Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 30, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1889
Page 1
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I VOLUME 8, STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 1839. NUMBER 194. r~cl I, ' ' ,' * J•'* * FOUL AND FIENDISH Death No Atonement for Devilish Crime. This THE DISASTER AT PALATINE. Only Kcmr I'ori-m* liilloil— <=•>'! Knil to n RT & N. W. TIME TABLE, OOINO »ABT. AUaotlo Ex ..... 2 :« ». m Sterling Faos...0:36 a. ra- Limited Fass. 8:52 ».m. , 3:40 a.m.' • 111.1 hr . Denver OO1NOWK8T. Pacific Ex 2:22 a. m. Sterling Pass. 8 :CO p. m. Limited Pass. 4KH p. m. OllntonPasa Denver l :13 p. m. 8:6S .FJBSIOHTTBAIHBTHAT CABBY GOING HAST. GOIMO WBBT. N0.19 No. 4C.... 8.1B p. m. _ 6;60 &. m. No. S5...~ ...,J! :40 a. m. ..10*2 a. in. QOINO KA8T. I OOIKO WBST. iS-Fassenuer 6:30 a.m. 8«—Passenger 4:20p.m. 70-Freight *:4» p.m.|41— Frelglit....^6:00a.m ARRIVE FROM KA8T. 711 -P»ssenger...9:00p.m. TV-Freight,,.... B:tOa.ra. ABKITB FBOM W1E8T. 36—Passenger >0 i8u a.m. 42-Frelgbf......6:30p.m. Passenger No. 88 connects with trains east and -wort on Clinton Branch: with 0. B. L a R R. B. at Rock Island east and west; with main line fur points west. Council Bluffs, Omaha and nr- yond and for Kansas City mid points iMsyoml, —SPECIALTIES." The Finest, Most Durable, and holds its shape the best of any whip In tlie market. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running anil Latest Improved Bweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, tl.EO. Two sacks J2.80 Hall Patent, ••"•>• 1.40. " " 2.00 Some of the oldest residents.of this .city claim this to bo the best flour they efer used In the State of Illinois.' Oreama of" Patent, (Sun, I>aisy and. Minn. . JRoiler in stock. UHE DEEPEST DEPTH OF ATROCITY Perpetrntnil on *» Bercntlfttl and Unprotected Girl—Tbo Ijwt Enormity of ttio Womait-KiUltie: Monstro&Ky—-Tim VinSlra Chloroformed by ft ICfjeot-etl Suitor, Violated mill Then C.irhollo Acid ForemT TJown Hor Throat nml Sho ILeft Dying —Hunting the Monster, SABKTHA, Kan., Sopt 80.—Miss Eva Purty, tho 'X- year-old daughter of a wealthy fartnor living n«ir Sabotha, was ovigago-1 to marry tho son of a neighbor. Last Monday she received an anonymous note, in which her life was threatened unless she renounced the man of bor choice and bestowed her affections upon tho writer, whose identity was plainly revealed as one of her rejected sult- ars. . Tho girl showed tho letter to her father, but when ha went to find tho young man who wrote it that worthy had loft the county. Dragged from Her Home. At 11 o'ckck yesterday morning, when iad Forty WHS at hotnu alone in tho farmhouse, her parents having gono to church, a n masked man was g'-'on by a neighbor's child to enter tho hotmo in a manner so stealthy as to nrouso suspicion. The fact was reported, and Farmer Purty was sum- mi und from church. On arriving homo he Sound the kitchen In a state of great disor- Icr, as though n fierce struggle bad taken place there, and tho room was full of the strong odor of chloroform. Across the yard to a cornfield was a trail showing that n per!on had been dragged bodily from the house, und just hidden in tho ripening corn lay tho unconscious body of Eva Purty. An Vnopenkabla Crime. Her person had boon violated and an attempt to nitmler her hail been mnde by fore— ing ft qiiA»t4t,y tit curlir.TU) Hold flown her throat,; Tha HMO, of tho fucfi: anil noct is kit's ibl} buiuoii and swollen, while the in- iido of the mouth and throat aro fearfully oaten by tho drug. The girl waa carried to the houso and every effort was made to restore her, but late last night physicians declared she cannot recover. A score of. men »re scouring the country In search of the miscreant who committed tho. fiendish as- Bault ANOTHER JEALOUS DASTARD. A Young "Woman Shot, tiy n Cowardly Hound Who Escapes. BAWIHORB, Md., TSepl.80.— John Fpiozn, aged 23 years, baa hoou paying court for several months to Miss Gaorgle Stone, 19 years of age, who lives in tho northern suburbs of Baltimore, and* it was understood that they were engaged. Yesterday afternoon Friezo met Mtas S-oiio walking on tho Foils road with Robert Mooro. . The je«loun Frieza upbrnidud the girl nnd told her if she did not cut Mooro's acq ualntance be would cut here. "Then consider all at an oud between ua," retorted the girl. "Yes, and consider that as an end to you," Bald Friezo, as he quickly drew a pistol and fired. Ha fired three shots. The first struck her in the eye; tho s.'cond in the abdomen; tho third miasod the mark. Friozai then fled and has not ye£ boon captured. Miss Stone is lying at her homo in a critical condition. * liilloil— <=•>' ! — The Wmi AMSTKRI>AH, N. Y., Sopt W. — Friday night's ropnrlsof tho ar.'iMil.;nt to tho St. ImiilH pxpr-:^s nonr I'rilutino briil.^0 ^oro mucli exr\i(r'-rntoil. It turns out that only four pnrsons worn killed. The isvock miglit have doprwod ^ c mplo of raHwG^ys — t)in C., C., C. and I., and tlio Michigan Central — of their respective presidents, ns both, H. B. Iiedyard, of tho latter, and M. B. Ingalls, of tho former, worn in their privnta cars which were part of tho train. Mr. L^flyard'^ car was damaged, but hr? osnaped unluirt, as did Mr. iH^slin. Miu Ingnlls,, who was with her husband, wns not so fortunato, boing slightly hurt. Following are tho names of those killod, and who were dug out of the wreck after some very hard work: R«r. Prentlcj DUTP;- Dayton, O., ngod about 00 years; Bailie Boyd, Weatpor;, N. Y., maid to Mr.i. W. H. Manning, aged about 34; William H. Manning a real estnto dealer, of Marquetto, Mich., and Charles Franklin, porter on Pull man, aged 38. The wounded were: Mrs. W. H. Manning, Westport, injured about tho head; Mlsg Tate, Fredonla, back hurt and face out; Engineer Horth, Albany, both legs broken and otherwise injured; R A. Fowlor, a lumber dealer, 'New York, concussion of the spine and othorwise seriously Injured; William H. MeEtRoy, II. J. Lewis, and W. H. England, New York, injured slightly. Tho Snddent Feature ol Che IHniuter. Tho most pathetic foaturo of tha accident was tho killing of W. H. Manning. Mr. Manning a few weeks ago came east to Wostport, N. Y., where bo married Miss Julia Davis, a wealthy and beautiful young lady. They had passed a few weeks of their honeymoon in the oaat and had started for their now home, where an elegantly furnished houso awaited them. He was thought not to bo fatally hurt when first rescued from the wreck and was encouraged to think that he would pull through, but died soon after boing removed to Wngnnr at.Cnnnjnliatle.— TUs—wifn irirtiSiViilffuT llt- i1o wonmu nnd._.wus very bravo, tjhodo »!«<•'.•'.- ti..;'_...'.^ni»i- Hit 'right when the fescuers reached her, and told them to look lo her husband Mr. Manning was o relative of tho lato Bucrotary Manning, ON CUPIirH TRAIL. A Stern Parent's Hot Chase After Runaways, AN ARTFUL YELLGW-HAITIIID GIRL. Hldo lnjr on The Comedy Hona Into a <inmo of f»ml-8n*?1c, Pursuer »ml I'nrsuprt Bo tho Slime Trraln — A Vciry "Kpprpho Way of O«ttlnjt Out of a Difllcnlly— Two Other tovlliK Hearts United Only to Sepnrato for a Tlmn. Mll.WAt7ir.GK, Sept. 30.— A girl with yellow ' curly hair stepped daintily out of the Kirby nous? at noon Saturday and crppt into a car- ringn that stood.near the curl^ The carriage wns drawn toward the lake shore, and another runaway mnrriage was about to take place. Tho girl was Miss Jane 8. McKinley, tho daughter of J. B. McKinloy, a real estate agent of Champaign, Ills, The prospective groom was Orville W. Cannon, a son of W. B. Cannon, the wealthy banker of Danville, Ills. The banker's son was in the carriage when tho girl entered and tho vehicle stopped in front of the residence of Rov. Stanley Lester, of Bt Paul's church. Half an hour later tho marriage coremony was performed by the rector and the runaway couple returned to tho Kirby house. Ml*s Fuller Gnvo Her n Pointer. Tho love affair which terminated in Milwaukee's most recent sensation began some time ago. Mis-i McKinloy fell in love with the banker's son very easily, because he is handsome and the heir to a million or two. Hhe went away to college under the stern command of her parents, who hod picked out another husband for her. Last March ubo happened to be at tho Kirby hou^e when Miss Paulina Fuller t tho" daughter of chief tho justice, croated^8nnRalii!n_-by_marrT- aH-AulJrt'yT'f'rciiiea.KO. Tho circum- Tin A Good Stock of 'Tomato Cans. Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of j " • MASON'S GUSS'PBDH-jyiSAND ife JELL IOMBIM LEFI^ r .""'•. AT- . - •., '.._ •• . •L. \j. JOHNSON'S, Ailvocntlnjc State Socialism. CHIOAOO, Sept 80.— A 'mass-meeting was held yesterday afternoon at Vorwaerts Turner hall under the aupices of tho Socialist Labor party. Tho topic wns "Our Principles and Our Tactics. " Adelbert Hamilton, a local attorney, was chairman. J. F. Bushe, of New York, briefly outlined tho fundamental principles of state Boelalism. Ho declared that believers in Socialism were in no sense Anarchists or sjwnpathizors with Anarchists. Ho declared that Socialists were loyal to the government and believed in centralization of the executive and distribution of the legislative power. Other speeches wero mode defending the Socialist doctrine that the govsrn- merit should own and operate all tlw great Industries. ' v A CHANGE. Bl' S.+ fr\ 8UCCESSOB8 TO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and WaU Paper. CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 HUES Of stse! track In Illinois, Sowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota anal Wyoming, petnstratas the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AHD NOfiTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of tho Line embrace* Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulljmn Sleepers, Superb •day Couches ar.d FAIT VESTIEilU® TRJUHS Runnmg direet t>«tw«en Chicago. St. Paul stnd Miflnoapoiis, Council Bftsffs aid O«ah», cor»««cting for Pori)»nrf, Detwer, San Frsrsciscoand'til P»eific Coast Pomts- WYUNE ID tiff BUCK HIUS TOT f 1«S Killed by (t Hearty Ijtagh. Cmtftoo, Sopt 80.— CoL Wiley B. Scrlb- ner ( recorder of Cook county, veteran of the late war, prominent in Grand Army matters, and widely known aa ai politician and soldier, died Saturday tnwhjng at hia residence, 870 La Sallo uvenue. The causa of Mr. Bcribner's death wns retuui-kable; He was'affeetcd'wttlransuriBuvof tbs aorta, ond had been bod-ridden for two months. Saturday he laughed heartily at newspaper article and a, moment afterward dropped back on the bed dead. The aorta had burst and the blood gushed through a small aperture In hie breoft, dying tho bed and floor with hia life current. _ A PAWOUS Soldier Gone to Best. ST. PACI,, Sept. ,80.— Gen. Samuel D. Sturgls, U. a A., died at his home in this oity Saturday, He woa graduated from West Point in 1«48 along with George B. ilcClellau, "Stonowall" Jackson, Stonoman, Flckett, and many other famous gen ernla. Gen. Sturgla engaged in some of the mo tit Important battles of tho war, of the rebellion and fought Indians for forty years in tho northwest, retiring from active command three years ago. _ • UU Reputation Was Below Far. WASHINGTON Cirtr, Sept 80.— Assistant ttecrotary iiussoy has rejected the application of Martha Adanu, widow of William Adama, for a pension. The ovidenco showed that Adams enlisted in Company C, Thirty- ninth Kentucky mounted infantry, Dee. 20, ! 603, ami desortol An;-. 10, r«U. On. Fob. 8, 1805, he ru-euiUtoJ us a substitute ftud lorvud until 1 honorably discharged. The claim is rejoctod for lack of proof, aud because of the ba r l reputation of Adams, Tlie Rotterdam Striker*. ROTTBBBAM, Sept. SO.— -At o meeting of the gU-ikerd uell FrW»y evening it was resolved to exc'.ulo all Socialists from tha movoiueuti and to conduct tlia atrika in »n orderly manner. Ttia resoiutio:i was adopted amid clwera for the h'mse of Oi'angA A workman wn« uxiw)t«>I trtnu thu meeting for attempting ta mabo n SooltHat oration, TWOMBLEY WAS DRUNK. Tho Rock Iitlnml Engineer Who Cansod tlie Washington IlolchU IJlKunter. CHICAOO, Sept 80.—The coroner's jury investigating tho Washington Heights accident, concluded its work' Saturday by hold- Ing Twombley, the engineer and La Cloche, the flroman, of tho freight engine, responsible for the accident Tho crowning foaturo of the investigation-waaiha confession of Fireman La Cloche, mado after the verdict was brought in and in which ho admitt.-d tlmt. his testimony, in which ho swore Twombley was sober, was false, and that Twombloy was drunk the night of the accident. The Knglnoer's Bud Hubltn. Division Superintendent Chamberlain testified that ho had nothing to do with discharging or employing engineers, ho could only recommend. He had token Twombley oft his engine at least throe times for being drunk. The last time was almost o year ago, after which Twombley was discharged. Ho was re-employed ty bis father, the master mechanic. Bo far as Mr. Chamberlain knew, Twombloy was the only engineer discharged for drunkenness who was reinstated. He did not know why the exception was made In Twombley's case. Twemibley's Father Teitifle*. Master Mechanic Twombley, father.of the engineer, said ho had discharged hia son on his own responsibility, for drinking, and had reinstated him at the request of Mr. Kiraball; assistant to the president of the road, and upon assurances that ho had quit drinking, which oarna from his follow- engineers. Tho jury'a verdict, besides placing the actual blame on Twombloy and La Clobho, censures tho conductor for not eon- trolling the train, and tha railway for not exercising duo dilligenco In demanding proper service by tho employers. A Fool for Lnotu NIAOABA. FALLS, N.Y., Sept 30.—Float- Ing down tlie Niagara river from Grass Island aud landing on the head of Goat Island is considered at all times a very hazardous undertaking, and of no practical use, yet it has been accomplished several times. This summer "Jocco" Walker and onej Darry were carried over the Horso-Bhoo falls when it was supposed that they, too, wore trying to reach the island. But these casualties did not prevent Anthony Walker, a well-known river pilot, from attempting the trip yesterday afternoon. Taking "an oldrseow, he rowed ovor'to Onus island, and amid much excitement made the trip successfully. Good luck more than good management landed him on tha Island. stance served as a valuiU-'lu j.oiiiU : i iu tho 'Cuuiuiiaign belle, and she profited by It. Miss McKlnley was not a etrangor to Milwaukee scones, for sho had spent a greater part of tho summer hero as the companion of her mother, who was in tho city for medical treatment ICmhracod the Opportunity. A week ago the mother came back to Milwaukee after boing at her homo for a month. The daughter did not accompany her. In the meantime,*, tho elopcmont bad been planned. Letters passed between tho lovers, who thought it would be easier to fool the old man alone, than both of the girl's parents. Last Thursday evening young Cannon went to soo his sweetheart Fortunately tho father was out, and a younger sister, named Florence, was at home alono, -It was -an easy matter to conciliate the sister and win her silence. The Old Man on the Trull. Tho runaways lovers loft Champaign aud started for Chicago. They had hardly reached tho next station before Father Me Klnley returned homo and made tho discovery that his daughter had fled. Tho sister broke down and confessed the whols story, and then Champaign's real estate agent was angry. He danced around tho railway station waiting for a train, and his wrath know no bouuds. He somehow bad a suspicion that bis daughter was headed for Milwaukee, and when Chicago Was reached ho "•jw to the Northwestern station. What time ho lost before starting bo now gained on tho runaways, for they were startled to see the old man cotno wheezing into tho station aud grab the roar of tho tram they had taken. A Game of JUUle and Seek. MINORITY REPORT ON THE SAINTS. Ocn. Mrf'l«rnnnrt Dornn't Afrreo wllll Hll CoifnnptirR—HU Cnnrloilom. "U"Asnr.-Tr.TO^ CITY, S'pt. I!H,—John A, McC!«riiand, of the Utah commission, Snt- iminy submitted o minority report on tins Mormon question to Secretary Nolil.--. His reason for HO tloin^, ho Ftate-*, is h.'s non-con- currcnice in tho report of his collca-jtifii in "its general animus, particularly in its treatment of thn distinction between opinion and action;) as suoj--ct.i of legislative punishment," Tho cxistins laws, ho Buys, are working well. "To let well enough alone is a W|R< mid safe rule," ho continues. "1 would therefore recommend general adherence to it.'' Conntlliitlonnl Amrndmcnt Urged. Mr. McClernaud enters upon an extensive treatise showing tho danger to b) appro- bended from trenching upon tho religious convictions of a people, and quotes copiously from Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, nnd thn d eeisions of the supremo court to sustain his position on the subject Ho concludes by recommending an amendment to the constitution "perpetually prohibiting polygamy under whal soever its guise, not only In tho states!, but also in tho territories and other places over which the -United States have or may have jurisdiction." Ho dwells at length upon the import- nnco of this amendment, and says it •would substitute o "lasting organic law for a fugitive legislative enactment vrhlcb must cense to operate with tho cessation of tho anomalous territorial condition." Opposed to Reviving Intolerance. The Mormon religion, be snys, purged of itfl impurities, will probably survive. How long ho cannot foresee. "The ages of that fanaticism and fatuity," be concludes, "which conceived thu Inquisition and tho racks; which Invented the mediceval writ do heretico combiirendo; which burned Latir mer and Ridley nt the stake; which inflicted the massacre of Bt Bartholomew; which rnthlesiily extnrinliiatui]—diswrntors' from nrllliidux'y in Urn Ni-thrtrlandfi, and which ilrovo t ho-Tin:;'.••-;...;.v.«u I-iuyuunois, li«j Vimkers and their co-devotees to the cause of freedom from their native lands, to, |nd refuge in the New World and to people |; with teeming millions and to bless it with Republican principles and forms—those ages have passed away. To revive their dark and intolerant spirit now, in the nineteenth century, would add another proof and lament tlmt the eourno of nations is not upon straight linos, but in wayward circles, ending where they began nnd re-boginning whore they endud." th r:n;-' l:mlM-r?l? F. f,.r Uilv;.iti. P-ii-i."a ciisiT-'p-im-y of £ Ill-Ill j'l-t li-riir.5 it: c.-v.h of thr- Ill-ill j-l-t li"forn its fMilc.r.-, mid who dis:ip|>-':ii-i'I fi-ii'ii hit bmru' H ipt. IS, is wimtj'd for nllivi':l cit.b'Mli'niniit of tho firm's nuinr-y. A reward of ?•"'<*> !)?-* been offprod for the nrn'st nC t,\a f-,ii:itive. Cl.fTunl, it is claimed, robl etl big employer* Sj-fct^Muttirully for a Ion?; time. It \v;is not until tho examination of the books nfter thu failure that it wai disc ivero.l that ho was at! emb. z/.lr-r. '1 ho amount of his peculations, BO fnr as discovered, is $20,110;), with tho probability tlmt the Bum will amount to doubl'j that figure. HOME RULE FOR IRELAND. iru 4< Doc" Amop, of MinnoapnllN, Clvol FrlemU n Surprise, its It Were. MINNEAPOLIS, Sept MO.—Ex-Mayor Ames has just return from Europe and tho citizens RUVO him a welcome homy Saturday night, a big paratlc nnd welcoming epccches being on tho programme. Mr. Ames wn» tho lost speeker a id hu said that when ho loft homo ho was in favor of homj i ulo for Ireland, but; his opinion now was that they •were 'not capable of governing themselves.' Continuing, uounid: .., . "Put American schools in Ireland for a generation or two and then they will bo rendy for homo rule. Hut now they are not competent for self-government. I . had plenty of opportunity of studying tho Irish question, and I am convinced of ono thing, that Ireland Is priest-riddou. Where you lind thu priest you find ignorance, and whore you ilnd ignorance you find misery. Nothing but education can pn.Il Ireland out of the slough of tlesponil." The above remarks cxcito unusual com- mentas boing very impolitic in view of tiio large Irish Roman Catholio constituency r.mind to Have a SoniiBtlon. CHICAGO, Sopt 80.—Sunday morning Tho Tribune devoted four columns to a nen- BntiiMial statement that Tascott did not murder Millionaire Snell, but that one, Giilnn, n crook, did tho deed and confessed it on his death-bed to Rev. Fothei- SJlIivan, of St. JarlathM church. Father Sullivan says tho Btoryiea "fake;" that ho never saw a man named Gillan, nor received any such confession. Chief of Police Hubbard, A. J. Stone, and all those familiar with the crime, also pronounce tho story a hoax. Tlmt Insatiate Kngllnh Syndicate. CHICAOO, Sept 30.—Tho Tribunu prints an article declaring that a British syndicate has gobbled ten big breweries, including Bernii & McAvoy, Wackor & Birk and tho Scbora- hoft'on, of this city, o long list of elevators in Minnesota and Dakota, and will In a few days gobble tho Minneapolis flour mill properties. A telegram from C. A. Pillsbury, of Minneapolis, says the story is a hoax, so far as bin mills are concerned. The capital involved, nays Tho Tribune, is from $10,000,000 to JTiO.OdO.OOO. _..- - Tv!inijm>rn the Circular. ST. LouiBi Mu., ..Gv^t; '.!"»- Tint corporations to whom the secretary of stato sent circulars requiring them to take oath that they do not lwlons-to-nny "trust," have dr. termined to ignore thu circular, having taken legal advice, which informs them that the law is Invalid. Mutllttted by Fennnylvanla Kobbern. WiLKKsnABBK, Pa., Sept 30.— Near Bblckshmny Saturday morning B man named Joseph Lembor was found in a strip of woods with his skull fractured and one of his ears cut off. He says he was attacked and robbed by some parties unknown. ,jHis injuries are fatal. Minister Wnshlmrne Arrlvm Home, NEW YORK, Sept SO.—Among the passengers on the steamer La Bretagoe, which arrived yesterday from Havre, was Hon. J. D. Washburtie, the American, minister to Bwitzerlani Editor O'Urlon Getting Well. LONDON, Sept. 30.—William O'Brien, member of parliament, editor of United Ireland, who is confined in Qalway jail,. is slowly regain ing his health. Tills powiJsr rtcrcr vsrtesi. A rasrvsl ef Jw 4 * strength and wholenomenRas. More eoonorolsal than the ordinary kinds, and can not be »sio IE competition with the multitude of tow test, «S!Bt iiidt, K.IIIIIII <'i I'liospbiUe powders. lold o iiv n ofm*. IIUTAL JBAKIKO Fowmca Co., 406 Wall Ht...vw lork Thon-iui'My plmns" tho tilcml, which !B the foununtt of li«'nlili.liy iminit I>r. Pir-rW* Go! 'on Mi-lKsil 1.1<•=-ivory, nnd imo.1 tiiRWitum, . fair ekin, liti«y:int 8|i!rlif. HtiJ Ixxiily tiea.a anil vlifor will !>• t^i.ilills-hi-tl. Gnhlen Mi-dKsil ]) cures all humors, from the coTnnion plniplo, blott-h. orcmptJjn, to the woi-st St-r-ifuhi. or Ijlood-polson. !^- iipninlly him It proven Itti c-mnitcy In cntlnff Bit It-rheum or Tetter, r.cM'ma, ErjTplTscSsa, Hlp-.1')lnt UlscnMV 8«T>fiilims Sfirvs nnti t^wellinira. Knltirpwl UwiinW, win- tm -or-'i'hirk NivK, nnJ lCntln>f fc«rcfl .or L'hM-rs. (lo|i|-':v-*r. ,'.. ; i..i! -li.wwv«-jr ciirfB-Conmimp- Uori (which i? t*<;n>:ulii of tin.' Lunge), iiy aa wiindcrful bl»"d - purif) liur. Invittoratlntf, nnd nutritlvo propi'iUtR, if MUen )»4«me. For Wciik I/IIIKTS, Ppliting of Ulixxl, t'hort- n.'sa of, C:ttJirrh In the H<?ad, Bronchitis, Skiviii-u" C<)uijl.&; Asthmn, mul teiudi^ nffi-iitlont. It is a Bovfrviffn rt-medy. It promptly -mrps tlie sc-vfrcet Toughs. 1'Vir TVirriifl r.h-ur. Uil.loti8ncr«. or "Liver Cumplnlnt." Dyspepsia, mid lndigi«8tlon,it M an un( qiial'-d rorawly. Sold by druggists. 1'rlco $1.U(), or six buttles for $5.00. EJGHTH 'POINT Yon should rtml Tnn CHICAGO DAILY NKWS bccaus«« vf la.-fj iH-es 'V-il will rol On- appofnt your Jie«xJ&. Ss take* into Its purpose the farmer Rnd mechanic, as w«!l a* the rttrr- chant and professional man. Every farmer can now have daily market rtpcru lni(e»d»f weekly, and at little more tons the old-time price ol'hiic wMkljr. The mechanic can now irfforp both price and the time form* daily paper. The poor may now bcas well informed on current aflfairsa* the rich. Intelligence Is within the itaeh af all. TIIK CHICJICO DAILY Ncwv— Independent, itcn-pirttittn, fab to all—h everybody's paper. Semembtr—1\* circnlntton in 2=0.000 a day— met It million a wcclt—and It coslc by mail 55 cH. . a monti), four months $1.00,— ofrt ftttt a avy. A Game of Hide nnrt SeoK. i^>"h» " ••»• - — , ' Tho runaways sprang into a corner of tho Uhich Dr. Ames would have to appeal to parlor car and gave the porter a handful of I™™ he to enter thu political arena ugftm. gold to make their ooncoalmeut sure. The LOUISIANA STEAL GROWING, old gentleman rode on the same train to j ' nfc uyuiaim ^ ' Milwaukee and never discovered tho run- I Another Development In tiio Chapter or The Sugar-froiu-Sorghum Problem. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 80.— In an interview on the subject of tha new diffusion process of obtaining sugar from sorghum cone. Secretary Rusk, who has just returned from an investigating tour in the west, shld: "I cannot say that tho process has proved a success. The government chemists stationed at the mill? are at work to find ways of improving on tho results which we now get. At present but one- half tho product goes Into syrup, and if that could bo made into sugar it seema to mo that the industry would be very profitable; but untau that can be done I am very doubtful about the profit of making sugar from sorghum cane. The chemists are hopeful." Blew Ksr Huucl Clear Off. YOBK, Pa., Sapt, 80.— About 1 1:30 Saturday morning a boiler in a quarry at Wrightsville, this county, exploded with torritto loreo. Mrs. Lemuel Barnes win in»tantly killed, her head baiug blown completely off. H«r husband had his ttkull fractured and cannot live. .A small building WHS blown to atoms. __^________ aways. Whoa the Cream City wua reached another obstacle presented itself. The old man was on the train and a discovery would cause a scandal. Fortune f avored the lovers and they climbed down on one side of the train while the stern parent slid oil on tho other to hasten to hia wife and tell her of the family troubles. He took one carriage and tho runaways took another. Very Reprehensible of Them. The old man rushed into the Kirby house and a moment later was in the presence of his wife. Ho oaked for their daughter, but received no comforting information. The lovers had now formed an ingenious plan. The girl was to rush in on her parents at the Kirby house and declare that she had never seea the banker's son, while her lover was to seek seclusion at an obscure west side hotel, for if tboy were overhauled in Milwaukee the entire scheme would fail. This plan was carried out Miss McKinley. wont to the Kirby house at once and told her mother that she only wanted to fool bor and that she had no intention of marrying. Tho girl's prank was forgiven aud the old man returned home. . The Blother Forgives Them. :Meanwiletho banker's sou was housed ou the west side. Ho waited patiently for some wcrd from his sweetheart, and Saturday morning sho sent him a note. She kissed her mother good-bye, and a short time afterward introduced her husband. Tho old lady was reconciled because she bod to be, but she dictated a long tplcgram to a real estate agent in Cbauipaign telling him that ho didn't know aa much this year as ho did last. Miss McKinluy is 10 years of ago, and her husband has just reached hia majority. They will remain In Milwaukee for a week, when they will leave for California. MARRIED AND SEPARATED. Get 'EUa Tto» *Uo S-ohootn. llon w«W carritxl at t-U'j ra>«ting of th» xohoo] board Friday flVL-plng (but thu Amoripan .flag »bouM iw iiUj>la>'«d. (romuach school liouse in fiw citv, every sabiwl J^y is) tti« wil'a apiW' >prl«t<.« «>'r>unr>B(ni* at toe ami lowrriim uf tii« ftftg- "* year, 91** . SO. - -IVrt y Convicted of Murder. la., Sept 80.— The Jury in the Billings case has agreed upoa a verdict of murder in th» second degree. Thirteen ballots woro talcon. The defendant showed no emotion. The easo will probably be ttp- pouled. The may be ten years or more. _____ _ — toolifi L1U« It Might Be Straight. LOSDON, S*\s> 6 ' 80,— The Human Catholic primate of Armagh haa announced ahat tb« popo will probably l»av» Home shortly. Tn coaneutioo wilh-Uila •ftiinouuwnaeut the prt- luato took occuiiiu to dnptoro the iner«aaicg Isok of r«»ar>">c6 and ruugion In Tilts J» Uatl.nT LoiHttOS, Se|«t, W.™ & ta»aiii ci«ut sam of a o.f to» ! A Very Young; Couple Run Away, Murrloil, and Thou 1'iirt. DANVIJ.LE, His., Sept ^JO.—Miss Stewart is a. handsome blonde, 17 years old, and the only daughter ol! James Stowurt, a wealthy architect of Kansas City. Johii W. Sbuman is 31 years of ogo, tall, Mark, distinguished looking, and is assistant, post- muster, at Lebanon, Indmua, , the sou of Folix Stiumau, a uoted politician. Tho two rngt at Indianapolis this summer, where the lady was spending ber vacation, fell desperately in lova, aud resolved to get married. As neither could Bccuro parental consaut, thoy went, to Lafayette Friday, but could not secure tho license wfthoift parjury, us tuj brido was not of It-gal age. Thuy tb«refore CUPIIU to DauviHa ou an early train, telegraphing ahwftd for ths lioonw, and arrivoj til tUo court houss before the doors wuro i>(»n«J, They Snp»r*t« at the Altar. Tho lic^nso was secui'etl juui »t t> o'clock Hatunlay morning Judg^ Kvany inailo tht-?n and wlf*. TUsu fiillowal ouv &>. tolUtf ("?«»*: Ofllclisl ItusonHty. NKW OniJ!AN3, Sept. I!0.—It is now stated upon what appears to bo good authority that irregularities have been discovered in what are known as the "Baby" state bonds. Hearly all of these bonds numbered above 103,000 are reporUxl to bo fraudulent, and there are irregularities in some of the lower numbers.— Amounts to *1,20O,OOO Now. Attorney Oonoral Kodgurs admits that the "Baby" bouds have been abstracted or otherwise tampered with to tho amount of $400,000. According to tho calculations of Judge Rogers the total defalcation of stato funds already in sight is over $1,'JOO,OOQ. Car'. Jones Uloa of Ills Injuries. PHTSBUIIO, Pa., Sopt 30.—Copt W. R. Jones, the general manager for Carnogie's extensive Edgar Thompson Stool works at Braddock, who was so badly burned in last Thursday's explosion at that works, died at the .Homa'pathia hospital Saturday night from tho effucts of his injuries. Cant. Jones was ono of tho most popular men in this city and wtvi well-known throughout the state. Ho was well liked by both capitalist* ami laborers, dipt Jones was also ono of the leudora in raising money for the Johnstown sufferers, subscribing $^5,000 himtwlf. Great Conllhgnitlon nt Itutte, M. T. ST. PACL, Minn., Sopt 30.— Specials to Tho Pioneer Press from.Butte, M. T., asy that flro Saturday caused a loss of about $300,000. Among the buildings burned were the Bowes block, First National bank, Honnessy'a dry goods store, Babcock'a hut store, the Bernard block, Gamin's shoe store, and several smaller establishments. It Will I-ihely Ho SacoeMfal, Too. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept 80.—Robert BlggH, colored, w'ao committud nn outrage on a wbito woman at Luke View, Miss., in August last, has been captured near tho stato line ami is now in jull honx Ha will bo taken to Hernondo, Miss., and it is Ixjliovud that iiu attempt will bo rnailn to mob mid lynch him. Two Young Men Drowned. Masi, Sopt 80.— Fouryouug mill operative* living near Fontoosuc lake were rowing on tho lake yesterday afternoon when their bout capsiz*!. Alfred Ford, ngo-i '.-4, and Firon Champino, aged 'ii, were drowned. Tho other two were res>i'U:-d by « bout which |int nut from tho shorn. Or.uitl Atmy Mcu <>n l > uritile. Pa, H,-!'t. 3J.—Ttw of. eaitorn IVnti.sylV-inid HI unit )>«rail. tnen ni:ifvlsisi iu luits nuvl rov- A> my |ru. 5 is from ail i:i:c I. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $8.1Q per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE .RIBBON, CAPITAL. CR E AM PATENT* KANSAS .WINTER, SUN, : DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it. REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, We are selling nothing but Jfo. 1 Meats- JVo Seconds- Prices Low as the Lowest. We are now prepared to do in all the latest styles.'] Army call one aiii 4 111 ts io we til

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