l servjnn '.vere In the hands of a committee of which Miss CMoe Sheup is leader. The guests were all more thr.n slxty-fivp years of ape and' all were more than pleased with the p :irty that had been arranged esi -wial- Iv'for them. • • A number of invitations have been si'.nt to nearby towns to members and VKITHIM . K life-tiin«i (of pride in tlie beauty of your walch—a lile- I time of satisraciicn in Its timekeeping 6t -rvice—both of these can coni'.' to you in the highest with a RUtN Verithin Watch Onlj*- hai^f as thick as the ordinary watch—light. conj))ac». beautifully proportioned—In any gathering the Gruen Verithin Is tiie most admired of watches. The Grnen Verithin Is guar- antieed as accurate as the old styje thick model watch and even more durable because of Its compactness. I'rfcfs ?i.-,.IH» aud^ I'll. •-•.-5 *5- r •• ••"•-> . friends of the Christian Science church for the lecture which will be given at the Grand theatre tomorrow aftemooji. It is exin-cted that many .will accept the Invitations. • • • —Handsome Cutaway Suits worth t ::."i .O(>. on sale at the New York Store for T 10.0 .1. • <• * The Golden will have the regular mevting on next Monday afternoon, at the residence of Mrs. J. T. Ix)wdermilk, 425 .\orth Third street. It has bcon decided to have all the future met tings on alternate .Mondays instead of Tuesdays. <• • .Mr. :!iul Mrs. George Stad!er have un^'' to City tor a ten days vi^it \v ith friends. • • •;• .\lrs. Ilariies :ii)d Mrs. Kiiniuell. who linve h««on spending the summer in Colorado will be quests of .Mrs, II. A. Mrown for a few days before returii- ins to their home In Ohio. <• * * The Womali's Home Missionary society of the Methodist church have planned a Hallowe'en Social tor October 2!*. It Is lo be given at the home of .Mr. and.Mrs. .T. U. Kirk and all members and frletids of the church are invited to attend. • • * —Wonderful har.srains In I-adies" and Mi.sses Suits ai' tlie New York Store. • * •> .\bout two hundred students of the high school and the business college wer> entertained last night at the Y. M. C. A. with'a reception. The guests were divided into fimily croups and each group in turn was entertained by .Mr. and Mrs. Xewlywed and their baby. The families were large and a great deal of fun was created in the g-.uhering together of each one. Games und music in the reception room made the time pass pleasantly and hot choc ointe and doughnuts were serve<l throughout the evening. The high school r»ceptions at tho Y. M. C A. have become annual affairs and are always looked forward to by the stud • ills. This afternoon the pupils of the firaile schools are being enier- taineii. -> • —Ileiiiark? made by every one; how can tiie .New York Store sell ladies' and misses' prices less tliau half usually .<nld for. •:• -s- + Kenneth Foust who entered jC. I* this term, came lion?c last night and will spend Sunday with his mother, Mrs. .1. F. Foust. • •> C- Mrs. Carry K. Benedict, of Chunute, wab in the i -ity yesicrd:iy shopping and visiting friends. •> •:• •:• —Are yon a man or a hoy? If so, it would be altogether proper and very iidvantageous for yon to become a !i;ember of the Y. M. C A. this week. The ladies of Circle number seven of the Methodist Uidies' .Aid society will serve lea at the residence of Mrs. i'. U Holmes, 216 South Colborn street, next Tuesday afternoon. •> « « . Mrs. .1. S. Sutcliffe will Ix- hostess to the Vnity club for the regular meet ing next Monday afternoon. At present till- club is studying Siiakespeare's "King .John,' and the lesson on Monday wil! be under the h'-.-idership of Mrs. T<'alfi. •;• %• V —Kvery one is talking about the Harsfain Suit Sale at tiie New York Store. -> •!• •:The Current Kveiiis club will meet on .Monday afternoon wiili Mrs. Richard Kwing west of the city. The members will meet at the Kyl^r store promptly at two o'clock and from there they v.ill be tuken to the farm In hay racks. Everyone is asked to be able to talk on current events. —You will lose money if you don't luy your Suit froin the New York Store. <• <- * The regular ritual service of the W. R. C. was hed in the G. A. R. hall yesterday afternoon. On account of the absence of several members no business of importance was attendexl to. j • •:• The members of Circle No. 2 of the M. E. 1-adIes' Aid SoHety will serve a chicken dinner at the Y. M. C. A. one AV <!ek from today, October 26. •{••>•>. —Suits a.t $12.9.->. worth $2.- J .00. YOU will admit that the .N'ew York Store has real bargains for ladles, misses apd Juiiiors. * + • The tickets for the concerts to be given under the auspices of the Music club this winter are selling very well. The members hope to make a great success of the undertaking because it Is something entirely new iu the town and a splendid opportunity for every one to bear good music. tt«-gUlirr Hut id. n UI Get It. F--.! nuptfet Cliarcli. - Sunday bci.ool at 9:4 ?4X;nni. James Rowden, *supt Mark 7:24-30; .Matt. 8:5-13. Uaracas—Do all the good you can by all the means you can. In all the ways .voii can lo all the i)pr.sons you can In all the places you can. as long as evei; you can. Begin now. Bring i awake leader 'fictat board wHl be^jcpeeted to-*e«ont promptly at the church. The session win not be over an hour, henco we must be prompt. AU reports should 'ce written. The class at 12:15 wil! he conducted by Mr. Crumley. The Kpworth League devotional service will be led by a live ulde- one .voung rtian to visIt the class. Don't fail. Wanted— 100 young men. Will pay; good wages Yor'time engaged. Call at B. M. POWELL, Pastor, Presbyterian ('hurch. , FIRST CHURCH.—Rev. S. S. Hil- Ihe Baptist church »;4.=i a. ui for .Mr. [ !j;oher v^lll nreach morning and even- Howard Richie, presildent. • I„„ The evening sermon will be on. Sermon 11 a.m. Theme. -Palnfiil or j "The Seven Churches.' the second in the series/on '"^he Revelation" Everybody Invited to worship with us Ooo<) music .ind good seats for everyone. Sabbath school at '):4.''> a. ni. and C. F. Mming at 6:30 p. m. LITTLE IHTILDERS' CHAPEL — Mrs. E. .V Jones, Supe-intendent. Sabbath school 2 p. Ui. Voung People's Meetii'-; (5:30 p. m. j Painless Christianity, Which?" H. Y. P. i:. «i:2u p. m.. Sermon \\^\. Theme. "The New Woman of the 20th Century and Her Demands." Prayer service Wed. 7:30 p. m. Sub-_ ject text.- .Acts r):20. Go speak In the" temple, to the people, all the words of this life. Mr. .Mc.Murry will lead the ^ meeting. The text will be discussed | as follov/s: First* (Jo speak, none e-xempt. Mr. Ellis. .Mr Xorrls .Mr. BASSETT CHAPEL. — Sabbath Badgley. Second. In the temple— ] school at 10 a. m. place to wocKhlp. .Mrs. Williamson,' Mrs, Major. Mrs. Irwin. Third. To the ( Vnlted Krethren. <'hurch. IMjople—God ex|)octs his people to for- i Sunday school 9:45 .a. m. -ake hot the assembly of themselves! Morning sermon 11 o'clock, subject, together. Mrs. .Mather. Mrs. F. O. i "The Divine ^Vill." Benson. .Mrs. Badgley. Fourth, .All Christian Endeavor Senior and Jun- the words—not part which cause ior, 6:30 p. ra. Christian Division. Dr. Shadwick. .Mr. • Kvening sermon 7:30, suT)ject. "S;»ir- HavenhlU. Fifth, Tliis life: now; at | itiml I'nvelllng." every Wednesday evening prave'r ser- i Tomorrow will be the last Sunday \lce. In this life today. .Miss Leoia i in the conference year, and It Is earn . 00W*««Man.W«lMBS«rip«perD »IOB Taking• a'ke^ from tajs-pocket. Be-, ^ ^_ . dlght slipped'- U sgfUyrlpto thfr!door.; c «"0 *'«ran3 sent Tnler card. The door Tho lock jritlded. ' ' Cautiously be opened the door aiid entered the apartment of the "Judge." A high-low Incandescent was burning with the dim light on. and in the glow Bedlght's e.vesfiurveyed the apartment carefully. As hU eyes swept the room, be sought was opened to admit thtm Bedlgbt came graciously forward, a smile of welcome upon bis lace. "Congratulations, Mr. Bedight." said Mrs. Iloicomb, "and let me introduce illss Vining, of Epworth." Bedight had not seen her until then. to locatiB t*o objects of intense inter-, hut as his eyes fell upon her his heart est—the dresser, on top of which was supposed to He tho letter containing the bin, and Jackie Vlnlng! They were both In evidence, the one fn the farther corner of the room, the other in her bed ai^-leop, her round arms thrown upward about her face, her beautiful hair In a braid that fell 1. n. PRATHER. Pastor. Ijjurance. .Miss Ella Hall; Miss LeliLesilv that the services be well Shadwick. Sixth. The closing re- attended marks by the leader, enipressing the text as a whole. iMllariK ^Dr. (\irlion continues tho ChriMIaH rhnrrli. meeting with increased Iniereii. Ser-; Morning worship beglnnliiR tit 11 inons 11 a. m, 3 p. m. and p. tu. o'clock, sermon subject "The Word Public cordially iuvlie.l. That Saves." Evening, "The Word G. W. SIIEPAUD. Pastor. Trlnll) M. K. (hurih. {East lolal. Regular servicc-e vlll be conductisl tomorrow 'isual. Sunday ^. !«£, d .it !»:4ri a. m. Mornln'A s. i-:iioniai 1! a.m. .I.inlor l>eague at 3 p m. Epworlh League at C:30 .p. m. Evening Evaireelistic services ::?0 p. iu. - ; Our nttond.ince at Sunday school \ 'ast Sunday was very good. It Oiught to be even b>tter tomorrow and we should try to be on time so as to be counted in the record of attendance. Remember 9:4.S not 10:15. j Incunuite. the Personal Klein>-iil of Evangelism." The pastor will preach at each service. The large chorus will edify with music. Bible school 9:30 a. m. I Young People's mletlng 0:15 p. m. i The public receives- a warm wel- ; \ come at any of these services. Strang P, c rs and new residents especially in; vited. St. TlmothjV EpUropnl Chnrch. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Evening service at 7:30 p. m. i {I-:V. E. R. TODD, Priest In Charge. It is to be hoped that this week has really been observed by our peo'ile as ' S p. in "self-der.Iai xvek" ;.nd that we will j Services are held in the church at not neglect to bring our "self-denial" corner of S.vcamore and East streets, offerings tomorrow for the relief of | The reading room adjoining church is the painful stress that just now rests 0 !>en from 2 to 4 each week day. A upon our missionary board. . cordial Invitation is extended to the Rev. B. M.. Powell of the First I public to attend these services and church win preach for us at the even-! visit the readin.g room, ing service Rev. T. E. Chandler dis-. trict superintendent will preach for 112 on Monday evening and hold our third quarterly conference at the close I of the service. Special revival services will be con- tinned Uirough the week, except on ' Second Kaptlst Chnrch. Saturd.-v evening, each evening serv-1 You are cordially invited to attend ice b!-r<..ning at 7:.30. A cordial In-! the folowing services, vltatlcii is extended to all to att^^nd Sunday school 10 a. ra. all tl.e.«e services. ' Preaching 11 a. m. and S p m. A. L. SAMPSON. Pastor. , B. Y. P. U. 7 p. m. i Rev. James Stovall, of Humboldt First 3Fo|ho«U.<tt Church. | will preach at both morning and even- The pastor Dr. Powell will conduct ; '"B services. Come and hear this the Communion services assisted by young divine our local ministers of this church. He will tlve a very short talk on the Sac ' rahient. Mr. McKnIght will sing a I First .V. M. E. rhnrrh. solo. The services will not be long \ Preaching at 11 a. m. by the psistor, but most impressive ,ind helpful. ' In the. "venins hour Dr. Chandler will preach on the "Meaning of Methodism ' The opiHjrtunity for a large ;!nd helpful study of our church will be afforded us in the evening hour. Th'- third Quarterly conference will •«e held promptly at 7 p. m. on .Monda.v evening. All the members of the of-' BXsSCTTTAXpEr .:::&nbba ,"h^h^ "'^^ gold. Beside the bed on a chair lay a pile of filmy lingerie, and on top of the heap a pair uf black Eilk hose. Bedight, fascinated, turned his face away. Even a political career would scarce excuse a man (or such an Intrusion. " "But she win never know." flashed through Bcd'gbi's mind as he slipped quietly across the room to the dresser. •Yes, tho package «as there—and unsealed.' liastil}- slipping the envelope off. he tucked the bill away In his pocket. >'jom a tecond pocket he brought out another nianuscript and substituted this for the one he had lost on the uioruing of the run through the swamp. He did not read the letter, returning It with the manuscript to the envelope. Wetting the mucilage, he closed and sealed the letter and laid it back on the dresser. Turning to go,, his eyes-fell upon the face of the sleeper. How beautiful She was —and how unreasonable. For the merest second he hesitated opposite rhe lacy couch of my lady's dreams— but the moment wa<! fatal. By some strangej freak of fate the high -low light, feeling an Impulse of fresh current, automatically, shifted from low lo high. The brilliant glare fell directly in the girl's face. She stirred, opened her eyes and would have screamed but for Bedlght's presence of mind. Springing forward, he ^poke her name, muffling her startled ejaculation with bis hand, gently laid across her lips. And then as her eyes biased like torches with their outraged Area, he dropped to his knees beside the hed and said hotly: "You wUl never forgive me for thla —and I do not blame you. But soiz» day you will understand. I have done nothing at Squirrel Inn to make a gentleman blush for shame—except thls-^and—I had to do it I thought I could—could say good-by without awakening you. I am going now. When first we met, you gave me a kiss—or if you please. I stole it. In going I am giving in return my heart, and taking as the sweetest memory of my life this last good-by!" . Bowing his head over the face of the half stupefied girl, he touched his lips to hers reverently—and slipped from the room. As he did so a piercing shriek arose. The "judge" was coming to her own. It was auswered from below. . ^ Bedight. scudding along the hall, beard the answering cry and knew the sheriff had arrived." Exit from the hotel by way of the staircase was )ut of the oiiestiou. He darted to 'less Winter's room, tried the door and First Chnrch uf Christ Scientist. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Subject, "Doctrine of .Atonement." Testimonial meeting Wednesday at J. W. GORDON, Pastor. subject "The Blessed Sight Class meeting 12:.30 p. m. Sunday school 3 p. m Evening song service 7:30 p. m. Preaching at S p. m., subject, "The Shining Light." -AU are welcome to these services. Come and worship the l.oi-d with us . C. A. WOODS, Pastor leaped as the dry grasses to the shower, as the laughing water to the sunshine. He held out his hand. "We have met before, thank you, Mrs. Holcomb," she said, the roies mounting to her cheeks, and then the crowd surged in. "Please don't go." be whispered eagerly to Jackie as he. turned to 'grasp the outstretched hands. An<i even - as he murmured his thanks to the congratulatory constituency, he pressed a button upon his desk. An attendant answered. Ho whispered a message, still pressing the hands that met his. The attendant slipped hurriedly away. In a moment the door to a private room opened and Bess Winters flew toward Jackie Vlnlng. "Tou dear!" sho cried with both arms about the "Judge's"' nc<k—"but I've a confession to make. It was 1 that Walter met In the arbor. lU Is my half brother. It vus such u lurk, and— But Miss VInlng'd face hud grown suddenly radiant. "You: awful, awful,*" she whispered, hiding her fucu against Bess' fair head. ,/ "And that night," breathed Bess ias Jackie's face grew scarlet, Walter went to your room and sub- Istltuted another bill in favor of woman, suffrage for t!ie one opposing it.' You mailed it next day: Ajid it' turned the tide for him:" "Oh:" was Miss Vining's not altogether elucidating comment, "Come into the private office," urged. Bess. An hour later Bedight tore himself Health is. the fonndatioE of all good looks. The wise woman realizes this and takes, precautions to preserve her health and strength through the pe> riod of child.bearing. She remains 41 pretty mother by avoiding as far aa possible the suffering and dangers' of such occasions. This every; woman may do through 'the use of Mother's Criend. «| remedy that has been so.Ions !n use, aqd accomplished so much good, that' it is in no sense an ezperi- ment, but a preparation which always .iroduces the best results. It is for external application and so penetrating In Its nature aa to thoroughly lahricate every muscle, nerve and tendon In- I volved du'ing the period before baby comes. It aids nature by expanding the f'iXn and tissues, relieve tender^ oess and soreness, and perfectly prepares the system for natural and safe motherhood. Mother's Friend has been used and endorsed by thousands'of mothers, and its use will prove a comfort and bcnciit -»' • to any woman in WfJtOUH^^I^ need of such a — - • jk remedy. Jlother's fl-^V ^liCtflO F.'leud is sold at tJ/*^*^**^ drug stores. Write for freetwok fof expectant mothers, which coutalnii much .-aluable Inrortuation. M ^FIELD tEGUlAToa CO . At!»at«. Ca. For County Treasurer JOHN T. TYLER Pres lola Business College. Your Support Solicited $2^0,«18 IN 1904. • i Detailed Statement »f Koosevell's Fund | Submitted. i Washington, Oct. 18.—For the first time since .the Investigation began. HIGH-O-ME the senate, campaign fund committee l^at 's the PrODCr WSV tO today obtained a cOpy of a list of con- p^^^^^^^^ HYOMEI, the Famous Catarrh Remedy Made .from Australian Eucalyptus and Other Antiseptics—^Just Breathe It It Banishes Catarrh C. B. Spencer is authorized to ri'- fund price to any dissatisfied customer. Complete outfit, $1.00; extra bottle. 50c. tributlons to the much disputed 190+ 'tejiubican campaign fund. Elmer Dover, who was. secretary of the 1904 Republcan committee, put the list in evidence, saying it had been copied from the private memorandum book of the ate Cornelius N. Blss, treasurer of the committee. He told the Investigators he believed that in many instanes the list was Inaccurate and j7 VERY mother will see at a glance why she'd rather have a for her child than any other kind.. No pins; .no buttons; don't have to turn the child over to fasten; double over chest and stotnach, the important parts. It «Uy» wliere you put itj "it wont work up" beciutc it fattens below the curve of the abdomen. Jfi to fa tht Vanla Vtit ambiguous, owing to the typographical errors. It totaled $2,280,018, and showed virtually all the contributions to the 1904 fund which have been mentioned in the committee's Investigation. The list credited J. P. Morgan &Co.. with two contributions, one of $1,00,000, and one of $.'i0,000. A contribution of $]00 ,npO appeared on the 1st from "H. H. R." and "'J. D. W." Mr. Dover told the committee he supposed the "H. H. R." stood for H. H. Rogers of the Standard on Company aqd that the "J. D. W." was an error and should have been the initials of either John D. Archbold. or John D. Rockefeller. E. H. Harriman was credited with $150,in two contributions. R. E. Cnlllson and J. B. Ooahorn drove to the country northwest of the city yesterday afternoon and in trying to turn in the road broke the rear axel of the machine A garage car was summoned and the tourists got back in time (or supper. breathed a sigh of relief as It yielded. From the room a veranda opened and from the floor of the veranda to the ground was not too much of a drop for an agile man. Bedight hung for a moment, on the 'rail. Then he 1st go, landing almost la the arms of an officer, evidently more surprised than the'jnayor, who, quicker of action, pushed th^ deputy headlong and fled from the scene with speed that wotild do credit to Jackie "Vining. . Down the gravel walk sped Bedight. toward the main road; Already the olBcer had regained his feet and given the alann. The mayor heard a call for help, a hurried explanation, and then footfalls in pursuit. Down the road he ran toward the shadows of the trees along the bigfawaj. If Brlggs was there and ready, he. would get away in time. Something loomed black in the shadows ahead. It -was the car! Bedight called as be ran—but Briggs was too surprised to heed. "Crank the car!" cried the mayor excitedly, dashing up to the machine. But the pursuers were upqa t)>em as the bewildered Briggs sprang to the wheel. The mayor turned and struck bUndly at the sheriff in the lead, whirled and sprang Into the machine. The motor aroused instantly and shot ahead, .leaving tha snraged pursuers powerless In ths road. • • • ••••• CHAPTER XII. Farm Loans Lone.<it Kate.i Urancli Office of Tfae Merriam Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kans. Optional Payments. Any Time'. Will ;";u'/i of l.and Value. BEST 1.0 \.\ I\ ALLEX ("OIMY SEE IP LA. LAND CO. Oectric Wiring! Done by experienced men. Prices reasonablie. Canfield &«Thomp8on With the L. H. Wishard Hdw.. Phone a). ^ Bedight Hung foi^ a Moment en the Rail. awmy from his friends and found them^ there. : "Excuse me a moment." said the j ever tactful Bess, disappearing Into j the front office. "Somebody's got to i do the honors." Bedight stood facing the girl, who had arisen. "Can yon forgive me?" ho pleaded, his eyes striving to gain hars, which were downcast, while the color painted her cheeks as glowing as the pink of a seapshell. "Ton promised," she said dellbarate- iy, raising her eyes to bis. "to abide by the decision of the court If you trsnsgrssssd yon vst* to b* fined for W.LNcwcoriib COOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 20 lbs. Granulated Sugar for $1 with every $5 order. .1 Call on Us It was to o 'clock OB tho vTMilnc ol the election in Osslan. Ahoot the headquarters of Walter Bsdlght the followers o( the Tlctortoos rspraaeata- tive wero clamoriag for thdr chosen leader—and among tb *'Tot «n were innnmerable women wke bad fought sboolder to sbodMsr with their bretben at the^ Mrs. Holcaimh,rthe pr^dsnt of the AUIed Wbimui'B eluba. fbUowsd by a b<yy_<rf workary, passed ibrou^ the life. As "Judge" of the court, I pronounce you guilty. You may—kiss me again—if you like—^for at last I am willing to admit that you were and are 'a woman's logical candidate.* " i He drew her to him with a reverential tenderness that thrilled her, and pB their lips met in betrothal, the campaign band outside the office struck up the air: "Tha UoooUsht. the Rose and Tou." (THE END.) Don't Get Up in a Hurry. Don't Jump up th& first thing your eyes are open. Remember that while you sleep the vital crgans are at rc!;t. The vitality Is lowered and the circulation not so strong. A sudden spring out of bed is a shock to these organs, especially to the heart, as it starts pumping the blood suddenly.. Don't be in such a hurry. Stretch and yawn and yawn and stretch. Stretch the arms and legs, stretch the whole body. A good yawn and stretch is better even than a cold bath. Take time. It will ke^-p yon young and add >ears to your life. —From tho Fauilly Doctor. Groceries and Meats THE BEST QUALITY AT THE BEST PIUCES We DeliviT to Any Part of City R. L HART 4ie .\. tVujsbin^on Phone 4M Coal. Gas and IVood Beaten I Combinatlea. Coal and Gas, Hot Blast aad AlE TIgMs ECO.XdMt RANGES Bom's CerablnatloB Coal aa4 Gu Bange^the best made. Prices Bight!

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