Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1889
Page 4
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It don't pay to run after other brands, for in the end wise house— keepers settle down to the use SANTA CLAUS SOAP. > N. ^^ ^^-C.'— "\^^ I f your grocer hasn't Santa Claus MADE ONLY HY Soup, he'll get it for you. K. FAIRBANK & CO.,Chicago, IU, I ravels of a FifScen-Year-Old Scotch Girl. FEOM HOME TO YORK GRATIS, Words by ROBERT AvJwl'!. awsssas REXDALE, L. GILBERT. Tha four daughters of ex-Secretary Bayard are daring equestriennes. Card of Thanks. If the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam should publish a card of thanks, containing expressions of gratitude which come to him dally from those who have been cured of severe throat and lung troubles by the use of Kemp's Balsam, it would fill a fair-sized book. How much better to invite all to call on any druggist and get a sample bottle that you may teat for yourself its power Large bottles 50o and SI 00. 4a One of Chicago's most eloquent speakers is a woman, the Rev. Florence Kollock. Impure Blood, Canae ot Rheumatism HOW IT SHOULD BE TREATED TO EFFECT A PERMANENT CURE, Tfce supreme importance"of purifying tho blood and of restoring the diseased liver and kidneys to healthy action has indeed made this subject one —of great study, the results of which have enabled us to present to the afflict• ed, Bibbard's Sheumatic Syrup, a combination of the neat known remedies. Prepared b/ Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. By cures unprecedented t hais proven its light to the title'of "The Greatest Blood Purifier and Kidney and Liver cure ever discovered." We challenge any medicine to show an appreciation at home like that which has been poured upon Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup. ttbs Mme. Marches!, the famous teacher of operatic aspirants in Paris, is tho most remarkably economical old woman in the world's history. A Ix-mon In "G<-!t!!!f- AroimiV Wlthont Monoy for tho Mti«t AccrtitlplJMip'l Tramp to Fr*>fU by—Thp Yonnt* TraT- clor Goa» \Vhprn Sli« PletVif* nml No Ono Sfty* Her NIST—Acron, ttir Atlnntic^ JJnw Yomc, &>pt. iX —Mnr-jiiu Stmvart i* a girl h t yet 15 ynrs oM, about whom th<-ro is a wonderful story to toll Kho ba.i trnv- olod from Scotland to this city without p.iy- ing a d-'nt for fnre, nnd tl"n nerount ot h«r wandnrinRS, so fr»r as r.riybody can find out, is » story ot absolute facts. Mnggle is n Scotch Inss. HIT pyw aro bright and blue, and she always ban a smile upon her lips. She is just about tho right height for a l.V year-old girl. Mnggie's fnt.lier and mothnr lived Rt Ellenburgh, a iittlo town near Glasgow, Scotland. The Scotch girl didn't like work, and one day last July ran away? SL« walked out of Ellfnburgh, and picked up wagon-rides to Glasgow. Kent* Her Wny on the Train. She went to a railroad station and walked out to wbei-p n train of cars was standing and made her way into a first class compartment As n lady was coming right behind her the guards thought it was all right. After she had traveled B9 Ions as she cared to she got out and found herself in the town of Grconock. This place didn't suit her any more than Ellensburgh or Glasgow. She went down to the wharves and by nnd by found herself in Belfast, Ireland From there she crossed to Fleetwootl, n place ot some 5,000 Inhabitants on Morocambo^bay, England; from there to Manchester," and from them brick to Fleotwood. Then sho got a sail to the Ulo of Man, stayed there just n few hours, and then left for Liverpool, which she reached in due time. TaliB« nil Ocean Trip Grutis. While wanderinpf about the city the girl found herself down at a whurf from which emigrants were being taken on board an ocean liner, Tweuly or thirty men and women were passing down the gangway to the boat, nnd Maggie joined them and went aboard, nobody asking her any questions. After a little whilo tho tuj left the dock and -0-»»- 1. Star, that ghln-olh thro" tho glnnming. Fair • cut 2. Onco a - gain this bo • pom pil low's, In tho 8. Long a - go 'twns thus wo part - ed, 'Nrath I - ta! ft - way my tcfirl: 10 who sloops bo • Death tho I wixn dor, wesr-y- iterfc rnptiiri'il hy ;ui HAHTFOHP, Conn,, tVpt. 2>:.~ At l.iniOpPH- ing of liMtfi.'icl Thfol"£i<-:il p-'miii.Hry tho $«(H1 scholni-ship for bir<t pntrnmv px:in>inn- tion W«H invm-dc-t to M-.-wiOlvm:, of I«l:i> Forest, Ills. An Ipwu i;x-O<nicre-»<niM'i T><MII|. RKAI)ir;a, 1'n., H.-pr, 28. — U'C-O.nijrras- mnn V.'illi.'iin -I/mighbri lire, o!' I-»vi;, died- Thurs'lnv ni^'t (: n Houih monnt;un ( U'ti miles from ln-tv. ivlviv li« Ins li«im fnr some timo fi r tli.> lii'ii II' "I hislicnltli. Hi; «nn ('»! yettrs nM roam - ing, As nt mem . wil . lows, By Ma - hah • hcart-ed' \VhcromyJlar • 4c=T ry'n elirino I lab.'a lono • ly gue • ri - ta bow ; stream. lies. And my On my Fate's do - r-ong lipn ' crco to • night en Blio soft - ly our livtsa did twin • cth press - cs, With nf Seals of Death hath THEB.EV.GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon, Ind., Bays: "Both myself and I B tcamed oft to the City of New York.and the Wife ewe our lives to SHLLOH'S CON- I runaway was lifted up the side of the vessel SUMPTION CURE." For Bale by I with all the care bestowed upon peojile who Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, had bought their passage ovor. Maggie Jilt. HI:WKILL XtTllIc:-.. i'f 111" firm o," Myrf :I: .1 Ucmlc:r«on, 1'ort Sniltli, Ark., snyi 1'." \.\.'.;* < u> i'.;Ul bis testimony to tlio tlimmmhi w!iic!i havo jccn plvcui as to Pwlft'n Spncllic. l\f. .'.".;•'" lie i!c- .ivwl thomost tlyid hcncnt frer.i iu-use t'> euro painful boils nn;l Hon-o rc^iilthi^ rroniiniptiro hlood. sa Rock Falls. majority of the short jackets shown have the vest effect. CROUP, WHOOPLNQ COUGH and lironchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford. Rock Falls. _ Irish poplins in light evening colors will be worn for dressy occasions. Mrs. J. Stanley Brown nee Mollie Garfield. aspires to a position in literary circles. Oibbu-d'v Rheumatic and Liver Pllln These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the care of aide headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Rose Bonheur ia making studies of Buffalo Bill's Indians and. ponies for a large painting. !>»'( Experiment. • You can't afford to waste time in experimenting when your lungs are in danger. Consumption always seems, at first only a cola. Bo not permit any dealer to impose upon you with some cheap imitation ot Dr. King's New Discovery' for Consumption,, Coughs Colds, but be sure you get the genuine. Because he can make more profit he may tell you he has some just as good, or just the same. Don't be deceived, but insist upon getting Dr. King's New Discovery, which is guaranteed to give relief in all Throat, Lung and Chest affections. Trial bottles free at D. B. Btricklert Drug Store. Large Bottles 91. - l>i»«*overy; nctl aud derauged it vera, atom • achs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. R. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Plain bodices, princesse dresses and polonaises are all in high favor. Bhe waa Completely Cared. A daughter of my c,ustomet suffered Irom suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. Heliums, Water Val ley, Miss. Write The BradQeld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. A striking novelty of the cold season will be embroidered fur garments. The "Sf other's Friend" Not only shortens labor and lessens pain attending it, but greatly diminishes the dan cor to life of both mother aud child if used a few months before confinement. Write to The 'Bradiield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists. Silk, vollle and moussellne de laine look very well when made up into trained dresses. Miss Maud Banks, daughter of the Hon. N. P. Banks, denies that she intends to leave the stage. The ftpartaa Virtue of Fortitude Most be possessed ia no ordinary degree by those who bear the pangs of rbeumativm .without complaint. We have never heard of such an individual. But why not, ere the life long martyrdom begins, extinguish the germ of this atrocious malady with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, the efficacy of which as a preventive of the disease, aa well as a means of relieving it, is well established and amply attested, during the last thirty-live years, over professional signatures ? It expurgates from the blood those acrid principles which beget the pain and inflammation char aeteristic of this complaint, which, it should be recollected, is always liable to terminate life suddenly when it at> tackB a vital part. The Bitters also expels the virna of malaria from the system, remedies dyspepsia, kidney complaint, constipation and biliousness, quiets the nerves, and invigorates the whole physical organism. tths The box turban around the crown. bat turns up all 8BJLOIT8 COUGH and Consumption Cure in Bold by us on a guarantee. lo cures consumption. For sale by P«rry, the druggist, and J.M. Bickford BockFalla "His pills as thick as hand-grenades flew, And where they fell as certainly they slew," v> Was said of one of those ignorant doctors in the early times,-who might well have been called the aide-de-camp of death. The sufforer from scrofula, with sores HS bad as Job's, need not now curse the day be was born, for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will restore health and beauty, appetite and strength. Especially has it manifested its potency in curing salt-rheum, tetter boils, car-bunclea, sore eyes, scrofulous sores and swellings, hip-joint. disease, white swellings, goitre, or thick neck, and enlarged glands. Some of the more recent plates are six inches square, and the stripes are equally loud. Bueli leu'B Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, .Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and poatively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by D. B. Striolder. Steel gray is the favorite alpaca; though it is pleasantly varied by black shot with pale gray. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Blckford, Rock Falls. Dresses of eamel's hair and velvet have the draperies of camel's hair and the skirt of velvet. Borne •feirts for BllgfoU? trained. autumn will be ^JACOBS OH FOR WATERMEW. T&« writes: "/ 4s»>t ste &e* I eeidtl fsl UJtntf at. SLEEPLESS NIUHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Core is the remedy for you. For Bale by Ferry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rocfc Falls. Petticoats of white embroidery and batiatti will soon give away to colored silk, lined with flannel. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by tihiloh's Cure. We guarantee it For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock The "Artlllaai-" coat, with jacket fronts revealing a vest, is an extreme* ly natty Httie baa*iue waist, JTareed. 6» t*«ve Stauut. Oyer SO p«opla were forced to l*av« th«r boinso yoterday ta call for A/rue trial package ol Lane's Family MedS- da«. If yaar btp®d Is bad, your H»er aadi kidney a *u* of onSar If passage ovor. kept close to a lady with a kind face, nnd made friends witb her and acco'pted an invitation from the lady to take a bunk in her ntate-room that she bod spare. Her Arrival In New York. The girl nwlo hersolf perfectly at home, ate at the table with tha rest, of th» folks, and everybody, even tho purser and the steward and all their assistants, thought sho was the child of somebody on board, ond so everything went along all right. When the steamer landed hero no one paid any pnrtle- Ultti' nlti'iilum to tho Iittlo girl, nml she camo down the gnng plank without bolng bothered witb any questions about her ticket, and without any custom house inspector asking to look at her baggage. The wanderer walked about the streets fearless and light bearttsd, Ono_day she_callefl_nt_ni!_iii L telligence ofllca in Twenty-third street anil asked for work, but finally found herself In the hands of yr. G.irry'i society, where she now, is, having tuld her story to ouo of the officers. HOWARD'S PERORATION. Th» Uennnil Mukes Kama Ilnuarkg About A llncent A^lunttt Incident. CINCINNATI, Sept 2H.—It waa S o'clock yestenlay morning when ths moml>ers of the Army of tho Tennessee reluctantly left the dining ball of tlio liurnet house at the close of the most enjoyable meeting ever hold by the society. G™. O. O. Howard, who was tho last regular shaker, bad roused them to a high pit h of enthusiasm by JiS peroration. Atlanta In Ours. Ho apoko to the toast, "Atlanta is Ours and Fairly Won," and in closing sut'l: "The cry, 'Atlanta is ours,' made ua soo with brighter visions our homes, and we looked with lively hopes fur a bpeedy return. And all the force of the umpiring sentiment rings in the ears of the surviving veterans of today. So they say to our governors, our guardians, Atlanta ia ours; do not let it be again lost to us, lost to the country, lost to liberty. To burn ther a pure, noble, one- armed comrade In effigy is not a good deed, not a good sizn. It does not los-ien tho lawless offense that be is an officer of the United States simply doing his duty, Tho lion of possession ai^l power only sleepeth. It is as easy to protect a United States postmaster in Georgia as It is to protect a venerable United States judge in California. [Tumultuous applause ] True Men Who Wore tho Gray. . u JBut I am sanguine and optimistic. As our leader su»gost«d lost night, there Is too much honor anion; the true men of those who fought again ;t us to allow prejudlca, passion and' murder to IK come tho ruling motive and power. Thj gray and the blue are shaking hands at Chattanooga, Let them join forcea,-if "no*£l~tepSnd- soe to "it that every citizen is fully protected iu the righto and privileges- which a nation has extended to him. United in honor, as in law, : we will indeed bo a strong people, whom a Just God will greatly bless." [ApplauSi] FOWLE IS " SARKASTIKAL."' . Wbat the Governor or North Carolina Writes to Secretary Proctor. RALfciOH, N. C., Sept 28.—Bomedays ago Secretary of War Proctor wrote Governor Fowls in regard to tha proposed removal of Geronim'o and his band of Indians from Mount Vurnon barracks, Alabama, to western North Carolina. Yesterday Governor Fowls wrote a reply. He says that such Battlement of the Indians In North Carolina would create great dismtUfactiun, particularly if their location should bo iu the western part of tho state, on lands to be purchased from the Cherokee Indians, as' proposed by the secretary of war. Tbesa lands, he says aro not reservation lauds, but wero bought from the stuto by the Cherok'ses, who aro now few in number, and will soon disappear, aud th 5 lands will then be settled by white people. All Alteruate Preposition. Tho governor, in conclusion, suggest* to Secretory Proctor that tha Indians be colonized in Vermont Certain: parts of that state being now abandoned by the white population, tho governor informs ths secretary that no happier spot could be chosen for hig purpose. Solo Knack.. Out Tuinmy jjanforth. Los ANOELEH, CaL, Sopt 20.—Tommy Danfortb, of Nt;w York, aud Joe Solo, of thin city, light-weights, fought at tha Southern California Atblutio clubThursday night Tha fight was for a purso of $050. Solo had the boat fit the tight iu thu ti.-at part, and between tho sixu^-uih and tweuty-fourth rounili almost »u,-n>.)ii.'tl iu knocking I>an- fortb put, J&il<.> nlsu gauit*! Sr#i blood in U»o eightottuib r»iuini. After the twenty- fwaftb rottn*l Oaoioith bad Uia upper haad. foo - tion'a ten- dcr lovo do - void of chill'd my. love-ly . Qbw'r, traile, uWr, For thy light, O star I en - shrin-etU As our fond good-night ca - rea - scs But her name shall wake for- ov - cr Mem'rica of the twl-liglit hour, tho part-ing stile. the twi-light bour. cnoitus: Mar - guo '• ti - -jn " SWUT'H SrKCiFi*; !j a prtTit bK-psln!,' to hnman- lty,"6iiys Mr. I 1 K. Gordon, of 75-5 Broad street, Nashville, Tcnn., "for it cared a ; of rhcnnmtlrin of ni-cry bad typo, with which I Ind boon tro«l>l«l for thrto or four years. S. S. B. cured mo after f had cxhr.iistwl evcrythln;; else. Treatise on Blood and Skin Dlseasen mailed St.'. Till 1 . Su'lFT ri"-'-rm-< r^._ •p-r'--.- n , t /tlnnt", f " ' Btnr,. Puro us yon- dor beau-teous Btor, =<% Thou art near er, ran. g if ^ Thou art near - or, thou art dear • er, Thou all earth ly maid-ena • : arts. * * Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated LITER PILLS CURE A few doses f aken at the right time will often save a sovera spell of sickness. Price only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sura and soe that DP. C. MoLANE'S'.CELE- BRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEM INQ BftOSy, Pittsburgh, Pa., is OR the box. Sone other is Genuine. tTso IVORY POLISH for the Teeth, PlUUTUMEd TUB BlUvATH, i f ^IPFIELB'S FEMALE- MENSTRUATION trf MONTHLY 6ICKNC8S MONTHLY I OURXHQ CHfvHGE. OV VM*. ' " lUVTmUBWllBEfWOSKa- Copyrighted. 1887. ^ We are \ Showing the( Largest and. Finest Stock Jackets, Newmarkets, Child's and Misses Garments in Sterling. A Seal Plush Ladies' Jacket, $13.00.- .Ladies' Seal Plush 40 inch Sacque at $19.00. Directoire Jackets and Newmarkets, also the greatest bargains in Underwear. Ladies'Jersey Long Sleev-o Vests, 35c., worth 50c. Men's Scarlet Vests and Drawers 60c., worth 85c. Oar stock is the largest in the city. CO. ^ J30DK tQ"ViQMkW'JM££07 : s& mDWLD REBUUTORCO. ATLANTA BA. ™ aaiaarMi nauseam. D Wide circular collars nearly covering the shoulders vary the monoto oua yoke that baa for so long been in fashion. • - ' WHY WILL YOU couga when Shin, B Cure will give you Immediate relief.-Price-10 cts., 60 cts^Tmd 91: For sale by Ferry, the drnggist, and J. M. Bickford. Rock Falls. Sprays of guelder roses tied with white satin ribbon are jauntily arranged in the left side of many new bonnets. SHILOH'S CURE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock ' Striped silk petticoats with an adjustment of colors to correspond with any nationality form a fad for fail and winter. Learned Frofeaaors Hay. The most serious disease of the heart, says Prof ."Da" Costa," may occur r without any symptoms. Frof. Trousseau, of Paris, states that death from heart disease is usually caused by congestion of the lungs, liver, stomach or kidneys, from Imperfect circulation of the blood. Dr. Miles' New Cure for the Heart is the latest and most reliable remedy for this little understood but grave disease. It has cured thousands of cases. Don't fail to try it, Aak for testimonials. Sold at A. B. Hendricks' or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. on 8»to'„„,.,» to Chocolate, plentifully tiuged with cream, is a favorite fall shade, and combines harmoniously with green. A Narrow Eccape. Mrs. L. 8. Pickerell, of Middlebury, Ind., had a very narrow escape from the insane asylum. For years she was subject to headache, palpition, spinal pain, sleeplessness ana nervous prostration. For three years she had convulsions, otten as many as fifty a night. Able physicians failed to help her. At last after taking that wonderful retc edy, Dr. Miles' Jlestorative Kervine for six weeks, she was entirely cured. It is a recent discovery by one of the greatest of living physicians, and is working wonders. Trial bottle free at A. R. Hendricka' or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. Very few foot flattings are used en skirts. Borders, bands of ribbon iu velvet and facings, are the rage. A Monad t<rj(al Opinion. E. Batnbrldge Munday Esq., County Atty., Clay Co.. Tex. says: "Have used Electric Bitters with moat happy results. My brother also WUB very low with Malaria^ Fever and Jaundice, but wa« cured by timely use of this raedi- cius. Am satisfied Electric Bitters saved his life." .Mr. P. I. Wiicoxson. of Horse Cave, Ky,, adda a li&e testimony :£!« positively beiiOTea he would Forest fr'ire* Sn CitKUorulit. SAN FRANCISCO, Bapt. 88.—Prom many parts of the state come' reports ot , forest fires. The losses have been especially heavy in San Mateo, tjonoraa/ Santa Cruz and Itariu counties. A large amount of valuable timber has been consumed, together witb « number ot suburban villa*. Ensonuda, Lower California, and Ban Carlos, on Bu- Gonatia lake, aro tkruaUmod with total destruction by tho bush fires. The suburbs of tho first named town are already burning. Among the reuldenoai burnud is th'it of Col. Craue. The woolen mills of the town aro in the direct paUi of tho flumes aud will un- doubti-dly bo burned. The IMuiuoiid Flokl Btidortl. CQIOAUO, Supt. 28.—Yesterday's L'm;;uo bow ball playiug rt-Kiiltud in tha following eoorea: At Pituburg—Pittaburg 4. Philadelphia 8; ut Cleveland—Clcvalarid U, Washfligtcu 7—eight innings, darkness; at IndiiuuiiJoIiB'—iudiaimpoiks H, Boston 15; at Chicago—NJW York IS, Chicago C>. Amer- icao afieooiatiou: At Brooklyn—Uajtimorrt 0, Brooklyn '3; nt Kuiiatw City—KanstisCi'y 8, Cineinimtl 11. Wtateru luaguu: At 8t. Paul—St. Paul )7, Denver 8; at- MinnenpolU—Mliiiieapolis '£i, St Joseph )!J;nt MUwsukee—Milwuuliuo 11, Umabu^i. Froft'BHor Eliliu Thompson has JJCT- fected an invention by which the mils of (street or atfiaai railvvaya JUUJT bo together by eleotriotty ttfte iu |xa>itio;i A tracts ius cl«'«-tnc What the minister wants, what the editorial writer looks for, what "the politician always baa and the average woman never, is an idet\. Boys who-hear of-, -the new-process of tanning hides'by electricity expect to sea lines of wire running toward the school houses. STARTLIN OkJViDENOE. OP TPE CURB OP SKIN DISEASES WHEN AU OTHBR MKTHOU3 PAIL. 0 yi'nrtt. covering; face, h«^n<I, uuil entire bony \vHlt white Bcn!>n. Slili>r«d,lt*lij' nucl bleediugr. linlr All e«ne. Spent hundreitti of dollars. 1'runoaneva incurable. Cured by Cntleuru JUemedlea - My disease (psoriasis) first broke out on my left cheek, spreadlnpaiTOSs my nose, and almost covering my face. It ran Into iny o>o8, and the physician was afraid I would lose ray eyealsht altogether. It spread all over my head, aud my hair all fell out, until I was entirely bald-headed; it then broke cut on my aims und shoulders, until my arms were Just one soxe. It covered my entire body, my face, head aud shoulders balng the worst. The white seahs fell constantly from my head, shoulders and arms; tha skin would tmck«u utid be red and very Itchy, and would crack and bleed If scratched. Aittr spending many hundreds ot dollars, I was pronolincecl Incurable. Ibeiirdof tho CUTICUUA KKMEHIES, and ad.T using two bottles COTJCUBA KKBOL- TIKNT. I could nee it change; and alter I hattta- keufour liottles, I was ulmo-t cur^d; and when I had used six buttles o( CUTIOUKA HKKOI'-VENT aud 0110 bos of CUTIOUHA, ami oue c;tke ot Cu- TJCOUA SOAP, I was cured of the dreadful disease Tom which I bad sutTertd for five years. I thought the disease would leave a very deep scar, out ttie CUTICUIIA KKUEDIKS cured it without any sc^rs. I canrote»prt^s with u pen what 1 suffered before using UieCu'ritUBA Kuw- KDina. They saved my life, an 1 ftell; my duty torecoaimeud them. My hair i» rv.itorud as good as ever, and BO la my eye s lKht I t now of a number ot dlBeifiat persons who huve 111-0 the CVricuiiA KEMHDIKH. and all liav^ recurved great beueflt from tueir use. M«B. BOSAKEUA-, Kockwell City, (V.buuu Couuty, Jowa. C'utioura Rent O NOT DEU4Y YOUB LIPPSMCOn'S MAQAZIME, which now BUnds in th« front rank of mont UoM*»4 oooopSea tho posltloa of A LEADER AMONQ LEADERS. E»ch»umboroonttlli» A COMMUTE HOVEL, «!io« ilb»r«I qoantitj of rolsoe UnnOoal matter of >n lntcr»»lln(t »adinittncUt« natura. Ono J«nr'l nutwriplioa fl7M» LIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS ,» Amorioan million, tojether with AN ABUNDANCE >VsUOKT S'l-OBIE9,TOEU8. ESSAVS, Bod nktten If unu»«<JlatoM»t!«s» a " u: « l '«»"«•. »»«>»»»Tolum«of NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES. Tin j!moo« of LirriscOTT'B Itandl innMMdectod i« tha uintli or Mujriiliig puMUhlng, »ndl(Mi«7 Ittfnmlllil title 1« w«lwm«d la eTorr hsmlet, Tllugd, town, w4 olty throucHant th» Unltod SutM. . Th« b«t wrltorn of tin «e h»r« t«6n >»ciir»a ud D«w will, from time to tune, U tuldtA which » Ul S"* ' A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN. Aci41!9 Rirci, Kdgur SnUot, John Hakbertca. EdMtr FEweott. C»pt*In Churl** King. U.a.A- f Qrftoe Klnr..H- tlliottOc*wtlL SaJiftftDokro.ManriQS Barrymcrt, QoidA, - KQd miny othert vHl oontrlbulo to it* page* for I88i». Fo* l m\\ prvnp*ctiiB, Kltirflii Upplncott't M»gftttn»,,7hlU- dtlphlft. 23 cwata slaglo nuciber. $3.W j*>r yew, HeftO o nt onc« e»tati do ID All p»rt», fay 'piaclnr oBf.»»cfcta«j ood»wliCTB tin peu .._ them, wo nlllBBnd free ? perton in each 3oc»!ity,ih« very brat iewmff-tUBcliinB made la wtTld.with «11 th> «turhmcnik, W« will ftlw etcd free B com pit to " of our C9«tly fttiJ *»lonblc art plci. 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Mining and Commercial Centros of the WEST AND NUBTHWEST. Tha Unrivaled Equipment of the Una embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulinran Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VISTIiyilO TBAtHS Running direct between Chicap-o, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council fiiuffs anj Omaha, tofuidctirsg for Portland, DanvAt, Siia Francisco and sui Pacific Coast Poirtti ONLY LINE TO Tiff BUCK HIIU »*, M»p» Tii !t t»t <•» anj .t, I PUCten. Thw great rew-edy well am cure ail for

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