Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 9, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1903
Page 7
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Bowles, - AVani'cd—Men. Luocock Transfer Company. A middle a;;e>l woman wanted at MiJ' "Oiir-W.i.v" li) operalo dlshwash- ini; maoliine. • \viuiUHr ^>lTilTl~i !i^ woman for chan^lior maid, dining rt>om girl. •Apply Hotel Tliom.=>nn.. For Sale—Two borse.s, Biirrcy, big spring wagon, harness and a lot of rhicken.';. A. L. Jiaijnoii, 704 East Lincoln. For Rt -nt—.\; well furnished room, hath room <in llie same lloor, gentleman preferrcil. L'oi S. Cottonwood For Sale—J two-room house for. ref moval, 2on South Chestnut. j Strayed—sl )iTel horse, weight 3.200 pounds, whiti- face, white hind feet. Leave Howajds liver>- barn and receive rewani One of the most Innocent looking proper restriction of the pha'goctyte.! petitions, ttic^Iy "worded and coached Very few nonprofessional men in respectfnl terms, -was presented to » phagocyte ia, and ereo .be for^ sideratiop. It asked that the bccnpa- ^hae iiinost medical handbooks ignoi* tion tax; be repealed and was signed the thing, and the few dictionaries by over thirty of the most prominent mentiining it describe it wrongly, business men on the street. Here is Prof. Mdtschnikow's defini- The petition goes on to state that "Phagocj-tea constitute the po- * . „ , lice qf the human body. As a: big whereas the city council has seen fit «ty riannot get alon^ without officew to terminate and dispense with the of the law to keep crime and vice im- revenues heretofore derived from fines control and the moral atmos- imposed on those engaged in certain Ph"e pure and wholesome, so health ,, , , . 1 .1. •u. x. impossiblo unless the phagocytes lines of busmess In the city, which excrcl^ their proper functions in the fines represented over ?500 a month, streets and channels of our interior, and "I'hago moans ent, devour, absorb; Whereas, the injslness men under- cyfe is tlio^ Greek for cell. The phago- stand that Uie reason these fines were '* al».sorl>jng or eating lias si.flJcIcnt revenues to run without recognized long ago; also that its Iho fines, from direct-tax levy; and main food con ^lRts of bacteria, the Whereas, the i)urdcn of such added elements of organs peculiar to the ta.v levy falls on the business men >"no stage and other noxious mat- mo.s. heavily who own properly and continues, according to run (heir birsincs.'?, and inJianapoHs Journal: "The Wliercas, since the dl.soontinuance above, my biological and hacteriolog- of the aforesaid fines, the appeals for leal investigations and experiments public subscriptid'ns have fallen still P^^^^^ correct, but Keience*.s further more heavilv on the merchants, there- .«'-f"™«f • "^^J^^^y- .'"'"^^^ P';''f°- ' • cyte, after performing this most im^'^^^ portant office for the youthful body, TRe business men reonest that becomes itself food for the develop- since the city does not need the fines ing organs of the adult,' is a serious mistake," JAPAN A CURIOUS LAND. Almoat EvrrylbinK Seenia to Go by Contraries tn the Mikado's , KlnKdoDi. it also should dispense with the occupation tax and that the expense of the city be raised by direct tax levy, which will fall on all alike. There has also been a good deal of objection to the occupation tax among the merchants, but it was paid more or less cheerfuUy for the past few years. When the present administration went in the revenue from the joints was .stopped, which at that time amounted to some ?500 or more a month. The business men now "take the stand that it the city can run without such fines, it can run-without a tax on btisiness and that the occupation tax ordinance should be repealed ami the city funds raised by direct taxation alone. The council took no action on the Iielilion, laying it. over until a future meeting. Chanute Street Car System. O. V. Wilson, of. Te.xas, reprejsent- ing V. U. i'iich, a Chicago railway man. Jias lieen in Chanute and made a talk that has the town excited again, lie wants a franchise to build a wonderful railway .system in and about that (own. The Blade prints the following interview with Mr. Wilson: . "The franchise asked for is the same as (he one offered by the council to the <;ompany known as the Chanute and lola Interurban Electric company last August. We expect to build lines radiating o the smaller towns around Chanute, and for stich lines we wfill put on an interurban car with a maximum speed of sixty miles an hour, and which will Ilaphacl I'uiiipi-'.l.v. v.I:" li:;s linn be almost as large as an.ordinary pas- charged by the Carnegie in.stiiution For forty years Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry/ has been curing summer coraplaiu't, d.vsenter>-, diar­ rhoea, bloody flux, pain in the stomach and it. has never yer failed to do everything claimed for ii. SANTA FK. ' ElTective June -i, 1903. P:AST. Passengei" No -02 , 2:10 p. m Passenger N_o. 204 .1:10 a. m. Passenger Xo. 20^. .7:00 a. m Freifjht >."o. 21 (i, ex':«-pt Sunday, 'arrives 7 :1", a. in., departs .. 10:00 a, m. WKST. Passenjjer .N"o. 2i>l 12 :."i2 p. m Pa^^enfrer .N"o. 2():j 2:00 p. m. Passenger .\u. 207 8:47 p. m. Daily ICxcept Sunday. Frelglit No. 220. easibound 8:40 p. m. No. 215 Jrcijtfht lo a. ui. leave4:oo p n- Daily i:.\ccpL .Monday. We have arranged passenger service with il)e lola-Klecliic iiailway between Tola. Gas City and Labarpe land the agents of the rianta Fe Railway will be pleased to call on you at at any time!advising you as to rates and routes. Phone or write. Our oHice is open all the. time. Inquiries solicited and will be cheerfully answered. W. !•:. RALSTON, Ida, Kansas. Agent. senger coach. On the local ifno in Chanute we will use the regulation car as accommodates the public in.all largo cities. '•V,'hile we have desired the council to examine thoroughly our past recor:! with reference to our experience and ability to live up to our promises still we f^l that Chanute is in such a frame of mind that it needs a substantial guarantee We have there- ff)re offered to place in the city treasury $<Mi for lh(? ])ur|)OKe. We have not come here hall-cocked, but ready o do business, and give tho city a goorl s'rvj<e as so<m as the material ;.'an be hauj<?d onto the ground. •If grantetl this franchise, wo will Scald head is an eczema of the scalp —very severe sometimes, but it can be cured. Doan's Ointment, quick and permanent in Its results. At any drug store, 50 cents. The Finest Line in thsCity "There is no land that I have ever seen so curious as Japan," taid Kobert W. Brinkley, of Yokohama, to^a Washington Star reporter recently.' "1 have lived ia Jai)an for the past 22 year."and it is to me still a sort of wonderland. "One of the strange features of the country is that all crops and fruit.-; are almost certain to deteriorate. 1 have seen beautiful peaches grown the first year from stock imported from the United States. The second year they were still fairly good; the third .«cason poor and after that unfit to eat. Nothing in the vegetable world would seem to retain its excellence for anj' length of time. It is a bamboo count r.v and everything reverts to the bamboo. Beautiful Insh grass covered ninny a plain and yet it gives no nutriment to cattle. Garden vegetables look as fine MS any grown in the Cnited Stales, but when cooked they haw hd taste. The fiowers are of gorgeous hues, but they are without perfume. "Hut even with -thc .«-c iuiperfcdiQus it if. a very interesting coriitr of the earth and many things recommendiU Its inhabitants are in their way a fine people. In the nirnl di.slrict.s partiou- l.Trly the natives at-e the most honorable beings I. ever mot. In the cities they are sharper mentally, Lut not nearly- so Ecrupulou.*;." WILL STUDY OLD RUINS. AmerloaB Saranta on the Way to Explore Remain* of Civilization In Raanian TurkeMtan. PRICES CUT TO THE LOWEST DEPTHS We've Got 'Em AH Goin ^-=DaiVt Fiiss ThU, Men's Suits In the very best makes, worth $14, Sl~>, -Slii and ^17, Shovel 'Em (|)ut _^ $999 rien 's Suits Finely tailored, ! in Cassimeres, Tweeds and Fancy Worsteds, the real stylish goods, have been selling for $0175 to 813, Shovel ' Km i : $7.77 Hen's Suits A big bargain in Cassimeres, Tweeds and Chevifrits, ' dark medium and light colors, sold for ••;7.00 to | SU.ST), Shovel 'em Oat Young rien*5 Suits I ' A?P- from 17 f;> 20 y'>!ir.-i, .till coL.r-;. sold ^or $5.and Shovi-1-M>u Out " • ' $2.50 Hen^s Balbriggkn Underwear Re-.-ular :>'-) cent quali^v. Shove! 'Km Out at 35 cenls. . Men's Extra fine Biijbriggan Uuderwear Inoink, blue and lltsh i-olor, /.vorlh G-')c, Shovel 45c a g*anTient ! nan's Balbriggan Undei*wear Fancy colors, rejrular 2 :1 cei;t -jrcade, Shovf /1 r-in (nil Young Men's Suits The newest and nobbiest patterns out. fine ail woo! suits, sold for 810 t&»12. Shovel 'Km < $7.77 ^ Men's l)luc and brown mixed O-tfont socks, siiovfi 3g Q pair Em Oul • ^ 15 cents 50 dozen H^n's Sweaters: Infanev cnl>'>'rf-. re^'uliir •"'0;_- kiri.t. ^^h•)vi:l ' h'.iii.t-liT 25 .cents Mill'-, niic li-uf hn<p. ill C.ili ;i;., MUO. iiu.l i.<!, SlR.v.-i Kni J pj. C Mcn-s Suspenders, with pulleys. I.acIj I and from reuuliir iic line jKg » ^ • Sliovel Em Oui .... • 'y ** r** S kil „.en -8 linen Collars regulir l-ic kind. Shovel 'Km Out .. with lJ)e exploration of llus-sian Turkestan lias arrivetl^ at at. Petersburg with his son, B. W. Pumiielly, to procure the necessarj-; permi.stion. They will join Prof. W. H. Davis and Ellsworth Huntington, of Harvard, and Prof. Eichard Norton, director of the American school of classical studies of Uome, atj Baku. The party will search for remnan't.«: of the once flonrishing civilization of the basin of the Sea of .Aral, will investigate the climatic changes that have taken place there in historical times, and will .<;eek to discover whether snch changes have been sufficient, to cause the present decline of this region, and whether equal if not greater importance should nnt l>e attributed to economic and political change.H, such as the interruption of the old caravan route by the Arabs and Turks the DIAIVIOND. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Buxton ent.r- .1 ii:iir, or E:ii(>,it -'- . On' III! •I ill. 25c M .-i:'s A Lit 'I •r ?~r I '• I .'11 II I — GENEVA. ! isewsin3S&-'?!aBBssaa^aaHBS -Til.' cri-.iin^ si'.'iipor piven lained on the Fourth. Mrs. F. T. AI-j by th.v NVno<in..a hi.t I ...-sday m^ht . bertson, Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Cole of j was well :iu. :i -1. 1» Kansas City, Mr. and Mr.s. T. H. Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Largent, Mr. and Mrs. John Morrison were pre.-;-: T:i. ent. Mrs. Buxton served one of the: by the Won^i most sumptuous dinners, and it wa.^ thoroughly enjoyed by all. Mrs. Albertson will spend the week; (in KobfTt :.;nrie D'.nney are.l-^erc visitini^ Mnroie Miller. nt Xoo.-'r.o. Falis given. 11 -.;>rov-'ii to be a s';.-;- roitic ity bite - s(Kiii make Chanute look likea city of devastation of the country, the .«:ettle- thc first class,land add materially to ment of a p<ipulation unu.scd to agri- ho nienopoliian a]f)pearanco of the culture and the discovery of the Cape (^Hy" of flood Hope route to India. J' _., , . , , , , The partT will remain seversl Mr. is ready t<, begm work on ^„nths. some of the members perhaps the construction immediately, having i„nger, future work being determined communicated with the factories by the results of the present recon- which will supply the material. nai.s)«ance. Energy all gone? Headache? Stomach out of order? Simply a case of torpid liver. Burdock Blood Bitter* will make a new man or woman of you. NEOSHO VALLEY. July 8.—Will Brown and wife came H]) from Neodesha last week and will review the scenes of his old hom^ for awhile' Although Mr. Brown has had but little experience as a city teacher he win get JlOO per month at Neodesha the coming school year. The oil men are at work placing their machinery on Chas, WiUiams' place where they will soon begin to drill. By the way, well No. 3, on the Rush farm that was shot last week, is as good if. not better than either o^ iSio others. ; A number of town people were out tio F. B. Smith 's Sunday. : John Preston was over from La-| £brpe Saturday and Sunday.. Your Lilian Will Wear much longer if w6 launder it Be sides doing the best work, we pay a great deal of attention to the life of the, lineifi. Our soaps, our machinery, 'our methods are designed to do the very finest work with the least possible wear to the garment. If you are not a customer, call us up and let us cill for a /trial package. We'll surely pleaso you. visiting with Mrs. Buxton and other friends. ^ The much needed rain was appn- ciated by the farmers as the crop:--, were in need of it. Ora Montgomery was in this vi cinity a few days ago. Wm. Merchant is having his tame hay put tip this week. Mr. .Ifanna headed his wheat thf middle of the week. We hear that Hlnzn & Carpenter.rf>r I^ono Elm. are to commence threshing at Homer Fowler's in a few days. Mr. and Mrs. John Cox, of Pleasant Valley spent the Fourth at C. F. iVr- kiii:-. Several from this part went to Moran lo spend tho Fourlh. A pleasant time was reported. SOUTH MAPLE GROVE AND CEN; TRAL AVENUE. The Humboldt Oil & Gas Co. stnid: a fine oiler on the A. B. Johnson place last Tuesday. Tho Success Oil Company will bo- gin drilling on J. O. Hotteustein'.s place in a few days, and Mr. Rothchild is having material hauled on P. N. Holcolm's place and expects to begin work soon. Tho neighbors in this community celebrated the Fourth at O. N. Lash'.-; and Harley Wright's. Miss EWna Gverhplt and Mr. Geo. Ogden were married last Wednesday evening at the home of the bride by l*ReT. Mr. Tharp. We extend con gratulations. Mr. and Mrs. <ieo. Mclntyrc wor.- the guests of Rassell Thompson and wife Saturday night and Sunday. Fred Hottenstein has secured a position in Chanute, and went Monday to begin work. Mrs. E, J^y and Mrs, J. O. Hotten Btein anient; Thtovday of last weeK C">?s .il'l'.roisrh iiie park was| ai!:l (ll^acnH-nliio under foot. Every-ij t:> .•iij')y 1 ';i"nise!ve.-i. A > .>.; aiv.-i! ^!;v' i-rim iiivi '2 f| :eyef s focefy. yoii!!:.': .Ml', ("..rrrr .11;" i '.i ;;:;iy ffom ?.lis ='i ',u-i ' ail- lioft- vi:~ii;ii-.: oh; :;'!s. . . ."\iyriio K:i.>\vlii.ii. Irom li>!:>. if b.ero i vi.liin:^ ri'lauvi';;. ; Pa".l Irvin and v.ife arc here st.iy-i •ill;; with tlu'ir pti\in.^ for a fpw (lay.?,. Those who wen- iu lola ;iiteii.ii.'i-^ ii'iri'ial. rc'tnnu'-l liouie last WL-ek. .Mi:-'. .Miilraiifv, wlio has In-.m h<>rc'• - - ,1 TL>^ olfl reliable. Low- ' e^-t ,nco3, best, quality. • THE ^ithi^Mni.'Albert B^ish. v!.-,itin.!< /-flalive.-?, r.vturncil lo ,Si:. Joe. Mori i.caviite is liuililin.;;: an a<i li- tion to liiri boii.^>-, fiayiiii; now Jiu- onk-r of tlio day. .Aiis'i Mabi-l M:!r.<li siient .llifi lib at lioaw vitli If'r juircut.s. Cheap money on city property. 1 Loans made at once if title is perfect.' Smith & Travir?, room S, Northrup: National Bank building. ' Tii'^ I)ai!i of life ca-t'i'it he cajh.'d .t ! •ohv one v/hon corn cure .sijjiis i::n i be s«-^n all aloa:^ the way. Cholera infantum. ' T.'ii,-; lias lor:; Iie»-ii rej^arded 3.=; onej of the iaor;t .ri;iij}:ir;)!i.s and fat.'jl di-;-' eases • to whi;^h iui -iT:!'; are suhject. It' can be ciir;.'.!. hor .i ^ver, when, properly trwf.od. Ail liiitt. i.-: n'-co<iary i.-j to Kive Chambe.'-lain'.- Colic. Cholo.-ri and IJiarrhooa r'omc<iy and castor oil, as :directAii -,vith each bottle, and a euro is certain. I'l^r sale by all druggists. . - We Want to Figure That PLtJMBINQJ0B I For You. Satrsfaction ; ' Guaranteed. Buy your Groceries of us during, July'l We will make it; proStable" for you. We constantly enrfea^vor lo plve oiir customers the very best service possible. A sali&fied c«s-;r is the best- kind iof an ad- vertisemeiit. Knowing: this we make your iiiterests ours. WE OFFER TO-DAY: 2 pkgs Cero-Frilto 25(;J 2 pkgs Egg-O-See.. .20c' 2 pkgs Korn KriSp \ 2w_ 7 burs D. C. S(>ap.....,....',.,.45«i Bilking l'o\vder.. —5; 10 andlScq Phone 308 3 Weit Jadiim 'MM

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