Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 9, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1908
Page 2
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COVINA A City Among the Orange GroVes THIC COVINA VILLA TRACT Js absolutely the most beautiful suburban tract on the market to- fhiy. ICvery lot a bargain. TIIK COVINA VILLA TRACT Is in the heart of Covina. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 minutes from Los Angeles. Till-: COVINA VILLA TRACT Will be supplied with the purest mountain water, piped to every lot. Klectric lights. Streets graded and oiled. Cement walks. THfC COVINA VILLA TRACT Combines every essential city convenience and coveted country com- iort. High and Grammar Schools. THE COVINA VILLA TRACT Prices range from S200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments. THE CO VISA VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the^market today. They possess every element to insure profitable returns. We COVINA VILLA TRACT J. L,. MATTHEWS ASGOEL NT J. B. COULSTON CHAS. NICHOLI Lots $|>2OO ai Every IVTodern Improvement I f*/^^/S^*S*N/>l Building af>Beaumont. Tim laat two oxcjundoris of the Jjoiinmont Lurid it VViitur Compuny rcHiiltcd in sak'H iimnnntliiK t.o81HUO, comprising Himmty-l.wo city loin and j twonty-Mvo ficroH of fruit land. I'ntcr ; W. UtTHimmii of N(J\V York lins pnr- , <;hiiKO(l two hlnok.s, to whidli h« will I plant fruit, and two lots which In.-; intunilH to improve for income nur- | POHOH. The Uoiiumont, (Jas ('oiiipnny | IIIIH prtic.lniHC'l I'lock 1 •!- fur tin Hito of l.hi'ir plant. MiirKiirt'l; (iliMin hiiH pnrdhiiHf'd t.wi. lolH for ijUf-U an a H\lc tar a residuncii. Mrs. M. M. FiKhur hus commenc.cil. tlio construction of a two-story, fireproof IMIHJIICSH hiocik 01 KKHII iivomifi, with .store rootiiH 1'clow and a lod^e hall nlmve, to (Hist atioiit 810110. The Lucy ManitfiictnriiiK cnmpimy of Los An K<>loH has heen nwiirdcil the contract for 15.000 feet, of four inch steel water pipe, amid is now ennu^ed in laying same !hror.|.;linut, the town- hit 1 ). A building and Loan Assoeiat ion lins heen formed to provide for the lonniiiK of money to home huilders. The Woslei'ii (las Kn^ine (.'oinpaoy ol Los Angeles, has heen awurdi d i.hi' rontnic.t, for a ninety horse pou.r ^MHolenc engine and compressor plant to lie net complete hy illllie 10. \\'. ,1. Haker, a poultry fancier from Spi'in^llehl, MHHS., who IIIIH lalten over eiu'hly rilihoiis, is hi HtiilliiiK a moilel poultry ranch on 7'.,. iicrcti of irri^'ited land pnicluiseil fr in the company tor .?'I'-all. lie will make a specialty of raising pi'i/e strains of While Wyamlnllcs and li'hode inland Keils. (her one inch of rain IVII in licaniii' 'in dur i\\H tlic paM week, which is iinv, in excess of hi \teen i nchcs. Ahiiiil Usenly li' w hoii.-es ale in course ole.iiiM ruci inn and a repoit from iln lleaiimoiit mii'seiy shous that <ivi '.' 11'.mm (mil I ree-. have heel.' set out this seis'-oii, us uell as 'JO, 0011 |4i a i e vine- and a (jri-al maii> eiicii ly |.l n> tree:-. The (iretMi-riursMall Co. Pure Mixed I'aiuls. l.d their hi|_'l; . I :r!i \ :il o Ula -• 'A I I 1 j^'i\ e .-at i-larl i -I., i v < ii to [ l.c im '-i .sliept ical I'hllih I I '.ill 1 III I \i •• I paints '.\ il 1 Mai'd lln- . .e-i dim.lie lollt-".-! 1 . < "-'. Illj. 1 I o I he lad thai I he < il i i il Mai -ha I i | ui e | a 11; I • :n •• coin pu.-ed (-I | i.:v A liil e le.rl. | i. i i- . N ! h- of /inc. j-'i > 'iiicl in | in e 111 • •! i 1 . 11. The.-e piiinis ad 1 V al ni'-in call i i ohtaliicd Ic.-ic at the painl and | a| ei' biort- oi Mr. (.'. 11. Kistler. Demand for Goverment Stenographers, Railway MnllCle k$, Ect. For Hpvcnil years there IIIIH heen such a demand for stenographers, railway mail clerks, etc., in the Oovernmont service l.hat practically all who passed these c.xainimil ions from tills western district, received appointments and at (,'ood salaries. Theyc, positions arc not. effected hy crop failurcH or financial panics. No political pull in necessary. The examinations arc not hind when one knows what, to study and how to study it and is well taught. Any one prepared for Ihe Hallway Mail service can also pusfi the examinations for postolllce clerks, carrier or custom house service. Any one of these courses can he taken in person or hy mail in the San Her nardino linsiness College anil Civil Service Institute. This nchool con- tiiineH throughout 'he hummer without vacation mid is the only school in ('alilornia mukiiiu; a specially^ ot ihi'i work and assisting vomit.' pen pin to •.•(•cure i_'ovei ninent iiositioiis. Those enrolling now can he prepared to puss the lull civil service examination which arc held in Sim Iieriiai dino. i'ai t iculars can he hud t mm t he ubove sclim d. Pitrlor Car To Del Huntc. l''or liio convi'iilence of pasi-en^ers dt'slincd Hotel Del Monte the South ern I'acillc has ultachcd to its tiain.- Icavinn Lin Angeles daily at H a.m. a I'nlliiiaii Parlor Cat running through to Del Monte uilhoiil change. i! :m For Sale Second tirade potatoes j?l.iMl per sack. \\ . M. \\arren, Telephone 1 lolne .'! 1 '.Ml. Nolice to Crcilitois. K--tate ol {',. \\'. Mepncr. Notice U hi'ieliy i;iveu by the undei si.; i;ed admiiiisti ator of thi- e^l.iie ol li. \V. I lepn.'t . deceased, to llu- creditoi'.s ot. a mi all | ei se i; -, 1; a \ inij i !a uns a^ai list Ihe di ci-.i-i >!. to i \lnbit the -.aim' with liie in'i --a i', v. u.'i 1 . ei .-. within ten month-, a Hi-:' ilie lu-t pn bin a t ion ol 11; i -* n i • t : i i i o till -.. : i'. . u: -.: 11! i i -1 r a t -1 r o I th< above i..lined i state, at the law olli.e •'! i i o. I.. >.i m'.iT-.. K'ooin .'•_'\',' l',-. . . \ I'. i:l ell ii; , !.-•-. A 11 u e . C •>, C - . I! 11 t \ ,.| 1. -, A '..;,;<--. Stal. ol C.l.ll. .r.l'.a . -,'. :.: I, p'.ac. :- in i . b\ .i,-\i^;.,it. .: l;. j. . i, , • . -1 1 - u ~ 1111 • > ^ 'I >. i; i! > -^ '• •'.' i , I >a ii d ; !.!-• J'-'ii i.,o oi M.I: h. I'M' 1 -. A d. in l n l-l I a ' l ol aloie-aii: e-.i.i!e. in-. I.. >a ndei .-. at !• l in \ 1 "I' >•' id ad i: in. ->ll a lol . Summer Excursion Rates. Summer excursion Pacific Coast will he made from Eastern territory for corning season. Basis will ho OHO fare, rate of yi.xty dollars from Missouri Hiver; sixty-seven from Mt. Louis; seventy-two fifty from Chicago. Juno first to Sep- iemher thirtieth. Tickets at same rates will hu sold from same territory to S;in KranciKco and Los An- Heles and San Diei,'o for Battleship li'li'ot ('elobratioti. Kale dates April fourth and fifth and April twenty- fifth and twenty-sixth. Same fared will also he adopted for usual East- htiund excursions from 1'aciliu Coast. Death Was On Mis- Heels. Jesse ['• Morris of Skippers, Ya.. had a close call in the spring of l'.X.V lie says: "An attack of pneumonia left me so \vcak and with such ;i fearful cou^!' -t-nat my friends' declared con- .sumptii/n had me, and death wason my heels. Then I was persuaded to try Dr. Kind's New Discovery. It helped me immediatlv, and after taking two and a half bottles I was a well man a^ain. I found out that New Discovery is the b''st remedy fov coughs and lutiK' diseases in ail ihe world." Sold under guarantee at C. K. Clapp's dru^ store. . r 'i>c uinl .-l.oo. Trial hottlc free. * * * * * * * * * * * •* * * * * *• •*• * Votir Checking Be count * IN THE Covina National Bank AND YOl'K S/VVINGS ACCOUNT * •* EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Fine Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware Plenty of Time is cause hy stagnation of the liver and bowels. To n'l-t rid of it mid headache and biliousne-s and the poison that brings jaundice, take Dr. Kind's New Life Tills, the reli.ihle purifiers that do ihe work w ithout ^rindiny or ^ripiujf. ^.^c at C. !•'. Clapp's dru^ store. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Ollice of the Covina (iara^e and Machine Shop Association, location of principal place ol busine-.-,, Covina, !,os Ani^ele.-, County, Caiilornia. Notice i-> hereliy uivcn that at a regular ineetio^; ot tii.e board ol directors it the Covina tiara Kr e and Machine ,-sh >p Association, held- mi April IS P't's, an asMe-.-men I ot live dollar.s per shave \\-is levied upon the capital slock ot the ;on, payable immediately in law nil money of the I'liited Slates, to tile secretary of tile corporation at his oincc in 1,'ovina. I. s A 11.ije'.c -> (.'oil ill \ , Cali torn i.i. Ans -'.' i 1\ i. p- n « ii ich fhi - a-se-.-- •lii-nl -n.ii! leii.ain anpaid oil Moll- d.i\. l!u U'. h da,' I May. l''o>, will lie delu.i iu-i'l ami ad\ erti-^ed loi'^.'.ieat l>u bS ic .1 ••. i. n a in! ii r, ii--- pa;, un nt i -. in.ide I'l-l- •!'!-. will b • .-.old on t lie sib :,i \ • 'I .1 ane. I'f.s, at .' p. m.. t . p.i v ! i: - i.e : i; r | r. i i, t a - •••. "ii.'.' i.' . t >^: • t lu-r .•. i' b . -; . .1 .id \ . :". IMI...: an.l e\p 'ii-e i* ! * IN THK i * !* i *• * * United States Savings Bank Will give you entire satisfaction. Why not open one now? J. 1!. Cul'LSTdN, I'rcs. DK. J. D. K'KKD, \'icc-Pros. V. O. ENliLlSU, Ca^iiier .). H. I'oohiian ^saniuel l''i-sler J . L. Mat '.hew s i >s.Mr Miller J . N . M.Hirer (.,. II White *, i * * * * •* # * i *! * '. *\ * ; *' i * i * . * * •*• * -.» -* -* * * DEPOSIT MONEY YA/ITH /VGEINT BRINQ FRIENDS FROM THE EAST During March and April. Sec md Class tickets will be sold at very- low rates trom K .is tern pomt.s to Southern California. For insiame, froTii New Yoik T.^.OO and; froui Chicatfo i'.iS.CO; St.. Lou in r?s,.-,o; Kansas (.'tty 'Bio. 00; i iinnlui 7. : l' - '•(''; Minneapolis and St. Paul i.iu.75; Denvt r ?.V i.'(«); Salt Lake City r.^'.oo, and many other points at greatly rcdviced rates. If liesired, tickets will be furnished at any point east or i-nrili of Salt Lake City, in-the I'nited State-,, C.unucla or Europe, if money fur same be deposited \vitii any a^cnt of the Salt Lake Koiite. Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina F,.r excel;. -nt s-.-rvicc, beatitiful scenery, thr. .utfli sk-epint,-- cars from Chicago. St. I.miis St. I'.iul. Kai: -,;ia C i';;, . <M,uiha, ai:d Di-nvervia Salt L.ikj Ci'.y an': tl'.e Short Line to Los An;;i.'ie= Vo'.ir frienus -hullid travel VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE *****.*** Subscribe for the

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