Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1889
Page 3
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f TTV^ gt. "%"* .T' = ?$ i H!» I U«, II- ;,*•), > I* 1 / H i* ' f>nor fn 4^31 »,* * 4 * *,* *„*- %* A, J. JORDAN'S FAMOUS 3. BRAND CUTLERY. ALSO THK est Line of Batcter toes IN THE OITT. Yours Respectfully, LEWIS D.WYNN. Evening Gazette. THB BvitNiyti GAZXTTB can be had »t all the newsstands. Prloerwo oxirrs. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. —George Mohler has returned from St. Paul. •• - . —Mr. and Mrs. C. Bisele have gone to Polo on a visit. __-r-Miss -Libbie -Iloyer haa returned home from Chicago. ' r —Miss Grace Wiley is home from South Evanston on a visit —A large number of farmers are in town buying supplies to-day. —Will Bell and wife have returned home from their eastern trip, —Miss Slater, of Iowa, is visiting her uncle, Will Slater, of the First ward. " —Some farmers claim there will be lots ot soft corn, on account_pf_th_ejat<^ frosts. —Wm. Scates and Mr. Huntoon, of Evanston, who have been visiting at Mr. E. Scates', have returned home, —The Methodist ministers will deliver their last sermons to-morrow before the annual yearly conference. -George Pigg, of the First Ward, has just received 81,975.20 back pension and will get 80 per month hereafter. —Mrs. J. L. Underwood, from Bear Lake, Idaho, is visiting fr ends in Sterling and Mr. Geo. Sampson's family.. —W. Scott Ward arrived home last night from a trip up through the region of the lakes. His headquarters were at Petoskey, Mich. —Elder Mason, of Amboy, who was the pastor of the Baptist church of this city for 24 years, will preach there next Sunday morning and evening. —Miss Carrie Roberta, daughter of Charles Roberts, formerly of Sterling, was married this week to a gentleman named Charles Black,at Pasadena. •Mrs. K L. Mangan received this morning from pension headquarters a certificate for 8410 back pension. She wiH'receive 816 per month hereafter. —James Bucbannane, Ph. D., and Nelson Powell will speak upon the subject of Spiritualism, at A. O U. W. Hall, over Melvin's Store Sunday, at 2:30. , . —H. 8. Engle, who was head clerk at Phillips & Go's hardware store for several years, has returned from Waterloo, Iowa, where he was visiting. He expects to remain here. —Hubert Butler and bride, of Chicago, are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Utley. They are on their way home from Des Moines, where they have been on their wedding trip. —The German young folka of this city and vicinity had a dancing party in Mannerohor hall last night. The Korn's orchestra played for them and the dancing continued until an early hour this morning. —Prof. Swayze, professor of penmanship at the Sterling Business College, haa resigned, aad has left with his wife for Belleville, Ontario. His successor is expected to arrive here daily. New pupils are entering the school quite rapidly.' —There Is a complaint from the neighborhood near the Sterling school, that cows are allowed to' roam the streets too much when brought from the pasture in the evening. One man threatens to put some of them In the pound unless better care is taken of them. One effect which was not foreseen has been observed in neighborhoods illuminated by electric light. Crime has been diminished therein. • Bur- ;lars and\ sneak thieves are &fraid to jly their nefarious trades in such a powerful light and have skulked off elsewhere. -Wm. Doyle, of Rockford, haa been appointed freight inspector afc Free port, where a new system of freight inspection went into effect yeaterduy. It will be required of Mm that all outgoing and luoooUng freight be properly packed aad classified, aud that the weights a« correct. He Isitt Uw em- uloy of the Western Tr**o <wso«ia«oB (Ukd !« piste*! to pyofcset both tb» «hi{>- p*r *a<t tit* —Soft c-oal hiis gone un thi second time at the mines. ^ — Miss Delia Burgess, of Deer Grove, ia visiting at J. M. Poets' at Kmplrp. —Mrs. .Tewctt, of Newark, Ohio, is visiting h<?r brother, Cnpt. .7. V.'. Nile?, and stater, Mrs. C. C. Buell. . —The city council of ,1ollet has been made a novel proposition, a'party offering to pay 875,000 a year for a paloon monopoly, agreeing to closo every saloon at 10 o'clock at nignt and all day Sunday, allow no gambling and sell no liquor to an intoxica'ed person or a minor, beaides giving a ©200,000 bond for a faithful performance of those conditions. .Toliet has 75 saloons which pay a license of 81,000 each. —A meeting of the Directors and officers of the Sterling Humane Society was held last evening. The resignation of Maurice D. John aa secretary was accepted, and Ed. C. Underwood was elected to fill the unexpired term. George P. Perry was instructed to prepare a list of seta of cruelty, which are to be printed on a card and furnished to business men. Further action on that matter will be taken Bt the next meeting. The meetings will hereafter be held in the offlca of Secretary Underwood. —A carpenter who ought to know says the life of a plank or -board sidewalk will be extended three to five years if the upper surface IB "planed and a space Is left between the boards thro' which the water and air may circulate between them. Our informant caught the Idea from the master builder of a railroad company. The reaaoM is that an unplaned board haa a rough'suj face; thia catches both moisture and dirt, which form innumerable points at which the process of decay begins. The cost of planing la so trival that It la well worth while to use the latter in place otthe former —The ladies of the W. R. C. cleared over thlrty-Dve dollars at their "red, white and blue" sociable held in the Farewell Hall store last evening, which was more than they bad anticipated. After a goodly crowd had collected, Capt. Parker and Col. Dillon, with the assistance of several members of the Wednesday club, led the'Slnging- or several 'Bongs," ""VlJed,""White and Blue," "Tramp, Tramp," and the like. AH_the ladies brought_pretty_boxes PL baskets of lunch, decorated with red, white and bine, and each box contained the -lady's name. The genial deputy sheriff, George Drake, auctioned off the boxes lively to the gentlemen, some paying a good high price. The purchasers then each sought the lady Whose name was in the box, and ate the lunch with her. It Is related that Capt. Parker, who bought the first box, secured the one brought by hla wife, and refused to eat with her. Mosea Dillon found he had bought the boxes ot two "printer's wifes, and," knowing the powerful poverty of pi Inters, was afraid both would not contain enough to satisfy hlmaelf alone. Coffee waa served to all. After the luncheon, there was more singing and speechmaking. The sociable.waa a happily successful one and the ladles are to be congratulated upon their good fortune In getting so much help for their relief fund. - • I,ov*!y Full Mr.o.Gerinio W. Klliottlwnjnst returned fn«m Chicago with a large stock of deardflights in millinery. Cull nndsef the (inn pattern hat-c, iiiagnillcent rib- bona in all shades, nnil other stylis MOVf'ltit'S. S!t-Ui Pants from .<••.'. to 8U at MeC'aUis- tor's. , S7 (7 Watches! See Fraokic JODCS Co. At the Academy of Music next Thursday night. Fine Co. and elegant ecenery. The lied Cross and Peninsular base burners, and a full line of coal and wood beating stoves, at Davis & Wilkinson's. Call and examine. 02-10 Zero! JKeroI Imperial Aladdin is the finest range in the market. It can be found at Crawford Bros. "010 yesterday for Frankie Jonea Co. Don't get left—fair warning.—There la sure to be a big bouse. Mm. F. C. Woodrntt invites the ladies to call and see the latest in millinary. She has a designer and trimmer from Fifth Avenue, New York City. No trouble to show goods. 01 to I am showing a large assortment, both for ladies and gentlemen, in standard cases of gold and silver with unique designs of engraving. Parties wanting a reliable time piece will find it to their interest to inspect my stock. The movements are of the best American manufacture,including Rockford, Elgin* \Valthamy eto. The low prices I have been giving in the past still continue. I offer no cheap trash, but, relative to price, everything is the best in its line. E. W. BLOSSOM, No. 15, East Third St. Winter foot wear of every description at Detweiler & Mueller's. McCalliater has all kinds of fall over- coatings. 87 17 Go to Rose for boots. 01-tf Sffl the-new a/1 of N. Carpenter fc ; Co. ! K. W. Hion?om has t;>kt'T> the agency > of the "J, C." I'riiniJ "Spes tru'l^s P-nd 1 Kye glassou. Those spcctart'\s are different from ordinary<=o% in that the lenses are ground from a /•>,,'><•/< nlf,! Cri/utt! that shnti out t,hi> r.hf-m- ical and heat rays ofliffht, making them very soothing to the pyea. lie sure and try them, see that that trado mat!? "r. c." is on every lens. 70--.1&W Kersey overcoats at McCallister's. 87 t7 Choice potatoes still 25c at L. L. Johnson's. . 91 t3 The celebrated Red Cross -range; handsome and durable. The finest stove ever seen in Sterling. For sale by Davis & Wilkinson. 02-tO Only l¥Lapickeis Call at the Cash Btore tonight. The lady tickets are going fast. The ladies are willing to go—don't wait to ask them.but buy your tickets now ; Ladle*!~ Call and see the lovely patterns in bonnets aid hats fresh from the city. Btylea are beautiful. Theae have been selected with great care; knowing our patrons so well w» are determined to please. FBEY & DAVIS. 00-t4 „_, One car frosti lime, one car fresh cement and two cars salt just received atHoaeaJ>illon's,_ For furnishing goods, fiata, caps,. underwear and gloves go to Ddtweiler & Mueller's. , Splendid stove polish, Burnishing for nickle, No. 1 mica, at 92-tf - L. L. JOHNSON'S. The Frankie Jones company will appear on dates advertised at Wallace Opera House under contract with this management and notwithstanding the card published in GAZETTE of Sept. 20, signed manager of "Frankie Jones Co." and the purported interview with manager of "Academy of Music." This management hereby announces that said company will play at "Wallace Opera House" on the dates named and any attempt to play at the "Academy of Muslo" will be met by invoking, the law. By adyise of counsel, no more foolishness will be tolerated. LAWRIE BBOTHERS, M'n'grs Wallace Opera House. You can buy the celebrated Starlight Knitting worsteds in Sterling at J. K. Chester's only. City Normal Class. On Monday evening, Sept. 80, at 7:SO o'clock, at the Congregational church there will be a meeting to organize a City Normal Class. Persons interested in this line of study from all the Bunday schools of the city are urgently invited to be present. All the pastors and all the superintendents are respectfully requested to give this notice the fullest publicity and urge the importance and the need of this work. Ladies'kid driving gloves at J. K. Chester's. • Hard and soft coal for sale at Mosea Dillon's. Knit underwear for ladies and chil- renatJ.K. Chester's. He has some bargains in these goods. Notice. When you are looking for good shoes or boots do not forget to call and sen my stock. I have made prices lower than ever, and can give you a good assortment to select from.. 93 to PHILIP NICK. ThelaWM Read on other page the Wallace Opera House ad. Stovepipe, stove boards, coal hods, etc., at L. L Johnson's. 0113 Now is the time to order your storm sash of Moses Dillon. For a soft coal or wood cook, look at the improved Golden Gem, a first class cook steve at a low price. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 02 to Where Did You «et It T Why I that beautiful hat came from Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 01W Have you seen the brand new delivery wagon,of Frey & Wlntebread's? It Is certainly one of the most complete wagons for carrying pianos and organs, in Sterling, and their new store is fitted up equal, if not better, than any of the kind in our little city. 89-tO A full line of new millinery, at It. A. Carter's. . 92-t3 Rose makes all of his boots. 01-tf Gold Coin etoves, Fall and winter suitings at McCal- listt.r's. ' 87 t7 Mr. Geo. Pfisterer, baker of Mr. C. Eiseie, has leasedthe building tiow occupied by G. Gasaman on 3rd street, where his wife, with his assistance, will run a first class restaurant. Mr. Pfister remains with Mr. C.Eisele, to sat isfy all hla frlends.ln the line of baking. Take possession third of October. 88-tO Fa'ms for rent. F. B. Hubbard. French Kip boots »4 a p»ir made to ordec^at Hose's. 01-tf "~Riverside Stoves, Arrasene and chenille, for embroidery, at H. A, Carter's. 02 W LargeJ)lack hats for children, very stylish, can be found at Mrs. Gennie W. Elliott's, ~_ 80JW Farms for rent. F, B. Hubbard. Veal calf boots 83.50 at Rose's. Oltf . The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago ami return on account of the Exposition, which opens September 4th, and closes Octo K er 10th, at rate of one fare for the round trip, with 2fi cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western Kail- way Company. 37-t3 Hlblisrd'a Rheumatic Wyrnp. There is certainly something remarkable in this preparation, as it is meeting with a success never attained by any other medicine. It never fails, if used as directed. For over twenty years I have been a great sufferer from the effects of a diseased stomach, and for three years past have been unable to do business. Two years ago ray case was pronounced incurable. I visited different water cures and climates, all to no purpose, Last Tune I began using Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup (prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich.,) and at once began to feel better. I have used thirteen bottles and am a well man. ' ~ EDWARD BAKER, Master Mechanic and Blacksmith, 202 Jackson Street, Jackson, Mich. tths Keep Cool. A complete line of stoves both cook and heaters, is to be found at Craw ford Bros. Step in and take a look at them. • OOtO Chn- drens'. SEAL. *! FLUSH, AND -PEOPLL'SXOLUMN (y We will Iniert three lines In this eol-*^ nmn one time for 10 eenta, or for 40 cents a week. Each additional line will be B cunts a single Insertion, or is cents a week. WAHTTKU. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. ; _ \\T ANTED—Young single man to work 1 on a _»-Y—n-1-nu-W.-M. IMUou.-- H3-IA- W ANTED—BOO customers wanted within the next ten days, for ladles and misses cloaks. Prices guaranteed to be the lowest, at J. K.CtesJ ter's. . _ J ___ _ W ANTED—A thoroughly competent girl for general housework. Good wages Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street aud D avenue. CLOTH in every style. NEW- Farms for rent. F. H. Hubbard. Homcthlnffi KIce. If you want to make money read my "ad'Mn the WEEKLY GAZKTTE and Standard. GEO. W. CHAMBELIN. 88-tf Farms for rent. F. B. Hubbard. Call at J. E. Philips & Go's and get one of those Cold Coins.' . owo. W ANTKD—Girl—One thoroughly competent for general nousewtrk. Applj at D. W. Hopkmsou's slice store. 00-tI W ANTEB-WIIU grapes, by Dr. Frank Anthony. OiillatolTlce. 83-tf88-t3 W ANTED—Good houses to rent. F. W. Walzer, Boom 4, Academy of Music. 69-tll W ANTED— Immediately— kitchen girl. Apply lit Boynton house. ' 87-tI tfOK J4AL.K. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. French heads, in black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. . ' 80-tO For cook stoves or heaters, go to Davis & Wilkinson, West End Hardware dealers. _ 02-to Crawford Bros. Have on their floors some of the best stoves In the market, both cooks and heaters. They are open for inspection. OOtO F OB SALE—2000 yards, wide lodlgo blue call- cos, at 95i cents. Hold by other firms at 12VJ cents. J. K. Chester. T/TOU SALE—Anew Eureka road cart, cheap. -C Al-o. a soft coal heating store. Apply »t Detweiler & Mueller's.- S3-tB Ij^OB SALE—A Fneaton bugiiy, cheip, for JJ cash. J. I. Fierce, Book Fi3ls. U0-tfl» F OE 8ALK—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, stock of goods. Business places for sale and exchange. Frank W. Walzer, Academy of Music, Koom-1 70 tf F I OU 8ALK—A barealn in three flue residences in 4th ward. Inquire ot 1.1. Bush. 61-ti f Oil HALE OK TKADK. Ladles knit undershirts only 60o at J. K. Cheater'a—a great bargain. first I'ick From those elegant new fall designs in gents' scarfs and ties w 111 be obtained by those coming early. W. C. Kier, Gent's Furnisher. Qlf you want handsome styles IB dress goods you should look at J. K, Chester's fttock—prices tae lowest. Drink Hearty! John Annas haa some of the best cof- feea and teas to be found in the States, and by calling, on him you will be convinced of the fact. We have examined Mr. George K Richardson's step ladder and ironing! b<»rd an4 pronounce them the very hest we'have ever s«sn and they should b» m »<wy houao. Mrs. J. II. Lnwreao* Mrs. K J. Henry, Mrs, Laura K. Kia$r Co? At 15,25 and 35c. The Dayton's, and celebrated musical novelty company of 14 artlsta. |Sllver cornet band lead by the youngest child artist in the world. Grand parade about noon, Wednesday, Oct. 2nd. Good stock of light and heavy gloves and mittens at L. L. Johnson's. 0113 Beautiful caps for children; also, other novelties for the little folks, at Mrs. GeanieW. Elliott's. _ 80-tO Black tips, iu every style, at Frey & Davis 1 . 8 °- to The world renowned Stewart heaters or sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. Sconomical in fuel aud of great heat- ng capacity. O2 ' w Call at E. W. Blossom's and get ail eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive aud ready to attend to >city and country sales on short notice. Can eave orders at A. K.*Hendrlck's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th at. Charges roasona- ». Give me a call. • > !8-37tf D. II. MEYEua. Auct. Farms for rent. F. B. Hubbard. The host [school shoes to keep the feet dry and warm, you find at P. J. Unkel's. ' .' 0113 Ladies, call and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all Frey & Davia'. • • _ 89-tO Nobby suitings at McCallister's. 8717. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading^ F OR SALE OR TRADE—A fine second-hand carriage, single or double seat, or exchange tor a good road horse. Inquire of Dr. Gordon. , IXMO KETS, VOK 11KNT. Pants goods at MsCallister'a. 87 t7 Beautiful hats for misses, girlish and pretty at Frey & Davis. • 00t4, -*-Warren Hall haa received 81300 Inck pension, which he expects to invest In a dwelling. Tips. French heads in black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. 80 to Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. TjlOH KENT—4 houses to rent and a number of £ houses for sale by Adatn Smith. ^J 118 ^ F on KENT—A good barn, at 403 West Third street. ' 8WO F OH BUNT— Dwelling bouse, suitable for one or two families, live blocki from P. O., with 5 acres of ground. Apply 6U6 First Avo. 81-tf T IO LEASE— Power and room formanufactiir In* purposes, In the bulltilng formerly occupied by Church & Patterson. Address B. 0. Church. DulQth, Minn. ">-« Come in and see, "We charge no fee. The largest and richest display we have , ever shown. . FINANCIAL. Times are hard aud inotwy is close therefore 1 sell all tay boots and shoes thau ever before. Call and s<5e, P. J. Unkel. 0113 & w **! of «oft c<»*l for grate at Black tips, in every style, at Frey & Davis'. • 8016 told Wrather. Crawford Bros, are selling the Palace Aladdin hard c6al stove. Call and see it OOtO Coffees are high and advancing but you can buy a good Rio for 25 cents, choice 30 cents and choice old government Java for 35 ct«. or 3 Iks for 81.00. L.L.Johnson. 87-tf Ladies, call and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all Frey & Davia'. 89 " tG .In order to reduce stock will make special low pricea for the next Oo days ou dry goods, notioua, gloves aud holsery etc. Kemembor this Is a bans- lied offer. Am farad to a«U the good* to snis«t my obUg&tio?* , (B-tfl 3 F INANCIAL—Parties who buy theirdrygoods and carpets of J.K.Chester will »oon save enoiuh mouey to Btart abatsklug Institution. Try it. ' F " INANCIAL-Money toloan-81,500 at « per cent.,ou farm security. I. 1. Bush. Hook Falls. ^ u (Successors to E. 0. Cook.) P. S.—Our plush garments are ail warranted. l>et»«U*c A M'i«'I«r have tiw b*»l the® MILWAUKEE BEER, 'Selec-t" "Export" "Bohemian" and "Lager Beer." (AUotao "Beat" Tonic extract of malt WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, hi fefgs awl caA«*. They'll wear like o*%, Ties©

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