Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, October 19, 1912
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VOLUME XV. NO. 309. Weekly Regltter, Ettabllthcd 1867. Daily Regltter, CsUbHihed 1897. lOLA, KAS., OCT. 19, 1912—SATURDAY EVENING. SuecesMT to the lola Daily JRaglctar, th4 tola Dally Record and the lola Dally Index SIX PAGES rorXTY ("LKKK HKCIKVKS OFFIC IXh ADVH'K rOXKKMMi TItKKT ALLEN HEADS MOOSE LIST THE WEATHER. UOOSKVKLT AM* 40IINS0X IX TIIK IXIIKI'KMIKXT COMMX. KiKliI AiMIUonnI Tiifl EI(>rti )rM <.'n in Ui>|Mil)llriin Column iinti Last I>i'* til it Is ^Sl>ttil>(l. ('ouiil>- Clork rulbortson receivod from Sooretary of State Sessioivg^ this ' afternoon the certlffcato of nominations ,for" iilac-<?s as presidential i-li-c- 'tors on the Re)inbl1can and Indencn- . i3«>nt tickets and the clork is now ready • to send the cojiy for the official lial- •' lots to the ))rintor . For some thirty • days thfl clerk has refrained, under injunction proceedings, from having the ballots printed with the name* of the Roosevelt electors In the Republi- ; .can column. The muddle resulting = from-the controversy over places on i- the ticket was in a hard way for ad' jjistnjent'• when the Roosevelt forces suddetily agreed to get off the Repub- ,'lU'an ticket antl move over into tin ••IndependeJit .column. This action made it uuueCiJssary. to carry court proceedings .further and as soon as the , Independent nominations for i)residen- ; tial electors were filed. Secretary Ses • sions prepared the official list and sent them out to the county derUs. The Roosevelt electors did not re: .linttiiish, their position and their con- i tention that they'should be jilaced on : the Uepublicah ticket until It became apparent (hat -such a position in tile . fa<'e of iTie utterances of Colonel '- Roosevelt and In the light of consist••- cncy would be absolutely untenable. '• Then William Allen While, .seeing the light, asserted that he had all along favored such a move and the reluc- ' tance of the electors in getting off the Republican ticket was attrJbuied to the nominees whom, it was said had declined to relinquish the place*. The certificate of nominations received by t'lerk t'ulberison today shows the following named ^is presl- 4leutlal electors on the Itepublican ticket under (ho nntnefl of T«ft and • Shermiin: ». K. IJlnker. John 8. (lil- nioie. .1. K, Hocock, Charles 11. llrowne .lohn K. Delllnger. A. Q. Miller. C. W. .Miller. Paul Kich. L. II. Thompson - and \V. A. Thmupson. Under the names of UooJ<>vel( and .lohnson. on the Independent ticket,-! are thp following <andidat<-s: Henry .J. Allen. 1-:. (;. Uartberger .1. S. lUl- lingsley. Uomer T. Payls. 1* \V. Keplinger, H. M. Poe. .lesse N". Shackelton. Lawrence T. Smith. .N. W. Smitli and William Allen White. The certificate of nomination by the secretary of state is authority for the clerk to proceed wilh the jirlnting of the ballots and the last detail of the long drawn out elector row is settled. VOltECAST FOR KANSAS: Fair I9. niglit nnd protmbly Sandu}-; wnrnier (onlgrlit. % Data recorded at ocal office Woatli- er Dureaij: Temperaturo: highest yeatorday at .1 p. m. 7t>; owcBt this inornln« at C a. m. 38; normal for today r.C; excesa In toinporntnro yesterday 0 degreeH; deflcldncy «lnr« January let 2711 de- KretJH, YoiitordBy: C p. nl. 6r>, it p. m. 54, 12 nuit. 38. Todoy: 3 n. m. iA, fl 0. in. .'l.s, 9 a. m. r,». PrcclpKatloa for 24 houra endlnR 7 a. ni. tjxiny I race; excess In pre- ctpltndon since January Isl 4.33 In- I 'hcs. , Helallve hninldlty 7 a. m. today 70: per cent: barometer reiluced to sea level 30.24 Inches. Sunrise today G:3.". a. m.; Runsef r.:39 p. m. i,m) FKDKKAL THOOI'S RKFORE TIIK riTV x «w. REBELS HAVE <JOVKKX.MKXT COILD XOT MOVE iAXXOX IXTO I'l.At'K. es NEW MEMBERS ARE ADDED T. M. r. A. rampalRn Mill fontiiino as .KK) IVas the Fijnire Vhicli Mas Iio |M 'd For. When (he Y. M. C. A. membership camiwign was starte*! the number of new members hoped for was set nt 300 So far in the campaign the new memberships number GS, or about one- fourth the anticipated number. To the Y. M C. A._board and secretary this Is discouraging, but the efforts to secure new members will not be sto ))i>e«l tonight. The special inducements will not be extended but will close 10 o'clock. During the iiast two days the mem- beiTships have been coming In wilh in creasing rapidity, but not fast enough to excite any of the workers. Of all the workers the business men have accomplished most, with the high school students and boys' department next In order. The contest closes tonight and if anyone Is considering a membership it will be to their Interests to join now. Army (Kficors, SoidierD and Son Cap, tains Ih'xert to (I H > Side of v Ftllx Dla«. (By the Associated Prnss) Kl Paso. Texas, Oct. 1!).—Two thousand federals will attack Vera Cru« today, according to a telegram received by Alberto Madcro, uncle oT President .Madero,;from Krnesto Madero, Minister Malcenda at Mexico City. TO COMPLETE THE TAFT M ISoetlBK Tonight at R. \. IL Hall Initial Step in Forminft a Solid Ki'puliHran Party Tonight at the G. A. R. hall the Taft club Will hold its second meeting and get under way in a shape to do effective work. The prellmiiiary organization was effected some nights , ago and the enthusiasm then shown was encouraging and indicative of large results. Tonight the commitiee on finances will re])ort a suggestion for raising funds and conducting a short campaign in the closing days before election and the c»miniittee on resolutions will submit their rej)ort. That lioUi may be understood and adopted in form to meet ilie best judg merit of the niemuers, it is ini|>or2unt . that there be a good attendance. Pol- lowing this meeting the organization will be extended to every voting pre. cinct. taking in all signers of Taft lists some time ago and others desiring to join, and ma'klng the Taft voter."! a solid, effective working force. KAXSAS A>D THE STAR ••Kansas," says the morning K. C. Times, "I>oes not belong to any political party." Whereupon It proceeds to inform the disorganized voters of the Stat*" that they sdiould vote for lloosevelt for PresiU.nt, Hodges for (Wivernor a nd Stubbs for Senator. Which Is truly interesting. If the voters of Kansas'have not been completely disorganized, jmrty organization ilisrupti'^1 and the way paved for the Star and n few selllsh poItJcIans to win their wishes In the absence of united action by Kansas voters. It Is no faulty of the Star and Stubbs. Roth have preached Independent voting and l>oth have striven to disrupt the Re- puWlcan party which has been dominant in the state. The logical result of the success of their efforts to free the Kansas voters from the "boss rule" is to hand the state over to the diction' of the Star, a Missouri, free-trade. Bull Moose bully which Kansas City has spurned a score of times. It will he a grand day for when the Star gets the control id .=eoks and bullies its creatures into busservionce In order that they may hold office. Fro that Is what the Star will do. I,ook at Stubbsl His chief care Is to trim exactly to suit the Star. And In a little while. If the Star succeeds, Kansas voters will be allowed to pay salaries to the men holding office, but the Star will make the Kansas slate and Kansas voters will not be consulted. Ry all means: I>>t the Missouri People (in the Star office) Rule in Kansa.<. Vera Ortiz, Oct. 19.—The rebel forc- »>s in possession of this city have made every preparation for an attack by Uie federals and this Is expected at any motuent. Two columns of federals arrived yesterday within fifteen miles of the city. The strength of the ad vancing force is hardly greater than that of the rebel garri.«on, but the government troops are at a disadvant ago as to artillery, owing to the impossibility of transporting cannon over the great sand banks surrouudinK the town. It is expected that General Zozaya who is In comnmnd of one of the loyal columns will join (he rebels when he gets into touch with the rebel troops. General Geronlino Trevino, commander of the federal forces at Monterey, who resigned yesterday. Is said to be favored by many military men for provisional president. STBAWS. KAR . MB-.TATT; AT TAT ^TRAwlvoTE -jV/AS TAKtK, <Slvm6 ;\*0' 'ATOH ANU AtiAUf' 0 C^H6l^A-rUL^TI ONS OSCAR. ^r^Tu Mexico City. Mexico, Oct. 19.—Three of the four gunboats at Vera Cruz have fallen Into the hands of Felix niaz. according to information received by the government. The fourth with Commodore Azucta on board, remained loyal to federal government but was-covered by the guna of the other vessels and not allowed to obtain provisions. It is generally thought the commodore soon mtiBt siir render. ~ ^ - • ISiLUON TYPHOON LOSS l'lillipplno.s Swept l»y npstriirltfe Storm Wodiiciiday niid It<>pari.>i are Inrouiplelo. (By the dollars Is the by a typho<mj Associated P TPSS) .Manil,!. Oct. Twenty-flve million estimated damage done which swept the Philippines on October ICth. The storm extended over a wide area, touching Sru- Igao in the south, Taolagan In north, and crossing I.oyta, Bohol, Cebu, Xe- gro5 and Panay. Reports from the various districts are incomplete and contain ndthing definite concerning the rich sugar dis- ti;;icts in Kegros nor the interior points in Cebu and Panay. ACTIVE IX COUXTY CAMIMIGX' SlIOKT TIME rO KEtaSTEK. THE .MOOSE rLl'B KJXORED ("onnly ("Hodldafes in PonclaN Kefa.«iod to Attend. The Hull Moose Club of Lawrence met Thursday nighi as planned hut as no county candidate.': appeared before the self-appointed tribunal, there was-no quizzing of them as to how they stood in regard to the state and congressional tickets. Tlie Moose Club • . took the ground that it was alright to ' bolt Taft and Sherman and all wrong to bolt any otlier candidates on the Reputilican ticket and | Ifttended to make each Republican ! candidate in \ Dottglas County declare himself in fav- - or of the state ticket as made up. Clar- esoe. Hall, cba;iriuan of the Republcan connsitttee in Douglas* County, sent • 166'Moose meeting a letter in which lie said he knew tiie R«pubicaB candidates were Republicans and support •Ing the'ticket and that he had advised them not to attend the Moose meeting. And the little scheme seems to have ended with that. Sedan Times-Star: Congressman Campbell wired chairman DoUey from Sedan the'other day as follows: "I ain supporting: the Republican ticket -from toji to bottom: If 1 wasn't I wuld pff; the ticket." Do you suppose Hon. Capper will al in tJie last sen- Poll Voiiks for (.enerul Elertiou Close > Soon. The ration books of the city will close on (he night of October and none who have not previously qualified as voters will be allowed to cast a ballot at the election on November r>. As there will then be a chance to vote for President, U. S. Senator, congressman, state officers, county officers, townshlji officers and district judge every voter should be sure that he is entitled to express his preference. Belter register now and play safe. LErTlHE OX SriEXCE. (It Mr. JlcCrarken «lve!« Free Talk (inind Suodsy. Tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock it the Grand Theatre. Mr. W. D. McCrack en, of New York Cit.v, one of the authorized lecturers on Christian Science, will deliver a lecture on that faith. The lecture has been arranged for by the local church and will be free to the general public it bein^ tfeeir policy to offer these lectures from time to time as educating the public as to the real meaning and aims of the Christian Science church. Mrs. Mary Beck was returned to Osawatoraie this afternoon where she will be placed in the state hospital •for the insane. Mrs. Beck was' recently released from the institution, but bad been at her home liere but a short time when her mental condition again failed and ft was decided to return her to Osawatomie for treatment.' Mrs. J. 0. Short, of Topeka, who has hwe . visiting frJends returned Approach of Election Day Brings Can- dldntes to tlie Front. These are strenuous days in the coun ty campaign. Up to a week ago, tho disposition was to let affairs drift along as they would but with the approach of election day, candidates on both tltkets and even som^ of the Socialists are improving every hour jn an effort to broaden their chauvc of winning at the polls. Each political party is wondering what effect the unSettcd condition of affairs in the nation will have tpi :he county election and t he amb't^cn of every candidate is to steer clear of any issue that would drag Into politics a feature distinctly national. Meetings are being held in rural di.<- tricts almoiit nightly and the can't- dates are si)endlng the days mortoring through the county. About a fortnight and it will all be over. iDfAR .,W00DP.oW«- OUftliCmRARY You A MA|3O»^'"^Y» ttOMER.'SMART.lP'l J )?AR-TeDl >Y '-iA.5TRAw VOTfciJAKEK^OF /^MJifo'' 1 'cjivfr You »7^', \ TttE-jSociAUSTS of^ 00 t- AG e-Jo }i>r4| ^STRAW^^ff^JoRJT^i ISoC /.ALISnV Yo«S * *^' ALL WERE AFTER ROSENTHAL T«0 FOOTBALL (.'A.>IE.S. STATE'S MITXESSES HAD THEY'D KILL HIM SAID AndrMItttexses .Say JMrk .Swore Tliut lierkor Knen Xotlilnx u( the .Murder. (By the A .H .siwIiited rr».i») New York. t)it. l!t.—Jack Rose and "Brldgle" Webber, two of the state's witnesses against llei-ker In his trial for tlie Rosenthal murder, themselves made threats against the life of the Kansas and Prake and Missouri and Ames Today. (By the Associated Press^ Dos Moines, la., Oct. 19.—The football tetims of Drake and Kansas will meet today In their third battle as members of tho Missouri Valley conference. The Kansas team arrived inst night and is said to be in tlie best of condition. Drake finished work with a light siKnnl..pracU^ Inst night. The game is tho first hard 'ono' for either team. Both hnvi> run up the largest score ever made by their schools In their preliminary games. ARMIES AHACK THE VILUGES TURKS MASSACRE IXHABITAXTS OF SEKVIA.V TOWiX.S, Bulgarian Army 1>riTing Tnrks Bark— (Jreeee Into Fight Ignoring Turkey's AppeaL, Missouri Outrlassnl Columbia, Mo., Oct. 10.—Outweighing Ames by ten pounds to the man, gambler a month before the murder, l.iho Missouri football team will begin It was testllied today. 1 Us scheduled game this afternoon Louis Pitt, a brother of Charles Pitt,! ^''th the lowans with no expectation Lieutenant Beckers so-called jiress i of winning. The regular quarterbacks (By the A.-inoclnted Prffw) I.«ndon. Oct. 19.—Turkish liands today massacrtMl (he Inhabitants of three Servian villages to the southwest of Kraushevatz. The Turks crossed the Servian frontier from the .\'cvli>azar district, attacked the villages and then retired. McWIlliams and Lake, have weak ankles and two linemen were crippled in scrimmages yesterday. Tiie weather for tho game is idetil. Ames expects to run up a J)ig score. iTHE COLONEL OOT OF 0AN6ER agent, testified at tho Rosenthal murder trial that he visited Jack Rose in the Tombs at Rose's request. Did Rose get down on his knees and say to you 'on the grave and memory of my dear inotherh. Becker had nothing to do with this affair,' " atf<>r- nev .Mclntvre asked? "Yes, he did," repied Pitt. 1 "Did ^ou liave another conversatjon f with It<isc a month jirevious," askjnl ; i Mcintyre. j Will Leave for Oyster Bay on Wednes"Yes, Rose told me he was going to \ day Horning—Blood Poisoning have Rosenthal killed." i "Did you tell Becker about that con- j versation," Pitt was asked on cross ex- j amination. The witness replied that he did not, \ .\ot Feared Xow. for fear he would I>e arrested, as his | TAtJtJART HERE ^EXT WEEK. Congressman to Spend Two Days in Allen County. ) Coiigressman Joseph Tag^art will spend two days canuiaigning in Alien county next week. On Tuesday evening, October 22, he will speak in Carlyle and on the following evening, Wednesday, October 23 he will deliver an address in lola. The placfe of meet ing has not been definitely decided but will i)robably be in K. P. Hall. REPrBLICAXS UXITE In Oklahoma They Will Try to Ghe ^ Taft the 10 Yote.s. Oklahoma City. Oct 19.— A coalition between the Progressive and Republican parties of Oklahoma, with reference to the vote on presidential electors was reached today as a restilt of a conference of leaders of both organizations, as a result of which the combined electorial vote will be cast for President Taft. The Bull Moosers claim that the agreement does not extend to state, congressional and county candidates, but the Republican leaders hope for the support of the Progressives with but few exceptions, as the laUer party has no ticket In the field. ^ • • (By the Assoclattd PresBl Chicago. Oct. 19.—Colonel Roosevelt brother once made'a "sta'tement "1n" a ! ^111 leave for Oyster Bay .Monday fore- murder case and was arrested on au*'^"" ^^'^ Pennsylvania charge of murder. ! railroad. — Chicago, Sept. 19.—Last night was S!I(»T \ SVLOOX MAX. 'one of almost unbroken rest for Col- N ' onel Roosevelt. He fell asleep .ehort- Jnmes Htirper, Aard IS, Confessed to . ly after eleven and awoke only once the Police. between then and seven when he an- Kansa? Citv. (V(. l5.—James liar-; nounced he was ready for breakfast, per, ac<;d ei",^h(een has confessed to His wound gave little trouble. Tho the police (hat he and two other men \ crisis in his illness is believed passe<l held up and shot Al Hatch, whose sa- | and hi .<i rapid recovery is confidently loon has long been frequented by act-j expected. Blood poisoning is no long- or.e. Another mun and two women ; er regarded po.sslble and t he only dan were implicated. J ger feared now is tetanus. Sofia, Oct. !!».—The Turkish town of Mustapha-Pasha hius been taken by the Bulgarian army, whicli is now niarching on the great of Ad- rianople. The Turks were driven back all along the line. Athens. Oct. I.S.—The foreign minister at the sitting of tho chamber of deputies this afternooii announced '.hat when Greece liad declared war Turkey had made all kiiuls of efforts •nd held out ^11 sorts of promises to have Greece break away from the Balk an federation. Premier Venizelos read (J^the deputies a tele.gre.m from Crown Prince Constatine reporting that the Greek army had entered Turkish territory. vVbf.n the premier had concluded the minister of war arose and announced the departure of the Greek fleet. He said it was the one great wish of tho Greek sailors to seo the Turkish fleet leave ite moot:ings. Amid cheering the president of the chamber asked periiiission of the deputies to s»:nd greetings to the legislative chambers of the allies now that "cannon are roaring in the name of r:iviUz.ition and Christianity is at war against barbarism'" THE 60L» SMILE FEDERAL «RAX» JI?RY HA.H THE JACK JOH.XStiX CASE. CROWD MUHERS AT JOHNSON POLK EH,ID TO CLEAR WTH FOR HIS MACIflXE. Abdnrtlon auij Against White Slave Charges ^egro Are to Be Tressed Hard. (By the A .isoclatsd PrPM) Chicago. Oct. 19.—Charged with the abduction of a white girl. Jack Johnson, the negro pugilist, was arraigned today his bond raised to |1,500, and his case continued to October 29. Johnson became furious when Attor ney Erbstein. for Mrs. F. Caineron- Falconnett, the mother of the girl, demanded that the bond be increased. "I don't think It is necessary to increase the bond." Johnson told tae cpdrt.' "I'm a responsible citizen. I Ijave a business worth sixty thousand dollars." "irlniay be Worth that to you," ftasited back the attorney, "but it 's illegal and you ought tui be |)ut out of business." 'l. "All right, Mr. Mayor," commented Johnson with a laugh. "if I was mayor of Chicago you wouldn't be in business three days." replied the attorney. After considerable wrangling the bond was increased. A mittimus, ordering the detention of Lucile Cameron, whose mother swore out the warrant against Johnson as a witness for the federal grand jury investigation against Johnson, was issued today by United States Commissioner Foote on the application ' of the district attorney. She »vil! b«» held under bond.. Miss Cameron will appear before Commissioner Foote Tuesday. • She was questioned ' by government agents for two hours today but refused to tell of her relations with Johnson. Soon after the necessary papers were obtaineid,' Miss Cariieron was taken to the 1 Rockford. Illttiois, county jail by a deputy marshal. Her hear ing on a charge of disorderly conduct was set for (October 29. ^Vhen the pugilist stopped Iii| automobile in fr^nt tIL a down town hank , today, such a large crowd (fathered • that the police were called to clear a path for the machine. Mutterings against the figliter were uttered by several while men in the crowd, kut there was no open demonstration. A few negroes cried "Hurrah for Johnson." .lohnson paid no attention to the crowd but sat at the steering wheel and guided the machine careful- y between two lines of men. Once at fh'i end of the crowd he sped up the automobile and drove away quickly. W. H.. Parkin, of southwefit ot the city was in town today. Mr. SuuDden will Jtcve. '\ UNCLE SAM'S BUSINESS IS PROSPEROUS. 1%. t. Of course President Taft is not the thrill insjjirer that Colonel Roosevelt is, and possibly it would be a tremendous aid to busi- li* nes.s to kick the Republican imrty out of jwwer and turn the government over to Roosevelt with his revolutionary schemes and i)ledges to all the ijialcontents in the land, or to Wilson with a program of knocking the stuffing out of the present tariff system. BITT— Read what tho official figures show about the country's foreign trade In the face of a "Tobber tariff" and with Taft quletl.v, honestly and intelligently conducting the office of Chief Executive: Washington Oct IS.—Despite flie existence of political unrest, the imi>orts'and exiiorts of the United States for Septem;T J *. l»er and the nine months ended with that month established new records, according to a report today by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic "Commerce. The imiMrts for last month aggregated $144,863,343, the . lirevious record figure being in September of last year, when they totaled $12.''>.171,644. In the nine months ending with last month t)ie1mports reached the sum of $1.333.I2:'>,577 as against the previous record for the corresponding mouths of 1910 of $1,172,362 409. . More gratifying were the exports for September, the total that month being $196,943,811. against $193,633 232 for September of la^t year. For the nine months ending with Sej>tember the ! goods shipped abroad were valued at $l,a88.721.077. upwards of I 100 million dollars'inore than left American ports in the same period ot last year.'which bad established a new record: Tnrks to Use r .erms., Athens, Oct. IS.—Armed wi^h test tubes full of tyjihus and cholera germs, to bo loosc.I against the ene- m.v, a jiarty of Turkish surgeons is oti its w-ay from Constantinople to Jamina. on the Greek frontier, according to a setni-offlcial statement issued today and creditod to a Greek goveminenl source. AITO IXJUIfES KA.XSA.X.S. Rustave Alexander of Arkansas City is Killed. (By the AS!H>ci.\ted Press) Arkansas City, Oct. 19.—Gusfave Alexander was killed: Fra^k Kuhns and his wife injured, probably fatally, and l.*a Brown was hurt when the automobile' In which they were riding turned over here today. AH wero residents of Arkansas Cit.v. rXIO.X FIBXISUED FUXD.S. Mr>amara Sent Money for IMrManl. gaPs Operations. I (By the A.'i.'ioclated/Preap) Indianapolis, Ltd., Oct. IS.—Postoffice money orders showing |jow J. J. McXamara sent through the mails funds which Ortio MOIanigal used on his dynamite trips were produced at the "dynamite conspiracy" ;trlal today. I BoHer KUIs Two. I (By the Associated" Pi <^8). Webb City. Mo., Oct 19J—JosepS Browder and Curtis BarnesI miners, were killed and J. J. .Lewii, owner, was injured, when a boiler at the Sucker Flat Mine exploded today. Mrs. Uml^d ,of Clay Center, has pnrebased-piepMrtjrj in the city and NEBRASKA REPOBUGANS WIN Cvnrt Says Committee May Pnt ILi Electors on Republican Ballot I ' Tire Moosers. (By the Associated Press) . Lincoln, Xeb., Oct. 19.—The district court today granted the writ asked by the Taft Republican State Committee providing that the six Taft men chosen by the committee as electors on the Republican ticket shall be designated on the official bfillot as Republicans instead of the six Roosevelt men nomi­ the April primaries as Republicans. The RocCsevelt men have; declared their intention to appeal the case. CHURCH FtXB flfiOOfiOO. Christian m <sk>n«ry Society Has Ami hHIon Realised. r.,ouisville, Ky., Oct. The Amerl can Christian Missionary- Society's ambition to bare a permanent .fund of $1,000,000 for its church extension board has been- attained, it was 'an-. nounced today at the session of the society held here ih connection witlT the International Convention of the Disciples of Ciirist. Receipts of $136,000 the last-year raised the fund to $1,013,520. Last year 213 chnrches t were built by aid from this Jund. KlmnA Clalauit. (By the Associated Press) St. Ix>ui8, Oct. -19.—The claimant in the Kimmel mystery case arrived today to go on the stand and testify that he is George A. Kimmel. Seierence Funeral Tomorrow. The funeral of the late Mrs. Arthur Severence will be ;held at the residence 51J1 North Chestnut tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. O. C. Moomaw officiating. Burial will be made in the Highland cemetery. At a biislness meeting of St. John's Altar Eo <tiety yesterday afternoon final arrangements for the eleotiofl day diitner were made, it is to be held in the Bragg & Dildine building on the east side of the sqtiare, November 5. In connection with the dinner aprons' and other useful articles will fbe on sale. ~ After the bnslhess meeting, the hostess. Mrs. Grant, served a dainty two course luncheon. L. K. Hall .of Topeka^ who has been here helping in the T: M. C. A. work, wjeitt to Neosho thia afternoon. Mrs. Hair, whO' has akso been here vistdng iira. K: C. VTalker. went lo'Baldwin. Aiter a. brief visit t^re. 4be ^wHl pro-/

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