Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 9, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1908
Page 5
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ccal Events, Remember the date, June 5. Guntber's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Miss Annie Butyene returns next week to her home in Missouri. Scratch June 5 on your calendar. Wanted —Everybody to attend the Bigshow—Colonial Minstrels. Watch Glee Club on the lf>th. for particulars. | ,,.,,,.,, , . • i i Mrs. W. \V. Nash entertained First clnss chicken bone, 100 Ibs. ! n ft en ioon tea on Thursday. t2.oO. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Shirnvny visited friends in Ontario at Miss Evelyn Fletcher returned last Saturday from a week's visit in Berkeley. Cotninp! Coming! Friday, May 35, the University Glee Club. Don't miss it. Mrs. C. A. Loud of Los Angeles •was a week end imest fit the homo of i Mr. and Mrs. N. I). Mussey. Miss Hazel Havelin has been ill with tonsilitis and la grippe this week. Mr. Ed Kellar, who was operated npon for appendicitis, i.s rapidly recovering his usual good health. Bank Examiner Grach of Pasadena was the guest on Wednesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold. Miss Josie Rosenthal and her brother Walter were guests this week of their sister, Mrs. F, J. Cline. Mrs. H. M. Hon«?er left on Monday evening to visit relatives and friends in the East. Mr. and Mrs. X. D. Mussey spent several days this week at the home of relatives in Los Angeles. Miss Minnie Cripe has been spending the past week in Covina visiting friends, before taking her departure for her home in Indiana. Miss Edith Wilson, director of music in Hollywood public schools, is spending the week end at the home of Miss Mary L. Oilman. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cook of Long Beach, were guests this week of the latter's mother. Mrs. E. A nicer man. They returned borne yesterday afternoon. Miss Charlotte Green of Wellington, Kansas, has arrived to pay an extended visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Carnaban. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Thompson and daughter Miss Marie have again rented the Euuis house f.or the. summer. Mis. A. Fletcher is spending some weeks at San Jacinto Hot Springs for the benefit of her health, having been ill some time with rheumatism and neuralgia. Rev. Wm. Srmrgeon of England, the great evangelist who lectured on Thursday evening at the Baptist Church, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Matthews. Coulson's Baby Chicb Feed will make chicks grow and feather quick and never get sick or die. Why do on Thursday last. M. Underwood of Boston was the guest last Monday at the hotno of Mrs. H. F. Cook. Miss Ethel Casey was the guest several days this week of relatives in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Ennis left on Wednesday for Hastings, Minn., where they will spend the summer. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Casey this week are Mr. and Mrs. Vallon. Mrs. Marian Gordon Noiman was the guest last Thursday of Mrs. 1. I. Cook. Mrs. Clara Adsit of Monrovia, OUR AWNS: Winer, Whibel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry § Sny! Bo sure mid bear the Cluli on (.ho loth. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found ! Miscellaneous. I For inunediiite delivery of stable [manure see F. E. Duddeuir. i Rooms to rent---See Mra. \V, C. (Hibsch, Cottage Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Walker of Los An- , geles were guests on Wednesday last of Mr. and Mrs. Stowell of Charter Oak. The Rev. and Mrs. Hurry White and sons were guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. Walter MoLaughlin of Minneapolis. Julius Maechtlon has gone to San Diego to look after his gmin inter- Nitrate of sotln in any (]iian(it.y I immediate delivery. A. M. Seoley Covina. t f Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs foi setting, ?:3 per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone J2<>1. tf For Sale -Bnugy mid harness in good condition. See Marshall, the barbel. tf Cement, blocks, 8x10 inches, for osta there. During his absende bio wi ( fo is visiting her relatives in San j Jose. with her daughter, Miss Fern, is spending tho week at the home of her sister, Mrs. Will Griffiths. M. .H. Potter of Pomona, the hustling agent for the Northwestern Life Insurance Co., was writing business iu Coviua Thursday. Mr. Kay Rescr of Alhambra, who was formerly a resident of Covina, left on Monday evening for a three mouths' visit with relatives and friends at Grtat Bend, Kansas. J. O. Ilovtser and Otto Anderson, as representatives of Covina Lodge, T.O.O.F., leave tomorrow for Sacramento to attend tho Grand Lodge, which convenes there on tho 10th. You will find in Miss Rockard's millinery store on North Citrus avenue, all the leading styles mid novelties in the way of trimmings. New style books and catalogues keep bet- posted as to the eastern styles. While staying in Long Beach last week, Mrs. H. H. Worley was taken with a serious attack of neuralgia of the heart. She had sufficiently recovered to be able to come home Thursday. W. B. Walton and wife of Riverside, who have been at Santa Barbara visiting a brother for the fleet celebration, were guests of a Covina brother, S. J. Walton, and wife this week. Mrs. 1. I. Cook was in Ontario on Wednesday of last wefik attending the funeral of Father Meany. From there she went to Los Angeles, whore she was present at tho retreat conducted by Father Lathrop at St. Matthias 1 Church on Friday and (it the yearly meeting of ths Anglo, Catholic. Club on Thursday in tho Church of the Ascension. Mrs. Young and daughter Madge and baby, sister of Dr. Jennings, nnd Mrs. Smith and daughter of Duquoin, 111., were guests of Dr. and Mrs. Jennings this week. Guests nt tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Whitsel on Sunday last were Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and Dr. Elder of Whittier and Miss Hinklemaii of Los Angeles. Miss Pomeroy, who returned this week from a three months' visit with ler sister, the wife of Bishop Scud ling of the Episcopal diocese of Oregon, is spending a few days in Long Beach, after which she will visit some weeks with friends in Covina !ind then gu to Riverside for the .summer. Say! flfr. URancbcr Ellen Beach Yaw, the great, sinuer, will arrive in Covina next, Thursday you go to the Milling Company? Be cause wo get what wo call for, you bet your hat. Dinner guests at the home of Mr. ito spend her vacation with her nis- and Mrs. Will Griffiths on Sunday ! ler, Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe. Miss Yaw las^ were Miij. and Mrs. Scofield of j has had a most successful season in Ocean Park and Mr. and Mrs. Willis ! the E-ast, both in concert and in H Mend, Mrs. Schyler and Miss I grand-opera, and at present is filling Weber, all of Los Angeles. j a series of engagements on her way Iliorne. She is accompanied by The Rev. D. N. Crablreo, the pop- ; lmB , JH ,. (1 Mr _ (io , f]t bv,aite. ular and talented rector of Bakers- ] * * # * * # * # # * * * * # * •* * * # You are conducting a big- business— more money invested than many business houses—do a yood deal of correspondence, don't you? Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing- paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, placi: of residence and date line, cheaper than you can secure tablets and envelopes iu small quantities,? This will make your cur res pon deuce businesslike and more convenient. COVINA ARGUS, PRINTERS * * * * # * * # # * # # * * I' * # * # * # sale by D. E. Stites, tho cement man. Prices the lowest. For Sale 20 shares of Covina Irrigating Company's stock. Address box 55, Rural route 1, R.F.I). Up For Sale--Baled alfalfa hay. Inquire Hublmrd ranch. Home phone :t2M. It For Sale Haled alfalfa bay. Inquire at Hubbard ranch. Home phone 32 H. It For Siile or Exchange A 7 h. p. "Olds" in good running condition. See Cod'maii. FOR SALE- Sweet potato plants. M. 10. Zug, Irwindale. Phone HI 17. tf For Salo~-Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, SI 800. J. H. Matthews. For Sale Second grade potatoes SI. 00 per sack. W. M. Warren, Telephone Home 111 90. For a stylish hair cut, or an easy shave patronize, the Asher barber shop. Baths in connection. t( WANTED Chickens and calves. J. C. Baldridge, Covina, Cal. P.O. box 2117. Phone 20i;o. tf Held, with his wife in the week of his sister, Mrs. lev. Mr. Cvabtree was guest this The Glee Club of the University W. G. Con-; of Southern California will give one formerly as-i<|[ their popular entertainments in Howell & Howell BREAD sistant; -rector of Washington, D. C. , prominent young society that city. grand musical concert in Iho Express says: "An especially attractive feature was the flower drill by in little girls in white; gowns with baskets of flowers directed by Miss Mary L. Oilman." Also Mrs. DeForest Reichard gave readings, "Apple Blosf-'oms", "Old Fashioned Ruses." and "Elmer Brown." Mrs. W. A.. Young, daughter and baby of Holtville, Imperial county, are paying an extended visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. \. AtwoorJ. Mis. Young is a sit-ter (if Dr. Jennings and her hus-band is Mr.s. Atwood's c.Misiu. Her son Oliver ha?; been visit in).', some time at the Atwood home in order to take advantage of our excellent scholastic facilities, and will finish his high school course this year. Tile uini'ial meetings in connect ion with tin- i'.pi'-i' :|.nl Chun-h in Hoii'h- ern California will be held v. i.-ek in Los Anyelfs, beu'innini; with a great n.ass n.i-itinu' of Sunday-schools in the Teini.l<4 Auditorium on Sim day next al :: :'i'i r m. Other imi.or taut mtetiiii;.-. '•'• i' I '-e held / t St. TaiilN i'lo ' nt).. rlril, LOS Albeit-.. i-.ti followi: Monday. Hiiiidiiy-si-li'K.I Tii'--ilay. WniniJii'-i ne-ci'i\ Hi::l Ti;m -riav. i:<-,i-- \£iu ion of tie di'x-e-.i: r', J:;>'.i''Li!i-rh of ll.i St. Margaret'.?, the. Womuiis Club House Friday even- anil married H ing, May Ifith, under Hie auspices, of "t the Epworth League. Admission 25 ''and Ufje. There will be a social hour after the entertainment, at. Leaguers- will serve In speaking of Mrs. Nellie Hibler's Hollywood : which time the ice cream :uid cake for irjc. The Rev. Harry White delivered u lecture on Monday night at the Methodist Episcopal Chinch, being the opening one of a COIII-M- to be delivered by celelnaled divine-, in eluding Dr. .McLei^h ol We.-! Adiimv Street. Church, Los Anuelfs, Dr. Bovard, president of the I'diversity 'of Southern California, and Rev. Alfred Imvood of LOH Angeles. His adrlre<-'H wan on the subject, "Faith itnd Action." On Fiiday he spoke in Santa Monica on "Ilo'v the Other Half Li\e," being «n addn-is »n the slums of Chicauo. Co\imi is justly proud nf this [;o[.iilar and eloipienl minister. of Sio.i.v Fall*, S( lialol* Allison Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wag-on through valley daily. T II E *5 « * * * * * V I II EZ* ^ Covina Peoples Store E (INCOKr-OKATKM) V^ (INCOKIHIKATHD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY * * Wo liavo the agency for tho celebrated ^ Shoes J Without doubt the host ranch shoe on tin- market. Ask the uuiu fl|^ who wears them ho knows. ' vw /j/ *nJ Jiatlonir. NYSA There is no Soap NICER. WHAT A KIG It takes off the dirt. 3 big cakes for 25 cents. TRUE BLUE W. A.-McKibbe.ii, H. l>., a cousin of (,t Idv.a, H[ f-nt a pleasant day in Co vimi (,n Thiiixluy. With his tamil;, l,e is .spending the<-r I. os An(.'(-l(-s. the drha a 1 l;;i- ia-1 ir over fiilhi e c.f Si lit!: Diikolii. .- • n\ i nc'-fl thii t. t l.i te i i I n | rid lo I, •• c ( 'dl if 01 nia. v, II b bi-, \ i- it left hi: -.i!il PROVIDENT MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS on I year Term Deposits 5/o on monthly balances AsiicU 4l,->i>7,047 SECURITY- T:iiit Di.'cdn on Improved Kcal ut ilL'aili on 'J'i;e.-i il.t ; (ln.v alii' tit.' the M. HUNTER, Manager l',fi.ii: .-. ;i v I.',-. A iii't class chicken b-ine, 100 Ibs. 82.50. San Gabriol Valley Milling Company. Plain sewing at my home. Mrs. Foilowell, First and San Boinardino Road, tf Have your rubber tires set by Wilson's ruHber.tire Hotter, tho only one of its kind in tho valley. tf. For Sale fir Rent- Modern bungalow on West Center, furnished or unfurnished. See Mrs. t!. F. Preston. Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, u safe investment, at 4 per cent,. The Covinti Valley Savings Hank offers you a sitf'e investment for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start, an account, today. For Snie --• Good second hand Birdsell wagon, Ii '4 in. tire. nlno good lent her lop carriage. Apply home phone 10'JO or box (i7, Onvina, FOR SA LE -•• Giiod team horses, buggy and harness and complete out- lit of ranch tools at, reithonable price. Jmpiire of W. 10. Emery, Phono 1211. Tulare land mines oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetable^ to ' perfee,! ion. < 'oine up wil h us on •Friday and HCO them. ,1. II. Mai i thews, Co\ ina. Phone fiUOH. I | (.'onlsoii's Ei/g l-'odd will make j your liens lay more nggs tliuii any I ol.her known food. 82.011 per sack. | San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. i Kni'Siilc Eggs for hatching and day old chicks from incubiitor from ;itic following hliuidard bred fowls: i White I locks, While Minoreah and \\'lii'e'lionis. \n\inii. pulb^tii for salit. lleri'ion ,\- ('leiii'-nlH, 10. Budillo \lrerl. H FOK SA LE h'o.v I,oat bui-i Avalon, Calalina Inland. 'Ilii opportlinii.V to- gl:t n goo(| bic-il little money. Apply to W. II tlte'M-, Avulon, '.'filnlina (-(lain Argus olllre, (,'ovina. 'I'll lace ( 'ounl y Lanils : «Ti(i l< i8!i() |,('i acre with water. l,'nd(-vi opeil land in arlesiait dintiicl ^f'-'O I- ij!10, any M/.e you \iant, any kim dl' tiiiiir 1 . •/. U. Matl IH-'.VS, Cov inn. Phone f,UO*. r'OR SALlO A "i acre hnap o.u ynd nij(- ipiarle.r mile i ast. ot to'.vn. \'aieucias anil navel',, hall ami tiall, well teilili/ed, f um i(/'-il i-d ainl in FOREST QUEEN 5 cents buys a generous cake. Just the dope for CoOina n'aier. BRASS HUNT and MACHINE SHOP v,*, MANUFACTURERS OF rrigation Appltes GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Patterns Furnislivcl. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop a ml ( iilic.i- o|)|iosi (<• S. I'. |)e|i)l 1 Ionic I 'hone 2M ( * ('ovina, T t t t ens at, is an •SM for Mat or to Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. | Always RELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 Cail 11 , coii.-lit ion. Pi ice le. ~ : ,ee owner, }(',:', bind a\ i nue. a ndl 1-1 • -IH W. I''. I f J-'or sale or small lam-li or clean, up t ( , 'lale fnrnishini.' poi,;i •• [,av hii.all (iJrl, I C-J-J U Cal. e/.c BEN F, THORPE Cliftll-NT CONTKAC I'Ok CKMKNT IRRKiATINO PIPE i e t-.iock ai.d >lifl iji-e, of rloihin^. V ( i 1 1 ence. .\ddn T , LI, General Cement Work of All Kinds laity Y.ii'l, 'A'.-.1 ( ;'\>i<- -,-. A vi n i>:

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