Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1912
Page 8
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-,.'J>rtvlig to lola from the north lait *, jf' "'f't I traveler encountered- a load v.,ot'biBy and -R motor car. both atand- . -i lliiKiin. the middle of the road without ^ ^.^l^jts.^ The night was dark and |a • v >tmU8l9 1 -was narrowly averted when 1; That Bged> Jollc« aboittr na^ ^ ., ladders to sather->hexonuls'lra^joke in the> field of Brassfleld-Brothert, (who farmed the-John Wood place north of Gas this year. \ They: baTe ten acres of fine corn, gonerally two oars toUlhe alatlt, and T. B. Brasslfeld- left two stalks at the Reglst&r office today, one bearing an «ar which was a clear eight teet from the ground,to the bot tom of the ear. tbeTblg black objects loomed up in; The Bronson M. E. church has ar" .^the'ilntrky btackness and their posi- r""8«i " 'estal week, ' -tfim dl icovered by the careful drlv«}r "»"• 20. wlH. intM-m A Jess {cautious traveler would-uroba' 7>ly.Jia' "e had serious trouble. . Wny anyone should leave motor oarsi and loads of hay standing in the middle?'of the rond with nothing to ' w&m motorists, or drivers is more . than tie .traveler is able to undor- . stand. It would be just as easy to \ lea^ he wnjon and the^chr-at the " side p: the highway, clearing traffic and 8h |DW much more regard for safety.- Prabably the car and the hay ^r« I !ft on account of accidents that ::'preTe >Jied thpw in tharge from completing their journey but the precau- —^tion of moving the car and wagon out /of the way could have easily been taken. programs daily. Rev. Gephart, of Horan, will speak Monday at "Young Folks' Day/ Tuesday night Rev. Powell of lola. ulks, and Thursday ffvenin|r. Rev. Morton, of LaHarpe. is-the speaker. E. E. Switzer, fireman; on the local Santa Fe, switch englne .i worked with a better will today than he has^ver before. This reason of his wlllingnese was a baby boy, bom yesterday mom- ing.- CXUB WOMEX WILL HELP. Sorosls Clnb Donates to Grounds Funds. the Pl«y .Since! the announcement that the schools of the city were to adopt aj .'play-ground system, a number of the i womanjs clubs of the city have been , discussing the plan. One club, the So^ ,TOsis. tms donated one dollar to-each- -ot£tbe^.4chool8. which are now being , .c^nij^pejiswith play-ground apparatus, nmkb«la total gift of five dollars. .' ''The Washington school has been ac qufrlng! quite a collection of play- tiiingB, which are used at the recesses, before ind after School hours..- The *' other schools have now taken Up the, Idfea, aqd are slowly getting: in line. I 'Wlth'tU» propositioh tltc school board , has ma^e (one dollar, for every other! contributed by the icholars, club sub- \ • scrlpUohs, etc.) It 1^ expected that the! play .grounds of tlio schools of this' cltjr'wlll sooii rank wlt'.i the Lost of those InT the state. ALWAYS THE BEST! 1 ->0 Dnrtnif [CASES IX SIX YE.\MS. Offlcini I'nrcpr of Justice 'Townijeud, no I'uses Wore Tried. The docket and records of Ira Town ! ^end» J. P., of Geneva, township, were j turned dyer to County Clerk Culbert-j son yesterday afternoon. Mr. Town-! send will spend the winter in Mlchi- i ' gwi.. 'I ; During his six- years as ajustice of ; t!he pea3e. Judge Townsend did not • have a ^ngle case and his only of• fidal act was to iierform a marriage • ceremony. The aj^polnttaent of a successor will | .be madelby Governor Stubbs. i i ; • : I Four big feature reels including Seng 's sensational animal feature, introdiicihg "Bounder/* the gr^test of all tame, lions, in "The Bounder" The tale of a mountain lion. Say, Bounder sure' is some lion! 3 Other Feature R^ls. Songs by Miss Taggart There are 738 girls taking the general science w8rk at the State AgrI-- cultural College:. isr in the housekeepers' six months course. Which fact should'be ronccted In tholdomes- tlee uplift of Kansas for many years to como. Pianist) Miss Ruble -5c—ANY SEAT-1-5C The Douglas County RootereU,Cl^b will; meet this- bveoIbiTvW hear from tSe.-Dousl«i County xandidates for, CQOBty .offices .,The meeting will bq' heildjin the court honseiat 8 o 'clock and the Lawrence "Bull Mposera" expect to havo a lively^ time at this session. The flrsl matter, to bo settled by the elnir ^rilt be that ragardtng county candidate. All of them have been Invived tt' appear before the club and sUte whether or not they Intend to support the enflre Republican ticket m Kansas or not This InvitaAlon was issued last week in a meeting of the club at which resolutions were adopted calling, upon' the candidates tp state their position In regard to their support of the state ticket . There seems to be a general >bellef prevalent Jiiat the candidates, will not respond to the luvitatlcm and will not appear at the meeting this ^ evening. According to the reading of the resolution thiit "shall be construed as an attempt to deceive the voters and shall be taken as an answer In the negative." • r . >' This resolution is taken to Indicate that candidates failing to answer .In the affirmative wilUnot receive the support of the club at the fall election. The Douglas County Republican League has for Its object tho "knifing" (rf on the state ticket who are not In favor of Mr. Taft and who are working against him. accqrding to the admission of one of its most Influential members and the Rooseteli- men have decided to take similar Sjctlon in i:cg«rd tojthe county osndldat^.— Law rence Jtmmal. . .. 2' nn*" «'« frcKl E. Dunlnp. of near Cnrlylo who have been hero visiting friends, returned homo this afternoon. at FRIDAY the York With each purchase of $2.50 and up, we will give to each child purchasing a Coat a ' CHARACTER DOLL FREE Children's Coats, sizes 2 to 6 v^ars, in Novelty, Cara­ cul and Plushes.,$2.50 and $3.50 Children's Coats> sizes 2 to 6 years, in Silk Plush at- :.$4.50 to $5.98 Coats for the-School- Girls, sizes 6 to 12 years, in Fancy Cloth Mixtures, at. S3.98 Coats for the School Girls, sizes 6 to 12 vears, in Striped Caracul, at *... .$3.98 Coats for the School Girls, sizes 6 to 12 years, in Sealette Plush $4.98 Junior Goats, ages 13 to 17, jn Fancy Broadtail Plush -^nake collar $7.50 Junior Coats, ages 13 to 17, in Seal Plush and Fancy Caracul; price .... — $5.98 Misses' Coats, af^es 14 to 18, in iFancv Caracul, black only; priced at '. .$6.50 to $8.98. Misses' Coats, ages 14 to 18, in pretLv Novelty Cloths special .\. .... $5.98 Children's School Hats in navy, red and brown felts, all prety now models, choice, each....... .$1.00 Girls' Fancv Velvet Hats, prettily trimmed; special price .\ $2.98^ and $4.50. Nobby Tailored Hats in black, navy and brown;' ppecial price .: . $3.50 New Velvet Hats with'combination trimmings of ^flowei^, price $5.00' While Beaver Hats at less price than the millinery stores can oITer. Sterling Fire Prdof POTTERY A beautiful old Ivory tint decorated in Dcirt, Blue. Moats cooked in this ware arc improved 100''{^. TOBACCO CBDSADE EFFEAIVE. I'oliro nepnrtment Succeed In Flndlnur Evidence In Severnl ra«ie<<. I "The renewed effort of tht police do-! partment to enforce the ordinance eovorntng the sale and use of tobacco Is proving effective. Minors who have been smuggling the weed are begin- < ning to realize that this campaign to STURTOllNSnSTCIIFPEIi Beciftjir He Suld He Kx|M-r(rd to Ko- niuhi u Repnljllrnn—.\nd .Sluhhs the Slur .Ipprvve .H. From .ill ;i]ipeaiani-e! the Kanss o , , . ,. ^-.t I,.l\ttU&i:i Stop the violation of the law is not to city Stir is gcaing re.itlv to come on. cease after a spasmodic revival and' o » . ^ «, they are Informing the officers, from I ^ whom they are securing their supply.' Two boys' were taken to the lOffice of Chief Coffield this morning where they were questioned as to where they had been buying the "maklhs." The boys were glad to tell and promised If not prosecuted this time they would not ii !;e tobacco again until, at least, they are of legal age.' for Hodges for Governor in oppositicn We Keep Your Suit Pressed Free! New Location in the Famous Bldg. Best at Without doubt the greatest line of strong values and handsome patterns we have ever offered at $15 in season. These are browns, greys, tans, smokes and blues, in worsteds, cassi- meres, Iweeds, cheviots and serges, in nJ^n's and young men's models, correctly fitting, shape holding, all wool; Let us show you these tomorrow. •-.ft'iour "^Fleasure Excellent tailoring on these $15 Suits. Correctly fitting at e v e r y point. New details of style and finish. At $15 you can choose, an ALL Wool Serge Suit especially priced. Wide stitching— two or three button. Modellike the illustration. to Arthur Capper. Some days ago t'.ic Star quoted Capper's statement ihat he a Uepublican, had always been one and expected ^o remain one and that he had opposed the~Tormiog of a new parly,' and editorifllly commenied under the caption: "Hodge.? or Caliper." Capper construed the paper's attitude as hostile and a Kansas Democrat wrote the Siar thanking it for its stand for Hodges. The Star quotes both, ending with this frcm ^ Bull Mposer: "Manhattan, Kas., Oct. iti.—To Tlic Star: A hundred thousand Roosevelt Republicans in Kantas protest against your fight on Capper. .Um as U locks like Roose\-olt might win you divide our fo.rces. Capper represent.^ a hundred thousand Rei'ublicans who will vote for RooseveU. Cor-'iinue yoar 1 fight on' Cairper and you will also de- j feat Stubbs and Kooscvelt. We have ; all we can carry without .your fi?ht \ on Capper, who Is one of us. \oix may succeed in defeatinfr you will certainly defeat Roofevelt. •C. A. KI.MBALU , "Editor .Mercury." Rclow this last note, the Star makes 'thi.s fclgnificint comment: "Hutisure- ly Mr. Kimball docs not call the few pleasant remarks. T!:c Srar mado^ahoat • the Kansas situation as a Fight; does : he? There been no fighting—not] yet" ! Little surpriso w^ill be felt at the stand of the Star. It been htnted j and rnmoreil for nionth.s that t!ic< Star: would be for llodges at the "proper time." And when (tapper declared | that he hojied and expected the llcpub llcan party to continue to exi .'Jt, though he is supporting RooseveU, he fomlshord the cue. i Incldentalfy, linn. Stubbs. seeing! the handwriting on the wall, came out ; in his spceoh nt Wichita and asked to i be chc?en I'. S. Senator- by the Republican voters of Kansas, he had beenonc c,t tha Seven l.ittle Governors, who got RoOsevolt into the fight and thus,helped st.irt a new party. From now on Stubbs will \\tr- ton only to the Star and will eat fiizzy worms if it so demands. I Wsgo n s At a Bargain! IVc hav^e on display Birdsell Wagons, well built, high classj world- famed, which will clvc service for years. Also stout farm tmeks, with wide tires. lUrdyell ffood;, have enjoyed a fine repute for half a century and itrc bnov.n ,iti over the globe. See these farm TOfaiclcs ut our place ;ind let u$ show yoa why it is economy and good bnsiness to ba^^ Ihcra. '. j SCHLICK & ABTS SOCrn STBEET GARAGE TELEPHONE SIS | LECTURE on Christian Science by W. D. McCracken, M. A. C. S. B. of New York City Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston Grand Theatre, 3 O'clock, Sunday Afternoon It remains to be seen whether Capper will continue !c be neither fish nor fowl." or will now •flesh. . bpporae. what he should always have been, tlie fighting front of tho Republican party In the state against the Star, Stubbs White, ct al. ' Other high grade Smts and Overcoats-^Anierica's best productions—in all the lat^t styles and celo^. .Prices ranging from $16.50. to $27.50. • •J: House of Hart, Schaffner & Marx /'and Sodety Brand Clotbes Nettleton and JBIorsbieim ^oes, BfainJiattaii and Wilson Bros. Shirts .Stetson and Imperial flkts ?AY-,Y01IR RAILROAD FAREl BOYS' KNICKEkBOCKER SUITS ANDOyERCOATS Largest stock in AITeii (Joujjty— prices ranging from $3 to $12.50. i. 'FREE--^With ev«y Suit^pr Overcoat,' a B^zbr Steel Bladed Kiiife. * 4" TOir.NG DIAZ IS I'OMERFrL. Ambassador • Wilson .Says He Will Make Strong Leader. Harry Lane Wilson. American ambassador to Mexico, is in Kansas City and expressed Iriteresi but little surprise in tho news that Felix Diaz bad seised Vera Cruz and started a rebellion against Madero. Madero, he said. Is a sincere patriot, quiet, fond of his family and a high type of citizen. Felix Diaz Is a nephew of the l^te General Diaz, deposed president, and serv ed as chief of police in the city of Mexico, a very important post, and won great prestige both with the army and the public. l^r. Wilson said: "Felix Diaz is a man of strong char;acter, well educated, and possesses many of the,strong characteristics wh|cb, for .more than thlrtjr yfars. enabledjhia ancle to dom ioat4 »|the sltuatiofn In lle^co;^. He has tiken the most |miMt;t^t.M|[( Ii\ Mexico; and-at the ,8aioe. tIJnl|T|MJDaged to gala control otjifefetStflaWst: formidable boats thet>fcgr|KjWByiiaS"oa the Atlantic aide, and piii'^off'all ^om- n^nnicatioa between the City'of Slex- ico audi.£urope sa'dtberStates byithe M£V ' To tbat exteat ^t)t» ptovemedt NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE '• ' . ' • i ^ • ,A full suppl}' on hand at 409 North Jefferson Avenue. ^ . Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725.. M. Huhgerfbrd, Ageiit No Deliveries Mad^ on Less Than'Barrel Lots, .4 5 i may be said to be Important. But I have no doubt the government of Madero win ^xert itself with the greatest activity and endeavor to meet the new conditions ^confronting if. Catarrh Cannot Be Corwt^^^^* irtth LOCAL XPPI.ICATION& M ilies:e>x Ue wst of Uie duixae, QtUrili !• » hMaa tuUoyal dieeue. and U order tu ctus KTOB an . lulMnal nfaeOxa. lUU-* CUanh COH afrM • trnullr. aiui »ea dbcesiy apoo tia Wood t/gftL -Ybu take-ad^-antage of the oopor-U*.ej ^'^^«^«J«»-^^^ tunity of saving money by becoming a u t> componi at tieriNM loaica _. ",em^r of tht .Y^M. C. A.this week, j .p«.««|.^« T. M. Conningtaam drove a party to |~"'"".'^j^^s]^oOfe] ..#«™ 'Colony yepterday after-, satthrnnirwii*7S«. «>4krm near

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