Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 9, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1903
Page 6
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TfiOB lOLi MIILY kfieiSTKR; THORSMY, JVl^ 9 1903 ^ AN UINTEQUALED HOME SITE Within a few minutes' ride of [lola, LaHarpe or Gas City, and about thr^eWqcks to new Cement Plaiit Fresh air, healthful surroundings, rapid transit and gas 'make it the mctet desirable location fdl- homes in Allen county. TERMS:—Prices are from $70 to $ioo|per lot. Lots are 50x150. $5.00 down and^S^.oo a month. Location:—Electric Hne on the south, iota public Voad on the north and just half way between Gas City and LaHarpe. Write or cajl on Oiffice at Terminus Electric Line A Daeghter siss Bjr GEN. CHARLES KING. CoiijiiKlil. 1!W. Tiie Ualutrt Company. "47," 7 'iit no unriu'. i;<i{!i ^Mriiicjita • .s;j\i)r:-d >lii>h-s'iy iii t 'lc slablir. Tiu-n. Ii-'tori- ijuii't. \v:is ri ston-iJ, cci1:iiu bi';u';-li ii::nl(; ;il>(Uit tlie ijti:irt''!'s. l! \\:iM f<simi llio iiitriuli'rs h;;il <>i.l:iii!i-i' ;nliiii • sioii llir.m iMKi'juc-iit tl<.'or III I lie ii;u-k. tlic ihrv takt'ii'.'; 'I'lia silr i3iit ^Irs. T'.Ialfc kii'^.v in •-•in. Aw .ik- cncd l>y SDIUC Ktr;iii.;i- cu .isfii ui! U '^^SJ of stfaUli^- iiiov I'liiciif al'iiit tlio house, s=li<- c:iIU(t Hrli'- I'j uarit-.', thlnkinjr jios-silily Tin- uiil luivlit I-e ill and swkiii^- 'ri ;cro was ; sound of mure uiini'iii''n(. lait :n> rv- j ply. Mrs. lUakf's •rirllin....! luui lievn : Spent oji llii; fr<'iUi<T. ^•hl> \v;i« .1 j KtraiifT ^^r 10 fi-ar. b^he an..:,o: .stiuclc room or the d-o.t cl.anu cr and hall- , j.„„i,,.. -„,;,..,,. .>vay, hastened lo the tlwrd r,>.;m, und j ^ j..^^. .,1,,^. .i.,un..t;nr.s .-.n-nu -d <was Kurprlsdd to t'.ml J'.i'lli- a;>iiartnt3y quietly .•5leciihi |jr. TJi'ii <!i-i.idi;d Jook .Tliout till' lioiui^ MH I. firtt, \-.;nt 1 T.', ,' j, .UOWTl and roiiM-'d Iho r"<i!(. As ^fii: was cojulnq- <n:T . MT -a.i.s iip-ini:-.-. ii<tai ;1. iitid.-r .virs. r.laku-V li'<!: .-^n llio littli; .•<af.> imuioktU-d. -No it<-i:i \\as iius-ing iioui ill? aeout-t '-iiuMl ])I.:>t:. ; M ;-H. iit pcrluij;^ til'' iiitriidors j -burglwr-s" of anciont licnio, to walch Lrcnirai. 01 oourse, was m Tne iteid, i)iit ]v- rldcf of stair roiiiailicd nt lii'aMifi nrlcrs and AVIIS '.•in ))o \viM "rd to or<l<r iroops fr^'ni post to j)i).>;t \vitl\- in t.'ic Jiiidfs of till" di-j)arliiicii). I'lint. liop'd luo innir coinpani'-s eoiild foiiift :^^t DiK 'c, jinrl Iic' ilid not rare •vvliat iiki^t was denuded in liis favor. His, lie said, was lo the Iiidiiwi lands—sepjirntctl from tlinn, in fact, onl3' by a mirrow and f<irdalile. river. The Jndian.s were all on the warpath, anil, aware of his ]>uny nuudiers, niipht be tuinpfivl at any nif)inent tt; quit the motintaiutj and euneentrato on Iiim. And so another restless day went 1)3" and no uiAre news eanie from either front or rear—from the ran^c to the north or ili-ck Sprliij^s at tlio south, and Fiiut wa.s Just formul.itiiiR another fi -rvid appeal to th;<(. im- jjas-^ive funetionary. the M I julaiit ir-n- eraljat Onialia, when tov.ard i-v-iiiuy^ word eau '.i.' whi.':tlinj,' down tlie llmr in the pcr.'^on of Masii'r Sanford IJay, that two couricr-s were in t\i;}tt '.'.seootiujj" in from Moeea.'^in Kidije, and i'lipt and fully Jialf tho scddier strentrtli of I'ort I'l/a^-ne gathered on the northward blult liice tlie "wan had iiat euU'n'd. l;er itK'iu at man leaped pa lag her to oils* the light. 11.- for be eanu! I'r •ises kiuiwii a^ direelly oppo.iic. \\a.» one o all. In "•• ii"' n j a .'u were -Via. ks." as he l.,rjn lh-,;.a!K '"--I- 1 ^ai.i, of relies, -o^nonlrs. tr.:phies of tide uiid >kisliliii: "IJ'- , and war, but v.n .>»•• thing .-f la k w.ib It.wanl him 1 ,j,r, ijitrbi-io value of rr.'.u. Wiiat eould lie I lii iaidV <:'. 11 i 'rem-' }J.^^^; hi-t-ii I'le yl-jiet of their Tuid- In :liul d .'u.! iiiyitt s,e:u -ch'.' was tlie ijuesiion i:.ll eor hiul speed tTieir ecuuhig. A\'lio eouJd tell wJiat thOv- day might yet bring forth ? It wa.s well-nigh d;vrk before tJie forenio.^t reaeiu-d the f <ird— a teiuit in worn "and tawiLry buek.-^kin, Wv -arii>d aJid" iinpas.sive. He gave his dJs -[t ;ae!i ii-T re-! i;,ji. i.-i-^^yii,; askhi:; as pv.ple to' tho earc of t'u^ tirstOificer to ae- vohierb, lo.i,! . Sho ••nuid It, .Am li, j.;, ,„.,^,.„ .^^^,1 I,.,,,,.. -Uu: iUn-u.i: ^ him. and t-.olc tho wav to the thte darknoss, and. h .unying fort), , UitimaUng !i w..s high tin.o that y:.-.s. J saving in reply to ,iues- .agaln, inUuidii^g f.o e!ui>^ l!ie intruder, jy-.t,, poiiniti.d lo .^eek repo .s.-. | ^i,,^^^ <,,„t -^^^ was'"too .Iry to speak prueth-ally elea.ed j ^j^^ trulli." Bo they lloek.-d, at re- i^peetful dl.stane<', 'about. Ihn. m.njor us be reail the hfirrii'd hues. The general bade tlie j jH '.^t ei «:miiandcr win; tho entin- uie.'^.-,agi-' to \Va: hing- ton, and to "talii> all pr<^-uu Lioji;; for the prol.tlion of the few w tlhru nbout Uiui. '11"" ciiluiiiiw undiT ('<>!. lliuiiy and .MaJ. AV<'bb luid united ni^d alarm thi<| sentry at tlie rear, •COUJitered eltlu r ^l.e sauu- or a tecoiid man eloso to tho liaek doiu-. a man Not until lie h.u t)ie li'iUM." of all but h.T most, iull- ijiiil.' Iriuiids. iirs.,- and .Mr.-:, who sprang ji.-ist. lur Hki' a panvluT i;„.y, y. o\iKl| Wali'^r permit Iil.-iu ^.-ir lo (low U I ih>' tt''p lit if"'; i,.-<k M qu.'^lion that ha.l b> en iinp.-r- foll.^u .'d by two' ,,„,p, lii:^ niiiiii ever ilnei- !i<> hiiinl wore a bolilirr 's OM i-- j I'.luKi', 1 i.tiu-one lei.s b"en raji- <ape, rlppi'd I'r .Uii th.- ,,,ii..klug -Mr. I'iflo'.s ipinrlcrs for IK- nad dartci "baek of tin 'nhotti from he of thene miu| eoat, f <u" tliei eolliir f.i'iim, l\ .oi left in h>'<- h.mds. Ahothi-'V HO I I I I'I'H overeoat wan hiliT iouiid at f)ie i.t'ar fi ne", hut no l>oot «4, Hlior,!* or irni (« tli«.I'lof, ^rt both of ihcHe men. J ilglajf f .-oin llm i."Uiid. Jind been In r-1 oi-lvn-ir I '-^-t, or (i-v 1 IMy ««ibbor»», >f ii-rliaps but ihal. I .iwt •UnplcJon flie kept to );< rs.If, thr INfrs. ]1iiy, toA, wr.B now among thi> arrlValp In th • house full itf sympu- SSeepffessnesB Is akin to ins.anity. Many n woman realizes this as she lies awake hour hy hour, pcojjling the darkness with plmn- toms,.Starting; at the creaking of the \m\ • • I' • I i^ii— ^i^M or the rustle %f the bedcJothCo. Such - syiui>. touts in general point to disease of the delicate womanly organs, and a constant drain of the vital and nervous forces. This condition cannot be over- cotne by sleeping powders. The tliseased condition must ])c cured before the consequences of disease are removed. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prc- -•^criptiou cures t h e womanly diseases which •pause nervous- iie.'^ and slCep- lcssiJe.'?s. It is the licst of tonics and in- vigorants, nourishing the nerves, en-\ couraging the appetite and inducing refrcthiiig sleep. Irregularity, weakening drains, iunammatiou, ulceration and female weakness are perfectly cured by "I-^vorile Prescription." " .My wifj was siclc lor over cit:ht years*." writea Albert Jl. Hiillf, Ks<i., of Altninoiit. C'.riituly Co., Ti-iiii. "S !if li.'ul uUrino ilisttisc .Tiiil was treated by two v ''.vsicaiis ami Rot no relief. At last I read .'lOoiit' Dr. I'iorce's iiieciicilie.-! anil wc <lc- ciilcd to try his 'I-nvoritc I'rescriplion.' I sent to the ilrui; store ami f;ot one liofllc anil the first iii)>ic pive r.ise and sleep. She hail not Slept any lor tliri-e niirhts. lieini; sure Ihul it woiilil c.ire 111 r I .-ienl for five nio:<' I KI UU S nn<l when »ihc li.;il taken llie hixlli huUlc ;>Iie houiul ami Weil." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets .should be 'used with " h'avori^e Prescripliou" whcu- evcr u laxative is required. t >T .i or papiT.-^. .Nou w (lliiig of iJiut l<^inil hit lain iJuil lotiitluiM' iM.'iv hail .Niiaiiif r.liik" V. Ii«"j|i| witM iiplH 'tiMi ilit-laiil lioiii .Mar;..nV : hoiild'-r. Sill' had b '''u lj"'j iniiiiitr !" fci-l tji<! loaelioii. r<r o>ic ijioit.'-nl tho Ihree wmiii'ii lool ,i -i othi'r's fa<-es. Ihor.- any- t 'iiiu bond wali-rb of the Cluav y llif ea)> : ].",,ik of the Powder; had had a nit- Hlitontiy into eaoh Th '-n up they .-^l.-irted thy and genuiiie d'.stri'ss. The 11I111111. t.i-,„.in-il nwfiy Into ( i-TiikVs ih-n. then, had gone b.-yond the guard - JioiiW", and the ereators thereof 1)«- ! tltiig running llf-lit with Lame \N O U "H j (ii -ojile; hail drivrn ftum Into tho ' niovmtaina liud wi-rc following hot on till- trail, but that. ;-!livliliei'!-. hand iiail eerlaili disan 'i 'rt<'d ^'^iowx had i-ut ; loose the mam boiiy MUll goilt' MUitli. Wliistling i",lk, a young ehici of mui-h .-iiubitlou. l|ad ipiarrelert with <-iTtaiu of the iCi'il CIoUil di'miMit. and yon'd tho kv-njof the guanl. for t;;d 11 Gentry had (-i-eu or hear.! au\l!<iui: Busploloua until after the trh.otr;, groi;]:'.'-! wltliieit. T !ii> major rolired to fro :it in-rui, wl :!Tf, with Wil, kins, he i -iv .-i \eil the doctor. I ".Vaj. Viitii." said V.'a!l.-r. "ihope ; o\ereual.s lui..i!i.>- to .Mr. Hay's stalih-- j juen, ]'(jTe and ("rai>auil. Will you or; tier their !iu:. euiaii" arrest?" I "1 uiuild. l!^., t '.ir." w .Ts the answer^ " ti :ey are not at I hi- rorral. \Vt l;:!iiw liow t -i ;uvoii:;; lor the hoof' }-<.a',.', ill t ^ie \ai!ey. 'i i:o>.' se -.iuudreN i have got nearly an iiour's start, and j we've nobody to send in eliase." i Then it presently aj)pearid that the I post eojumandtT desired to continue ; eoaferenee v. i ;h his htatT olTieer, for j lie failed 10 invite the Furgeun to be • f-eatei!. Judeed. he looked up into the [ <icrtor 's kindling <\\«. s with edd mix: le.r" ot !::i:-iit ieuee and embarrusi-- ! ninit in Ids own. and tlie veteran oraet ;ti"nor fi-!l t'.e .flight; flush.ed ••AMiVN 8PRAXQ PAST HliU LUCE A insi.-nitly. .TUd, wi^h uuieh hauteur of . PAXTH^n. WARTi:!) pow.V TfiK : mniiu-r. took prompt but ceremoni- STEP6, yOLLOU-K!) 3;Y TWO SIK/rS,; „.,.; i,.;,v,.. The do.ior followed. 'I'hi- iipjirr joined ,<f :,l ,h,.r. with his .•nli.-e b ;iud. I dniwor of tjhe 1-,ig. jhil-lopped d .:dc ,.,„ j-..^ timi, and wateh for sig- i stoiHl vide opeii. and ;.ret.ty Mrs. ..,„_^. ,^ „i^l,t. f,.,,,.^ l.^i^rU- I li.'ako olieii'd hvr eyes aial month in )',ii!tr>" " ' --'O bri .-lly .•xehiimed: 'Fi;„fread witli -inking h.-.nrt. In"11 's goni>: ' c^riiting was souii t 'hiim- fe .r tiM Then Wali.-r klent fortliwilh to the .seinHige .for his martial edueatiou, quarters of the eommamh -r and ..^a toU uiurh. for hi:^ skek ton rom- ri.ught liiai stm in e ^,- with „i;.,,,l. 1 n I l -.o -at h.ri'n- .1 a.d< !.; - fai'i; his ipiHVt •vmas <-r .-ud t!,.- gndrd. ; [..oke,! while and ^hawn. .-ad ..1,1 Wil- four or live r^f !'.,• k -itt ,.r being j^i„^,„....,^. 1,,^. ,,1^. „|, ..,l„j,^^ TROU lUER KMITU ai WESSO.N." .Vnd wlien moraine eame and Port ^Number S." Flint's latent addition, <;e- : Kra^ n- awok- to anoMn-r bn .sy day. dared that from hii po..t at Uay's ' • xvit-unnt., ..1 night corral he had dikinetly heard th.> Bwlft hol)fbeats of Q brace of jjouies darting uii tlie level beacii to the %ve6tward. Xumber 5 had turned up saiely, and dochirt^ that atj the iiu>- ment the screajn was heard he was round by the flagRtaff, listening Ui the night chorus o| a i>a£k of yelping coyotes, afar out 'to the northwv»t, and then he thought he heard pcram- bling and running down at tiie foot <jf tLe Ijlufl: just OS tlie shots were j il'.;)e hy hud not. uii.-n e!;.)iigh for it. a (ii 'w story iwenf biti,ang. with the liri't Old for giuird niouni, about the g.-iirlbous oiid, bigger even Than yca- terday, the two dftxvilf. in siJdier si- •ene«i, bi>inin lo guth<<r in front of the Infanirj- quarters. Maj. I'iint had ordered Bentrirs jjosted at the trader's homr, with direetions that M P .<. Hay WHS not to be aXtewe<l otvti-ide of her gate, and no oao, man or woniao, ixrruttt«d to &^ipinkuii her from w-Ith- iired.- Inve.«;tigaUon on hk part waa j ^ut, exoopt by eaprees pormis.«ion of .what took hiui out of ei^t for th« 1 th« post eommaiwkr. "Gen. Haraey- ZDomcnt, and! showed that one uiaruuder, at lwi«t. had gpue that! ; lat«'» investigation ! ^nd "Ihm," tho two be«t horses oi way, for a e;i;>elo*js found'close down by the' shore, wht re some fugitive : bod toesed it in hial flight. This owrcoet bore, hall-era,6ed from the soiled ilinlng', the name of Culhgan, troop "K;but Culllgan hud served out his time and taken tho discharge a year befdre. The other overcoat was eveu older, an infantry coat, with jehorter X . —t _l ^_cpioj«uij nunJwKi« trndwr's stabto, despite the prefix /eoco of the eeatry at the front, liad boon ab5»tract«d some time duiln^ the earlier hours 6t the night,, and later traced to the ford a* Stabber'a old eanip, and with Pete and Crapoud, doubtleB^ were .gonok That'daj the major vvired to Omaha that ho Ehould be reinforoed at once. One-half h^ Httle force, he said, was now mounted each ioi: gtmidif .ana tiiQ.gieg coiiMtt't - - ]-atVed han!, • he bT --g<"I lor ifws. 'I here was still anoiiier 1 •!>[;.•!t<•?>, howe \ir. whieh was e\ii !ently adding to the m ;i jor'.^ ]:-r! i. ri .a t ion. for it eoneiTued him ])er.-=o;i;iby and for the nii'Hient Wilkijis went unheard. T!:.^ it'-r.;: a! li.sir.s ti-.nt yi >u ! • :;d the cor.riers ii .iek wilhii; I't ii .e .irs of tli.-lr ar- ai'lir y..u iiave !i .:i! thii.- To se^ut tho Ime of til.- I'laito .-ay .i) niil .s i.i..h ^v.iy. t 'ivin;:: ripo-t o!" .-very la.lian ."••> en or lieurj of. II*- eujoin.s vipilaii .jo and hojieti to keup the Sioux busy that they can send no more in your reetion. Should th. y do so, h .iv.-ever, he will jiur.^uo at onee. Ife trusts that you are <loii :s ovoiT,-thln!j pi^-^slljle to comfort and rearsuro Mr.'^. H-iy. and that yo.! <':ie. send fZOoO. news ot l .ieut. I-*icld. "lie i.s simply fretting his heart out here," were tjie doetor'.s words to lira but a short time befm-;-. -an.;, while enable to nu>unt a horse, he is quite strong enongli now to take t!ie trip by amliulanee. slowly, is, to i;oek Springs. I fear his father is failing. I fear Field will fail if not a'llowed to go. I recommend a seven days' leave, with permission to apply to Omaha for 20 —he'U probably need it." Has Put in a Stock of...' NEW CARPETS • Prices tie Lowest. cheap Charley, . N(»v Sirlck,.Nortb St. "I ean'l pJTuiit go, irnment teains and anibnlaneex to be UHI'I I for any Mich ])," said I he major, i-.tiujl- ly, "II Irt dislinelly agiiiiiMl, oiderH." "'I 'hen, I If, ii"' eiiu in iny Mpriii;; waj.'ou and we'll hire ninles froni .Mm, lliiy,** w'ii:! the doetiu -';4 prompt reply, "lie e;iu ilo no y -iiotl here, major, jfu may iU> nmeh good tliere." lint l?Tmt was full of iuPonnatUUI iind oflleirff^ zeal. The matter oi J-'ieUl 'B going bad lieen bro«ieh (u3 bo-' fore, and, when told of it. the Wilkina pnlr had been lu-iunpt with their protest.--. "Of eoiiise he'd be wantin' to get away," said Wilkius, "wid all that money to aeeiJiint for, let-alono tliesc other things." The Irishman was hot against,the young West Pointer, whs lijid, derided him. He doubtless believed owii w^ords. llo never dreamed how pr>rel,\" the lad nov/ longed to si-e his father -how deejj w ;is his anxiely on his father's nc- eount- how tilled \v :th ;i ])])rehen.sion on his own. for that rifhd desk had brought him reason for the most painful thought. Wilkins and Field had been ti ^itiigonistie from the start. Neither eonid see good in the other, nnd. egged on by his worthy spoijse's exhortations, thi' fpiartermaster had fiezeil tlH^ ojiportuuit.v to till tlie ](ost^ commander's too receptive mind with all hi.s (TTvn suspicions—and this at a eriieial time. "I can't listen to it. Dr. Waller," said the major, sternly. "Here's a matter of near .ll.OOO that young man 1 as got to answer for the moment he is Well enough to stir. And if he K '.ut aeeount for it—,you well know what my duty will tk'inaml.'' (To Be' Continued.) All Druggists Will Buy It Back. •"/oil assuir.o nb when you buy Chariherl.Tin':'. Colic. Cholera and Diar- riiof.i Roined.v. All dniggisls ^rlll refund »j!:r nionry if you aro not fiaiis- fie:-. r.tter tisini; It. It Is Tiverywhere alnii'to'l to he the rao.^t succossfiil romoiiy In u.^e for bo^vcl complaints and tho o.nly one that never falls. It is plca.sant, safe and r^able. PtJbUo Sale. Four cars of buggies and carriages, two cars of Sindebaker wagonB, one- half cw of harness, farm impJemeats and farm machinery. Olds Mobiles. Repairs a epeclaltr. J^mes Campbell East and Jefferson. 1 . '> Vfo Are :<ot the "\Yatch Plumber f Z • Kut We Can Do Your X I OAS FITTING I V ; Or Put Up Any Stove to f *f Suit the Wife 4^ I E. S. EAKIN,| I I92S.Kefltflckj ,Fh0Be453 New Lufflber Yard At tlie in. k. it T. Beiot loU, Kansl., jtfne to, J903. To the people of lola aiid Allen Cotinty: The findersigned Lftmber [Company: has opened up a ya'd on north Ji^fferson avenue/adjoining the M. K. 8c Tj. depot, where yois will find a complete stock on hand at all times. We ask for a share of yo&r trade and hope to merit the same by fair prices and good material* Come and see us and get prices before yoa btfy. Yocrs Kespectfolly, s. c. •^vv•^vv •x •^v<•<•v •x •^vv•:•:•:•vv•^^•^ * ...SEE us FbR..< I I I I 1 Rubber Tire Riinabouts and Sur- reMi Fine 6urrey ^nd Driving f1ai ^e5S, Whipsi, Fjy Nets, Dusters, Sammer Goods and Lawn Swings. '9 4- NEXT TO V CITY GA3 OtFICE ± -N«>. 117, West Madison Ave. I NOW FOR con FORT •I • • . ^ : ':, j , Dress Goods that arejgood and beautiful, yet cool and Jbreezy. Triat is what you are looking^ for, the j kind w<;?are showing. Prices the lowest. Do Not Forget Our GROCERY DEPARTHENT. | No One Un 'ferEells Us. " Dry Goois Shoes, ^oceries. ^4 .:.4 ..x -H~^•••4 "^•x ~X"X ~x-x~;-x4-x-^ Potter Has moved from: the* stent barn on East Madi- J son avenue to ' ' ; The Star Barn % on West street, where he will continue to buy i! f your horses and imules paying,at all times the j j J b^est market price. TRANSFER HTAN R tuny «liulpppd with hesi7 and prtogdraya. Office la Model Qro- wrjj iCMers reoeived by •phone. SB OfflM Ftoae. BeiideBoe AiOBe IT.' . J./^. JONES, J ' Up-to4date Tailor, Largest Linei. ReMferatprs

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